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Frederica Bickle:
These are on line websites. Looks like they are operated by William Scott Anderson.                            

Yep they are. And "scotty" as my friend used to call him, is not Indian. She knew both of his parents. Good white Mormon folk. No Indian.

They're run by scotty and a woman named Dot Deagle, a real piece of work. Anywho members of the the actual Nighthawk society I've been in contact with are looking into it, and none too pleased I gather. After I added them to my website they accused me on their own of practicing witchcraft. lol .

Trisha, where is your website?

It is just a matter of time until people like Scotty start up their own version of a Stomp Dance if they can manage to get the title to a few acres of land somewhere.

Someone once told me his old buddies at "Amansoquath Cherokee" used to have stomp dances and they had 8 benches -- not 7 -- with the 8th for the "lost" Bear Clan. I really don't now any details, tho.



and the page on this bunch in particular is at

I bet your're right on that Vance. Wouldnt' surprise me at all to hear of Scotty and that bunch pretending to do their own Stomp Dances.


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