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Good evening,

My name is greg, 34 years old
I am a shepherd from southwestern France,

My English is not very good but I can understand the essence of your messages.
I discovered your forum via a French blog about your work stalking fake shamans.
There is a lot of festivals and shamanic workshops in France and it is difficult to sort out the true and the false.
You have already enlightened me on many points and I thank you for it.
I do not know if I will have the necessary qualities to be a good ally ...
I think I have to spend some time among you, silently.
There must be as many different traditions and ways of behaving than aboriginal tribes ... So I am really intimidated and honored that you accept that white people can access and exchange on the forum.

I did not choose my skin color and I can only speak in my name but I apologize for what my people did to yours,

A French humorist once said: horror is human.
I add: the inhabitants of the old continent are masters in the matter ....

I hope in any case that my English is not so bad and that you understand me.

Looking forward to reading you.