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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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Is this the same guy?
william A burchett

William Firewalker Burchett at William Firewalker Burchett

    Greater Philadelphia Area
    Events Services

william A burchett's Overview


        William Firewalker Burchett at William Firewalker Burchett


        native american indian circle at native american indian visions

william A burchett's Summary

native american indian cherokee
cherokee indian sweatlodge leader

native american indian cermonys
william A burchett's Experience
William Firewalker Burchett
William Firewalker Burchett

Currently holds this position
native american indian circle
native american indian visions

January 2004 – February 2005 (1 year 2 months)

native american indian visions
william A burchett's Additional Information


    Interests/Looking for: Interests: Songwriting, Indian dancing, native ceremonies, traditional Indian teaching. I seeking a girlfriend or wife, also I’m seeking friends, interested in the Indian way of life.


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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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Here is a clip from a genealogy forum, he identifies who his parents are.

Re: MacArthur Burchett
jerviswilliam (View posts)
Posted: 18 Jan 2010 11:59PM GMT
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: burchett
im very sad by dad death
im currently liveing in europe
william burchett

Ashland KY Daily Independent, 15 Apr 2000.
MacArthur Burchett, 57, of Prestonsburg, died Thursday in Cabell Huntington Hospital at Huntington, W.Va. Mr. Burchett was born Nov. 22, 1942, in Floyd County, a son of the late Bill and Renia Spears Burchett. He was a factory worker. Surviving are his wife, Johnny Carol Spears Burchett; two sons, Billy Burchett of Texas, and Charles Newsome of Prestonsburg; four daughters, Tammy Woods and Lisa Jones, both of David, Carol Sue Shepherd of Ashland, and Cheryl Burchett of Columbus, Ohio; two brothers, John B. Burchett of Endicott, and Donnie Burchett of Columbus, Ohio; five sisters, Thibble O'Neil of Columbus, Ohio, Wonder Inez Burchett of Salyersville, Thelma Jean Burchett of Allen, Rosie Jane Burchett of Frankfort, and Daisy Helen Burchett of Floyd County; and 10 grandchildren. The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Nelson-Frazier Funeral Home at Martin by Manford Fannin. Burial will be in Davidson Memorial Gardens at Ivel. Friends may call anytime at the funeral home.

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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That's him, too. His father died in 2000 and 'Jervis' was still in the clink at that time. He also applied for the name change after 2000 and this was denied according to his prison files. It is still not established whether he changed his name legally later on.

The two Florida addresses you found, Piff, are quite interesting, because  he must have arrived in Luxemburg some time 2005 and was already advertising English lessons in Lux. and did radio shows for an open radio project there in 2006.

'Alexa Jervis' is the lady who applied to the BOP to have Burchett released on parole to marry her which was also denied. She also goes by Alexa Zenner or Alexa Zenner-Jervis.

I already came across his latest reincarnation as 'Medicine Turtle', but give me a day or two to get all the stuff sorted out.
He seems to have been active in Austria mostly during the last two years, and he avoids mentioning his real life name with his fake ndn name, I assume in order not to be found out again too soon.


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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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my great cherokee grandmother was a spears

His paternal grandmother Renia Spears is listed white in all census as are her parents.

He has Spears on his maternal side too, but the Spears surname is passed down through the men, so probably no maternal grandmothers have that birth surname.   His mother is listed in voter records as white, not hispanic.

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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Well, and a further Facebook-Account: Steyr Shaman

And there you can find texts like this: "The American Indians hold sacred the virtues of truthfulness, courage, generosity, and reverence for life. They practice direct communication with the Great Spirit, whom they call Wakan Tanka, through seven sacred ceremonies"

Yes, of course all American Indians use the Lakota word "Wakan Tanka" and have seven sacred ceremonies!!!!!   No comment ....

And it seems that he has created a fake account "John Horseman" who shall give him a touch of authenticy because he lets him write:
"Ya a teh, Ciyawayasni. Hello, My Brother Medicine Turtle
Great White Buffalo Journey Come Home .To reservation Here
We Miss You Brother standing rock sioux tribe.Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat"

so that everybody can read how he is missed by native americans.....  no other posts and friends by that account.
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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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ok so who is he talking about???
Standing rock sioux tribe.Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat"
In Spirit


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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
« Reply #186 on: February 15, 2014, 10:09:19 pm »
Medicine Turtle says Cherokee had the first sweat lodges and that they were built on top of medicine wheels. I think he might also be saying that sweat lodges fly. Seriously. He claims he teaches the right words that can enable you to "take off in this thing".

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
« Reply #187 on: February 15, 2014, 10:32:22 pm »
Well, that's typical for him, sentences which makes no sense. ;)   

And another Facebook-Account of him:
And no, I don't control him, but today a Facebook friendship request from Schwitzhütte Dakota (in English: sweatlodge dakota)  reached me ;)  What an irony!!!!

