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My previous post seems to answer questions asked in the Incan Priest thread, i.e. Freddy Arevalo claims both traditions:

The terminology used here raises some questions.  I guess maybe people who are looking for customers outside traditional cultures use a sort of shorthand in their marketing, tacking on tags with wide name recognition, that those more familiar with the culture would recognize as inaccurate.  For example:
"a Yatiri (Incan Priest) of the Amayra [sic] tribe from the high Andes mountains of Tacna, Peru"
Okay, so which is it?  The yatiri are traditional healers among the Aymara.  The Incan empire forced a lot of smaller tribes to adopt the their Quechua language and customs, before the Spanish colonization, but they never did get the Aymara to assimilate, and so the two today are the largest ethnic groups in Bolivia.  To repeat, these are separate ethnicities with separate languages.  (This article on wikipedia about the yatiri is based on research by Bolivian scholar Tomas Huanca Laura, who I believe is himself Aymara.)  So is Cohaila/Arrevalo an Aymara healer/spiritual leader or a Quechua one?  Ethnically he could be mixed, as many people are, but which cultural tradition does he follow?

By searching on google I came across this bio page for an event that includes Cohaila/Arrevalo.  From his picture he has mixed features and I would have guessed he would maybe be considered a mestizo.  Here is an excerpt from his bio:
As an heir of the Andes/Amazon Tradition, when the 10th cycle of the Pachacuteq Calendar started, in 1992, he was sent to Europe and North America by his Elders, to share their traditions and to fulfill the Inca Prophesy that states: When the Condor of the South meets the Eagle of the North and they fly together, then it will be the sign that the Children of the Mother Earth are reawakening.
Similarly, so which tradition is he from - Andean or Amazonian?  The Andes and the Amazon are in a sense opposite geographical and cultural regions of South America.  In Bolivia today for example there continue to be huge political divisions between the western highland mountainous area close to Peru and the eastern tropical zone near Brazil. (There are large percentages of indigenous people in both areas, but there are also other groups, and it's a complicated situation.)

(The quoted bio is defunct, since the page has disappeared.)
Research Needed / Re: Incan Priest
« Last post by Sparks on February 21, 2019, 07:53:18 pm »
The terminology used here raises some questions. … Okay, so which is it?  The yatiri are traditional healers among the Aymara.  The Incan empire forced a lot of smaller tribes to adopt the their Quechua language and customs, before the Spanish colonization, but they never did get the Aymara to assimilate, and so the two today are the largest ethnic groups in Bolivia.  To repeat, these are separate ethnicities with separate languages. … So is Cohaila/Arrevalo an Aymara healer/spiritual leader or a Quechua one?  Ethnically he could be mixed, as many people are, but which cultural tradition does he follow? … Similarly, so which tradition is he from - Andean or Amazonian?  The Andes and the Amazon are in a sense opposite geographical and cultural regions of South America.

Seems he claims both (click the link and go to the Sundance in Peru — Freddy Arevalo AKA "Chief" & "Don" Valerio Cohaila thread to see more about that short bio):

I found this very short article, with a photograph, where Freddy Arevalo claims to be "Inca Priest and Engineer, Yatiri Priest":
Fool Bear is involved with NAGA. Don't you feel it's important to expose this stuff? He is going into schools.

Here are a couple of links showing his involvement -

He has worked with Eunice since at least 2010

Archie Fool Bear was not named earlier in this thread as an associate of NAGA, and neither was that evident from the first three links you posted about him, so I was somewhat puzzled.

Now with additional information I perfectly understand why you mentioned him, and I will look for more items with information like the three links you posted today. Thank you!
Member Introductions / Velveteen's intro
« Last post by velveteen on February 21, 2019, 04:27:51 pm »
Hey all,

I got word of this forum by way of a friend in the psychedelic community, who linked a thread here in a discussion elsewhere about a plastic shaman who was booked to speak at the Arizona Psychedelics Conference (that speaker was later uninvited). A lot of really deep threads here led me to make an account for the purpose of greater understanding and exchange; in particular, the critiques of Harner and "core shamanism" were like a breath of fresh air to me (coming from a scene where the term "shaman" is too often bandied about carelessly).

