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Thanks. I like your website. From now on when someone on some forum starts babeling about "their grandma was a Cherokee healer" or something like that, and that she grew up in "New Jersey . . ." I'l have a link to show people, if you don't mind. :)

Here is a response from a Cherokee official about fake Cherokee spiritual advisors. It is found online at

Richard L. Allen. EdD, a research and policy analyst and citizen of the Cherokee Nation replies to a person who has queried him about a sale of "shamanistic lessons" over the internet. Dr. Allen's statement is not an official statement of the Cherokee Nation .



The Cherokee Nation is overwhelmed with those charlatans who fraudulently claim to be shaman, spiritual leaders or descendents of a Cherokee princess.

Such individuals make such claims without ever having lived within the Cherokee communities. They claim to be descended from some nebulous and mysterious ancestor who was from "a reservation in North Carolina" (there is only one) or "a reservation in Oklahoma" (there are none). The ancestor is never just a plain ordinary everyday Cherokee citizen but a "Cherokee Princess," a "Cherokee Shaman," or a "Cherokee Pipe carrier" none of which actually exist or ever have. Those who claim to be "shaman" do not reside within the known boundaries of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

Cherokee medicine people and spiritual leaders are known to the Cherokee people and do not practice medicine for a fee nor sell "shamanic" lessons to anyone. They do not advertise their services through any form of media and certainly not over the internet.

Traditional Cherokee healers and spiritual leaders provide their services to the Cherokee people. A Cherokee medicine person or spiritual leader is fluent in the Cherokee language and would conduct any medical or spiritual practices by using the Cherokee language. Therefore, our medicine people are those who were born of a Cherokee mother and a Cherokee father and would have been reared within a Cherokee community speaking the Cherokee language. Our traditional Cherokee healers and spiritual leaders are humble people and would not present themselves as such nor "hang out a shingle" so to speak.

Cherokee medicine people are acknowledged and recognized by members of the Cherokee community as effective healers and leaders. It is the recognition of the Cherokee people that validates these persons as medicine people and healers not self-proclaimation. We may provide them small gifts, a token amount of money or foodstuffs in payment for their services. They do not charge for their services nor would they withhold their services when asked and they certainly would not prescibe payment by credit card.

Cherokee medicine people may provide services to recognized members of other tribes or may provide services to non-Indians who would seek them out for treatment, but certainly would not mix their spirituality or medicine with that of other nations.

Cherokee medicine and spiritual practices do not include tarot cards, palmistry, psychic readings or sweatlodge ceremonies.

One may assume that anyone claiming to be a Cherokee "shaman, spiritual healer, or pipe-carrier," is equivalent to a modern day medicine show and snake-oil vendor.

You have my permission to print this response as is.
   Richard L. Allen. EdD
   Research & Policy Analyst
   Cherokee Nation
   P.O. Box 948
   Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74465

Comanche Lodge issued the following warning on this group:

Please feel free to distribute, please help us to combat the
exploitation of
the American Indian People!

False Indian Organization Warning issued by Comanche Lodge.

For Immediate Release:

According to the authorities, an organization registered online as
the "Original Keetoowah Society" is operated by none other than
William Scott
Anderson of Cabool Missouri.

This individual is claiming to teach Cherokee Spirituality and
Religion over
the Internet.

The individual registered as operating this false organization has
also been
linked with numerous bogus Indian Tribes over the years that

The Southern Cherokee Nation, Indian Creek Band of Chickamauga
located in
Deltona Florida, Western Cherokee Nation of Missouri, and last but
not least
the Amonsoquath Cherokees led by convicted felon Martin "Walking
Bear" Wilson.

All of the above mentioned groups are entirely false.

Anderson for several years was claiming on the Internet that the
Group he represented was a federally recognized Indian Tribe.  
Anderson was
known to solicit donations online for several years under the false
of maintaining an Indian Reservation.

It is to be noted that the State of Missouri has no Indian

In 1996 Anderson was known to exploit the Lakota People by also
donations on New Age Newsgroups while claiming to have received a
vision from
the Virgin Mary who Anderson claimed was the Lakota Peoples Sacred
Buffalo Calf Woman.