In that context I came accross a "Roger Nighhorse"   (marked as a friend of Schwitzhütte Dakoa. Could be an alter ego of William Jervis, but I'm not sure. I could find some comments from him on event notifications which said "you do not have my permission to do a sweatlodge". What is right. But I found too "Traditional Lakota Sioux Inipi Gatherings (Sweat Lodges) have Indian leaders. YOU WANT OUR LAND YOU STEAL OUR WAY OF LIFE ASK US FIRST". That can mean that he just want to say "Invite and pay me as a leader". I don't know.  Interesting too are his likes ;)  "Hidden cam porns" for example.

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
« Reply #188 on: March 19, 2014, 04:28:48 pm »

Mr Burchett/Jervis, under his new name of 'Medicine Turtle', is mainly active in Austria since the beginning of 2012. My first impression was that Burchett/Jervis is as full of it as before, but reading his sites and ads for events, I have to rephrase that: he's fuller of it than ever before (e.g. he's posing as an M.D now...)

His MO has remained the same and he is not any more inclined to earn an honest income than he was before. Jervis' legend has seen a few changes, though:

He changed his DOB from February 1966 to 1970. So instead of an age of 47, he claims to be 43. The way he looks, further rejuvenations may become a problem.... Plus that he started to become hair challenged on top – the forehead's getting higher...
He is making up for that with a huge red bandana. Apparently no one told him that a bandana coloured in a rather loud red does not go well with red hair. And likewise, no one told him the Cherokee don't wear bandanas.

One thing he also avoids carefully is giving his name(s) – nothing in the way of „William Jervis“ or „William Burchett“, just a plain „Medicine Turtle“. He is still Cherokee, but now instead of having a full-blooded grandmother, his mother has become full-blooded, too. A nice upgrade of ancestors. His father still is full-blooded Irish, to explain his red hair.

He is also still trying to evoke the impression he is a member of the Eastern Band, sporting photos of Wee Willie in front of the EB administration, the entrance to the EB territory etc. He also links to a video of the EB chief.

Jervis has been using one German lady before to promote his garbage – he's been upgrading on that, too: meanwhile, there are three Austrian ladies spreading his garbage on websites and in forums. Now, how comes, Turtle Fartsies – found out that Germans work harder than Austrians, or why does it need three Austrians to replace one German?

Two of the ladies are his „shamanic students“. In one case, this really brings tears to one's eyes, as the lady in question is a psychologist, trained at a university! She runs one professional website, and another one on her „shamanising“ stuff with Wee Willie Turtle.

The other two ladies are dyed-in-the-wool Nuagers. One is a „shamanic student“ flattered as „very talented“ by Turtle With A Wee Willie in newspaper interviews etc. Apparently, he works regularly with both ladies mentioned.

The third one he seems to have fleeced off the crowd of the shame-on claiming he was a Susquehannock from Florida, as she was supporting, and paying, him before. One now finds entries in forums and blogs in which she promotes the Wee-Willied Turtle.

Much of the info is bilingual. Where it wasn't, I added my translations in brackets [].

Aktuell [current info]
cherokee medizinmann
Alternative medicine with traditional Native American medicine bei Alternative medicine with traditional Native American medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD bei Doctor of Medicine (MD
Ausbildung [education]
Traditional Native American Medicine
Kontakte [contacts]  316 Kontakte
Berufserfahrung von medicine turtle [professional experience]
cherokee medizinmann
– (43 years 11 months)
cherokee medizinmann a healer
Alternative medicine with traditional Native American medicine
– (43 years 11 months) Cherokee
Alternative medicine with traditional Native American medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD
– (43 years 11 months) United States
Doctor of Medicine (MD

Kenntnisse von medicine turtle [skills]
1. Vision Quest
2. Medicine Wheel
3. Sweatlodge
4. Shamanism
5. Massages
6. Alternative Medicine
7. Internal Medicine
8. Emergency Medicine
9. Family Medicine
10. Problem Solving
11. Life Transitions
12. Therapeutic Massage
13. Medical Massage
14. Holistic Massage
15. Shamanism
16. Military Doctrine
17. Environmental Science
18. Hunter
19. Herbs
20. Surveillance
21. Survival Training
22. Outdoor Living Areas
23. Internet
24. Program Facilitation
25. Driver Training
26. Intuitive Healer
27. Holistic Health
28. Mental Health
29. Healing
30. Wellness Coaching
31. Employee Wellness Programs
32. Wellness
33. Lifestyle Coaching
34. Camping
35. Army
36. Police Instructor
37. Disaster Recovery
38. Fitness
39. Coordination
40. Counseling Psychology
41. Mental Health Counseling
42. Mental Illness
43. Spiritual Direction
44. Public Speaking
45. Swimming
46. Cultural Diversity
47. Community Outreach
48. Social Media Marketing
49. Mediation
50. Higher Education

Traditional Native American Medicine, Traditional Native American Medicine

Note: 1/5
Traditional Native American Medicine
Aktivitäten und Verbände: [Activities and Organisations]
Traditional ,Native ,American ,Medicine

Apparently, Burchett/Jervis considerable increased his claims and even poses as an M.D. According to Austrian and German law, this is a criminal offence.

