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After seven years of failure and inactivity, Johnson is trying to bring his phony would be tribe back. So far it seems to be all of five people, some of them castoffs from other Black supremacist groups.

Not much true on his bio besides some of his jobs.

"Clan Mother" is basically an otherwise nice elderly social worker who got talked into wasting time on this, Gisele Spencer.

"Royal Falcon" (seriously?) is a guy on the other side of the country heading his own made up tribe.
Chief Nasiir Abdul Muhammad, “The Royal Falcon” is the current Tribal Chief of The Official
Tribe of Shabazz. Chief Nasiir restored the ancient name of The Tribe Shabazz July 4, 2021, to
have it recognized as a legitimate Independent, Original, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Autochthonous
Tribal Nation located in North America (Turtle Island) and all over the planet earth. The
headquarters is located in Houston Texas. Chief Nasiir will also serve as the Chief Marshal over
the Indigenous Tribal Marshals and the Indigenous Tribal Investigators that will operate under
the authority of The Official Tribe of Shabazz. The Marshals and Investigators will have
jurisdiction all over North America...
Chief Nasiir will serve as the Commander for the military arm of The Official Tribe of Shabazz...
Chief Nasir will serve as the Chairman for the Tribal Corporation....
In 1987 that study group received its charter and became an official Mosque of The Nation of Islam and Nasiir became a new chartered member of Muhammad’s Mosque #45.
Shortly after that he was selected to serve as a squad leader in the military arm of The Nation of Islam. The men who belong to the military in The Nation of Islam are called “THE FRUIT OF ISLAM”, F.O.I for short. He was appointed a Lieutenant and given Northwest Houston as his territory....

"medicine man"
J.R. Perry III .... At the age of 9 years old he wrote his first song. It seemed that J.R. was destined for success in the entertainment industry.
As time went on J.R. continued his musical aspirations in many forms. J.R. was the innovator of many musical
groups throughout the 1970's and 1980's....
In addition to singing, and television, J.R. started a record production company adding entrepreneur to his resume.
With a love for music, J.R. started his own record label, Pro-Per Records. In addition to owning and operating the
label J.R. is also involved in performing and songwriting. J.R. has released a hit single entitled "Valentine Lover"
which was played on various radio stations in the United States , and widely accepted in Europe . Pro-Per
Productions the parent company established for further diversification.
Always looking for new challenges- 1983....The J.R. Perry Show was a sit-down host-guest
format, incorporating interviews with renowned musical guests as well as community leaders. The show also
highlighted sizzling musical videos and live performances excerpts....
Currently J.R. is working on various projects for Pro- Per Productions. These projects include songwriting, musical
arrangement, and television development. Also J.R. is performing voice overs for radio and television, he has
written and produced plays and sitcoms ready for the stage or television. J.R. has also written and produced
various genders of music ready to be released in the marketplace.

Yeah, a music producer is their healer. Also two other fake tribes that seem to have leaders but no followers. Wash Erie Moor is just Theodore Scott Mitchell their "noble patriarch" and Carmella Mitchell. MAAT's chief is Kare Mut Nepthys. Don't know his legal name.

It seems mostly like Nation of Islam castoffs playing chief fantasies and hoping people give them money.
Research Needed / Re: Gail Tremblay
« Last post by Sparks on September 19, 2023, 12:26:17 am »
Here is a very recent example of other IACB work:

This news item deserves wide attention. So I made a new topic:
[Cristobal Magno Rodrigo — two years prison — Indian Arts and Crafts Act]
Frauds / Re: Salvatore Gencarelle "A Man Among the Helpers"
« Last post by WINative on September 16, 2023, 09:22:11 pm »
Interesting that so many people met Chipps family in Massachusetts and followed them to South Dakota, I guess this guy was one of the first out east?
Andrew Cooksey 
Writer/Actor/Filmmaker with over 50 years experience in sustainable development
Organizer and Participant Organizer and Participant
Native American Spiritual Understanding Native American Spiritual Understanding
Dec 1971 - Present · 51 yrs 10 mos Dec 1971 - Present · 51 yrs 10 mos
Civil Rights and Social Action Civil Rights and Social Action
From the time I lived with John Lame Deer(1972-1976), a traditional Lakota medicine man, I have assisted Native American spiritual leaders and healers for over forty years beginning in 1973 in an estimated 170 seminars, events or ceremonies that further Native American cultural and spiritual understanding

The Interpreters - a docudrama of a 5 generation Lakota Medicine Family
The Interpreters is the story of five generations of a Native American Lakota Sioux family of Yuwipi “Spiritual Interpreters” and ceremonies associated with the Sacred Pipe (Chanunpa). The film focuses on the life of Godfrey Chipps, present day Interpreter, family history as chronicled by his mother Victoria Chips and his “Helpers” . The Interpreters is the story a Lakota medicine family who kept ‘sacredness’ alive in the face of greed, genocide, religious persecution and self-made misfortune.
Frauds / Re: Durek Verrett AKA Shaman Durek
« Last post by Sparks on September 13, 2023, 11:42:30 pm »
The Royal House of Norway announced today:

Her Highness Princess Märtha Louise and Mr Durek Verrett announced today that they will marry in August 2024. Their Majesties The King and Queen, and Their Royal Highnesses The Crown Prince and Crown Princess extend their congratulations.