My own spiritual practice is highly syncretic (Buddhism, science, positive/flow psychology, etc) but I hope to come here from a position of humility, since my initiation into "the mysteries" was downstream of the Harvard Psychedelic Club... which I now realize looks more like a Playskool book, in light of the fact that people have been using flora & fauna sacramentally for thousands of years (and of course, this is notwithstanding my realization that the bulk of the work in having a "good life" is largely done sober).

So even if we come from different traditions, I am happy to join you all in the fight against NAFPSs since they seem to really breed in psychedelic spaces and they're clearly harming sick people, the spiritually vulnerable, and the people whose spiritual traditions they're bastardizing. And I also come humbly in the spirit of improving my own cultural literacy in various mystical traditions (obligatory: no, I'm not looking to "get initiated in shamanic training" or somesuch). As such, I'm presently buried in the rabbit hole of pinned and "must-read" threads for now.

<3 to you all; here's hoping for a kind and productive relationship.
Frauds / Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
« Last post by Sparks on February 21, 2019, 04:19:56 pm »
Chuck Spezzano self published a book "What Men Don't Know About Sex-- That Women Could Teach Them". The book is available through print on demand.

Also on Amazon (Paperback and Kindle, 2011):

One customer review:
1.0 out of 5 stars
December 12, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Chuck Spezzano was fined by the State of Hawaii in 2004 for pretending to be a psychologist. I think that makes him an official fraud. His Ph.D. in "Professional Psychology" was not accredited by the APA. Wikipedia rejected an entry for him since he was not "notable" enough. Yet his publicity machine called him one of the world's leading psychologists and he charges over $1000 an hour for personal consultations. Do some homework on this guy before buying into this nonsense. Nothing he says can be trusted. Follow his advice at your peril.
Frauds / Re: Chuck Spezzano & Psychology Of Vision
« Last post by Piff on February 21, 2019, 03:10:26 pm »
Chuck Spezzano self published a book "What Men Don't Know About Sex-- That Women Could Teach Them". The book is available through print on demand.

The book is horrendous.

The book includes a "joke" about the violent (and ultimately fatal) rape of a woman in a coma.

A book review:

Your link is broken [/.../] probably because you copied it from Facebook. I think this is the full URL:

Having noted that, I am uncertain in what way this stuff is related to the topic of this thread?

Thanks for correcting the link. Here is an excerpt
I’m originally from Cannon Ball, but grew up in Fort Yates, a son of the then Standing Rock Police Captain --- Archie Fool Bear. Who is now the present day spokesman for the recently developed ACTT group. A citizen of Standing Rock who claims to seek the truth of Standing Rock: what Archie has yet to realize, is that all he has to do, is take an honest look at his own family to find this truth he claims to seek. I reveal this information only with the consent of victims and witnesses of Archie’s despicable acts.

Much like the poor social state we see our reservation in today, which is the result of immoral & selfish men. Men who created a system that allowed for: lack of accountability for criminal acts, and for the shameful squabbling for power over limited resources, or to the false loyalties of corrupted traditions. Our family has also been poisoned by the sickness of one of these immoral men. In our case, an egocentric wannabe prophet with no conscience or remorse for any of the evil acts he has subjected others to.

He had a way of convincing his victims (and witnesses) through physical abuse and intimidation, along with emotional, sexual and verbal abuse, that all must remain loyal to family (meaning him) and keep silent about his many evil deeds. He insured his family (and relatives) that no one was more important or powerful than the great Archie Fool Bear, the Police Captain who had the legal authority to imprison, discredit and hurt anyone who stood in his way. He assured us he was the sole reason for all good things in our lives; indebting as many of us to his will as possible. We were prisoners in his deranged and violent world. I think many of us who grew up in these types of environments try to normalize these sick worlds we are forced into, in order to mentally survive and attempt to function as normal members of society.

Which brings us to the ultimate lie of my family: it is a lie that has devastated and destroyed many lives, a lie that has burdened our family for more than 20 years. You see, I come forward today because I recently lost someone very close to me, someone who was also haunted with the same guilt of not being able to protect a loved one from Archie. One of the most honorable men I’ve ever known --- Drew Red Dog. He was my 1st cousin, but all who knew of our relationship, know that Drew and I were the closest of brothers. There was nothing we would not do for each other, or for those we care for. We confided everything to one another, most recently about the dark secrets in our family’s history. The sick & depraved crimes Archie subjected our family to have been weighing on both of our shoulders, our entire lives. The abuses we were told as children to never talk about, in order to protect the family, (Archie). Like our culture teaches, we were also taught to always forgive family, but neither of us could ever bring ourselves to forgive an un-remorseful and cowardly man.