The LinkedIn profile also points to a group maintained by Burchett/Jervis:
Info zur Gruppe TheMedicineWay [Info on the group The Medicine Way]
Alternative Medicine
useing everything we know about medicine to help
science and humans live a better life
Informationen über diese Gruppe [Info on this group]
Gründung: [founded:] 30. November 2012
Typ: Fachgruppe [professional]
Mitglieder: [members:] 11
Verantwortlicher: [person responsible] medicine T.

Burchett/Jervis also revived an old google-site. This was done in a pretty half- @rsed way so the site now looks as if it had been hijacked by him:

 Medicine Turtle at home in the Cherokee Mountains
 Michell Hicks, Chief of the Cherokee in North Carolina

Shamanic education, vision quest in europe and usa, schamanic treatments, alternative treatments, nature treatments, shaman/spiritual events and courses, sweatlodge ceremony and sweatlodge building, survival training in the USA, managment training in Europe and in the USA, drum workshops and drum circle, meditation circle

Shamanic Training – North American Shamanism

Individual shamanic training. Some issues will be dealt with in course, i.e. groups. The largest part of the training will be done individually. Every person, every being is unique, everyone has got their special task to do, everyone must go their own way. Everyone has got their own individual experience and feelings, so everyone is at a different point, therefore an intensive training can only be done individually.
Trainings possible in Europe and in the USA. Registering and information: turtlemedicine @ yahoo

Again, much of this is bilingual, my translations in brackets:

Healing ceremonies, rituals, personal consultations
Energy Medicine Bodywork
Energy Medicine
Medicine Wheel compensation
Medicine lodge
Trance Healing (group)
Stone Healing
Crystal Healing
Soul Retrieval (individually or group)
Fire Ceremony
Women's ritual of passage
Shamanic journeys

Visionquest - Visionssuche
Readings (Lesen)
Angel work
Reading the Power animal
Reading the Totem
Cleansing of negative energies
House cleansing
House blessing
Removal of curses
Hunting ghosts
Programme, Kurse - program, courses
posted Oct 13, 2009, 12:53 AM by Die Schamanenschule   [ updated Mar 14, 2012, 1:33 AM ]
Spezielle Programme - special programs
Burn out (einzeln - single)
Naturerfahrung - nature experience (einzeln oder in Gruppen single or groups)
schamanische Ferien - Urlaub in Kombination mit schamanischen Erlebnissen und Veranstaltungen (einzeln oder in der Gruppe)
shamanic vacation - holiday in combine with shamanic experience and events (single or groups)
Visionssuche (einzeln oder in der Gruppe) - Vision quest (single or groups)
  jedes Programm einzeln oder als Gruppenprogramm buchbar
  you can book each program as single program or group program

Tierkommunikation - animalcommunication
Spiritkommunikation - spiritcommunication
Plfanzenkommunikation - plantcommunication
Steinkommunikation - stonecommunication
Visionquest - Visionssuche
Lodges - Hütten
Sweatlodge - Schwitzhütte
Medicine lodge - Medizinhütte
Marriage lodge - Hochzeitshütte
Ancestor lodge - Vorfahrenhütte
Animal communication lodge - Tierkommunikationshütte
Kurse [courses]
Schwitzhütte - sweatlodge
Energie Medizin Körperarbeit - energy medicine bodywork
Heilpflanzenkunde - healing plants, herbology
Medizinrad - medicine wheel
Negative Energien, Vertreibung von Negativem - remove negative engergy
Trommeln - Trommelkreise/gruppen - drumming - drum circle/groups
Trommelkreis - drum circle
Trommel Meditation - drum meditation
The Heartbeat of Mother Earth - der Herzschlag von Mutter Erde
Trommeln und Chanting - drumming and chanting
Sing und Trommel Workshop (erlernen von Native Songs) - sing and drum workshop (learning native songs)
Meditationsgruppe - meditation group
Trance Meditation
Ancestor Meditation - Vorfahren Meditation
Medizinrad - medicine wheel
Medizinrad - Kurse - medicine wheel courses
Medizinrad Zeremonie - medicine wheel ceremony
Medizinrad Workshop (bauen eines Medizinrades) - medicine wheel workshop (building a medicine wheel)
Reinigung von negativen Energien - cleaning and removing negative engery
Hausreinigung - house cleaning
Haussegnung - house blessing
Fluchbeseitigung - removal curse
Geisterjagd - ghost hunting
Engelarbeit - engel work
Krafttier lesen - poweranimal reading
Totem lesen - totem reading
Öffentliche Zeremonien - public ceremony
Hochzeitszeremonien - wedding ceremony
Beerdingungszeremonien - funeral ceremony

