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Amber Wolf Moon & Kiara Estara
« on: May 18, 2022, 08:17:51 am »
Got a request about them.


With Great Love & Reverence,
We invite YOU Sister to receive the gifts and pleasure of being a Wombyn

We will be uniting in the Red Tent Rose Tipi on sacred land amongst the Old Growth Forest for this powerful weekend retreat of Activation of the Sacred Feminine Womb Heart through Reclamation, Restoration, Remembrance and Resurrection. Let us bask together as sisters in the timeless eternal essence of your Sacred Sovereign Womb in celebration and healing.

In sisterhood and loving safety, we will lay to rest the old stories we have carried on behalf of ourselves and our lineage to Rebirth as Sovereign Queens of the New Earth, birthing the dreams and prayers for the future generations to walk the beauty way of love on the rose petal path of the Divine feminine rising to Restore balance from the inside out.

Friday June 24th
5pm - Arrive, Rose Petal Foot Bath, Connect with the Land & Red Tent Tipi
6pm - Delicious Nourishing Dinner
7pm - Opening Red Tent Ceremony with Cacao Heart Medicine
8:30pm - Rose Womb Grounding Meditation with Sound Healing

Saturday June 25th
830am - Yoga, Sounding, Meditation & Prayer
10am - Breakfast
12pm - Forest Walk to Glacier Creek Fairy Pools Baptism Ritual
2pm - Lunch
4pm - Yoni Steam & Yoni Egg Clearing Ceremony with Plant Medicine (optional)
6pm - Ecstatic Dance
8pm - Dinner
9pm - Fire Ceremony with Medicine Songs & Drumming
10pm - Sister Cuddle Puddle & Sacred Touch

Sunday June 26th
830am - Somatic Womb Journey
10am - Breakfast
12pm - Closing Heart Sharing Circle in Red Tent Tipi
1pm - Burial Ceremony & Integration

$577 Early Bird before June 11th then after $644
Including Healthy Vegetarian Meals, Accommodation (Tenting or In-House Options), Ceremonies, Plant Medicines, Yoni Steam Herbs & Obsidian Yoni Egg

Payment Plan Options
Only 11 Sacred Spots Available
To claim your throne email []
Any questions or curiosities please feel free to reach out through the email above.

About the Facilitators:

Amber Wolf Moon is a World-Wide Evolutionary Guide, Sacred Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance Facilitator, Women's Empowerment Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Somatic Attachment Therapist...

After suffering from numerous early childhood traumas, Amber went on a quest to travel the world in finding her truth, purpose and healing gifts. Amber Wolf Moon shares her decade of her Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Women Circles, Healing Retreats, Online Women Self-Development Courses, Yoga Courses and 1-1 Womb Healing using Somatic Techniques...also a Visual Meditation Guide, Shamanic Bodyworker and Full Time Ceremonialist working with different plant alleys.

Kiara Spring is a certified International Doula, as well as a Certified Shiatsu Therapist...She has studied herbal medicine, aroma therapy, flower essence alchemy, homeopathy and nutritional healing modalities.

Over the last 20 years, Kiara has been initiated as a priestess of the Divine Feminine Mysteries through the 13 indigenous Clan Mother teachings, and the Rose lineage emphasizing the ancient feminine wisdom of the womb mysteries. She has participated and facilitated many women's circles and is deeply inspired to hold space for women's healing and empowerment through pregnancy and birth! Bridging the Ancient feminine wisdom of the Red tents and Moon lodge traditions to modern times, where these lost teachings of the Divine Feminine is needed more than ever for the future generations.

Same silly claims at AWM websites.

KE is harder to track down because her last name is also a common Spanish word. So far I haven't found their legal or birth names.