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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I just wanted to show in a little bit more detail how this network alienates victims from their friends and families.

The following text is from a FB page advertising astrokarate, a fake martial art promoted by the network:

Astro karate

It is a complex of methods for psychological and energetic defense.

Nowadays, our life is exceptionally dynamic and intense. We are all continuously subject to an array of external forces, which influence and manipulate our psyche.

Astrokarate’s theory sustains that these manipulations come from various influences, such as:

- Parental influences, which prevent us from following our objectives

- Friends’ and colleagues’ influences which take away our independence and attempt to control our criteria or manipulate our opinions

- Political and economic influences, which subtly program our thinking

- Fashion, prestige and glory which create new big concerns for us

- Religious propaganda, which encourages servile feelings and transforms people into sheep obedient to the pastor’s instructions.

An ordinary person may have great difficulties in understanding all this, but an intelligent one can find these points sufficient to make stress the fact that the most sacred objective of any human life is freedom and the development of one’s soul.


I don't feel the need to comment in any great depth on the text as it is fairly self-explanatory, apart from to notice that the astrokarate workshop claims to deliver freedom from the influences of friends, families and society but that the freedom they deliver is simply enslavement. 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #91 on: March 02, 2011, 11:51:27 am »
Just wanted to share a blog that for a while I was wondering whether was created by a MISA (Romanian THB network) person or a member of the Russian network

The blog is here

The blog is in Romanian language so initially I thought it was a MISA blog, however it contains many elements typically found in the Russian network's blogs and websites, e.g. emphasis on raw food, 3 different types of women, calling women "goddesses (in MISA they usually refer to "shaktis"), the "art of being a woman", finding you soul mate etc.

I just discovered that this blog is linked to via the blog of Mihai Stoain  (MISA yoga instructor, porn actor and pimp) and so thus I can conclude that it is in fact a MISA blog.

What is important to consider here, IMO, is whether MISA is trying to steal victims from the Russian network by masquerading as them, whether MISA is just copying aspects of the Russian network's MO or whether both networks copy each other and will become more similar as they evolve.

I will keep my beady eye on the situation to see whether MISA starts to include an emphasis on shamanism and the Russian network starts to promote angelic themed events or "premature ejaculation tips" websites like this MISA site

Some semi-nude photos

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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[Edited out a false connection between two unrelated sites.]

It (the blog in my previous post - ) has many MISA indicators, perhaps the strongest being the non-celebrity photos of attractive young women, which are fairly typical of MISA photographers work.  I don't recognise any of the girls in the photos but they recruit many, many girls so I cannot keep track of them all.  

The link via Stoian's blog is a strong indicator also, as is the fact that the blog is Romanian and MISA's origins and leader is Romanian.  However somewhere either through the blog in my previous post (which I am now unsure is MISA or the Russians) or via Stoian's blog, MISA is linking to and promoting the Russian network.

It would not be remarkable if these very large THB networks were working cooperatively, THB networks often do, but this is the first possible indicator that I have discovered.

I am concerned that the above post may be confusing

to simplify

The blog of Mihai Stoian - MISA porn actor, yoga instructor, pimp and one of the few people to have direct access to Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg to his friends)

Links to this blog as a recommended link (they usually only link to their own entities)

The above link contains indicators of both MISA and the Russian THB network.

[Edited out mistaken links between two unrelated sites.]

Also, the

blog links to this website

which is 100% MISA

I am confused as to what is going on here

It could be that MISA and the Russians are working cooperatively or it could be that MISA is simply incorporating many elements of the Russian brand into its own, and that thus, the blog apparently owned by the Russians is a MISA blog in disguise.

The other possibility is that the MISA blog has linked to other non-MISA sites and that they linked to the blog of a rival THB network without realising who they were linking to.
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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #93 on: March 10, 2011, 10:33:01 am »
Recently the Russian network have been promoting a female recruiter Tamar aka Tamara Ra who seems to operate in South American territories.

Tamara Ra
Arrives in Mexico to share lessons on Women Development
Women's Development Specialist.
Years devoted to research on the female wisdom of the East.
His teachings and practices locks eliminate female sexual energy.
Creative method "7 Steps to Excellence" has been very successful
in over 10 countries worldwide. On his first visit to Mexico will give
seminars and workshops to give strength and security to women who want
recover their feminine essence and adapted to modern reality.


You can see a video of this female here, she is the blonde one in the centre of the 3 women.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #94 on: March 20, 2011, 11:31:55 am »
Please excuse this brief diversion but I think this is interesting

I recently discovered the youtube channel of a newage Muslim male Saleem Siddiqui, who owns a youtube channel called HotConflict

Interesting video here

Unseen World pt 1 Intro LightWorker Activation Ascension Rainbow Warrior Starseed Masters

His website is here

that reflects a diverse range of content from newage (including aliens, lizards, star-seeds, lightworker activation, etc.) to conspiracy theories through to Islam.

