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Research Needed / Re: Siobhan Marks Our Grandmothers Strap Dress
« Last post by WINative on January 17, 2021, 07:09:20 pm »
Her Mother Mary Jane Smith, born 1922, died 2008-Irish-French-German from Chippewa Falls Wisconsin
Father Jerome Kalmanson, born 1914, and died 2000-First generation Lithuanian

Maternal grandparents: Frank Smith 1896-1945 Married Jane W. Smith 1897-1981-Chippewa Falls, WI

Maternal Great grandparents: Samuel G. Smith, born 1858, died 1940 Married Adella Jones-1868-1952

Maternal Great-Great grandparents: Alvah Smith, born October 15, 1820 NY-Died October 14, 1905 Chippewa Falls-
Married Sarah Richardson born Sep. 25, 1830 Ontario Canada, died June 1, 1905

Facebook profile:
Doug Byland
I am a Medicine Man/ Energy Healer & Native American Minister. @Sanctuary of Divine Healing.

Facebook Page:
Sanctuary of Divine Healing
I am a Souix Trained Medicine Man.  Healer. Native American Minister.  Part Cherokee/ Chickasaw  .  Ect.    It was the Medicine Man/Woman that took care of the Tribe. Body Mind & Spirit.  If you needed Healing.  Here he is Clearing the Energy around the man with Sage and Rattle.  Praying to Wanka Tanka. The Great Spirit ( God ) to send Healing to the man . White Light from Spirit shows over His Heart.... Medicine Men are Gifted. Energy Healer. Intuitive. Knowledge of Nature’s Healing  Have knowledge and Wisdoms given from the Great Spirit. They are Travelers as the go to the Spirit world through altered states. Through Deep Meditation or with the use of Plant Medicine . To seek Knowledge & Wisdom to help the Tribe.🔥😎🔥

Business listings:

Advertising in public Facebook groups, and other Facebook listings: [Ceremonial Tent for Sanctuary of Divine Healing]
… I also reached out to the Pueblo of Zuni since Leckner claims authority … In speaking with one of Leckner's representatives …

… the legitimacy of Hopi Wisdom Teachings and Jeremie Leckner.

There is no Leckner involved here. The correct name(s), as noted in this topic's title, is Jeremie Leckron.

Three websites with her biography and many details about her alleged Native American connections:
"I am Grandmother Medicine Song, also known as Jeremie Lynne Leckron."
So, sorry for necroing, but I felt it was important to share the final bits of information I had here.

It is always appropriate to add new information to an old thread. So, no apologies needed. :)

Just ignore the weird alert that comes up (about it being an old thread) that's a "feature" of the forum software we just haven't figured out how to remove.
Frauds / Re: Jacob Chansley AKA Jake Angeli AKA Q Shaman, QAnon Terrorist
« Last post by educatedindian on January 15, 2021, 06:15:14 pm »
Federal prosecutors offered an ominous new assessment of last week’s siege of the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters on Thursday, saying in a court filing that rioters intended “to capture and assassinate elected officials.”

Prosecutors offered that view in a filing asking a judge to detain Jacob Chansley, the Arizona man and QAnon conspiracy theorist who was famously photographed wearing horns as he stood at the desk of Vice President Mike Pence in the chamber of the U.S. Senate.

The detention memo, written by Justice Department lawyers in Arizona, goes into greater detail about the FBI’s investigation into Chansley, revealing that he left a note for Pence warning that “it’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

“Strong evidence, including Chansley’s own words and actions at the Capitol, supports that the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government,” prosecutors wrote.

A public defender representing Chansley could not be immediately reached for comment. Chansley is due to appear in federal court on Friday.

The prosecutors’ assessment comes as prosecutors and federal agents have begun bringing more serious charges tied to violence at the Capitol, including revealing cases Thursday against one man, retired firefighter Robert Sanford, on charges that he hurled a fire extinguisher at the head of one police officer and another, Peter Stager, of beating a different officer with a pole bearing an American flag.