Medicine Turtle lives in the Cherokee Mountains. He spent his childhood partly on the Reservation, partly in the mountains outside the Reservation. Medicine Turtle's mother is Cherokee (full-blooded), his father is European.

From his birth on, Medicine Turtle has special abilities, a special understanding of nature and the spiritual world around him. Already when a child, he spent several days on his own in nature and in the spiritual world.

Because of his deep love to Mother Earth, members of the Cherokee and then also of other natuons began initiating him into the secrets of spirituality and medicine of the Native Americans. Soon he discovered his abilities to heal animals and humans.

Native American music, healing songs and the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth, became part of his life. The love of Native American music opened the way for him to marry the daughter of the Cheyenne medicineman. Through this marriage, further doors to more teachers opened.

Burchett/Jervis posing as 'America's most distinguished shaman' here – what a roar:

Powerful meeting with America's most distinguished shaman

Medicine Turtle is the successful leader of a Culture-Spiritual Healing Centre in the Cherokee Mountains in order to preserve culture, nature, spirituality, and to heal humans and nature. Humans are part of nature and in order to remain healthy, must be in unison with nature. Medicine Turtle confirms humans to take responsibility for their own health and their own life. For most, this is the first decisive step to deep healing, strength, and joy of life. To understand the sense of being and to live.

Vision Quests and Healing
Person who meet Medicine Turtle are deeply moved by his power and dedication. With humour and ease, the charismatic healer supports and strengthens the potentials and self-healing powers of humans. Deeply connected to nature and to the mental powers, Medicine Turtle makes use of the wealth of plants of the Cherokee Mountains for cleansing rituals and healing ceremonies.

Medicine Turtle as a human in nature 

Many healing plants grow in the Cherokee Mountain [sic] which up to the present day may not be culturevated [sic]. Large pharma companies come every year to buy these valuabe healing plants from the inhabitants of the Cherokee Mountain [sic]. The Centre also aims at preserving the rich nature, to protect animals and plants. Their protection serves to the protection of humankind.
Medicine Turtle in Europe and Asia

Medicine Turtle frequently travels around the world in order to help, to spread knowledge, and to learn from others. Knowledge can only be preserved when it is shared.
Therefore, Medicine Turtle also visits the German language regions and offers courses, trainings, lectures, and also Vision Quests. Vision Quest can be booked both in Europe and in the USA […]

Apparently, the text was written by one of his faithful ladies, but please - Wee-Willied Turtle and charismatic?
And that alleged Healing Centre - does it perhaps happen to be the same premises as his camping ground? Inquiring minds would like to know:

06-23-2013 10:27 AM
Camping in tent on Cherokee Indian campground with a medicine man
I WAS CAMPING a week near Cherokee reservation WITH
he has a campground near there he did not charge me a dime.
last year i spent 2 weeks at his cherokee camp site in kentucky
he only charged me 100 dollars we fish all day went swimming
had sweatlodge every night
best camping place i every spent day at.
only way reach him is mostly by email
i camp many places in my life but the medicine turtle cherokee camp ground
best place i have every been in my life. a buddy of mine does vision quest
there with medicine turtle a few times a year near pikeville kentucky.
but if a person looking for a camping place and has time plan it
that best place i every stayed at. and he can sure cook native food best i ate
and he hell of herb teacher.

Written by none else but the Wee-Willied Turtled himself posing as an enthusiastic client.

Burchett/Jervis also promotes his fraudulent business on still another website:
Life – Experience seminars
Vision Quests
Sweatlodge Life Experience seminars
Courses particularly for medical doctors, therapists, psycho-therapists, alternative healers, psychologists, psychiatrists, alternative psychotherapist healers, nurses, social workers, managers, lawyers, teachers, persons who work with larger groups or individuals.
More information on the Life – Experience Therapy and Seminars please find at:
Anmeldung unter: E-Mail: medturtle@yahoo
Telefon: Deutschland +49 (0)1578 38 62 957
Luxemburg +352 (0)661 192 56 85

Interestingly enough, these two phone numbers are also mentioned at sites of a somewhat – errm: dubious character, like e.g.:
„Lonely women waiting for you“ ….