According to his website
Saleem Siddiqui is a Political Commentator, Public Speaker, Actor and Consultant. He is a trained Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialist. He conducts sermons and training for various religious and Nonprofit organizations. Working with effort to increase Muslim and Islamic awareness in Communications, Public Relations (PR), Public Speaking, Political Strategy, Media, Marketing, and many  other fields as they relate to the integration of Muslims in the United States of America and around the world.

Saleem Siddiqui has undergrad degrees in Arabic and religion from the Middle East and attended Law School in Houston,Texas. He has consulted with the FBI and testified on behalf of the District Attorney of Virginia on cases relating to National Security and “The War on Terror”.

For a Muslim Mr Siddiqui has some rather, er, unusual views on prostitution, which you can listen to via this link

I do not have the time or resources to research this properly and I'm not sure what it all means I am just curious about it as I am very interested in how these newage ideas are spread into various cultural and sub-cultural groups. 

It seems to me that some of these trafficking networks are infiltrating Muslim countries and cultures in different ways.  Some of the brothels / tantric temples on FB have FB friends from various Arab countries, (some of whom have posted enthusiastically about the females working at such establishments so one can assume that they have not just ticked the "friend" box casually.  Also the people appear to be real with FB friends and families in their home countries).  IME many newage pseudo-tantrics are also very interested in the poet Rumi and so a possibly infiltration route could be via a shared interest in Islamic mysticism.

I am also interested, for example, in how these networks are infiltrating the music and entertainment industries, which is something to be very concerned about IMO.

Anyway, not much time to post, just wanted to share this in case anyone out there is interested in following this up.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #95 on: April 01, 2011, 09:37:50 am »
A very important and serious development has occurred.

I have been reporting in this thread regarding the novel models of THB recruitment used by cultic criminal networks in relation to social networking websites, blogs and websites using lifestyle quizzes and astrology and numerology features in order to collect victim data and manipulate choices, but this has now reached a whole new level of sophistication.  

The latest development that I know if is that the Russian network, most commonly referred to in news stories as "Ashram Shambala" has developed in Iphone application called Moonwhile.

There is a video on one of the network's youtube channels (to my knowledge their only Danish channel) demonstrating and advertising the app here

the text accompanying the video is as follows:

Review for Apps (iPhone only) developed by Rassvet and Belbooks. MoonWhile is an alternative way to plan your days - from a moon perspective! Have fun planning your life moonwhile. MoonWhile provides you with information on the position of the moon and recommendations for planning your daily activities according to it. Find out when it is best to pay a visit to your hairdresser, to throw a party for your friends and family, or to take better care of your health. Get the most of your life by consulting the moon!
? Features ?
? Suggestion of daily activities
? Selene's femininity level
? Calendar view with monthly activities
Version 1.0 of MoonWhile contains data for the period from 1. January 2011 to 31 December 2011 and is computed for Northern Hemisphere only.
? Support ?
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please send us an email at
moon, luna, lunar, calendar, health, plan, diet, activity, activities, selene, health, life
moon luna lunar calendar health plan diet activity activities selene life moonwhile rassvet belbook simple supernatural

If you actually watch the video it has the Russian network's branding all over it from the white titles on the dark blue cloudy background through to the "goddess" Celine graphic, clearly designed to appeal to young women and girls.  

The dietary recommendations are also congruent with the Russian network, drink more water today, today eat fruit, today eat root vegetables, etc.  and the central theme of the app telling you how nigh or low your "feminine energy" is on a certain day could be lifted straight out of one of their websites.

Alarmingly the app also provides advice on what days are good for travel and all kinds of other information that would be very useful for traffickers to use in order to control victims.

Of course in a way this is just a modern repackaging of a con that it as old as the hills.  Fake psychics, mediums and astrologers have used predictions and forecasts to manipulate victim choices since time immemorial.  What is truly terrifying about this development is its capacity to reach and influence thousands and potentially even millions of victims if the app become popular and spreads via social networking sites like facebook.  

I am not a techie person and I don't know a lot about Iphone apps but it seems to me that this app could potentially be used both to collect sensitive, identifying data from potential victims (maybe via installing malware?)as well as influencing and manipulating victim choices via lunar forecasts.

You can see this app for sale here on the Itunes website

where the following text appears:

Category: Lifestyle
Released: Mar 23, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 12.5 MB
Language: English
© 2011 RASSVET ApS
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

I am curious to know about the mature / suggestive themes - I imagine that they relate to tips on stuff like "today is a good day to learn erotic dance / strip tease" and / or "today is a good day to get in touch with your sacred sexual energy" and all the other stuff these criminal routinely advocate.