In Chansley’s case, prosecutors said the charges “involve active participation in an insurrection attempting to violently overthrow the United States government,” and warned that “the insurrection is still in progress” as law enforcement prepares for more demonstrations in Washington and state capitals.

They also suggested he suffers from drug abuse and mental illness, and told the judge he poses a serious flight risk.

“Chansley has spoken openly about his belief that he is an alien, a higher being, and he is here on Earth to ascend to another reality,”
they wrote.

The Justice Department has brought more than 80 criminal cases in connection with the violent riots at the U.S. Capitol last week, in which Trump’s supporters stormed the building, ransacked offices and in some cases, attacked police.

Many of the people charged so far were easily tracked down by the FBI, which has more than 200 suspects, thanks in large part to videos and photos posted on social media.

Michael Sherwin, the Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, has said that while many of the initial charges may seem minor, he expects much more serious charges to be filed as the Justice Department continues its investigation.

Jacob Anthony Chansley, the shirtless, horned, conspiracy theory-touting U.S. Capitol rioter receiving an organic diet while in jail — now wants a pardon from President Donald Trump.

Defense attorney Albert Watkins told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Thursday that clemency would be the only “honorable” thing after the president’s rhetoric whipped his supporters into a frenzy that sparked last week’s bloody Capitol riot. Trump, he added, “has an obligation” to dish out pardons.

Watkins said Chansley — also known as Jake Angeli and the QAnon shaman — hung “on every word” of the president and felt “very, very, very solidly in sync” with him. It was “like his voice was for the first time being heard,” the lawyer added.

Chansley, 33, of Phoenix, “loved” Trump and “felt like he was answering the call of our president,” Watkins said. He was in Washington “at the invitation of our president, who was going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue with him,” he added. Trump told his supporters at the pre-riot rally that he would accompany them to the Capitol, but went back to the White House to watch the insurrection on TV instead.

Watkins acknowledged it was a long-shot attempt at clearing his client’s name.

But “with Trump you never know,” he added. “Who knows next time he may be represented by the Shaman rather than Rudy Giuliani?”

Chansley, who was quickly identified from photos showing him inside the Capitol in his distinctive outfit, was taken into custody over the weekend. He denies committing a crime.
State commissions or other organizations claiming to be Native often are not, or have dubious members. There are no standards in most states for state recognition Offhand I don't know about Kentucky. But most Cherokee would start by stating there are only three legitimate Cherokee tribes, CNO, Keetowah, and Eastern Band. Anyone claiming to be Cherokee who is not of those three should be looked at more closely.
Hello Everyone --

Sorry for the major delay here, last I posted was right before the global pandemic shut everything down! So, sorry for necroing, but I felt it was important to share the final bits of information I had here.

It was interesting to navigate the network of tribal governments, but ultimately each one has an office that handles, in part, cultural inquiries. Each one (Hopie and Pueblo of Zuni) had no record of Jeremie Leckron having the authority to do this.

I don't see what else I can do, though I will continue to inform other colleagues. In searching for her group, this thread pops up -- so that's something and I feel that's important, just so people can learn there's several red flags.

One piece that I do need to follow up on is that even the Kentucky Native American Heritage Commission was unclear about the legitimacy of Hopi Wisdom Teachings and Jeremie Leckner. Which is absolutely shocking...since this is Shawnee, Adena, and Cherokee land. I'll certainly let them know and I hope they settle that ambiguity.
Frauds / Re: Jacob Chansley AKA Jake Angeli AKA Q Shaman, QAnon Terrorist
« Last post by educatedindian on January 14, 2021, 07:07:04 pm »
....pseudoarchaeology and the occult have strong connections to the QAnon movement. In fact, if you look at the network map of conspiracies, it starts with Atlantis and winds its way into Q.

