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Title: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: Ganieda on October 01, 2005, 07:05:20 am
Siberian Shamanism from Ancient Russian Wisdom
with Biven Momonta  (really weird pic)

"The great mystic, Bogomudr Altai Kagan, keeper of the ancient Russian knowledge has given special initiation to Siberian shaman Biven Mamonta, a former Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and 11th Generation Shaman, to teach and bring the great knowledge of Shambhala to the world. [snip] Bogomudr Altai Kagan, an avatar from Siberia, recalls that he was sent from the star system "Sirius", through Shambhala, ..........."

....but scroll down and take notice of the pic.  ?????  Interesting "Ancient Russian Wisdom"  ???
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Post by: educatedindian on October 01, 2005, 01:53:30 pm
And on the cover of his book too.

A lot of what he's doing seems like rehashed Blavatsky. Shambala stories originally came from Tibetan Buddhism, not Siberian tribal beliefs.

Found something else amusing.
"I went to another seminar with Biven Mamonta last night....During the night as I was sleeping after all this....I saw a great outpouring of golden light as the crystals on the Atlantean pyramids were activated once again on the etheric level, ringing the world and bringing in a higher vibration."

And then to cap it off...I can almost hear a rim shot when she says the next sentence.

"Did anyone else see this?"

I think she'd have vivid dreams after going to an insurance seminar.

And did anyone else notice the Siberian shaman has an Irish last name?
Their group also has a "Priestess Shri Subi Lakshmi Devi". That's an East Indian/South Asian name, but she doesn't look to be one herself. That's her photo on the book cover.
The group also teaches "Astroakido."

But reading this bit made what they do no longer funny:
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: Scott Brainard on October 01, 2005, 03:47:11 pm
from :

"17-18 October 2003 Sedona, Arizona. Conference: Extraterrestrials.
Gathering Personal Power Through Shamanism and the Star Nation - Wi Chapi Oyate Energy >>>>"

A little Lakota energy along with their Atlantean etheric crystals? :)

Their archive is broken, would have liked to read the whole entry.  Unfortunately this site hasn't been stored in the wayback machine.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&am
Post by: Sarangerel on October 26, 2005, 03:29:53 am
As an indigenous Siberian shaman the activities of the so-called Bogomudr Altai Kagan and his disciples such as Biven Mamonta, Sri Ganesha, and others are an insult and blasphemy to our traditions.  
When someone sent me the link to the Sedona site reading it practically made me ill.
Their teachings have nothing to do with Siberian indigenous spirituality in even the most tenuous way.  Their cult is a mish-mash of New Age, Russian mysticism, martial arts, astrology, Hinduism, Buddhism, and whatever they choose to throw into the mixture next.  The obscenity is that they have chosen to use the trappings of Siberian shamanism to give themselves their own unique shtick.  But leather robes, feathers, and drums do not make them into Siberian shamans.  It is just how cynical they are about the disempowerment of Native Siberians that they think they can get away with it.
Imagine the most controlling and destructive cult in Western society choosing to dress themselves in Native American clothes and pretending to be Native American medicine people.  This is what they are doing to us!
We have fought them in Russia and have tried really hard to stop their spread outside of Russia.  That is what has led to the final step in the last few months of establishing a more strong international presence of the native shamans' organizations so that we can have a voice to speak out against these frauds who enrich themselves by exploiting the curiosity of people who want to learn about our remote corner of the world and who are unable to tell the difference between these people and the real thing.
It should be a huge red flag, though, that the leader and all of the priests of this cult variously known as the Shambhala cult, Siberian Esoteric School, School of Happiness, the list is practically endless, have names that are all from non-Siberian languages and are ethnic Russians.
Beyond the fact that they are falsely portraying themselves as teachers of native Siberian traditions the Shambhala cult is notorious for its methods of mind control and ruining of the lives of many well-meaning young peoples' lives.  If you Google the name of their leader Konstantin Rudnev, the self-proclaimed Siberian messiah calling himself Bogomudr Altai Kagan, you will find websites of cult deprogrammers with many stories of pain and tragedy of families who had members seduced by this "school of happiness."  The Russian police consider Rudnev's cult to be destructive and has cracked down on it, and Rudnev himself is a fugitive.
I hope that those of you who are dedicated to debunking the plastic shamans who are trying to exploit the Native Americans' spiritual traditions will also show solidarity with the Native Siberians in resisting the spread of this offensive cult in the United States and in other Western countries.


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Post by: educatedindian on October 26, 2005, 05:26:24 pm
Sarangerel, glad to have you here, and we'd be glad to do anything we can to help, including posting any warnings. In fact, could we repost this post of yours as a warning on our site? Could I also pass this along to a cult watch group I'm part of?

Any sites you could direct us to with warnings or guidelines on how to spot frauds posing as Siberian shamans we'd be glad to see.

Found this warning from Steven Hassan. Ganieda, please pass this along to the people inquring in your group. This bunch is EXTREMELY dangerous.
"Russian Esoteric Academy
Information for this group comes with the help of “Stop Fools???, a Russian web site devoted to exposing this group at (email is Also thanks to Dr. Yevgeniy Volkov, a Russian psychologist who specializing in helping cult victims (Dr. Volkov translated the Russian edition of Steven Hassan’s book, Releasing the Bonds.)
Group Leader:
Konstantin Rudnev (his name in the sect is Shri of Dzhnan of Avatars of Mooney, the last Great Shaman Bogomudr Altai Kagan). He was born from a family settled in Novosibirsk for a long time. There he organized the sect for the first time.
Rudnev’s photo can be seen at
Rudnev's photo in shamanic clothes can be seen clearly on in the top right corner.
Name of Group:
Russian Esoteric Academy.
Alternate Names of Group:
Shambhala Esoteric School, Emblem the Everest; School of Yoga; the, Avitsenna; Esoteric Ashram of Shambala; Belovodje; The Academy of the Fortunate Way.
men and women instructors and priestesses
Web Sites of the Group:
Short Description of the Sect:
Their beliefs are a strange mixture of concepts of magic, karma, tantra, yoga, shamanism, Christianity, buddhism as well as knowledge extracted from many esoteric books. Tantra seems to be one of the core beliefs, which allows senior instructors to have sex with priestesses and other women. Rudnev has a harem of 5-7 girls who are called by him in every possible way and are constantly at his disposition.
(Steve Hassan’s note: Rudnev seems to be a second rate “copycat??? of other cults including the Moon cult, Rajneesh (Osho) as well as the books of Carlos Castaneda and others. He certainly has a very shallow understanding of spiritual teachings and distorts and twists esoteric concepts, especially tantra).
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: educatedindian on October 26, 2005, 05:27:25 pm
Pt 2
Rudnev is the author of the book "The Way of the Fool ", which is considered "sacred" among the adherents. The book is written in poor language, with an abundance of obscene language and sexual descriptions (the site of the book is It is of openly bad taste, but it has reached, among adherents, huge popularity.

(Steve Hassan’s note: I have a copy of a videotape purportedly made of this book. It is low quality, depicts a variety of violent scenes, and is in extremely poor taste.)

After 1999 under the statements of parents of victims on his criminal case (references to this are in document: "The Academician of Occult Sciences has interested Office of Public Prosecutor of Novosibirsk area."
« Evening Novosibirsk » November, 19 1999 That, as to elude justice, Rudnev got himself put away in a psychiatric ward of a hospital, from which he has soon run away. Since November 1999, he is wanted by federal authorities and he cannot legally return to Russia.

Rudnev has wanted to expand his cult outside of Russia and the Ukraine for a long time.
And after a television show on "NTV" in which it has been quite clearly said that "Belovodje" or "Esoterical Ashram of Shambala " is a destructive sect representing obvious danger to society; he seems to be focusing on recruiting people in other countries, especially individuals with money.

The first news on "seminars" carried out in Greece and Netherlands came in 2001. Then there were letters on the same seminars in Estonia and Latvia. He also has his “shamans??? recruiting in Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and the United States.

In the final declaration of participants in the International Scientific - Practical Conference "Totalitarian sects - threat of XXI century " that took place in Nizhny Novgorod 23 - on April, 25, 2001 Rudnev's sect was included in the list of "the most known and dangerous modern destructive cults."

Rudnev's "Religious" activity has not remained without attention of journalists. Some articles:

"The White brotherhood" -Article in the newspaper "New Siberia" Novosibirsk,
March 28, 2000

"The White brotherhood 2" - Article in the newspaper "New Siberia" Novosibirsk,
June 30, 2000

Seminars are given which are expensive by Russian standards. Deception is used constantly to lure potential recruits to seminars. They believe that the ends justify the means.

Sadkhaks (students) are encouraged to eventually go to ashrams, often just apartments, in which virtually all of the BITE model mind control practices are used, especially sleep deprivation, poor diet, constant activity, including push-ups, violent dancing, menial work for long hours making objects that can be sold by the cult.
Names are changed to reinforce the identity change into a cult member. Women are encouraged to dye their hair black, and to wear make-up that makes them look like cheap prostitutes.

Ashram members sleep on the floor, often without blankets, with a window left open. Instructors sleep in separate rooms on beds.

When the sect was only in Novosibirsk, somebody named Alexander Haritidi was close to Rudnev. This person now lives in America. After the events of September 11, 2001 in America, an anonymous message arrived at the guest book of our site, in which Haritidi appeared accused of participation in acts of terrorism. Alexander soon wrote a letter on the site in which he has explained that all this is a lie. In the letter he expressed readiness to help in questions connected with Rudnev. Probably he would say more about activities of the sect in America."
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: Sarangerel on October 27, 2005, 04:22:22 am
Thank you for your good follow up!
And for your solidarity!
Your two posts show that you did some good research on Rudnev's group and that you have recognized what a dangerous group they are.  For Native Americans now too they are even picking up Native American elements as well in their teachings which makes their activities a direct encroachment on the spirituality of the indigenous peoples of this country.  On the Sedona site the "shamanic wedding" picture features Lakota teepees, not the much shorter and squatter Siberan ursas.  
On the Sedona Creative Life site the link to the Biven Mamonta stuff is broken from the main page but it is not deleted.  He is now taking his show to San Francisco, so if any of you hear about his workshops there, pass the word on that he is a fraud.
Hopefully the moderator will graduate Rudnev's group from "unsure" to full "fraud" status in short order.


Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: Sarangerel on October 29, 2005, 07:06:23 am
Thanks again,
Moving Rudnev's group to the Fraud section puts them right where they need to be.
In response to your earlier question (sorry I did not answer in my last post) feel free to put my warning on your website and to pass it on to any other web groups opposed to cults, new age frauds, or fake shamans.  The strongest weapon that can be used against people like that is education; people who know what they really are will not be seduced by their extravagant claims.


Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: Sarangerel on November 05, 2005, 05:46:04 pm
I know I am probably preaching to the choir here as they say...
Biven Mamonta has moved on to Los Angeles and will start teaching at a place called the Learning Annex.  It is just how tricky these people are since some other fairly reputable mainstream people such as Suze Orman are also using this venue.  I will be writing them.  If you can add your protests it would be appreciated.
These people really get under my skin.  Even if it is allowed in Buryat custom to say one is a shaman, to braw on the Internet that one is an "11th generation Siberian shaman" is unacceptable.  
Such extravagant claims are not made by native shamans because it is yosgui (inappropriate with what is considered honorable behavior).
You can see I am angry but I am fighting this cult in several countries at this time on behalf of the organizations I represent and it is not a pleasant task.


Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: TimberlineWarrior on November 05, 2005, 11:05:15 pm
Anyone with any sense should be sceptical of this group. The very first picture of the site shows a tipi in the background and then the main picture features a 'circle' of tipis.
Surely if they were really following Siberian practices they could at least feature yurts. But then yurts tend to be more expensive to buy than tipis!
Adds cheapskates to his personal thoughts of this group.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: TimberlineWarrior on November 05, 2005, 11:37:06 pm
I had a look at the site posted by Ed, &topictoview=26
As I'm doing quite a lot of web designing I have learnt a trick or two about sites, i.e. how to read the code the site is written in. The stuff that doesn't appear on the web page. Some of the keywords that that site lists are indeed frightening and strange;
Astral Karate, Atlantis, women Beliefs, Bible, Bos Brahmacharia Buddha Business School of Magic, Dance, Death, Desire, Egypt, Esoteric Christianity, Exorcisms, Extraterrestrial, Feng Shui, (Shamanic, Spiritual, esoteric), Holy,  Holy Spirit, Hypnosis, Jesus, Karate, Karma, Krishna, Maya, Mayan Prophecies, Moscow School of Gurdfieff, Muhammad,  Mysteries of Shambhala, New Age, Occult, Paganism, Relationship guidance and healing, Religion, Runes, Russian Mysticism, Russian Yoga, Saint Germaine, Shape-shifting, Sweat lodge, Sixth Race, Slavic Paganism, Tarot, Teaching for the Age of Aquarius, Telepathy, Teleportation, Witch Doctors, Wizard, Zombie.  
That was just a few! Whoever designed the site was trying to cover every belief, religion, mentality, etc. Certainly seeing New Age in there shows where they're coming from and who they're aiming at. One cheering thought, the web prefers about 30 keywords, more than that and they tend to ignore you, this site has well over 100.
But anyone with the mentality to mix and combine that selection of  words would worry a psychiatrist.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&qu
Post by: Sarangerel on November 06, 2005, 07:36:56 pm
Great research on the site!

It really is kind of a sad commentary on the spiritual bankruptcy of contemporary Russian society that a group like that actually got established and flourished for several years.  Under the Yeltsin administration it was pretty much anything goes as long as it did not make problems for certain people.
Putin has spent the last few years cleaning up corruption in all its forms including some of these slimy New Age cults, Mafia, business robber barons, etc.  Although he has also made some problems on the indigenous rights front too he is overall a pretty good guy and Rudnev's getting run out of the country was a GOOD THING as Martha Stewart says...
You see under the Soviet system, especially under Stalin and then in fits and starts afterwards any kind of organized religion was stifled except in a few of the larger cities where sanctioned churches, mosques, and synagogues were allowed to operate.  All other spirituality was underground, and while some of it took the form of the survival of native spirituality some of it took some really bizarre forms.  The New Age got a head start in Russia and all sorts of trashy cults developed with just the kind of outlandish combinations of ideas you noted.  Even if the beliefs were passed around in samizdat manuscript books.
Almost ten years ago I did a ceremony near the ancient site of Kurla on the northwest shore of Baikal.  After the ceremony a person showed me to a place in the woods where a Russian "prophetess" some years before had driven a metal stake in the ground and supposedly it marked a place where tablets given to her by extraterrestrials had been buried.  The stake marked the place where the flying saucer people were to come back someday and make the place the capital of Earth when it came under their benevolent rule.
When I lived in Ulan-Ude besides the translations of Harner, Castaneda, and Lynn Andrews the spiritual bookstores and book kiosks had all kinds of weird Russian New Age books.  Thankfully some of the shamans have been writing various books too and at least the Buryats are reading them, but the Russian and mixed-nationality peoples are even more spiritually rootless than people in the United States and even though with President Putin's support the Orthodox Church is becoming more popular there is a real spiritual hunger over there that is fertile ground for New Age cults and even American Christian missionaries.
It is not quite related to the topic, but if you go to the website you will see one of the worst results of this spiritual confusion in Russia.  Pentecostal missionaries went to the most sacred site in Buryat lands, Shaman Rock on the island Oikhon in Lake Baikal, and wrote "Jesus is Lord" on it!  The extremity of the descration can only be understood by knowing that this was the place where the first shaman was believed to have come down to earth in the form of a white headed eagle, and it is so sacred no person goes down to that beach and walks on it.  The fact that these people did go down there, wrote their religious slogan, took a picture of themselves smiling around what they did and then published it on the Internet is an insult to Buryats and all Native Siberian people who revere that place that in less "civilized" times would have had a very "uncivilized" retribution.  When I wrote to protest they told me to learn the love of Jesus and forget my anger.
Colonialism continues in the form of culture and religion so it can no longer be fought with bows and arrows or guns.  But its worse violations can be called out on the Internet.
Thank you for tolerating my rant.



Edit: I censored the site after complaints from users- it is no longer the mentioned content, but (possibly illegal) porn
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom&am
Post by: Ganieda on November 12, 2005, 06:59:29 pm
Thank you for all the information.  I have snipped and clipped some of it and posted a warning to groups I belong to.  
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 17, 2010, 08:24:18 am
There is some good news and some bad news regarding this group.

The bad news is that they are a large network operating in many territories internationally.
The good news is that last week the head of the network, Konstantin Rudnev, was arrested and detained in Russia.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: educatedindian on October 17, 2010, 01:35:58 pm
From that link, I think it's important the information be reposted. Good news is four girls were rescued. Bad news is all the abuse done.


Alien’ Cult Leader Held on Sex Charges

By Alexandra Taranova

The St. Petersburg Times

MOSCOW — A self-proclaimed alien from the star Sirius has been arrested in Novosibirsk on charges of organizing a nationwide totalitarian sect that brainwashed and sexually abused members, police said Tuesday.

A local court on Saturday approved the arrest of Konstantin Rudnev, 43, leader of the Ashram Shambala religious group, a Novosibirsk police spokeswoman said by phone.

Rudnev was detained in a cottage owned by the group in Novosibirsk on Sept. 30 along with 38 followers, all citizens of Russia and Ukraine. Among them were four teenage girls whose parents had reported them as missing, police said in a statement.

A package containing 4 grams of heroin was found in the pocket of Rudnev’s shirt, the statement said.

Ashram Shambala, established more than 20 years ago, grew into a powerful cult with branches in many cities across Russia in the late 1990s, the local branch of the Investigative Committee said in a statement posted on its web site Tuesday.

Rudnev, who claimed to be an alien sent to Earth to enlighten mankind, combined Oriental esoterica and the writings of Carlos Castaneda with elements of yoga and shamanism in his teaching, investigators said. The group also offered yoga courses and self-help camps that attracted thousands of people.

Members were forced to turn over their property to Rudnev, and young female members had to participate in regular sexual orgies with him and other senior members, investigators said.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 22, 2010, 02:50:52 pm
Just found these videos about this cult

warning very disturbing content, especially in the 2nd video - some brief topless footage also violent scenes

Also a very interesting thread here, I can't imagine that this has not been posted before but it mentions Biven Mamonta

I feel really sorry for the OP, barry
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Post by: nemesis on December 14, 2010, 08:49:09 pm
Just an update

This dangerous fraud is now operating under the name of Kargan Kenesh and running various workshops throughout the US and beyond

His aliases

Nicknames within the cult:

Aliases used outside the cult:
Sri Ganesha
Bes Beloyar
Biven Mamonta
Biven Mamonte
Kargan Kenesh

Email -

His facebook page
Ancient Wisdom Tree

His meetup profile

Twitter account

websites (these are only his personal websites - the cult owns dozens of websites, of which more later)

He and his associates are promoting a number of events aimed at recruiting victims to their dangerous cult where victims are enslaved and abused, some dying of cold or starvation, some being so hungry that they eat grass in an attempt to stay alive.

An example of a recruitment event:


December 28th 2010
Tue 7:00 PM

Who's hosting?
Kargan Kenesh

$999.00 per person

This has to be the best way to spend the most powerful time of the year;


What better way than to be in a place of Big Power of Nature and the elements,
and with a powerful teacher!




If you prepay by 12/21, it is only $999.00 or $1500.00 at the door



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Post by: nemesis on December 14, 2010, 09:30:08 pm
Just for context

a survivor account from an "ashram" is below, translation courtesy of google translate so not the easiest thing to read, but it is important and I would recommend it for this reason.

It is also important to remember that the initial workshops leave people feeling elated and excited and that the aim of all the workshops is to lure victims into giving up all their possessions and abandoning their famines to live on an ashram.

These people are extremely dangerous.  If people give up everything to go and live on an ashram they disappear and are effectively lost, beyond the reach of law enforcement and loved ones.   It is a very, very serious situation.

Anyway, here is the survivor account of life at an ashram.......................................


Very hard to write about it and remember, but still necessary.

At one time I myself was involved in this sect. But the ensuing epiphany me to stop. I want to tell stories about one witness, whom I involuntarily began.

This happened in the "ashram" in autumn 1999 in Perm.

Was among the young sadhaks kind, responsive, obedient boy named Vitali. To form his 20 years-ty, not tall, skinny (even skinny), black short cropped hair is straight, the chin large black mole with hairs. He studied at the School of Medical Sciences in Kiev in the fourth year in March 1999. After another seminar conducted by "School of Shambhala" in Ukraine, he was taken in the "ashram" in Samara (then moved to Perm). In Russia, it has brought the younger "mentor" Katherine.

In the first few months, staying in the ashram, "he praised the Padma (Helen) and strongly encouraged it (pieces from your table), about him always spoke well Soma (Alexander), he had interesting lectures. We were all confident that Vitali will soon go on workshops with mentors.

But soon Vitali began to occur very strange things. He slowly began to "melt" to lose weight (although it was so lean) - looked like a walking skeleton. He was forced to write a letter home that "mentors" have corrected that, everything is smooth. And after a while Vitali is something wrong with his head. Namely, he slowly began to move, his legs began to totter. He began to ramble, and sat with a missing eye or with eyes rolled upward. Becoming completely cut off and no matter what did not react.

This is what we have said many times "mentor", but they are limited to only talking to him and reinforced his podkarmlivaniyami delicious slices. Perhaps, in the hope that his body recover. Although it would be better to send Vitali in another place, or even - to home (like we did with some sadhaks, who also got into such a state, for example. Aleksey). But Vitaly held until recently. Neither the Padma or Manitou or Arjuna, he was there at this time, no one had emergency measures in time, but only after trying to siphon off nearly lifeless body of his. And we sadhaks, were powerless to help him in this situation, though trying, cheering him as he talked with him. We tried to help him, but relied on the "mentors" to "teacher" in their "power" and "knowledge".

But as time went on, and Vitaly became worse and worse. He has not paid any attention to us, and deeper and deeper went somewhere in his world . And then one day during a "dynamic meditation" (dance) Vitali again with the efforts began to dance with us (if you can call it a dance intoxicated by the motion, when it became a place), and passed out again.

We called mentors, they said nothing wrong and did not even come to him, saying that he would get up and we were told not to touch it. Meditation has long ended, and Vitaly all lying, neither alive nor dead. We insisted that measures were taken because he looked like a corpse, but still alive and. It was just awful to even look. Vitali's body lay in an unnatural position for him: with twisted arms and legs - so the person in mind it would be very painful. Its claimed to her mentors (as walking, he could not) and something was done in one day. In this present Constantine (Dharma).

More Vitaly we have not seen. Only accidentally stumbled on his clothes. Judging by her he was stripped completely. What happened to him we do not know. It is unlikely that he could in such a mental state from Perm to get to Ukraine. Maybe he's still alive.

All that happened with this guy "mentor" called "the inevitable transformation" and "necessary" cleansing ". Our confidence in the "school of Shambhala" deteriorated dramatically after such an attitude toward man. After all, his place could be any of us, and not wait for help coming from. "Mentors" are indifferent to the fate and condition of sadhaks. They only care about money and the glitter of "school". Few people know what's going on in their sect. And those who know they want to forget it as quickly as possible.

Probably for this reason they have not told family Vitaly about his fate. They hope that this case be forgotten. After all, the country lost thousands of people every day.

I'd like to believe that he's all right. But there is no assurance that his parents somehow found out about this incident.

Maybe someone from their Vitali, friends or classmates will read this letter. According to describe this place in Perm, where then was "ashram" (now with great confidence we can assume that in this place "ashram" is not):

The city of Perm, in a country house near the forest in the area of semiconductors. The house owners have not lived, and beckons him shot for the "ashram". Close to the railway, river away. Exit the house rests directly in the forest left of the door passing surfaced road, opposite the gate through a dirt road tavern, dug a short, old and rickety. One-story wooden house, the old has a garden, where the hosts harvest in autumn, and we were hiding from them inside the house.
It seems to be a double house and lived behind a wall, some grandmother. She came Padme complained of the noise and the tramp, what happens with us during dynamic meditation, which is why we then completely banned the dance, "that would not attract public attention."
There was a log cabin bath house apart from there you can get through the passage into the courtyard, near the bath tub white city with water on the street, red dog by nature a good mongrel dog.

In this case, were the following sadhaks from Ukraine: Andrew (age 17, a computer he was well acquainted), Alex (age 17, Sochi) - is similar to Narada Muni (an orphan living with his grandmother) and Dimitri (20 years, Ukraine) - a powerful tall guy, a businessman, he once danced with the Ukrainian seminar in a black kimono and hit the "ashram" in autumn 1999, one. Valentin (20 years), that too with Ukraine to give up, he is wild. Its up to Vitali, violent somewhere forcibly taken. He is not tall, Kripen'ka, blond, light-eyed). It also happened in the city of Perm, but in another house which was the "ashram" to the case with Vitali. Written about him sadhak Sergey on your site. Valentin, Alex, Andrew - hit the "ashram" immediately after the Sochi workshop in late summer 1999. Of those who were present at the incident are now in a "school" to "mentor" go to: Hleb and Dharma (Constantine).

You know us, to sadhaka belonged in the ashram as a cattle free a slave. force, and it is not surprising that the roof slid many. What's going on there - a shame for the people! In prison, and it is better to refer to the prisoners, than here in the ashram. " The purpose of the "Ashram" is not perfect, and doing of the people obedient robots that are easy to manage (covering it, so that "you are the conductors of divine power"). What a divine power? If people of this force with his head badly to become. Simply erased from the human personality and make a rag, wipe his feet on that first "junior teachers," and then "elders" that they want something and do, covering it will "divine power", "cleansing of Karma."

Much can tell about the horror and ugliness that went on in this "school".

We have no confidence in him and to those who are with them. Look, in this "school" all complicit in the money and power. There zombiruyutsya people that would make it easier to remove from their chips (both monetary and human).

source: (in original Russian language)
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Post by: nemesis on December 27, 2010, 11:04:05 am
Just an update re videos from this group of criminals on youtube

They are promoting a male "shaman" in the below video in South American territories

I do not know who he is but people in Mexico and other South American territories need to be aware of him and that he is representing an extremely dangerous group involved in serious crimes

The below video is advertising an upcoming event in Spain.  If you are familiar with this criminal network you will recognise the various themes that they promote, tantra, yoga, shamanism, heavy eye make up in an ancient Egyptian style, plus the youtube channel is astrokarate - one of their buzz words (a fake martial art that is mean to give you supernatural powers)

The below video is advertising a spirchul event in Lithuania - this is definitely the same criminal network

On another of their youtube channels (they have many) they are promoting tours to Altia with videos like this

The below youtube channel features the network's representative in Denmark Irina Bjørnø

Her facebook page is here

This woman seems like a very nice lady from her youtube channel, which appears to quite unremarkable and concerned primarily with natural skin care and cosmetics.  All I can say is that this network and other similar networks are extremely interested in skin care and natural cosmetics for reasons I will not go into here at this point.

It is also clear to me that like many cults, this network has many layers to it.  There are definitely serious criminals involved in running things, however there are blurred boundaries between victims and perpetrators in that many victims are effectively brainwashed and believe that they are helping people by recruiting them.  

An example of this is in the cult's business dealings regarding franchising and working with other businesses and new age gurus and leaders

this link (I have broken it and would advise anyone checking it out to use a proxy) explains things

http://www.geocities  .ws/golden_altai/en/t00/500-organizer_opportunities.html

Under "fair use" I have copied the text from the link below

Opportunities for Organizers, Instructors, and Distributors
Recruiting Instructors to UniverSynergy Arts
Thank you for caring about the condition of the world, happiness of people, and for wanting to learn ways to make life better for everybody.
We are glad to hear you are dedicated to helping people achieve personal improvement, health, happiness, and success.
By helping us spiritually enlighten people, you help to prepare the world for the next great evolutionary breakthrough for humanity. Now is a time of great awakening. The world needs you.
Working together with individuals and organizations, we expect to improve the lives of millions of people, and thereby improve the world, using the power of UniverSynergy.
Currently we have seminars and classes in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. Our international headquarters is located in the beautiful Altai Mountains of central Asia.
You have a great opportunity to improve the world by becoming a UniverSynergy Arts instructor, seminar organizer, area coordinator, or a Master Teacher of Golden Altai.
Below are just a few of the opportunities available to you.
UniverSynergy Arts Paths to Success
There are three basic ways to achieve success as an instructor with Golden Altai UniverSynergy Arts. Your path will depend on the choices you make.
 Method 1
Become a Seminar Organizer and learn at the seminars you organize. You can earn money by organizing seminars, while learning many secrets of UniverSynergy free of charge.
After you have learned special techniques and knowledge from the Masters who teach at your seminars, you may become qualified to instruct in those areas of expertise that you have learned.
Following this path, you may become a Master Teacher — combining your seminar experience with advanced training.
Method 2
Become a Distributor of educational materials. You can distribute Golden Altai UniverSynergy Arts educational materials by warehousing and selling books, music, videos, and correspondence courses.
You would be responsible for accepting and sending orders around the region, state, or several states where you live.
With this method, you will be able to earn money while you learn the secrets of UniverSynergy Arts.
Method 3
Become a Master Teacher through extensive training. This involves passing the 24 steps of training, including individual training with the Masters of Golden Altai, after which you will receive a certificate and be qualified as an instructor of UniverSynergy Arts.
It is possible to become a Master Teacher irrespective of the level of your abilities now, if you have the will to invest the time and resources required to complete the training.
After you receive your certificate, you may go worldwide on behalf of the Academy as an instructor, training people with the knowledge you have learned.

Contact Us for More Information and to Sign Up
For further details, it is necessary to send an inquiry letter or email to the Golden Altai UniverSynergy Arts staff. Please include a recent photo of yourself, and the exact time, date, and place of your birth.

Thank you for caring about the future happiness of the people of the world. We love you and pray for you and hope that you will find all the love, happiness and success you seek.
~Golden Altai UniverSynergy Arts staff~

Are you part of an organization that could benefit from having UniverSynergy Arts Seminars for your group, or would like to join with us in organizing or sponsoring Seminars, Conventions, Festivals, and/or Celebrations?

Follow this path to Synergy with other Organizations.

The above text may explain why this network is spreading so rapidly in some territories.

Please note that the website is published in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Italian languages, reflecting their targeted demographic.

It has been said before, but I will say it again, this group is extremely dangerous and members should not be approached or contacted in person.  

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on December 28, 2010, 02:31:21 pm
A website in French language starring Chekes Rada AKA Master Chekes AKA Soledad Chekes

Lots of appropriated imagery.  Same old BS re pseudo-tantra, fake shamanism etc.

This female seems to be quite a senior person in this network and travels extensively in the US, South America and Europe

here she is in the US

Fortunately not many people seem to be attending her seminars  8)

Let's hope we can keep it that way.  This poison cannot be allowed to spread

A video of her speaking in English

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on December 29, 2010, 02:17:57 pm
While the alleged alien from Sirius and apparent heroin addict Konstantin Rudnev appeared to be the leader of this sect / criminal network for some years, the cult has for some time now been promoting a different guru, Avtandil Lomsadze , as its leader

I have broken the links here for security purposes as this is a dangerous group

the original text is in Russian but I will copy some of it under Fair Use, using google translate

Avtandil Lomsadze is an outstanding man of our time. He has the nature of the unique telepathic abilities, and if desired can perceive thoughts and components of any person and any process in any of the languages of the world, at any distance. His natural talent he perfected in India have the highest teacher and became a Raja Yogi, which is expressed in the maximum development of his psychic and psycho-energy opportunities, challenges beyond the materialistic, scientific understanding and explanation. In the former USSR Avtandil Lomsadze experienced the elements of coercion in its use telepiticheskogo gift.

 Strong organizations such as the KGB and the Ministry of Defence of the USSR, and which contributed to his intense training in India, it was clear that another such man - a man endowed with such abilities - our contemporary - did not exist.

 However, due to its changed after training philosophy in India Avtandil Lomsadze refused to cooperate with intelligence agencies.

 Avtandil Lomsadze reserved the right to a credo that is associated with the philosophy of Raja Yoga: Do not use his powers for selfish purposes, does not affect a person against his will, showing their possible within certain limits, A. Lomsadze always takes into account the limits of human perception psyche is not yet explainable by science phenomena.

 Avtandil Lomsadze - is a unique person who is a great healer and can heal all diseases, including AIDS, cancer, anemia, pneumonia and other incurable terrible for the human disease!

 He is also an enlightened person and a very high teacher who is able to provide each person seeking the path of his spiritual development.

 He has unique abilities: telepathy, hypnosis and so many other Siddhas, who are assigned the highest yogis. But he uses these powers only in order to help people in their lives!

 This unique man also wants to help children. Now he opened schools   for the harmonious development of children, where every child from three years under his leadership will be able to develop, improve and identify their abilities and inclinations, become a real man who will develop in himself all the talents, all quality!

 And, most importantly, become self-sufficient and happy, not subject to the influence exerted by people on the evils of society such as drug addiction, alcoholism and other unpleasant effects!

 Avtandil Lomsadze able to protect from disease in children and adults!

 We are very sorry that the recent attacks on the method of the clergy have intensified. We have to warn you about this and give you the opportunity to make their choice.

 In this section we place the materials published on the website of the Centre "Tibet." Anyone wishing to go through the healing of Avtandil Lomsadze can send letters to:

more here
http://www.galatreya. ru/counsels/rituals/avtandil/

the cult is also promoting Osho, although this is probably in the hope of recruiting and ensnaring the various Osho followers worldwide who are already sold on the idea of "free love" and spiritual devotion to a guru

Page about Osho here
http://www.galatreya  .ru/counsels/archives/osho/

Page promoting women to discover their "inner goddess" (translation - learn how to be a drug addicted sex slave) here
http://www.galatreya  .ru/planet/

the text on this page leads to the website for the "school of goddesses" website here

http://www.ladyworld  .ru/

The site is in Russian language so here is a google translation of the text
"School of Cleopatra: The Art of seduction, sexuality and magnetism

What is the secret of "great women"? Those whose names are entered into the history and whose lovely legs bowed kings, chiefs, warriors, heroes, wealthy and influential men of the world? What makes them stand out among the millions of women - only if exceptional external data? No, no, no!
"School of Cleopatra" reveals the secrets of authentic "women's art." You will learn how to find a something that will make you exceptional in the eyes of men. Cleopatra, the great seductress, actress lives in every woman - you just find the key to the magic room, where she was waiting for my meeting with you. And to those who deserve it gorgeous charms.

On our site you can subscribe to our correspondence on-line course.

All training materials on the topics:

Relationship with a partner
Harmonious family, children
Sexual relations
The art of feminine charm
Youth, beauty, health
Career, Business
The harmony of inner peace ...
If you want to know:

How to become a most desirable for your vote
How to regain and maintain a passionate relationship in the family
How to gain material wealth
How to become a mother of a genius child
How to give a perfect education for children
and much more
subscribe to on-line lessons you can learn on our site. To do this, make payment of fees in correspondence school of 100 rubley.Pervy course (first 6 lessons) for convenience will be sent to you via email. The other lessons you can learn sequentially, going under your personal password, which will be sent to you at the time of registration, the site .

To pay for distance learning , you need to convert 100 rubles. on account 41001616720395  in the system " Yandex ". This can be done in several ways:

Transferring money from the payment systems in Internet
Cash terminal
Through ATMs
At service stations Unistream
Through a system of "CONTACT"
Via bank transfer
Do not forget to inform us on making the amounts and at the bottom of the pay info

Details of the transfer of money to Yandex and find your nearest payment point here .

More information on the site Yandex http://money.

When you register  http://www.ladyworld   .ru/account/register  site do not forget to tick the box "payments already made"

After making payment, you will get unique on its own values and exposed materials, as well as individual counseling, wise advice and answers to your questions during training ...

And all this will enable this:
" A clear sunny morning, I met him - a man of my dreams!
It was him - smart, rich, strong, unusual and true!
Around him was a huge number of women at me, he never even looked up!
How many days and nights I spent in suffering from unrequited love!
I envy those women, bright and beautiful, with whom he met!
I was their complete opposite and did not know what to do!
And then a miracle happened - I hit the "School of Cleopatra!" It was for me the true salvation.
Beautiful women have taught me clearly, creatively and beautifully painted, is always impressive and tasteful dress. I began to look "at all 100%" even when she was home alone.
Thanks to the women's magic, I had become a delightful queen! I did not recognize myself! My view has become a strong, fascinating, sure!
Oh, miracle! Man of my dreams, my love of unusual, he saw me!
I have not even had time to understand how, but he was at my feet with a huge bouquet of orchids in your hands! His eyes shone with unusual depth, love and understanding, he said: "I finally found you, my love, my Goddess!
I smiled enigmatically and confident thought: "Yes, I am the Goddess, but as I began it - it's my biggest secret."
For me the world has opened up new horizons, new entry and unusual experiences. We are together - the man of my dreams and I, our relationship of mutual understanding and the sacraments.
"The goddess is not born, they become!"

School of Women's Wisdom

To date, the education system in our country does not imply any courses designed to teach male and female nature. And this is very bad. Maybe timely lessons femininity would help avoid many of life's problems. Women's Wisdom , which is passed by our grandmothers and mothers, based, like the vast majority of women, the fears, prejudices and illusions. That is why, very often we enter adulthood, are not fully representing what laws there are.

The nature of women is quite unique compared with the male essence. However, very few women realize their true feminine nature, and hence themselves. Women's domestic aspirations and needs are different as well, however, modern society does not account for these qualitative differences. Constant struggle for gender equality and, thus, an attempt to "break" the nature, led to a breach of internal harmony. Lost inner balance, a woman can not live a full, happy life. Our lessons femininity help you keep in touch with their nature. Women's wisdom can not copy the behavior of men, losing their inner strength, which is the greatest mystery woman. Unravel this mystery, a woman will receive a unique opportunity to gain power over their own lives. But every woman is capable of doing that? Undoubtedly, yes! In this you will help our school female wisdom .

Additionally :
1. Women's secrets.
2. Full map lessons .

Please, please be careful about contacting anyone from this network.  They like to hide behind websites and harvest personal data such as emails and addresses so that they can manipulate, use and abuse people.  I would strongly advice anyone checking out these websites to use a proxy server.

They have similar websites targeted at Spanish and Portuguese speaking populations. I will provide more information re this soon.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on December 29, 2010, 07:17:38 pm
Just a few links (I have broken them all so please paste in your proxy browser) to show the size of this network

Spanish website with actual address (extremely unusual - this is the only real life address I have for these people)
http://aharata  .es/hwdcourses/144.html

Golden Altai Academy School
c / Corsica 286 - 1

offering classes in

Siberian Yoga
Art of Goddesses
Siberian Shamanism
Spiritual Healing
Esoteric Astrology
Siberian Tantra
Orphic: Arts Magic
Indigo Children
Magic business
Esoteric Psychology

website for Mexican entity (lots of clear photos of cult VIPs in the gallery section)

http://www.aharata  .es/mexico/

This is a blog belonging to the same network.
http://theartofbeingfeminine.blogspot  .com

sample text from the home page
How to make a man fall in love with you. Become a feminine, womanly, mysterious & ideal woman. Learn the Feminine arts™. Be more beautiful, attractive, seductive, charming & successful. Ultimate femininity. Fascinating womanhood. Attract high status men & alpha guys. Free dating, relationship, marriage ebooks. Beauty tips. Seduction advice for women. Geisha, courtesan & seductress secrets. Online Charm, Elegance & Finishing School Lessons. Steps to being a lady.

Basically it exists as a tool for the collection of personal and compromising data from potential victims and ultimately for recruitment into the cult and thus into slavery.

The bloggers provide no information about themselves in real life, no contact details.  Potential "students" are invited to provide lots of information about themselves including sensitive information that could identify them and their location to the cult.

Anyone taking the time to read the content of the blog will quickly ascertain that there is something not right about this.

Subjects taught via podcasts and PDF documents once you register your details and pay include:

How to Get Rid of a Female Rival
High Society Secrets - and Tips on How to Marry a Rich Man
Getting a Man to Fall For You Using Seductress, Geisha and White Tigress Secrets
Fascinating Womanhood
Seduction Secrets for Women
The Modern Geisha
How to Get a Man to Marry You
The Best Ways Of Influencing Men

source  (scroll down)

All verha spirachul I'm sure.  

More to follow when I have a moment

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on December 30, 2010, 09:48:42 am
Just some links to the fake shamanism events that this dangerous group is organising

Please note that the organisers of the groups change their names as often as they change their clothes so if I use a name and the link gives a different name, this will be the reason why.

Also the VIP members have started to use artwork to represent themselves instead of of photos.  Also they have started to refer to unnamed shamans (see the blurb below).  Obviously they are feeling the heat of this exposure, which is great.  

Scientific Shamanism: Bringing Back the Traditions
Understanding The Science, Myths, Traditions and Power of Shamanism

In all shamanic traditions, there is underlying, deep knowledge that, in the past, was transmitted directly from a shaman to a student - not only through the journey - but also through oral teachings, energy and understanding for self-development.

There are many students of shamanism today and there are few powerful and true shamans.  And the time spent with these masters, who mostly live outside of the USA, is a rare gift and one most of us cannot do in our every day lives.

But there is a science within the magic of journeys: concepts and knowledge that can be taught and understood – away from the diluted teachings and empty rituals – to understand what the power of shamanism is and why.  And through these teachings, learn to go deeper into the knowledge and thus the journey and development of shamanic abilities.  Through this knowledge, shamanism is an art that everyone can use.

Through shamanism, you can learn how to connect to your individual path, how to be successful in your life, how to avoid mistakes and become more conscious and powerful in our lives.  To understand “Who Am I?”.

Through these teachings and the science of the knowledge of shamanism, you can understand:

§  The different forms of our consciousness and how shamans studied:

o   Awakened States

o   Dream States

o   Changed States

o   Higher States

o   Shifting the Point of Perception

o   Principles of the expansion of consciousness.

§  The beliefs, development and concepts of shamanism.

§  The inherent differences of traditions from all over the world at their core.

§  The role of the keepers of the traditions.

§  Cleaning off the ritualistic shrouds that many lineages use to create subterfuge.

§  Why the traditional of passing the lineage to a family member is disappearing.

§  What is trance and what is conscious trance

§  Methodical approaches to the journey

§  How to journey safely

§  Why some shamans use herbs for power: do we need to use them or not?

§  What is “spirit” in the science of shamanism

We will use science and clear understanding to understand the essence and universe of shamanic knowledge, power, journey and practice.  Through these teachings, pure knowledge is restored and principles of the traditions of shamanism can be grasped and understood.  Through this, we can begin to incorporate shamanic principles into our daily life.

This meetup will be taught by a sociologist who has traveled all over the world studying and learning about the different cultures of shamanism and ancient civilizations.  He has studied in Siberia, Mexico, Amazonia, Patagonia and Tibet.  He is also a practicing Shaman.


