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Frauds / Re: Turtle Island Tribal Nation
« Last post by educatedindian on May 05, 2022, 02:44:43 pm »
This might be a record, four angry delusional emails within minutes of each other. First four are his, last response is mine. The typos are his. He even is claiming injury from posting his side of the story.

You are incorrect. The Delormes were cleared by the FBI and that other
group were people from Florida not related. The ADL never updated their
site and that is being addressed as well.

In case you werent aware I am a lineal to Joseph Montriel and Red Bear,
signers of the 1863 Treaty at Old Crossing and in February of 2014 was
requested by Judge Thomas F. Hogan in DC Court to address the issue, and
I did. Ie I am actually an indian and you are a hate group. [Says the man working with white supremacists.-Al]

I will be contacting you via lawyer next.
My family is enrolled at Turtle Mountain and Red Lake and with the
Treaty Tribe who in 1964/65 won original title and occupancy in the US
Court of Claims as the Little Shell Band of North Dakota.

Get a lawyer, you will need it as I am suing for damages.

Let me rephrase,
People use your site thinking what is posted is valid. When it is
invalid you do not update your site.

The Delormes are grandchildren of Karyence Delorme who was a Grand
Councilman of Chief Little Shell III, half their family is enrolled at
Turtle Mountain and Half their family is with the Treaty Tribe.

Karyence Delorme and Little Shell III were first cousins, both going
back to Little Shell I and his brothet Joseph Little Thunder Gourneau.

So I am not sure what you need clarified, I am with real indians with
real indian cards and you are a hate group spreading lies about people
and you dont care when you are wrong.

You know nothing about anything factual related to our issuez.

Since you do not seem to be aware,
Posting emails is against the law. The e-mail contains intellectual
property and it must not be published without asking permission.

You prove, you do not know the law, or care if whom you harm are actual
indians or not.

I have my membership record from the BIA, my fathers, my grandparents
and my pedigree from the BIA.

Porter Wright is helping me find a firm in your state, as they prior
assisted us with the Federal Hearing in DC regarding the Pembina
Judgment Settlement.

I have screenshots of what you just posted and I inform you that you are
going to have to deal with this in court.


See attached. [Screenshot of German site attached.]
You also violated GDPR and European law, which I am
protected by as I am currently in Germany caring for my sons (split
Learn the law.
We have identified a firm in your filed city.

[This is me responding.]

Still waiting to hear if you claim to be part of the Pembina militia and sovereign citizens group or not.

We get threats to sue every month or so. Hasn't happened yet. This is because truth is an absolute defense to libel.

For example, I challenge you to say where we have claimed you are or are not NDN.

It's irrelevant. What we have shown repeatedly is that the Pembinas are a dangerous bunch of terrorists, the Delormes letting themselves be used by white supremacists and an Indonesian who tried to carry out a coup.

And that you are not a "chief." You just play one on the internet.

But I do thank you for admitting that your claim of having a law firm representing you was a lie.

I'm sure you will have as much "success" as other sovereign nuts.
Frauds / Re: Margaret Noodin, Professor
« Last post by MilkyWayKwe on May 05, 2022, 02:34:23 am »
The website called "Humans and Nature" has a copyright of 2022, indicating it's an updated and/or active website.

Margaret Gives-Herself-An-Anishinaabe-Last-Name-For-Fun has a bio on it whereby she "identifies as American, Anishinaabe, Irish, and Metis."

Frauds / Re: Turtle Island Tribal Nation
« Last post by educatedindian on May 04, 2022, 02:52:56 pm »
These are the so called Pembinas, a militia group mentioned many times before.

 Little Shell Pembina Band

Little Shell Pembina (was One of the Most Dangerous Fraud Groups)

Little Shell Pembina Band & Sovereign Citizens Movement

Two men plead guilty to selling Tribal Memberships

Self-proclaimed court can't enforce rulings

HealthFreedom.Info and Sacred Tree Society

Allen Becker AKA Allan Aslan Heart AKA White Eagle Soaring

Dale Norton & Wampanoag Tribe of Greyhead Wolf Band, Order of White Light
Frauds / Re: Turtle Island Tribal Nation
« Last post by educatedindian on May 04, 2022, 02:30:23 pm »
David Taylor-Barker sent this email. The law firm he claims to have specializes in corporate law, finance, banking, and antitrust suits. No mention of handling libel or even non corporate clients.

First his email, then my response.

I have retained Porter, Wright, Morris and Arthur.

This is the initial request that will be followed by legal notification.

Despite being informed I am actually an Indian, as well as with
documentation from the Great Plains Director of the BIA, you have
allowed your thread to contain false information about me. Which due to
your site name causes confusion with people doing background checks.

You additionally inspired, with false information, multiple
investigations by the FBI which cleared me in full,
the undue harassment you are liable for.

Additionally, people have contacted speaking events and employers due to
your false thread causing undue harassment and hardship.

You are liable. Your false site played a part in my divorce and caused
undue hardship that was overcame, but not without much stress.

