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Pt 3
I could not begin to tell you the sheer amount of individuals whom have requested lookup information on their "Cherokee Ancestors" whom have been certified as "Fullblood" by this group, who were never associated with, nor ever enrolled with the White River Cherokees.
We have received so many requests for lookups on the fake indians that have been certified by this group as "Fullblood" that it has become very clear that intentional fraud is taking place concerning this group.
We have receieved information from folks who have requested a lookup on so and so with roll number such and such for the White River Band for instance, who is simply not to be found in the records for the REAL White River Cherokees.
Upon explaining these genealogical facts to these good people, they then become quite angry with this group about being misled. This has often resulted in even more information that uncovers other cases of fraud concerning this group.
The facts have shown that the people whom this group in Missouri is claiming are fullblood Indians are not Indians at all, nor are they found in ANY Cherokee Records whatsoever.
After checking on several instances of this ongoing fraud, we have found each time that the people being touted as fullblood Indians by this group were white people and not Indians at all!
There is no telling just how many poor folks out there have been misled by this group whom have been issuing fake roll numbers on people whom were NEVER associated with the White River Cherokee in any way whatsoever.
Sadly...People have gone to this group looking for answers to their Cherokee lineage, and what they find out is that this group has misled them with entirely false information concerning their ancestors....
The authentic Arkansas Cherokee in contrast are very well documented! The White River Cherokees are so well documented that our people have proof of our ancestors on a federal census made in 1817.
So now that we have established that this group in Missouri is engaging in Cultural Genocide by their attempts to usurp the actual White River Cherokee by replacing our people with their white ancestors, we go on to the next segment of the page....

The Sac & White River Bands of Chickamauga are well known for holding "Cherokee Adoptions" and supporting other false groups that they call their "Sister Tribes."
What a bunch of silly rubbish. When did the Great Cherokee Nation ever refer to any tribe as a SISTER tribe eh? These people show how ignorant they truly are concerning the Cherokee Nation.
The Chickamauga Cherokee has never had any SISTER tribe, those that claim that they did are a bunch of liars. The Chickamauga were a confederacy of Nations, they were not a group of sisters cackling around the hen house.
The name Chickamauga is descended from the Creek word Chicko-Micco which simply means Town of the War Chief. That is what the name means. It does not mean village of the woman's sweat lodge.
In fact, when Chief Dragging Canoe spoke of the Delaware Tribes as "Grandfathers", it makes it very clear that the famous War Chief of the
Chickamauga in no way referred to other tribes as "Sister" which by the way is simply untraditional and a gross mockery of true Indian Heritage....
These so called "Sister Tribes" of these Missouri Groups are the same well known frauds whom publish material to the public by announcing they are holding Sweat Lodge Ceremonies and Adoption Ceremonies and etc....
People whom have spent real time among
the Indian people are going to agree that this stereotypical approach is the white man's intrepetation of what they THINK of how Indians relate to things of that nature.
The group you ask?
Sac River & White River Bands of Chickamauga of Arkansas & Missouri Inc....
I had offered to aid the Cherokee people in this group to help them document their lineage to the Cherokee tribes. I also made mention of my goals in helping to bring aid to Cherokee people such as clothing drives, food drives and other important vital needs and brought this matter to the chief
in hopes of gaining support for such an important endevour.
The Chief made it very clear to me that she was only interested in helping people of her particular group and not the Cherokee people as a whole. I found this untraditional approach to such things a disgrace and at that time realized that the leader of this group did not share the same traditional values that I have come to know among Indian People....
Had I not witnessed this personally from this group's "Chief", I probably would not have been aware of this group's folly. As it turned out, I have become aware of more than I first realized concerning this group.
It has since been brought to my attention that this group also adopts people left and right whom are non-native so that they may be a 'Sister' or 'Brother' by being adopted by one of the other members of the tribe.
Go Figure!
It also is well known that this group is an offshoot of the Northern Cherokee Nation and in fact they claim their historic tribal leaders as individuals whom were never members of the Cherokee Tribes.

