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Typical for sovereign citizen nuts, paranoia and ignorance of the law.

Milton Gerard Esquibel comes to this Court for troubles that began years ago with the divorce of Esquibel’s mother, Gladys Esquibel, from Esquibel’s father, Augustin Esquibel. First Am. Compl., Dkt 20-21. Around the time the divorce was filed, in early 2008, Esquibel became worried about how Gladys was acting, and met with his father to discuss his concerns. Id. ¶¶ 17-18. Esquibel was convinced that Gladys was mismedicating his father, stealing from him, and attempting to acquire Esquibel’s inheritance. Id. ¶¶ 11-13, 19-23.

Over the next few months Esquibel became progressively more volatile in voicing his concerns about his mother’s conduct: reporting his concerns to the police, id. ¶¶ 30- 32; sending letters to the state attorney general and governor, id. ¶ 33; and sending “proof” to local and state newspapers and TV stations, id. ¶ 34. Esquibel’s efforts later became confrontational when he sought out Attorney General Wasden at the Association of Counties Conference and questioned him about “what to do when corrupt officials
such as the sheriff and prosecutor would not prosecute.” Id. ¶¶ 59, 61-63. Following the disturbance, Esquibel was asked to leave. Id. ¶¶ 62-63.

Esquibel’s actions took another dramatic turn in August 2009 while he was
attending a hearing for his parents’ divorce case. See id. ¶¶ 93, 95. Esquibel wanted to present Judge Hodges with certain evidence, which in Esquibel’s mind was conclusive
Case 1:11-cv-00606-BLW Document 44 Filed 04/23/12 Page 2 of 22
evidence of the fraud Gladys was perpetrating on his father. Id. ¶¶ 93-94. However, because Esquibel was not a party to the case—and presumably because the evidence was not pertinent to the proceedings—Judge Hodges declined to entertain such evidence. See
id. ¶¶ 96.
Precisely what happened next is unclear from the complaint; however, it is
known that Esquibel was ultimately escorted from the courthouse and criminal charges were filed against him because of his conduct. Id. ¶¶ 99-108.
Esquibel objected to the ensuing criminal trial. See id. ¶¶ 105-201. Esquibel
contends that the criminal complaint and supporting affidavit were perjured, id. ¶¶ 107-08, that he was never properly brought before the court, id. ¶¶ 110-117, 125-29, 137-39, that the court therefore lacked jurisdiction, id. ¶¶ 135-36, 142-143, and that the ensuing litigation was fundamentally flawed, id. ¶¶ 138-202. Paramount among the perceived flaws was Esquibel’s inability to bring his chosen defense. Id. ¶¶ 147, 202.

Although Esquibel sought to justify his conduct by providing evidence of the alleged fraud, id. ¶¶120-121, the judge “continued pettifogging with denials,” calling “such defense frivolous.” Id. ¶¶ 147, 202. Esquibel claims these flaws “constitute[d] fraud…perpetrated upon the court.” Id.¶ 109.
At the conclusion of the allegedly flawed trial, a jury found Esquibel guilty. Id. ¶
390. A decision Esquibel appealed. Id. ¶¶ 203-219. When Esquibel’s appeal was
dismissed, he concluded that “all Justices of the SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF IDAHO failed in their supervisory” role. Id. ¶ 219.
Case 1:11-cv-00606-BLW Document 44 Filed 04/23/12 Page 3 of 22

The final stage of Esquibel’s tale begins with his arrest by Ada County some
months later. See id. ¶ 220. Esquibel first alleges that the underlying warrants—one from Ada County and one from Cassia County—were invalid, but he fails to describe the errors in detail. Id. ¶¶ 215-22. The warrants’ problems, while nebulous, were allegedly enough to makes the associated arrest and imprisonment invalid. Id.

....Esquibel now comes before this Court as a pro se plaintiff, alleging that multiple state and private actors have either failed in their legal duties or actively sought to denyEsquibel’s constitutional rights – including his right to due process of law. Id. ¶ 149-212,
393-452. Esquibel named numerous state and local entities for their ties to the alleged wrongdoing, and went through a list of individuals who are allegedly individually responsible. Id. ¶¶ 417, 420. Among those allegedly responsible are Prosecutor Al Barrus, Attorney General Wasden, Sheriff Randy Kidd, Judge Hodges, and Judge Robinson, to name a few. Although “[e]ach of the said Defendant are being sued in the personal-capacity (individual-capacity),”id. ¶ 417, none was provided service of process or captioned as a defendant.

....Although the Court has now dealt with claims against many of the state entities, Esquibel claims that various actors are individually liable for their actions. Esquibel, however, does not list those defendants in the caption, and he did not serve the individual defendants....Here, there is no evidence that Esquibel even attempted to serve the individual defendants.

....Throughout his judicial travails, Esquibel often found his name in the news. He now seeks redress for reputational harm the state caused. But Esquibel has committed a small but crucial error; he has not named a defendant that made any slanderous statement.
While Esquibel repeatedly alleges defamation by various newspapers, he never claims that any of the statements were made by any named defendant.
Id. ¶ 119, 148, and 213-
Frauds / Re: Melton Gerrard Esquibel AKA Melt Esquibel AKA Balance Toe
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[#1] 367 members, closed group

#1: Opens OK. Administrators, moderators, and members list not available.

#2: "Sorry, this content isn't available right now
The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in."

