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Hi! I've lived most of my life on the west coast, but I was born in another country. I'm not at all Native American.
I picked the name cellophane because the word had popped into my mind. It has no clever significance.

Thank you so much for this website. I've been looking up people in it for years, and I was amazed to see how mercilessly committed to the truth you were, not letting off the hook even the most accepted people, whose writings have been in bookstores for decades. No one else is doing what you are doing. Thank you again.

New Age and its kindred beliefs don't appeal to me at all, but let people believe what they will. I have lots of friends who are quite new-agey in one way or another. I even know some 100% genuine Indians who are new agey (and some who are Christian, and some who are atheists, and some who are traditionalists...) But I don't have respect for religions which require money, or shiny branding. I especially don't like people branding their faiths with the identities of other people, who have no say in the matter.

Anthropologists have had to take a deep, hard look at themselves and are starting to learn to be accountable for profiting at their subjects' expense. It's long past due that the New Agers did the same. Once again, I'm glad this site exist to make sure nobody's off the hook.