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Fabián Frias aka Apab’yan Tew
« on: April 27, 2022, 08:40:52 pm »
Fabián Frias aka Apab’yan Tew is a predator and will begin by asking for selfies, he will then ask for other fotos, continue his quest by asking for pictures of feet, because "Mayans can read feet." After a while he will ask for topless and nude fotos. He will ask for money so he can buy his books wholesale and resell them.

He is known for preying on women and girls at ceremonies, getting comfortable, close and kissing inappropriately. He may use alcohol during his ceremonies in the US and Mexcio. He will continue his relationship online in private. He travels around the world under the guise of Mayan spiritual guide, author and midwife. He tours college campuses, and different education centers. He will also retaliate if one tries to speak out against him by online attacks, smear campaigns and his supporters will voluntarily threaten victims who speak out. After traveling to Texas, his behavior was so bad a letter was written to warn the community about his predatory behavior.

"Dear friends and colleagues,

It is with great sadness and indignation that I send the following message to you regarding the author, Fabian Frias, who this year did a presentation on the Mayan calendar and traditional midwifery.

Just recently, information arose of a series of incidents involving this person that are of the deepest concern. My comadre and I who helped organize the training have spent time cross-referencing information to verify the allegations to the best of our ability. All the information received concurs and therefore must cut off all ties to this person and encourage you to consider doing the same.

The leadership of my organization and our danza elders have been informed. It is deeply troubling that we cannot trust people who present themselves as carriers of these traditions- even when they are vetted by elders and practitioners, have credentials, and appear to play the part. We had no prior knowledge of these circumstances and will seek to correct any harm caused. We do not condone or overlook the abuse of any member of our community. All allegations are investigated.

At this time, we are still figuring out what our next steps will be, but we needed to inform you all right away as we are protective and considerate of the people we serve. Your guidance and support is appreciated as we have to face these things together. If you are open to some sort of dialogue around this, please let us know so we can set something up. This is trauma eating away at our people and we want the pain to stop.

We very much want to foster the empowerment and skills base of each of you and stand ready to be of service based on the needs that you express. I offer my most sincere apologies. Despite enough research being done on this person (and anyone we work with) such as, knowing them for three years, having them be brought in by some of our dearest elders (who also weren’t aware), having them recommended by others in Mexico- we have had a bitter time working through this. We were misled and don’t want to continue transmitting that energy to anyone going forward."

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Re: Fabián Frias AKA Apab’yan Tew
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Ome, could you tell us where the letter is from? Is there a link?

Curriculum Vitae
Fabián Frías Santillán
 Apab’yan Tew
Tezcatlipoca 3, Culhuacán, Coyoacán.CDMX, Mexico. 52 1 525 5537072873
  Academic EducationBachelors of Art Certificate, 1989, College of Sciences andHumanities, South Campus. (UNAM) National AutonomousUniversity of Mexico.

Traditional Education Ajq’ij, Shamanism, K’iche’ ancestral authority.
Under the guidance of tat Diego Adrian Guarchaj Ajtz’alam, a linguist, ceremonial speaker, writer, translator, shaman healer from Nahuala, Guatemala. Training initiated in 1998, current practitioner in the highlands of Central Mexico, Chiapas andGuatemala....

Followed by list of professional works and presentations.  In Spanish.

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Re: Fabián Frias aka Apab’yan Tew
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This letter is from two women who organized his visit to Texas. They researched the allegations from different families and women in different states. One of the authors asked the names and contact numbers to be removed once she received threats from his followers.