The app was designed by BellBooks (a Danish subsidiary of the Russian network) and a Danish IT company called Rassvet

The Rassvet webpage is here

fb page here

I do not know to what extent Rassvet is involved with the Russian network.  They may just be an IT company who have  created an app for a client or they may be part of the Russian network.  I do not have the time or resources to find out, but  this needs to be looked at IMO.

edited as I just wanted to make clear the connection between the owner of the youtube channel BellBooks (the lady who appears in the video promoting the apps) and the Russian network best known (in Russian news reports at least) as Ashram Shambala

This is the Ashram Shambala Danish website

It is 100% clearly identifiable as their website to anyone who has
studied the Russian network as it promotes astrokarate, astroaikido,
shamanism, and Altai.

Also on this page

It promotes all the usual Russian network's workshops, Cleopatra
Magic, Indigo Children, Business Magic, Slavic Yoga - it is all there.

The "who are we" page confirms 100% that the site is Ashram Shambala

"An organization was founded by Altai Chi (Master of Golden Altai) to
combine new knowledge with ancient teachings in order to gain great
wisdom to help the people of the world harness their natural energies
so as to be able to attain peace, happiness, love, and liberty. In the
years since 1989, the Academy of Golden Altai has become known as one
of the best in the world."

"Golden Altai" is one of many names of the cult.

now, the links page is interesting

the links are

The first 2 are dead links to the Russian network's old websites, the
3d link is to a Danish website run by a woman called Irina Bjørnø.

She is the Scandanavian rep of the Russian network and owner of the
Bellbooks youtube channel

She also appears in almost all of the videos on the Bell Books youtube channel.

You can recognise her from both the website and the youtube channel

Her FB page is here

and is full of Ashram Shambala VIP contacts, for example, the following FB IDs are senior members of Ashram
Shambala who are FB friends of Irina Bjørnø

Ancient Wisdom Tree (VERY snr member real name Paul / Pavel Handozhko
aka Biven Mamonta aka Kargan Kenesh and loads of other aliases)

Aharata Xalapa (recruiter operating in Mexico)

Celestial Wisdomof Altai  (UK based recruiter)

Altai Fuente de Vida  (South American based recruiter)

Chekes Rada (VERY senior VIP recruiter operating internationally aka
master Chekes aka Soledad)

I hope that this helps to clarify the seriousness of the situation.

edited to add some further thoughts.

In the video Ms Bjørnø is very encouraging of potential users to email her with suggestions and feedback.  IME this network prioritises harvesting email addresses and other contact details.  

I think that the app as advertised is just the first "hook".  Anyone buying it is already is someone who believes that their life is influenced by planetary movements and is also someone owns an Iphone, so purchasers fit into the demographic of affluent females with a belief in the supernatural, the network's preferred targets for victims.

Once the customer has purchased the app then there will be opportunities for her to upgrade a more advanced version that delivers a more tailored lunar and astrological forecast once she has provided the network with further details regarding her DOB, location etc.  She may even be invited to submit details regarding her travel plans so that the app can advise her re good and bad times to travel and to what country etc.

We know from the video advertising the app that it advises on good days to engage in "dynamic exercise", yoga and massage and also trips to the beautician (by coincidence all of which are themes of the network's workshops).  

It would be relatively easy for the network to recommend attendance at its various schools and workshops via the app, and of course by that time the network will be in possession of the victim's phone number, email address, DOB and other sensitive / identifying information.

edited to add

a news story: Hidden iPhone File Tracks Users' Every Move

The security of Apple's iPhones and iPads is being called into question after it emerged the devices contain a hidden file that tracks the owner's locations.

The finding was reported by two British computer programmers at a technology conference in San Francisco.
The pair found Apple has been logging the whereabouts of 3G phone and iPad users since it updated its mobile operating system a year ago.

The location data is taken from mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi networks and recorded on the device along with the time and date.

However, one of the concerns is that when a person syncs their phone or iPad with a computer the information is transferred to the hard drive permanently.

Anyone with access to this computer, including a hacker, could then trace the user's movements.
And if the phone or iPad was lost or stolen a stranger would also be able to view the data with the right software.

Although other mobile phone companies collect information in similar ways, it is usually kept behind a firewall.
It then normally requires a court order to gain access to it - but this is not the case with this data.

Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan, the researchers behind the discovery, have now set up a webpage to inform the public about the file.

On the page it states: "By passively logging your location without your permission, Apple have made it possible for anyone from a jealous spouse to a private investigator to get a detailed picture of your movements."

Mr Warden, who worked for Apple for five years, has created a free downloadable programme that allows them to see the location data on a map.

It is not known why Apple is collecting the data or whether the function can be disabled.

The company failed to return calls made by Sky News Online.

The criticism of the technology giant's operations comes after the company revealed on Wednesday that it had nearly doubled its second quarter profits.

*feel less bad about not having a Iphone*
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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #96 on: April 28, 2011, 10:41:24 am »
just a quick update with some recent news stories from Russia, text via goolge translate

Looks like Rudnev is staying in jail at least until July 8th of this year.

