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Michael was born with an unusual gift, he is able to take in the illness of another person into his body, and after a numberof days, expel it. He uses no medicines or any hands on healing methods. He does a prayer ceremony during which he takes the energy of the sickness into his body and which renders him unwell, and is thus able to expel it after 9 – 28 days depending on the degree and seriousness of the illness.

The requirements for a client is : he/she needs to believe in him as a healer, and they need to fulfill the protocall of giving him tobacco and a gift. (In lieu of a gift a cash donation is acceptable).

Cree Elder and Medicine Man, Mr. Don Cardinal trained Michael Higgins for over six years, in Manitoba Canada. He was taught many methods of spiritual ceremonies as well as being trained in the use of traditional medicines.

He is a sundancer, having completed all four years of dancing near Selkirk, Manitoba. He worked with Mr. Don Cardinal in his sweat lodge for six years, working as a fire Keeper, herbalist and healer.

Michael has also worked numerous Vision Quests (Fasts) located in the sacred petroforms site near Seven Sisters Falls, Manitoba.

Mr. Higgins has dedicated his life to the healing of others. He has recently begun specializing in healing cancers due to the widespread and chronic existence of this illness.

Michael has been working as a healer since 2001. He is of Mohawk descent and has been taught extensively in the Spirit Culture of the First Nations (North American Indian Culture).

He has written a book about these teachings as well as techniques for healing. This book will available to the public shortly.

Cash Donations are encouraged to aid Michael in his work.

Michael Higgins is a born gifted healer who has healed over 400 people from various illnesses. He has had great success healing people with cancer.

Michael Higgins is an internationally respected healer having worked in France, Germany and Poland. He has had articles written about him in various international publications, as well as a full page interview in the Warsaw Insider, in August 2013.

You can read and interview from the Warsaw Insider by clicking on the Magazine cover below.

For 'healers' to advertise such cancer claims are illegal where I live, and could ultimately land him in jail. His "First Nations (North American Indian Culture)" claims I leave open for discussion here.