#3: Correct URL:
"46 Members" — "Public Group" — "Group created on August 1, 2013" —
"Description: American Indian Traditions of the Piwweltha." — "No posts to show".
"Admins and Moderators: There are no admins or moderators in this group."
— Only thing I can see there is a photo of an owl.
That robe of his is hilarious. ;D What is he supposed to be, a Hindu guru who got his robe attacked by a hippie doing tie dying?

Mr. Esquibel is already attacking us on Instagram as socialists killing babies.

Actually Mr. Esquibel, we expose you as a white self hating Latino posing as an NDN shame on, un vendido y Malinche though you likely don't understand what any of those mean. A professional token and pet for white racists selling faux NDN ceremony for profit to gullible Nuagers with more money than sense. A fake many times over.

One of his hashtags is unintentionally revealing, LGBT for Trump. If you're gay and support that bigot, it's one more example of your self hatred and delusion. His fundamentalist supporters certainly have no love for you.

And then he follows it up with a post bragging that Trump is honored on a North Korean stamp. You can't make this up...
Frauds / Re: Melton Gerrard Esquibel AKA Melt Esquibel AKA Balance Toe
« Last post by Piff on August 17, 2019, 11:36:18 pm »
 Hashtags he uses on Instagram as @meltesquibel :


He is pro-Trump, anti-immigrant, etc. etc. (archived )
Frauds / Re: Melton Gerrard Esquibel AKA Melt Esquibel AKA Balance Toe
« Last post by Piff on August 17, 2019, 11:08:10 pm »
I uploaded here another image of him with feathers

Here is an example of one of his students: The student has this on his bio:

Pueblo Feather Tapping. Native American Institute of Healing Arts "U3141," Medicine Person (Pueblo): Balance Toe, 2015

Another student, Adam Ramirez:

Adam has traveled with his mentor, Balance Toe, and his brother all around the country with different medicine and elders, helping to preserve and share among others those services and medicines handed down from generation to generation.

Yet another student who does this "feather tapping":

Nicole Love:

Feather Tapping, Balance Toe (2015)

Maybe all these people attended the same workshop.

Esquibel has quite a few nonprofits. Looks like he also got caught up in some sort of MLM wealth scheme in the past.
Frauds / Re: Melton Gerrard Esquibel AKA Melt Esquibel AKA Balance Toe
« Last post by debbieredbear on August 17, 2019, 09:23:03 pm »
Are those owl feathers?
Frauds / Re: Melton Gerrard Esquibel AKA Melt Esquibel AKA Balance Toe
« Last post by Piff on August 17, 2019, 08:17:48 pm »
Melton Esquibel is featured in a bad documentary titled The Way of the Brave by Henrik Larsson.

The prophecies surrounding the rise of the near-mythical Rainbow warriors are several in American Indian lore. Paralleled with a traditional Native American pow wow, the film offers a rare glimpse into the magical world of the Rainbow people, during their annual gathering. The story centers around the issues which are not only of concern to them, but greatly affects all of humanity. The result is a powerful statement that defines the true meaning of freedom, as much as it defies the values of present-day consumption culture; Babylon. The Way of the Brave is a gritty documentary, and was shot on a smartphone.
Frauds / Re: Melton Gerrard Esquibel AKA Melt Esquibel AKA Balance Toe
« Last post by Piff on August 17, 2019, 04:33:27 pm »
Another active Idaho nonprofit of his: Native American School of Culture.

Another website:

More background info on his mother:

An example of his sovereign citizen verbiage:

COMES NOW, Citizens of Idaho (U1777) M. Esquibel member with clean hands, with dejure standing of the rightful government on behalf of the sovereign county of Cassia and the people domiciled within the Constitutional boundaries of the state of Idaho, hereby make this claim of right as described under IC 53-707; demand an investigation by an independent team against the employees and public officers of these CORPORATE POLITICAL SUBDIVISIONS known as CASSIA COUNTY EIN # 028433647, CITY OF BURLEY EIN # 182046151 and that CORPORATE POLITICAL SUBDIVISION STATE OF IDAHO EIN # 82-6000852, 82-6000952 of this State of Idaho for the following good cause:

The importance of the existence of the state of Idaho, a Sovereign state among the Nation, whose people and free inhabitants are endowed with Natural, Inherent, Unalienable, Imprescriptible, Primary, Absolute Rights, and with privileges and immunities

This testimonial about his supposed spiritual services is interesting:

Balance Toe, the main dude, in all of his 6'5"-ness and long hair with rainbow tunic, was very kind and Rosie & Winston took to him right away. The "hot Shaman juniors" as Mariah referred to them were good looking and probably in their early 20s. A medicine wheel was set up with a crystal and stones over a largish yellow piece of leather. The sprayed essential oils, stones, didgeridoo sounds (which initially frightened the dogs)...

Frauds / Re: Melton Gerrard Esquibel AKA Melt Esquibel AKA Balance Toe
« Last post by educatedindian on August 17, 2019, 12:01:12 pm »
The sovereign citizen stuff would be enough to say he's a fraud. But he's apparently the usual kind of fraud we deal with. Faux Native shame on claiming to be Picuris Pueblo, mostly Nuage crystal stuff, faux Hinduism about chakras, and pseudo science about orgone. 367 members, closed group
"Considered an Elder and Shaman in my community..." No evidence of either. He's never lived in Picuris, doesn't know the culture, only in his 40s, and calls himself a descendant on his own site.


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Frauds / Re: Balance Toe
« Last post by debbieredbear on August 17, 2019, 05:18:21 am »
Thanks for finding this stuff si quickly, Piff!
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