Pt 4
Genealogical Frauds!
The Sac & White River Bands of Chickamauga also claim lineage to the family of Gardner Green whom has been claimed by Cherokee Groups in Missouri to be on the 1835 Henderson Roll and that this individual was over 100 years old in 1835.
Nothing could be further from the truth! The Gardner Green that these tribes all claim that was present on the 1835 Roll according to official Cherokee Nation records was a man under 30 years of age and was previously enrolled in a
Moravian Mission in the year 1819 and was listed as being around 9 years of age of that year.
This Garder Green on the 1835 Henderson Roll was enrolled under the name of his Benefactor a Mr. Gardner Green from Boston MA.
These groups in Missoui claiming this man was a Chickamauga Chief are incorrect, as a man listed at 9 years of age in 1819 could not have possibly fought along side of Dragging Canoe as these people claim, simply because Dragging Canoe died
over 6 years prior to the birth of the Gardner Green that is listed on the 1835 Henderson Roll!
It is VERY clear from the documented evidence that this ENROLLED Cherokee named Gardner Green and the one claimed by groups in Missouri are not one and the same.
The Sac & White River Bands of Chickamauga make the claim that several of their Chiefs are lineal descendants of this one and same enrolled individual, which is quite impossible as there is no possible way that a 9 year old boy enrolled in
the Cherokee Nation in 1819 could be the father and grandfather of two generations of Green Descendants whom fought in the War of 1812.
There is no possible way that the Gardner Green of the 1835 Henderson Roll could possibly have had children that fought in the war of 1812, unless you are ready to believe the notion that a two year old child could give issue to two generations of fighting men prior to his own birth.
I have heard of some weird genealogical tales, but I never heard of someone's adult children and grandchildren serving in the military before they themselves were born. If something ain't fishy with that ideal, then perhaps your smeller is faulty.
Now that is what I call gross genealogical fraud! I know of no legitimate Indian Tribe that would make that kind of mistake, that is simply absurd.
In fact, the men being claimed as historical Chiefs by the Sac River & White River Bands of Chickamauga Cherokee were American soldiers whom fought in the Kentucky Militia in the war of 1812 and did not come to live in Missouri any
earlier than 1831.
It is very clear that these men were NOT Indian Chiefs, but rather brave American Soldiers whom like many good folks were early pioneers which in itself is important to recognize these men for in their true contributions according to the truth. regards to the group in Missouri claiming to be the White River Band.
This Missouri group is a splinter group of the Northern Cherokee and was establised no earlier than 1991. This came about because of the "discovery" that the Chickamauga Indians was found in historical records as being among the
earliest Cherokee West of the Mississippi.
"It was during my research that I learned our history was intertwined with that of the Chickamauga Cherokees. From that time on, discussions began taking place concerning the possibility of adding the word Chickamauga to our name." -Pg 166
We Are Not Yet Conquered
So therefore it was determined that the Northern Cherokee Nation would assume the name "Chickamauga" within their name as a means to reflect this "Adopted" history.
After serveral instances of strife among this group, it was decided by one tribal leader of the Northern Cherokee to seperate into a splinter group and to
take on the name "White River Band."
One year later in 1992 another disgruntled Northern Cherokee adopted the name of
"Sac River Cherokee." From my understanding the Sac River Group failed, and another group was then formed that then utilized the name Sac River & White River Bands of the Chickamauga Cherokee.
As of today there are the following groups are in existance:
Northern Cherokee
White River Band of the Northern Cherokee
Sac and White River Band of the Chickamauga Cherokee of Mo and Ark
Northern Cherokee of Old Louisiana Territory
As you can see from this basic rundown, none of these groups are descended from the historical White River Cherokees. These groups do not represent the Historical White River Cherokee people in any shape or form.

The Amonsoquath has a history, were raided by the ATF in 2001. Scott Anderson (BlueOtter) had ties to them. Claimed to be federally recognized. Were run by a Chief Walking Bear and I think he was a convicted felon. I think they are now in Mammoth Springs Mo. There was around 2002 suppose to be a big merger with the Western Cherokee of Arkansas and Missouri. Then they splintered after a big mess and accusations of wrong doing. They are neither a soverign Nation nor recognized, except in their own mind. I do not think Missouri like Arkansas has any Federal or State recognized tribes. frederica

Here's "Chief Walking Bear" as part of the Southeastern Cherokee Council Inc. (SECCI) The list of business is a little amusing. No one is called Bill or Tom or Mary apparently, just chief long animal name this or that. They do mention their "Black Wolf Warrior Society" which I think once had a distinctly militia movement description to its purpose. They also have members as young as 10 years old.

The ministry he's part of.

The "Cherokee spirituality" they practice, based mostly on Garrett, and on claiming the Cherokee are "Algonquian."

There's also several PODIA artists who have been in naming ceremonies done by WB.

A discussion of WB's ancestors shows up on a Melungeon Saponi geneology board. Don't know of WB is himself.