Just a few things I do not understand about this case.

The last time that Rudnev was arrested he was in possession of heroin and yet there are no charges in relation to this.  I do not understand why this is.

Rudnev is facing charges relating to rape and sexual assault but not relating to THB, even though the Russian news reports show many clear indicators of THB (e.g. tens of dozens of passports of missing people located at his various hideaways, evidence of the production of pornographic films, the "pimping" of your girls, credible survivor accounts of enforced labour for no pay in terrible conditions on starvation rations).  Why is this?

Anyway, news story below

"Guru" sex cult "Ashram Shambala" left in custody for a further 3 months

April 8, 2011 (12:48)

Today, April 8, an information portal reported that the Central District Court of Novosibirsk extended by three months the detention period to the leader of a religious association " Ashram Shambala " Konstantin Rudnev , accused in the creation of sects and sex crimes.
- Term to be extended to July 8 this year - said a senior assistant to the head the Investigation Department of the Novosibirsk region TFR Marina Kinzhalova .
As previously reported IA "Amitel" , the activity of religious association Ashram Shambala , "acting on the territory of the Novosibirsk region , was foiled in October 2010 as a result of activities of the investigation department of the UPC of the Russian Federation, Federal Security Service and police in Novosibirsk region. Rudnev, who calls himself Sri Jnana Avatar Muni , seemed alien to Sirius , sent to earth to enlighten people and bring them to the truth. According to the Internal Affairs Directorate in Novosibirsk region, a sect led by Rudnev, " The Ashram was established more than 20 years ago.

Rudnev indicted in part 1 st.239 (creation of a religious association, encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens), Article 131 (rape), st.132 (sexual assault) of the Criminal Code. He was arrested in early October last year. The basis of the ideology of the sect were laid eastern occult practice. Sect members, mostly young people between 17 and 30 years old, were deprived of the usual circle of friends and lifestyle. They provide psychological and emotional impact, leading in most cases to the care of the house, permanent loss of relationships, the shift of the generally accepted norms of morality and ethics in the installation, taken among members of the sect.


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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #97 on: July 03, 2011, 09:09:54 am »
I just wanted to post some text from the archive of the now dead anti-ashram shambala website

The relevant archived page can be found here

This page is interesting because it provides quite a detailed account the abuses of yoga / shamanism students (referred to as sadhakas or sadhaks) and illustrate how pseudo-spiritual methods originally used by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho) such as active meditation and ecstatic dance are used by Ashram Shambala mentors to coerce students into a position of slavery.

The text is translated via Google translate and does not make for the most elegant of reading, but the facts and relevant details are clear.

The emphasis in bold is mine and highlights THB indicators.


Ashram as it is.
Many who have read, seen, heard or watched movies about the ashrams, and have an idea about them. Yes, these are the places where people grow spiritually. But it will quite unusual about the ashram, namely the ashram-shifter.

Like any other school in the "esoteric school fenugreek" is the ashrams. There are several, but they all have one thing in common grains - grains of evil, that they sow in the hearts and minds sadhakas. Sadhakas - those students that have decided to continue its development in the ashram, and a step above the simple student attending workshops of the school.

So, when the student is "ripe," he offered to go to the ashram and pay them thousands of well 4-5. This, they say, a donation "school" and a fee for what you and I will vigorously engage in spirituality, but for higher knowledge must pay a high price material, if you do not want to pay something else, such as health or life. Naturally students gladly pay that amount or even more money to pay is not something else.

When it turns out that this amount is the student, and he is able to pay it as soon as coming to "ashram," then it is determined exactly where he should go. Of course, this is decided by "mentors" with permission "teacher" without asking the student desires. Then, with a souped sadhakas calls up or arrange a seminar or send a letter. Do not worry he is already on the fly and the time will come when it will attract to the ashram, sooner or later tales or flattery. Some of the conversation, or diagnosis of mentors flattering words, that he has a great future and great ability and what he wants them to develop it in the ashram. Man's good to know very special and great, and this is well played by mentors. That's really really great sin of pride, as they say in Christianity, that he pushes people to do stupid things and put yourself above others. And in the "ashram" constantly inspire sakhakam, that they are above the rest, but it dipped below their own sewage. Great is the power of suggestion.

At the moment of waiting, there is something intriguing and red-hot passion and desire. This is a masterful use of tutors of the school. And when the student can no longer wait and he just can not wait to "go to battle" comes the long-awaited guidance when and where to go.

But do not count on the full address, you simply say, come in such a city to such a time, on such and such a station. There you will meet and hold back streets and with changes in the "ashram" as if you were a spy. Then you will understand, why such secrecy.

Sometimes, after a major seminars, such as Sochi, sadhakas collected from the students present (hot on the trail). Written lists of wanting to go and then they were driven by the group in any of the "ashram".