...Chansley begins by stating he is a super soldier. More specifically, he is a shaman within the top secret government super soldier program. If you hear “super soldier” and immediately think of Captain America, yes! That’s exactly what we’re talking about here. Chansley believes that comic books are actually a form of soft disclosure, meaning there are secrets about real life information hidden in the pages of comics (he alleges that Marvel comic artist/writer Jack Kirby was a CIA agent who hid these secrets in the comics he wrote). He says that because of the position of where he currently sits in the super soldier program, Chansley is able to share those secrets. Chansley believes in the idea that shamanism is an ancient religion that is the root of all religions (although he is definitely engaging in Carlos Castaneda’s New Age appropriation of shamanism) and claims that Captain America is actually a representation of ancient First Nations shamans (again, the whole soft disclosure thing), as all super heroes/soldiers are. Hence, wearing a First Nations appropriated headdress is a signifier of Chansley’s shaman and super soldier status.

Chansley believes super soldiers are “starseeds” (he also lists some other names for them, but they all mean the same thing). Starseeds are people who have an extraterrestrial consciousness inside of their body. He blends this with other New Age beliefs, such as multiple realities (which again he claims are proven by the multiple timelines and dimensions included in comics). He talks about how people need to expand their consciousness in order to access these other realities (you might recognize this concept from my post about the Atlantis talk I went to a few years ago), and that psychotropic plants help with that (this is the Castaneda influence). He talks about how even ancient Egyptians were aware of this and that’s why they built their pyramids on special lay lines – the lines increased the magnetic energy frequencies inside the pyramids, and combing that enhanced energy with psychotropic plant use allowed Egyptians to expand their consciousnesses.

Chansley spends a lot of time talking about the usual Q theories (he truly is textbook Q) and he finds ways to tie them to pseudoarchaeological ideas like pyramids on lay lines and the sacred geometry of circular stone structures (you might recognize sacred geometry from my post about the winery here in BC). He briefly skims over other pseudoarchaeological theories, like Atlantis, the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, and that there is evidence for a highly advanced ancient civilization in various stone structures and artifacts around the world (though he goes into these in much more detail in some of his other videos). It is overtly obvious that his beliefs regarding pseudoarchaeology and ancient alien theories have been strongly influenced by three popular figures in the pseudoarchaeology world – Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and Graham Hancock. I say overtly because not only are the theories of these three men intertwined into Chansley’s beliefs, he actually mentions them by name (including in some of his other videos as well).

This is part of a network map showing the connections between conspiracies related to The Great Awakening, of which pseudoarchaeology is a significant part (creator unknown) Goode and Wilcock are especially strong influences. Both have appeared on Ancient Aliens (Goode once, Wilcock 80 appearances), but more recently have turned largely to Youtube, where they appear to be broadcasting their own NRM. On his Youtube channel, Goode talks a lot about the “blue avians” and a solar flash that Chansley references in his video, while Wilcock more generally talks about the ascension + aliens concept Chansley is fully engaged with (though I don’t have time to discuss it here, “ascension” is connected to occult theosophist Helena Blavatsky, whose NRM influence is a large part of my research focus). Wilcock himself also wraps Q beliefs into his videos, especially parts of the Great Awakening, which is the idea of a huge disclosure of information that’s an important part of the Q conspiracy. The map of the Great Awakening actually includes direct reference by name to Graham Hancock, Erich von Daniken, and many pseudoarchaeological topics (Atlantis, Bosnian pyramids, giants, ancient aliens, etc.) . I don’t have room to discuss them here, but there is plenty in Wilcock’s Jan 5th and Jan 11th Youtube videos that feed directly into the mindset that led to the events of Jan 6th. There were people leaving comments on his Jan 5th video saying they were enroute to D.C. And in the Jan 11th video Wilcock even mentions getting information from “insiders” who were at the Capitol on the 6th, and states he would have been there himself but for research he couldn’t get away from.

What I have started working on is developing a social network map demonstrating the connections between pseudoarchaeology and the alt-right...archaeologists do have an important seat at the table of discussing alt-right movements. We can do this by first paying attention to how our work is being misappropriated into pseudoarchaeology...
Research Needed / Re: Siobhan Marks Our Grandmothers Strap Dress
« Last post by WINative on January 13, 2021, 02:53:05 pm »
Diana, I believe she claimed on her mother's side.
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