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Michael Kreal
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Genealogy charts do confirm that he is not Eastern Band Cherokee as the Baker roll did confirm that Elizabeth Kreal was not eligible to enroll. No one disputes that information..Not even Kreal himself. Kreal is pronounced the same as Creel.

However if we are to go one generation back we find a settlement in Creeltown South Carolina.

Creeltown is now known as Cottageville SC and is home to the Kiddo Natchez Band of Indians in south Carolina which is recognized as a Natchez band.

Interesting factoid: the Natchez dissolved into the Cherokee nation during the 1830s during removal so even the most educated Cherokee Nation experts should be able to understand the confusion around a 1920s Census and Enrollment chart.

How did we make the link? Cherokee Nation citizen expert KT Fields' extensive research at

Remember folks when we derail genealogy from 1 tribe - it only means 599 more nations to be eliminated.


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Re: Michael Kreal
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Kiddo should read as Kusso.

Damned autocorrect.