Earth Spirits: Shamanism and Nature
Shamanism is the oldest earth and spirit medicine: it touches that place within us that moves powerfully through time and space, and exists beyond the realm of civilized understanding.  Shamanism connects us to the spirit of all things. It is the world without words - it is the place where our souls speak their own unique language. It is the place our ancestors walked to find the essence within themselves and the elemental nature of all things. It is the place where illusion gives way to truth and transformation and at the end of our journey - the power within us.

This meetup is for everyone.  You don't have to have any previous shamanic experience - only an openness to explore and learn.  You will be guided by very powerful and compassionate teachers.

In this meetup, we will connect to the wisdom of shamanism throughout cultures, across continents and back to the beginning of time. Learn about trance through dancing, drumming, singing as well as playing shamanic instruments. We will learn the geography of the subtle worlds, the intentions of journeys to different worlds (past, future, earth and the world without time) and the possibilities of healing, learning, journeying and shifting consciousness.

We will also use more modern techniques of dance, singing, and divination to find answers to the questions of our purpose, how to empower our love life and relationships, how to cleanse issues related to negative and dense energies, as well as how to learn about power.

Through shamanism, we will open our creative abilities and our own individual song.  We will find our power animals and creating lasting bonds, and find within ourselves the gifts and talents waiting to be awoken.  We will cleanse away old patterns and behaviors through healing journeys that obstruct the deepest essential nature of each of us and find within ourselves the gifts and talents waiting to be awoken.  

Another important aspect of shamanism is protection.  In this series of lectures and study, we will use different practices from toltec wisdom, siberian shamanism, etc., to create stronger energy fields and energetic shape-shifting, for concealing and camouflaging our signature energetic beings and protecting from negative influences and attacks.

In this meetup, we will have different shamans, mostly from the Siberian tradition, come and teach different aspects of knowledge and take different journeys.

Shamanism is the wisdom, from the beginning time of man, that can not be forgotten - it is simply a part of our being.  It is the purest form of medicine in the world today.  It is a way to knowing - a natural state of being.


Please note that one of the co-organisers of the above event (today she is called Venus - tomorrow who knows?) has a profile page here

This female (possibly "master Chekes") also runs the following groups that I believe are fronts for recruitment into sex trafficking

Empowerment Practices for Women and Young Women
Welcome SHAKTI Goddesses

All of us have within us goddesses.  In spiritual practice, it is called the "way of perfection". We have within us, SHAKTI, the energy that birthed the universe. We have feminine power and strength.  We have the ability to attract exactly what we need to fulfill us.  We have to power to make extraordinary choices – not only because we have self-love and know what will make us happy, but because the choices presented to us in our lives are perfect for us.  How many of us feel badly about some aspect of ourselves - or multiple aspects?  Maybe we would like to accomplish more.  Or we cannot attract that which we are attracted to.  Or we want to make changes in our lives but find we don’t have the time, power or courage to do it.  Or we know we could do more – be more – become more. In today's culture, we are barraged by media telling us we are imperfect.  We face judgment in our daily lives: not only from our culture and media, but sometimes friends, bosses, companions and figures of authority. And we take these negative statements, judgments, diminishing comments deep within ourselves and then we create a chain of reactions.  We were told we were not beautiful, so we don't express our powerful femininity.  Or we were told we were not smart so we join book clubs and mensa to prove we are, all of our lives.  And the funny thing is – everyone IS smart and beautiful – in their own unique way.  We are told, and shown it is a man's world and the way to succeed is to be better than men - at a man's game.  But this is not using our greatest abilities to their maximum potential.  And sometimes, when someone could have loved us, and opened our hearts, they yelled, or acted jealous, or angry, and instead of deepening our experience, we closed ourselves to love. There are many things that we face in our every day lives.  We have either experienced these things or witnesses them in those we love. 1.      Disconnection from our feminine nature which is sensuality, connection, community, communication, beauty, creativity, compassion and love.  We are the home of the heart. 2.     Low self-esteem & self worth.  We are bombarded every day with messages we are not perfect the way we are, or that we can be improved by buying, changing or upgrading something outside of us.  The real work is to change how we feel about ourselves and empower ourselves.  And also to unveil the goddess we were born to be.  Our unique and individual beauty. 3.     Our lives become patterns of obligations, tasks and duties and we forget how to be a sensual and empowered woman.  You are stressed and tired all the time. 4.    In the workplace we are oppressed by the glass ceiling and the corporate structure created by men and to their nature.  Every wonder why it feels so hard to do it the man’s way? 5.     We don’t meet good men – our equals.  Or if we do, we do not attract them.  Or worse... we give away our time, energy and personal power. 6.     Stuck in destructive patterns: dating the wrong guy, eating the wrong foods, or hurting (self-sabotaging) ourselves in one or more areas of our lives. 7.     Or do you find yourself unable to control negative emotions: Jealousy, sorrow, anger, apathy, envy, grief, fear, hatred, shame, blame, regret, resentment, passive aggressive behaviors, loneliness, feeling unlovable, ?  There are things we can heal - we were not born with these emotions and we can remove them from our lives – whether they are within us or we are attracting them.  8.     Negative thoughts can also keep us from becoming our essential selves:  we are inferior, insulted, offended, criticized, reprimanded, threatened, abused, cheated, judged, punished, disillusioned, discouraged, manipulated, rejected, left out, invisible, powerless, obligated etc.  The list goes on forever.  If you think, “I will do that” and feel inspired, and then several moments later, another thought comes and replaces it, and you don’t follow though with the thought – and with it goes the joy and inspiration, then this is something to overcome. 9.     Health - the basics: choosing a healthy lifestyle, eating well, following through with exercise, and cleansing of acquired toxins, etc.  Having not only the desire to have right living, but to have the will to do it. 10.  Beauty: This is an especially difficult subject: to be beautiful or not – whether this diminishes us or whether it is our natural gift to reveal.  And it nature, beauty if empowered and brought from the essence is timeless.   All of us were born to manifest our highest selves: as women, as men, as children, and live in our abundance.  We were all also given tasks (the essential jewel of who we are) to do and obstacles to overcome.  When you begin the journey of healing, overcoming and becoming, and creating higher emotions, thoughts and health, everything starts to be exactly when, where and how it is supposed to be. So in these classes, we will explore many aspects of our personal development.  We will learn the Art of Being a Woman – whatever woman we are meant to be – each of us individually.  We will learn to create ourselves as we want to be and as we were meant to be: beautiful, empowered, loving, abundant and at peace on the inside, and through this journey, manifesting it on the outside.  We will renew and rejuvenate ourselves, and create more vitality and energy.  We will heal the things that do not serve our purposes.  We will explore our inner landscape and through transformation of those things that do not empower us, we will change the world around us: in our relationships, our work, our communities, and the world. The world needs us to love ourselves and spread this love, bountifully to other souls. HOW WE WILL BEGIN THIS JOURNEY: We will choose the most healing and beautiful locations in the San Francisco areas and create a circle, a family and begin the teachings. We will use the practices from Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, The School of Cleopatra, Priestess practices from Temples from all over the world, and a form of energetic karate called “Aharata (which cleanses, strengthens and protects us), and TANTRA to create ourselves as our most magnificent, powerful, beautiful, healthy, loving and perfect beings in our full glory.




NYC Goddesses
We are a network of vibrant women who crave community and a supportive atmosphere while navigating through our personal paths in life, love, spirituality, work, health, wealth, and everything in between.

Meetings are open forums where newcomers are always welcome. The topics range from transformational workshops, to dance or movement classes, to social gatherings, and more - so pick one that feels right for you and share your Goddessness with us!



The I AM WOMAN Movement is….

a) Moving our culture to reconnect with our feminine essence: Culture of celebration, support and honoring feminine essence: Bring women together from all walks of life to celebrate, feminine essence: Bringing together women celebrating feminine essence by creating a culture to support and honor

b) Movement is inspiring women to open to their highest potential by building communities of support and providing women with real tools and knowledge in how to develop in every aspect of her life and providing practical tools and knowledge to help women develop in every aspect of their lives.

c) Umbrella to amplify the voice and leadership of women in creating a harmonious society, taking us in a new direction.

What: Cultural movement based in celebrating feminine essence a)giving women practical knowledge and tools on how to reconnect and empower ourselves to live healthy, balanced, joyful and successful lives. Women’s empowerment through feminine essence. B) amplifying the voice of women’s leadership in ushering in new era through networking and building partnerships, creating an umbrella

Where: All over the country and especially major cities: Videoconferences and teleseminars, National Events and Festival Spring 2012

When: Now!!!

Why: need for women to discover their power, independence , self-love and become empowered to lead in all aspects of life and society. Had political and economic movements but forgot the essence of being a woman, where our real power lies. This is the power of beauty, sensuality, flexibility, communication, harmony and peace. Needed more than ever today to take our society in a new direction. Platform needed to bring all those together who are engaged in women’s leadership work and amplify the voice while bringing more and more women in.

How: Cultural Celebrations, Workshops, Conferences, House Parties, On-line Gatherings, National Events and National Festival: Networking, Working in Partnerships


Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on December 30, 2010, 10:41:52 am
One of the plastic shamans being promoted by this group goes by the name of Master Perun

He is an ethic Russian and definitely not any kind of shaman

He runs workshops on tantra as well as on Siberian shamanism

an example of a past event on 22nd July 2010 at the Yoga Society of San Francisco, 2872 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Meeting with a Modern Master of Ancient Wisdom
The evening of July 22nd, we are honored to welcome and present a Master of Spiritual knowledge from Altai, Siberia.

In most cultures, the men and women who achieve this level of spiritual develop are sequestered in temples and monasteries, their knowledge and empowerments not available to the general public. But times are changing. We are fortunate that this Master will come and share esoteric knowledge transformed for modern times.

He is an initiated master of Shamanism, Tantra, Raja Yoga, Aharata, the Art of Goddess, Orphics (enlightenment through creative practices), and Altay Tibetan Healing. He travels the world transmitting knowledge for the emancipation of all people.

The subject of this talk will be an introduction to spiritual wisdom as it relates to our everyday lives: health, prosperity, relationships, karma, the principles of feminine and masculine energies / power, destiny, past lives, and how to protect ourselves from negative and unwanted energies of other people and situations.

These masters are sent to us so that we may connect to our purpose in life: To see our past so we may be free of it and live today, in this moment, empowered and with grace. They show us the places where we live in ways that do not serve our best selves and are able to show us our personal work, in this time, in our lives so we may change our circumstance in all aspects: relationships with others (both as significant others, as well as family, friends, bosses), our careers, and our health. It is the journey of learning and loving ourselves unconditionally and with confidence, abundance and in harmony with all - other beings, the environment & the universe.

I hope you will be able to attend this special introductory event to meet and experience a modern mystic master.



also see

May 20th, 2010 @ yabyummy (yab yummy is an interesting website)
Shamanic Tantra w/ Master Perun
Siberian Shamanism, a 40,000 year old tradition, teaches that Shamanism and Tantric come from the same source of knowledge and have common roots in experiential knowing, rather than through words. In this open presentation, Master Perun will explain the connection between Siberian Shamanism and Tantra, a body of knowledge and practice that is growing in importance and popularity.

Specifically we will discuss:
Why sexual energy in shamanism is considered the ‘material’ to build your body of dreams and the source of mystical journeying
How the energy of the ‘dreaming body’ becomes sexual and therefore enslaves you to this world, and how you can liberate this energy
How to free your sexual energy in order to access your dreams and access the different worlds of the past and future
How by controlling your energy, you can consciously travel in your dreams and influence your life through your dreams
Explanation of the Special tradition of Oiami –or Spirits-lovers- in the tradition of ancient Siberian Shamans
In this open presentation, Master Perun will transmit knowledge and practices that will be practiced at length during an intensive weekend seminar from June 5th-6th in San Diego. For more information on the weekend seminar please contact

We Welcome you with Love and Power!
We invite you to register by clicking on the register button above.


"Mater Perun" has travelled all over the Americas selling his eclectic brand of pseudo-tantra combined with pseudo-shamanism. It is important that people at risk of recruitment into this cult / trafficking network recognise him and take care to avoid him

You can see videos of him here

and here

another VIP recruiter is a man who goes by the name of Severny Olen although he uses various aliases

You can see a very clear video of him here

also here is a video of Biven Mamonta aka Kargan Kenesh, possibly the highest ranked person in the network

Be very, very careful of these people.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 01, 2011, 02:28:46 pm
I don't know if we have any Norwegian people here but this network has popped up there also

Here we have a "shaman" called Lada along with Soledad (aka Chekes Rada aka Master Chekes)

20. - 22. november 2009 - Harstad

Velkommen til Harstad
Soledad & Lada
Sted: Speiderhuset i Folkeparken

Soledad: Psychologist, healer and shaman.
Lada: One of the keepers of the tradition from the
Mystical Belovodye, the land of the White Waters,
to which she has been connected through 9 generations.

Sted: Speiderhuset i Folkeparken.
Pris: kr. 3.200,-
Påmelding: Innen mandag 16. november til
Tove Laukli, tlf 957 49 700

About the seminar: When a person is developing himself and is healthy, he can find his ideal partner, he can have success in his life and can attract harmony in his relationships. For this reason, the main purpose of a person is to be healthy and strong, mentally and emotionally.

Actually people separate so much from their natural state of health and vitality that it is even considered normal to have digestive problems, headaches, allergies, body pains. We think that it is normal to lose the health by the time; to loose memory, mental abilities and flexibility. Lately we can also see an increase in many diseases attacking people of all ages because their immunologic system is weak and depending on medicines. The self-regulation and strength of the body is lost. Many mothers don’t know how to carry on a pregnancy to give birth to healthy children, so more and more, since their conception, human is directed to a weak health. To be healthy is the basis of development, to have good relationships, to create. If we feel good, if our mind is clear, our body is light, vital and healthy and we have energy to direct to our goals.

Lada will be giving diagnosis, 10 - 15 minutes long, each person will receive precise information about the state of their chakra system and energetic level. Sometimes she also does a forecast of the possible problems the person might face in the future and she gives advises so that the person will be able to deal with them.

In the consultations of 1 hour, the person has the possibility to ask about any issue he is concerned about; about family, close ones or other things. He will receive support and deep advises. He might also receive special exercises to be able to solve the difficult situations in which he stands now or in the close future.

Practice after the seminar - system of exercises that:
 Rise up the immunologic system, the flexibility and longevity of the body.
 Improve the work of the intestines, increase the respiratory capacity and help to keep the ideal weight of the body (some people lose weight).
 Unite the work of right and left hemisphere, body and spirit, giving serenity and connection with our essence, who we really are.
Can be done by people of all ages and conditions

is a healer and international teacher of the School of the Goddesses, has often appeared on mass media in America and Spain, to speak about the new feminine awakening. Soledad has dedicated many years to her development in the Altay mountains as well as to the study and practice of ancient traditions such as Chinese medicine, Taoism, Astrology and Shamanism. She has a degree in Psychology from PUCC Brazil. Over the last seven years she has taught in more than 15 countries, training therapists as well as helping create women circles across the five continents.

Lada is one of the keepers of the tradition from the Mystical Belovodye, the land of the White Waters, to which she has been connected through 9 generations. In reality, these lands still have their own living guardians, who have been keeping the wisdom and the practices to open strong internal powers throughout time. Lada is one of those magical people with the power to transmit the knowledge for Humanity both for her immeasurable power and through the great Love in her Heart. Since she was a little girl she healed people, indeed day after day her talent was growing. She has obtained the abilities to heal the most difficult diseases, to liberate people from problems and lifelong sufferings, improving their destiny and finding their highest predestination.

Many people were searching for these miraculous sources,
but earlier they could not be revealed.
Now is the time when people in all parts of the world face many difficult situations. So now is the precise moment to reveal, use this knowledge and create a harmonic and happy life. For this reason Lada has received permission to bring the sacred knowledge and the power of the spirits to people in Europe. A whole team is working together with her and Soledad to enable people in Norway to receive the help they want to transfer to each person.

Soledad also pops up at another event in October 2009 alongside Silverbird

I'm just wondering if this is the same Silverbird as if the Frauds section?

The shameon Lada also pops up in Chile

In France

You can just see Lada in her distinctive headdress 3.56 - 4.15  and 4.28 - 4.45 minutes in to this PR video produced by the network. It was filmed in the Altai mountains and as you can see there are many customers for this fake ceremony. They probably all have a great time and you have to wonder how many will be seduced by the cult and go on to live on ashrams as slaves.

The above video is worthy of scrutiny as several of the female recruiters can be seen in it, more on that when I have more time

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Post by: nemesis on January 01, 2011, 07:04:31 pm
some more links re this network in Mexico

Aharata Queretaro (not his real name - the "Aharata" prefix is common to cult VIPs) -active in Mexico and probably other territories also.

Altai Fuente de Vida (facebook page for the cult in Mexico - not sure which individual this is)

Aharata Xalapa - (not sure who this is but it is a female operating in Mexico linked to a photography studio - Eva Habibi Studio)

Eva Habibi - (female possibly photographer specialising in belly dance / burlesque photos, active in Mexico and possibly other territories)

Laxshmi Natyam - (not her real name - Laxshmi is a Hindu deity associated with monetary good fortune - female oriental dancer / recruiter operating in Mexico, Spain, t he US and possibly other territories also)
Photos of this woman are on the FB wall, some examples

Arte de la Diosa Mèxico - Art of Goddesses Mexico (front for recruitment into the sex industry / enslavement via classes in how to be a goddess/ geisha / courtesan / shakti)

Helideé Belovodye - female not her real name (Belovodye is a word used for both the cult and cult members) - active in Mexico, Spain, the US and other territories - Recruiter via various workshops on shamanism, arts of the goddesses, dietary advice, astrokarate, oriental dance and "magic make up" workshops.

Some of the above people - while acting as recruiters and therefore dangerous - are themselves victims, have been effectively brainwashed and may believe that they are helping people by recruiting them.

Networks like this - and there are others -  typically control members' access to information very strictly, so that the majority of recruiters have no idea about the worst abuses that new recruits will be subjected to.

New age entrepreneurs with existing "followers" could in theory take a workshop run by this network, incorporate it into their menu of spirchul offerings and start to promote the network via the franchising scheme (linked to in an earlier post), and genuinely have no idea about the terrible conditions in the ashrams or about the history of this network.

From the testimonies of escapees and survivors of this network on the Russian website it would appear that many of the female recruiters are mentally ill or otherwise vulnerable, some of the younger females having been indoctrinated whilst minors, one example here:

People like Chekes Rada the Shameon Lada, Master Perun and especially Biven Mamonta appear to be relatively high up in the food chain, however I suspect that the real monsters pulling the strings and raking in the huge amounts of money that are being made are staying well out of the limelight. The puppet masters will almost certainly include corrupt cops, corrupt public officials and organised criminal and trafficking networks in Russia, the Ukraine and Mexico which are the territories where they appear to be most active in terms of recruiting and exploiting victims (at least to my knowledge). Edited to add: this network is highly active in Latvia where the are recruiting many victims and appear to have wormed their way into the fashion, modelling and media industries.  There are some indicators of them also recruiting young women and girls in large numbers in Estonia and the Czech republic.  Provisional research suggests that in these territories they present with the mix of pseudo-shamanism and pseudo-tantra typical of this group but with no mention at all of Rudnev, Biven Mamonta et al, instead they just present themselves as followers of Osho. 

I am posting this information because people must be warned about this network and the people representing it.  I would again advice that people do not approach these individuals in person.  Some are innocent and naive, some are brainwashed devoted zealots and some are very serious criminals.  Whatever category they fall into approaching them in person is probably not going to end well.

Re Biven Mamonta
according to this page his real name is Paul V HANDOZHKO
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Post by: nemesis on January 02, 2011, 12:42:21 am
This network recruiting victims in Mexico

scroll down

there are some interesting posters

Please use a proxy to view these

http://www.artefemenino  .net/sundari/


Mexico based film and photography production company that appears to be strongly linked to or an entity belonging to this network

http://www.wix  .com/dshaktiproducciones/shaktiproducciones
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 02, 2011, 08:40:11 am
More recruitment events in Mexico

use a proxy

http://artefemenino  .net/contacto/eventos

Another of this cult's meetups in Los Angeles
The group's profile is set to private, so there is limited information.

I would imagine that this group is prioritising the recruitment of celebrities and people with connections to them

Bringing Harmony In Life
I'm very glad that you are here.

    This group is about Women's Power, Health and Sensuality. Our classes will include DANCE, YOGA, complexes OF AHARATA, and SACRED Exercises for opening feminine energy.

Through all this we will have more success in life, in business and in relationships.

THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU, if you want:

  - to discover yourself deeply as a woman;

  - to know more about your body's capability;

  - to attract success;

  - to open your sensuality;

  - to know more about Tantra;

  - to keep your mind and your body in harmony.

Come and Join Us!

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Post by: nemesis on January 02, 2011, 11:42:52 am
this flyer is a huge image so I am linking to it rather than posting it here

In the text it claims that "Master Perun" has had "dramatic results" in treating AIDS, schizophrenia, cancer, diabetes and hepatitis.

Surely there are laws  in various territories prohibiting these kinds of claims?  Maybe the claims about "dramatic results" are sufficiently vague to not break any laws? I suppose that "dramatic results" could include mental breakdowns, suicides and other not very nice things.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 03, 2011, 01:38:20 pm
Here's another blog owned by this network

http://www.thefemininewoman  .com

indicators that this is in fact run by this network

Geisha beauty secrets
http://www.thefemininewoman  .com/2010/04/geisha-beauty-secrets/

How to be a goddess
http://www.thefemininewoman  .com/2010/01/how-to-be-a-goddess-part-2/

web page promoting a link to an "online seduction academy"
http://www.thefemininewoman  .com/2010/03/make-him-fall-in-love-online-academy-review/

This incredible article is definitely worth reading - very culty

Boring women vs Crazy Women
http://www.thefemininewoman  .com/2010/11/boring-women-vs-crazy-women/

plus loads of other indicators that are obvious if you know anything about this network

The above blog and the blog it links to appear to be fronts for recruitment of female victims who are insecure about relationships and about their femininity.  In order to get access to all these allegedly wonderful articles about how to seduce men and how to get rid of rivals you have to register your email address and / or sign up with facebook and thus starts a process of data collection about you by them.

The photos of Melinda on the blog profile page are probably not real photos of the blog owner (I can't be sure about that but they don't feel right, also I don't recognise the girl in the photos).

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 03, 2011, 06:30:43 pm
I just found something really, really terrible.

This is a highly disturbing and upsetting account of elder abuse and child sexual abuse from the earlier days of this network. 

Sensitive people may not wish to read this post.

The below text in Russian (translated via google translate) is from the 6th page of a long document detailing the origins of the network as a spiritual cult and focussing on the personal relationships of Konstantin Rudnev (referred to in the text by the nicknames Kostya, Coste and "bones") the man who appears to have originally founded this network and who is currently in jail in Russia facing charges of rape and drug offenses.  Rudnev featured in all the network's original videos and promotional material but is not mentioned in any of the recent material.   As Rudnev was very close to Biven Mamonta (apparently they shared women together) and were both involved in group sex and ran the network together I think it is important to include the below material.

Soon, the home of Irene, he introduced an even more cruel orders. He even installed iron bars on the door of the room Irinin mother, on which hung the door. Now the old woman could only occasionally crawl out of the room toward the kitchen, that would be there in the kitchen doorway, take your teeth standing on the floor, food dish and crawl to her back.

Present at this Irina and Lena, it seemed very funny. Especially funny it was when an old woman pushing a bowl of his nose, that would have to drag her to her room. But such handouts she was getting smaller. In fact, it starved.

Five-year Sasha was forced to do all the household chores: cleaning, washing dishes, take out the garbage on the street. But this was not enough for Coste. He figured out that Sasha has to sit on the toilet and flush water from the barrel after each visitor. Because the child is not allowed to sleep on duty , he often fell asleep in the toilet. This greatly angered Kostya. Therefore, whenever he found him asleep, physically punished him.

He decided that little Sasha has the night sitting in yogic posture, and that he would not fall asleep, his head, put a cup of cold water. In the eyes of Sasha committed sexual orgies, involving his mother. It is difficult to imagine how we can further traumatize the child's psyche. All this destruction of the bone are called templates and proper upbringing. Irina down with it. She even resigned to the fact that her son had to lick their genitals.

Initially, Sasha was sick and even vomit from this. But then his child's body somehow adapted to such early sexual experience. According to the laws: criminal, religious, universal, and even thieves that Kostya did with the child as outrage over which should severely punish. But Kostya was sure that it all is permitted, it is all the laws that he higher karma - the law of eternal retribution.

But why Kostya was drawn into the sphere of the demonic manifestations? For him it was something new, not available before. Perhaps it was the sphere of its total affirmation. Kostya deliberately evoked in its students the negative emotions such as fear, anger, lust, jealousy, vanity, for that would be pulling them over the levers, they were easy to manage. It is known that much easier to control by a person in the power of negative emotions. In many religious treatises say that this technique used by the demons controlling the lower nature of man. Maybe it's some mythological description of life processes. But if you look closely, that led many people have many questions. Why do people make a very strange actions, especially after taking alcohol or drugs? Why there are maniacs and serial killers? Maybe there are forces interested in such a senseless behavior of some people who are on an unconscious level, act as agents of these forces. In a sense, being thin plans energize tortured victims. In ancient times, for all the action is a hidden meaning. People with a modern mentality nothing can explain the actions of a maniac, but to the fact that he departed from the standards of conduct normal person. But in everyone's life there are moments when, in varying degrees, they take possession of the lower strength. As, however, is the fact that higher forces are at work for different people, regardless of whether they consider themselves teachers or not.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

On his integrity in tantra Costa said quite a few big words. Yet constantly monitor themselves he could not. Since the time of Marianne was not enough time, and apparently, he began to forget why he was beaten in the groin. The lessons were forgotten. And in the end life he has presented yet another lesson - we need to use condoms.

Irina once realized that she was pregnant from the bones. She did not rush to tell him the news. First, she did not know how he will treat it. Secondly, she has long thought that the baby - it's a secret trump card in its hand in winning future husband. It seems that the story of the birth of her first child learned nothing. Irina hid her pregnancy for as long as it does not become apparent. Kostya, of course, insisted on an abortion. She also claimed that he was afraid to have an abortion, because it can damage health.

While Irina could still argue with him. Unlike Lena, she never missed an opportunity to argue with him. Because Irene was a man more intelligent, she loved to ask tough questions. But the bones were always answered. This is the property of the cunning mind. A man identifying himself as a teacher, simply must be tricky. However, in case of pregnancy, Costa failed to persuade Irina to have an abortion.

At the same time he had a different problem. Neighbors on the entrance, where she was Irina often heard the noise, loud music and swearing coming from the apartment. In addition, they noticed that her mother Irina has stopped going outside, and little Sasha was often depressed. Its not often seen sitting on the stairs in the entryway. Then the neighbors noticed that after the noisy gulyanok held in a suspicious apartment on the morning of Sasha endured great packages with empty bottles from which they concluded that there are organized drinking parties.

The most active of the neighbors decided to bring it to public attention. They wrote a collective letter to the district administration. Began the proceedings with a view to finding out what is happening there.

For Sasha's worst period, it became the residence time mother in the hospital when she gave birth to her second child. Left alone in an apartment with Kostya and Lena, he was in an atmosphere of blatant hatred. Kostya Lena even stopped calling him by name, and called a bitch. Irina's mother was dying of starvation. Irina, finally losing all illusions about the fact that Kostya will take your child, like her own, decided to leave him in the hospital. Soon after the child has adopted another couple, and he gained the fate it deserves.

When Irina came home, her son attacked her with a knife. During her absence he had suffered so much abuse that I hated her mother for what she had to leave him at home. Kostya has managed to convince him that it was she to blame for their suffering. Embroil children with parents has always been a favorite pastime of Constantine. For Irene, it was another blow. But she agreed to such a life. Hence, something she is attracted to her.

Mother's death is not much knocked it out of a rut. To her it is treated almost casually. Kostya was not indifferent. He decided to make the funeral. For this purpose, Irina went to the factory, and wept there, she had no money to his mother's funeral. Kostya told her that for her it's just a role as in the theater. Apparently her performance of someone touched. The plant has allocated money for the funeral. But the money went entirely to other purposes.

In the day of the funeral Kostya decided to make a practice of his two disciples. He told them that this practice will help them make significant progress in spiritual attainment. Two young guys, not so long ago came to the first session, had not the slightest idea of what will be the practice. When they came into the apartment of Irina, saw a body of an old woman. Kostya told them to wrap it in a sheet and make out. On the question of children - "Why do not tomb," Costa said all Jews are buried in a shroud.

At the entrance troupes were loaded into a car and driven to the cemetery. Found there some kind of "pests" who dug a hole for a bottle. In the pit dropped troupes, and did not even really burying, and only covered with earth, and went to celebrate. On the way home, that would be even more shocking his students, Kostya sang songs of the thieves. At home, he invited all to drink and celebrate successfully carried out the practice. He had reason to celebrate - the apartment was free.

But here's disciples, who saw a mentor in his new role, not very happy, and soon stopped going to the section. From this Kostya concluded that such practices students need to prepare gradually.

The story of the funeral was noticed neighbors. On this, there was talk that once again attracted the attention of the public. Irina soon summoned to court. The court considered the case of deprivation of her maternal rights to the child. Before the trial, Costa said Irina: "That's fine. Let the bitch is taken to the orphanage. There's a man of him will make. Difficulties always good. "

At trial, Irina shamelessly declared that the son she does not need that she once engaged in his upbringing and that she has nothing against the deprivation of her parental rights. The court so decided to do. However, those present at the meeting of people, it was too shocked to Irina.

They understood that this is not a typical case where alcoholic mother abandons the child due to illness. Irina was in good health and well-dressed. All this led to their resentment. Not by chance shortly articles have appeared in local newspapers about the horrible dead woman, who gave away all her children, and freezing to death by his mother. Irina began to point the finger at the street. The whole house now know this story.

But while no one knew that the leading role in all these events played a young man with a mind, an ordinary guy named Kostya. He was glad the simple fact that the apartment was still available. He told Irina that she would not worry about what they say about it are fools. He convinced her that now she will have a new, happy life. But that would not be subject to discussion, he invited her to do an exchange of apartments. So she did it. She moved into a five story building on the street rail, located quite close to the 74th school. It was a convenient place. What would come to a section, you had just come out of the house.


Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 05, 2011, 06:32:32 pm
Something interesting has happened

this is an old video of Rudnev that has obviously been tidied up and remastered

this is a completely new video from the same youtube channel

Could it be that Rudnev might be getting out of jail soon and is being promoted again?

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 08, 2011, 11:47:11 pm
according to a very interesting article in Russian

this man

who bears some resemblance to Perun, only with longer hair (same person?) is one of the senior members of the cult his name is

Shudnev Konstantin Leonidovich (name of the sect - Shiva Acharya), busy with organizational issues, possibly with real estate fraud

More text from the page
Shambhala School (Sotidanandana Yoga Center) <H>
     Other names: Esoteric Ashram Shambala, "" Siberian Association of Yoga, "" Academy of occult sciences, "Company" Olirna "Center" Belovodye "," School of Spiritual Healing Academy Guru Sotinandany "headquarters" Everest ", School of Yoga, Rajneesh- Center, School of Avicenna, "Esoteric core business", "Alataysky Ashram Shambala," "esoteric schools Agharti" in Moscow "Russian Tantric School, Russian Esoteric Center, International" Academy of Happiness, "The International Academy The Way to Happiness" "The Path to Belovodye.

     Printed publications: Newspapers "Healer," "Rainbow lotus" and "Newspaper for fools." All newspapers come to "sadhaka" (the adherents) in the mail. At the newspapers themselves do not output data (ie, printing houses, the city, ordering, etc.). It is through their publication "School" is trying to bring their "Light of Truth" and gives some advice, "circles of interest" on the ground in other cities.

     Feature: a dangerous criminal organizations, whose leaders are passionate about oriental and occult practices. Puts adherents in terms of slave existence. Uses elements of violence.
     In Novosibirsk, the sect had several apartments for the cohabitation of adherents - ashrams, the total number of core "devotees" - a few dozen people.

HEADS OF CULT - "Master" (Rudnev Konstantin Dmitrievich) the name of the sect - Sri Jnana Avatar Muni, calling himself an enlightened teacher, God, Home, "a priestess" - Sri Lakshmi Devi Subhi (Zakharova Elena Vladimirovna), "Chief Mentor" - Sri Ganesh - (HANDOZHKO Paul V.); Shudnev Konstantin Leonidovich (name of the sect - Shiva Acharya), busy with organizational issues, possibly with real estate fraud, and several other young people who are divided into older "mentors" (wear a black tunic) and junior "trainers " (wear a white tunic).
 Nestle lectures on the study of yoga, "eternal truths", which made the selection of prospective adopters, ie, people with high suggestibility, supple psyche. Seminars, participation costs - about 6 million rubles. Going about 60-70 people. Classes - spontaneous impromptu lecture manager or his students. Are held in rented houses of culture, sometimes in the ashram. Rudnev likes to interpret the various parables, show off your erudition, but in "my circle" recognizes that it is only for external, that it is not so, as he says so publicly. In addition to lectures - collective meditation, dance and yoga exercises. Mentors are often involved with adeptkami so-called tantra-yoga, ie, sexual magical practices.
The most "loyal" settled in an ashram, where supposedly there are "special" conditions for "spiritual growth". For ordinary members of the ashram dream - 3 hours, meager vegetarian food, continuous work, frequent physical violence, sometimes sadistic forms for women - "Tantra practitioners. At this time, "mentors" carefully monitor the adepts, without losing the slightest infraction, deliver impromptu lectures (for "spiritual perfection"). Practices of collective meditation - a curse on the enemies, for example, to annoy the neighbors, but especially - for those who left the sect. Several people stand in a circle, imagining that in the heart of the enemy is, and throws out his anger on him, swearing, cursing at him, imagining that they beat him.

     In a more narrow range Rudnev teaches the need to get rid of the power of parents who are only able to take money from them and bring in the sect. External to the sect of people called "mice", in relation to them is permissible theft, fraud and abuse. At one meeting there was much talk about Hitler, about the need to destroy all the old and weak.

     In general, a "school" gives the impression of the criminal group, whose leaders are passionate about yoga and occult practices.
     Doctrine: has a distinct impression of dilettantism. Published several brochures for internal use to set out the views of leaders, consisting mainly of excerpts of popular books containing the most controversial elements of oriental studies. Style of the authors own views rather vulgar shows their lack of any real knowledge of Eastern religions. Rites group - theatrical, designed to produce an effect on the uninitiated, his "elevation", actually contains some simple elements of primitive occult practices. Popular with the leaders of the book Averyanov Castaneda, "Astral Karate", "Karma yoga", etc.

     Criminal acts: Known cases of sale of the adepts of all his property, flats to transfer all the money mentors.

     There is physical violence against adherents of the mentors, or at their direction.

     01/26/1999 Prosecutor of Novosibirsk region instituted criminal proceedings under Article 239 of the Criminal Code, the United encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens. "

    The basis for a criminal case was the application of desperate parents whose children have become easy prey to "insiders" rogues.

    Since the beginning of the investigation turned cult activities in Novosibirsk and moved the main centers in Moscow and Saratov. The leaders went into hiding. K. Rudnev, declared himself the mentally ill, and some time in a psychiatric hospital, then disappeared from the city.

    Recently, a sect active in the guise of public educational institutions International Academy "The Way to Happiness," which promise to teach:

"Like to call light the soul of the child;

how to achieve attainment of the transcendental mysteries of sex;

as experience the bliss that is available only to the gods;

secret rituals of consecration of the house, turning your home into the temple of happiness;

attract good fortune in life;

fill the house like a bowl of plenty. "

"Academy" predlaet "experience unforgettable moments of the flight of a free soul, to plunge into the world, filled with fragrance of love and harmony." What are these "points" can be seen on the proposed cutscenes.

     I Rudnev a new nickname "The Big God-enlightened Shaman Altai Altai Kagan.

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This is a current website promoting Rudnev and the woman who is described as 2nd in command on the stopfools Russian website


It includes colour photos of them looking ridiculous dressed in fake shaman costumes

Also an interesting Russian news item from 2008
The text here is via google translate (emphasis mine)

On Thursday, Oct. 23 , at 7:00  in the village of Kirov District Soviet police department staff has been discovered, "the headquarters of the sect" Ashram Shambala, one of the most dangerous totalitarian sectarian organizations in the world, originated in 1991, the year in Akademgorodok. On the same day investigators stormed the villa in the village Plotnikovo Novosibirsk region, which was discovered and the leader of the sect - 41-year-old Konstantin Rudnev , known sektanstkih circles under the name of Sri Jnana Avatar Muni.

As a result of operational activities in the two cottages belonging to the sect were found eight girls who were on the federal wanted list as a missing persons (including under-age resident in Belarus - a schoolgirl from Minsk). In addition, investigators seized 23 laptops, a large number of occult literature, video and audio. Both cottages have been discovered objects of sexual entertainment and video products, and distortions of pornographic content.

It is known that the sect "Ashram Shambala" is based on the renunciation of conventional morality and deviant sexual behavior: free sexual relationships, orgies involving animals, the moral, physical and sexual violence, etc. The sect has been around for 18 years, was born in Akademgorodok where its inhabitants, Konstantin Rudnev, born in 1967, he began to lecture on esoteric, yoga, alternative medicine and psychology (lectures conducted including the NSU, while Konstantin Rudnev himself never went to university, he graduated from college).

" I once got a lecture Konstantin Rudnev - told korrekspondentu Vadim Alexeev , in those years - a student at NSU - because he was fond of India, spirituality, etc. By the way, then it was very popular, probably because Rudnev managed to create such a big totalitarian sects. But I was lucky: I could not sit on it and 20 minutes away. But one of my best friends came under the influence of the sect, which then led to the collapse of his family: he is abused his wife, forcing her to participate in orgies with his mistress. However, he later changed his mind, he headed to the Orthodox Church and now has a new family. "

Then, when the sect gained a sufficiently large number of students, classes were held in the basement of a secondary school for street Rail in Zaeltsovsky district of Novosibirsk. For the best "promotion" of the sect Konstantin Rudnev, first called himself Guru Sotidanandana, then was invented the legend that in Tibet, home to the sage, who is his teacher, etc.

Special recognition to Mr. Rudnev brought the book "The Way of the fool," in which author appears under the pseudonym of a roll and, in some publications - under the name Sotilian Sikoriysky. Book and to this day is freely available, in addition, there is publicly available on the Internet. Despite the fact that it is written very poor language, in a circle of adherents of the sect considered to be a revelation Teachers. In the book are denied family values, the joy of fatherhood and motherhood, popagandiruyutsya indiscriminate sexual relations and regular sexual practices, which should deal exclusively with the young and beautiful girls.

According to the results of the international scientific-practical conference "Totalitarian Sects - the threat of the twenty-first century", held in Nizhny Novgorod, April 23-25, 2001, sect Rudnev is listed as "most famous and dangerous modern destructive cults." By debilitating hunger, constant and indiscriminate sex, violence, persuasion using the techniques of hypnosis and NLP Rudnev and his followers were people tied to the sect. Adherents of the sect, as a rule, they became totally dependent on it, donated his property sect, and themselves moved to live in a dormitory of the sect. According to the website, by 2004 the leader of the sect's adherents to the sale of the property, video occult and pornographic content, lectures and seminars to earn about $ 10 million.

Even during his military service (1986) Konstantin Rudnev, tried to convince his commanders to refuse alcohol, tobacco and meat and to transform the military into the likeness of the Shaolin Temple, where the officers would become "teachers" and the soldiers' day and night would be trained in martial arts and serve God. "

Then Rudnev was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Samara. In 1989 he returned to Novosibirsk and with the help  of Elena Zakharova established wellness company "Caravan", which promoted alternative medicine with the eastern slope. After the company was transformed into "Siberian Association of Yoga" (the officially registered name), also known as the "Academy of occult sciences," it also "Ashram Shambala," it also "Belovodye. There also were Company Olirna "," Sotitanandana Yoga Center, School of Esoteric core business "and" School of Avicenna. Around Novosibirsk in houses of culture, cinema and even a children's summer camps cultists have begun paid seminars, which teach "yoga", "the teachings of Shambhala", "Reiki healing," "astral karate and remove damage. One of the most popular among girls has become a "geisha school," where advocated complete sexual freedom, emancipation, etc. It is known that one of the leaders of the sect, Paul Handozhko , a surgeon from the Pskov region, regularly conducts workshops on "Tantra" ("do tantra" - in the language of the sect stands for "sex"), in 2004, was wanted on suspicion of spreading AIDS (there is every reason to believe that he is HIV-infected and caused the illness of several dozen people all over Russia).

According to operative data, by 2000 the number of adherents of the sect had grown to 20,000 throughout Russia. Rudnev tried to detain two times - in 1999 and in 2004, once he was placed on involuntary treatment in a psychiatric hospital in Novosibirsk, but escaped and continued his activities.

The complexity of the situation is, explain the investigators that all followers of the sect do not consider themselves victims, and so long as Konstantin Rudnev still at large. Female found in cottages near Novosibirsk, unwilling to return to his native, and require that they have returned to a "teacher" where they "rest." The exact number of adherents of the sect known, and only a few independently, without serious material and moral damages could be free from the influence of the sect.

As says one of the former adherents of the sect, she came under the influence of one of the middle managers of the sect, which was fascinated by the mythology, magic and healing. " By healing has led me to the need to - my mother was ill with cancer, and I was 16 years old and I vserez hoped to cure such an extraordinary way, as official medicine does not believe it. Of course, my children's hope was not destined to come true, my mother died, and I am in deep depression even more began to study magic books. And here I came across an advertisement in the newspaper - "courses of practical astrology." Unaware bad, I have come to these courses, which led a young man named Vladimir ... He forced me to come to class every day, looked into the eyes without blinking, turn the music on which I had goose bumps running along the skin, he said that I was special, that I have a great destiny, etc. A few days later he began to study with me "Tantra," and why I still did not burst and ran away - for me to this day a mystery. I just could not resist him, the whole force will go away, as in the sand under his gaze. I remember every time I was terribly afraid go to class, just bend my knees in fear, and yet I was. And I began to vary greatly. I began to lie to the Pope, the day could not appear at home. For me, loving and obedient to my father's daughter, it was quite abnormal behavior, but dad cheated on is the shock of losing his mother. Soon the Pope went to another country for work, and Vladimir moved to live in my apartment and the father's money as it had neither work nor own home. And still proud that he will live with me because I believed that he is a god, apostle, the great shaman, etc. Living with them was terrible. He almost did not feed me, made a long time to sit on a cold, bothered, and sometimes Tapping - though seldom, in comparison with the fact that I've heard of other mentors, this was still a Quiet Man "- she publishes her story online.