Greetings from The King and Queen
The Queen and I are delighted that Princess Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett have announced their wedding plans today. We are happy to include Durek Verret in our family and look forward to celebrating the big day with them. We wish Märtha and Durek all the best.

Greetings from The Crown Prince and Crown Princess
We congratulate Princess Märtha and Durek Verrett on their wedding in August next year. We are happy for them and look forward to celebrating with them in Geiranger. We wish Märtha, Durek and the girls all the best for the future.
Research Needed / Re: Siobhan Marks Our Grandmothers Strap Dress
« Last post by WINative on September 07, 2023, 02:58:54 am »
Indian Community School 2022 990 Form
Already controversial for past 20 years because of the amount of money the board members are making and has risen each year since 1999.
Miss Marks has benefitted financially with her relationship with fellow Three Fires Midwiwin member and Board Member Diane Amour.

Research Needed / Re: Gail Tremblay
« Last post by Sparks on September 06, 2023, 12:45:55 am »
The last video interview Gail Tremblay made before she died has been removed.
I believe they were contacted by IACA tasked agents who informed them. In the Daybreak Star interview she was specifically asked if she was enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, she responded that she was.

The text that accompanied the video interview is preserved here:

Daybreak Star was honored to interview Gail Tremblay a Mi’kmaq and Onondaga writer and artist. A professor at The Evergreen State College since 1981. She is also an educator, author, and poet. In her art practice, Tremblay often portrays contemporary ideas for the upcoming generation.

Gails aunts taught her basketry techniques and forms. Tremblay’s art draws from Native American history, Indigenous history literature, Western movies, and other pop culture references.

Tremblay has staged many solo exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows for all age ranges. In our radio interview Gail specifically highlighted the importance of running art workshops with the youth.

Here are some locations across the country Gail Tremblay’s art is showcased: [Four links omitted]

If you can’t make it to see those exhibits in person you can always check out some of Gail’s published books: [Two links omitted]

The video that was embedded there has not been preserved:
The Wayback Machine does not have this video archived.
Research Needed / Re: Gail Tremblay
« Last post by Sandy S on September 05, 2023, 09:25:37 pm »
I started a Talk page on her Wikipedia entry, looks like they won't update with a correction. Genealogy records won't work.

Then it looks like it's updated as much as it can be, pending a reliable source that specifically details the fact that she traded on a false identity to aid her career. As it reads right now, the article does confirm that she was not in fact of Native descent, but it doesn't really say much about her use of the false identity. I think that deserves a mention, but we need a reliable source

Read full discussion

The last video interview Gail Tremblay made before she died has been removed. I believe they were contacted by IACA tasked agents who informed them. In the Daybreak Star interview she was specifically asked if she was enrolled in a federally recognized tribe, she responded that she was.

Some museums have updated attribution;id=6661;type=701 but I've not found any authoritative source that affirmatively states that Gail Tremblay's claims were fraudulent. Nothing that Wikipedia will accept.

From what I see online, almost all bios are inaccurate.

Wikipedia would perhaps accept an affirmative statement from a Smithsonian, The Evergreen State College, Onondaga Tribe, DOJ .......... but I don't know that any of that will happen. I asked a federal agent if a public statement would be made, they replied one wouldn't be coming from them. So NAFPS may remain the only accurate discussion available online.
Research Needed / Re: Gail Tremblay
« Last post by Sparks on September 05, 2023, 03:37:27 am »
One place to make an argument and pass along her genealogy would be Wikipedia.

A Wikipedia article exists in English and four more languages, including German. — This is what the article says about genealogy:

Tremblay was born on December 15, 1945, in Buffalo, New York.[1] She identified her father as being of Mi'kmaq and Onondaga ancestry.[2][4] According to genealogical records, for generations her paternal ancestors resided along the Saint Lawrence River in the province of Quebec, Canada.[5] In an interview on Daybreak Star Radio, Tremblay said her great-grandfather once lived in Kahnawake near Montreal.[6]
Research Needed / Re: Gail Tremblay
« Last post by educatedindian on September 04, 2023, 10:44:36 pm »
One place to make an argument and pass along her genealogy would be Wikipedia. They have very strict rules about bios on living people out of fear they might be sued. So many of their bios are what's put out by PR firms or agents.

But legally you can't libel the dead, so they could be more honest now. Presenting her genealogy could get them to change her bio and then others would admit what she actually was.

Usually when someone passes we put the thread into Archives and mark it No Longer a Matter of Concern. The exception is when the falsehoods continue to cause harm. This is certainly one of those cases. If most bios admitted she was like DeCorti/Iron Eyes Cody, making her living by being an imposter, only then could we move it to Archives.

Most critics agree she was a talented poet. The irony is she could have been a success without lying.
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