Like many of you already have some knowledge of, Archie was investigated for child molestation in the early 1990s, charges that were never filed due to lack of witnesses and evidence. This is where my debt must also be paid. The details of what I witnessed have no place in a public statement such as this, but the one thing I will profess, and so will the victim of this crime, is that Archie Fool Bear did indeed molest his daughter --- my sister Kerry. Along with several other children during that time period, yes while he was a SR Police Officer & Captain.

I walked in on it happening when I was very young, around 9 years old. So long ago, yet I can still remember the fear in my sisters eyes when she looked to me --- terrified and helpless. The abuse continued and several years later, when Kerry was in High School, she worked up the courage, stood up to him, and reported Archie to the schools guidance counselor, Helen Lindgren. One would have hoped that Archie’s reign of terror on his family was soon coming to an end; I suppose in some ways, it did.

I do not pretend to be a saint, nor someone who will ever be. I have committed more sins than I care to remember, and feel remorse and take responsibility for each. But the most remorseful sin of my life was not standing by my sister when she needed me the most. You see, I lied to the FBI when questioned about the sexual abuse I witnessed. I was intimidated by Archie and was too fearful of his repercussions to stand with her. So his lie then became my lie, and is now our family’s lie.

A short time passed after Kerry exposed him: charges were never filed & everybody abandoned her. She was left with nowhere else to go, but back into the sick world she escaped from, which only gave credit to Archie’s story, (where of course), he claimed she was lying. She was then pressured into believing that the best thing for “the family” was for her to recant her statement to the authorities, thus sealing Archie’s lie for the next 20 years --- until now. He has been building onto this lie ever since. Using it as an excuse to hold a debt over Kerry’s life, constantly bombarding her with the reminder of her betrayal to family (him), the lie he created is now his only salvation, and he will do anything to protect it.

Since my lie to the FBI; I’ve been trying to rationalize that decision ever since. As if I had any control over my world then. Yes I lived in a highly abusive home where personal safety was non-existent. Yes I was very young, barely a teenager when questioned by the FBI. Over the last 20 years; counselors, therapists, family members and friends have all said the exact same thing. That we were brainwashed, physically assaulted, mentally tormented and powerless in an environment controlled by the most powerful man in our community, (at that time). The man with the highest authority to cease one's life or freedom --- a corrupt Police Captain. I’m often asked: Who was there to go to? Who was there to stop him? Who could have protected us under his roof? I am always told not to blame myself, that I was a powerless child, yet I still do and probably always will. Much the same way as my brother Drew did.

I think most of us, who were ill affected by Archie, have always held out hope, that there may be an ounce of good left in him, and he would someday come forward as the honorable man he portrays himself as, and admit to his sick depravities. Releasing Kerry from the shadow of lies he holds over her and also freeing Drew, myself and everyone else from the guilt we’ve carried in protecting “the family,” but I have come to realize that Archie has long since sided with evil and is far beyond reconciling his sins, and we can no longer carry his burden for him.

The reason I know he will deny the truth and avoid responsibility for the rest of his days, is because 2 months ago when he began physically and mentally tormenting another family member. I told him bluntly, face to face, that his behavior would no longer be tolerated & that he was to begin repairing his relationship with his daughter Kerry. That if he didn’t, I was not going to protect him any longer. His other children have since given him the same choice. He’s had every opportunity to avoid exposure & make the transition towards being a father & honorable man. But instead, he has once again chosen his lie and is again attempting to strengthen his hold over Kerry. Hoping to once again, cover the sinful tracks of his past. Since our conversation that day, several relatives have come forward & revealed many more abuses that Archie subjected our families to; (during that same time period), 20+ years ago. Abuses I had no knowledge of until only recently. This new knowledge along with his blatant lack of remorse and continued selfishness, has added even more reason for his public exposure.