Most interesting thing was a letter about problems between the Amonsoquath and the WCN, written by John "Red Hat" who Anderson claims is an elder of his phony version of Keetowahs.
---If you are not a member of the WCNAM and belong to another Tribe, Band or Nation and received a letter in the mail wanting information PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING PAGE
Elder Duke pointed out to me that my posting could be looked at as an attack on the Asmonoquath. That was never my intention and as a way of showing this I have removed the court letter. I apologize if anyone from the Asmonoquath feels as though my intention was against them.
My WAR is not with the Asmonoquath but with Lola et al; Bellow is a letter from our Elder, John"Red Hat"
John "Young Buffalo"
---Osiyo Brothers and Sisters,
I saw the posting on our board concerning Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson and the Amonsoquath Cherokee Nation.
Some time ago, I spoke with and had a long phone conversation with "Walking Bear" and he and I expressed our friendship and honor to each other. We agreed that we would have coffee and smoke tobacco together in the traditional way. We are in a state of honor and peace with the Asmonoquath.Chief Walking Bear assured me that he was not at WAR with us regardless of our relationship with Lola Scholl. I assured him that we were not at war with him either. He stated that Lola was only one chief in a council of equal chiefs of which he is a full member. The affairs of the Asmonoquathy should be settled by the Asmonoquath. Until Chief Walking Bear changes his position to me, we are at PEACE with Asmonoquath. They are our brothers.
All members of the WCN, please desist in any derogatory activities against Asmonoquath with whom we have a very good relationship. Let Asmonoquath settle their own problems in the traditional way. Please, remove all material concerning Asmonoquath from our web sites and email posts. Our honor as warriors depends on this.
Chief Walking Bear, please forgive the WCN for what might appear to be an attack on you. In war, warriors sometimes strike hard. Even though Asmonoquath has signed an accord with Lola Scholl, they have never participated in any act of WAR against us. The fault is mine, because I kept this information confidential for your sake.
Honor to our Asmonoquath brothers.
John "Red Hat"

In case anyone is just thinking of them as silly or misguided, here's their version of the ATF raid, which they claim was "war crimes" and "part of genocide." They certainly make it harder for people to take TRUE cases of genocide seriously. And like many frauds, they are in turn being preyed upon by other frauds. You reap what you sow.;read=6679
Posted By: Esclarmonde
Date: Thursday, 1 February 2001, 10:50 a.m.
To the President of the United States, all US Representatives and Senators, all Media Contacts, Secretary General of the United Nations, and the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations and all Native Indigenous People's we send greetings and blessings...
The AMONSOQUATH TRIBE OF CHEROKEE, INC. hereby informs the State of Missouri and Federal
Government of The United States of America of their limits on jurisdiction, especially since Tribal lands have never been extinguished. The United States Attorney General is asked for a Federal
Legal opinion regarding the status of the Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee.
For International Hate Crimes and violations of Human Rights, the status of "Refugee" for all
members of The Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee is requested from the United Nations High
Commissioner on Refugees.
The Constitution of the Sovereign Amonsoquath Nation at subscribes to the DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (Adopted 10 December 1948, United Nations,
General Assembly)
HELP US HOLD THE UNITED NATIONS UP TO ITS RESPONSIBILITIES TOWARDS INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS! Please send comments to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees at and to Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at
Please send comments to President George W. Bush at
Expert Legal Assistance is requested to come forward. Queries on procedures for contributing to Chief Walking Bear's Legal Fund and/or to the Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee Inc. Legal Fund (Tax Deductible) please contact the Tribal Secretary
Look for updates on this situation at or

----- Original Message -----
To: UN High Commissioner on Refugees - Legal Assistance <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2001 1:01 AM
Subject: EMERGENCY REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE to the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees.
For International Hate Crimes and violations of Human Rights commited against us, the status of "Refugee" for all members of The
Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee is requested from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees.
"WE'RE THE GUN POLICE, AND WE ARE TAKIN' YOUR GUNS" said agent Brian Hoffman of the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Division of the US Dept. of the Treasury , at 2:15 PM Wednesday, January 24; to Darrell Williams (more on that incident later in the release), a member of the Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee. Williams, a veteran of 10 years service in the US Army, now 100% disabled, had been visiting the tribal property overnight, and was there when the ATF came to illegally confiscate the firearms, and ammunition of the Chief's wife and son, and used "residency and occupancy records" mentioned in the warrant as an excuse to seize the deed to not only his own 35 acre property, but
to the adjoining 35 acres owned by the Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee, Inc., a State of Missouri non profit corporation. Chief Martin Gilmore
Wilson, Jr., known in the Native American Indian world as U-ku Yo-nah A-yee AKA "Chief Walking Bear." Chief Martin "Walking Bear" Wilson is the cousin of Chief "Oliver Red" Cloud Wilson of the Lakota Traditional Oyate.
What the US Government committed during the raid and the subsequent search are indeed hate crimes in that there was a total desecration of
American Indian Religious Articles. This activity is a violation of the American Indian religious Freedom Act, and can only be described as a "Hate Crime." If the articles were of Christian content they would not have been desecrated. There were no weapons in the medicine bundle nor in the pipe or feathers. Chief Walking Bear is a member and minister of a Native American Church, and is a "Pipe Carrier," which is a holy man of our Tribe.
Legality of the raid is arguable because the federal government of the United States of America does not have jurisdiction over Martin Gilmore Wilson, and only presumes such. Chief Walking Bear is NOT a citizen of the United States, as an unresolved state of war exists between the US Government and the Sovereign Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee. The 1924 Indian Citizenship Act does not cover Indians with whom the US is still at war with, or with which an unresolved state of war existing. Because of their non-citizen status, Walking Bear, his brother Red Horse, and their Mother Shining Bear spent most of WW2 interned in a prisoner of War camp near Springfield, Missouri while their father, a descendant of the famed Dakota Chief Red Cloud, was forced to fight his way across Europe.


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