Law enforcement agencies are hoping that Konstantin Rudnev could be mobilized for the articles "corruption of minors" and "possession of narcotic substances."


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This recent news item in Russian may explain why the new videos of Rudnev have appeared on youtube

It seems that there is a possibility that he may be released on bail on 8th January of this year

The court refused to release the leader of the sect "Ashram Shambala" bail

15:32 11/25/2010
NOVOSIBIRSK, November 25 - RIA Novosti. Novosibirsk Central District Court on Wednesday refused to release from custody on bail of 2 million rubles, the head of the sect "Ashram Shambala" by Konstantin Rudnev, who was detained on September 30, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, a representative of the court.
According to him, the lawyer Rudnev asked to release his client under the cash collateral, but the court dismissed the petition and upheld the position of the investigating authorities, insisted that the detention of the accused during the investigation. The term of his arrest by the court extended until January 8, 2011.
Law enforcement authorities previously tried three times to bring to justice Rudnev - in 1999, 2004 and 2008. However, the case never reached court. This was due in particular to the fact that sect members refused to testify against his "spiritual mentor", claiming that they had joined the organization voluntarily and do not want to leave her.
Once again, the 43-year old head of the sect detained in his cottage near Novosibirsk on September 30 this year. Later, an investigator for investigation of particularly important cases investigation department of the Russian Federation on the UK region indicted him on part 1 of article 239 (establishment of a religious association, whose activities involve violence against citizens and motivation of citizens to refuse to fulfill their civic duties) and Article 131 (rape ) and article 132 of the Criminal Code (sexual assault) committed against 27-year member of the sect. Articles provide for sanctions of up to six years imprisonment.
Investigative Department of Insurance of the Russian Federation on the field on Thursday reported on its website that "continue to be many of the investigative and operational activities aimed at the establishment of sects." Currently, investigators determined 15 people from among former members of the sect, living in neighboring regions, they are all recognized as victims, said the agency.
According to police, the sect "Ashram Shambala" was established in 1989 in Novosibirsk, and now has branches in many cities of Russia. As reported previously director of the Center for sectarianism in Novosibirsk Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Oleg Zayev, in 1999 approximately 10 thousand people were in correspondence with her leadership. What is the number of sects today, is unknown.
Their organization Rudnev previously also called the Academy of occult sciences, the Russian tantric school, the School of geishas. According to police, many of the adherents of the sect "bring a gift" of its leadership to their apartments and savings. Then they all be removed from contact with relatives and friends. Members of the sect promotes sexual orgies, found law enforcement.

source in Russian
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Interesting news story that questions whether Rudnev is really the head of this network

For what it's worth, while it seems like he was the founder of the network, it seems to me that it has grown into a huge criminal network - a Mafia type group - and as such will have cooperative business association with other criminal networks, corrupt police and state officials, etc.  It seems to me that it would be a mistake to concentrate to much on the danger posed by Rudnev as if he died or spent the rest of his life in jail the network would continue to operate as it is anyway.

Anyway, here's the news story

Sex is not a sect led Rudnev?

The investigation believes that the "guru" "Ashram Shambala" was just a "manager"
Komsomolskaya Pravda has already told me that two weeks ago at seven operatives Novosibirsk and Berdsk covered the head of one of the most dangerous sects of Russia "Ashram Shambala" Konstantin Rudnev. However, the same day, after raids on two cottages belonging to the sect, the "guru" was released. Operatives could not find evidence against Konstantin Rudnev, and examination of seized things in cottages is not yet ready (for more details - on our site

So far, in fact there are more and more details. For example, as it became known "KP", the investigation seriously is considering a version that the founder of a sex cult Rudnev was just a dummy figure. A guided it a completely different person. And - quite famous.

- Ore - this is not a key figure in the sect, - says Alexey DYATCHIN, a senior investigator Iskitimsky interdistrict Management IC for RF Prosecutor's Office for the NSO. - Most likely, he headed the only branch of this sect in Novosibirsk. The leader was also Avtandil Lomsadze. The cottages, which were searched, we found lot of portraits and books Avtandil. Rudnev is clearly mentally deranged man, he simply could not undertake such an extensive structure!

Now the identity of Avtandil Lomsadze vengeance study detectives - although so remote. 70-year-old Georgian clairvoyant repeatedly flashed in the newspapers and TV. Resemblance to Rudnev definitely have: Avtandil also proclaims itself "high" teacher "and" Raja Yogi ".

- Even in the videos that we have withdrawn from the Ashram, Rudnev read on a couple of Lomsadze, - says Alexei Dyatchin. - While we have no information where it can be that person. But the consequences to him many questions.

As a final argument, people in uniform give the following argument: Rudnev took his cottage on 23 October. A 26-s have been appointed as the first lecture Lomsadze in Novosibirsk, which he planned to spend on tour in our city. But neither the appointed day, nor later, Avtandil in Siberia does not appear ...

A year ago, Avtandil Lomsadze already arrived in Novosibirsk to demonstrate their "superpowers". Correspondent "KP" personally communicate with that person. Alas, nothing supernatural "visionary" we have not demonstrated. Even thought to read, as promised at first, Avtandil refused. Referring to the fact that the mood is not the head and splits. When the "visionary" to come again, nobody knows. But Lomsadze in Siberia are now expected not only to fans but also people in uniform. In the meantime, investigators are scratching their heads, for what you can bring to justice Konstantin Rudnev.

- Between you and me, in this sect that kind of money spinning ... in a good, Rudnev could be a long time to throw behind bars for the most simple - tax evasion. After all, "Ashram Shambala is conducting training sessions and lectures without a license!

And owes "Ashram" State not a penny, and millions ... Only now would have to figure out - in whose pocket was running fabulous profits ...

Komsomolskaya Pravda is following developments.

Another view

"U" Ashram "one founder, and it Rudnev!"

A new version of a corollary, we have voiced Oleg Zaev, the head of the Center for sectarianism at the Novosibirsk Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

- Initially, a sect "Ashram Shambala" founded Konstantin Rudnev and Lomsadze direct relationship to it had not, - says Oleg Zaev. - Although they both speculated on yoga, but the organization they were different. Presumably, by 2005, against the backdrop of weakening the authority of Rudnev formalized an alliance with Avtandil Lomsadze against the background of general interest, as reported by former members to antirudnevskom site. This version was confirmed by the mother of one of the oldest members of the "Ashram", which indicates the appearance of images Lomsadze her son in 2006, he was revered as an icon visible for the fact that he had received from him a sort of "healing" effect. In any case, be more precise it is not possible because of the deep conspiracy of the sect, where children are taught to speak in front of the camera deliberately false information about their leaders. But what Rudnev is the one and only founder of a totalitarian sect "Ashram Shambala" - this is probably a fact.

- In 1980 Rudnev once came to the lecture Lomsadze and inspired - the second Zaev former assistant Rudnev, A. (girl asked to say her name for security purposes.. - Ed.). - Often went to his seminars. Then he created the "Ashram". Somewhere in 2005, Rudnev decided to find inspired him Avtandil. With Lomsadze, they met in St. Petersburg. Rudnev did offer to cooperate Lomsadze, but he refused and cursed Rudnev, for his teachings. Like, in the "Ashram" a lot is built on hatred of the mother, children ... Lomsadze like how it does not accept.

Dossier "KP"

Avtandil Lomsadze was born in Tbilisi in 1938. In 1960 he played for Georgia's basketball team. In 1971, as he tells Avtandil, participated in the American experiment on telepathy Space - Earth, took the idea astronaut Edgar Mitchell on board the spacecraft from space in a specially designed experiments than allegedly caused an unprecedented sensation in the USA. However, confirmation of this information is not available. Avtandil toured throughout Russia and the CIS, showing his "incredible abilities".

source in Russian
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Another very disturbing news story telling of suicides and other deaths linked to this criminal network

Sectarians driven to suicide at least three people

Girls who had fled from the sect "Ashram Shambala, talk about souls shattered by Konstantin Rudnev [video]
Komsomolskaya Pravda has already told us that after a series of materials about the most dangerous sects of Russia Konstantin Rudnev, the editors began receiving letters from escaped from the sect girls. Of those stories that tell our readers, the hair stand on end. It turns out Rudnev attributed not only to corruption of minors, the involvement of the sect, the extortion, but the more serious sins (although it would seem much more). Girls accuse Rudnev's death three of his adherents of the sect:

"We still have Rudnev peccadillo - his one aide because he hanged himself - wrote to us by - This is Vlad Bolshakov, the name of the sect Nandi. This boy had hanged himself somewhere in 2002 to the year, do not remember exactly. In the sect, he served as caregivers: Wash, wash the dishes, take out the garbage ... Nandy had a penchant for sadism. Often it was used as a man who mocked the delinquent mentors (eg, beating them with a stick). He also liked to make fun of your pets. He once shot a cat from a homemade crossbow ... And then Rudnev drove him "to stick", and he hanged himself. This guy buried in the nearby plantations near the cottage in Rudnev Plotnikovo ...

Another "guru" brought to the madness of a boy from Tuva, a boy named Ivar. Rudnev, drove him into the woods, which next to the cottage, there is a boy bitten mosquitoes to death - three days he Pomaia in the woods and then, when he returned to Rudnev, he was not allowed into the house, and gave money - they say, come here. But the boy was already at the time insane, and his fate is unknown ... By the way, the money that gave him Rudnev, then found scattered throughout this forest. "

"Because of the offspring Rudnev, died in Kiev girl - already wrote VA - The catch is that I remember only that this girl in the" Ashram "was named Rada. Her name is actually, I can not remember. It was 2002, when I'm not mistaken. I saw her just a few days in Moscow. Apartment in Kiev, was shot on the street Novomarinskoy. In Moscow, the conditions could be remotely described as "aimed at the development of spirituality." People still fed, even as the dogs. The fact that mentors at that time were people like Rudnev, in a society have not achieved much success, some behind crime, drugs, or simply bad luck. Rudnev raised these people, put at the head of the Ashrams, they believed that they are motivated by God's hand and after some time just turned into despots ....

... In Moscow, people illuminates a certain "Leo" (real name Catherine). People were fed once a day, while the mentors themselves, who usually just ate myself with meats, which were bought with the money of the most "enlightening". In Kiev, the same is happening total outrage. "Ashram" there was in charge of some Larisa, last flew out of my head at all ... a long time she was in charge there, she would not let people in the toilets, did not provide meals. "Rada" on the basis of early malnutrition has gone mad, and then just died. Rudnev gave the command to disperse and leave the body. I do not know, whether taken by his parents, or did not know what happened to their child. She was about 16 ... "

Another tragedy took place in Voronezh. In this city, Rudnev followers spent three years, then they were a gang of covered operations. About this on their page back in 2005 told the KP-Voronezh. Then, after their publication, the editor called and told the girl's tragic history. It turned out that dragged into a sectarian nightmare turned out to be her lover Egor. Once he went to "Main Ashram" in Novosibirsk, Russia, and returned from there, he committed suicide.

"Yegor jumped from the sixth floor, but survived - no fracture! - Told the girl .- Even in the hospital, doctors discovered the strongest of heart and lung contusions. A week later he died. He was not yet 30 years ... "

And despite all this, Rudnev, who recently was detained at the Novosibirsk Opera and leave on the loose!

- At the moment a criminal case against Konstantin Rudnev has not yet opened - officially comment on the "KP" in the police department to the NSO. - The fact that it is not completed examination of the seized at the cabin materials and objects. That their results may affect the sanction against the head of the sect. In addition, while not found 15-year-old girl, because of the disappearance of that and deployed the event.

However, what kind of expertise in question, when in custody at Rudnev was found marijuana (this is officially the deputy head of the NSO OCD Igor Stepanchenko) ... C Rudnev, for unknown reasons, did not even take on his own recognizance ...


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another disturbing news story (there are so many) this one describing the "pimping " of young girls

text translated via google translate and emphasis is mine

Siberian law enforcement officers are searching for girls who have suffered from orgies in a totalitarian sect
 Victoria Minaev ,  - 14/09/2009

About totalitarian sect "Ashram Shambyly" Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote for two years. Last cultists attracted attention a year ago - also in autumn. Residence "Ashram", which is located on the outskirts of Novosibirsk, was taken by storm SOBRovtsy. They searched for the missing schoolgirl Lena Kuznetsova, suspecting that the "loss" could be in the house of Konstantin Rudnev, leader of sectarians. The girl did not find, but found eight women on the federal wanted list, among them was even a minor girl from Belarus.

Then investigators collected several buckets of dildos, as well as taking the drug, but the latter has not reached the weight for a criminal case.

- Sect members who were in the criminal investigation, we have sent to their homes, but as far as I know, they are back to the lair of "the Ashram", - told the Komsomolskaya Pravda Pavel Zolotukhin, deputy head of the Centre to combat extremism in the police field. - Remember that for a guy especially from Krasnodar mother came, took him on a plane home, but he was just a few days again fled ...

According to investigators, the ringleader of the sect Konstantin Rudnev - the same roll, it is the same teacher, who is also Sri Jnana Avatar Muni and the messenger of God as their "approximate" zapudril brains, that they simply do not give a report for their actions. However, operatives managed to find five girls who were fortunate enough to go sane in this obscurantism. It is based on their statements to law enforcement and recently launched a criminal case against the "Ashram".

- The case initiated on the establishment of a religious association, whose activities involve violence and injury to health - Paul says Zolotukhin. - Now we are looking for more victims of this sect, and ask them to respond by calling (383) 232-74-97, 232-71-96 or 232-71-14. Rudnev himself is still at large.

- Paul V., and how sane leader of this sect? After all, Constantine's unreal the number of inquiries from mental hospitals ...

- It is absolutely reasonable, - said the militiaman. - But often simply built from a madman. Such behavior from his childhood. I Rudnev aunt, indeed, lay in a psychiatric hospital, he had her at an early age came to visit and remember how to behave insane.

Rudnev simply copy their model of behavior. At what it did many years ago, for example, when he was drafted into the army. According to the memoirs colleagues, Konstantin Rudnev, standing on guard, suddenly could begin to shoot into the air from the machine, saying that so it heats up ...

Law enforcement authorities have already tried three times to bring to justice Rudnev in 1999, 2004 and 2008. However, until the court case was not reached. Sectarians idolized her "teacher" and refused to testify against him, declared that involved group orgies "to open the third eye, and on a voluntary basis.

As told Komsomolskaya Pravda earlier Oleg Zayev, Head of Information Centre on sectarianism at the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky, many of those who joined the sect were deprived of apartments, cars and all their savings.

- Integral Yoga, which teaches Rudnev his concubines, involves "improving" after tantric sex - says Oleg. - Inexperienced girls are taught that their partner will refrain from ejaculation, and thus they will reach harmony, enlightenment and perfection. In fact orgy filmed on video, and - according to the testimony of people who came out of the sect - were sold abroad. Thus, we have a modern form of pimping in which girls trade body, not for money but for the idea. They can come to a solid and rich like how to self-improvement, which lobbied for their interests, and partly logistical help to the sect.

By the way what Rudnev, under the guise of his doctrine holds regular brothel, and investigators have begun to understand. Sektantok simply prepared in such a peculiar method of prostitutes:

- Mass Sabbath, called a special training conducted in special apartments. There, they practice a separate pronunciation of the word "Ha!" On the exhale, which is very similar to the Holotropic Breathwork - continues Oleg Zaev. - As a result, the body oversaturated with oxygen, which leads to a narrowing of cerebral blood vessels, weakening a critical understanding of what is happening and the subjugation of the psyche. After that, during the dance they started to undress. One, two ... and vulgar imitation of the herd. Ends, as a rule, svalnym sin. But they do not transgress the law. All everyone is doing volunteer ...

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it just gets worse and worse :(

The leader of the sect "Ashram Shambala" Konstantin Rudnev, which has recently been detained in Novosibirsk, stuffed with his "spiritual children" of strong synthetic drugs.

Today it became known the outcome examination revealed a cottage sectarian substances.

- Sectarians stuffed each other cocaine, marijuana, and two kinds of complex potent synthetic chemicals - say the operatives. - They provided formidable destructive effects on the central nervous system. Now it is clear that attracted people to this cult, and why they behaved so poorly.

During their get-togethers organized sectarian real orgy in which participated not only adults but also children.

- According to the criminal procedure law we have decided on the allocation of new materials and sending them to the territorial bodies of internal affairs, - says Sergey Kopylin investigator. - Since the storage and use of drugs specifically target them consequently in.

All the material collected from the Investigations Division will be transferred to the police tomorrow. And have the organs of the Interior will issue a decision to institute criminal proceedings against Rudnev, which for all 10 years of existence distruktivnoy sects have never been able to prosecute.  

Oleg Pletuhin ,
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Another, older, news story, this one from 2004

Please note that the reported enforced manual labour, the deprivation of human rights, the sexual abuses and, interestingly, the network owning its own travel agency are all indicators of trafficking in human beings (THB), especially when considered in relation to  each other.  The refusal of victims to give testimony against their oppressor/s is also a common feature of victims of THB where it is understood to be indicative of the Stockholm Syndrome

From the founder of the sect "Ashram Shambala" in Novosibirsk are fighting a long time. According to law enforcement agencies, to preach and collect money from the population Konstantin Rudnev and his comrades began in the late 80's. In the field of view of Information and Advisory Centre on sectarianism (he works at the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky) shambalisty "caught somewhere in the mid-90's. Priests began to write and call people whose children have left the family in the so-called ashrams.

"Please help return her daughter - starts one of the letters that came from Kuzbass. - She lives somewhere Novosibirsk. Voluntarily, forced starvation and prolonged meditation brought to a complete degeneration, both physical and mental ... She and other girls are forced into hard work - they wash clothes intact bales, while the men are building someone a house .. The daughter of the sect are constantly donating money - believe that this organization does to us moral and material damage. "

... Starting with "harmless" section of yoga under one of the universities of Novosibirsk, Konstantin Rudnev gradually turned into "a great and enlightened teachers." Mixing in a lot of teachings of Castaneda and other foreign authors, a graduate engineering college "begat" the book "The Way of the fool." Experts call it the content of total nonsense, but nevertheless see it as signs of a policy document of the new religion. It is curious that a book published in Moscow, is freely available on the shelves of bookstores, and now came out the seventh part of it - "The Way of the fool" short can not be called. Specialists believe that this is now Novosibirsk "bible" is no longer appends itself Rudnev, and his entourage. In addition, the new religion was generously seasoned shamanic paraphernalia, sweet Siberian heart.

Simultaneously, Rudnev and his "colleagues" have begun a series of lectures in Novosibirsk houses of culture: he was promised to everyone whether yogis, or shamans, or even some sort of "superman". According to the orthodox center, with similar offers members of the sect Rudnev and traveled to the villages. Like, here we have a shaman, magician and wizard Sri Jnana Avatar Muni - if you send him their children to study, he and they can easily open the possibility of the supernatural. Was adjusted trading book, as well as the magical gizmos. For example, fiat pyataks - the usual "Soviet" nickels coin sold in the mid-90 for 250 rubles at the end - for 500, but now worth $ 20 According to the fighters with the sects, the daily revenue of Ashram Shambala "by postal order is not less than 20 thousand rubles. And with each workshop - on a tantric sex, or by "Esoteric business fundamentals," or for "spiritual healing" sect had ten thousand dollars.

By the end of 90 the number of adherents' Ashram Shambala "grew up to 15-20 thousand in the whole of Russia. And these people really believed Rudnev as God: "I was left a wife and daughter, missing money and lodging. Teacher Help me find my money - because you're the most powerful on Earth, and you all know ..." "Ashrams", where prospective followers were engaged in ritual dances, meditation and tantric sex, appeared almost in every major city in Russia and CIS countries. In Novosibirsk, where she lived the "tip", there were more than ten apartments, each of whom lived adherents of different cities. Many of them were listed on the federal wanted list.

Now trade shaman trinkets and unchanging fiat pyataks is still on. Sect Rudnev only changed its name - it is now called the Academy, "The Path to Belovodye" and has a website with a catalog of products. Seminars are the same, except that are often from abroad: from Rudnev many followers in Western Europe and the USA. According to Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the sect has another business. The Ust-Ilim brewery produced beer Siberian shaman, "the guru on the label, in the Altai working travel agency, through a network of adherents realized Canadian Supplements.

Experts in the ideology of totalitarian sects have recognized "the Ashram Shambala," "antisocial, anti-family, deliberately opposing itself to society in general and to specific people in particular." In 1999, Konstantin Rudnev was suspected of "forming a religious association, whose activities involve violence against citizens", 239 th article of the Criminal Code. He then disappeared for five years from Novosibirsk, and the case postponed. Now under investigation again.

As with any sect, followers of the teachings Rudnev tear all social ties, they are fully subordinated to the will of the mentors. "My heart hurts to see this abomination!" - Said the rector of the cathedral Alexander Nevski Alexander Novopashin. On internal video - lessons tantric sex (and easier - hours of orgies with dildos, including conventional or candles, which, according to a savage ritual is also set on fire). On these tapes - the face of the guru, which is difficult to distinguish from ordinary mental hospital patient.

Delay, "the elusive guru" law enforcement agencies recently succeeded in the village Plotnikovo. Together with him at the cottage were eight girls, the youngest of whom are under eighteen and. To write statements about mental impact of the harem has refused, although the girls admitted that they were allowed to sleep only three hours a day, and so on.

Meanwhile, the regional prosecutor's office is still hoping that they will be able to give Konstantin Rudnev trial. In April 2004, the investigating authorities asked the man from Bryansk, searching for her daughter, which fell into the sect Rudnev. The girl was actually found in Novosibirsk, the seat of the sect. The father wrote a statement saying that his daughter was subjected to psychological violence. Now the victim is undergoing treatment at a psychiatric clinic in the community - possibly after amendment of mental health she will testify against Konstantin Rudnev in court.


the comments are also interesting
Father Alexander Novopashin, dean of the cathedral of Alexander Nevsky:

- In 1999, I served as a consultant to the investigation team, which was engaged in business Rudnev. With my own eyes have seen thousands of photos, videos that were confiscated on the flats - it's a real pornography, and, in my opinion, the evidence collected was enough to attract Rudnev to criminal liability. We are still ringing from different Russian cities and asked to find girls who have left in Novosibirsk in the "Academy of happiness." That has recently been called back from Belgorod, Bryansk.

Catherine Nosyreva-Grishina, an investigator of the investigation of particularly important cases the prosecutor's office of Novosibirsk region:

- Reasons for delaying Konstantin Rudnev, we have not. The prosecutor's office has only three statements, which indicated that the organization Rudnev on people is the mental impact - and these statements are not from the victims themselves and from their parents. Evidence that the sect of withdrawing property of citizens, either.

Now with Rudnev is an obligation to report to the prosecutor's office for questioning - if it breaks, then you can talk to him about choosing a preventive measure. There are currently assigned to a new religious examination, which must determine whether the association Rudnev sect and how it is dangerous for society. If the case Rudnev will be considered in court and the court declares him guilty on the 239-th article of the Criminal Code, he faces penalties of up to three years imprisonment.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 09, 2011, 08:34:10 pm
A cringeworthy display of a plastic shaman impressing some naive newagers here

This video says
Ohin Hara since childhood has the talent to communicate with the spirits of nature. She sings and dance and nature answer to her call. Through her rituals people feel divine joy and empowerment. Her beautiful smile and shinning eyes say more than 100 words and stories that we can tell about her.


So they are happy to tell stories of this shameon communicating with spirits and dancing to nature, but conveniently fail to mention that she is a recruiter for an evil network of organised criminals who like to force under-age girls and even young children to have sex with adults. 

In the video above this monster is called "Ohin Hara" however her other aliases include "Hohin Hara" and "Lada".

Her real name is anyone's guess. 

You can also see her on one of the network's Brazilian sites here:

where there is the following text (translation via google translate)
Ohin Hara , born in the east, from small showed an innate wisdom and a great love for all beings. She then made his life an act of donation to the development of human beings. Ohin Hara devoted himself for many years to research the knowledge that would help her help, psychology, traditional systems of healing, meditation, yoga, astrology. Directly studied the great traditions in places like India, Egypt, Russia, and great masters alive today.

Seeing the leadership role that the woman had been achieving in the world, while it has become more and more required, both within and outside the home, Ohin Hara was a founder of the School of Feminino.Suas classes are famous for all countries which has passed through the contagious joy at the recovery of self-esteem and confidence, helping women in inner healing and the beginning of a full life.

When she is in Brazil can be scheduled consultations and individual works.

This evil child abusing criminal also turns up in France, Norway, Chile and Mexico.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 09, 2011, 08:51:54 pm
This monster was recruiting in Brazil as recently as December 2010

The Priestess and international lecturer Hohin Hara will be in St. Louis between 16 and 20 December. Ohin Hara is in Raja Yoga Teacher, Healer and started on Shamanism of Central Asia. Since childhood she had the gift of vision and talent to heal people with the touch of hands and prayers. In St. Louis, will be teaching an open lecture "How to be a creator in your life, create happiness, success and prosperity" on Thursday night. After the speech the Priestess Hohin Hara will hold an Energy Practice "Creation of intent," special moment to wipe the past year, clean 2011.

On days 17, 18 and 19 December will be ministering Hohin Hara Seminar Secrets of the Orient.

Hohin Hara is Russian and travels with a translator to communicate with the talks, seminars and attending the press.

More information - Carla Fiquene 8867-9846

Lecture - How to be a creator in your life by creating happiness

Location: Shotokay - Center Street and the Ecology of Being Sucupira, block 41, house 30, a Renaissance.

Day: 16/12 (Friday)

Time: 20hrs

Then we have the energy practice of Intent Creation

Seminar Secrets of the Orient

Location: Beach Panaquatira No 85, San Jose de Ribamar. Landmark, arrived at the beach turn left, one of the last houses from the beach.

Days: 17, 18 and 19 December

Schedule : Begins on Friday night

Seminar program:

Raising my personal power: To achieve positive results, stop to realize our dreams we need to have personal power. But in any school they taught us how to increase personal power. When you have personal power, our projects are undertaken, the results of our actions are faster, we can find fulfillment in love and easily overcame the difficulties.

Healthy Living: Nothing is more expensive than the disease. Ohin Hara forward practices that give us health, longevity and vitality. Yoga, pranayama, meditation.

Tantra and romantic relationships: The sacred and ancient knowledge of Tantra teaches us to live a stable and passionate relationship with your partner. It teaches us to choose, and attract a partner. Teaches us to be happy even without a partner.

Special: Ritual of protection for your family for the year 2011

More about the Priestess Hohin Hara, since children had the gift of vision and talent to heal people with the touch of your hands and prayers he learned from his grandmother. His search led her to be initiated in a select lineage of Raja Yoga and the scientific studies, but not abandoned shamanic knowledge inherited from his ancestors, but they improved it in the light of the new teachings. It is a bridge between cultures, traditions, people, between the visible and invisible. You have a talent for healing of body and soul, extraordinary. Being with her is the opportunity to receive a great strength and help in the way of happiness.


Please, please people, be extremely careful of this woman.  She may look like a deluded hippy / plastic shaman (and maybe she is those things?) but whatever else she it she is a senior member of a very dangerous criminal network of human traffickers.  

Her fake martial arts may be completely useless but people like her always have very dangerous criminal contacts so please do not approach this woman in person.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: critter - a white non-ndn person on January 09, 2011, 10:05:32 pm
Geez. This is really disturbing thread. These people need to be arrested and jailed.
Sorry, I didn't read thru all of the links or posts as it is rather disturbing, but enough
to get the gist of this. Seems Interpol ? or someone should be following them, human
trafficking is horrendous. And even that's an understatement.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 09, 2011, 10:32:14 pm
Yes critter.

It is extremely concerning. 

FWIW I have held back posting some of the most disturbing things here.

If ever anyone wanted proof that the newage movement is being used as camouflage by serious organised criminals, or that very serious crimes are being committed under the guide of "shamanism" (fake / plastic shamanism) and other newage nonsense then this thread should do the trick in terms on convincing them.

If anyone is interested in how I started to understand the MO of this network in relation to THB, I was already researching the MO of another huge sex / labour trafficking network operating under the disguise of a Romanian tantric yoga school that has startlingly similar modus operandi to this Russian network.

There is a critical Finnish documentary that network here (English subtitles - some disturbing scenes, some nudity, no explicit scenes)

I really hope that this thread helps law enforcement and the intelligence services (the non -corrupt ones anyway) in various territories to wake up to the threat to national security posed by these extremely dangerous groups.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 12, 2011, 04:58:14 pm
Another name to be aware of in relation to this network of pimps, child abusers and human traffickers

Tizhi Ayu

This would appear to be a female plastic shaman, possibly one of the females already mentioned only with a different name, possibly a new person.

Use a proxy folks


meetup profile

http://www.meetup   .com/Shamanism-in-the-Age-of-Technology-Soul-Memories/members/13194095/

Organizer of "Shamanism in the Age of Technology: Soul Memories" meetups

meetup in new York

http://eventful  .com/newyorkcity/events/shamanic-traditions-/E0-001-035626186-6

also meetups in Philadelphia

http://eventful   .com/philadelphia/events/shamanic-traditions-wealth-happiness-power-2-/E0-001-035493816-8

Photo of this woman on this page, you have to scroll down

http://www.tizhiayu.blogspot   .com/

Definitely the same network

I would be here all day if I listed all the meetups that this network has organised in the US recently

To say that this group is highly active in terms of recruitment right now is a huge understatement

Be afraid, be very afraid, this is extremely serious.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: critter - a white non-ndn person on January 12, 2011, 05:52:02 pm
I wonder if there's some sort of law enforcement agency that would want all this info nemesis..
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 12, 2011, 06:22:51 pm
I wonder if there's some sort of law enforcement agency that would want all this info nemesis..

I should imagine that there is   8)  These really are Mafia type groups so I would hope that LE are doing something.

As an ordinary citizen I have done my very best to alert LE in various territories to these evil people.

Thing with cops IME is that they don't really say anything about what they are or are not going to do.

I'm not a cop and I don't expect feedback I just have to hope for the best.

Typically the only thing they say is "do not approach them in person".   I think that they say that whatever the situation because whatever cops I speak to, regardless of the territory, they always, always say it and that is the only thing they say.  In this instance I pay attention and definitely have no intention of approaching these people in person at all.  

It is also my understanding that it is the job of law enforcement to investigate and not to warn people.  

Thus all this information here.  I feel a very strong need to warn people because I have seen what they do to people and also I have no idea whether cops are doing anything at all about these criminals because they just don't tell me anything.

Another of the reasons why I am posting all of this is that it's a "belt and braces" approach.  I just hope that, if cops in a particular territory didn't take action, for whatever reason, whether disbelief at the craziness of it all, corruption, laziness, incompetence, a belief that "cults" are not a criminal issue (a problem we have in the UK) or some other reason, that this will help to nudge them into action.  
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 14, 2011, 12:31:54 pm
I just want to take a moment to illustrate one of the many similarities between the Romanian and Russian trafficking in human beings (THB) networks.  These networks also have many differences but the similarities are quite striking.

THB typically has 3 core activities with which criminals concern themselves; they are

The grooming / recruitment of victims

The transportation of victims

The exploitation of victims

Of course there may be additional ancillary criminal activities, e.g. money laundering, bribery and corruption, document forgery, etc. however in this post I am providing details of activities related to grooming and recruitment

Here is a video in Spanish language (English subtitles) produced by the Russian THB network

It aims to recruit women to become "goddesses"  via their "school of goddesses" by dressing in what they consider to be sexy clothes and by learning erotic dance

Here is a video produced by the Romanian THB network MISA, to be precise their Danish subsidiary Natha Yoga Centre

It aims to recruit women to discover their inner "Shakti" by dressing in what they consider to be sexy clothes and by learning erotic dance

I just thought it might be helpful for people to clearly see the comparison between the 2 networks for the sake of clarity.

Just a couple more things

USE A PROXY to check the below links

this link leads to an extremely interesting flyer designed by the Russian THB network advertising a 3 day retreat on "Sensual arts of the Goddess" that includes instructional workshops on how women can live like Maria Magdelena, courtesans and geishas, bedroom secrets, strip tease, geisha arts of seduction, seductive dance, awakening "shakti", and much more.  You get the idea.


The next few link is to a MISA owned site liking to various online magazines that offer advice to men and women on "bedroom secrets", "how to drive him wild with a strip tease" various sexual positions, practices and seduction skills

some nude / explicit photos not NSFW

http://oainternetservices  .com/resources/tantra-magazine/tech/ppast.html

It is important that people reading this understand that these trainings in sexual / bedroom skills (offered online and via retreats and workshops by both networks) are not simply strategies for grooming victims to work in the sex industry - although this appears to be the main rationale for the,.  They are also strategies for training honey trap spies - male and female- to seduce and thus corrupt people in influential positions in the territories where these criminals seek to gain power and influence.

Anyone familiar with the history of espionage will know about the notorious honey trap spies of the DIE and the Stasi who were spies intensively trained in sexual and seduction skills, some even surgically "enhanced", and put to work usually with extremely successful results.  

Those unfamiliar with the subject may wish to read the articles linked below, they really are a great read - no need to use a proxy SFW

The fact that these networks are using human assets as spies and agents in this respect makes me wonder whether ex or even current secret services people are working with them.  Just a thought.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 14, 2011, 09:51:33 pm
Just for added googleablity

some appropriate tags

"school of Cleopatra"
"school of Goddeses"
"new humanity project"

"supreme goddesses"
orfica orficaa orfic art
universynergy arts
"shaman's tea"
"elixir of life"
"business magic"
"esoteric psychology" "tantric psychotherapy" "tantric counselling"
"school of geishas"
"Siberian shamanism" (apologies to the real thing - hope you understand and forgive me)
"feminine essence"
"magic make up"
"sexual continence"
"urinary orgasm"
grieg greg stumpi, stumpy, "Gregorian Bivolaru"
"konstantin Rudnev" bones "Sri Jnana Avatar Mooney" "Guru Sotidanandana"
Pfaski "guru alid Pfaski" "SHRI GURU SOTIDANANDANA ALID PFASKI NATVA" "Shri Guru Alid Pfaski Natva"
"Avtandil A. Lomsadze" "Avtandil Lomsadze" "Raja Yogi Guru Alida Chamfer-Natva" "Avtandil Alexeevitch"
"Diana Saiz" "Severny Olen" Kalaki "master stella" Reena Erin Joshua Erika Shama Bonnie "Eka Joti" "zoe wild"

"shakti" "Miss Skakti" "shakti group"
Goddess priestess witch "art of goddess" Art of goddesses"
"vira group"
"esoteric yoga"
"golden mystery of Pharaohs"
tantra "royal tantra" "tantric initiations" "tantra initiations" "tantra for women" "Siberian tantra toga" "shamanic tantra"
"tantric massage" "tantric temple" "yoni massage" "lingam massage" "sacred spot massage" "angel massage"
"fascinating woman" fascinating mysterious mystery
eco trance, plant mystery, ecotrance
"erotic dance" "pole dance" "oriental dance"
"Natha yoga centre" "tara yoga centre" misa
Golden Altay  Golden Altai  Sotidanandana "ashram shambala" "academy of happiness"
"way of the fool"
"Ancient Wisdom for Everyday Life" "Ancient Wisdom"
transfiguration sublimation consecration "traditional yoga"
"Uncover Your Mission and Your Destiny"
"club of energetic empowerment"
"Club of Energetic Empowerment & Spiritual Development"
"Wisdom for a Healthy Lifestyle"
"The Savannah Meditation & Energy Flow Meetup Group"
"Miami Beach Spiritual Connection"
"Tantra & Loving Relationships"
"Yoga of Energetic Protection & Empowerment"
The path of Yoga (Integral Tantric Raja Yoga)
"Developing the feminine essence"
"School of Tantra & harmonious relationships"
"Ancient school for empowerment & emotional freedom"
"Family harmony & education of children"
"Trance Dance Meditation"
"chakra dance"
"Club of Energetic Empowerment & Spiritual Development"
"Bodhi Lounge"
"ancient wisdom tree"
"ancient wisdom for modern life"
"I am woman"
"Eva Yoga: The Manhattan Yoga Adventure"
"Sacred Femininity: Embracing Sensual Power"
"Finding Bliss Within"
"Awakening of the Feminine Essence"
"NYC Goddesses"
"Sunday Meditiation for Healing, Harmony and Bliss"
"Are You Getting What You Deserve? Financial and Spiritual prosperity in 2011"
"Earth Spirits: Shamanism and Nature"
"spiritual aikido"
"Scientific Shamanism: Bringing Back the Traditions"
"Creating A Breakthrough in Your Life!"
"Elements Ritual"
"Empowerment Practices for Women and Young Women"
"Siberian Shamanic Journey"
"Sacred Union: The Divine Dance of Shiva and Shakti"
"Sacred Femininity: Manifesting Our Destiny"
"Awakening the New Potential Within "
"Personal Empowerment & Psycho-Emotional Protection"
"Vibrant Living ~ Path of Harmonious Development"
"school of harmonious development"
"Law of Attraction for Women: Your Divine Power"
"Harmonic Development of Children"
"Yoga and Creative Movement for Children"
"Noticing Your Child's Main Characteristic"
"Sacred Femininity: Manifesting Our Destiny"
"Sensual Dance & Women’s Secrets"
"Creating Love through Spiritual Practice"
"Leading a Purpose Driven Life"
"Dynamic Spirituality"
"Sacred Femininity: Embracing Sensual Power"
"Vibrant Living ~ Cleanse, Develop, & Succeeed"
"Bay Area Empowered Journey Community"
"Shakti Rising: A Night of Sacred Dance and Transformation For Women"
"Divine Union: Attracting Your Ideal Partner"
"The Path of the Modern Goddess and God"
"Path of Modern God and Goddess"
"Shamanism in the Age of Technology"
"Soul Memories"
"Wisdom, Empowerment, Success" "Salt Lake City ~ Wisdom, Empowerment, Success" "Wisdom - Empowerment - Success"
"Living a Purpose Driven Life" "Living a Life of Purpose"
"Trance Dance Meditation: evolutionary project for awareness"
"Wasatch Tantric Explorers"
"Bringing Harmony In Life"
"The Art Of Seduction & Women's Health"
"Chakra Trance Dance: Dynamic Spirit Evolution"
"SF Empowered Journey Practice Community" "Empowered Journey Practice Community"
"Tantra SF: Awakening Sexual Energy and Conscious Partnership" "Awakening Sexual Energy and Conscious Partnership"
"Awaken True Prosperity Now!"
"Art of Energetic Attraction"
"Secrets of Vitality and Longevity"
"Sexual Health, Financial Wealth" "Tantra for Career Success!!"
"Ancient Art of Intention"
"Developing the Masculine Principle for Life Breakthrough!"
"the keys to happiness"
"Chakra Trance Dance for Removing Obstacles & Achieving Success"
" Nataraj Meditation - Dynamic Emotions Trance Dance"
"Siberian Shamanism: Tradition of Wealth Happiness & Power "
"Source Empowerment Coalition"
"Divine Union, becoming an open channel"
"Radiant Embodiment"
"Expressing Sexual Energy through Creative Mastery"
"Consciousness, Sleep, and Developing Our Dream Bodies"
"Discover Internal Resources of Personal Power"
"Stress Release and Vitalize Your Immune System"
"Break Addictions and Unconscious Patterns"
"Master Your Emotions and Emotional Responses"
"Ignite Real Confidence, Courage and Charisma"
"Create Abundance and Financial/Business Success"

THB "trafficking in human beings" "sex trafficking" "labour trafficking" "labor trafficking" "child trafficking" slavery enslavement rape pimping "organised crime" "money laundering" oc ml  fraud "real estate fraud"
"new religious movement" cult sect sekt nrm

I will edit this to add other keywords over time
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 15, 2011, 12:07:19 pm
Just a couple of items from a Russian website - I think it is a website related to the Russian Orthodox Church - so obviously they will have their own angle on this - but the articles are interesting nonetheless;

this article

reports that members of the Russian cult have disowned Rudnev and are claiming that he is just some insane dude who is a member just like the rest of them.

If anyone has problems with google translate just et me know and I'll copy the translated text.  

There are a few photos accompanying the story, one of which was taken at one of the cult's children's camps.  Did I mention that this network provides camps where parents can leave their child for a week or 2 and apparently they get a mini adult back in return?  

Maybe I was just too disturbed by what I found in that respect - if people can bear to read about these children's camps (To my knowledge they run them in Russia and European countries) just let me know and I'll post details - anyway I digress

This photo on the wall of the children's camp


also depicted in this photo of "liberated goddesses"

featured in this story on the same website

Clearly shows that while there is a prominent photo of Avtandil Lomsadze (in fact 2 photos I think), pride of place in the upper centre is given to a photo of Rudnev (2 photos of Rudnev also in fact).

I can see what they are getting at  - they believe that Rudnev is the real leader and that his followers are trying to protect him by claiming that he is some crazy guy.  Personally, from what I have discovered about this network's activities in various territories internationally, my impression is that this is a massive international criminal network and that, while Rudnev is undoubtedly an evil criminal who deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life, I cannot see how any one person heads this network.

Also given what I know about THB and corruption, I think it is inevitable that corrupt state officials at very high levels are protecting this network in Russia, the Ukraine and other territories also.  My thoughts on this are very much coloured by the Russian press reports in 2008 that the victims of this group are numbered in the tens of thousands in Russia and the Ukraine alone.   Even if these reports are exaggerated (I think that one must always consider such reports with scepticism) this is still a huge criminal network. 
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: KrazyKraut on January 15, 2011, 07:25:43 pm
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 16, 2011, 11:06:47 am
This video in Spanish, just posted, shows the Russian network's aspirations for training little kids in order to create a "new humanity".

This really, really, really concerns me

You have little kids doing yoga and various dance moves and some of their Castaneda inspired moves (Castaneda called them "passes", the Russians seem to have made them into various fake chi gung exercises).  Some of the dance moves border on looking more like erotic dance than anything a child should be doing.  Knowing what I do about this network a number of things really alarm me including the little girl with her face painted.  One of the sad things about studying groups like this is that images that may look quite innocent in a normal context take on a more sinister meaning when considered in relation to this group of criminals.

The woman featured in this video, Lili Nahid, is one of a number of oriental dancers who appears in various videos produced by the Russian network

I think that she may be a recruiter / oriental dance trainer but I'm not entirely sure as I don't speak Spanish and it his hard for me to understand what she is saying in the videos.

She appears to be connected with a Mexican oriental dance school that trains many young women in oriental dance.  If you check the above video at 7.01 minutes in you can see that there are a LOT of girls being trained.  This  concerns me greatly.