When arriving "at the house" every sadhakas mentor spend 3-minute interview, where he donates all his money and food at school. Money he would never see, eat food too mentors. All their personal hygiene sadhak rents senior sadhak in common use, but the best take away his mentors.

Probably already interested in knowing what it looks like an ashram. I hasten to you razocherovat. This is a simple apartment in an apartment or a country house and everything. Sadhakas crammed into one room to another mentor. Room for sadhakas 3 to 5 meters to 16 of 20 people where they work, eat and sleep. The room for younger teachers mentors live 2-3 people, a senior tutor has a separate room. That is such a "cramped and not offended" live sadhakas, if you can call it life.

Life there is very severe, just to survive. Rise at 6 o'clock, lights out in 3-4 nights. From a constant lack of sleep in humans is a loss of power. A strength and energy necessary oh how much every hour workout in 15 minutes, but do not like something, but to the best of strength, fed only two times a day, and work, work and more time working "for the benefit of schools and society" . From cold, hunger and starvation, some go mad.

Warm up: monotone pushups, squats and press, sometimes alternating with grueling dance. Sadhaka forced to make constant efforts to super workout, do all in a fast and energetic pace, unable to sleep, even if you close your eyes from fatigue. Try to do the same exercise every hour and every day and you feel like coming stupor, you just mechanically doing what you are required to, if only so far behind and were not punished. And then punished for the slightest infraction.

All kinds of punishment: the famine of one to several days "on the job", push-ups or squats 200-500 in addition to workouts, cleaning restroom alone. If you refuse to perform sentence, the coach makes all sadhakas when you do push-ups as long as the weary load sadhakas, not to beg you to accept you, not wanting to torment others begin to carry out the punishment.

After lifting the hour workout to music. At night, all can stand up and dance to exhaustion and then again hung up. And if you slowly lay pastel, a "rehearsal" to be repeated until all the flash on the team did not subside in a row head to toe in just seconds. Sadhakas sleep on the floor on which one. If he did win a sleeping bag or blanket, then you're in luck, and if not managed, then you sleep directly on the bare floor. The windows are open in winter and summer creating a draft.

They are fed only two times morning and evening. After lifting the 6-7 hours until finally allow mentor "chef" to go to the kitchen to cook. Cook more cheaply in a large saucepan sadhakas, but in a small better "mentors". Cleaning vegetables, leaves, grass, barley or Pshenko - it all goes into the pot to sadhakas. Tea on the grass. A mentor eat rice, salad, mushrooms and everything that normal people eat. Hungry sadhakas jumped on food and stuff all you can and that will fit into their womb. Often hold practice: feed a neighbor (a neighbor to feed you, and you did), eating with your eyes closed, is sitting with his back to the plate and do not pry, eating on time with a meal for folding bowls, eating with his hands in the common pot or dish of hot cereal , transplanted during the meal. I almost always read in turn some of their books the school that says coach. Sitting on the meager rations and monotonous without the salt and spices, the person becomes hungry and ready to take away an extra piece of his neighbor, he still is not enough. Therefore, on walks students eat all you can find and eat: mushrooms, berries, grass, leaves. This bestial practices in the state increased the rate, "who had, he also ate" (when placed in the middle of the meal and if you have time to get it, then eat, and if not, then no, stay hungry.)

Walking - a rarity and a very large, once a week or two. Accustomed to sit in the lotus pose sex every day could barely move the sadhakas legs, stumble, do not run, and crawl on the earth's surface. Going for a walk or let out early morning or late evening when it is dark or at night. Very rarely during the day, only in exceptional circumstances (away from the police harassment). Divide the group into subgroups and, with time intervals, release into the street. On the street going to the group and go somewhere with a mentor. Returned to the house in the same way sub-groups.

Work in the "ashram" are different: envelopes (manufacturing and subscription), manufacture magic items and packaging, sewing, chitons (upper part of the kimono with a range of Roerich and belt), writing poetry and songs, transcribed on paper lectures teachers and mentors, reprinting the texts on the computer books, transcribing music, and video cassettes. Envelopes: sadhakas to draw the envelope templates, cut, bend, glue, stamp and sign. In putting the paper envelopes, which were collected and piled up to the size of the envelope. In each envelope is put a set of leaflets with messages. And so every day from morning till night. Hands in glue and dirty, but you should eat and such hands, they say, under all of energy is disinfected. Signed and packaged in envelopes for mail delivered by teachers in batches.

In other "ashrams" make magic items, charms, amulets - everything that goes on sale later in the workshops for a huge amount. It does not work on the quality and the quantity, the speed, did not meet standards - starve. Then, these objects look mentors and approved or not. Approved items are signed and packaged with the same name sadhaks and they also come up with it though. So, what you give out for magical items - they are not. And the fact that they acted - it's just self-hypnosis or suggestion. Mentors only on the quality of appearance they are selected, and do not charge them any skolechko. In these subjects only one name magic. And the magic that you bought them.