I truly believe that the members of our reservation and my family both owe my sister Kerry a debt of great gratitude, because without her standing up to him, he would most likely still be enjoying his legal power & authority over all of us. He may have continued with his depraved acts on the innocent within his own family, everything that ceased when Kerry exposed him two decades ago. She knocked him back onto his heels, and he’s been trying to regain his footing ever since. If he had remained chief of police, who knows how many more families may have been destroyed, victimized & corrupted? So thank you Kerry, you are truly an unspoken hero.

Tactics he will use in the weeks to come will be the same complete denial of his crimes, he will use his past status as a police officer, and he will also utilize his criminal justice system knowledge. He knows that the success of his lie depends on discrediting all who know his truth. This is the key. To distort the truth, and leave a possibility open for his lie’s survival. This is a strategy most used by defense attorneys, (to create a reasonable doubt). This is how he has avoided the consequences for his crimes all his life. As long as he can get enough of you to doubt his accusers, his lie remains intact & his debt will remain unpaid.

Instead of coming to terms with his truth; that he molested his daughter (and other relatives’ children), and also mentally and physically abused his wife and son every day for as long as he could. Hoping to survive the judgment of his peers, he will go to his grave in denial. I made a statement to the authorities on Aug. 2nd, revealing all this same information I share with you today, yet most likely, he will never be prosecuted, or even questioned. A failed system he helped create. I know I have not a right to condemn another man, but I do take comfort in knowing that when he reaches the next world, God’s judgment will be swift and just. He may have learned to convince himself, of his own lies, but those lies will end at the foot of God.

For many years, I lost faith in the sanctity of family, because I never knew what that truly meant. Family to me meant protecting Archie’s lie; & I saw no honor in that --- thus I saw no trust in family. But I now realize that family means much more, it means protecting the innocence of women and children at all costs, because I know personally that the damage done is venomous & lifelong. That loyalty to good should never be compromised with evil, no matter what the costs. Lies do not fade with time, believe me, it is quite the opposite. It is not the son’s burden to carry the guilt of a sinful father, nor is it the nephews to carry that of the uncles. So for Drew & my self’s families, our payment to (him) ends & his debt to you begins.

I am off-loading Archie’s burden back onto him. It is now his job to face this “tribal truth” he claims to seek. The truth, that it is immoral men like him that are most responsible for the mess we see our reservation in today. The primary reason why our families and community have broken down is because of a system he helped create; a corrupt system that allowed child predators and rapists to go un-punished, and the victims to go on --- un-protected. A shepherd would never expect a wolf to protect his herd, not even one disguised in police clothing. Yet on Standing Rock, this is what we have come to expect & accept.

I’m positive in the weeks to come; he will fight viciously to protect his lie and attempt to convince many of you, that he is the “victim” of some vast conspiracy plot against him. He’ll put on his humble man face and spread the word that his political enemies have gotten his children to lie about him, etc, etc... He will attempt to align himself with my brother Drew’s reputation, like he had anything to do with the great things about my brother. The truth is; Drew hated Archie for everything he’s done to our family. He expressed this to me (and others) on numerous occasions. Yet Archie, who never had a good thing to say about Drew, (until after his passing), in his sick & twisted little world, will try to use Drew’s death to his advantage. Don’t be fooled, my brother despised Archie and wished for him to be exposed.

He will spread baseless information (about me & anyone else, who knows his truth), to gain your confidence, just as he’s done in the past. He’s already begun his attack on Brenda & her family; spreading rumors that insinuate Brenda “may have” killed her husband. Knowing that Brenda knows his truth, he’s attempting to discredit her. He will also attempt to persuade Kerry to deny everything you’ve read today. He will claim to has taken & passed a polygraph, (lie detector test), which he didn’t. The truth is, he was offered the test to clear his name and he refused to take it. His lies will build onto one-another. The reason I know this, is because I have witnessed him do this my entire life. Cowardly selfish acts are exactly how he avoids responsibility for his depravities. But eventually his house of lies will collapse.

To answer the question why do I now come forward? After so much time has passed? The answer is that this isn’t a recent event, but rather a lifetime of living under his cloud of lies. I’ve come to realize that protecting “the family” means just that. Protecting those you love & who love you. It is time for both our community and my family’s healing to begin. Evil must first be acknowledged before it can be vanquished. Honor must be restored and our children’s futures protected. I will not go to my grave allowing Archie’s victims to go unheard, his crimes unknown or his lies uncontested. My brother Drew also desired that the truth be told.