Another school connected to and possibly owned by the Russian network is the one in this video (produced by the network) the Morah Al Najam Academy of Arab Dance

The same Mexican dance school that created this abomination, a group of tiny little girls, no more than toddlers, performing belly dance

I have attended belly dance classes on and off for decades and, while not an authority on the subject, I know more about belly dance than your average Joe on the street.  I can assure you that any serious or professional belly dancer would be horrified to see that video.  Little girls performing belly dance is just not part of the tradition, to the point that even young teenage girls training and performing is a sensitive and controversial issue.  The reason it is controversial is because traditional belly dance is a dance performed by women for women (even today some performances are for all women audiences or where men can only attend as guests of women).  At the same time there has been a long history in some Middle Eastern countries of oriental dancers being a cover for prostitution and even human trafficking.  Typically women enter countries believing that they will be working as dancers and end up being the victims of sex trafficking.  Pimps and traffickers working with corrupt officials can obtain travel documents and work permits for their victims ostensibly claiming the the women are dancers, and usually the women do in fact dance, they are just forced to service men sexually also.

The same Mexican dance school, Morah Al Najam Academy of Arab Dance, is also featured in the video below in which very little girls are performing ballet.

I trained in ballet when I was their age and generally speaking I have no problem with little girls training in ballet, however when the dance school is connected to a Russian criminal network of sex traffickers, well, then you see the video in a different light.

I will put my cards on the table here, I am concerned that these little girls may be being groomed for sex trafficking to be abused by powerful and extremely wealthy child abusers in the Middle Eastern and Russian territories where tiny little girls who can perform belly dance and ballet might be considered as highly prized "products".  I do not have the resources or powers necessary to investigate this properly and it is my desperate wish that by posting this someone somewhere will do something about it.  

Back to the Romanians, just for a point of comparison

The Romanian trafficking network actually owns it own oriental dance company called "The Celestial Belly Dancers", consisting on initiated "Shaktis" many of whom act as honey trap agents for the network.  Most if not all of them also perform in porn movies produced by the network and also perform other roles such as teaching yoga / tantra and recruiting victims.

You can see them performing here in a performance of 1001 nights

A number of things stand out about the video.  One of the vulgarity of the dance moves.  This is not traditional oriental dance, it is like a hybrid of oriental dance and erotic dance and would be viewed with derision by serious oriental dancers.

The other thing that I would like to draw your attention to is the man playing the role of the Sultan, you get a good look at his face from the side at 25 seconds in and also from the front at 2.18 minutes in.

He is a MISA porn actor ans also, a puppeteer, in fact he is the man operating the rather rude looking belly dancer puppet towards the end of the video in fact at 2.25 he appears to be a puppet master controlling an actual real life girl (the symbolism is not lost on me) and the puppet is immediately afterwards.  

This is where it gets VERY disturbing

If you take a look at the below website USE A PROXY

http://www.magicart  .ro/

It is a Romanian children's project working with children in schools and hospitals but mostly with vulnerable children, street children, orphans and children at risk of sexual exploitation.

If you scroll down to the pirate photos you will see the same man in the photos dressed as a pirate.  He is not the 1st pirate you see, you have to scroll down a bit.  He is holding a sword.  edited to say, I only just noticed this but I think that the other guy in the pirate photos is also in the belly dancer performance, the slightly chubby guy.

In fact the whole website used to be much more focussed on puppets, it was in fact a puppet project, until the links between it and MISA were exposed in the Romanian press and various anti-cult websites.  The project is in fact owned by MISA.

Another ironic fact is that the director of MISA's porn films Bella Maestrinna (real name Carmen Enache) was, before she became a professional porno director, a master of puppets.

Highlights from the "about us" page (translation from Romanian via google) show that they have worked and plan to continue working with vulnerable and homeless children.

October 1997 - March 1999 - MAGIC ART troupe actors working with street children in the Association "Open House" and also with children from the Royal Children's House - Foundation AMURT, gaining experience in working with disadvantaged children.

March 16, 1999 - was born MAGICART FOUNDATION which is dedicated especially disadvantaged children.

June 2000 and July 2001 - presentation of shows in seaside resorts, along with children at the Social Centre St. Macrina.

September 1999 - December 2005 collaboration with the Foundation ARMS, preparing for shows and studio work with homeless children at the Social Center of St. Macrina.

FOUNDATION Magic Art wants to support future projects that are theme shows puppet popularization as a form of artistic expression, as well as work with various disadvantaged groups, especially children with problems.

Its goal:
- It's prerogatives, humanitarian interest
- Provide moral support, spiritual, spiritual:
-Children in orphanages and school-aged
-Physically or mentally disabled children
HIV-infected children
-Adults with disabilities and those with low living standards
-Elders in nursing homes.
The puppet theater and more, organized by the troupe of actors, "Magic Art", is aimed at:
- Re-socialization of disadvantaged social categories
- Personality development of children with problems
- Banishment feeling of marginalization
- Creating moments of joy with word and gesture, movement, puppets and other artistic means
- Develop a sense of usefulness in society.

The performances will be held in:
- Precinct houses or homes for children, adults and elders disadvantaged
- Various theaters
- Special places
- Unconventional spaces (streets, parks, etc..).
Observed effects on children:
- Free Communication
- To stimulate their creative imagination
- Optimism and self confidence
- Overcoming various inferiority complex
- Increase the power of understanding
- The ability to discern between good and evil
- Overcoming fear and anxiety
- Ability to choose friends.

http://www.magicart   .ro/despre-noi

I have some work to do so I will leave it at that for the moment, I appreciate that this is a lot of awful stuff to take in but I feel that it is essential the people understand the levels of crime and depravity that these groups are capable of.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 17, 2011, 04:46:41 pm
Some text from a website regarding the Russian network's summer camps for children

Raising healthy and talented children

I must admit at the beginning it was a little bit difficult for me to send my daughter alone on Holiday. She was 10 years old the first time she went to the Summer Camp, and we had always spent our holidays in family. But I had to be honest with myself and recognize that she was getting a bit bored with us. She is so active; we can’t keep up with her rhythm!
So when I heard about a summer camp in which she could learn different arts, and healthy lifestyle, nutrition, dances, theatre… and that she would be with other kids in nature; I thought the moment had come to change the idea we had of what a summer holiday should be, for us and for her.
And that was one of the best decisions I took in my life!
The little girl, who was very active, got angry easily and did not pay very good attention in class came back as a young woman, focused, with delicate movements, singing with a beautiful soft tone, and teaching us breathing techniques for sleeping well at night!! My husband and I were totally amazed by the change! She had also made very good friends with children from other countries; she had learnt not only good things for herself such as yoga and dances, but also how to relate to other children with different culture and backgrounds. She came back more mature, more calm, more open, and shiny and healthy as the sun!! Since then we have sent her to the camp every summer, and I must say, with better results each time.

Thank you for opening this possibility for our girl to become such a complete young woman!
Katerina, Petersburg

source (use a proxy)

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 17, 2011, 07:08:37 pm
This video is in Spanish and shows Master Chekes AKA Chekes Rada AKA Soledad talking about how to properly care for and educate children.

In sharp contrast here she is again, this time in the centre of a small group of women who are acting in a rather hostile / bullying way and shouting at a rather frightened looking woman who appears to be being punished in some way (is she locked in a cupboard?)

I think it unlikely that anyone who has read this thread in its entirety will need further supporting material to confirm that it would be a very bad idea to send their children to a summer camp run by this this cult /sect / NRM / criminal network (whatever you want to call them).

I just wanted to post this for the obvious contrast between the apparently sane and friendly Soledad / Chekes and the bullying evil harridan Soledad / Chekes who enjoys shouting at people in cupboards.  
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: BIVEN MAMONTA on January 29, 2011, 02:00:29 am
The one and only goal of every spiritual teacher is to bring knowledge to the people, awaken their senses and sow seeds of their inner development. With knowledge and inner development comes great power, which is hard to control by external channels, such as mass media.  Being fully aware of this power, authorities often consider such teachings a threat to their own power over the people and, consequently, they are eager to suppress spiritual knowledge by any available means.  The easiest and most effective method is that of falsification of facts about a spiritual teacher himself.  By spreading rumors and seemingly legitimate facts (which in reality end up being blatant lies) about his morals and deeds, authorities manage to instill doubts in people’s minds about teacher’s honesty, truthfulness and legitimacy.  This technique has been used throughout human history, and this day and age is no exception.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: educatedindian on January 29, 2011, 02:55:27 am
Are you Biven Momonta himself, or someone speaking or claiming to speak on his behalf?

Do you deny all the evidence gathered against you by cultwatch activists, police, and others?

Do you deny the cult coerces women and girls?
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 29, 2011, 09:40:33 am
Dear Mr Handozhko

You use many aliases.  I am confused as to why a law abiding man would need so many different names.  Please advise me as to why you feel the need to disguise yourself in this way.

On the Russian website founded by victims of your organisation they have a page devoted to you and your aliases.  They include photos, to be precise these two (the site is down but the photo can be found via these links to the internet archive


Can you please confirm that these are photos of yourself and that your real name is Paul or Pavel Handozhoko born Dec. 12, 1960?

Also let us look at the information provided about you on this website
The name of the sect of Sri Ganesha.
Prior to the sect lived in the Pskov region in the settlement fiber. Was a practicing surgeon. Like many other teachers, trained in the "ashram". After the departure of Sri Kubera, Ganesha took his place.
Four years ago he was wanted by police for failure to pay child support and on suspicion of spreading AIDS.
It is very likely that he, indeed, HIV-infected. However, he regularly comes to sex ratio at seminars and in the ashram. He is obsessed with sex. When the school came the information that Ganesha can be infected, he was asked to take an anonymous survey and present a copy of your health.
The same opinion at the time held Rudnev. Many girls from Ganesha fell to him.
So he was interested in getting accurate information.
But then, after a conversation with Ganesh Rudnev this topic has been jammed. As far as we know, no help, he did not present.
Ganesha at this time is a major earner of money for Rudnev. It performs many functions that are not cope other mentors. This suggests that the interest of protecting Rudnev Ganesha.
Rudnev, it is sometimes called Gavneshoy or Ganapati. This is a nickname.
Now it - is the only coach who conducts workshops abroad.


Now it appears that the above information is rather old and out of date, but the information relating to your HIV status is corroborated by reports in the Russian press.

Generally I think that a person's HIV status should be private information however in your case, when you are someone who likes to have unprotected sex with many partners, the situation is rather different.

I would welcome your clarification re this.  Are you claiming that the police and press reports of you recklessly infecting people with HIV are untrue?  If so would you be prepared to prove this by taking an HIV test at a clinic of my choice?  

I have a clinic in mind that specialises in testing sex workers for STIs including HIV and provides them with certificates that they need to present in order to legally perform on porn shoots.  The clinic staff are used to working with sex workers and are completely non-judgemental about what you like to do sexually providing it is legal.  

It would be easy for you to go to this clinic and for them to test you.  Would you be prepared to do this? It would involve me contacting the clinic first to make absolutely sure that it is you personally and not some other person who gets tested.  There are plenty of videos of you all over the net so this will not be difficult to organise.  

I am offering you an opportunity to prove that the press reports re your HIV status are lies and I await your reply with interest.  if the reports really are lies you will jump at the chance to prove it.

Just for clarification; I am an anti-slavery activist and my interest in cults / sects / NRMs developed specifically as a result of discovering that many pseudo-religious and pseudo-spiritual groups were involved in trafficking in human beings (THB), both labour and sex trafficking.

You should know that your organisation is not the only criminal network to use the modus operandi that you do and that you have been rumbled / busted / exposed.

From the many reports in the Russian press it is clear that your networks is involved in both sex and labour trafficking and that is without all the many indicators visible online via your various websites and meetup groups.

You can talk about "LOVE!" all you want but it does not wash with me, any more than the pimps who tell their victims that they love them.  I know exactly what you are.

You talk about LOVE! and yet in the guest book of a Russian website devoted to exposing your odious organisation your followers left the following message

26.11.2010 13:50
     You filthy fag Antisektanty!
There will come a day we are all gathering and will kill you antisektantov alone. Teacher says: You are with us or against us!

So you are going kill to those who oppose you are you?  LOL

Not very "love and light" is it?

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 31, 2011, 06:57:52 pm
Dear Mr Handozhko

I am very interested in hearing from you and organising this HIV test for you.

I would also be interested in hearing from you directly about why you feel it is spiritually significant to train women and girls in strip tease, erotic dance, sexual skills and the arts of seduction.

Another thing that interests me greatly is your organisation's interest in children with autism, ADHD and other behavioural problems, your children's summer camps and your various workshops relating to so called "indigo children".

I would also love to know more about your personal and business relationships with Mr Konstantin Rudnev and Mr Avtandil Lomsadze.

Please do come back and post some more.

If you are a genuine teacher / shaman and have been misrepresented in the press and by the police you have nothing to fear.

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Post by: nadia on January 31, 2011, 09:23:59 pm
Does anybody heard about Master Stella - Siberian Shaman . She is doing seminars in US "Siberian Shamanism for Modern Times" . Her name associates with Severny and Diana saiz
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 31, 2011, 10:16:29 pm

"Master Stella" is an associate of the Russian criminal network discussed in this thread.

She is not a Siberian shaman or any other kind of shaman.  

She runs workshops in Astrokarate and Astroaikido in various territories, including the UK.

Severny and Diana Saiz are also members of the same network.

While all of them are involved in recruiting victims for the network, I do not have sufficient data to establish whether they are criminals working with a full understanding of what they are doing, or simply misguided individuals who are themselves victims.  

In a way it doesn't matter.  The really important thing is that people stay away from the people involved in this network.

Anyone who has had unprotected sex with any of these people should seek counselling and medical advice ASAP.  I do not know whether one or more of them has HIV but I do know that:

1. There are allegations in the Russian press that Mr Handozhko (aka Biven Mamonta aka Kargan Kanesh) is wanted by the police for infecting dozens of sexual partners with HIV.

2. There are allegations in the Russian press and cult awareness websites that unprotected group sex and rape are a common occurrence at "tantric" events run by this group.

3. The websites, meetup groups and victim / survivor reports all indicate strongly that this network is involved in THB.

Under the circumstances a trip to the clinic is definitely a good idea if you have been "intimate" with anyone involved in this group. 

Please note that the network's various "shamans" claim to be able to treat HIV and AIDS using shamanism and superhuman abilities.  Personally I feel that, if you have been unfortunate and contracted HIV via contact with these people or by any other way, that you would be best advised to seek conventional treatment from a qualified specialist than from a group of fake shamans. 

At the end of the day it is your own decision of course. 

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nadia on January 31, 2011, 10:54:45 pm
Just curious, are Severny and Handozhko the same person?
Pics look the same
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 31, 2011, 11:07:32 pm
Just curious, are Severny and Handozhko the same person?
Pics look the same

No they are different people, although they look similar in some ways as both have a similar pattern of hair loss.  I do not know how old Severny is but Handozhko appears to be a few years older.

I have seen them both together in the same photo and they are definitely not the same person.

Video of Severny Olen (probably not his real name) here

Video of Handozhko / Mamonta / Kanesh here

Pls note how he claims to have received a special "sign" that Spain was important to the future of humanity and that is why his group opened a project in Spain. He said exactly the same thing about the US in a different interview.  He just says the same thing wherever he goes depending on the territory.

He is also talking about "indigo children" and how his group of associates are the best people to raise and educate them.  *shudders*  Chekes appears at the end of the video and is speaking very fluent Spanish.  I had assumed that she was Russian but I'm wondering if she may be Spanish of from a Spanish speaking country.  Apparently the fake shaman Lada aka Ohin Hara / Hohin Hara is not a native Russian speaker.  She may be a native Spanish speaker, or maybe from a country with a different language.  The Russians may have picked up some Spanish speaking recruits or it may be that they are working cooperatively with another criminal network based in say Mexico or some other territory (I think that the latter option is fairly likely given the size of the network).

Edited to include chat show in English language ostensibly about Konstantin Rudnev.  The discussion has quite a lot of interesting bits of information and is worth checking out, even though it is a "chat" show and thus, not exactly high brow.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on February 01, 2011, 09:57:59 am

You mentioned Diana Saiz

Just so everyone can be aware of who she is

there is a video of her here

edited as I made a mistake - the above video is NOT of Diana Siaz.  This woman looks like her but is in fact an associate of Baba Dez Nichols and his Sedona Temple.  Please accept my apologies for this mistake

Her meetup profile is here (this is the correct profile)

All the groups that she is organising are fronts for recruitment into the Russian network.  Like other cult members she may join unconnected meetups, including as an assistant organiser or co-organiser of groups with many organisers, in order to infiltrate them and recruit more victims.

Of course if she is a "believer" she may genuinely think she is helping people by introducing them to this network, although she is likely to be making money by recruiting new members via the network's franchising scheme so there will also be a degree of self-interest involved whatever the situation.

While I'm here, here is Severny's meetup profile

Although, typically for members of this network, he has other profiles under a different name, Stelios

Other recruiters (please note some of these people are vulnerable / mentally challenged and are definitely victims as well as recruiters)

Kalki (uses other aliases) - please check out her photos, she has a wart or some kind of growth on her face so is easily identifiable
her FB page, where she is called Kyrie Collins

Irene (possibly not her real name) - I don't know much about this person but she is an organiser for the network's events - possibly a vulnerable adult - very clear photos via her profile

This young American woman is definitely a vulnerable adult.  She says in her video that she no longer takes the anti-depressants and mood stabilisers that she has been taking for the last 10 years.  She is basically a young woman with mental health problems who is being used / abused by this network and who, as a recruiter, poses a danger to others. Please note also her provocative clothing, fairly typical of "goddesses".  Erin has been organising meetups for this network and is recruiting for them.
video here
meetup profile here

"Reena" (may use other aliases)
This young woman is interesting as she appears sleep deprived and confused during the interview. It is such a shame, she may be a good, kind person, but she is being used by this network and is recruiting for them via meetups via the name Reena.  Please bear in mind that the overt and covert administration of drugs is part of the MO of this network, and I think you can see the effects of this in this interview.
video here
meetup profile

Erika Henson
meetup profile
FB page
video (normal make up)
video ("goddess" make up) - this girl seems quite vulnerable / fragile in this video to me

Eka Joti
FB page
video (he's the guy with the beard and glasses)
meetup profile

Zoe Wild
FB page

meetup profile
video - VERY interesting video

I will edit this post to add more recruiters when I have a moment

I just want to say again that these people are either serious criminals or vulnerable and even mentally challenged individuals.  

If you check out the videos you can see that some of them at least are sincere and extremely vulnerable.

Please do not approach these people, just stay well away from them.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on February 02, 2011, 12:27:21 am
Please excuse me if I take the attention from Mr Handozhko and his associates for one moment.

Earlier in the thread I mentioned that I had discovered the nature of the business (THB) of the Russian network after researching a Romanian network with a similar MO, namely MISA yoga school and its various international subsidiaries.

I just wanted to include a news story about the "guru" who is in charge of MISA yoga school, Mr Gregorian Bivolaru - Grieg to his followers.

Like Mr Rudnev and Mr Handozhko, Bivolaru claims that he is a persecuted spiritual teacher.

The recent news story below suggests otherwise.

Text reproduced via google translate:
It was a prostitute, he robbed, he put lives in danger to Gregorian Bivolaru. Gazeta de Cluj 'presents, exclusive, shocking testimony Bertescu Valeria, a civil party in a lawsuit against MISA, an organization that, under the guise of absolute integration, conducted numerous criminal activities.

My name is Valeria Bertescu I 52 and on 15 January 1991, the practice of yoga. Gregorian Bivolaru sent me directly and personally to thieves, to steal and prostitute myself for it. One day he asked me for $ 10,000. When I arrived in Cyprus from a yoga conference themes to give it to his gold Mart intructorul, Bivolaru upon us in the car and told me: "I know a few days go back to Turkey, I pray that time produce my next $ 10,000. I was surprised and I said I can not make him that money from prostitution, what I do then. There taking out more than $ 2,000 per month, of which 1,000 to pay my hotel I stopped, my food and expenses and the remainder was sending through the instructor. I went with the instructor, the second day, Bivolaru, in a room where we talked face to face, without any third party, and I said, "Grig, I can not get you $ 10,000 in tie only one month of prostitution for the money are hard. The stolen do not know, but I do not know sex, the world's oldest profession "that Bivolaru told me:" You're Goofy, I teach you to steal your age! Are not you ashamed? "

Reporter: And what ... given you advice?
BV: I brought a bag with bottom fold, containing a diplomat in it and told me to go into all neighborhoods where there are embassies, consulates, respectively in the Taksim district of Istanbul. I said to lurk a guy who comes out of the consulate or from a bank or a woman who comes, so the armored, with a kilogram of gold on it, and I keep after them. She said she can buy her, and her, a newspaper, something, and when the woman was an attack, and if a man steal her diplomat diplomat in my bag and fold it, and bring him to find money, jewelry, electronics. So I went to Istanbul and a long lost time there was a sucker to catch them sutesc diplomat, as I learned master.
Q: So, you sent the robbers?
BV: Of course, but I was cautious because I knew that Turkish prisons are cruel to the Romans. So I'm pointing it. And once I went to meet with a black guy. These are very complex, especially when they see a white woman, but it was very relaxed, calm, basically, I was offered the tray to hang him. For me it did not matter that is black, wrote a note on his forehead for $ 10, $ 20, as I understand it with time and services and make them. And I went to his house, an apartment that he rented a villa. The villa that were about 20 blacks. At one point, asked me what I drink and eat. Coca-Cola I drank, I drank no alcohol is to yoga and after several hours of talked, I made a proposal. He said look, you're a nice girl, if you want to earn easy money our man. More precisely $ 5,000 a week. When I heard, I have asked directly what to do. He said nothing, so I have to go with a plane from Istanbul to Rome, that they are aware of police collimator, the guys from organized crime by Interpol. They told me that I need to do the right thing to do, because they need fresh and white people to go unnoticed. Well, what should I do, I asked myself, where they told me that they are heroin traffickers. After I spent several months on their heads, I saw how they were operating. Those bringing bags of heroin and share them all night, about 20, in small doses several grams plastic. So, and those doses to be swallowed. The only thing is that first swallowed a small amount. Well, having already made up your stomach, could swallow more. One question was, do not drink alcohol, because alcohol melted plastic, your blood flowing and quantity of heroin being too high could die on the spot.

Q: And how smugglers operating?
BV: In one day, around 12 at night, came a guy from Canada by plane, a leader of their own. It was very much annoyed. He asked who brought the Romanian girl, the prostitute that. He feared that the police give the welcome and must change their residence.
Q: In what language?
BV: In English. My English was not perfect, but understand. Patrick, my client said that he brought me, I'm a prostitute and I came to make money, not to give in the neck. Basically, I was in the underworld. Then he took on Patrick, who was a secret name, their names were different. They were all dinTanzania, in Mauritania, but U.S. passports were British. And they told me she was going to give me a British passport, which would lead me to smuggle heroin once a week. And their boss took Patrick and brought in another villa. Beat. When it came after an hour had a thick cut on the hand, as Gypsies in arm with the knife cut, and had face full of blood.
Q: For some reason the beat?
BV: They beat the other gorillas because I brought with me, without asking his permission. Patrick told me that the boss told him to not have ever trust a white woman, as are interest only and they are dangerous. And this is why the beat. I then knew that three of them were already married romance.
Q: There has been fear?
BV: I managed to get out of there the next morning, I spent the night with Patrick. Morning came and my boss said that I let go, but if I do go out in May he did not know when I see the other side to cross the street, forget where I was. He told me not to say anything to the police to kill me, he did not want to give me away, but was asked, and I understand, and so I went. When I went there I could kiss the ground in fear. I was convinced that no life out there, I was sure gonna kill me.
Q: But Bivolaru, which is mixed with heroin in the story?
BV: Not long after, I met again with Patrick who tells me to see you at the Roman Catholic Church in Taksim, there does not look like cops. I wanted to put a good word, can change their mind and accept me head and me to earn money with heroin. When I said I'm not on my own in Turkey, as I must first ask in Romania, I came to my yoga master Bivolaru prostitutes. I told him that I had this thing for this money go to them Bivolaru, but have to ask first. The next day, when I went to a customer in Taksim, I saw some black people that he recognized. Please believe me that was the first time I made my hair stand on end to fear. Then I realized that I could stick a knife in me and nobody would do anything for a prostitute Romanian. However, the need for money made me get back to them, as I know there, and they were very surprised to see me. They said probably that chick is bad or wrong and not what hes done, or working for the police, or need of money. They did not accept because I have to take drugs, and I have accepted that I would become a vegetable. I would be autodesfiintat, I would not have been able to earn my living, to be on my feet. And I told Bivololaru, I said, "Look Grig, sutesc walking to you I made a diplomat for the black guys stuck with heroin. It's hard to convince, but if you want I still make them, "I said.

Q: And what was his reaction Bivolaru?
BV: I've said that Blacks and guys are always stoned and drunk and at one point, the ears fall under tables, and I could steal their money or heroin. What to do, master, "I asked. And he said to me: "You know, all I have to learn how to do. Get some wax paper and, when I see blacks that are finished drugs and alcohol, or heroin, or steal their money and put the merchandise in waxed paper. But do not go out with her, even if you see the dead drunk. You go to the bathroom and hide the package in the toilet tank, then go with waving hands and come back after a week or two. They are going to fight among themselves, who stole heroin, money, and when spirits are calm, you go, you take the package and I bring him to me as I know what to do with heroin and money. "And this I personal learning, lighting Gregorian Bivolaru, who fooled around Romania.
Q: You've got to put into practice "lessons"?
BV: I told one of my clients Grig, who feels very much obliged for my services, I can do to get a gun. And I asked him what to do, there are all sorts of books, many colors, fainting, paralyzing, killing, etc.. I told them that I can shoot straight and if I give permission, pac-pac-pac and kill them all. But I did not, the Turkish police took me, as I have found the gun.
Q: Yeah, but you get shot?
BV: Yeah, if I would have given permission. As was the prostate. Master gave me the blessing, he put his hand on his head, the priest. He told me "go to robbed and stole for me." All the disciples were put to indoctrinate students and the yoga world, parents, children, brothers, colleagues, nor his entourage are not all together as a beard or hair of the head master. And if you send the master to sell seeds in Ferentari five years, you have to go, the master sent you to do obedience. And the story ends with the Turkish police. I was caught with expired visa and without a silencer pistol. Everything I have gone through different circles, I get the silencer, shoot them to blacks, but I failed. I went to the police station, gave me the passport ban for six months I was unable to get into the country.
Q: And as we welcome back?
BV: So, how can you say? Gregorian Bivolaru is a criminal, he taught me to steal, to thieves. He put all others to do shit. When we arrived in the country I fought with them. I told her I pull the trailer and as I hauled myself. And they keep me. Bivolaru I brought money, gold, gold I bring as I could go with two hands, as they do not fall down. Plus luxury clothes and luxury items. But at some point, I am tired. I told the trainer, Eugene Mart, I want to make myself a break and do yoga, not to go and do corns at the bottom to make their money. So I asked them and they tow me or even give me some money back. What he said shocked me. He told me to insist that if they see something send money back one on one, and now the man of Bivolaru, and that the days of C eausescu Security was the killer, and kill me.
Q: Do you know his name?
BV: Yes, his name Asmarandei. Eugene E Mart guy who bought a company and an apartment in the currency made my butt.


Such lovely people these tantric traffickers *sarcasm*

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on February 03, 2011, 09:09:12 am
Back to Mr Handozhko and his associates.....

The woman who represents this network in Denmark recent uploaded a very interesting and rather creepy video advocating abortion.  Rather it claims that abortion is a sin, but is justifiable if you do not have the resources to care for a baby.

Coercing female victims into terminating their pregnancies is a common feature of pseudo-spiritual criminal networks involved in THB.  Obviously young females are move valuable commodities if they are not pregnant or nursing infants.  The video is here

Shockingly, given their THB business, at 1.49 they even use a photo of a little girl with the text "not for sale" as used in anti-child trafficking campaigns.

I am personally pro-choice but I do find the video very creepy and disturbing given the context.  I was checking out one of the network's recruitment sites recently and the text was pretty much telling young women not to get pregnant as it impeded spiritual progress and personal relationships.  On the other hand the network seems keen to get its hands on young children, especially those with behavioural problems, as indicated by their summer camps and various workshops, retreats and educational programmes targeted at kids with autism, ADHD, etc. who they claim are "indigo children".

I also want to say, and this is really, really important, that both the Russian and the Romanian THB networks use extremely diverse and novel methods of recruitment.  Please, please do not think that I have identified them all here as I have not.  

Just for example, the demographics of victims vary from territory to territory and they cast their net wide.

Obviously people with an interest in magic, shamanism, meditation, tantra and yoga will fall into their target groups for recruitment, however via social networking websites they are targeting people with the following interests:

horseback riding
cold water / outdoor  swimming
adventure sports
white water rafting
belly dance / oriental dance
pole / erotic dace
kinky / alternative lifestyles
swingers / polyamory
parents of autistic kids / kids with learning disabilities / behavioural problems
parents of gifted children
singles / dating groups especially spiritual and green dating groups
general spiritual interest
detox / purging / cleansing
mental health support groups
support groups for people with AIDS / cancer / other serious illnesses
colonic irrigation / mucoid plaque
vegan and vegetarian groups
raw food (raw foodists seem to very easily fall victim to them)
spiritual entrepreneurs / green entrepreneurs
anti-THB groups
ecstatic dance / drumming groups
feminist spiritual groups / women only spiritual groups
celebrating your inner goddess
men's spiritual groups / inner warrior
any groups at all related to Osho
all and any kinds of tantra groups
healthy living groups
learn to massage groups

There are plenty of other more obscure and less obvious groups they are involved in but I will not give details here as I do not want to let them know that I know.

Please do not think that the list of recruiters in my earlier post is anything like comprehensive.  Eradicating this network is going to be a very difficult thing because it is like weeding, you get rid of some weeds but more keep appearing.

It is extremely important that the authorities in the many territories where these people are active are not complacent and that they understand the seriousness of the situation. This task needs swift and decisive action if there is any hope of ever containing this, let alone stopping it.  

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on February 05, 2011, 09:10:12 am
I just want to share something

I have been thinking about Mr Handozhko and his associates, reading more of their material and checking out more "testimony" videos of the young people they recruit and one thing is extremely clear.

This network claims to be able to cure many serious and terminal illnesses via magical powers and shamanism.  They also claim to be able to cure schizophrenia, depression and other mental illnesses.

I feel so bad for the young people who are sucked into this and I am reluctant to post more videos of the victims of this network.  Please take my word for it that there are many examples of young people with serious and chronic mental illnesses who claim to be feeling much better having stopped taking their medication and started training with this network.

It is completely clear to me that this network is specifically targeting young people with autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder and other mental illnesses and learning disabilities.  They are advising these young people to stop taking their medication and to cease contact with their families in order to develop superhuman powers.

If anyone from law enforcement wishes to contact me I will be happy to send the proof of this.

Alternatively you can just do as I have done and follow the connections on social networking sites and view the various testimony and other videos. 

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: simon on February 09, 2011, 12:21:20 am
I read your forum and it makes me to laugh!
Don’t you think, that exists at coin 2 sides? Why you look at situation only with one eye? The smallest it is necessary to see at list though 2 parts to find the truth. For example, in courts of ancient Rome didn't consider case if won't interrogate 2 parts. It seems to me that you are an one-eyed Cyclops to look in one lens. :)

I have no relation to Mr.Rudnev's group. But when I ‘v red your conjectures has somehow strained. You are not clever person if try to withdraw attention of visitors of a forum to such nonsense, as Mass Media info. But if you undertook, let's esteem something from Russian info.

Apparently you never lived in Russia? Then you can't know first-hand what in Russia have happened. I come originally from near Moscow, Tula.
For example, you paste links where Mr. Rudnev put in prison (2010), and ‘that he sexually anxious maniac, and forces women with violence who round him live.’ But for some reason you don't do translating of the comments in the bottom of the article. And there that is written:
Comment: «And in what a problem that these women live there, after all any of 38 women doesn't give indications against Rudnev! Can you imagine? And one girl to mother to another town has brought by police, and she has run away again to Rudnev’ house after few days - here was a funny trick!! Isn’t it? What do you think why she came back to such ‘bad house’ (as TV and Mass Media saying)? Because In Russia revelry of suicides, narcotics and violence in families. Thus pops and religious priests are silent, and to the state the criminality revelry is simple on a hand to make billions. So it is better to be in such sect: in warm house, with food, dressed, to study yoga and dances, than to be beaten in a family by the alcoholic father or husband.»

Well, not bad to read full translation? :)   

Here statistics across Russia.
• Over 90 % of women in Russia day by day suffer from various forms of family violence. Each half an hour someone from them perishes from hands of husbands and boyfriends (the United Nations data).
• More than 90 % of the Russian women face physical, sexual and psychological violence in a family ("Interfax" referring to Fund of researches of the United Nations in the field of the population).
• "almost all women faced violence in a family", - Tatyana Zabelina the head of research has drawn a heavy conclusion at press conference in Moscow (2008) As she said, ‘women and children become objects of violence more often.’
• By data statistic more than 14.000 women annually perish as a result of house violence. Actually, each 35 minutes someone from them perishes from hands of the sexual partners.

«Last years the state didn't begin to protect actively interests of women and children who have become victims of house violence.» - Experts have concluded.

• According to scientific researches, the violence in this or that form is observed in each 4th family. About 30 % from total number of premeditated murders is made in a family
• According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, during the period since 1994 for 1996 the number of crimes on which victims were women, has increased on 7,9 % and has constituted 610.000.

NOTE!!!! - the data on 2010 the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia doesn't give, because of enormous growth of murders in families.

The data of statistic in Russia shows that 40 % of victims of violence don't address to police because of disbelief in their possibility to solve a crime, punish guilty, and also because of complete vulnerability.

Annually about 3 million children 14 years old are beaten by parents. For many of these children an end is DEATH. More than 50.000 children within a year leave the house, being salvaged from own parents, and 25.000 minors are wanted.   - rus   - rus   - engl

And at below link is possible to find statistics of murders all over the world, where Russia is on 5th place!? Not bad we live? 

Visit please next link, where ‘ Group 1 (High suicide rate):
Europe and major parts of Asia seem to have a high suicide rate. In fact Russia (38 suicides per 100.000) in comparing with other ‘Groups 2-4’ as Denmark (13.6), Germany (13.5), China (13.9), Sweden (13.4), Australia (12.7), Canada (11.9), India (10.7), the US (11), Italy (7.1), UK (6.9)

Statistic of violence on women in the USA

• About 97 % of victims of violence in a family are women. (Department of justice of the USA)
• Each 9 seconds beat the woman; more than 4 million women beat every year. (Fund on violence prevention in a family)
• On the average every day 4 women kill owing to violence in a family.
• Women who leave from the offenders, on 75 % risk is more often to be killed by the offender.
50 % of all homeless women and children are salvaged from violence in a family.
• Shelters for animals three times more than shelters for women and children who have suffered from violence in a family. (Hearings of legal committee of the Senate, 1990)
• 30 % of the women killed in 1992, have been killed by husbands or roommates. (FBI)

So, what for the liberation need the women of the world as learned Osho (Bhagavan Radzhnish) or this ‘School of Goddesses’ by Mr. Rudnev?
Unless only for the sake of suffering or to escape from senseless life? Also may be for the sake of understanding of true nature of the woman?... Why you want to discredit all of this? Why do you search in classes of yoga or children’ dances groups just negativity? Don’t you love yourself?

Name please to me though one school for girls - women, for boys - men in Europe, Latin America, US where really develop female and masculine essence, help to girls or boys understand their "natural type", their internal talents hidden in them. After all if such woman or man understands who is he/she", then they can find the partner which will correspond to their internal nature and internal rhythms. But in the social world, without having any knowledge of 'art of relations', women and men search each other blindly, marry and... scandals, violence, divorces then begin.

But from the beginning it is necessary to develop you, bring yourself to the state of total perfection (individually for woman and for man). Only from this state there possible to understand what kind of partner you need to find to live with him/her happy whole life.
For example, homeless people they choose partners similar to them, and then suffer, bear humiliations and work hardly until death.
People of average class already have more developed intelligence, they have mutual respect, but they depend on opinion of surrounding people and often live in suffering from it.
Also there higher class of people who lives successfully not in imaginations but in reality.
But you need to go further to become free, to listen blessing of God on those or other actions, which you should do. Exactly in this time real state of true love awakening..

I didn't participate but saw my friends after seminars of the Astral Aikido: strong, assured, how began to grow their business in reality. I saw women who have believed in their higher nature after only 1-2 lessons of ‘School of Goddesses’, they became more independent, young, bright, instead of weak after man’ beating.
If I didn't see it I wouldn't began to break my head to write here. You are engaged with nonsense!

Interesting, what wise man of India speaks about it?

I have found video exactly on a ‘family-woman-men-children’ theme :)
Watch it please!
This is Indian enlightened Master Osho Radzhnish (1931-1990).
His pupils for 5.75 millions $ have purchased him a ranch in US, the central Oregon and have constructed there Ashram where lived more than 5000 persons; trained in meditations, yoga, trance-dances. For four years while Osho lived there, popularity of Radzhnishpuram grew: on festival in 1983 there have arrived nearby 3000 persons, and in 1987 - for 7000 persons from Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. In this city there was a school, post, fire police managements and transport system from 85 buses. Such growth of a free spiritual commune in the center of US certainly it was not pleasant to the authorities. The authorities of US have put Osho in jell where he has received radioactive irradiation, in food added thallium that has gradually led to his death.
What is the similarity with K.Rudneva's group, isn't it?

By the way, such popular at school’ Osho trance-dances «the drunk & mad», Osho took from G.Gurdjieff’ Sufi school to stop of internal dialogue.
(G.Gurdjieff is a Russian enlightened master, 1872-1949.
You can read the book of his pupil P.Ouspensky «In searching of the miraculous». G.Gurjieff has been forced to leave Russia, and then has build Ashram around Paris. But he has found by Russian government and on the instructions of Stalin on G.Gurdjieff in France has been made attempt..)

And again I see similarity to destiny of Mr.Rudnev.
By the way, Mr.Rudnev's modern school with success as I see uses not only G.Gurdjieff’ Sufi dances, but also an ancient theatrical Russian art of buffoonery and clownish. On channels of Russian TV these shots very often show with comments «the drunken fool guru» - what is pure ignorance…
And just trance-dances or ‘buffoonery’ it is the real objective art when mind of the person becomes silent, and the essence or consciousness unites with the higher spirit.
Like this, ignorant Misters and Misses!

Time will show who is right and who is guilty.  - Osho, ‘ The broken family’ (engl titles)

The following article which I bring to your attention can open with ease eyes of readers of your forum on power of corruption in Russia, on persecutions on alternative currents of healers, shamans, foretellers, astrologists, on 10.000 groups, believes and religions societies if they don't concern Christian Orthodox Russian Church which has proved for a long time as “the right hand in Russia”, and “the left it hand is Mass Media”.
 Since January 2010, the prohibition and closing of non-Christian groups is entered into Russia. On their centers and houses attack soldiers in masks, put their leaders in prisons extrajudicially, can kill them with ease at any time and anybody never will find causes of the murder.
Is this not interesting to you to begin researches in this area?
For example, those journalists, reporters who tried to declare openly about this in newspapers of TV or radio simply killed. 

Also do conclusions.

… There were numerous reports of governmental and societal human rights problems and abuses during the year. Direct and indirect government interference in local and regional elections restricted the ability of citizens to change their government through free and fair elections. During the year there were a number of high profile killings of human rights activists by unknown persons, apparently for reasons related to their professional activities. There were numerous, credible reports that law enforcement personnel engaged in physical abuse of subjects. Prison conditions were harsh and could be life threatening. Corruption in law enforcement remained a serious problem, and many observers, including some judges and law enforcement personnel, asserted that the executive branch influenced judicial decisions in some high?profile cases. Security services and local authorities often conducted searches without court warrants. Government actions weakened freedom of expression and media independence, particularly of the major television networks. Eight journalists, many of whom reported critically on the government, were killed during the year; with one exception the government failed to identify, arrest, or prosecute any suspects. Beating and intimidation of journalists remained a problem. The government directed the editorial policies of government-owned media outlets, pressured major independent outlets to abstain from critical coverage, and harassed and intimidated journalists into practicing self—censorship. The government limited freedom of assembly, and police sometimes used violence to prevent groups from engaging in peaceful protest. In some regions the government limited freedom of association and restricted religious groups. There were instances of societal discrimination, harassment, and violence against religious minorities….

And here too remarkable video – ‘ Putin System ’ – it will tell about many things!
During the last years hundred-thousand Russians leave Russia, without hoping to create family without violence from the alcoholic husband or to begin business without mafia.
What do you know about us?
Yes, this Mr.Rudnev from my point of view simply hero-guy if he has constructed the house in Russia for these women and men, feeds-dresses them, in this house, (as I heard) can come to be trained in yoga, dances, actor's skill any Russian or foreigners.. But after all it is forbidden in our Russia!! There is no such law permitting freely to create and live! But if someone does something not at will of governors and church, doesn't pay them fabulous millions bribes then they put such people in terrible jells or murder.
Very few people knows in the world about it.
We are afraid to speak about it on pain of death. So – «Welcome to the world of Russian nested doll (babushka) and a white birch», to the Russian world of ‘welcome’ and beauty. But if to look inside more attentive - there for a long time already the decayed public morals, hatred-envy to those who searches new independent road of the governors of this world or who becomes simple more rich. And the one who doesn't agree with life laws, that on this birch hang up headfirst.

have a nice day!
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: critter - a white non-ndn person on February 09, 2011, 01:30:53 am
what? so.. do i understand that the violence of rudnev's group is a nicer violence so
should be accepted as a better violence and be ok with it?

it's terrible if the info given is true, 90% of the women suffering at the hands of
such violence, but the solution is not found in a 'nicer' violence.. instead, it is
sickening if what you say is true, that these women have to choose the lesser
of two evils.. literally.  neither are acceptable.. however, i can now see how these
russian human traffickers get away with it and are so easily able to create and
maintain their business.  Sick is what it is. Sick.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on February 09, 2011, 09:29:33 am
I read your forum and it makes me to laugh!
Don’t you think, that exists at coin 2 sides? Why you look at situation only with one eye? The smallest it is necessary to see at list though 2 parts to find the truth. For example, in courts of ancient Rome didn't consider case if won't interrogate 2 parts. It seems to me that you are an one-eyed Cyclops to look in one lens. :)

I have no relation to Mr.Rudnev's group.


Long tedious post attempting to justify the activities of Rudnev and his associates by giving exaggerated and false information about Russian society.

have a nice day!

