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Yamassee Mt Ararat Embassy Clan AKA Mund Barafee Clan Guale

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Anybody can say anything

Their "new" website hasn't been updated since 2006. It shows some even more bizarre claims. Not even close, moved to Frauds.
"Thank you for visiting The Yamassee Native American Association of Unamalgamate Nations’ Official Website."

I'm guessing they claim to be entirely Black and agree with Nuwaubian claims that NDNs are Chinese somehow.

"Grand Matron Red Silverfox Thunderbird and Grand Chief Black-Hawk Thunderbird of Mund Bareefan Shagruth Yamassee Native Americans."

Some of that sounds like mangled Hebrew or pretend Arabic.

They have lots of mangled Black power claims and claim to be recognized but also be owed land from New Jersey to California.

MT. A'rafat Embassy Clan, hereinafter Mund Bareefan Shagruth Gabelu, successfully negotiated our agreement with the State of Georgia, the original U.S. contracting Party, and has established Full Faith and Credit. The agreement was then annexed by the United States on February 11, 2004, via the United States Department of the State. Subsequently, through diplomatic actions Mund Bareefan Shagruth Gabelu obtained required certification (Apostilles and Authentications) from several states of the United States of America.
Yamassee people are now domiciled around the United States. The following U.S. states have annexed said Mund Bareefan Yamassee Native American Association of Nations Agreement: the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the State of New Jersey; the State of Maryland; the State of Delaware; the Commonwealth of Virginia; the State of South Carolina, the State of New York, and the State of California.
The Agreement of Atlaan and Amexum has created an intersect between the Yamassee Native Americans in law, (internationally & domestic), our Mu/Atlantian history, language, culture, along with the Pan-African movements as well as other historical and modern day political struggles associated with woolly-haired dark skinned peoples from around the world. Our agreement is in force internationally and we now occupy a presence at The United Nations during their annual Forum for Indigenous People.
The matter of jurisdictional claims, definitions of status, and any assumed authority by another nation or state to adjudicate over the Indigenous Yamassee Natives of Atlaan and Amexum now lie solely within the legal authority of the Mund Bareefan Yamassee Government.

More mangled history.
Q. Who are the Yamassee?
A. We are descendants of the people known as the "Mound Builders"....
We Yamassee, people are the descendants of the wooly haired Olmec People of South America, who slowly moved from South America upward and over to the southeast of North America. Along the way the Olmec People established many clans and many societies.
Q. Who are the Olmec People?
A. The Olmec People called themselves Nubuns These Ancient Black indigenous people of this planet made migrations from Africa westward to this part of the land now being called America, during the periods before and after the continents began drifting apart.
Our ancestors brought much of their culture with them; which included rubber trees. Because of their use of the rubber, these Nubuns became known as The Olmecs, or the "Rubber People"; and they had thriving societies on the Americas for more than 100,000 years before the European Settlers came...
One of my jobs is to tell the story as it was given to me first from my grandmother Viola Ben who seemed to make it clear to her daughter who is my mother, The Honorable Viola Sanders, to remind us her grandchildren of that "Indian blood" in our family WE are Original Cherokee. I then studied as a student of, Chief Black Thunderbird Eagle; and then from personal research and sitting with elders and chief of other clans.
I am "Maku Aswud Sagr" Commander in Chief of the Mount Arafat Embassy Clan Yamassee Native Americans; pronounced in our language (Mund Barufat Shagruth Gabelu Yamassee Asaluy Amrekee-aat)...
Yamassee is not what we originally called ourselves. We were a part of "We the People", which encompassed this whole continent; in Yamassic thats "Enen ba lehum-aat" or "We the People". We had commerce amongst the clans. In the old days the clans spoke similar dialects of the Muskogee languages. The Yamassic dialect is developed with strong ties to Semitic languages due to our affiliation with The Ancient Ones.

So they claim to be Olmec and Mound Builders and Nubian. They mention Viola Sanders of the Washitaw cult and militia group and also Dwight York's twinkie name Chief Black Thunderbird eagle..

Not much else on the site besides peddling twinkie videos.
There is this really bizarre claim to be a doc with a language and ancient writing.

One of them does podcasts.

Sanders has defended York and claims a vast conspiracy.

Claims Sanders was set up on his tax scam.
"The United Nuwaubian Nation dropped the “of Moors” suffix from their name, purged most of the Yamassee Native American Moors information from their web site, and are trying to present a more law-abiding and less-patriot mythology-influenced public image.
They now report that the daughter of Yamassee “Commander-in-Chief” Derrick Sanders was working with the prosecution in the child molestation case against York, and also some claim that they only recently learned that the assumed legal sovereignty of that group was bogus. “Dr. Malachi Z. York & the United Nuwaubian Nation were blamed for the fanaticsm & crimes of those who came in under the guise of helping the Nuwaubians,” one Nuwaubianist wrote, who also claims that it was United Nuwaubian Nation members who turned Derrick Sanders in for promoting tax evasion."

Gee reading this stuff make my head hurt and they wonder why we dont believe them ???

The problem is that there is confusion between true Yamassee people and Dr.york whom slandered our name. He is not affiliated with The Yamassee. He is slandering our name and ppl don't know who's who and what's what. There is a disclaimer on our website. Warning ppl not to get us confused about the two. The Yamassee leadership is addressing this 'headache'

Hello and welcome.

I think like everyone else here we are glad they are not as abusive as the Washitaw or York's cult. (BTW, why feed his delusion he is a doctor? He never earned any title except prisoner.)

That they don't abuse children as York did, great. That they don't control every aspect of their followers lives as York's cult does, great. That they don't heavily arm themselves and ally with white racists in the militia movement, great.

I see you describe yourself as Yamassee. But you are also online on both Cherokee and Comanche pride groups. Like I told the other Yamassee who described herself as Seminole, I wonder why you don't join the tribes of your ancestry instead of the Yamassee. Or if the paper proof can't be found, why not learn from Cherokee and Comanche rather than a heritage club claiming to be a tribe. The Yamassee knows so little about Native life they falsely imagine they will ever be recognized, either by the feds or by Natives.

From what the previous Yamassee said though, she stills seems to believe Black African=American Indian and that actual American Indians are Chinese imposters, the same racist lie that York and the "Empress" of the Washitaw push.

This is not only as wrong as can be and racist against Natives, it also is an insult to Black struggles. It denies genocide, the deaths of many millions of Africans who died on that horrible passage during the slave trade.

There may be people with Indian ancestry among the Yamassee. But it would be from mixing with Native people. The historic Yamasee tribe became part of the Seminole. And that's where any actual Yamassee ancestry people belong, and who they should learn from. Learning from those with faux-Muslim names and crazy theories is a dead end.

Let me ask, do you have any actual knowledge of people harmed by either York's bunch or the splinter groups?


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