This occupied most of the sadhakas. Only a few write music, poems, and overwrite the video music. cassette. To somehow vary the monotony, give orders sadhakas which he must perform every hour massage (legs, arms, ears, noses, shoulders, back), beating with a stick, singing or reading poetry aloud, scratching, walking backwards, 100 push-ups etc. Each assignment has sadhak is responsible for head shadowing the street (who came and went), computer, video or music cassettes and music, laundry, ironing, drying clothes, flowers, arrangement of the room, ashramovskie things, the order ablutions, etc.

"Teacher" (ie, K. Rudnev) never visits the now "ashrams". It just evokes those can then be used for mentors and conducts lectures and dedications. Sometimes the "ashram" or that drop "mentors" and they are they which justify the honor and respect. Around the "teacher" and "mentors" generated aura of mystery and sanctity. There is a constant brainwashing ideas of the school. Man is like a drip, he becomes a power-addict, devoting all its forces egregore school, and eating only the ideas and passages in the brain - this is their spiritual work with the students.

What are you still just want to get into this hell? Or does think about his fate.
Remember that making mistakes is easy, but clear ...

It took a lot of time, which would revert to the normal human condition after the "ashram"
where spirituality is at the bottom.

Do not repeat our mistakes, if you run into this school, do not be "nice ideas".

All is not gold that glitters!


I am interested in the descriptions of the magic charms and trinkets that are made by enslaved Sadhakas as I have seen such times for sale on various websites owned by the cult / criminal network.

I will post some details of these websites soon. 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #98 on: July 08, 2011, 02:41:56 pm »
I just wanted to post a little more information about Ms Irina Bjørnø , the owner of the BELBookstoday youtube channel that is promoting the moonwhile app for I-phones.

I hope that I provided sufficient information in my earlier posts to clearly show that this woman is part of the Russian criminal THB network commonly referred to as Ashram Shambala.

Even so I think it can be a difficult leap to make for many people, to associate a woman who appears to be in her 50s and who has a youtube channel mostly devoted to natural skin care,  motherly menopause tips and Christian prayers and hymns, with a criminal network of human traffickers.

Well recently Irina Bjørnø has uploaded some new videos to her Danish youtube channel, and, surprise surprise, they feature young women performing burlesque and striptease routines. 

If anyone here speaks Danish maybe they could help me to understand what the woman in this video is saying?

I do not speak Danish but I suspect that she is enthusing about Burlesque and striptease as a wonderful way for women to develop themselves emotionally and spiritually, in a similar vein as the MISA Danish video for Apsaras Dance School in Copenhagen here

I also discovered that Irina Bjørnø has a Russian youtube channel, BelbooksRu, in which she appears, wearing lingerie and or "sexy costumes" and reading poetry. 

One example (NSFW) is here

just sharing

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just a news update

Looks like Rudnev is being charged with drug trafficking offenses in addition to the rape and sexual assault charges:

Completed the investigation of the case against "Guru" sex cult "Ashram Shambala"

June 27, 2011 (7:57)

Press Service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Novosibirsk region reported that completed a criminal investigation against the head of the sect " Ashram Shambala and " Constantine Rudnev .

Rudnev, is accused of committing crimes under the Criminal Code Part 1 st.239 (creation of a religious association), Article 131 part 1 of the Criminal Code (rape), p.1 st.132 the Criminal Code (violent actions of sexual nature), h 3 tbsp. 30 paragraph "d" of Part 3. 228.1 of the Criminal Code (attempt to illegal sale of narcotics on a large scale), - says Sibkray. RU .

In the field of law enforcement agencies under the leadership of the sect 43 years Rudnev Constantine came back in September 2009, when an investigation of a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an unknown resident of the city Berdsk , it was discovered one of the sites of its deployment - in the village Plotnikova Novosibirsk region. In the course of searching the cottage was found abundant literature of religious content.

According to investigators, the ideology of the sect is a religious nature and are based on Eastern and occult practices. The organizer of the sect placed the young people from 17 to 30 years in the specially equipped apartments and cottages, where they were under psychological and emotional effects that entails in most cases, leaving home, permanent loss of relationships, the reorientation of conventional norms of morality and ethics. In the Novosibirsk region There are more than 30 members of the sect .

Since 1990, branches of the sect acted in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the republics of Altai , Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Perm, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Lipetsk, Moscow, Samara, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk and Yaroslavl regions.

In order to profit Rudnev and his trustees were paid classes on yoga, which was held to select the most suggestible persons for further involvement in the sect. Also conducted a variety of paid seminars in which the ideology propagated by the sale of books, audio and video. On income   derived from activities of the sect, one of its members as directed by Rudnev were purchased eight of expensive vehicles, including the brands of " Lexus "," Folksvangen "," Toyota "and" Land Cruiser ".