Or at a blog by the name of „German Healers' School“ maintained by a character going by 'wolflakota':

This is what Burchett/Jervis says:
Becoming a Cherokee Medicine man or women - Becoming a shaman!
Think you might want to be a Cherokee medicine man or women? Are you ready to commit 15 to 25 years studying the 7 disciplines required? Cherokee medicine, nvwoti (noo wat ee), is a practice that has developed over the last 3,000 to 8,000 years and can’t be mastered overnight! A Cherokee medicine man or women, Didanawisgi, typically started studying very young as an apprentice with the dream of one day becoming the high master or Uku!
1. Herbal Medicine - an in-depth knowledge of 400-800 plants, their medicinal and ceremonial uses as well as the plants "personality".
2. Physical Medicine - including the unique Cherokee massage using spicewood wood tree, poke, minor surgery & midwifery.
3. Dreamwork - not only how to interpret dreams, but how to use them for personal growth, healing, and to gain knowledge.
4. Language/Myths/Laws - Cherokee is a language of amazing subtlety and power. The tsila learns not only the subtleties of every day spoken Cherokee, but a separate "medicine" language. Stories, myths, and laws give meaning to the world and help us to understand our place in the Great Life.
5. Ceremonies - the Cherokee traditionally had 7 major ceremonies, 6 of which marked the important yearly cycles, such as the first new moon of Spring, green corn harvest, mature corn harvest, falling leaves festival, and the beginning of winter/exulting ceremony. Many of these ceremonies are still done today and are as meaningful now, if not more so, than in times past. Ceremonial practice also includes various types of personal, family, community, and national ceremonies that help maintain balance within the individual, the family, the community, and the nation.
6. The laws of nature - keen observers, the Cherokee have for millions of years paid attention to the world around them. This collected body of knowledge is extensive and it explains why things act as they do and the cause and effect of their interrelationship - why animals behave certain ways, how the sun and moon interrelate, how men and women interact, the nature of water, the fire, the earth (elag),...
7. Conjuring - although there is no really good word in English to describe this, various words - conjuring, magic, manipulation, partially explain this practice. This is the ability to enlist the aid of spirits and elemental powers to change things, to heal or doctor, to "change one's mind", to bring luck and to protect the sick or weak from negative influences.
The Cherokee credit two sources for much of their knowledge of medicine. First from the plants spicewood. The second from the ancient stone wolfhims. He was almost impossible to kill because of his incredible wisdom and because he wore complete body armor made of stone. But he met his end when he approached a village and the villagers went to their most knowledgeable wizard and asked for his help. He summoned eight women, from the millions of clans who were in their period, and placed them in the path of the advancing Stone-Clad.
"With each one that he saw his step grew weaker until when he came to the last one, with whom the sickness had just begun, the blood poured from his mouth and he fell down on the trail." Then the medicine-man drove seven pine woods stakes through his body and pinned him to the ground, and when night came they piled great logs over him and set fire to them, and all the people gathered around to see. Nuii'yunu'wip (Stone-Clad) was a great ada'wejhi and knew many secrets, and now as the fire came close to him he began to talk, and told them the medicine for all kinds of sickness. At midnight he began to sing, and sang the hunting songs for calling up the bear and the deer and all the animals of the woods and mountains. As the blaze grew hotter his voice sank low and lower, until at last when daylight came, the logs were a heap of white ashes and the voice was still alive. So, the conjures and songs of Stone-clad and the medicinal plants formed the foundation for the last and first disciplines. The rest were developed over time and taught orally to each generation.
Ready to be a medicine man or women?

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
« Reply #189 on: March 19, 2014, 05:09:31 pm »
This is a special gem – an interview Burchett/Jervis did for an Austrian paper. Warning: it is plain and effin' racist stuff:

„Until I was 18, I lived in caves“

A special guest shares his wisdom and healing rituals in the town of Lingenau up until today: Cherokee medicineman Medicine Turtle. W&W went into the sweat-tipi with him and received a view of his world.
Medicine Turtle does not come across as typically Indian: his red hair he received from his Irish father, the Indian roots from his mother, a Cherokee full-blood, and his grandma, a medicine woman. „I like it very much here in Vorarlberg“, he says at the beginning of our conversation. He traveled to Lingenau for an Indian Healing Weekend and offers some insight into Indian healing art. Another issue: „Hassuny“, an ancient Cherokee healing method which is only passed on orally. „Until I was 18, I lived in caves and went hunting – I didn't even know what a car is“, he remembers. He patiently explains how a sweatlodge is being built: „In the middle, there is the 'womb of mother earth' and the hot stones are kept there. There is room for a maximum of 25 persons in the tent. The ritual starts with building it resp. placing the stones outside.“ People experiencing a sweat session will experience themselves in a new way, as he explains: „For example you see your weaknesses. This is sometimes exhausting, but it may also change you! A renewal of the spirit.“ One can see his joy when he can share what he brought along, from horse oil, healing roots up to his pipe which allegedly more than 10,000 persons smoked meanwhile. „And, what's it like for you?“, he asks excietedly.