Additionally, you defamed my twin sister who is transgender and despite
a genealogist posting she is in fact native, you kept it up, causing
undue hardship in her personal life with harassment.

I am now a Chief in my traditional tribe and the administrator on 10
Facebook groups with over 500,000 members.

Not only am I sueing you for damages but I will make this public this

Provide your point of contact.

David Taylor-Barker
Midegah (Mide Ogichidaa Winini

No "ownership." We are not a business. We are a forum for over 3,000 activists from dozens of tribes and supporters worldwide.

Never heard a thing about you from the BIA or FBI.

Never heard a thing about your divorce before this.

I see that you are sending this email from the "Little Shell Pembina Nation" website of, the militia and sovereign citizen group. Have you now joined them?

I see also that your claimed law firm specializes in banking and antitrust law, and typically only represents corporations.

We always seek more information and would be glad to post any statement of yours to clear these matters up.

We'll post this email of yours. Would you like to make clear your relationship with militias and sovereign citizens?
Etcetera / Comedy Site and Star Trek Voyager's Imposter Consultant
« Last post by educatedindian on May 02, 2022, 08:30:00 pm »
This is old news for many people, almost 30 years ago. STV used an exploiter and imposter, exposed a decade earlier, as their consulant for the Nuage "Indian" Chakotay.

By:Ryan Menezes
May 02, 2022
Star Trek Voyager Got Scammed By A Native American Imposter

In 1995, Paramount debuted Voyager, the fourth big Star Trek series. Like its predecessors, Voyager would bring new races into the fold—alien races and human races. It introduced Chakotay, Star Trek's first Native American main character. The writers debated among themselves exactly the best way to portray this commander's culture.

Should they send him on vision quests? Should they give him a 'medicine wheel'? Should they leave his actual tribal affiliation as vague as possible? The answer to all these questions would ultimately be yes, but the journey there was not easy. The writers knew they needed guidance, and the actor, Robert Beltran, offered little, being the son of Mexican parents.

Enter Jamake Highwater. This man had written several books on being a Cherokee and had hosted multiple TV documentaries on the subject as well. Voyager took him on to advise them on how to write Chakotay. He didn't offer very good advice, says consensus. Chakotay's constant babbling about mysticism and spirit guides annoyed viewers, annoyed the actor, and was eventually dropped in later seasons.

Highwater was a bit vague when it came to the specifics of his own native heritage, almost as vague as Voyager was about Chakotay's. Sometimes, he said his father was Cherokee and his mother Marcia was half-Blackfoot. Other times, Marcia was the Cherokee one. Still other times, he said that Marcia and her husband Alex were white but had adopted him, the son of Indians.

Marcia and Alex were indeed white, but they hadn't adopted him. Jamake Highwater was actually Jackie Marks, who had no Native American ancestry of any kind, since his bloodlines could be traced quickly to Europe on both sides. He'd started out as a California dance instructor, but the authorities shut his dance school down for giving out fake degrees. Over time, he reinvented himself as a "Native American expert," even getting inducted into a Canadian Blackfoot tribe ... through a tourist ceremony, which we thought was the sort of thing only non-natives do, but what do we know, we're not Native American Experts.

If the truth came out years after Voyager, that would have been a bit of an embarrassment for the folks behind the show. Here's the really weird part of this story, though: The big exposé on Jackie Marks came a decade before the show debuted. First an Assiniboine-Sioux researcher looked into the guy's claims and debunked them, and then the Washington Post covered the story, and the National Congress of American Indians kicked him out. Jamake responded by walking back some claims initially, but later claiming that he was suffering discrimination for being adopted or being mixed race.

In fact, even when he died in 2001, the press gave him obituaries that took him at his word. One paper called him "an award-winning American Indian writer" and declared the following, falsely: "Mr. Highwater was born to an illiterate mother, who was a Blackfoot, and a Cherokee father, who was a rodeo rider and stuntman. The impoverished parents soon deposited the boy in an orphanage." Which newspaper was that? Oh, just the Washington Post, the same one who'd broken the news of his fraud 17 years before.
Research Needed / Re: Grace Dillon
« Last post by advancedsmite on May 02, 2022, 06:53:23 pm »
I agree with the findings of Diana and Cellophane regarding the direct lineal ancestry of Grace Dillon (GD).

For the sake of thoroughness, I have worked through some of the extended branches of GD's family tree. I have found distant cousins that have married members of the Bay Mills and Sault Ste Marie Tribes. I'm not going to post the detailed information on these individuals as they are still living and not complicit in potential false claims made by GD. I'd be happy to provide the detailed information to a NAFPS board moderator for additional verification if they send me a message. By searching the Laponsie and Forgrave surnames with the tribe name, you will get results that seem to show a connection. The only connection is that GD has distant cousins that are tribal members through their mothers (unrelated to GD) but inherited surnames linked to GD through non-native fathers. I believe there could be more relatives of GD that have married tribal members that I haven't found yet. This information doesn't impact GD's direct lineal descent which has been shown to be from white settlers.