In addition, according to investigators, Rudnev raped one of the women who was involved in the sect, and made for her sexual assault.

Through well-planned investigation and operational-search activities of the sect leader , Konstantin Rudnev was installed and captured. During a search of his house and grounds were found drugs. At the request of the investigation in respect of the organizer as a preventive measure of detention.

Injured by the activities of the sect found 15 people . The total amount of claims for compensation for moral damage is more than 18 million rubles. To allow enforcement of civil suits in the victims of the sect of the property seized.

The consequence of gathered sufficient evidence presented in connection with which a criminal case with an approved bill of indictment to the court for consideration on the merits.


this news item tells of properties being seized by the authorities

Fashion in Moscow

The case of the founder of "Ashram Shambala" was sent to court

Sectarians driven to suicide at least three people
In Novosibirsk, the process starts over Konstantin Rudnev, who organized one of the most dangerous totalitarian sect Russia [photo + video]
Victoria Minaev  - 24/06/2011

"The Second Messiah", as modestly called himself a Siberian Konstantin Rudnev, soon brought to justice. According to the press officers of the regional prosecutor's office, the founder of the totalitarian sect "Ashram Shambala" is accused of "rape," "sexual assault", "illegal sale of narcotics", as well as creating "the United encroaching on the individual and the rights of citizens ".

- With respect to the most active followers of "messiah" the investigation continues. For crimes committed by Rudnev punishable by imprisonment for a term of more than 10 years - added to the press service of the department.

Sect "Ashram Shambala" Konstantin Rudnev created in 1989 by proclaiming himself the "Second Messiah", and "prophet" and "embryo, found themselves on the ground through the UFO."

 - The ideological basis of his "doctrine" was the book "Way of the fool," which ridiculed the idea of ??starting a family, desire for children, study and work, but was magnified by the desires of blind obedience teacher (that is Rudnev - Comm. Aut.), A leading followers light coming through the cleansing of the total surplus. Pseudo-religious text surprisingly attracted young people seeking their place in society, so the main body of adherents age "Ashram" ranged from 18 to 30 years - added to the prosecutor's office.

"Guru" could go to prison for 10 years.
Photo: From the Archives of "KP"
Recall of the "gurus" were detained and police officers of the FSB in the village Plotnikova in 2010, where he has a house. Together with Rudnev there were still 38 of his followers, mostly - the girls who were listed in the federal wanted list as missing. Those who are looking for is not the first mom and dad, obivaya rapids police. Rudnev finally taken into custody. All the more so in the pockets of his pants "gurus" have found a bag with about 5 grams of heroin ... so since Konstantin Rudnev, - the same roll, it is the same teacher, who is also Sri Jnana Avatar Muni and the Messenger of God - you have to go to the astral directly from prison.

- Rudnev sect is a multi-business, in force in 20 regions of Russia, and the sole purpose of existence cultivators seeking followers - making money for a comfortable life "messiah" - say the prosecutor's office. - Suffice it to say that the investigation had been arrested several expensive properties, and about 10 units of premium class vehicles at the disposal of Rudnev. Involvement in the sect began with a visit to innocuous seminars on yoga, which aides "gurus" were selected the most "suitable" for the sect of people - with some pulled money indefinitely, others were sent to a personal Rudnev indentured servants. From the "enlightening" needed a complete break of relationships and family to them became their new "brothers" and "sisters."

Followers Rudnev during the arrest of his "guru."
Photos: From the Archives of "KP"
In sect practiced a group of drug use, rape. According to the prosecutor's office in a few adepts have developed severe mental illness. According to people who were able to get out of the "Ashram" and return to normal life in the sect there were also cases of suicide.


They are still reporting exclusively about Russia with no mention of the many other territories where this network is operating

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just an interesting link between Ashram Shambala and the Romanian THB network MISA

This is a page on Konstantin Rudnev's blog (so USE A PROXY to view it)

The post is dated Sunday, October 10, 2010 and the text simply reads "interesting video"

The page has a link to a MISA PR / propaganda video, part 9 in a series, all depicting Bivolaru as an innocent professor of yoga who is the victim of a hate and misinformation campaign by Freemasons in league with the Romanian secret services. 

Naive people unfamiliar with the issues surrounding MISA might be taken in by the video, not least of all because it is full of lies and because the Romanian police did not follow due process and did act abusively. 

However better informed viewers will appreciate that MISA is far from honest in its PR campaigns and astute viewers will notice that many of the MISA supporters interviewed in the videos (including MISA lawyers) also appear in MISA pornographic films. 