Through his Irish father, who did Celtic rituals, Medicine Turtle received insights into several worlds. He also knows mainstream medicine well. He served in the US military for several years and was a medic: „I also was in Iraq – what I saw there was bad. It's sad what humans can do to other humans. With my healing powers, I tried to help there as much as possible.“ But Cherokee healing art was not made for war injuries.
Viewing the Future
In visions, Medicine Turtle can see the future, as he explains. Days, weeks, months – depending on what the spritis allow. He even has his own method of predicting lottery numbers: „This often functions. But I cannot do it for myself, only for others“, he says with a laugh. This would prevent abuse.


A small box at the interview page says:

Genuine Medicine Man in Vorarlberg
On his European Tour, Cherokee medicineman Medicine Turtle will be in Lingenau up until today. He is taken care of by Sabine Böhler from the town of Schwarzenberg who, according to the American, is a talented student. According to Medicine Turtle, a kind of academy for Vorarlberg is being planned. More info at

A photo caption reads:

“W&W editorial journalist in the sweat tent with Medicine Turtle. Up to 25 persons may take a seat there. Hot stones in the middle – in the 'womb of mother earth' – are used to heat it.

We knew before Burchett/Jervis was an idiot, a poser, and a racist, but thanks, Wee-Willied, for the confirmation.
While Cherokee did not live in caves during the last several thousand years, we do accept this may have been completely different with Mr Burchett/Jervis. But then again he is not Cherokee.

He now even claims to have been in the military. Right, so he did serve some 12 years - however, not in any military unit. The unit he served 12 years in had barred windows, and he got there for robbing a bank.

Short translation for the benefit of our German readers:

Es war ja bereits klar, daß Burchett/Jervis ein Idiot, ein Poser und ein Rassist ist, aber danke, Wee-Willy, daß du es mal wieder bestätigst. Die Cherokee haben in den letzten paar Tausend Jahren nicht in Höhlen gelebt, aber wir können uns vorstellen, daß dies bei Mr Burchett/Jervis vielleicht anders war. Aber er ist ja auch kein Cherokee.

Inzwischen behauptet er sogar, er sei beim Militär gewesen. Nun ja, er hat in der Tat 12 Jahre abgerissen - jedoch nicht beim Militär. Die Institution, bei der er 12 Jahre verbrachte, besaß 'schwedische Gardinen' und er hat die 12 Jahre für einen Bankraub eingefangen.

Weitere Informationen zur Haftstrafe sind in den Beiträgen 99, 100, 101, 109 und 112 zu finden.

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
« Reply #190 on: June 19, 2014, 01:14:13 pm »
sorry i speak englisch very bad.

i meet him 2006, he alway ask for money and always talke about money.
so i don`t wanted do do anything with him.
i think he will do evrything for money.

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
« Reply #191 on: June 19, 2014, 01:54:08 pm »
sorry i speak englisch very bad.

i meet him 2006, he alway ask for money and always talke about money.
so i don`t wanted do do anything with him.
i think he will do evrything for money.

Hi Rolf,
thanks for joining us and for posting. You can contact me per PN in German language.

Hallo Rolf,
danke, daß du dich hier registriert und gepostet hast. Du kannst mich auf Deutsch per PN anschreiben.

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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hello ingeborg,
did you got my message about jervis?

wishes rolf

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
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Jervis has resurfaced some time ago - he made it to Austria where he once again set up shop as a plastic shame-on and even claims to have founded a "Native American Medicine Academy".

This year, Jervis' fake Native American Medicine Academy organises and promotes a speaking tour with Mr Henry Red Cloud which takes place between May 27 and June 11, 2016.
Mr Red Cloud has chosen to participate in the tour.

According to Jervis' usual MO, he published a multitude of ads on various online platforms etc and abundantly placed video material at YouTube using several channels.

Additionally, he advertises a book allegedly written by Henry Red Cloud, with Jervis named as „creator“ - titled: The quiet Revolution of the 7th generation. A promotional video done with Jervis and Mr Red Cloud is to be seen here, e.g.:

The individual events mostly are not organised by Jervis and his assistant, Sabine Maria Böhler – also going by „Sabine SunTurtle“ -, but by various persons most of whom got one thing in common: they're Nuagers.

The first event was scheduled at Mannheim, May 27 for 11 a.m.:
„Meeting of business clients, scientists, psychologists, computer engineers, communication experts.“

Although this was the first event in the tour, it got added as the last event perhaps two weeks before the start of the tour. Due to the rather short notice, it is to be doubted that the audience aimed at will participate in larger numbers.

