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BrandemeerHG Introduction
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:08:35 am »

i´m an European person, my English is not the best, i hope it´s enough to understand what i wanna tell you.

I got a long history of dealing with frauds, because in my 20´s i was a person who was seeking for spiritual and ethnic identification. I know some of the persons about which the people here are talking, Carlos Castenadas books where one of my first fascinations. But i searched on the internet and found the documentary about him some years ago, about the suicide of the so called „blue scout“ and so on, so i no longer took this teachings as real or valid.

Today i´m no longer interested in spiritual teachings and similar things, but i´m interested in other cultures, their traditions, history and actual problems they face.

I came here, because there is a potential case of fraudism in Germany, i will post about it soon, it´s about someone claiming to be Native American.

Thank you for listening

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Re: BrandemeerHG Introduction
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