Simon (or whatever your real name is).

If you want to convince people here that this vile network is in fact a misrepresented spiritual group then I advise that you do the following:

1.  Contact Paul / Pavel Handozhko aka Ganesha / Biven Momonta / Biven Mamonta / Biven Mamonte / Bes Beloyar / Kargan Kanesh / Kargan Kenesh or whatever he is calling himself these days and encourage him to come forward to have an HIV test as requested in my earlier post.

The fact that he is wanted in Russia for infecting dozens of people with HIV and that he disappeared when asked to take a test, combined with the fact that he has not responded to my post here inviting him to take a test, (in fact he has again disappeared) does not inspire confidence in him or his organisation.

2. Ask Mr Handozhko to come back and post here about why his organisation:

 - provides its students with highly addictive drugs in the guise of "shaman's tea" the "elixir of life" and recommends regular consumption of such drugs as a healthy tonic

 - trains women to be strippers, erotic dancers and prostitutes

 - puts its students on water diets lasting 5 days and longer  - I have seen the testimony videos of students in this respect

 - tells students that they only need 3 - 4 hours of sleep a day

 - targets mentally ill young adults, telling them that they are not mentally ill and are in fact "indigo children" and shamans and advising them to stop taking their meds and distance themselves from their families.

that's just for starters, but Mr Handozhko really does need to come back and explain himself if he is to retain a shred of credibility

3. Stop talking about Osho / Bhagwaan Rajneesh as though he was some kind of persecuted innocent guru.  I know exactly what he was as do other people here.  I met the men who were dealing drugs and the women who were prostituting themselves to raise funds for his ashram back in the 1980s.  Other people here know about this also and have had similar experiences.  Your bullshit doesn't fool anyone here.

4.  Stop claiming that Rudnev feeds and houses his followers.  This is an especially infuriating lie.  Unless you consider feeding someone starvation rations interspersed with "water diets" to the point where the victims have to supplement their diet by eating grass to be an adequate description of "feeding".  As for housing them, there are credible reports of people sleeping on the floor with no blankets in winter and even freezing to death in ashrams.  How can this be feeding and housing people?

5. Ask Mr Handozhko to come and make himself available here to answer questions about the very serious allegations of the sexual abuse of young children at the ashrams.

I could go on but really what is the point?

It is Mr Handozhko who should be here answering questions and providing the results of his HIV test. You are just a distraction.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: simon on February 10, 2011, 11:23:22 pm
Hi again
i was wondering about jadgment of people who 've never been in Russia..

In Russia and in the World there are many different directions and religions. Each citizen has the right to choose, based on the freedom of expression, to which church to go, where to be and whom to choose as priest and as fellow believer. You can’t avoid the Law or the Constitution of any country, but the events taking place these days in Russia: the brutal persecution of several religious communities and its masters, the violence used against them, the humiliation, plus on top of all, the fact of kicking them into prison, horrifies not only the Russian and European citizens, but also to the structures of power in the Russian Government, who are starting to see the smoke of inquisition awakening throughout the vast Russian territory. But there is no smoke without a fire.
Where is the root of the problem?
Let’s take a look at the book
"The Church in the politics of the Russian government or the progress towards feudalism"
from S.Lunev

The Canon

‘Canon’ means ‘rule’ and the canonical etiquette is the brand providing an example of perfection. Yet, this brand has now been trusted into the hands of defence agencies, subsidized by ‘offenders’.  
Our church is the Orthodox church, and also in Russia we have such a thing as the ‘right beer’. (Russian adv.).
The special rights that are mentioned can be correct from the point of view of Roman rights, but not from the point of view of belief. Neither the persecuted ancient Church nor the apostles had any special rights.   These appeared after the Church became an institution of the state, with a corresponding administrative organisation.
There was a certain pseudo Dionysius the Areopagite, to whom has been ascribed the treaty ‘About the celestial hierarchy’. This describes the three angelical hierarchies, according to which, “is formed our holy hierarchy, similar to the heavenly ranks world.”
The authoritative power is capable to withstand only the institutions that strengthen it, in our case, those that strengthen its authoritarianism.
John the Baptist unmasked the monster Erode, the same monster who beheaded him. John Zlatoust unmasked the power, and this exiled him. In a totalitarian state, the church is legalized only under the condition that this becomes an institution of the power that this sacralises, not only in the eyes of society, but also for its totalitarianism.
In an authoritative state, the church is legalized only on condition that it becomes an institution of power and sacralises in the opinion of a society not only the power, but also its authoritarianism.
Konstantin Pobedonostsev, the public prosecutor of the Holiest of the Holy Synod, in the book ‘The great lie of our times’ wrote, “The democratic principle is one of the falsest political principles, an ideal that, unfortunately, has been sustained ever since the French revolution, namely  that any power proceeds from the people and has its foundations  will of the nation.
The parliamentary theory, which till has misled so many of so-called intellectuals, unfortunately has entered into mad heads of the Russian, and it  keeps on being kept in their minds with the persistence of narrow fanaticism, although its lie is being increasingly exposed before the world, day after day.”

Church revival

Guicciardini, the Renaissance historian affirms that a State depends on two necessary things: weapons and religion, and ?acchiavelli that the most important thing for a Prince is to appear ‘religious’. Even Napoleon, a ‘practical’ politician, acknowledged religion as a very powerful tool for controlling society. "When I entered the land of Egypt, I became a Muslim, but I captivated the Italians with ultra Catholicism, and if I had to control the Jews, I would reconstruct the Temple of Salomon." The Mystic, with its categories of ‘sacred’ justifies cosmic and ontological order in such a way that this is made to correspond to the interests of the governing elite.
Communism, to some extent, became a new form of Christianity: it expressed the ancient dream of paradise on Earth, so typical of those times. The faith in communism was the consequence of the belief that it was possible to improve society through human means rather than Divine Intervention. It replaced the ‘religion of the celestial Kingdom’ with the ‘religion of the earthly Kingdom’. It also replaced ‘God’s principles with the ‘Moral code of the founder of communism’.”
This, however, was not a change of consciousness. People were pulled into the new life with the same motto, namely that of “not obeying one’s will, and to act only accordingly to the likings of the authority, which the chief enjoy i.e to make the will of the authority become our law; to force ourselves to make our  will coincide with the ruler’s will’- regardless of what kind of rational opinion we  had-  and secretly prioritize him above everything else, regardless of the lack information, and even in spite of the passions of those leaders.  We had to express ourselves ignoring all this, and in our expression we saw one and only thing: our own imperfection, with the consequence that  we ended up not having enough will to do anything, having  humbly given our will up to the Divine will, and to the authorities above it.”
(From the book ‘About the three vows of a monkhood: virginity, no gain and obedience’, the Spiritual Censorship, St. Petersburg Committee Publishers).
When the belief in a utopia has vanished, Gorbachev has taken care of Church revival. When the party, under the pretext of moving to a lighter future served the Central Committee, then the church under the pretext of moving also to a lighter future began to serve the oligarchs ideologically. The Glasnost propagandistic scenario worked in such a way that it showed how the unique panacea from the feigned power crisis was the refusal of public property, which had not fulfilled expectations.   Both in the  reformatory press and in daily private conversations, the Western world appeared almost as an earthly paradise; what had been said up to just recently  about the ‘ faults  of capitalism’ including the quite authentic knowledge of its shady sides,  was thoroughly erased from memory.  
In order to support privatization,   the question of the ideology of the new democratic state was of course not the last of questions.   Foreseeing a managerial crisis, the only way out appeared to be the revival of spiritual values.  The Orthodox Church that had always been the state religion of the authoritative state, and whose definition of ‘democracy’ had been 'demono-cracy' (evil authority), adopted the role of the spiritual helmsman in the ‘democratic’ reorganization: perestroika. The type of factories to be created as well as the ethos of public relationships were being rebuilt on the grounds of autocracy.
The church, that had developed and had established  itself according to the authority of  the holy fathers,  for the sake of rescuing relationships, adopted a corresponding knowledge , whose characteristic features were:

• neglect of property, rights and freedom; slavery does not mean much to God, it only means something to humans;
• endowment  with sacred powers   of both the secular and the spiritual power, as well as authoritarianism;
• humbling function of fate through a recognition of sinfulness and lack dignity;
• obedience to seniors was imposed from above and  all aspiration to independence regarded as evil.  
A medieval organizational theory justified the need  for authoritative management: hierarchy and obedience were under construction. All this was based on the assumption that:  workers do not like to work, avoid taking responsibility and are interested in nothing else, but their salary.  
In any hierarchical organization,   the staff, as a rule, is afraid of taking independent decisions and of taking control of their own actions.


I am an ordinary citizen, and I am concerned about how the Russian mass-media’s approaches the bizarre character of Alexander Dworkin, and pays lip service to him by listening eagerly to his comments – mostly  personal in nature, charged with a tinge of hatred and, normally, quite illogic -  about people and their faith or about one or another Russian religious community.
The real questions are, “What does he know”? “What has he studied that he can teach people?”
In ancient times, King Salomon was such a wise man that hundreds of thousands of people, who wished to receive some intelligent advice, followed him. Amongst these there were not only simple citizens, but also rich governors from many different countries: they wished to learn how to believe in God in order to be happy, rich, and healthy. Civilization, under the direction of this King, flourished. But what do we have now?
As for Mr Dworkin, he has a long way to go before he can attain King Salomon’s level.

We live in times governed by two polarities: wherever dirt reigns, celestial purity also reigns, and wherever ignorance and egoism rule, a higher mind and a divine consciousness capable of putting everything back in its place rules too.
Who can help us to find the essence today? Is it possible that in the whole of Russian and amongst all Russian citizens, we can we only count on the opinion of a bunch of false ‘professors’?
“No one is a prophet in his own land” suggests an old saying, and yet the sky is already showing the truth to those who have ears to listen and eyes to see.
So who is the master and who is satan?

Monsters are born from within a sleeping mind; be aware sectarian!

Lawyer’s dictionary:
• the word ‘sect’  indicates a group of people who have left a mainstream religion. ‘Sect’ is not a legal term though, and it means ‘religious organization’ and ‘religious group’. The wording ‘totalitarian sect’ is a rather unclear term, used as a social weapon by certain groups of interest in order to craft a certain opinion in society about specific groups, and address them ‘totalitarian sect’.
• ‘sect’ is also an unlicensed organisation that, when documented, can turn into a Church.

Quotes from the lectures of A. Dworkin, the sect-pathology’s expert (the one who discovers and describes the pathologies of sects:
"I see a serious problem linked to the Oleg Molenko sect. We must take care of this organization as soon as possible. Up to now, we simply did not have enough helping hands. Now his followers have spread in most parts of Russia, which is why it is necessary that we create a strategy to oppose this destructive sect."
"Totalitarian sects (‘destructive sects’) undermine and destroy our citizens’ health. For this reason, the state and the communities must participate more actively in the battle against them. Sects win their faith with lies, and this is why the specialists must unmask them – specialists are like warriors against sects. They have a double function: on the one hand, that of helping the public to recognize the enemy and, on the other, that of helping the state by enabling it to destroy all sects through legal channels. From that moment onwards, traditional religions will be able to sleep in peace.”
 "All sectarians want to be healthy and rich! They pray to God in order to achieve this! This is not good. So we will fight against them. Yaroslavl has turned into a place for us to develop and train methodologies to fight against the sects."
The only religious organizations protected by Dworkin are the satanic ones, “Don’t touch the children; they are harmless and do not have any kind of organisation. If they destroy the Orthodox Cemeteries, paint obscene images on the walls of churches and synagogues, they do it just on the impulse of the energy that plays inside of them, and which they express it this way. When they will grow up, they will become more reasonable. "

What do we have to say about Alexander Dworkin? He is a person who loves scandals: in the past he has been a punk, who battled against those in power and now he is just a servant and an ally of this very same power.  This is a joke! From the ordinary people he moved on to ‘nobility’ or, better put, from the USA he jumped to Russia.
Recently an entry has been posted on the website ‘’, it reads:
 “.. we have been informed by A.Dworkin, President of the Russian Association for the study of religions and sects, doctor in philosophical sciences, professor…”

Such titles demand deeper examination, or else we could by mistake downgrade the ‘honest professor’.

From an interview with J. Olejnikova, the editor in chief for the newspaper ‘Ekklesiast’:
-   Mr Dworkin lacks academic titles and the title of ‘professor’ that he shows off comes from being a guest of the Holy Orthodox Monastery of Tijvin (a city in Russia). True enough, in his lectures, he calls himself ‘professor’ and ‘doctor in philosophy’, but this is false; yet, in this way, he manages to confuse and cheat the students. In addition, A. Dworkin enjoys the reputation of being someone who creates religious conflicts, an activity at variant with the authorities of this country and with the President of the Russian Federation, who aims at reconciling different religions. We hope that Dworkin’s activity will be somehow restricted.”

Other comments:

V. Rjahovskiy, lawyer:
-   A. Dworkin was denied the possibility of teaching at the MGU (Moscow State University), because of his lack of higher education. I was a witness to his offensive replies directed against ’God’s Church’. How does he dare to talk about ‘sectarian’ and ‘pseudo-religious’? I consider it necessary to react against this! For me, personally, working with this person was an unpleasant experience, very unpleasant indeed.”

K.Lunkin, director of the ‘Religion and Law’ institute:
-   It is inconceivable that Dworkin becomes manager of the Ministry of Justice Council! He has no education, he is not a scientist, and he has no titles in science! The powers of the Council have now been extended to him, and from now on he will take control over all religious societies.  The most important issue is if the Council will consider any literature or an organization itself ‘extremists’. The Council for the religious affairs from the Soviet period already had this task.”

S.Rjahovsky, President of the ‘’Russian Association of the United Christians of the Evangelic Faith’:
-   We shall now be expecting indecent measures, a direct attack against freedom of consciousness, the human rights, and the religious rights of all human beings. This resembles what happened in the times of the USSR, or in the epoch of the Tsar. Spiritual corruption, absence of shame, and ideological greediness are now simply manifesting through Dworkin. A decent person would simply renounce his position. This is the opinion of both renowned scientists and lawyers, and we will create an alternative expert Council.

Conference: ‘Does Russia need an Inquisition Tribunal?’
-   “We are shocked that a person like Dworkin, who does not have any personal qualities or even a former religious education and religious plurality can be the chief of the ‘State Council  of Experts of Religious Tribunal’. He is simply a showman on a stage; this is how Dworkin acts in the Council. Where is professionalism?”
-   “...The Constitution has separated religious associations from the State, and does not mingle with its internal mechanisms nor with how those conflicts are resolved. With these kind of actions, Dwarkin is simply increasing social division, and represents a ‘threat to Russian security’.”

A.Nezhnyj, writer:
-   “Believe me, to know Dworkin’s life and work has not given me the slightest pleasure. To be more precise, it has produced in me the sensation that is has swallowed something disgusting by mistake, and that I had to puke it up afterwards.”

M.Zharov, monastery warden at the ancient ‘Temple of Joan Bogoslov’ in Toronto:
-   “Are you not ashamed, comrade sect-pathologist Dworkin, ‘professor’ and ‘doctor in philosophy’, of such an heretic and dishonest curriculum on your back? Pseudo-baptized pseudo-professor in sect-pathology, A. Dworkin, how do you dare to ‘fight for the cleansing of the Orthodox’s Church; without even reading the web site of the Church of Ioan Bogoslov, you have pointed your punishing finger, and said, “With just one hand Dworkin will destroy you!” adding our Church, its sons and the faithful to your list of destructive sects, and now you have  also begun to, ‘urgently build the strategy of the opposition…”
Human Rights defenders, religious specialists and the clergy have all stood up against the intervention of the ‘Ministry of Justice’ in religious matters.

This is what Prof. Ekaterina Elbakjan, doctor in philosophical sciences, said:
“The ‘Council of Religious Expertise’ and the Ministry of Justice lead by the sects’ specialist A. Dworkin are made of people full of hatred. It is dangerous that he tries to interfere in religious matters, because this is against the Constitution. Dworkin calls himself ‘professor’, but he is not. He also proclaims himself ‘doctor in philosophy’, but there is not such degree in Russia; there only is a degree in philosophical sciences. Finally, he also calls himself ‘sects specialist’, but such discipline does not exist either. His diploma is signed by the Patriarch (higher qualification of priesthood in Russia) but this, according to Russian Law, is not valid. Dworkin cooperates with the ‘European Federation for the study and information of sectarianism’ that has been persecuted in several countries in Europe.  And now, the congresses of precisely this organization will be held in Russia. The ‘Institute for the freedom of Conscience’ has reacted against the creation of the Council of ‘Experts of Religious Affairs’, and also against the creation of the lists of ‘extremist’ literature and the intervention of the power in religious affaires.

Please see:

to be continue
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---- Second Part ------


Our hero, A. Dworkin ‘an expert in religions’ during his youth had such a ‘noble’ and ‘pure’ view of developmental processes that the time has now come to unmask it.
The ex-hippy, dissident and emigrant, is now a ‘professor’ of topics related to ‘sects’ and the leader of the ‘Russian anti sectarian association’. When he is asked about his American citizenship, he shows distress. He reports that he left Russia in the 70’s, but these years to the simple person to leave USSR abroad it was almost impossible and furthermore to leave the country for residing abroad. To do this could only those who was under protection of  KGB. He doesn’t tell about his work in radio "Freedom" and "The voice of America", both financed by the CIA.
How is it possible for a man who pleads with words for the Orthodox Church to receive the support of it ideological opponents?

Since the end of the 80’s, A. Dworkin starts to actively promote the CAN (Cult Awareness Network). Established in 1974, s organization specialized in ‘deprogramming’ people (by request of relatives) who had been attracted by religious movements not so known to the mainstream.
On June the 20th, 1996 CAN was dissolved by decree of the Chicago Federal Court with the charge of bankruptcy, caused after those subject to his ‘deprogramming" sued CAN, requesting a large compensations for moral damages.
The details of the crimes committed by CAN continued to be investigated also in the years following this court case and, in 2000, for example, the American court declared CAN and some of its agents guilty of kidnapping and attacks described by the court as "so disgusting for their character and so disconcerting and outrageous, that they surpassed the limits of decency; Absolutely brutal and inacceptable in any civilized society".
The Christian Dzhejson Scott was one of their victims. CAN defined his small religious organization a ‘cult’ and decided to take care of Scott’s ‘salvation’, which began with a violent kidnapping. The agent in charge of this task was Rick Ross, whose criminal records included, amongst others, conviction for an important robbery of jewellery, calculated in 100.000$, from the shop Feniks, in the state of Arizona. After the kidnapping, Ross and his accomplices kept Scott locked up for 5 days, and during this time, in many different ways, they tried to force him to renounce to his ‘inadequate’ Christian religion.
The Seattle’s Court was so indignant with the violence displayed by CAN’s procedures that it imposed on Ross and the company a fine of nearly five million dollars.

Please see: (for an example of kidnapping for religious reasons)

In 1991, when CAN’s activity seriously began to awaken the interest of the FBR (the old KGB), an International scandal began.
A.Dworkin immediately moved to Munich (Germany) and little later to Russia, where he began to activate the centre for the anti-cult movements. As the leader of the Irinej Lionsky Centre, Dworkin began an active battle against any other manifestation of religious life in Russia, other than the Russian Orthodox Church.

As the same time when the powerful anti-cult movement was being dismantled and destroyed in the USA by means of a series of legal procedures, in Russia from the year 2000, it began to grow in power at the hand of A. Dworkin and A. Kuraev. Dworkin started  an active ‘crusade’ against any anti-orthodox currents, using on the public stereotypes well known to the CAN, like, for instance: ‘The enemy and the hostile’, ‘The Orthodox Christians and the Satanists’, ‘los Russians’» and the ‘alien sectarians’.

1999: ‘The news in Moscow’,
“Dworkin is telling lies. He informs, and disturbs society by talking about the 250.000 families that have been destroyed by sectarians. The attorney office of the Russian Federation District has reported that these statistics do not exist, and that Dworkin "’as made them up’. He lies accusing the Jehova’s Witnesses, the society for Krishna’s consciousness and other religious associations of committing crimes against people and public security. There are no facts, no evidence or criminal files, only miserable and evil lies. In his work there are some untidy, distorted ideas about which the author, as it seems, has no idea: a mountain of falsifications, slander, and  an array of absolutely illogical and pseudo scientific arguments.

J. Isatov, chief editor of the ‘The Slavic House’ newspaper
“I am convinced that A.L. Dworkin is an American spy, he cannot violate in any way American laws, even being in Russia. A. Dworkin has been deciding for a long time on which side he should be: the side of USA’s daughter (the CIA) or the Russia’s Orthodox Church. His methods are always the same, he covers in darkness Russian history, because he is the son of the Russophobic organisation ‘Freedom.”

I.Kolchenko, ??-president of the World Russian cathedral
"As a teacher in the Russian Orthodox Church Institutions for education and as giving class to the future orthodox ministerss, theologician and scientifists, A. Dworkin with his activity undoubtedly harms the interests of the Church and the Orthodox people of Russia. He inspires students to be disrespectful and reject the methods of scientific work. He is preparing for the Church a bunch of vain and spoilt people, who not only  will not know how to protect the church’s interest in front of modern civil society, but will also bring the Church’s science into disrepute in front of lay investigators.»


Really, how can people be so attached to the opinion of this little professor, who inculcates in the ignorant minds (on this subject) of the Russians such horrible lies about ‘totalitarian sects’? If we dig a little into history, only 2.000 years ago Christianity did not even exist. Then there were the Pharisee, who was the dominating elite in Jewish religion. As they were not at all happy about the existence of a Messiah who delivered a new faith, they simply crucified Him. Does this remind us of a similar situation in the 21st century?
In those times as in our days, and for over 2000 years (!!), the Christ, the most authentic sectarian, has been followed by millions of people from all over the World. This is the plain truth and the also the paradox: the whole Earth is sectarian. If we followed  Dwarkin’s view, we should send all of us to the Calvary. Moreover, we cannot forget that even Dr. Dworkin is a sectarian: when will you be crucified, Mr. Professor?
Of course, whether we cannot say that anything bad is to be expected from any of these groups, the same cannot be said about political parties, rock bands, sports teams, the casino, psychiatry, etc. We cannot say either that the new religious movements are organizations of the mafia.
Criminal groups are formed with the chief intention of committing crimes. Obviously, this is not the prurpose of religious groups. A. Dworkin, the creator of the expression ‘totalitarian sect’ tries to convince us of a completely different situation.

When he came back to Russia from exile in the 90’s, although he still was an American citizen, he decided to save Russia from the worst of all sects:  the so-called ‘totalitarian sects’. This expression was rapidly spread out by the Russian press. It seems, according to Dworkin, that  the ‘totalitarian sects’ are organizations, whose leader and co-workers aim at getting money in all possible ways, even religious ways. Under this definition, we could rank any  commercial company. Possibly, our ‘professor with no education’ may be does not  know this.
As most people had never met with this before, the western term ‘destructive cult’ has proven quite effective in post soviet society. This is why, by recurring to psychiatric methods of indoctrination, A. Dworkin has created a new expression. Inspired by both political science and the ‘cold war’ propaganda, this expression immediately produces a link with absence of freedom, concentration camps, soldiers, barbed wires, forced work, little food, etc.
What is now left to be seen is how totalitarianism  is manifesting in the new religious groups, so radically condemned by Dworkin? This is rather difficult to determine. Very frequently, the signs of totalitarianism are described as, ‘having a rigid authoritative structure and leader idolization. Yet, rigid structures do not only exist in so-called totalitarian associations, but also, for example, in the Catholic Church.
The Pope, the boss of the Catholic World, is worshiped as the general representation of Jesus Christ in the world. At the same time, in many of the so-called totalitarian spiritual/religious associations, there are no rigid structures. You may not agree with the doctrine of the Roerich family, but at the same time, in the associations created by their followers, not even by trying hard, would one be able to find hard authoritarian structures.
What would make it attractive for other religious associations, governmental organizations and other countries citizens to produce so much hate against the new religious organizations? Only one answer comes to mind: could it be respectable pay cheque in the pocket for the interest groups?
The uncertainty and abstractness of the characteristics ascribed to totalitarian religious associations makes room for a huge action. In this way, political opponents easily use the expression ‘totalitarian sect’ with the purpose to discredit representatives of the new power. In the absence of a good argument, in order to say something negative about another politician, the easiest way is that of calling him sectarian, and this because this is  incomprehensible, difficult to check and, at the same time, i sounds terrible and very convincing.
Foreigners say that in the streets of Russia one cannot see people smiling. Do you think this is because of people’s attitude to life or because they have not receive their salary in time? No! It happens because everyone is afraid of being called a sectarian, and this is also why they all look at each other in the most ferocious way.
The renowned ‘professor of the sects’, Alexander Dworkin, whilst visiting the city of Yaroslavl  had declared that it  precisely a smiling face and a benevolent attitude that would clearly indicate that this person was a member of a ‘totalitarian sect’.
“All sectarians want to be healthy and rich and they pray to God for this reason!” said the terrifying voice of the lecturer who had come to Yaroslavl. “Does God give them this?”  asked shyly an elder lady in the public. “Well, in a certain way yes” he hesitated “but this is not relevant; it is bad. So we will fight against them! Yaroslavl has turned into a training camp for the formulation of and the work with methodologies to be used in the fight against sects.”
Behalf of whose interests are these experiments undertaken? Is it for the Russians or for another interested structure?

An Orthodox newspaper ‘The Russian bulletin’ reported the following comment made by someone who attended one of Alexander Dworkin’s conferences:
“For the first time in my life I felt the essence of a sect. It seemed that all participants in the event were Orthodox, and yet, that was a sectarian meeting because, when people gather for religious purposes, but do not praise God or do not express love to others, this meeting cannot be called in any other way, but a sect. On the surface of things, they had all gathered to talk about God, but the angry faces of the attendees showed that they had not come together for God’s sake, but because of someone else’s theories and methods».

Another letter:
“For 9 years I have been in a School of K.Rudnev and am proud of it. They have taught me many things there: yoga, energetic techniques, meditation, love for people, and to set up a great businesses. I have even stopped smoking and drinking! I see with pain that my former friends who criticized me for not being like  them, completely gave themselves up to hard  drinking, and ended up with  brothel families, hooligans  and addicted children. About the concept of ‘sect’: a legal court case is now being set up  against a newspaper for the use of the words ‘sect’ and ‘sectarian’ as well as for  terms like ‘zombies’ or ‘heretic sect’ in the description of certain groups’ activity. In addition, a declaration of criminal responsibility has been wedged against the news paper’s editors for encouraging religious confrontation. ‘Professor’ Dworkin has helped substantially to create this.

In Ukrania there is an organization that operates in Dworkin’s name called ‘the committee for the defence of family and youth’. Under  the pretext of helping parents, whose children have fallen in the hands of ‘terrible sects’, they spread horrible lies about religious organizations, frightening the parents and inciting them to religious extremism. (Doesn’t this ring a bell? Is this tone not similar to that used by the American organization ‘CAN’?) Parents, on the other hand, may not have even noticed their son/daughter attends a ‘terrible sect’, but simply think that they are feeling well, doing yoga, not using drugs, not committing crimes, smiling,  being happy with their life and loving their parents. Yet, Dworkin has managed to convince them of the existence of ‘sects’. What he does is the kind of action that should be investigated and stopped! This, in facts, according to the Ukrainian Criminal Code is considered a crime.
A. Dworkin often visits Ukraine to hold his ‘seminars’, and the authorities report  that during his visits the number of crimes committed for religious matters increases by 20-30%.
Dworkin and his followers proclaim that their aim is that of protecting the citizens’ mental health against the invasion of ‘totalitarian sects’. But what do they achieve, de facto? What all anti-sectarians manage produce with their religious intolerance is: broken windows, followers of new religious movements being assaulted, mosques and synagogues being burnt in Russia, ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Serbia, Falun Gong followers being mutilated and killed in China, anxiety, panic, the destruction of families,  mental illness, and disrupted lives. Do we need all this? Is it not so that what we really need is to reconcile different religious organizations, and give the chance for each one of them to practise its faith?
In general, any religion – even the Orthodox religion - can be considered a sect. Sometimes they can be even worse than their new born concurrent. For some reason, Dworkin does not fight paedophilia, licentiousness and other ‘flowers’ that grow in the ‘orthodox garden’. Before looking for the cockroaches under other’s tables, try looking under your own, you may find something really interesting…

FECRIS  Proclaims  that its  aim is that of protecting families and individuals against  the presumed violation of Rights by religious minorities. Yet, it has been proven that  its real aim is that of spreading falseness and slander against religious minorities. These facts by themselves give rise to an environment of intolerance and hostility amongst the people of a society.

For instance, the French and Russian members of FECRIS are cooperating with the Chinese Government in order to assess religious minorities. This has caused to the well known ‘Falun Gong’ movement in China (a group who practise breathing exercises) to be the victims of repression, provocations, and genocide.
According to statistics, gathered by European of Human Rights supporters  and  presented to the European Council, in the past years, 1.170 Falun Gong members have been murdered, more than 100.000 have been sent illegally to concentration camps, where they were tortured and tormented, and more than 6.000 have been condemned to spend time in prison (up to 18 years).
Hundreds of thousands of members of religious movements have been illegally arrested, and put in jail because of their religious beliefs. ‘Terrorism’ is precisely this, the politics of Governments against religious organizations. Anti-cult organizations, in this case, are playing an instigative and provocative role, creating an atmosphere of hate against organizations (of any kind).
There is good evidence proving that A. Dworkin and other ‘anti-cultits' have close bonds with the Chinese leaders in the repression of the Falun Gong movement.
The following prove it beyond any doubt
Between the 23rd and the 25th of April, 2001, the international conference ‘Totalitarian Sects –menace of XXI century’ was held in Nizhny Novgorod. Dworkin was the organizer and host of the conference, attended by the most famous Russian and foreign anti-cult activists, amongst whom was also Baizhun Zhang, Doctor of Philosophy and Professor in Peking, invited by Dworkin. In his report ‘Sects and the State in modern China’, he tried to justify scientifically the Chinese government’s repression against the Falun Gong movement, proudly reporting to the public that the Chinese Government had managed to render outlaw the most important Chinese ‘sect’.
•   Between the 8th and the 10th of October, 2002 was held in Vinnitsa (Ukraine) the International Conference ‘Totalitarian Sects – the menace for the Human Rights in Eastern Europe’. Here they declared Falun Gong as one of the modern destructive cults.

•   Between the 9th and the 12th of December, 2002,  was held in Yekaterinburg the conference ‘Totalitarian Sects – the menace of religious extremism’. The final document established the Falun Gong as the ‘most destructive and renowned totalitarian sect’.

•   Between the 9th and the 11th of November, 2004 was held in Novosibirsk, the International Conference ‘Totalitarian Sects and the democratic state’. In the final document Falun Gong, amongst others, was classified as one of the most ‘destructive and renowned sects’.
Furthermore, in the 1st Edition of the magazine ‘Clairvoyance’ (2002), of which Dworkin is chief editor, was published an article called ‘The Chinese murderer-sect reaches Russia’. In this article he spreads lies about the organization Falun Gong and its presence in Russia.
At the moment, all the civilized countries are engaging in legal proceedings against high exponents of the Communist Party of the Republic of China (PRC) involved in the repression of Falun Gong followers:

Perhaps, the only religious organization that Dworkin carefully avoids to talk about, while accusing others of blood crimes, is the Church of Jesus’ Saints of the Last days, known as Mormons.
We can only suppose that the Mormons are closely connected by common interests both with the Russian Department of Religious Science of the Public Administration, at the service of the president of the Russian Federation, and with representatives of the USA. Where their headquarters are (Salt Lake City) they exert a very powerful political influence. For Dworkin this is a clearly ‘no, no’ area: firstly, the Mormons finance official theology in Russia, turning into a profitable aim for the government and secondly, as Dworkin has recently come back from his second mother country on the ‘other side of the ocean’, it seems better for him to be in good relation with the  influential North American believers.

light to your brains dear Forum readers!

Simon (its my real name)
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Post by: simon on February 10, 2011, 11:51:29 pm
by the way here I've found Russian blog in network. I think it will be too interesting to you to read - seekers of K.Rudnev

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Post by: nemesis on February 11, 2011, 08:31:27 am

I can see that you are really into this Rudnev guy and I appreciate that you don't like any criticism of him and his activities but the fact is that the best way to convince people that Mr Handozhko / Mamonta / Kenesh isa genuine spiritual teacher would be to convince him to come back and reply to my questions and to take an HIV test at the AIM clinic (Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation) In San Fernando Valley. It is convenient for him to travel to so there should be no problem at all with him getting tested.  If his test is negative the clinic will give him a certificate to say so.  This will be a great relief to the many people in the US who have had unprotected sex with him and his friends and associates (as they all have sex together the HIV allegations are relevant to all the people involved in this network)..

The longer that he just runs away and avoids dealing with the important issues the worse he looks.

No amount of you posting up long tedious posts about anti-cultists will effect this.

So if you really want people to even start to trust Mr Handozhko, you should get him to come back ASAP with his test results.

All this other waffle is just a waste of time and space.
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Post by: nemesis on February 11, 2011, 08:39:53 am
by the way here I've found Russian blog in network. I think it will be too interesting to you to read - seekers of K.Rudnev


Your very own blog.  The text is just as long winded and tedious as your posts here.

I call shenanigans on your use of the word "interesting".   

That's 5 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. 
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And since what year this information on Mr. Gandosko you have? I have shown the information of your forum to my friend and he has told that such photos in Russian TV have started to show about 12-15 years ago and like this every year. So funny trick!
Really there anything new haven't found?
As far as I know the doctors say that who is sick by AIDS doesn't live more than 10 years, especially without treatment. Do you understand about what this speech?

Ye.. And the people so openly trust in this lie. And the main thing that there any witnesses. I'm really sad for such famouse forum like yours.
And why it so disturbs media? Why it so disturbs you? I'm as a neutral reader of your forum has ‘to pick up the ears’ – what purposes you pursue? May be something you receive from Russian government to be in war with these people about whom so much absurd you write?
Then I can suggest again to watch a film «Putin System»

and read about Mr. Dvorkin (look please above my comments) to understand, who govern Russia, to whom this lie is favorable to keep people in fear.
Therefore your arguments and words already so silly! Come on!

I’m also wondering, the information how many was burned and hung up shamans in Russia and in the USSR didn't come across to you?
Look for it please!
Though, most likely it is difficult to you to understand Russian and you wont find established facts about this tragedy – mass media all this in a secret holds.
Well, here a link in Russian

By the way, in days of Perestroika in Russia the shamans of Siberia became such popular, to them even presidents and businessmen went. But gradually, with 1995 persecutions have again begun. And how you think, to whom it is favorable, that a considerable quantity of all Russia people went to Siberia and Altai to shamans and became healthy, strong, independent, didn't go to doctors, didn't buy any medicine in drugstores, have ceased to serve in army and be at wars, and began to communicate with Spirits, do camlany with drums, to run on coals, keep healthy lifestyle  and to laugh?
Certainly, it isn't favorable to state 'machinery'. Therefore have started again put shamans and their pupils in prisons, the public prosecutors and courts fabricate different files on them, sling with on them a mud on TV and radio, in newspapers. Have intimidated the people!
For instance, exactly in 1995 was awoke websites who started to criticize new spiritual groups, directions and believers in Russia. Who wanted this?
Its silly to trust in delirium of media. I have already thrown out from my house the TV and do not buy newspapers. I do not want to be a puppet in hands of governors of Russia. And to you I do not advise
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And since what year this information on Mr. Gandosko you have? I have shown the information of your forum to my friend and he has told that such photos in Russian TV have started to show about 12-15 years ago and like this every year. So funny trick!
Really there anything new haven't found?
As far as I know the doctors say that who is sick by AIDS doesn't live more than 10 years, especially without treatment. Do you understand about what this speech?

Actually people with HIV can live for many years providing they have appropriate drug therapy.  The drugs are pretty toxic and can have unpleasant side effects and of course they do not always work for everyone all of the time.  Of course the life expectancy of people with HIV who do not have access to a healthy diet and combination drug therapy is not as long as for people who do.

So your point about Mr Handozhko not having HIV is wrong.  He may or may not have HIV, the only things we know are that he is wanted by the police in Russia for infecting dozens of people with HIV and that he has avoided being tested in Russia and now in the US.

I’m also wondering, the information how many was burned and hung up shamans in Russia and in the USSR didn't come across to you?
Look for it please!
Though, most likely it is difficult to you to understand Russian and you wont find established facts about this tragedy – mass media all this in a secret holds.
Well, here a link in Russian

well the thing is Simon, that there are real Siberian shamans who post here and according to them, the people you so admire are just a bunch of cheap fakes.  Not real shamans at all.  Check out the start of the thread.

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I just want to make a couple points.

  by the strictest definition all religions are cults, however the word "cult" has an accepted popular meaning.
 The popular definition of cult is any religious group that differs significantly from other similar religious groups. for instance, there are many different christian denominations, with differing beliefs. However they all share certain core beliefs, and any religious group that professes to be christian but does not adhere to those core beliefs is considered a cult. the same goes for all religions.

  cults as defined by the popular accepted definition all share the same traits.
   1. members are cut off from family and friends, and any communication but that approved by the cult leader/leaders with the outside world.

   2. brainwashing by well known and established methods, many of which have already been mentioned.

   3. extreme punishment of members who disagree with any teaching or activity of the cult, including starvation, physical/mental/emotional/sexual abuses

   4. in most cases but not all members are required to surrender all personal property and finances to the cult.

    thus this rather large group is a cult as defined by various religious and secular authorities the world over.

 by the way i have a number of russian friends (as in they live in russia, many near or in moscow, male and female, young and older. most of them speak very good english) that the next time i have time i may ask them about this group and see what they have to say. perhaps even give them a link to this and ask them what they think, as i am sure they would be able to give better translations, and  a better sense of what the people in russia actually think of this person and group than we can get just from web sites.
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Here in the UK people commonly use the world cult to describe a religious or spiritual group with abusive aspects usually along the lines you describe.

My understanding is that some academics see things differently and for some of them even using the word "cult" immediately identifies you as some kind of anti-cult activist.  Then they all point and laugh at you.  Because being an anti-cult activist is bad.  Or something.

Perhaps the best way I can illustrate this point is to link to a very disturbing documentary made by HBO about the notorious cult the Children of God aka The Family aka The Family International.

This is a VERY disturbing documentary definitely not for sensitive people or children you can see it is small sections via youtube starting here

Then, if you can bear it, you can watch a documentary by a group of academics who think that the word "cult" is pejorative and indicative of membership of the anti-cult movement when used to discuss groups like the CoG / The Family / the Family International  - in fact this is a PR video made by the  CoG / The Family / the Family International with the help of various academics

If you can bear to watch the full HBO documentary and then watch the PR video it will provide an insight into cults, the anti-cult movement and the anti-anti-cult movement

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Posted by: critter - a white non-ndn person 
Insert Quote
what? so.. do i understand that the violence of rudnev's group is a nicer violence so
should be accepted as a better violence and be ok with it?

it's terrible if the info given is true, 90% of the women suffering at the hands of
such violence, but the solution is not found in a 'nicer' violence.. instead, it is
sickening if what you say is true, that these women have to choose the lesser
of two evils.. literally.  neither are acceptable.. however, i can now see how these
russian human traffickers get away with it and are so easily able to create and
maintain their business.  Sick is what it is. Sick.

here one link’ve been published, and below comments in russian, but I see the author 'nemesis' didn’t translate all the comments through Google. But the most interesting in news to read exactly comments, isn’t it?
There such words: «on January, 12th 2011. About rudnev that say everywhere are lies. During 2003-2007 I was engaged there. I will tell truly that anybody there force to stay and no violence at all. If they use violence, unless 38 women would live there? And when the police took them away with force from the house these women were asking to return them back to this house. Don’t you think it’s  strange?» ?

Having read all this long-term dirt about rudnev's group at me there arisen some questions to you:
•   are you not tired of searching stench in the ditches of mass media?
•   did you study by yourself in group of rudnev in russia?
•    do you have your real facts from a private experience what people there engaged?
Most likely not, so everything that you write here for discussion of people of a forum it is "gossip", but now as I see is already a gossip on a global map.
By the way, below I post my memoirs how I have got to this ‘school’ which police, russian TV and newspapers name ‘sect’ for more than 20 years. ?
But strangely enough, from this "sect" nobody ran away and don't escape!  But in opposite, those from hundred-thousand people (and also me), who aspire to real development, ask to be accepted in this school for training from year to year. Here so! ?

After all if people really receive knowledge how to be healthy, how not afraid of economical cries, how to be happy, WHY THEY CAN NOT be trained at seminars of school of rudnev in russia, europe, latin america, us and australia?
And again nobody runs from seminars of purification, from classes of yoga and "goddesses" with bad words – it means that there is no violence. It means that the knowledge which has constructed by this group works and helps people. That’s all!

But run in thousand-millions numbers from a social society where the violence has no end. For example, in February 2011 emigrants from Tunis attack Italy.

Its a real humanitarian catastrophic crash, also from other countries of Asia, Africa people run to Europe – population shift is simply huge. But having arrived legally or illegally to developed countries, unless these refugees became happy, healthy, rich, their children have found meaning of life??.....
Let's reflect.
In me only causes a smile when from social system people run into so-called «rudnev's sect» in russia. But for 20 years of its existence russian police couldn't find even 10 witnesses to whom there was bad. ?
What for this conversation? That means, people search for that place and find this place, where is better for them. Is it truth?
So, where is a problem?
Yes, in rudnev's group or ‘Temple” to me, for example was not just simply better – only there I really became alive, and in my social life I degraded and already died as a person, as a woman and as individuality.

Below my testimonial.
I will notice, it first-hand :) - without gossips!


Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: MarinVan on February 17, 2011, 11:52:05 pm
1st Part

I express my heartfelt thanks all those people who helped me to discover myself and who continue helping women to transform positively our lives and to be joyful; who gave me the possibility for transformation, filled out live with new meaning, which were patient with my weaknesses and were happy to see me making progress!
And, I also thank you, dear beautiful women for being real Goddesses!!!
Know thyself and you will find your happiness!
I thank God for all lessons he gave me and for a chance to become happy!

Madam and young ladies, with the hope that these words can help you believe in yourself!
Uncover a secret of man’s heart, and become the real Goddesses!
How it happened to me…

Marinn Van

How I became a Goddess!

He beat her and she loved him

What I describe in this book may seem to you shocking just for the simple reason this story of my life is written and you can read it. To see it from outside is more awful. Actually, every of us have similar stories what we just had been accustomed to. They live inside of us and we don’t notice how they affect our “happiness” every day.