The same day, another event was planned at the town of Doerzbach for 6 p.m.

May 28, 2016, 1 p.m. - Rottenburg
The event took place and an abysmal article was published in a regional newspaper (pls see below).

May 29, 2016 – Neumünster
Was announced with the comment that location and time would be published later. However, the event was canceled.

Further events canceled some time ago already were Mr Red Cloud's participation in a so-called „Drumming event“ in the town of Bad Gögging where he was expected to sign musical instruments (they mentioned drums, but said he would also sign others). This would have been a lecture given during the afternoon at a Nuage fair with many Nuage vendors present and plastic shamans like Wacha Nabi ( ), or Viola Flambé who already cooperated with Jervis in 2010 and 2015, and also with Giovanni de Carlo aka Tdom Bah Toden Xkee (  ). But Mr Red Cloud's name all of a sudden disappeared from the ads and announcements several weeks ago. At the same time, two more events in Southern Germany were cancelled.

May 31, 2016 – Berlin
This event was originally announced at a vegan restaurant which judging from its website did not look too much alive. It has recently been redirected and will now take place in Nuage premises e.g. housing seminars with „spirit healers“ and such.

June 1, 2016 – Klipphausen, Western Inn
registration: Corynna Killian Tel. +49 157 xxxx

There was a rather stereotypical article not really concerned with facts in the regional issue of a large tabloid about a week ago.
The event organiser, Corynna Killian, is into various Nuage methods plus a longtime member of the Deer Tribe (since 1993 until present) and participates in a Sundance in France since 1994. She has done seminars with several plastics like Malidoma Some (   ) and since 2002 leads sweats and preparations for the French sundance and later on „also for the Blackfoot Sudance in East Germany“. Since 2007, she has been working with „medicine men like Devalon Small Legs and Sojomfin, Hungary“ and supported their sundances as a „drumchief, singer and dancer“. (  )

June 2, 2016 – Großenlüder-Eichenau
organiser: Jasmin Martina Walker
Originally announced as a PR expert, there is nothing much to see of her doing any promotional work for the tour for the past months. In fact, her websites are no longer accessible. The only info on the event taking place in her private appartment has been published by Jervis and Böhler, so it is at least uncertain whether this event will take place or not.

June 2, 2016 – Poppenhausen
This event will take place in a village bakery whose owner also runs a tipi camp ground. All done very stereotypically and, as far as the tipis are concerned, not based on facts. There is a video here:   , but this comes with a very definite coffee warning!

June 3, 2016 – Duisburg
A certain Petra Reif will lead Mr Red Cloud and participants up the garden path – pardon: take them into the woods. Reif has cooperated with Jervis and his earlier sidekick Don Hines in 2010 already.

June 3, 2016 – Gummersbach, 2 p.m.
The event presumably will take place on the premises of „Tatonka e.V.“, an association of hobbyists playing ndns on weekends. Their website has been taken down which is a pity because the photo gallery was impressing: mouldy tipis, a totem pole in front of one tipi, photos of bare and hairy pot bellies worn over low slung belts and low worn breech cloths... They, too, seem to have cooperated with Jervis earlier.
promo video for the „Tatonka“ event published by Jervis.

June 4, 2016 – Almere/Netherlands
The event will take place in a Nuage seminar house.

June 6, 2016 – Ladenburg, Rosenhofzentrum
A seminar centre with some Nuage leanings. They do not mention or advertise the lecture with Mr Red Cloud but he is named as a lecturer in their respective list of speakers.

June 6, 2016 – Darmstadt
The event will take place in a „Buddhist meditation room“, i.e. Nuage premises.

June 7, 2016 – Luxemburg
The premises are known to Jervis because he already arranged a lecture with Mr Red Cloud there in 2006 while Jervis was still living in Luxemburg. However, the premises (Natur & Emwelt a.s.b.l) do not mention any event with Mr Red Cloud on their website. Whether this lecture will take place as scheduled or not remains to be seen.

June 8, 2016 – Murnau
The event is organised by the owner of a nuage publishing house (Mankau Verlag). I was somewhat surprised to see this cooperation as I suspect a businessman will know what to make of Jervis within a minute of having first met him. However, Mr Mankau presumably has his own agenda, as the ads run for this event also promote books published in Mankau Verlag, in particular  book authored by Stephan Goetze (we got a thread on him, his „indi gen e.V.“, and his cooperation with John Fire Lame Deer Jr:  ).

June 10, 2016 – Nuremberg
The event was planned to take place in a Nuage shop but its owner cancelled the lecture. On Jervis' websites, one can now find the announcement that the event will take place and the meeting place was in front of the shop. No further details regarding a location, though.