Maternal Side: 1st cousin, 2x removed (male Forgrave) married a Bay Mills Tribe member.
Paternal Side: 1st cousin, 1x removed (male Laponsie) married a Sault Ste Marie Tribe member
Paternal Side: 2nd cousin (male Laponsie) married a Sault Ste Marie Tribe member
Research Needed / Re: Fabián Frias aka Apab’yan Tew
« Last post by Ome Oso on April 30, 2022, 03:10:02 pm »
This letter is from two women who organized his visit to Texas. They researched the allegations from different families and women in different states. One of the authors asked the names and contact numbers to be removed once she received threats from his followers.
Research Needed / Re: Fabián Frias AKA Apab’yan Tew
« Last post by educatedindian on April 29, 2022, 02:44:21 pm »
Ome, could you tell us where the letter is from? Is there a link?

Curriculum Vitae
Fabián Frías Santillán
 Apab’yan Tew
Tezcatlipoca 3, Culhuacán, Coyoacán.CDMX, Mexico. 52 1 525 5537072873
  Academic EducationBachelors of Art Certificate, 1989, College of Sciences andHumanities, South Campus. (UNAM) National AutonomousUniversity of Mexico.

Traditional Education Ajq’ij, Shamanism, K’iche’ ancestral authority.
Under the guidance of tat Diego Adrian Guarchaj Ajtz’alam, a linguist, ceremonial speaker, writer, translator, shaman healer from Nahuala, Guatemala. Training initiated in 1998, current practitioner in the highlands of Central Mexico, Chiapas andGuatemala....

Followed by list of professional works and presentations.  In Spanish.
I'm guessing this is her?

LaKota OneHeart, previously known as Reverend LaKotahasie Frazier, Elk With No Horns or Buffalo Woman Comes Running is of Abanaki, French and Lakotah descent. She is a Reverend in the Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved Blue Buffalo. LaKota OneHeart is a Sun-Moon Dancer and Spiritual Dance Leader for Beautiful Painted Arrow, Spiritual Advisor, Medicine Wheel Healer and Spiritual Artist, whose art expresses her own medicine walk. LaKota OneHeart DOES NOT teach traditional Native American Ceremony; she teaches as a minister from her own life experiences, teaching and sharing her visions with all who come. Her sacred ceremonies and teachings are neither bought nor sold, they are a gift to be received, for which the student makes an offering. In March 2007, she received the Living in Peace Award, for the International Ecumenical Prayer for Peace Day, from the Sanctuary of Peace on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. She has created many Turtle Island Dream Circles across the country, by sharing her gift of the Medicine of the dream, with a vision of first healing ourselves, then our communities, and then our world.

Also, LaKota OneHeart has three Black Belt Degrees, first degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do and Sampi, and third degree in Kyoshin Kan ahorin Ryu, and title of Shi-ko-Ni, certified instructor in two styles. She is a Reverend in the Order of Melchizedek, Sanctuary of the Beloved Blue Buffalo.

Clearly she's lying there.

Ceremonial Dances, Vision Quests
LaKota OneHeart leads Ceremonial Spiritual and facilitates Vision Quests. A Peace Dance takes place in Carrsville, Virginia in March. An Earth-Sun-Moon Dance (June) and a Dance of the Heart (October) take place in Abingdon, Virginia on her sacred land. She holds 2, 3 and 4 day Vision Quests in May and November her land too. Please see the Calendar of Events for further information.

Sweat Lodges and Medicine Wheels
There are 2 kinds of Sweat Lodges led by LaKota OneHeart – Family or Children’s Lodges and Adult/Medicine Sweats. She also has a traveling Medicine Wheel and a permanent stone Medicine Wheel on her land. Please see the Calendar of Events for further information.

Workshops and Dream Circles
LaKota holds healing workshops to include Womb Workshops as well as informational workshops ranging from Dream Catcher Making, Wild Herb Collecting to Aura Reading. There are several Dream Interpretation Circles (Turtle Island Dreamers) in Virginia and other states.

The good news is she seems to have almost no following, almost no views on Youtube, FB, no events on her calendar. Just a few mentions on other sites, mostly around 2010.

This seems to list her previous names.
Hasie's birth date was listed as [1953]. Hasie's age is 68. Alternative names for Hasie: Lakatahasie M Frazier, Lakatahas Frazier, Lakatahasie Sweeny, Lakatahasie Frazier, Lakatahasie M Mckeon, Lakatahasie M Sweeney, Lakatahas Mckeon, Lakatahasie F Mckeon, Lakatahasie Sweeney, L Frazier, Lakatahasie F Frazier, Lakotahasie E Frazier, Hasie Frazier Lakata, Lakotahasie Frazier. Hasie is a resident of  [redacted] Abingdon, VA 24210-4815. Hasie has lived in four cities, including Gloucester Courthouse, VA and Abingdon, VA.
Frauds / Re: Lakota One Heart
« Last post by ChikashaTruth on April 29, 2022, 01:51:59 am »
Yes, I know this, but this is what is being portrayed.
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