I was born in an ordinary family of workers, my mother is cook. We lived a normal life, by this we meant the following – my father was a drinker and, sometimes he beat my mother. But anyway, she loved him and always felt bitter when he walked away. In such moments my mother became listless, she could stay in a depressed state without moving for hours, I always felt pity for her and always tried to take her mind off her troubles, dancing in front of her, telling her ridiculous stories that could make her smile, singing and dressing in funny a clothes. Those were my ways to distract my mother.  And, I felt happy when she could evoke a smile… My father walked away when he wanted to meet his friends and to get drunk. He was leaving the house for a week or more when he wanted to meet his friends, alcoholics like him. That time my mother started to find him, taking me by the hand. We were visiting musty places full of rubbish with a smell of shit. We knocked at the doors hoping we could save him, but he really didn’t need out help. From time to time, they opened the doors and, sometimes the door was opened by drunk, dirty woman any tooth.  She started expressing like a bad actress and was pretending to be surprised saying there wasn’t any man to be fount at that place. My mother always comes down on them saying they count for little in comparison with her. There wasn’t ever any thought in her head that he is just one of them and she lives with the man like they.
Once, after another visit to that house where they say us that my father wasn’t there, we were returning home. We crossed the road with a lot of cars. Then, my mother saw him! He was going by the other side of the street in the direction of the house we just visited. My mother grasped my arm and we run after him. The cars on the road didn’t let us to catch up him. Didn’t let to catch my drunken father!
There didn’t exist anything in that moment for my mother, neither the road nor the cars. Our lives, her and mine which we could loose weren’t so important, but her love object or my drunken father! I was scared, but implanted importance of love was on a first place. I was 6 years old. So was a life I saw.
 There was another case which I remembered very well. Once, when my parents were fighting I was setting them apart.  I was only seven, they didn’t see me, and I was in danger between their kicks feeling importance to stop that and at the same time desiring to put an end to it. And I shouted very loud, and then a phrase escaped of my mouth, possibly from the deepest side of me - “I will never live like this!” Now, when I am writing this book, my wish came true. Before that, I suffered from depression like my mother, jealousy, besides I had never felt myself like a true woman. For a long time I had a very low esteem for myself as a woman. I was married a man like my father, it was thank to the example of my parents.

I met him…

Like every girl I hoped to meet a man of my dream. And, of course, it happened. I saw him at the Club. Tall and handsome, well build man was watching me all night long, and I was watching him. The memories of that night should have been pleasant, if it weren’t for one episode. The club was pretty crowded- people of all kinds attended.  Surely, among them there were impudent and unpleasant fellows. First they didn’t trouble me but then three of them started touching me while I was dancing. It felt unpleasant. One grasp my hand tightly, another pulled my skirt and the third one teared down my daypack (it was a fashionable accessory at that time) I told them to left me alone and tried to escape. In response they laughed `at me at pulled to a side.
In the end I did get away and managed to escape... To my genuine surprise my “prince” didn’t even try to rescue me .I had acquaintances in that club whom I told what happened... I was not the first victim of their” game”. Apparently the administrator of the club saw how they tried to solicit other girls, so she asked them to leave. I was feeling safer, but frustrated a bit because, I really wanted for my perfect dream guy to save from the bawdy guys. I thought that he could use the situation as an opportunity to get closer... “The prince should surely be a knight”- my mum used to say.

It totally blew my head off when I saw him again... Seeing him looking at me triggered my imagination. Maybe he is the man I was looking for? The party was nearly over, I was almost leaving. I collected my jacket from the cloakroom and was on my way towards the exit. I was disappointed that he didn’t make the first move. It wasn’t in my nature to come and talk to the guy first, so I’ve been taught by my mother. Of course, I felt sad that he even didn’t come up to me. My mother had been always saying me that I should not be first to make the acquaintance of guys. I went out and was going slowly, because I still hope he would like to meet me. Suddenly, I heard paths besides me. My heart started beating as fast as it wanted to make all heart beats for all my future life. Hurrah! It was him!

“Can I meet you, lady?” I heard.
I turned with a shining smile forward my future happiness and said, “Yes.”
“My name is Andrei.”
“I am Marinn.”
“Maybe you will give me your phone number, I’ll call you and we’ll take a walk.”

We gave our phone numbers to each other.

“What do you do for a living, Marinn?”
“I am a dancer, and you?”
“I am a sportsman, I play a court tennis.” He said very proudly.

It was the way we met each other. He was so nice to me, he seemed to be a  highbred and smart guy. ”I am so lucky!” I thought. Well, my father was an alcoholic. Andrei and he were the poles apart. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t know that a male has not to be just a good-mannered. I didn’t know that sometimes a uneducated man could be more educated, intellectual and more sincere and near to God.

The day after tomorrow came and we met each other. He came to my subway station and we went to my place. Thus, we started to live together. Speaking about sex, we had it on the same day or on the next day, it was not so succesful. I don’t even want to mention pleasure or any pleasant sensations. Strange to say, that don’t get my attention. Soon, Andrei started saying I had to leave my job at the club, because he could maintain us.  But he didn’t  ask me to marry him.

One famous actor, who was kind with me, offered me to be his lover. I could not accept that, because I had different approaches to life. And now, I have Andrei who is young, single guy, staying besides me day by day. All this agrees with my concept of happy life. Anyway, our sex was awful. ”We have to learn” I was saying to myself. I quit my job at the club and brake with all my acquaitances. They called me few times in the presence of my new-made lover, and I said goodbye to all of them. He was so proud of me or of himself, nobody knows that, so that feeling cheered him up and he looked like a million dollars. I even was learning how to cook just for Andrei. Actually, I cooked very well, my mother was a cook, so I knew all her recipes.

But Andrei didn’t like my cooking and I was upset. Sex as always was like an uncorrect Rubik's Cube. My prince had friends and a lady friend Katia. She was very well-educated girl, they could talk on for hours. I felt jealous when we quarreled, and since it was happening more often he leaved home and went to her place. When it started to happen more often, I cried and can not move, at the worse, I got drunk and didn’t care about anything. Soon, I started to prepare for exams at Academy of Theatre Arts, so I was busy studing at the library and learning dances I had in my head. Once he came into the room where I was dancing. Usually, he and Katia often were talking in the kitchen when I was practicing my dances. With a gracious smile on his face he said, ¨Don´t torture yourself and go the the Institute of Culture. We can afford two hundred dollars per semester.¨

I realized they didn’t believe in me, but anyway I knew what I was able to. I answered, ¨First, I’ll try to get accepted into the Academy, and then into the Institute of Culture.¨ Still I could not to talk to him so easily like his friend Katia did, she even flirted with him and expressed her point of view. I was tense and was saying to myself, “I am so lucky to have such a man!” Nevertheless, I got annoyed when he forced me to wear the same clothes and colors his friend Katia used to wear. We quarreled about this, and little by little I started to believe that I am not very nice and attractive. Andrei changed his opinion about me, so I felt that he started to respect me. In that moment Katia, being a little drunk, asked me,
”Where have you been accepted to?”
”State Institute of Teatre Arts”
”It is funny, I thought that to the Institute of Culture.”

His respect for me didn’t last for too long. I had less time to do my housework when I started my studies, although I tried to find time for cooking. It was the end of his patience; he needed housewife instead of the wife who is student. He said, “You have to choose either me or your Academy!”

Such often quarrels made me to think seriously about leaving my studies and not about he was the right man for me. Still there was something inside me that could not and didn’t want to stand it. I loved very much what I was doing, I liked inventing new dances. So, I tried to please him, but probably I was trying badly. Now we quarreled also about money. It was difficult to ask him for money to buy clothes, and he didn’t give me some. We stopped to understand each other; he often said I was materialist. Those words made magical effect on me, and I tried to ask for less money. I needed a lot of time for my studies, because producer and choreographer job always requires training, create ideas, music, and invent choreography. After that, I had to rehearse and so endlessly. In addition to this, I got the job. It was hard time for me; I was working and studying at the same time, but there wasn’t happiness on the horizon. Something else happened what ruined my emotional, psychic health and my beauty. It was pregnancy. 

I called Andrei to tell him the news,
”I am pregnant and I don’t know what to do.”
I wanted to have an abortion because I dreamt of my carrier. I was putting up shows and didn’t have time to take care of the future baby. And, I thought that my sweetheart would say me the same. But, it wasn’t so,
”You have to give birth to this child. You’ll take study leave, and in a year could continue studying.”

And, I decided to have this baby. I tried to feel myself happy, but I could not. Maybe it was not my wish, althouh all women have children sooner or later. And, I started to calm myself saying that „I’ll suffer while young, and then I’ll be free.” As a matter of fact, I never desired something like this, my wishes were different. So, I was scared. Every person has his own wishes and appetites, because we all are different. People can’t have the same wishes, and we understand it, but anyway women seem to be hypnotized saying over and over – “All women have to give birth.”  And no one can discuss it, because this idea is stronger than all my wishes, especially if it’s my lover’s idea. It was surprising why I thought that way; we either had good sex, nor money and nothing to talk about.

In addition to my studies, work and housework I began to feel sick, it was some new state for me. I hardly passed my exams, dancing was hardly possible for me. I always was in a bad mood; all my true feelings were shown on my face. My lover changed also, he became nervous and rude. I realized that I gained weight and there weren’t any cloth I could wear, so we went shopping to buy me jeans. Andrei always was annoyed saying I always needed something. He remembered me that my belly had to grow and I needed clothes with bigger size. I felt a weak protest inside of me, because I hated shapeless dresses. It was disgusting time, and I couldn’t recognize my partner, he didn’t even show any respect to me. I felt hurt.

My prince  was coming home more rarely. I was distressed, nervous, torturing myself thinking that all I was doing was wrong. Every time he was coming home we always argued. Everything was starting with words I have heard from my mother - ”Where have you been?”
Then began the holidays after exams, but this long-expected time became a hell for me.
”I was at my friend’s house, but you as always are so angry and displeased?”
I answered with indignation, because his behaviour was inexplicable for me. After all I am expecting a baby; we should have a happy family. My husband has to be besides me, but, it was quite on contrary. Nevertheless, I never asked myself why my life was different to what I had in my imagination. And never there appeared a sensation that maybe it is not true, maybe it is an empty image in my mind that I live with. All my notions didn’t connect with the reality; anyway I tried to be happy although without any idea how to do it. So, I continued saying about what I had in my mind.

”I am tired to see that I mean nothing to you. How long will you be torturing me? I want normal relationship.”
I cried bitterly and I looked like a sick person, without any make-up, wearing a green pyjamas with a cartoon pictures of eyes on it and flabby pants. It was his mother’s present. Oh, my God, how could I wear something like that and think that was the woman he had to love.
“You are an animal.” He continued telling me, “Look at you, a normal person doesn’t behave like this.”
Those words had a “magical” effect on me and I became to cry louder, “Andriusha, I feel bad and nauseous all the time; I can’t stand any smells anymore. You are never at home. I feel so lonely and left out, thinking why you are so cold with me, you are often away from home.”
“You are like your insane girlfriend who just spazzes out without any reason. I don’t believe in all these changes during your pregnancy, you think them up.”

Andrei went to the room and turned on the TV. I calmed down and my next step in this drama was forgiveness. As a dog with tail between legs and a begging look I entered the room and once again started asking for his forgiveness.

“Andriusha, I am so sorry, I will never behave like this.”
“I’ve already heard this.”
“I know, I am bad, but I’ll try to be better. I love you. I don’t know what is up to me.”

Actually, that hysteric attack was a result of two-day waiting for my sweetheart.” Jealousy and offence, anger and fixation. Belief in something what doesn’t exist.

“Well, we will see.” My prince told me. And I lied down beside him, feeling so happy that I was forgiven.”
“Pat my back.” My treasure said. And I carefully started to pat him till he fell asleep.

Next day I was so good and easy, but Andrei started a quarrel from nothing and went away. It was our real family life. That time he was away for a few days and his phone was disconnected. I didn’t sleep at nights, crying. Attacks of nausea bothered me so much, I hated myself and I really didn’t know what to do. So, one morning after a sleepless nights I’ve called my aunt Ira and told her about our relationship.
“My dear, he doesn’t want this baby.”
“It can’t be he told me himself that we will have this baby.”
“He just doesn’t want to seem a bad person, he’s afraid not to behave like a real man. But his behaviour shows his fear. Have an abortion while there is time yet.”

 “I can’t, it’s almost two months already, and I may never have babies.”

 “You might. Don’t spoil your life, you have to finish your studies, you like to dance, so don’t ruin your carrier. The time will come when you will have a baby that will be welcomed and loved not just by you. You transmit your stress to your child and it will be born sick.

Ira had been talking for a long time; she even told that maybe would be better to break up with Andrei. I believed everything, except the idea of separating. After that conversation I felt energy again. Now I had to find my coward real man, because I needed money to have an abortion. After some phone calls to his friends I have found him. Our conversation was short,

 “Andrei, find the money for an abortion as soon as possible. I made a decision. Don’t take it too long, I’m waiting.”
Actually, I didn’t wait for too long, he came in two hours. He took a sit next to me and said affectedly,
“Maybe you’ll think once more, maybe everything will be all right?”
Thank to my aunt Ira for the first time I heard the lie and in ten minutes I went for an abortion.

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2nd Part

”Woman’s pleasures”

At the private hospital there was no free space: only four rooms and two doctor’s offices. One operating room, one patients room and a corridor. In the corridor there were future mothers with big bellies and the girls like me who wanted to correct their mistake. The mistake called ”I’ll give a birth and will be happy”. Anyway, all had the same facial expression  – tired and without smiles. On every face was shown sufferings, but the brain didn’t want to understand that. In the corridor I could see what would happen to me later. One woman in the wheel chair was taken to the operation room and after a while they were taking her out on the same chair, sedated and happy, finally without thoughts and stress. They invited me to patients room to change my cloth, there were five or seven beds. There were women on two of them. On another there was sitting a woman. I asket her,

”You are also waiting to have an abortion?”
”No, I’ll have another surgery. They will make me an excision of ingrown contraceptive spiral.”
”Do they told you it could happen?”

 “No way, nobody said anything; in the contrary the doctors advised this kind of contraception. I thought that I won’t need to lie under the knife, but I could not avoid it. What is this life, you can’t believe anyone.
Soon, they brought a wheel chair and they took me like a disabled person to the operation room. I was kind of disabled thought, just not physically, but mentally. Because, I was fulfilling dream, that didn’t belong to me. I think that if in the society there would be a promoting programme of eating dog’s shit for being happy, then I also would reach for that dream, despite of the fact that shit stinks. Lying on the operating table I heard doctors saying about how young I was that the abortion was dangerous for my health.
“How caring they are!” I thought. But, they made me an indecent offer to put me intrauterine device just after the operation.
“You won’t suffer.” They said.
I remembered that woman in the patient’s room, and for a minute I imagined that they weren’t doctors, but sharks looking for a profit in everything.

After the operation my girlfriend came to pick me up, because my sweetheart was busy and he could not come. While walking my girlfriend was telling me that he wasn’t a match for me and if he really loved me he had to be with me at that moment for sure. I felt both physical and psychical pain. The idea of happiness was being destroyed so painfully. Unfortunately, there is only one screenplay of a happy life and it is fixed in our heads, for this reason all of us are saying the same thing. Education means only studying at the university, family – husband and child. Festive days are those of public holidays and birthday parties. All people live like this and I also must live as everybody does. We even can’t imagine another screenplay, being so unhappy we think that it is true life, and because of this our happiness is so mean and just when everybody has to celebrate our common public parties…

When I returned home I was in a better mood. Firstly, I didn’t have nausea anymore and it seemed to me that I waked up from a nightmare. Secondly, I dreamt of my prince returning to me again, that he would sleep at home like he did before. Those were my sweet dreams, nice pictures where he is holding me telling that he loves me. Lunch time came, and I anxiously was expecting for his to come, but he didn’t. In the evening I heard click of the door lock and my heart started beating faster. I hoped he would come to me and would hold me. Unfortunately, nothing like this happened. My lover looked into the room, coldly said “hi” and went to other room to change his clothes. I was so sad and disturbed, thinking just what to do for not letting him go. I rose from my bed very fast and came to him.

 “Are you leaving?” I asked him, watching him putting his best dress. “Yes.” He answered coldly, without any emotion. And he fast went to the door. I was standing like a dead one with the only though in my mind – “How he can do this to me?” When I heard the click of the door lock I began to cry. My eyes were accustomed to do that for last two months. But, a weight sat heavy on my heart. I started to rush around the room as if it could help me.

Imagine this scene when the blind, like a zombie creature with uncombed hair, puffy from crying eyes, in children’s pajamas rushes around the room and crying. It was a life like in a madhouse, but it was not enough for me. I continued destroying myself more and more. This time it was an idea to get drunk and to forget about everything. I dressed very fast and went to the grocery store. While I was waiting in the line nobody paid any attention to me. There were alcoholics waiting in the line. My appearance didn’t differ much from theirs, so I felt no embarrassment.  I bought a bottle of white wine. I came home, opened the bottle and filled the wineglass .One sane thought passed through my mind – “Maybe I shouldn’t: I have just made an abortion, I am taking antibiotics; I can feel even worse.” But, I remembered my sweetheart dressed nicely, that he surely wouldn’t come home that night and I drunk the wine. I started to cry again, and with the wish of having someone whom I could tell about all I feel I called my friend. We knew each other for long time, our parents also did. He promised to come. Andrei didn’t approve our friendship or Tolik visiting us. So in the end Tolik was coming less. When Tolik arrived, we had some wine and I realized that he was high and he didn’t want to talk much. My wish to complain was not done. Tolik and I sat to watch TV. Gradually I fell asleep, Tolik did too. An hour or so passed when we woke up from the knock at the door. I asked my friend to open the door; it was my love that came.

Andrei entered the flat with the furious eyes. Dear readers, the show is starting!
He came to the table, took the bottle, had a look at it carefully and then badly looked at me. After that, he asked Tolik if he had to go home. My friend understood all that happened and I took him till the door. Meanwhile, Andrei run to see if we used the condoms that were in the bedside table. By the way, he used them rarely, that exactly why all that happened to me.
After revising the content of bedside table, Andrei said me that one condom was missing. I thought that maybe it would be better for me to leave the house with Tolik.

 “I don’t know. What do you mean?”I asked.
“What were you doing here?”
“Nothing, are you crazy? How could you think like that? I just had an abortion, have you forgotten that?”

But he didn’t hear me.

 “Why didn’t you take the key out of the door? Why didn’t you open the door at once?”
“Because I even didn’t think about keys, and you woke us up, for this reason we didn’t open the door at once.”
“You were sleeping? Where this idiot was sleeping?”
“He slept on the chair.”
“Don’t lie to me, he slept with you, whore. One condom is missing, this is a proof, where is it?” - Andrei was shouting.

I called Tolik explaining the situation, Andrei’s suspicions and asked him to talk to Andrei. But Andrei didn’t want to talk to him.
I really didn’t know how to prove my innocence. I felt hurt, I suffered so many humiliations from him lately and they couldn’t stop anyway. I went to other room and automatically started to pack my things. At that moment I wanted nothing from him. I was so tired and I just wanted to leave him and forget about everything. Andrei felt that something wrong was happening and entered the room.

“Well, where are you going now?”

“Andrei, I don’t know where is that damned condom, I am so tired from all this, I can’t stand it any longer, so I decided to leave.”
I went to the bathroom to pick other things, Andrei went after me. And, he changed his behavior so quickly that I couldn’t recognize him. He run to me, held me and said, “Don’t leave me!”
Of course I was crying, “I can’t continue living like this. When I thought about leaving you I felt myself better and it seems to me that it will be the best decision for both of us.”
“No, take pity on me, maybe I am getting crazy. Yes, you will go and I will go crazy. Don’t leave me alone.”
I felt sorry for him.

He began to kiss and hug me, and I who just decided to leave him and was suffering from such a life, suddenly started to melt. And, once more the program was initiated. It was as I dreamt before – his kisses, hugs. I began to caress his head; he raised me and took me to the room, put me on the sofa and started to kiss me. There were a lot of thoughts at that moment in my head – “No, how can he I just have had a surgery and there is a flow of blood.” But he was so persistent in his intention. He didn’t care about not only that I have a river of blood, but what I felt. He just wanted to do it. During the sex I didn’t feel anything; I felt his penis felt into a deep, I didn’t even feel my vagina.

My thought moved with the velocity of light – “What will happen to me, I must not do it.” My soul was aching. In the morning my breast was swelled, the heart was stabbing, all my body was burning. I woke up Andrei, told him about it, but he answered, “It’s your imagination” I couldn’t sleep anymore, there was something happening to me. Then, when he went to work I called to the hospital where I had the operation and said them about how I felt. They told me to come immediately. I called taxi and went to the hospital. I had a repeated surgery. The doctors were so surprised when they saw all that clotted blood inside me. After the operation I had pain in all that parts. Once more I made a decision to leave Andrei. Possibly, after reading this story you’ll know who the real zombies are: they are creatures who don’t hear, don’t see, aren’t conscious of what they are doing. They just fully follow beliefs that they have in their minds. Thanks to these zombies who, of course, wish you the best, we know about what a happy family should be. In fact we know nothing how to make harmonic relation, what the sex is, we don’t know anything about the real love, happiness. But, I was searching for it, anxious to learn it…

New life in Temple

It always seemed to me that there was something significant hidden and unknown behind the body movements or dance, something I didn’t know yet.  I started to learn different styles of dance trying to distract myself from that difficult relationship. I learned about Gurdzhiev’s Sufi dances and became fan of them. The interesting and deep world opened to me. In my childhood I saw those dances, but I didn’t understand their meaning. While living in Uzbekistan in Karshi town, my father met people who were taught sacred movements which I saw much later. Those were Gurdzhiev’s dances.

I think God guided me and once, someone gave me a book about yoga, so I started to practice it. All that saved me from disagreeable relation with Andrei. It was an amazing world that let me meet many interesting people, who were practicing yoga, spiritual dance, who wanted to know themselves and the methods of self-perfection. One of those people helped me to go to Russian Art Temple. There I received deeper knowledge that helped me to understand myself as a woman, my wishes, to find the answer what the movement of dance means, to use dance as a prayer to Divine Power.. That answer opened me the gift of healing dance and I started to help people by this! And i do it now and will do it forever.

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Letter from my pupile

Dear MarinVan,
I am so glad to hear from you :) I have been doing some of the exercises every morning: waking up like a princess with 'Tender awake', drinking the water, washing my face with cold water and then circulating the pelvis, hands, breathing 7 pulses of universe, black dot, etc.. They all feel very good and I want to do it. I try to keep a good diet with some fruit or salad to start every meal and eating the different foods separately, not very easy with my present working life duties with dinners etc. but I try my best, my stomach feels very good and toilet is also regular and ok because of Shank Prakshalana and liver cleansing at your seminar. I am on a good mood :)
Something seems to be different in my life and I want to support the change with the exercises as much as possible, but I also need your regular support.
Anyhow I feel that so far last days I have been able
to handle some difficult situations with a calm mind and clear thinking thanks to the exercises and experience I had with you the previous month, thank you :)

PS: I have noticed that all of a sudden men are looking at me, so the Goddess School has started to work... :)

Elena, lawyer 48 years old, never married 

If group of rudnev helps many people not only in russia, but in many countries of the world and you put it in your forum' section as "most dangerous", it seems to me that the purpose of your forum is to destroy health of the nations of the Earth. Why do you frighten people and take them away from a healthy style of life?
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Post by: nemesis on February 18, 2011, 09:19:10 am
Why is it that both simon and now MarinVan post pages and pages of long winded boring posts when all they need to do, at least in the first instance, is to convince Paul / Pavel Handozhko aka Ganesha / Biven Momonta / Biven Mamonta / Biven Mamonte / Bes Beloyar / Kargan Kanesh / Kargan Kenesh to come forward to have an HIV test as requested in my earlier post.

Are they sock puppet accounts or is this annoying and tedious posting style a feature of followers of this sect?

Trying to engage with people who post this kind of things is pretty futile.  Any relevant points are lost in a sea of meaningless words.

I am very much reminded of the conversation in this video clip

edited to add

I would like to address one point from MarinVan, that of why women remain loyal to Rudnev and also why they return to an abusive group. 

There are 2 answers to this

Firstly - Stockholm Syndrome.

All the anti-THB professionals I have ever worked with or spoken to, including law enforcement officers working directly with victims, have reported that one of the most challenging aspects of their work is dealing with victims who are affected by Stockholm Syndrome.

Women and girls who have been imprisoned, raped, tortured and abused will usually refuse to give evidence against their oppressors, but will also, very often return to them.

This is a well recognised phenomena and the fact that Rudnev's and Handozhko's victims return to them for more abuse is not remarkable in any way and does not indicate anything other than the Stockholm Syndrome.

The second reason that victims, male and female, return to the sect for further abuse is that this network uses addictive compounds to ensnare victims.  Victims are routinely fed various magical tonics and elixirs that are in fact highly addictive, so that if and when people do escape they are so tormented by withdrawals that they return to their oppressors.
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Post by: nemesis on February 18, 2011, 10:46:08 am
On the issue of honey trap agents

I recently discovered a very disturbing interview with a very brave former member of the Children of God / The Family cult who was sexually abused by adult members of the cult from the age of 3 years old.

The aspect of this interview that I find most interesting in comparison with the THB networks Ashram Shambala and MISA Yoga School is the use of female honey trap agents to seduce powerful men within the military.  The survivor describes a scenario in which the cult infiltrated the Filipino military to a very high level.

WARNING: this is an interview with no explicit footage but it does include extremely disturbing survivor testimony of child sexual abuse 
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Post by: nemesis on February 20, 2011, 12:16:35 am
This video suggests that Mr Handozhko has abandoned the US for a while, which is good news for Americans, however he appears to be planning travels in Mexico between February and March 2011, which is bad news for people there.

The website advertised on the flyer is here

It appears that Mr Handozhko, using the alias of Kargan Kenesh, aims to teach the people of Mexico how to educate and care for their children, especially children with learning disabilities, mental illnesses and behavioural problems.

text via google translate.........................


Are now coming to life many children with wonderful capabilities, these capabilities come to be confused with hyperactivity or mental illness, but in reality are talents that have no positive way to manifest due to external influences that imprison the development of children.

Understand that the formation of the soul of a baby depends mostly on the feelings of parents, their sincerity, their openness to God, they know what their place in this world and internal development have. When development is high then the soul will inhabit the body will be more outspoken.

Many internal features of the new being dependent on the emotional states that had the mother during her pregnancy. If you have experienced stress and conflict, this will alter the creature giving poor health, so many children from an early age suffer from depression, nervousness, phobias and even psychosis, primarily the result of maternal behavior during pregnancy.

Of education children receive depends on discovering their talents, many are born with exceptional gifts granted by God, for example envisage situations, see the soul of animals or identify diseases, but the routine and traditional canons block these gifts, preventing the child has contact with his divine destiny.

Many parents are overprotective of ignorance and educate their children, which results in the future are weak, they are almost impossible to have success, because children there are programs that last throughout their existence, can be programmed to succeed and succeed or to be unsuccessful and unhappy.

We must pay close attention to education, to avoid these errors, deliver comprehensive tools to become happy and fulfilling people who meet the mission will have in this life, which is why we have specific teachings and practices for growing special children."

I find this extremely alarming. 

The dates that Mr Handozhko is in Mexico (or at least those advertised) are 18th - 19th February, 19th - 20th March

Of course he may remain in Mexico between 19th February and 19th March as his network is highly active in Mexico and he will no doubt have many tasks relating to his THB business to attend to.   However I also notice that the network is running the following workshop in Australia

Shamanic Tantra in Melbourne, Australia @ Universynergy Arts Academy

When    23.02.2011 - 27.02.2011    
Course Name   Shamanic Tantra in Melbourne, Australia
Where    Universynergy Arts Academy - Melbourne, Australia
Subject   Seminars in the city


They are being very cagey and reserved about who exactly his running the workshop, but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Handozhko could be the "shaman" running it as he certainly travels around a lot.

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Post by: nemesis on February 22, 2011, 12:42:06 am
I was checking out the Russian videos again and decided to check, again a travel company URL listed in a video promoting horse riding tours in the Altai mountains.

The video is here

Typically the holiday is not just about having a nice time riding horses, the video narration is highly sexualised and the narrator claims that "the horse is the sexual energy of the woman, and if you can control it you can rule your feminine woman who can bridle this (carthorse?) can control any man".

I suppose that, given the Russian press reports about this network's production of pornography featuring sex with animals, I am just wondering whether these horse riding sessions presented in such a sexualised way might represent the initial stages of grooming females for this kind of sexual exploitation?

at 2.56 in there is a tour company advertised, Enjoy Tours.  I checked it out before and the site was down, now it is up again.   Website here

This is definitely a travel company used by this network to arrange esoteric tours, featuring pseudo-tantra, meditation, yoga, pseudo-shamanism, all their usual stuff in various locations around the world.  I can definitely confirm that this is the same network from the text used, branding, etc. also the photos in the photo gallery.  

At the time of writing they are stating the following locations as destinations:

However they also have a menu where you can let them know where you want to go and the locations stated are

Amazon Tours

This travel agency / tour agency is important as it is fairly standard for large THB networks to own their own travel agencies and tour companies.

This site is linked as a partner site and it interests me greatly as the Romanian yoga school / THB network owns similar sites.

To the casual observer this look like nothing more or less than a women's glossy magazine but online, however if you are familiar with how these networks operate it is so much more and the alarm bells are a-ringing.

If this is anything like the MISA sites, and it looks extremely similar, then all the clothing, accessories, jewellery and trinkets for sale on the site are manufactured by enslaved yoga students living in "ashrams".

Under the "leisure" section of the magazine they offer "ideas for the weekend"
for example:
Organised by the magazine «PANORAMA» jointly with Women's Club Lady Charm

For your convenience, we offer three programs of the tour:

Program number 1 : Relax-Tour: «SPA in nature" - 6 900p. (Thursday)

Program number 2: Relax-round on weekends - 5 900p. (Saturday)

Programme ? 3: Relax-tour: «OCEAN OF LIFE» - Sept. 900p. (Saturday-Sunday)

Relax-tour designed especially for those women who are tired of too rapid pace of life who want to put in order thoughts and feelings, or just humanly rest! Dear Women, we know what kind of load you are experiencing EVERY DAY! That's why we invite unload your fragile shoulders, restore vitality and mental harmony, energize through communion with nature!

In an atmosphere of harmony, we will talk on topics of vital energy, women's health and, of course, men.

We are also waiting for a rich program of holiday: special women's practices, massages, sauna, horseback riding. AND NO PHONE - JUST YOU, THE NATURE AND RECREATION!


1. Transfer.

2. Where to stay in the room.

3. Breakfast. Introducing the group.

4. Talk on the theme "What is the life energy? The nature of feminine energy: health, relationships, business. "

5. Talk on the theme "The relationship between man and woman: the ability to choose, feel and control."

6. Riding on horseback.

7. Lunch. Discussion, questions, walk through the forest, free time.

8. Sauna, exclusive practice, ladies yoga, massage techniques.

9. Transfer. Suggestions for future tours.

Book by phone:




You'd better weekend!

IMPORTANT: Please note that they state "no phone" during this weekend.  This may sound innocent enough, as though they want the women to experience peace and quiet, but it in fact means that women are completely isolated from the outside world while on this weekend retreat.

Also in the leisure section they provide a number of "personality tests".  MISA does this also on its women's fashion and lifestyle websites.  These tests are nothing more than a sophisticated façade for harvesting deeply personal and private information about potential victims and for encouraging them to register with the site, thus providing more data and unwittingly making themselves even more vulnerable to coercion and manipulation by the THB networks.  These tests will help the traffickers to identify the females who fit into their ideal demographic for victims.  If you take a look at the quizzes on their site, each quiz help the traffickers to ID for example, women of low intelligence or who struggle with logical / rational thinking, narcissistic women who like to think of themselves as seductive sirens, etc.

tests and quizzes here

and of course, as one would expect, under the health and beauty section we have
Lessons from women's wisdom
Here you will learn about the art of feminine charm, magnetism and sexuality!

How often do we hear about that woman, and beautiful, and clever, but no luck with men. Lessons from women's wisdom can magically fix these situations. The natural attractiveness and sexuality, coupled with a female coaching a truly great power. Lessons relationships help to achieve success in school and work. Training of family relations can achieve warmth and comfort in his own family, to build trusting relationships with loved ones. Thanks to the workouts relationship, you will be able to skillfully use their attractiveness, so that any questions are always resolved in his favor. No need to carry out special statistical studies to understand what is sexually attractive people are happy and successful. However, not all by nature tend to be lucky and sexy.

Followed by lots of articles about how to seduce men, how to do "Cleopatra massage", all the kind of stuff you would expect from this network

and of course at the bottom of every page there is a coupon that if you click on it takes you to a page here

where they ask for your full name and email address.  If you send it you then get a discount from, and there is a link under the coupon, the "school of Cleopatra" - yes it's the same old same old, prostitute / stripper / honey trap sex school thing at

edited to add a similar MISA website just for comparison

The website is in Romanian language and appears to be a "Cosmopolitan" style women's lifestyle magazine.  In fact, just like the Russian network's lifestyle magazine it is a front for recruitment into slavery.

The psychologist and doctor listed on the home page, who readers can consult online, Smaranda Grosu and Dr. Cristina Bogdan, are MISA members / recruiters.  

The health section promotes an alternative health practitioner who is a MISA recruiter
Family Medicine Specialist,
competence apifitoterapie

surprise, surprise, they list a workshop on "Love and Sexuality"
We invite you to join our debate, and if you wish, to share our experience of life in this area. Some of the topics that we try to achieve:

Love - Sexuality: relationship of inclusion or exclusion?

How do we realize and refine our sexual energy?

Sexuality and spiritual evolution - go together or disagree?

Aspects of love and sexuality issues

Male and female sexuality in

Energy aspects of love / sexuality

What are the reasons that prevent us from fully manifesting our sexuality?

How to identify and free ourselves from energy blockages that affect our emotional life?

Harmony through sexual intimacy in a relationship: utopia or reality?

Location: Bucharest, Carol Park area, Filaret

Date: April 15, 2010

Time: 18.30-21.30

and also the "Mind, Body and Spirit Festival" (in Romania a MISA event)

Also please note the astrology section where readers enter their DOB.  Readers entering their email for newsletters will receive all kinds of MISA promotional material.  

Just including this info for comparison purposes

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Post by: simon on February 24, 2011, 07:50:22 pm
…Why is it that both simon and now MarinVan post pages and pages of long winded boring posts…

Yeaa... When I've read the whole 5 pages of your shit about Mr.Rudnev already have sweated, but as a Russian very much I wanted to understand the sense of that you named «dangerous Russian sect».

And now why don’t you want to read opinions of other people of the Earth??? I don't understand where a problem nemesis?? This is a forum, instead of your personal site. Why you making people against yourselves? Huh

First, why you think nemesis, that all people wom you meet in life should be agree with only your opinion? Its delusion with itself. Secondly, it is trite enough and stupid to search for fleas in heads of those people who not pleasant to you. Am as observer come to a sad conclusion: if in a forum someone writes only a dirt and platitude about someone it will be pleasant to you. And if someone doesn't agree with you, then he/she becomes the enemy of a forum and the whole world. Come on!!!!
Most likely nemesis [Five childish personal attacks in a row].

[Long irrelvant rant about yogis]
[Long section on an American progressive writer]
[Series of conspiracy theories]
[Series of articles about politics in Russia]

[Moderator's note: Stay on topic. Irrelevant nonsense deleted. Also avoid childishness and personal attacks.]

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Post by: nemesis on February 24, 2011, 08:23:04 pm
Just to get back on track....

a few quotes from a 2008 news item about Rudnev and his nasty criminal network (emphasis mine)

On Thursday, Oct. 23 , at 7:00  in the village of Kirov District Soviet police department staff has been discovered, "the headquarters of the sect" Ashram Shambala, one of the most dangerous totalitarian sectarian organizations in the world, originated in 1991, the year in Akademgorodok. On the same day investigators stormed the villa in the village Plotnikovo Novosibirsk region, which was discovered and the leader of the sect - 41-year-old Konstantin Rudnev , known sektanstkih circles under the name of Sri Jnana Avatar Muni.

As a result of operational activities in the two cottages belonging to the sect were found eight girls who were on the federal wanted list as a missing persons (including under-age resident in Belarus - a schoolgirl from Minsk). In addition, investigators seized 23 laptops, a large number of occult literature, video and audio. Both cottages have been discovered objects of sexual entertainment and video products, and distortions of pornographic content.

It is known that the sect "Ashram Shambala" is based on the renunciation of conventional morality and deviant sexual behavior: free sexual relationships, orgies involving animals, the moral, physical and sexual violence, etc.

According to the results of the international scientific-practical conference "Totalitarian Sects - the threat of the twenty-first century", held in Nizhny Novgorod, April 23-25, 2001, sect Rudnev is listed as "most famous and dangerous modern destructive cults." By debilitating hunger, constant and indiscriminate sex, violence, persuasion using the techniques of hypnosis and NLP Rudnev and his followers were people tied to the sect. Adherents of the sect, as a rule, they became totally dependent on it, donated his property sect, and themselves moved to live in a dormitory of the sect. According to the website, by 2004 the leader of the sect's adherents to the sale of the property, video occult and pornographic content, lectures and seminars to earn about $ 10 million.

Then Rudnev was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Samara. In 1989 he returned to Novosibirsk and with the help  of Elena Zakharova established wellness company "Caravan", which promoted alternative medicine with the eastern slope. After the company was transformed into "Siberian Association of Yoga" (the officially registered name), also known as the "Academy of occult sciences," it also "Ashram Shambala," it also "Belovodye. There also were Company Olirna "," Sotitanandana Yoga Center, School of Esoteric core business "and" School of Avicenna. Around Novosibirsk in houses of culture, cinema and even a children's summer camps cultists have begun paid seminars, which teach "yoga", "the teachings of Shambhala", "Reiki healing," "astral karate and remove damage. One of the most popular among girls has become a "geisha school," where advocated complete sexual freedom, emancipation, etc. It is known that one of the leaders of the sect, Paul Handozhko , a surgeon from the Pskov region, regularly conducts workshops on "Tantra" ("do tantra" - in the language of the sect stands for "sex"), in 2004, was wanted on suspicion of spreading AIDS (there is every reason to believe that he is HIV-infected and caused the illness of several dozen people all over Russia).

According to operative data, by 2000 the number of adherents of the sect had grown to 20,000 throughout Russia.

Law enforcement agencies are hoping that Konstantin Rudnev could be mobilized for the articles "corruption of minors" and "possession of narcotic substances."

So, much as I hate to repeat myself, I have to ask, where is Mr Handozhko?  Why does he not have the courage of his convictions to come here and to answer my questions about the specialist sex training schools that are available for anyone to see on the network's various websites?

Why does he not simply go to the AIM clinic and take and HIV test if all the news stories about him recklessly infecting dozens of people are untrue?

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Post by: nemesis on February 27, 2011, 10:24:25 am
This is extremely concerning

This organisation,
Gables Optimal Health
195 Giralda Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Has very recently been running workshops with Kargan Kenesh and Master Stella who they bizarrely claim are visiting from Greece
“Psycho energetic Protection”                                                                                                 
Led by Kargan Kenesh 
 January 30 12:30PM - 5 PM                                                                                                             
 (Visiting us from Greece)
OPEN TALK w/ Kargan Kenesh
will be held between 12:30- 1:30 PM
Which are the influences we need to protect ourselves from?
How can we protect ourselves in order to start to grow in all levels?
(Learning these techniques can especially help healers, practitioners, business men or
women, also people who contact many people, and they could experience positive shifts
in many areas of their life when they learn self-protection.)
WORKSHOP w/ Kargan Kenesh
2- 5 PM
Cost: $65
In the workshop we will learn and practice effective methods for self-protection and
for developing useful abilities to help us succeed in many areas of life.
*Some benefits include:
-Perseverance in the face of obstacles, steadiness in the face of chaos
-Leadership and structural organization
-Charisma, becoming naturally active and outgoing
-The sense of 'I Can', motivation, and self-confidence
-Emotional resiliency, unaffected by stress
-Self-control and will-power
-Powerful and focused psychological and emotional energy, and undistributed concentration.

•        Birthing From Within                                                                                                                         
  February 3 and 4, 7 PM & February 5 and 6, 9 AM

•             MASTER STELLA (from Greece)
February 12 and 13
February 12
Increasing Female Energy
February 13

If you click the images on this FB page

You can see that the Master Stella workshop is another "discover your inner prostitute" type event marketed as "The Art of Being a Woman"

Also a Tantra workshop lead by Kargan Kenesh that includes a module on finding a suitable romantic partner (just as an aside, from researching this network I understand that this module claims to be able to ID a partner via astrological and numerological compatibilities - in order to so this they need all kinds of compromising personal data from participants).   

In between the adverts for the tantra and "The Art of Being a Woman" workshops are adverts for ongoing workshops called "Pulse" (possibly / probably unconnected) for teens aged 14 - 17 years.

IME, based on researching other organisations holding workshops by this and other similar networks, one or more of the staff of this organisation have probably been recruited to the network or at the very least "befriended" by Kenesh, Stella or another senior member.

This event with Kargan Kenesh
was created by   
Gables Optimal Health, Lissa Horenstein Nirenberg

Lissa's FB page

Lissa's practitioner page on the Gable's page

Lissa's website here

shows that she is a TCM practitioner (interesting to me as the network has recruited other TCM practitioners in other territories).

The really interesting thing about Lissa is that you would not suspect her of being connected to this network just by checking out her profile or website.

She does not have any senior member of the network as friends on her FB page (at least none that I recognise) and I almost missed the connection, however on her FB wall here

She is promoting the network's videos of Kargan Kenesh via an American senior network member Dian Saiz
Of course she may be (probably is) completely unaware of the criminality that her friends are involved in. 

A brief perusal of the practitioners list shows that they are involved in a diverse range of interesting things, from the "Surrendered woman" movement, to the Landmark Education and many other movements and organisations classified by some as "cults".

Mostly I am concerned about the proximity of events for teens to the events run by  the Russian criminal network.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on February 27, 2011, 11:53:51 am
Just reporting another enthusiastic recruiter to this network.  This woman is probably entirely innocent about the criminal activities of the network.

Lyn Marie Hicks AKA Lyn Stankavage Hicks (not sure which is the real name)

Her FB wall shows that she is promoting the network's workshops and attending their events

also her meetup organiser profiles here

Aharata meetup

and here
Sacred femininity / School of Cleopatra (prostitute school)

The events she promotes are held at Harmony Hill Gardens, an organic flower supplier, a business that she appears to own

Lyn is promoting Aharata workshops here on her blog

where she enthuses about her teacher Joshua Duncan (probably also en entirely innocent recruit - his mother has also been recruited to the network).