Anderson at that time claimed that the White Buffalo Calf Woman
him to go to Bosnia to stop World War III from taking place by
Europeans the Lakota Religion, which would, according to him, spread

Anderson claimed this event would take place by gathering the people
of the
world in the very same way as was seen in the Hollywood Movie Close
Encounters of the Third Kind.

Anderson was caught committing this perverse exploitation by several
Indians.  These individuals were informed that Anderson was begging
for money
on several New Age/Witchcraft discussion groups under the titles of
Carrier, Native Peace Delegate, and also was representing himself as
American Indian Prophet in the spirit of Wovoka the famous Paiute
Ghost Dance

As a result of this intervention, Anderson was quickly exposed as a
fraud to
the American Indian Community through several popular Native

William Scott Anderson has now turned his greedy eyes towards the
Nation and is currently engaged in exploiting the names of respected
Indian Leaders as a way to solicit money online in yet another
monetary scam
being done in the name of the American Indian People.

Once again this Charlatan William Scott Anderson is exploiting yet
respected American Indian Nation, and he is currently engaged in
the name of the Honorable Cherokee Chief Chadwick Smith.

In addition to these gross unethical abuses of honorable Indian
William Scott Anderson also exploits the name of the Chief's own
ancestor the
respected Redbird Smith as yet another way for Anderson to beg for
online in the name of American Indian People.

Please be advised that none of the scams and the numerous false
operated by William Scott Anderson either now or in the past have
authentic American Indian organizations and they have all been based
on falsehood and deceit.

William Scott Anderson is a wicked fraud and a very well known
exploiter of
the American Indian People and as such this depraved and twisted
should be shunned by all.

Anderson is proud to boast associations with such dubious exploiters
American Indian People such as Robert "Ghostwolf" Franzone, Harley
Brooke Medicine Eagle, and many other well-known frauds who
exploit the American Indian People.

If you or anyone you know has been victim to the fraud perpetuated
Scott Anderson, please report such incidents to the following

United States Department of Justice:

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Department of Justice Main Switchboard - 202-514-2000
Office of the Attorney General - 202-353-1555

All My Relations!

I'm glad Comanche Lodge posted this. I think Anderson is long overdue to pay for his crimes.

I think NAFPS should play a big part in getting the Justice Dept. to go after him. We know as much about him as anyone, outside of maybe Com Lodge or the frauds he works with.

We have the word of Debbie's parents about who his family is and his real heritage.

We have Bryant's word about how he, a white guy from Texas, was misrepresented as a "Mexican Indian prophet".

Anderson should already be on file with the ATF because of the felon he sheltered.

And while Trish might not agree, I'd argue his labelling her a "witch" could be taken as a none-too-subtle threat. Further west on places like the Navajo rez, people labelled witches get shunned or worse. There were actual witch hunts as late as the 60s.

I urge everyone with anything, any knowledge of all of Anderson's scam and lies to write to the DOJ and urge an investigation, much like they did to the Nuwaubian leader Malachi York. While Anderson, unlike York, is no pedophile as far as we know, he has harmed an awful lot of people by defrauding them.

I'm not sure which section of the DOJ this would fall under, but here's some addresses to try.

DOJ email:
List of local FBI field offices

That's true, but like I said ? these people haven't really the faintest idea as to what they're going on about.

I doubt Anderson knows any Navajo at all, let alone tradish people. Or Cherokee for that matter.

BTW - I tried contacting the FBI about him and never got a reply.

I ran across this "Original Keetoowah Society" website in 2004 I think during some online research. It sounded off to me right away, as all of the spiritual Keetoowahs  I know shun publicity. I asked at my grounds if anyone had ever heard of this John Redhat Duke who was the "elder" to "Dotty" one ever heard of him. While it may be true that he may have been an enrolled CNO member, that is a far cry from being a Nighthawk Keetoowah. Scott Anderson has been affiliated with the various "Northern Cherokee" groups in the past. This website is pure exploitation through hijacking the spiritual traditions of actual spiritual Keetoowahs, and persons seeking knowledge of real traditional Keetoowah spirituality should not be fooled by these posers....this information is not written down but carried by its adherents in their hearts and passed down in the families. Regards, Steve


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