My family’s lie reflects the lies of our community. As long as everyone keeps their silence about these deranged men, and our Law Enforcement System continues to turn a blind eye, their poison will spread and continue onto the next generations. Everyone needs to know the truth of Archie Fool Bear, (former Police Chief, One-time Tribal Councilman & Wannabe Chairman) so that history does not repeat itself. Those of you who have had similar experiences need to know that you’re not alone, that there is a healthier future, and we can do it together, as families of truth, part of one community. Men who victimize women & children are not men, they are cowards. There is no need to fear such people & I’m sure there are more. They have no place in our people's future. They never should have been a part of our past.

I do not take any pleasure in writing this, it is truly one of the most painful things I’ve ever had to do, but for the sake of truth, I know it has to be done. I have exhausted every option in allowing Archie to come forward (on his own) and save himself from the embarrassment of public exposure. I expect the worst is yet to come & that is fine. This statement is simply the “tribal truth” as I would testify to it, before judge, jury and God, and I will. I do not harbor any ill feeling toward the ACTT group or to the Fool Bear family, this is not an attack on them, but only an exposure of one immoral member, a member who has exploited and dishonored us all.

This is also my public announcement of dis-ownership of Archie Fool Bear, and anyone who will continue to support his lies. I do this in accordance with our customs and traditions, (publicly with cause). My loyalty has been misplaced in the corrupted traditions of a manipulative & un-remorseful tyrant, and it will now remain with those who need protection from such men. With this statement, I also announce the adoption of my traditional name, given by the late Joe Flying Bye, Mato Iyotake’ --- Sitting Bear. I sincerely apologize to my sister Kerry for not standing with her so long ago, and also for the prolonged suffering in silence that all other victims of Archie’s depravities have had to endure.


To Drew: I am honored to have known you. The truth has been told brother. Rest in peace.

Steven J. Sitting Bear, formally known as Steve Fool Bear

Fool Bear is involved with NAGA. Don't you feel it's important to expose this stuff? He is going into schools.

Here are a couple of links showing his involvement -

He has worked with Eunice since at least 2010
I found this very short article, with a photograph, where Freddy Arevalo claims to be "Inca Priest and Engineer, Yatiri Priest":

Freddy Arevalo, aka Don Valerio Cohaila

Author Quotes
I am a particle of this organism called the earth... Life is because life must be... Life and death are cosmic breath... Each person designs his own destiny... The purpose of life is to continue developing consciousness.

Author Picture

Inca Priest and Engineer, Yatiri Priest
Interesting, Cetan, you posted more details in the "Incan Priest" thread:

I knew Freddy for many years and some people I know still regularly go to his "ceremonies". He is from the Andes, works with both ayahuasca and also peyote. He mixes traditions and I have seen a family seriously hurt as a result of a ceremony he did. My godfather who has a NAC altar said "he has no business feeding medicine to anyone". The first year he went out to Crow Dogs Sundance it was only supposed to be to support, the person who took him wouldnt not sponsor him  so he went around until he found someone who would (I think it was Luciano Perez). They told him he was going to pierce by hanging from the tree and when they started to raise him up he grabbed onto the ropes to take the pressure off of his chest, a good friend said it looked like a helicopter rescue attempt and said they lowered him and a few helpers gave him fans to hold and told him he couldnt drop them so he wouldnt grab onto the ropes.  I am skeptical about the claim the he was given an eagle feather bonnet by Crow Dog.  My nephew gave a good description of Freddy once by saying "he is a nice person and if he were my next door neighbor I would probably get together for dinner with him about once a week but I wouldnt sit in ceremony with him".
Research Needed / Re: Sundance in Peru ??
« Last post by Cetan on February 21, 2019, 12:18:33 am »
I knew Freddy Aravelo. He used to do weird concoted ceremonies mixing peyote and ayahuasca around Chicgo and Michigan. he went out to Crow Dogs the first time just to observe and then ended up dancing. When they pierced him to hang from the tree he grabbed onto his ropes, my friend who was there said it looked like a helicopter rescue. I know one family who was really harmed from one of his fake ceremonies
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