Anyway, the point I wanted to make was that this post on Rudnev's blog indicates that Rudnev's THB network is promoting the PR campaign of the MISA THB network.  Which is of course important. 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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16:25 19/07/2011
NOVOSIBIRSK, July 19 (RIA Novosti)

West Siberian court starts trial of sect leader

A closed-door trial of Konstantin Rudnev, the leader of a religious sect that investigators say attracted young people with occultism, drugs and orgies, began on Tuesday in the West Siberian city of Novosibirsk.
Rudnev, 43, was arrested near Novosibirsk in September 2010. He is charged with rape, sexual assault, illicit drug trafficking and organizing an association infringing upon people's personality and rights. He says he is not guilty.
Prosecutors said the sect, Ashram Shambala, was based on Rudnev's "teachings" formulated in his book entitled The Way of a Fool that mocked the traditional ideas of having a family, bearing children, studying and working, but lauded blind submission to the desires of the "guru" leading them to a "bright future."
The book's pseudo-religious text attracted young people aged 18-30, who started their involvement from yoga seminars, at which Rudnev's aides chose candidates they deemed appropriate.
Police said sect adherents, under psychological and emotional pressure from sect leaders, gave them their apartments and savings, broke off relations with their relatives and friends and engaged in orgies.
Rudnev's Moscow-based lawyer Alexander Nizhinsky told journalists that his client does not admit any of the charges. He also said investigators failed to prove Rudnev's guilt.
A court spokesman said the process is being held behind closed doors because of the rape charge against the defendant.
Law enforcement agencies tried to bring Rudnev to account in 1999, 2004 and 2008, but criminal cases failed to reach the court because sect members refused to testify against their "spiritual guide" saying they joined the organization of their own will.
In 1999 the sect reportedly had several regional branches across Russia and about 10,000 adepts. The current number of its members is unknown.

source (with recent photo of Rudnev)

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Perhaps I am just reading it wrong, and I acknowledge as Saami (please don't call me a Lapp) there are going to be regional variations to the technique of shamanism, but I don't understand Biven's comment on shamanism and "direct individual conntection with The One Source/God"

1: If his tradition is as old as he claims, then why use th monolithic One Source or Spirit or God which reflects the influence of Christianity. If his traditional/lineage is so old, why wound he not said SpiritS?

2: I also don't understand why he says in the website post about "direct individual connection" when Arctic shamans acted as intermediaries between a person and the Spirits. So a regular, pay to pray individual would not have that direct connection to the Spirits themselves, but would have to rely on Biven as a intermediaty unless he plans on initiating everyone he meets into shamanism.

That is not to say that each family unit (and thus individuals) did not have their own drum or divination
drum, but that doesnt seem to be what he's talking about here.

those are my questions to flag for him.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Four Winds

If you read the start of the thread you will see that Biven Mamonta (and his many aliases) have been denounced as frauds by genuine Siberian shamans. 

If you read the whole thread you will discover that Biven Mamonta and his associates are recruiters for a human trafficking network involved in drugs offenses, rapes and sexual assaults (including upon children), defrauding people suffering from cancer, AIDS and other serious medical conditions, exploiting adults and children with mental illnesses and learning disabilities, recklessly spreading HIV infection, the production of pornography (although "pornography is probably not the right word, they are filming sexual crimes being committed and exploiting the footage as commercial pornography), labour trafficking, sex trafficking and who knows what other crimes?

I just feel that, under the circumstances, wanting to discuss the intricacies of spiritual beliefs with a known fraud, cultural appropriator and criminal is a bit of diversion from the important questions in hand. 

Biven Mamonta really needs to be questioned about his HIV status and his alleged recklessly infecting dozens of people with HIV via unprotected sex.  He also needs respond to my earlier questions about why he and his associates train women in various sexual and seduction skills and encourage them to discover their inner "goddess" / courtesan / geisha, and how this interfaces with his pornography production businesses.    Why does his "school" train so many women in a combination of belly dance, strip tease, pole dance and erotic dance? 

So many important questions, so please let's keep to the important issues at hand and not allow him to pontificate on spiritual issues, when it is completely clear that the man is a criminal and not a guru or shaman and that he has no authority to talk of spiritual issues at all. 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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A long due update about events relating to the Romanian tantric yoga school / human trafficking network MISA

Some very brave survivors of MISA's abuses, including trafficking, have come forward to tell their stories.

These young women are interviewed on Romanian TV in a sensitive and caring manner and allowed to hide their identities with masks.  This is a huge departure for the usual Romanian press coverage which is typically salacious and completely violating the privacy and rights of the victims.

I think this represents a huge step forward in terms of exposing the abuses committed by Gregorian Bivolaru and his associates at MISA.

There is no explicit content but some sensitive people may be distressed by the subject matter discussed in the videos.

These are very important videos as they provide an insights into the MO of cultic THB networks generally, and MISA specifically

Disclosures from the MISA hell
MISA ex-cult members at yogic "direct access" TV show

The girls were initiated through sex
MISA ex-cult members at yogic "direct access" TV show