Just wanted to add that Joshua Duncan and his mother own a health food shop.  IME tantric cults target owners of health food / organic food and produce shops and suppliers for recruitment.

This goes back to the days of Bhagwan Rajneesh / Osho, who also targeted owners of vegetarian cafes and restaurants.  I am not entirely sure why, but I think it is probably because their target demographic is affluent people with open minds and a social conscience who are interested in alternative medicine and spirituality and both owners and customers of veggie / organic shops and restaurants fit this demographic.  FWIW if anyone is interested in collecting printed flyers from these criminal networks advertising their events, organic and health food shops are a great place to find them.  

IME these networks often also set up their own businesses as fronts for money laundering, typically health food, alternative cures and medicines, raw food supplies, organic food supplies, etc.  
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Post by: nemesis on February 28, 2011, 03:33:12 pm
I just wanted to show in a little bit more detail how this network alienates victims from their friends and families.

The following text is from a FB page advertising astrokarate, a fake martial art promoted by the network:

Astro karate

It is a complex of methods for psychological and energetic defense.

Nowadays, our life is exceptionally dynamic and intense. We are all continuously subject to an array of external forces, which influence and manipulate our psyche.

Astrokarate’s theory sustains that these manipulations come from various influences, such as:

- Parental influences, which prevent us from following our objectives

- Friends’ and colleagues’ influences which take away our independence and attempt to control our criteria or manipulate our opinions

- Political and economic influences, which subtly program our thinking

- Fashion, prestige and glory which create new big concerns for us

- Religious propaganda, which encourages servile feelings and transforms people into sheep obedient to the pastor’s instructions.

An ordinary person may have great difficulties in understanding all this, but an intelligent one can find these points sufficient to make stress the fact that the most sacred objective of any human life is freedom and the development of one’s soul.


I don't feel the need to comment in any great depth on the text as it is fairly self-explanatory, apart from to notice that the astrokarate workshop claims to deliver freedom from the influences of friends, families and society but that the freedom they deliver is simply enslavement. 
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Post by: nemesis on March 02, 2011, 11:51:27 am
Just wanted to share a blog that for a while I was wondering whether was created by a MISA (Romanian THB network) person or a member of the Russian network

The blog is here

The blog is in Romanian language so initially I thought it was a MISA blog, however it contains many elements typically found in the Russian network's blogs and websites, e.g. emphasis on raw food, 3 different types of women, calling women "goddesses (in MISA they usually refer to "shaktis"), the "art of being a woman", finding you soul mate etc.

I just discovered that this blog is linked to via the blog of Mihai Stoain  (MISA yoga instructor, porn actor and pimp) and so thus I can conclude that it is in fact a MISA blog.

What is important to consider here, IMO, is whether MISA is trying to steal victims from the Russian network by masquerading as them, whether MISA is just copying aspects of the Russian network's MO or whether both networks copy each other and will become more similar as they evolve.

I will keep my beady eye on the situation to see whether MISA starts to include an emphasis on shamanism and the Russian network starts to promote angelic themed events or "premature ejaculation tips" websites like this MISA site

Some semi-nude photos

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on March 02, 2011, 01:06:07 pm

[Edited out a false connection between two unrelated sites.]

It (the blog in my previous post - ) has many MISA indicators, perhaps the strongest being the non-celebrity photos of attractive young women, which are fairly typical of MISA photographers work.  I don't recognise any of the girls in the photos but they recruit many, many girls so I cannot keep track of them all.  

The link via Stoian's blog is a strong indicator also, as is the fact that the blog is Romanian and MISA's origins and leader is Romanian.  However somewhere either through the blog in my previous post (which I am now unsure is MISA or the Russians) or via Stoian's blog, MISA is linking to and promoting the Russian network.

It would not be remarkable if these very large THB networks were working cooperatively, THB networks often do, but this is the first possible indicator that I have discovered.

I am concerned that the above post may be confusing

to simplify

The blog of Mihai Stoian - MISA porn actor, yoga instructor, pimp and one of the few people to have direct access to Gregorian Bivolaru (Grieg to his friends)

Links to this blog as a recommended link (they usually only link to their own entities)

The above link contains indicators of both MISA and the Russian THB network.

[Edited out mistaken links between two unrelated sites.]

Also, the

blog links to this website

which is 100% MISA

I am confused as to what is going on here

It could be that MISA and the Russians are working cooperatively or it could be that MISA is simply incorporating many elements of the Russian brand into its own, and that thus, the blog apparently owned by the Russians is a MISA blog in disguise.

The other possibility is that the MISA blog has linked to other non-MISA sites and that they linked to the blog of a rival THB network without realising who they were linking to.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on March 10, 2011, 10:33:01 am
Recently the Russian network have been promoting a female recruiter Tamar aka Tamara Ra who seems to operate in South American territories.

Tamara Ra
Arrives in Mexico to share lessons on Women Development
Women's Development Specialist.
Years devoted to research on the female wisdom of the East.
His teachings and practices locks eliminate female sexual energy.
Creative method "7 Steps to Excellence" has been very successful
in over 10 countries worldwide. On his first visit to Mexico will give
seminars and workshops to give strength and security to women who want
recover their feminine essence and adapted to modern reality.


You can see a video of this female here, she is the blonde one in the centre of the 3 women.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on March 20, 2011, 11:31:55 am
Please excuse this brief diversion but I think this is interesting

I recently discovered the youtube channel of a newage Muslim male Saleem Siddiqui, who owns a youtube channel called HotConflict

Interesting video here

Unseen World pt 1 Intro LightWorker Activation Ascension Rainbow Warrior Starseed Masters

His website is here

that reflects a diverse range of content from newage (including aliens, lizards, star-seeds, lightworker activation, etc.) to conspiracy theories through to Islam.

According to his website
Saleem Siddiqui is a Political Commentator, Public Speaker, Actor and Consultant. He is a trained Mediation and Conflict Resolution Specialist. He conducts sermons and training for various religious and Nonprofit organizations. Working with effort to increase Muslim and Islamic awareness in Communications, Public Relations (PR), Public Speaking, Political Strategy, Media, Marketing, and many  other fields as they relate to the integration of Muslims in the United States of America and around the world.

Saleem Siddiqui has undergrad degrees in Arabic and religion from the Middle East and attended Law School in Houston,Texas. He has consulted with the FBI and testified on behalf of the District Attorney of Virginia on cases relating to National Security and “The War on Terror”.

For a Muslim Mr Siddiqui has some rather, er, unusual views on prostitution, which you can listen to via this link

I do not have the time or resources to research this properly and I'm not sure what it all means I am just curious about it as I am very interested in how these newage ideas are spread into various cultural and sub-cultural groups. 

It seems to me that some of these trafficking networks are infiltrating Muslim countries and cultures in different ways.  Some of the brothels / tantric temples on FB have FB friends from various Arab countries, (some of whom have posted enthusiastically about the females working at such establishments so one can assume that they have not just ticked the "friend" box casually.  Also the people appear to be real with FB friends and families in their home countries).  IME many newage pseudo-tantrics are also very interested in the poet Rumi and so a possibly infiltration route could be via a shared interest in Islamic mysticism.

I am also interested, for example, in how these networks are infiltrating the music and entertainment industries, which is something to be very concerned about IMO.

Anyway, not much time to post, just wanted to share this in case anyone out there is interested in following this up.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on April 01, 2011, 09:37:50 am
A very important and serious development has occurred.

I have been reporting in this thread regarding the novel models of THB recruitment used by cultic criminal networks in relation to social networking websites, blogs and websites using lifestyle quizzes and astrology and numerology features in order to collect victim data and manipulate choices, but this has now reached a whole new level of sophistication.  

The latest development that I know if is that the Russian network, most commonly referred to in news stories as "Ashram Shambala" has developed in Iphone application called Moonwhile.

There is a video on one of the network's youtube channels (to my knowledge their only Danish channel) demonstrating and advertising the app here

the text accompanying the video is as follows:

Review for Apps (iPhone only) developed by Rassvet and Belbooks. MoonWhile is an alternative way to plan your days - from a moon perspective! Have fun planning your life moonwhile. MoonWhile provides you with information on the position of the moon and recommendations for planning your daily activities according to it. Find out when it is best to pay a visit to your hairdresser, to throw a party for your friends and family, or to take better care of your health. Get the most of your life by consulting the moon!
? Features ?
? Suggestion of daily activities
? Selene's femininity level
? Calendar view with monthly activities
Version 1.0 of MoonWhile contains data for the period from 1. January 2011 to 31 December 2011 and is computed for Northern Hemisphere only.
? Support ?
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please send us an email at
moon, luna, lunar, calendar, health, plan, diet, activity, activities, selene, health, life
moon luna lunar calendar health plan diet activity activities selene life moonwhile rassvet belbook simple supernatural

If you actually watch the video it has the Russian network's branding all over it from the white titles on the dark blue cloudy background through to the "goddess" Celine graphic, clearly designed to appeal to young women and girls.  

The dietary recommendations are also congruent with the Russian network, drink more water today, today eat fruit, today eat root vegetables, etc.  and the central theme of the app telling you how nigh or low your "feminine energy" is on a certain day could be lifted straight out of one of their websites.

Alarmingly the app also provides advice on what days are good for travel and all kinds of other information that would be very useful for traffickers to use in order to control victims.

Of course in a way this is just a modern repackaging of a con that it as old as the hills.  Fake psychics, mediums and astrologers have used predictions and forecasts to manipulate victim choices since time immemorial.  What is truly terrifying about this development is its capacity to reach and influence thousands and potentially even millions of victims if the app become popular and spreads via social networking sites like facebook.  

I am not a techie person and I don't know a lot about Iphone apps but it seems to me that this app could potentially be used both to collect sensitive, identifying data from potential victims (maybe via installing malware?)as well as influencing and manipulating victim choices via lunar forecasts.

You can see this app for sale here on the Itunes website

where the following text appears:

Category: Lifestyle
Released: Mar 23, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 12.5 MB
Language: English
© 2011 RASSVET ApS
Rated 9+ for the following:
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

I am curious to know about the mature / suggestive themes - I imagine that they relate to tips on stuff like "today is a good day to learn erotic dance / strip tease" and / or "today is a good day to get in touch with your sacred sexual energy" and all the other stuff these criminal routinely advocate.

The app was designed by BellBooks (a Danish subsidiary of the Russian network) and a Danish IT company called Rassvet

The Rassvet webpage is here

fb page here

I do not know to what extent Rassvet is involved with the Russian network.  They may just be an IT company who have  created an app for a client or they may be part of the Russian network.  I do not have the time or resources to find out, but  this needs to be looked at IMO.

edited as I just wanted to make clear the connection between the owner of the youtube channel BellBooks (the lady who appears in the video promoting the apps) and the Russian network best known (in Russian news reports at least) as Ashram Shambala

This is the Ashram Shambala Danish website

It is 100% clearly identifiable as their website to anyone who has
studied the Russian network as it promotes astrokarate, astroaikido,
shamanism, and Altai.

Also on this page

It promotes all the usual Russian network's workshops, Cleopatra
Magic, Indigo Children, Business Magic, Slavic Yoga - it is all there.

The "who are we" page confirms 100% that the site is Ashram Shambala

"An organization was founded by Altai Chi (Master of Golden Altai) to
combine new knowledge with ancient teachings in order to gain great
wisdom to help the people of the world harness their natural energies
so as to be able to attain peace, happiness, love, and liberty. In the
years since 1989, the Academy of Golden Altai has become known as one
of the best in the world."

"Golden Altai" is one of many names of the cult.

now, the links page is interesting

the links are

The first 2 are dead links to the Russian network's old websites, the
3d link is to a Danish website run by a woman called Irina Bjørnø.

She is the Scandanavian rep of the Russian network and owner of the
Bellbooks youtube channel

She also appears in almost all of the videos on the Bell Books youtube channel.

You can recognise her from both the website and the youtube channel

Her FB page is here

and is full of Ashram Shambala VIP contacts, for example, the following FB IDs are senior members of Ashram
Shambala who are FB friends of Irina Bjørnø

Ancient Wisdom Tree (VERY snr member real name Paul / Pavel Handozhko
aka Biven Mamonta aka Kargan Kenesh and loads of other aliases)

Aharata Xalapa (recruiter operating in Mexico)

Celestial Wisdomof Altai  (UK based recruiter)

Altai Fuente de Vida  (South American based recruiter)

Chekes Rada (VERY senior VIP recruiter operating internationally aka
master Chekes aka Soledad)

I hope that this helps to clarify the seriousness of the situation.

edited to add some further thoughts.

In the video Ms Bjørnø is very encouraging of potential users to email her with suggestions and feedback.  IME this network prioritises harvesting email addresses and other contact details.  

I think that the app as advertised is just the first "hook".  Anyone buying it is already is someone who believes that their life is influenced by planetary movements and is also someone owns an Iphone, so purchasers fit into the demographic of affluent females with a belief in the supernatural, the network's preferred targets for victims.

Once the customer has purchased the app then there will be opportunities for her to upgrade a more advanced version that delivers a more tailored lunar and astrological forecast once she has provided the network with further details regarding her DOB, location etc.  She may even be invited to submit details regarding her travel plans so that the app can advise her re good and bad times to travel and to what country etc.

We know from the video advertising the app that it advises on good days to engage in "dynamic exercise", yoga and massage and also trips to the beautician (by coincidence all of which are themes of the network's workshops).  

It would be relatively easy for the network to recommend attendance at its various schools and workshops via the app, and of course by that time the network will be in possession of the victim's phone number, email address, DOB and other sensitive / identifying information.

edited to add

a news story: Hidden iPhone File Tracks Users' Every Move

The security of Apple's iPhones and iPads is being called into question after it emerged the devices contain a hidden file that tracks the owner's locations.

The finding was reported by two British computer programmers at a technology conference in San Francisco.
The pair found Apple has been logging the whereabouts of 3G phone and iPad users since it updated its mobile operating system a year ago.

The location data is taken from mobile phone masts and Wi-Fi networks and recorded on the device along with the time and date.

However, one of the concerns is that when a person syncs their phone or iPad with a computer the information is transferred to the hard drive permanently.

Anyone with access to this computer, including a hacker, could then trace the user's movements.
And if the phone or iPad was lost or stolen a stranger would also be able to view the data with the right software.

Although other mobile phone companies collect information in similar ways, it is usually kept behind a firewall.
It then normally requires a court order to gain access to it - but this is not the case with this data.

Pete Warden and Alasdair Allan, the researchers behind the discovery, have now set up a webpage to inform the public about the file.

On the page it states: "By passively logging your location without your permission, Apple have made it possible for anyone from a jealous spouse to a private investigator to get a detailed picture of your movements."

Mr Warden, who worked for Apple for five years, has created a free downloadable programme that allows them to see the location data on a map.

It is not known why Apple is collecting the data or whether the function can be disabled.

The company failed to return calls made by Sky News Online.

The criticism of the technology giant's operations comes after the company revealed on Wednesday that it had nearly doubled its second quarter profits.

*feel less bad about not having a Iphone*
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on April 28, 2011, 10:41:24 am
just a quick update with some recent news stories from Russia, text via goolge translate

Looks like Rudnev is staying in jail at least until July 8th of this year.

Just a few things I do not understand about this case.

The last time that Rudnev was arrested he was in possession of heroin and yet there are no charges in relation to this.  I do not understand why this is.

Rudnev is facing charges relating to rape and sexual assault but not relating to THB, even though the Russian news reports show many clear indicators of THB (e.g. tens of dozens of passports of missing people located at his various hideaways, evidence of the production of pornographic films, the "pimping" of your girls, credible survivor accounts of enforced labour for no pay in terrible conditions on starvation rations).  Why is this?

Anyway, news story below

"Guru" sex cult "Ashram Shambala" left in custody for a further 3 months

April 8, 2011 (12:48)

Today, April 8, an information portal reported that the Central District Court of Novosibirsk extended by three months the detention period to the leader of a religious association " Ashram Shambala " Konstantin Rudnev , accused in the creation of sects and sex crimes.
- Term to be extended to July 8 this year - said a senior assistant to the head the Investigation Department of the Novosibirsk region TFR Marina Kinzhalova .
As previously reported IA "Amitel" , the activity of religious association Ashram Shambala , "acting on the territory of the Novosibirsk region , was foiled in October 2010 as a result of activities of the investigation department of the UPC of the Russian Federation, Federal Security Service and police in Novosibirsk region. Rudnev, who calls himself Sri Jnana Avatar Muni , seemed alien to Sirius , sent to earth to enlighten people and bring them to the truth. According to the Internal Affairs Directorate in Novosibirsk region, a sect led by Rudnev, " The Ashram was established more than 20 years ago.

Rudnev indicted in part 1 st.239 (creation of a religious association, encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens), Article 131 (rape), st.132 (sexual assault) of the Criminal Code. He was arrested in early October last year. The basis of the ideology of the sect were laid eastern occult practice. Sect members, mostly young people between 17 and 30 years old, were deprived of the usual circle of friends and lifestyle. They provide psychological and emotional impact, leading in most cases to the care of the house, permanent loss of relationships, the shift of the generally accepted norms of morality and ethics in the installation, taken among members of the sect.


Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on July 03, 2011, 09:09:54 am
I just wanted to post some text from the archive of the now dead anti-ashram shambala website

The relevant archived page can be found here

This page is interesting because it provides quite a detailed account the abuses of yoga / shamanism students (referred to as sadhakas or sadhaks) and illustrate how pseudo-spiritual methods originally used by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (aka Osho) such as active meditation and ecstatic dance are used by Ashram Shambala mentors to coerce students into a position of slavery.

The text is translated via Google translate and does not make for the most elegant of reading, but the facts and relevant details are clear.

The emphasis in bold is mine and highlights THB indicators.


Ashram as it is.
Many who have read, seen, heard or watched movies about the ashrams, and have an idea about them. Yes, these are the places where people grow spiritually. But it will quite unusual about the ashram, namely the ashram-shifter.

Like any other school in the "esoteric school fenugreek" is the ashrams. There are several, but they all have one thing in common grains - grains of evil, that they sow in the hearts and minds sadhakas. Sadhakas - those students that have decided to continue its development in the ashram, and a step above the simple student attending workshops of the school.

So, when the student is "ripe," he offered to go to the ashram and pay them thousands of well 4-5. This, they say, a donation "school" and a fee for what you and I will vigorously engage in spirituality, but for higher knowledge must pay a high price material, if you do not want to pay something else, such as health or life. Naturally students gladly pay that amount or even more money to pay is not something else.

When it turns out that this amount is the student, and he is able to pay it as soon as coming to "ashram," then it is determined exactly where he should go. Of course, this is decided by "mentors" with permission "teacher" without asking the student desires. Then, with a souped sadhakas calls up or arrange a seminar or send a letter. Do not worry he is already on the fly and the time will come when it will attract to the ashram, sooner or later tales or flattery. Some of the conversation, or diagnosis of mentors flattering words, that he has a great future and great ability and what he wants them to develop it in the ashram. Man's good to know very special and great, and this is well played by mentors. That's really really great sin of pride, as they say in Christianity, that he pushes people to do stupid things and put yourself above others. And in the "ashram" constantly inspire sakhakam, that they are above the rest, but it dipped below their own sewage. Great is the power of suggestion.

At the moment of waiting, there is something intriguing and red-hot passion and desire. This is a masterful use of tutors of the school. And when the student can no longer wait and he just can not wait to "go to battle" comes the long-awaited guidance when and where to go.

But do not count on the full address, you simply say, come in such a city to such a time, on such and such a station. There you will meet and hold back streets and with changes in the "ashram" as if you were a spy. Then you will understand, why such secrecy.

Sometimes, after a major seminars, such as Sochi, sadhakas collected from the students present (hot on the trail). Written lists of wanting to go and then they were driven by the group in any of the "ashram".

When arriving "at the house" every sadhakas mentor spend 3-minute interview, where he donates all his money and food at school. Money he would never see, eat food too mentors. All their personal hygiene sadhak rents senior sadhak in common use, but the best take away his mentors.

Probably already interested in knowing what it looks like an ashram. I hasten to you razocherovat. This is a simple apartment in an apartment or a country house and everything. Sadhakas crammed into one room to another mentor. Room for sadhakas 3 to 5 meters to 16 of 20 people where they work, eat and sleep. The room for younger teachers mentors live 2-3 people, a senior tutor has a separate room. That is such a "cramped and not offended" live sadhakas, if you can call it life.

Life there is very severe, just to survive. Rise at 6 o'clock, lights out in 3-4 nights. From a constant lack of sleep in humans is a loss of power. A strength and energy necessary oh how much every hour workout in 15 minutes, but do not like something, but to the best of strength, fed only two times a day, and work, work and more time working "for the benefit of schools and society" . From cold, hunger and starvation, some go mad.

Warm up: monotone pushups, squats and press, sometimes alternating with grueling dance. Sadhaka forced to make constant efforts to super workout, do all in a fast and energetic pace, unable to sleep, even if you close your eyes from fatigue. Try to do the same exercise every hour and every day and you feel like coming stupor, you just mechanically doing what you are required to, if only so far behind and were not punished. And then punished for the slightest infraction.

All kinds of punishment: the famine of one to several days "on the job", push-ups or squats 200-500 in addition to workouts, cleaning restroom alone. If you refuse to perform sentence, the coach makes all sadhakas when you do push-ups as long as the weary load sadhakas, not to beg you to accept you, not wanting to torment others begin to carry out the punishment.

After lifting the hour workout to music. At night, all can stand up and dance to exhaustion and then again hung up. And if you slowly lay pastel, a "rehearsal" to be repeated until all the flash on the team did not subside in a row head to toe in just seconds. Sadhakas sleep on the floor on which one. If he did win a sleeping bag or blanket, then you're in luck, and if not managed, then you sleep directly on the bare floor. The windows are open in winter and summer creating a draft.

They are fed only two times morning and evening. After lifting the 6-7 hours until finally allow mentor "chef" to go to the kitchen to cook. Cook more cheaply in a large saucepan sadhakas, but in a small better "mentors". Cleaning vegetables, leaves, grass, barley or Pshenko - it all goes into the pot to sadhakas. Tea on the grass. A mentor eat rice, salad, mushrooms and everything that normal people eat. Hungry sadhakas jumped on food and stuff all you can and that will fit into their womb. Often hold practice: feed a neighbor (a neighbor to feed you, and you did), eating with your eyes closed, is sitting with his back to the plate and do not pry, eating on time with a meal for folding bowls, eating with his hands in the common pot or dish of hot cereal , transplanted during the meal. I almost always read in turn some of their books the school that says coach. Sitting on the meager rations and monotonous without the salt and spices, the person becomes hungry and ready to take away an extra piece of his neighbor, he still is not enough. Therefore, on walks students eat all you can find and eat: mushrooms, berries, grass, leaves. This bestial practices in the state increased the rate, "who had, he also ate" (when placed in the middle of the meal and if you have time to get it, then eat, and if not, then no, stay hungry.)

Walking - a rarity and a very large, once a week or two. Accustomed to sit in the lotus pose sex every day could barely move the sadhakas legs, stumble, do not run, and crawl on the earth's surface. Going for a walk or let out early morning or late evening when it is dark or at night. Very rarely during the day, only in exceptional circumstances (away from the police harassment). Divide the group into subgroups and, with time intervals, release into the street. On the street going to the group and go somewhere with a mentor. Returned to the house in the same way sub-groups.

Work in the "ashram" are different: envelopes (manufacturing and subscription), manufacture magic items and packaging, sewing, chitons (upper part of the kimono with a range of Roerich and belt), writing poetry and songs, transcribed on paper lectures teachers and mentors, reprinting the texts on the computer books, transcribing music, and video cassettes. Envelopes: sadhakas to draw the envelope templates, cut, bend, glue, stamp and sign. In putting the paper envelopes, which were collected and piled up to the size of the envelope. In each envelope is put a set of leaflets with messages. And so every day from morning till night. Hands in glue and dirty, but you should eat and such hands, they say, under all of energy is disinfected. Signed and packaged in envelopes for mail delivered by teachers in batches.

In other "ashrams" make magic items, charms, amulets - everything that goes on sale later in the workshops for a huge amount. It does not work on the quality and the quantity, the speed, did not meet standards - starve. Then, these objects look mentors and approved or not. Approved items are signed and packaged with the same name sadhaks and they also come up with it though. So, what you give out for magical items - they are not. And the fact that they acted - it's just self-hypnosis or suggestion. Mentors only on the quality of appearance they are selected, and do not charge them any skolechko. In these subjects only one name magic. And the magic that you bought them.

This occupied most of the sadhakas. Only a few write music, poems, and overwrite the video music. cassette. To somehow vary the monotony, give orders sadhakas which he must perform every hour massage (legs, arms, ears, noses, shoulders, back), beating with a stick, singing or reading poetry aloud, scratching, walking backwards, 100 push-ups etc. Each assignment has sadhak is responsible for head shadowing the street (who came and went), computer, video or music cassettes and music, laundry, ironing, drying clothes, flowers, arrangement of the room, ashramovskie things, the order ablutions, etc.

"Teacher" (ie, K. Rudnev) never visits the now "ashrams". It just evokes those can then be used for mentors and conducts lectures and dedications. Sometimes the "ashram" or that drop "mentors" and they are they which justify the honor and respect. Around the "teacher" and "mentors" generated aura of mystery and sanctity. There is a constant brainwashing ideas of the school. Man is like a drip, he becomes a power-addict, devoting all its forces egregore school, and eating only the ideas and passages in the brain - this is their spiritual work with the students.

What are you still just want to get into this hell? Or does think about his fate.
Remember that making mistakes is easy, but clear ...

It took a lot of time, which would revert to the normal human condition after the "ashram"
where spirituality is at the bottom.

Do not repeat our mistakes, if you run into this school, do not be "nice ideas".

All is not gold that glitters!


I am interested in the descriptions of the magic charms and trinkets that are made by enslaved Sadhakas as I have seen such times for sale on various websites owned by the cult / criminal network.

I will post some details of these websites soon. 
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on July 08, 2011, 02:41:56 pm
I just wanted to post a little more information about Ms Irina Bjørnø , the owner of the BELBookstoday youtube channel that is promoting the moonwhile app for I-phones.

I hope that I provided sufficient information in my earlier posts to clearly show that this woman is part of the Russian criminal THB network commonly referred to as Ashram Shambala.

Even so I think it can be a difficult leap to make for many people, to associate a woman who appears to be in her 50s and who has a youtube channel mostly devoted to natural skin care,  motherly menopause tips and Christian prayers and hymns, with a criminal network of human traffickers.

Well recently Irina Bjørnø has uploaded some new videos to her Danish youtube channel, and, surprise surprise, they feature young women performing burlesque and striptease routines. 

If anyone here speaks Danish maybe they could help me to understand what the woman in this video is saying?

I do not speak Danish but I suspect that she is enthusing about Burlesque and striptease as a wonderful way for women to develop themselves emotionally and spiritually, in a similar vein as the MISA Danish video for Apsaras Dance School in Copenhagen here

I also discovered that Irina Bjørnø has a Russian youtube channel, BelbooksRu, in which she appears, wearing lingerie and or "sexy costumes" and reading poetry. 

One example (NSFW) is here

just sharing
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on July 12, 2011, 07:27:27 pm
Just a news update

Looks like Rudnev is being charged with drug trafficking offenses in addition to the rape and sexual assault charges:

Completed the investigation of the case against "Guru" sex cult "Ashram Shambala"

June 27, 2011 (7:57)

Press Service of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Novosibirsk region reported that completed a criminal investigation against the head of the sect " Ashram Shambala and " Constantine Rudnev .

Rudnev, is accused of committing crimes under the Criminal Code Part 1 st.239 (creation of a religious association), Article 131 part 1 of the Criminal Code (rape), p.1 st.132 the Criminal Code (violent actions of sexual nature), h 3 tbsp. 30 paragraph "d" of Part 3. 228.1 of the Criminal Code (attempt to illegal sale of narcotics on a large scale), - says Sibkray. RU .

In the field of law enforcement agencies under the leadership of the sect 43 years Rudnev Constantine came back in September 2009, when an investigation of a criminal investigation into the disappearance of an unknown resident of the city Berdsk , it was discovered one of the sites of its deployment - in the village Plotnikova Novosibirsk region. In the course of searching the cottage was found abundant literature of religious content.

According to investigators, the ideology of the sect is a religious nature and are based on Eastern and occult practices. The organizer of the sect placed the young people from 17 to 30 years in the specially equipped apartments and cottages, where they were under psychological and emotional effects that entails in most cases, leaving home, permanent loss of relationships, the reorientation of conventional norms of morality and ethics. In the Novosibirsk region There are more than 30 members of the sect .

Since 1990, branches of the sect acted in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the republics of Altai , Bashkortostan and Tatarstan, Krasnodar, Perm, Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Lipetsk, Moscow, Samara, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk and Yaroslavl regions.

In order to profit Rudnev and his trustees were paid classes on yoga, which was held to select the most suggestible persons for further involvement in the sect. Also conducted a variety of paid seminars in which the ideology propagated by the sale of books, audio and video. On income   derived from activities of the sect, one of its members as directed by Rudnev were purchased eight of expensive vehicles, including the brands of " Lexus "," Folksvangen "," Toyota "and" Land Cruiser ".

In addition, according to investigators, Rudnev raped one of the women who was involved in the sect, and made for her sexual assault.

Through well-planned investigation and operational-search activities of the sect leader , Konstantin Rudnev was installed and captured. During a search of his house and grounds were found drugs. At the request of the investigation in respect of the organizer as a preventive measure of detention.

Injured by the activities of the sect found 15 people . The total amount of claims for compensation for moral damage is more than 18 million rubles. To allow enforcement of civil suits in the victims of the sect of the property seized.

The consequence of gathered sufficient evidence presented in connection with which a criminal case with an approved bill of indictment to the court for consideration on the merits.


this news item tells of properties being seized by the authorities

Fashion in Moscow

The case of the founder of "Ashram Shambala" was sent to court

Sectarians driven to suicide at least three people
In Novosibirsk, the process starts over Konstantin Rudnev, who organized one of the most dangerous totalitarian sect Russia [photo + video]
Victoria Minaev  - 24/06/2011

"The Second Messiah", as modestly called himself a Siberian Konstantin Rudnev, soon brought to justice. According to the press officers of the regional prosecutor's office, the founder of the totalitarian sect "Ashram Shambala" is accused of "rape," "sexual assault", "illegal sale of narcotics", as well as creating "the United encroaching on the individual and the rights of citizens ".

- With respect to the most active followers of "messiah" the investigation continues. For crimes committed by Rudnev punishable by imprisonment for a term of more than 10 years - added to the press service of the department.

Sect "Ashram Shambala" Konstantin Rudnev created in 1989 by proclaiming himself the "Second Messiah", and "prophet" and "embryo, found themselves on the ground through the UFO."

 - The ideological basis of his "doctrine" was the book "Way of the fool," which ridiculed the idea of ??starting a family, desire for children, study and work, but was magnified by the desires of blind obedience teacher (that is Rudnev - Comm. Aut.), A leading followers light coming through the cleansing of the total surplus. Pseudo-religious text surprisingly attracted young people seeking their place in society, so the main body of adherents age "Ashram" ranged from 18 to 30 years - added to the prosecutor's office.

"Guru" could go to prison for 10 years.
Photo: From the Archives of "KP"
Recall of the "gurus" were detained and police officers of the FSB in the village Plotnikova in 2010, where he has a house. Together with Rudnev there were still 38 of his followers, mostly - the girls who were listed in the federal wanted list as missing. Those who are looking for is not the first mom and dad, obivaya rapids police. Rudnev finally taken into custody. All the more so in the pockets of his pants "gurus" have found a bag with about 5 grams of heroin ... so since Konstantin Rudnev, - the same roll, it is the same teacher, who is also Sri Jnana Avatar Muni and the Messenger of God - you have to go to the astral directly from prison.

- Rudnev sect is a multi-business, in force in 20 regions of Russia, and the sole purpose of existence cultivators seeking followers - making money for a comfortable life "messiah" - say the prosecutor's office. - Suffice it to say that the investigation had been arrested several expensive properties, and about 10 units of premium class vehicles at the disposal of Rudnev. Involvement in the sect began with a visit to innocuous seminars on yoga, which aides "gurus" were selected the most "suitable" for the sect of people - with some pulled money indefinitely, others were sent to a personal Rudnev indentured servants. From the "enlightening" needed a complete break of relationships and family to them became their new "brothers" and "sisters."

Followers Rudnev during the arrest of his "guru."
Photos: From the Archives of "KP"
In sect practiced a group of drug use, rape. According to the prosecutor's office in a few adepts have developed severe mental illness. According to people who were able to get out of the "Ashram" and return to normal life in the sect there were also cases of suicide.


They are still reporting exclusively about Russia with no mention of the many other territories where this network is operating
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Post by: nemesis on July 20, 2011, 09:47:16 am
Just an interesting link between Ashram Shambala and the Romanian THB network MISA

This is a page on Konstantin Rudnev's blog (so USE A PROXY to view it)

The post is dated Sunday, October 10, 2010 and the text simply reads "interesting video"

The page has a link to a MISA PR / propaganda video, part 9 in a series, all depicting Bivolaru as an innocent professor of yoga who is the victim of a hate and misinformation campaign by Freemasons in league with the Romanian secret services. 

Naive people unfamiliar with the issues surrounding MISA might be taken in by the video, not least of all because it is full of lies and because the Romanian police did not follow due process and did act abusively. 

However better informed viewers will appreciate that MISA is far from honest in its PR campaigns and astute viewers will notice that many of the MISA supporters interviewed in the videos (including MISA lawyers) also appear in MISA pornographic films. 

Anyway, the point I wanted to make was that this post on Rudnev's blog indicates that Rudnev's THB network is promoting the PR campaign of the MISA THB network.  Which is of course important. 
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on July 21, 2011, 04:16:04 pm
16:25 19/07/2011
NOVOSIBIRSK, July 19 (RIA Novosti)

West Siberian court starts trial of sect leader

A closed-door trial of Konstantin Rudnev, the leader of a religious sect that investigators say attracted young people with occultism, drugs and orgies, began on Tuesday in the West Siberian city of Novosibirsk.
Rudnev, 43, was arrested near Novosibirsk in September 2010. He is charged with rape, sexual assault, illicit drug trafficking and organizing an association infringing upon people's personality and rights. He says he is not guilty.
Prosecutors said the sect, Ashram Shambala, was based on Rudnev's "teachings" formulated in his book entitled The Way of a Fool that mocked the traditional ideas of having a family, bearing children, studying and working, but lauded blind submission to the desires of the "guru" leading them to a "bright future."
The book's pseudo-religious text attracted young people aged 18-30, who started their involvement from yoga seminars, at which Rudnev's aides chose candidates they deemed appropriate.
Police said sect adherents, under psychological and emotional pressure from sect leaders, gave them their apartments and savings, broke off relations with their relatives and friends and engaged in orgies.
Rudnev's Moscow-based lawyer Alexander Nizhinsky told journalists that his client does not admit any of the charges. He also said investigators failed to prove Rudnev's guilt.
A court spokesman said the process is being held behind closed doors because of the rape charge against the defendant.
Law enforcement agencies tried to bring Rudnev to account in 1999, 2004 and 2008, but criminal cases failed to reach the court because sect members refused to testify against their "spiritual guide" saying they joined the organization of their own will.
In 1999 the sect reportedly had several regional branches across Russia and about 10,000 adepts. The current number of its members is unknown.

source (with recent photo of Rudnev)
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Post by: Four Winds on July 22, 2011, 05:06:32 am
Perhaps I am just reading it wrong, and I acknowledge as Saami (please don't call me a Lapp) there are going to be regional variations to the technique of shamanism, but I don't understand Biven's comment on shamanism and "direct individual conntection with The One Source/God"

1: If his tradition is as old as he claims, then why use th monolithic One Source or Spirit or God which reflects the influence of Christianity. If his traditional/lineage is so old, why wound he not said SpiritS?

2: I also don't understand why he says in the website post about "direct individual connection" when Arctic shamans acted as intermediaries between a person and the Spirits. So a regular, pay to pray individual would not have that direct connection to the Spirits themselves, but would have to rely on Biven as a intermediaty unless he plans on initiating everyone he meets into shamanism.

That is not to say that each family unit (and thus individuals) did not have their own drum or divination
drum, but that doesnt seem to be what he's talking about here.

those are my questions to flag for him.
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Post by: nemesis on July 22, 2011, 09:26:03 am
Four Winds

If you read the start of the thread you will see that Biven Mamonta (and his many aliases) have been denounced as frauds by genuine Siberian shamans. 

If you read the whole thread you will discover that Biven Mamonta and his associates are recruiters for a human trafficking network involved in drugs offenses, rapes and sexual assaults (including upon children), defrauding people suffering from cancer, AIDS and other serious medical conditions, exploiting adults and children with mental illnesses and learning disabilities, recklessly spreading HIV infection, the production of pornography (although "pornography is probably not the right word, they are filming sexual crimes being committed and exploiting the footage as commercial pornography), labour trafficking, sex trafficking and who knows what other crimes?

I just feel that, under the circumstances, wanting to discuss the intricacies of spiritual beliefs with a known fraud, cultural appropriator and criminal is a bit of diversion from the important questions in hand. 

Biven Mamonta really needs to be questioned about his HIV status and his alleged recklessly infecting dozens of people with HIV via unprotected sex.  He also needs respond to my earlier questions about why he and his associates train women in various sexual and seduction skills and encourage them to discover their inner "goddess" / courtesan / geisha, and how this interfaces with his pornography production businesses.    Why does his "school" train so many women in a combination of belly dance, strip tease, pole dance and erotic dance? 

So many important questions, so please let's keep to the important issues at hand and not allow him to pontificate on spiritual issues, when it is completely clear that the man is a criminal and not a guru or shaman and that he has no authority to talk of spiritual issues at all. 
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Post by: nemesis on August 19, 2011, 08:33:15 pm
A long due update about events relating to the Romanian tantric yoga school / human trafficking network MISA

Some very brave survivors of MISA's abuses, including trafficking, have come forward to tell their stories.

These young women are interviewed on Romanian TV in a sensitive and caring manner and allowed to hide their identities with masks.  This is a huge departure for the usual Romanian press coverage which is typically salacious and completely violating the privacy and rights of the victims.

I think this represents a huge step forward in terms of exposing the abuses committed by Gregorian Bivolaru and his associates at MISA.

There is no explicit content but some sensitive people may be distressed by the subject matter discussed in the videos.

These are very important videos as they provide an insights into the MO of cultic THB networks generally, and MISA specifically

Disclosures from the MISA hell
MISA ex-cult members at yogic "direct access" TV show

The girls were initiated through sex
MISA ex-cult members at yogic "direct access" TV show

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Post by: nemesis on August 28, 2011, 09:50:11 am
It appears the the media and the authorities in Argentina have become aware of the activities of the Romanian THB network MISA

text translated via google
The most controversial yoga

A yoga group established in Romania, producing pornographic films using his disciples, he filmed his latest production in Capilla del Monte, where he set a year ago.
28/08/2011 00:01 by Sergio Carreras

On 18 May, an inspector from the Municipality of Capilla del Monte arrived in El Vergel, a camping area located in the Blue Water, south of the city. It was while the tourist season had vanished. In addition, the site was disabled for a year. Should have been empty. But from the street, behind the palm leaves around him, were clearly eight tents set.

The inspector was greeted by the manager of the place, Ermanno Caliari, Italian, who said it was a meeting between friends. The inspector saw that they were all shaved and dressed in oriental clothing.
He called into the parlor to check the status of health, but the manager said he could not: they were filming a movie and needed quiet. The inspector styled 2160 minutes and left. The next day, there was a single tent in the camping .

A man unknown. A month later, the city walls anonymous posters appeared strange. "See YouTube: The dark side of a tantric cult. Learn. Just another Carlos Paz? Chapel Take care. " The reference to Carlos Paz had to do with the case of Mehir Master, the guru who built a spiritual empire on the shores of Lake San Roque and is a fugitive from justice.

The curious capillenses find the video mentioned in the posters were a Finnish TV report issued in 2009, based on a Romanian called Gregorian Bivolaru.

With solid data and evidence, journalistic work tells the story of the guru who in 1990 created an international school specialty Nath yoga, called Movement Spiritual Integration in Absolute (Mass).
Bivolaru is suspected of being involved with trafficking and producing pornographic films starring using the disciples of his group.

Bivolaru, unknown to Argentines, is a celebrity in Europe. In 2004, the Romanian secret service was arrested and charged with tax evasion and having sex with a minor. He escaped to Sweden, requested political asylum and in 2005 the Swedish Supreme Court refused to extradite him because he said his country would not have a fair trial. It disappeared until 2007, he and several of his followers were accused of trafficking and outrage. He complained to force his disciples to work in chats and erotic women have sent to Japan to act in clubs strip tease and so raise money for your school of yoga.
His school continued to expand throughout the world and a few years ago came to Argentina under the name Institute of Yoga and Parapsychology Atman. It has four branches in Maharashtra, in the neighborhoods of Palermo, Belgrano, Recoleta and Villa Urquiza.

In June last year, opened its first branch inside the country and chose Capilla del Monte, Argentina city more in touch with the infinite universe of the esoteric.

This explained their arrival: "Cordoba is the heart of Argentina and Capilla del Monte, Uritorco their sacred mountain, is one of the major spiritual centers of South America. We decided to come to this hallowed spot to share with sincere seekers of yoga teaching ancient (...) We believe that all who were invited to be in this sacred place, these days are so important in terms of awakening planetary consciousness, I get this message. "

Models and movies. A Capilla del Monte became a Romanian couple made ??up of Thomas Major, known as Sattva, and Carmen, who is called Aghora and is one of the leading authorities of the group in Argentina.

They were willing to expand the school Atman. They rented the hall of the Inn's tree in the center of the city to make their workshops in yoga, and camping El Vergel, the place finish filming the movie had actors erotic amateurs disciples of yoga.

In the summer, the busiest time with visitors, put a giant screen in the street showing videos of an attractive couple on the river, to invite talks and shows of tantra yoga in El Vergel.

They brought beautiful models of Buenos Aires, some well known for having been the subject of several notes in magazines like People , with which tested the camera at the bar Kafka on the main street of the city, and put out leaflets in sidewalks trying to get new recruits.

Raul is very young, has an attractive face and talk to a lot of calm in a bar in Capilla del Monte. He entered the school of yoga through the seat that works in an apartment on the fourth floor of a building in Santa Fe and Callao in Buenos Aires. Then, when he moved, was also with the group in Capilla del Monte.