June 11, 2016 – Karlsruhe
On June 11, Mr Red Cloud originally was supposed to speak at the Drumming event in the Bavarian town of Bad Gögging. This had to be rescheduled, and the new event apparently is going to take place in another Nuage shop.

June 11, 2016
VIP meeting for special support for the LAKOTA June 11, 2016 with 5th generation descendant Henry Red Cloud
Location to be announced after receipt of booking. Booking only per e-mail at: sabine at xxxx
private night at a camp fire
persons interested in projects with Pine Ridge
persons who want to learn more about the Lakota Solar Enterprises project
persons who would like to participate actively in its realisation
The programme and philosophy of our Academy will be explained in detail
Discussion panelt on projects with reservations
future projects for travelers
No facebook communication just e-mail
When booking, please include your address and phone number
- limited number of participants -
Journalists, scientists, doctors, university professors, engineers, civil servants, ambassadors, teachers, ecologists, biologists and persons who actively want to participate in the transformation

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Re: William Jervis aka Turtle Fire Walker AKA Medicine Turtle
« Reply #194 on: May 30, 2016, 03:10:18 pm »

Article on the event dd May 28 in a regional newspaper:

by Fred Keicher
tag: un-united States

Henry Red Cloud works for the comeback of Indian nations

At the premises of Rottenburg friends of fish, Henry Red Cloud spoke about reservation Indians who founded a photovoltaics enterprise, and about an Academy for Indian medicine.

The eagle feather worn by Henry Red Cloud looks somewhat battered. But it has a great history. It is the eagle feather worn by his great-great-grandfather Red Cloud. This chief of the Oglala Lakota tribe was the only Indian who ever defeated the US army in the Indian wars, Red Cloud said. The USA had to make considerable concessions to the tribe in the Laramie peace treaty. There were some 567 peace treaties signed on May 25, 1868: „And all of them were broken. They took our lands, our buffaloes and our horses.“

„They meant to kill us all. But look: here we are“, Red Cloud told his forty guests, predominantly women, on Saturday afternoon at the fishers' premises, upon invitation by Robertino Pargolo, Edeltraud and Winfried Lohmiller. Red Cloud is on a European tour with Cherokee Medicine Turtle and Sabine Sun Turtle to look for support and donations for the Oglala Lakota on the Indian reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

This is Red Cloud's sixth visit to Germany. When he came to Munich for the first time in the year 2000, his hosts wanted to take him to see a concentration camp where many hundreds of thousands Jewish persons had been murdered. He didn't want to go there, he said on Saturday: „We live on reservations like in a concentration camp.“ His aim: „I want to make my people a happy people again.“

He took with him two useful ideas from Germany. The first one was photovoltaics, enabling the use of the energy of „Father Sun“. Red Cloud became an entrepreneur and founded Lakota Solar Enterprises. The second one was massive construction. Red Cloud was enthusiastic about German houses lasting for 600 or 700 years. He developed a brick made of compressed earth and „a little“ cement. Winters in South Dakota became somewhat easier to endure. There were temperatures as low as minus 32 degrees there. The buffaloes have returned, too. They are sacred to the Lakota which does not keep them from being slaughtered. Thus, a little meat industry came into being, providing his people with healthy food and an income.

The entire audience at the fishers'premises then went outside for his sundance. Many had brought along their drums and formed a circle. Red Cloud danced around the drummers. A sudden shower of rain turned the sundance into a rain dance. „The rain makes the plants grow“, Red Cloud said happily.

For a Cherokee, Medicine Turtle is surprisingly blond. His father was a Celtic priest from Ireland. „Lakota“ means „peace“, he said. The US cavallery gave them the name of „Sioux“ which meant „enemy“. Medicine Turtle grew up in a remote Appalachian village in Kentucky. The Indian ceremonies were illegal, but were practiced secretly. He was initiated into the secrets of Indian medicine by his grandmother. She must have been a remarkable woman. One longwinded, but hilarious story was how she had a deceased relative dug up again and revived him just so he could pay back his debts.

Medicine Turtle's wife, Ms Sabine Sun Turtle, went back to her linguistic roots during the event. She more and more lost the standard German pronounciation and spoke an almost flawless Vorarlberg dialect.

In Nuremberg, Medicine Turtle has founded an Academy for Indian Medicine (Academy for Native American Medicine). One does not become a shaman by reading books, he told his audience. He did not relate to vegetarianism. „Everything on earth has a purpose. The buffalo's purpose is to be eaten.“ Plants had a soul, too, he said. A carot would suffer, too, when cut into pieces.

Another great example what garbage will be produced when Nuagers and sloppy journalists cooperate in creating a mix of their respective stereotypes, misunderstandings, and desinformation.