He was one of those invited to participate in the film be shot in El Vergel and is now convinced that Christ saved him from the negative practices of the school of yoga.
"First, people struck me as pure, healthy, not taking, not smoked, practiced tantra yoga, living in community. I was searching for something and liked it. They ask that all couples stay open as an evolutionary question, and if he knew who practiced group sex and every woman had several boyfriends, I did not participate because my interest was happening on the other side. "
Raul says that after he began to change their point of view on the group. "Aghora told everyone who had a pair. Many are heartbreaking, it was cruel. You do not you realize, but you were breaking all your beliefs. She gave of healers and a girl from Buenos Aires, who had cancer, the Romanian said that one should not operate and soon metastasized. They get into your life and you end up saying what you can not do. "

"The movie was saying I was invited on tantra yoga, to illustrate the sexual continence, which would have erotic scenes to show them to other students as teaching materials. The crazy thing is that I was convinced I had to do the video. A lot of girls before nude photographs or underwear, asking them to masturbate, using sex aids, all pushing to have lesbian and are against relations between men. "
Jamila is also the Federal Capital and spent several years in the group. "The first year you engage with the topic of healthy living, yoga, you say you do vegetarian and stop smoking. I knew they were parties, the women were strip tease , but to me it does not bother me, saw it as a matter of liberation, because it is a Tantric school. "

"In the second year, and make you more involved, it is played, they tell you you have to have relationships with other women. Each time a man entered the group, sent girls to hook him. Most of the girls were models, beautiful, so the guys were flying head and remained in the group. You also had to start them through sex. "

Black Sea to Paris. Bivolaru group performs every August a meeting in the Romanian town of Costinesti, on the Black Sea, attracting thousands of fans around the world. Each year he travels a group from Argentina.

The highlight is when they do the spiral yang , a giant circle of people holding hands, which they consider a special form of meditation to achieve self-control and spiritual elevation.
The encounter with the sea and lasts a month to travel every disciple must take their analysis of HIV and hepatitis B. These are days of a lot of sexual activity, with many exchanges and shows the erotic shaktis , women who have discovered their inner goddesses.

The more fortunate may be initiated spiritually, through sex, by the same Bivolaru in Villa Shakti has built around the teacher.

"When I went to Yamila-Costinesti-count, more than 10 000 people. All acted as polygamous, it was all in all. It was believed to be good people on a spiritual path, but ended up sleeping with 25 people to show there is a detachment from your body. "
She also invited to make films in Capilla del Monte. "They told me they were the first photos for a book on sexual continence. I was not, but several of my friends do, until the father of one of the girls ended up acting. Again we six girls locked in a room and told us to make love. We were tough, but two of the girls did, ".

Another of the girls in the group of Buenos Aires was benefited by what is considered the jackpot: seeing the master himself. To maintain the reservation of the destination, just days before leaving he was told that he should get tickets to Paris and made an oath of confidentiality.

Bivolaru is wanted by various police knew his whereabouts and was secret. She's got two people at the airport Charles de Gaulle, boarded a van, covered his head and, after many turns, drove to a house where he was imprisoned 15 days along with other girls attractive as it , arrivals from various countries. Many had been waiting months the same: the teacher-initiated.

The house in Paris had closed all windows and big screens showing the testimonies of girls like her. One had, as a tragedy, the frustrating experience he had when he came to bed Bivolaru and had not lubricated enough, so it could not be started.

The expectation is growing among women who are treated like royalty but can not use phones or communicate with their families during the time they spend there.

Another of the students in Buenos Aires that he was invited to go to film Capilla del Monte explained that it would be a "movie of initiation, not pornographic, then sell it and help other people wake up spiritually. But-things-had already become intolerable within the group, not so much sex, but because they use people, are like vampires who need young people, which are manipulating and getting into their lives. "

The pornographic videos and books with erotic photographs, alleged sources of money for the group, circulating in Argentinean schools and around the world. The disciples who share the movies do not know what places end up selling and showing.

The mayor of Capilla del Monte, Rosanna Olmos, after inspecting the camp consulted with national and argues that the city is ready to welcome new people around the world, but will not admit it clear that sectarian groups to take advantage of their members.

The yoga group came to have in a short time about 30 supporters in Capilla del Monte. After the movie posters, has less than 10. More than two months are not going to the Inn of the tree and now only continue its activities in the camp .

Its local manager, Sattva, suspects that some people conspired to harm them. Former disciples believe, however, that if there were injured were not just teachers of the school.

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Post by: alexander on September 27, 2011, 06:25:56 pm

«Omalpha», a French spin-off of « Ashram Shambala »?

Since three years now, “Ashram Shambala” is tentatively implanting in south of France, with the help of  “Omalpha” meditation net.

Is Jean Bouchart Orval, leader of "Omalpha", a Shiva devoted tantric group, a soft naive?

Let’s first remain that for nearly twenty years Bouchart d’Orval was a follower of the tantric Indo-Canadian sect of Swami Shyam. Sect that collapsed in 2001 following the publication by the Canadian newspaper, Globe and Mail, of an article reporting sexual abuses, pedophilia and murders committed in this group. In this paper Jean Bouchart Orval is mentioned for having committed sexual abuses, in Montreal.

Since 2001, he reorganized his activities around its own meditation group named “Omalpha”. Together with Eric Baret, he also created a second Shiva’s tantric group called “Bhairava” (a Sanskrit word for “the Destructor” according to Shiva cult). His mail address “” appears as administrative contact for the “” site.,,

Both, “Omalpha” and “Bhairava” are present in Quebec, but their main activities take place in many European towns, in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain and north of Italia.,,,,

From 6 to 10 April 2010, in a place named “Sources Vives” in Montpellier, in south of France, Jean Bouchart d’Orval organized a series of meetings inviting the "Siberian shaman" Soledad Altay, an important disciple of "Ashram Shambala” sect.

This was only the prelude to a very long series of more than 30 joint-meetings, with a logistic provided by “Omalpha” and “Bhairava” groups, to facilitate “Ashram Shambala” implantation in France. One of the most the dangerous international sect, created in 1989 by the Russian guru Konstantin Rudnev.,,

It's done! They are now two groups running in Montpellier and near Marseille, in Cassis, and reclaiming from  "Siberian shamanism, Aharata, Astrokarate, UniverSynergy of Arts, Female art, Altaic healing, Orphic arts, School of Cleopatra” etc, in other words “Ashram Shambala”.,,ohin-hara,364347.html,,,

And they make him well. Since the local branch of Ashram Shambala in Montpellier, managed by "Soleil du Coeur" (initiated by Soledad Altay), invites in return Jean Bouchart Orval on September 24th, 2011, for a one day meeting in an "intimate space".,

Beside Soledad Altay (AKA Chekes Rada, AKA Soledad Chekes Altay, AKA Master Chekes), Ohin Hara (AKA Lada) and Perun, two important Russian "instructors" of the sect, are also operating in France. The first two will also be back soon in France on mid-October 2011, near Saint-Tropez.,,chekes-au-quebec-4-juin,373116.html,ohin-hara,364347.html

As already written elsewhere, the guru of “Ashram Shambala”, Konstantin Rudnev, was arrested in September last year and is currently being on trial in Russia for rape, sexual abuse, large scale drug trafficking and creating an organization having antisocial goals. Several young adepts are missing, and recently, three disciples destabilized by the sect practices committed suicide. The guru may be sentenced to at least ten years in prison.,

Jean Bouchart Orval, who in his web site also refers to Hitler and to the anti-Semitic fascist theorist, Julius Evola, while criticizing the democratic system, is likely not a soft naive.

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Post by: nemesis on September 27, 2011, 07:27:53 pm
Hello alexander and welcome to the boards.

Good work!

Yes this is the same network as operating in Sedona, New York, Philadelphia and other areas in the US, as well as the UK and countless other territories.  

I had seen evidence of workshops and retreats in France but I was not aware that they were established in France until you posted.

Orval sounds like just their kind of man, a sexual predator with a background in an abusive cult.  He should settle in very well with their regime.

The really terrifying thing about the MO of the Russian network is that, via their franchising schemes, they operate relatively covertly a lot of the time, through agents, so you could easily encounter them but not would not necessarily recognise them.   

In my experience their recruiters / agents could be any number of businesses or individual entrepreneurs, some apparently reputable, some clearly very dubious like Orval.   

Recruiters / agents may be  motivated by greed, a love of power, sex, money etc. or they may be well meaning, if deluded, and believe they are part of an elite spiritual movement.  IME recruiters can be all kinds of people including but not limited to: owners / managers of yoga schools, dance studios, organic food shops / suppliers, health food / raw food / vegetarian / vegan cafes and restaurants, purveyors of essential oils / natural skin care products, belly dancers, tango dancers, "exotic" dancers, strippers, lap dancers, pole dancers, "tantric masseuses" / "sacred sexual healers" / "dakas" / "dakinis" / intimacy coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, NLP practitioners, reiki practitioners, integrative and transpersonal psychotherapists, gestalt psychotherapists, family therapists, psychosynthesis psychotherapists, body psychotherapists, life coaches, business coaches, yoga teachers, theta healers, astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, "detox" therapists, colonic irriagtors, vortex healers and any one of a number of apparently reputable and influential people as well as the expected collection of snake oil merchants, plastic shamans and crystal skull merchants.

For every meetup and workshop the Russian network runs that is obviously them there are many more that are not so obvious unless you do a bit of digging.  

Their infiltration into both the dodgy unlicensed / newage end of counselling and psychotherapy scene as well as, more disturbingly, the licensed and and accredited mental health services is absolutely terrifying.  

This network is huge and has many tentacles in many territories.

Unlike the Romanian network MISA, Ashram Shambala / Aharata / Universynergy Arts is not currently the subject of a huge human trafficking trial.  The trial against Rudnev is just a trial against one person and it seems like the Russian authorities must be not noticing a lot of criminal activity for the Rudnev trial to be what it is , a trial against one man.  From where I stand it is very difficult to know which network is the largest, MISA or Ashram Shambala.  They are both huge OC networks involved in heinous crimes.

Thanks again for the good work alexander and welcome to the boards.
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Post by: nemesis on September 28, 2011, 09:02:10 am

I could not help but notice that one of your links

included an advertisement for a forthcoming event, a conference and book signing with Thierry Lebrun , a psychiatrist based in Marseille, in December

This involvement of a psychiatrist with the Association les Nouveaux Mondes (IME this whole organisation appears to be a front for the Russian network) interests me so I checked up a little further on the psychiatrist Thierry Lebrun.

In my experience all the cultic THB networks prioritise recruiting psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other mental health practitioners - I will refer to them all as therapists in this post just for simplicity. They do this because the positive transference and idealism projected onto the therapist by the patient effectively means that the patient is highly open to suggestion by the therapist.  It is thus easy for therapists to recruit victims to trafficking networks.  If a therapist suggests to the patient that he or she would benefit from attending a full moon ceremony where they will receive a tantric massage that will burn bad karma (or some other such nonsense) then the patient is likely to comply.

Also, should there ever be a criminal trial relating to THB or other abuses, witnesses may be referred to corrupted therapists for ongoing support and thus ultimately become re-trafficked and / or become deterred from giving evidence in court.

The fondness of the Russian network for recruiting the mentally ill and people with learning disabilities (obviously having in-house psychotherapists helps with this) appears to be a cunning strategy with roots in rational thought.  From my own experience of having friends with mental illnesses I know that many very mentally unwell people are unable to accept that they are unwell.   It is not unusual for very ill people to believe that they have super-human powers, even without the influence of predatory criminals.  When these criminals step forward to tell vulnerable people that they are not unwell but are superhuman shamans their message is often accepted with a sense of relief and recognition.  Mentally ill people may be promoted to "teachers" within the "ashrams" / work camps and should a day come when there is ever a criminal trial, there is a whole layer of victims and perpetrators who make for unreliable witnesses due to their mental fragility. 

IME the therapists most likely to be vulnerable to recruitment are therapists with an interest in spirituality and newage beliefs, especially if the said therapist has developed an novel model of therapy based on a blend of conventional therapy and newage beliefs.  In such cases the therapist will be approached by a recruiter who will flatter them and suggest that their new therapy fits in perfectly with Aharata (or whatever they call it today) and will offer to provide the therapist with financial and other support to help them both promote their respective beliefs.

The therapist in such an arrangement may be blinded by narcissistic fondness for their own "new therapy" and allow themselves to be flattered and seduced (sometimes literally) by the Aharata agent. 

Anyway, back to the psychiatrist Thierry Lebrun...

a bit of googling turned up the following information

the text is in French language, translation via google

18h-19h30: Dr Thierry Lebrun Psychiatrist. " The new cures psychological problemsChinese medicine to quantum medicine " Thierry Lebrun is a psychiatrist former intern hospitalpsychiatric degree in phyto-aromatherapy and holistic medicineby the Faculty of Medicine PARIS. Also Thierry Lebrun has validated1990, three years of training in traditional Chinese medicine toMARSEILLE . The following year, Thierry discovers quantum medicine withits therapeutic applications in psychiatry that it will exhibit in 1996International Congress of Biocybernetics medicine in Germany, andin 2003, SWISS congress dealing with applications of physicsquantum biology and medicine. Ultimately, Thierry Lebruncontinues for more than twenty five years researching the origin andtreatment of mental illness in particular type-schizophRenique. This ongoing quest led him to travel the worldworld and meet many researchers.The content of the presentation can be summarized in a synthesis between medicineTraditional Chinese, ortho molecular psychiatry, psychoanalysis,the homéophytoaromathérapie and even allopathic medicine to quantum.Initially, Thierry Lebrun will exhibit rapid scientific basesscientists from these different techniques and their impact in the managementpsychological disorders.In a second step, it will give some examples of supportof patients using the energy balance system MORA, the electromagneticgnétothérapie, bioelectronics VINCENT of the blood test ortho molecularlar, and the camera GDV Prof. Korotkov.The combination of conventional psychiatry and complementary medicinedescribed above enables a broad understanding of the diseasemental monitoring. The purpose of this presentation is to open awith all caregivers and patients on a projecttherapy specifically targeting psychiatric disorders.


All I can say about this is that a psychiatrist who promotes woo, as this one clearly does, will be perceived as a nice, fat, juicy prize by the Russian network and they will definitely be aiming to recruit him, if they have not already done so (I suspect that the latter is probably the case).

In fact the whole congress in the above link is fairly typical of OC networks infiltration into academia and the mental heath filed by woo merchants.  I am not saying that is what it is - I have no time to check it thoroughly, but I have seen other similar conferences that have been organised by the Romanian THB network MISA in Romania.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on September 28, 2011, 09:50:07 am
That conference in November is such a smorgasbord of woo that I compelled to C&P the text for future reference.  It looks like a newage criminal's sweetshop, full to bursting with fat juicy academic woo merchants, just the kind of recruits that THB networks are willing to expend time and energy recruiting. 

Here's the entire text (translation from French via google).....................................................

Page 1
Lives to preserve quantum Health & Wellness LYON 2 th International Congresstherapies quantumPROGRAM Cité internationale - Congress Centreweekend of 19 & 20 November 2011

Page 2
his is the second International Congress of therapiesquantum, which, with the help of Jean-Yves Bilien( ) will open in Lyon, CitéInternational Convention Centre, the weekend of19 and 20 November.Building on the success at our first congress of Aix-en-Provencein 2010, it is already part of a long series to come to youcan discover and understand as and measures changes in thequantum medicine of the future."The quantum is the invisible matter that animates the living" . It influencesall body functions, whether the cells, tissues,organ systems in general. It emits electromagnetic wavesinvisible to the body to retain or regain its pointbalance. The quantum may prevent or regenerate the health of the individualtaking into account its spiritual dimension and level of consciousness.An exceptional program is waiting for you, where many exciting topicswill be discussed by leading actors and precursors of quantum, asProfessor Emmanuel Ransford, the biologist Rupert Sheldrake and many othersyou'll discover a little further.This year we added an additional theme, food,essential medical and crossroads of all therapies. Thierry Souccarreveal the toxicity of food. We entrust the secrets ofconsistent food to preserve our health capital.A weekend to know where usability will also visitin exchange, share, meeting at lunch, offeringsucculent buffets bio-gastroquantiques developed by the famous restaurateurLyon, Alain Alexanian. But also to the evening buffet on Saturday about jazza small orchestra that Dr. Henry Puget, known as "Doctor Sax"host with his usual kindness and his talent. Great moments inperspective!If you want to participate in this event, Lyon is the 2 e tourist cityFrance, hosting it saturates quickly, so register and bookyour hotel now by accessing the program by clicking .Your devoted.Marion Kaplan V

Page 3
Albert-Claude QuemounWorld famous, he has participated in numerous studies,studies, research and humanitarian projects in various countries:Canada, Quebec, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic,Poland, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Greece, India, Bangladesh,Central African Republic, Mauritius, Russia.Doctor of PharmacyLecturer and scientific advisor at the Faculty of Paris 13President of the Scientific Institute HomeopathicInternational expert in homeopathy in GenevaVice President of the French Society of Homeopathy (existence since 1885)Coordinator 400 dissertations and theses.He recently received April 10, 2010,PRIM Research Award for all his scientific workin collaboration with INSERM on receptors in the brain.He participated in the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine,under the direction of Dr. Peter Cornillot(Dean of the Faculty of Medicine).He is a member of the Academy of Sciences of Lausanne.He is the author of 12 books on homeopathy.For more information:Go to Google and type: Albert-Claude Quemoun An honor!the sponsor of the second international congress Gold medal. PromotionMichel Conan MériadecInternational CongressHomeopathy31 May and 1 June 1997IHS and CFSH Paris

Page 4
Weekend program2 th International Congress of Quantum TherapiesSaturday, November 19, 2011 Lives to preserve quantum Health & Wellness

Page 5
9h-10h30: Prof. Emmanuel Ransford Researcher, lecturer and epistemologist. " The quantum and the "psychomatter"Two reasons to develop our hidden talents " Subatomic matter, described and studied by quantum physics, isweird. It is well known. It's even incomprehensible, as it facesintuition and common sense. Perhaps it is because it is in fact thepsychomatter, rich in a secret dimension allowing it to generatelife and consciousness? This track, I recall the rationale andbasis, is promising.After a brief review on the psychomatter and its amazing properties,I will explore its implications and its various practical applications,particularly in the broad field of therapies that take intoaccount the whole person.I will consider including magnetism and distant healing, thememory cells and cell reprogramming, the psycho-and transgenerational, etc ...All this leads me to point out our hidden potential, related to our naturepsycho-physical, which are in all of us. Developing them, wecan put more magic and light into our lives!Emmanuel Ransford continues several years of research onfoundations of quantum physics, with a dual requirement of opennessand rigor. Independent researcher specializing in quantum physics,epistemologist and lecturer, he is the author of "The New Physicsof the Spirit "and co-author, with Tom Atham, the book" Roots physicalof the Spirit. " Founder and President of IPI (International Institute ofPsychomatter & International Institute of Psychomatter), it tries to promotea comprehensive understanding of the world and a holistic view of life.

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10:30 to 11:30: Break Kangen water at willTea, coffee or fruit juice (optional extras)Expo Forum

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11h30-13h: Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Biologist. " morphic resonance and the fields of organization of the body andof the mind " (In translation successive) According to the hypothesis of formative causation, all systems canself-organization - crystals, plants and animals included - contain ainherent memory, after previous similar systems. Processcalled morphic resonance. All human beings are based on acollective memory, in which each man in turn will contribute.Even individual memory depends on the morphic resonance ratheras a material memory traces of which are stored in thebrain. This hypothesis, verified experimentally, requires thatso-called laws of nature are more like habits. Morphic resonanceacts according to morphic fields, which hold the bodies of plants andanimals, coordinate the activities of the brain and underlyingmental activity. Minds extend beyond the brain, in bothspace and time.Rupert Sheldrake is a British biologist, author of over 80 articlesscientists and several books, including "A new science of life".Doctor of biology, he was a fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, andresearcher from the Royal Society. Researcher at the Institute of Noetic SciencesCalifornia and Visiting Professor at the Graduate InstituteConnecticut, Rupert Sheldrake lives in London and moves only veryoften: We are privileged to come and present his latest workat our convention.Website:

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13h - 14h30: Lunch Break BUFFET ANCESTRAL BIOLOGICALprepared by our chef from Lyon,Alain Alexanian and Matthew Toucas him.His site: www. alainalexanian consulting.comSTARTERS • Pumpkin Soup kind to the emulsion of coconut milk• Small cabbage stuffed with red rice from Camargue - chips & honey lemon goat sec• celeriac remoulade to the grated coconut - apricots and raisins• Change beet - potato and roasted hazelnuts• Pressed caramelized endive with orange - horseradish and coriander• Quinoa Tabbouleh - goat cheese - mint and basil• Caleslaw the apple ginger root and sesame• Tartare of potatoes and root curry gribiche Tarragon• Hummus Tartine of dill and garlic confit• Gateau of split peas tofu - Tea smoked sausage and chips THE HOT DISH • casserole pot-au-feu with autumn vegetables ACCOMPANYING • Sticks bacon • chicken Goujonnettes • Fricot carp DESSERTS • Melted dark chocolate gluten free and dairy free• apple-pear crumble with chestnut flour• Kangen Water as desired Wine and coffee in addition

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14h30-16h: Thierry Souccar Journalist, science writer and editor. " Evolutionary Medicine, a response to diseasecivilization " Seventy percent of the food we eat and additivestoday were completely unknown thousands of generationshave gone before for seven million years.Cereals, dairy products, salt, sugar appear fewer than 20 000years to the Neolithic. Pesticides, additives in the twentieth century. But ifFood has suddenly changed, our genes have changed little sincethe Palaeolithic period. Dr. Boyd Eaton (Emory University, Atlanta,Georgia) was the first issued in 1985 on the assumption that major diseasesmodern, including obesity, say they are because "we aregenetically more suited to the way food is ".According to him, "The Paleolithic diet or pre-agriculture can beconsidered a model for modern nutrition. " This line ofthought developed in the United States, Scandinavia and most recentlyin France under the name of medicine évolutionniste.Y actively collaboratingdoctors, nutritionists, epidemiologists, and paleoanthropologistsprimatologists. " Restoring the overall balance " These equilibria depend in particular on:- The energy density - the glycemic load - the acid-base balance - theratio sodium / potassium - fiber intake - nutrient density - the balancefatty acids.This presentation shows that it is nevertheless possible to reconstructfood of our ancestors, and without implementing a real planprehistoric, choose the food supply modern foodscan get closer.Website:

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16h - 16h30: Break Kangen water at willTea, coffee or fruit juice (optional extras)Expo Forum

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16h30-18h: Dr. Olivier Soulier Clinician and researcher. " Microbes have created life on earth . " From Energy to matteralive. Microbes are the first forms of life on our planet and oursolar system.They were the first form of DNA, they created the atmosphere and oxygen,before joining forces to create life as we know it tous humans.We are microbes that have succeeded.They are the bridge of life between the initial energy of life and living formswhich we belong. They are a machine discovery of life. They areontological our opponent that we constantly test ourgrowth.Olivier Soulier is a medical doctor, homeopath and acupuncturist.It is both a clinician and researcher. He works on very large areasas the meaning of disease, germs, embryology, neurosciences,hormones, the symbolic vision, to connect our lives meaning. He wrotenumerous books including "life stories, the message body." Hecooperated with religious and scientific.He explains all this in a vision very simple and easily affordablea wonderful story.Website:

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18h-19h30: Dr Thierry Lebrun Psychiatrist. " The new cures psychological problemsChinese medicine to quantum medicine " Thierry Lebrun is a psychiatrist former intern hospitalpsychiatric degree in phyto-aromatherapy and holistic medicineby the Faculty of Medicine PARIS. Also Thierry Lebrun has validated1990, three years of training in traditional Chinese medicine toMARSEILLE . The following year, Thierry discovers quantum medicine withits therapeutic applications in psychiatry that it will exhibit in 1996International Congress of Biocybernetics medicine in Germany, andin 2003, SWISS congress dealing with applications of physicsquantum biology and medicine. Ultimately, Thierry Lebruncontinues for more than twenty five years researching the origin andtreatment of mental illness in particular type-schizophRenique. This ongoing quest led him to travel the worldworld and meet many researchers.The content of the presentation can be summarized in a synthesis between medicineTraditional Chinese, ortho molecular psychiatry, psychoanalysis,the homéophytoaromathérapie and even allopathic medicine to quantum.Initially, Thierry Lebrun will exhibit rapid scientific basesscientists from these different techniques and their impact in the managementpsychological disorders.In a second step, it will give some examples of supportof patients using the energy balance system MORA, the electromagneticgnétothérapie, bioelectronics VINCENT of the blood test ortho molecularlar, and the camera GDV Prof. Korotkov.The combination of conventional psychiatry and complementary medicinedescribed above enables a broad understanding of the diseasemental monitoring. The purpose of this presentation is to open awith all caregivers and patients on a projecttherapy specifically targeting psychiatric disorders.

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20h30: Buffet jazz BUFFET ANCESTRAL BIOLOGICAL prepared by our chef from Lyon,Alain Alexanian and Matthew Toucas him.His site: www. alainalexanian consulting.comSTARTERS • Refer to the list of lunch THE HOT DISH • Confit of duck with vegetables in the old onion compote, cassis and pepper.ACCOMPANYING • Sticks bacon • chicken Goujonnettes • Fricot carp DESSERTS • Melted dark chocolate gluten free and dairy free• apple-pear crumble with chestnut flour BEVERAGES • Kangen Water at will • Wines An evening in the presence of all stakeholderswhere conviviality, exchange, share and relaxationwill be at the meeting.Jazz hosted an evening with Dr.Puget, the famous "Dr. Sax" & friends.

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Lives to preserve quantum Health & Wellness Weekend program2 th International Congress of Quantum TherapiesSunday, November 20, 2011

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9h-10h30: Dr Christian Agrapart Neuropsychiatrist, acupuncturistEuropean expert and approved. " The medicine of the future Chromatotherapie ® " At the junction of the Chinese tradition, basic research(Prof. Benveniste, Prof. Popp) and clinical trials, theChromatotherapie ® relies on the transmission of electromagneticinformation and energy medicine foreshadows the future. Methodscientific and medical therapy, based on a dual diagnosis toboth traditional and energy, it uses the white light photonswhose wavelengths correspond to specific colors visibleby the human eye. Their healing power allows them to select andmobilize the energies traditional Chinese.The Chromatotherapie ®, vibrational medicine, each vibration,original material or light, trigger on any living being (man,animal, plant) an identical response.This technique without the risk of viral or bacterial contamination, has avery wide scope, from a projection on local conditionssimple (including head trauma, burns, sprains, wrinkles, etc.)an eye contact in the field of clinical psychology orFinally, on specific points of acupuncture for severe disease(Schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.). Orautoimmune diseases.Website:

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10:30 to 11:30: Break Kangen water at willTea, coffee or fruit juice (optional extras)Expo Forum

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11h30-13h: Dominique Lussan Psychologist, anthropologist, chemist, economist. " Quantum Consciousness and Action " How can the emergence of inventions that will regenerate ourindividual and global ecosystems.How the exploration of states of consciousness stable and integratedaction, will be the close of the inventions of tomorrow? Inventionsallow the emergence of new forms of medicine and educationtaking into account all aspects of Being? New energy,agricultural practices and artistic creations that can regenerateBeing the world and awaken? The environmental professions in the worldthe company, many examples will be given during the procedure.Founding president of the center of research and developmentHarmonic Vision on states of consciousness and value creationOverall, Dominique Lussan modeled and defined a label named"Conscience and Action," which describes seven levels of professional practicein various fields of activities of our society. Chemist, economist,psychologist, anthropologist, naturopath, host of the Monroe Institute,founder of a school of Yoga, multidisciplinary trainingDominique Lussan allowed him to objectify seven states of consciousness whererespect to time, space, body and self are altered. His researchconsultant and work organization allowed him to make the connection with7 levels of action that create value overall, economic, human,environmental, societal ... This process of "Conscience and Action" canbe learned.Website:
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13h - 14h15: Lunch Break BUFFET ANCESTRAL BIOLOGICALprepared by our chef from Lyon,Alain Alexanian and Matthew Toucas him.His site: www. alainalexanian consulting.comSTARTERS • Pumpkin Soup kind to the emulsion of coconut milk• Small cabbage stuffed with red rice from Camargue - chips & honey lemon goat sec• celeriac remoulade to the grated coconut - apricots and raisins• Change beet - potato and roasted hazelnuts• Pressed caramelized endive with orange - horseradish and coriander• Quinoa Tabbouleh - goat cheese - mint and basil• Caleslaw the apple ginger root and sesame• Tartare of potatoes and root curry gribiche Tarragon• Hummus Tartine of dill and garlic confit• Cake split peas tofu - Tea smoked sausage and chips THE HOT DISH • casserole pot-au-feu with autumn vegetables ACCOMPANYING • Sticks bacon • chicken Goujonnettes • Fricot carp DESSERTS • Melted dark chocolate gluten free and dairy free• apple-pear crumble with chestnut flour• Kangen Water as desired Wine and coffee in addition

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2:15 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.: Dr. Nadine SCHUSTER Professor at the European Humanities Universityand human resources. " Quantum Medicine: A new dimension of health " The work of Dr. Nadine Schuster arise in the approximationof quantum physics and medicine.Indeed, for 20 years, she practiced medicine while liberaldeepening search and reflect on an approach of quantumhuman body. Quantum medicine is a medicine that deals withall interactions between quantum fields transmitted and received bythe living organism. Medicine is a study of the depth ofhumans in relation to its environment-related influencesexternal environmental and internal. At the atomic level, there is nodifference between man and his environment, whether material orfor nature.Oscillatory imbalances come from external causes (foodor stress for example) and especially of internal causality (interactionsaffective, emotional and mental). Close as practicalpossible attitudes "quantum" that underlie these vital processes,represents the current work of Dr. Nadine Schuster. Thanks in part toresearch of Russian scientists, working largely on the typesoscillatory wave emissions and specific living. Psycho-neuro-immunology is the scope of the study ontologicalQuantum of disease. Dr. Nadine Schuster spoke at largeinternational conferences, particularly in Germany (Cologne, 1988, "Ecolog 88 "Munich, 1999," Advanced Medicine in Immune Disorders andCancer ") but also in Russia where, within the Union of ScientistsSt. Petersburg, Professor Oleg Kossogov was able to establish with it aline of research in atomic spectroscopy on living.Website:

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15h30 - 16h: Pause Kangen water at willTea, coffee or fruit juice (optional extras)Expo Forum

Page 21
16h-17h30: Dr Bruno Donatini Immunologist. " Chronic Diseases: Importance of the intestinal flora, the myceliamushrooms and electromagnetic waves " Most chronic diseases could be explained by mechanismsautoimmune: atherosclerosis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's, rheumatoid,arthritis, thyroiditis, etc. ..Deficiency interferon (Th1) or IL4 (Th2) explains the emergence ofautoimmunity via the secretion of IL-17 (TH3). The intestine controls the synthesisof IL-17 by the presence of T-cell regulators, hence the importance ofmaintain a healthy gut. It is possible to modulate these regulatory T by:A gut-controlled-The mycelia of fungi-The polyphenols (resveratrol, curcumin, extracts of bark, etc.).Eggs-parasite-pulsed electromagnetic waves.We can consider improving digestive disorders in the permeabilitydigestive activating stem cells by magnetic waves ormycelial extracts (Hericium).This presentation will attempt to summarize the main mechanisms of diseasechronic, illustrated with clinical cases, and highlight the interest of the waveselectromagnetic.Dr. Bruno is Donatini gastroenterologist hepatologist, oncologist andimmunologist, and a graduate of osteopathy. It is one of the co-founders of theMycoceutics ® company whose goal is to develop natural productsfrom the logged forest in the spirit of sustainable development. Thispromote the use of concrete elements such as wood, bark,buds, sap, fungi, clay and water but alsoenergy items from the life of the forest such as electromagnetic wavestransmitted by magnetic rocks or trees with clay, water ormycelia (white mushrooms). Research interest so aschemical properties as the vibrational properties of the products.Website:

Page 22
17h30-19h: Dr Bernard Vial Homeopath. " The stress of protéion " Dr. Bernard VIAL, 30 years studying the relationship between emotionalin the plant world and human emotions. The Affective Sciencesexplores the similarities between plant sexuality and emotions and desireshumans. Botany becomes a mode of explanation remedieshomeopathic plant. The support is PROTEIONIQUEobjective of affects, the protein profiles revealed by the computerized CEIA;You will discover the STRESS PROTEION.How to move from the experience of Chief Medical Clinic at University HospitalMontpellier in 1972-73 to describe the emotions, feelings, impulses,desires?Dr Bernard Vial 30 years studying how to reportAssigned to protein carriers blood.The Affective Sciences is the field of clinical experience and biologicalBecause of the general medicine and homeopathy DOCTORSTHE UNCONSCIOUS. With the stress of Protéion, Bernard Vial developsobjective findings of computerized protein profiles of CEIA andaddresses "entry in" information (PHYSIOLOGY INFORMATION).

Page 23
And given that Lyon2 is an tourist town in France whereaccommodation saturates very quickly, ifyou wish to attend this meetingknowledge and discoverytherapies on quantumthen we urge youyou to register and reserve yourHotel now. PLACES LIMITED Lives to preserve quantum Health & Wellness Download the registration form, click on:

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on September 29, 2011, 09:41:55 am
It appears that they are now using the name "Ahraj Yoga" at least in New York and Philadelphia!/aharajyoga?sk=info
(note - re above link: you need to C&P it for it to take you to the correct page, for some reason I cannot get it to work as a link)

(use a proxy)


same network, different name

Also there is a video of the alternative "shaman" / guru they use when ever Rudnev is in jail here

Some Russians have speculated that he might be Rudnev's father, personally I think he looks more like Biven Mamonta's father but who knows? He could be unrelated to any of them.


you mentioned possible right wing extremist connections and this seems to be something not uncommon in cultic THB networks, it is definitely the case with MISA although with the Russians I have not been able to find any evidence of this, although some Russian news reports refer to a link with the "white brotherhood" I have not been able to find any evidence of a "white brotherhood" other than in relation to a different Russian cult.    

There is a video on youtube of Rudnev that suggests that he is sympathetic to Chechen Islamic groups, but it is hard to know what people like him and associates really believe.  Their prime motivation appears to be financial.  

Here's the video

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 09, 2011, 09:13:32 am
I thought that it might be useful to include a link to a video that shows a teacher from a Russian "Geisha school" teaching young women in sexual skills.

Although the "Geisha School" in Moscow just screams of the Russian network, I recently discovered another very similar "school" run by a Russian alleged mystic and artist that is operating in Israel and possibly other territories.

This other school also teaches Astrokarate and various other pseudo-tantric sexual trainings and all in all it looked fairly typical of a cultic THB network.  There is a video of some fairly deranged Russians promoting this other school in this video in Russian language (no explicit scenes but lots of awful belly dancing and men who believe they have super-human martial arts powers growling and snarling a lot).

Here is one of the other cult's websites (use a proxy)

I think it likely that the 2 schools are separate entities as there is a video on youtube of the guru of the other school complaining that Ashram Shambala stole his ideas and used them without his permission.

Having said that, it is very difficult to really know what is going on with these OC networks in terms of alliances and disputes.  It could be that while they are in public dispute, they are covert allies.  These Russian and former Soviet Union cultic OC networks seem to be very fluid and nebulous in their structures and MOs.  It can be difficult to know where one OC network starts and another ends.  IME it is best to try to maintain an analytic position of "not knowing" and definitely not to make assumptions about anything.  

Anyway, the below video might be a video of a teacher from Aharata / Universynergy Arts / Ashram Shambala or it might be a teacher from the other similar network of from any one of a number of other OC networks.

The really interesting thing about the footage is it shows women being trained to use their sexual charms and skills as part of an armoury of weapons with which to catch a rich man.

There is nothing about love or relationships or any of the deeper or important issues in life, just encouragement for the women to do pretty much anything sexually in order to "win".

The concept of a "sex school"  that teaches various sexual techniques in order to secure all kinds of objectives is an old one in former Soviet Union territories where such schools trained spies and honey trap agents.  

Also if you have studied the Russian network's recruitment MO you will know that they recruit young females via real life and online schools and websites that give tips and tricks on how to ensnare millionaires.  IME the below video is almost certainly an example of a THB recruiter in action.  

There is also a poster on the wall showing that this particular teacher has her own "tantra club" (big surprise there).

the relevant clip is 11.15 minutes into the video

obviously NSFW

The teacher is called Yulia Varra

There is a rather creepy video on youtube with some American woman promoting Yulia Varra's sex school here

Yulia Varra has various websites online I just don't have time right now to check them all out
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 11, 2011, 05:04:29 pm
Just wanted to post up some info about the Russian network's activities in Mexico

This website
(THB grooming and recruitment via belly dance)

Is one of their Mexican websites.

also see
Lili Nahid is a belly dancer and belly dance teacher with her own school in Mexico.  She appears in some youtube videos hosted by the Russians and there are many indications that she is a recruiter for them via her school.
Lizeth Revueltas is promoted as a "psychic" by the Russian network.  She appears to be inoloved as a contact person in many of their recruitment and other Mexican websites
A very worrying website advertising belly dance holidays for Mexican belly dancers.  Destinations include Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai, Turkey Greece and India.
Travel to your liking! We offer all the options on the date that you like and according to your means. From the Tour in luxury to adventure travel, rental apartments, domestic shipments by air, rail or truck. Guides in Spanish and backed by major travel agencies in Egypt. REPORTS: SKYPE: lizeth.revueltas.mora MSN:
very interesting website selling all kinds of cheap magical charms for very expensive prices.  One interesting thing about the charms for sale is that they are all appear to be hand made and hand decorated.  This resonates with reports from Russian former members that the victims of the cult often were trapped in domestic houses with their work consisting of manufacturing magical charms and trinkets. 

All the above websites will harvest compromising data from visitors so please be careful
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 21, 2011, 09:49:51 am
Just a quick update on the lasted new brand that this network is operating under

Raja Yoga aka The Worldwide Yoga Association aka The Worldwide Raja Yoga Association

(USE A PROXY to check the below links)

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 22, 2011, 07:09:08 am
More items of cheap, tatty jewellery made by slaves, this time in Russia


This website sells hand bags, purses and wallets, all probably made or at least decorated and finished  by slaves (note the hand finished appliqué details on these items) (website advertising beauty, makeover and modelling services - all geared towards recruiting aspiring young models) (section of above website selling cheap jewellery - again almost certainly made by slaves)

the "Partners" page on the above site probably includes other sites run by the network - I don't have time to check all of them out - some may be related some unrelated - but they are as follows:
Quote - Shop jewelry by copyright Jana Tamm
www. - informational site about the beauty and even more of Jana Tamm
www. - website designer Andrei Pavlov
www. - m-n fashion tm "Ultra Fashion"
www. - audio-video recording studio "Grad"
www. - creation and development of sites - training-video entertainment portal "Photo-Chenla" - Information Portal Suite - entertainment portal
www. - rap artist website Mr.BANKS
www. - m-n perfumes and cosmetics
www. - informatsioony site of leisure in Moscow
www. - Music Agency
www. - site gr. "H2O"

Please be aware that the Russian network (and in fact the Romanian network also) operates fake modelling and entertainment agencies as fronts for data collection, victim grooming and recruitment.

I found the above links as they are on one of the networks main Russian grooming and recruitment websites here

The same page also has a link to a fake Rolex website, that also sells a variety of fake branded watches and other items the url takes you to a site with the URL that openly sells fake brands

On a tangent, I was checking out the tour and travel company operated by the Russian network and discovered that they are promoting, amongst other things, a tour of Uzbekistan incorporating  meetings with Sufi mystics (or people who they claim are Sufi mystics - they probably have as much to do with authentic Sufism as their other "teachers" have to do with tantra and shamanism).

link - use a proxy

text as follows (original Russian translated via google)
Great wisdom of the Sufis, Tales of a wandering dervish, Proverbs, Persian (Sufi) Poetry: Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Al Farid,   the Sufi Whirling, Mula Nasrudin, Gurdjieff dances ...

 Want to achieve goals - do not count on the support of people.
zarsya not on someone else's, his indifference Vlad.
Whoever lives past or future, is a madman,
That from worldly hands released today , Omar Khayyam,

City - Open-Air Museum, Samarkand, always attracted mystics. Throughout history, it is considered a special city, a city of special guardian of secrets, and even in Islam and how stored, the blessed city.

Download the complete description of the tour


(Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara - Tashkent)

Day 1

Arrival in Samarkand evening flight, hotel accommodation, "Zarina"

Day 2

Drive to the mountains to visit Urgut Urgut Bazaar (Sunday), Holy-tree groves, the Mausoleum of the world revered Sufi sheikh - Gavsul Azam Gilon). Return to Samarkand for dinner. Check out the cave of St. David. On the road - visit the mausoleum of Sufi sheikh - Khoja Akhror. Visit Marble Mountains (the "City of Perry"). Return to hotel
3rd day

1. Departure from Samarkand, Navoi region in kilometers to visit rock art gallery
2. Transfer to Bukhara. On the road - visit shrines Nuratin
3. Accommodation in Bukhara hotel "Amulet"

Day 4

1. Visit the Mausoleum of the great Sufi sheikhs around Bukhara
2. Meeting with experts on Sufism and the Central Asian traditional medicine

Day 5

1. Visit the Mausoleum of the great Sufi sheikhs around Bukhara
2. Meeting with experts on Sufism and the Central Asian folk medicine
3. Transfer to Tashkent by the night train

Day 6

1. Arrive early morning in Tashkent
2. Departure Chatkal People's Park (100 km. From Tashkent)
3. Accommodation in the private residential sector
4. Camping - Horseback riding, hiking in the mountains, the lake (reservoir Chimgan), visit local attractions

7th day

1. Camping - Horseback riding, hiking in the mountains, the lake (reservoir Chimgan), visit local attractions
2. Transfer to Tashkent
3. Departure from Tashkent evening flight

Sufism - a lifestyle that allows a person to realize their full potential, given to us by God (Nature)

Sufism - a school of inner enlightenment, rather than debate. Sufism - the transformation, rather than memorizing information received at second hand. That which is related to Enlightenment can not be expressed in words. And that is why the Sufis say: "What can be said, Sufism is not." Or, as Jalal ad-Din Rumi: "Whatever I said, in describing and explaining Love, when it comes to Love itself, I am ashamed of these explanations."

Thus, everything said about Sufism Sufis outstanding - just trying to express in words their own internal states. They may show some characteristics of Sufism, but it can not be comprehensively defined. However, if we still tried to give such a definition, we might say: "Sufism - is the way to the Absolute Reality. impelling force for the movement on it is love, but a means of promotion - single-minded focus and inner balance in any situation . The purpose of this way - God " . In other words, at the end of the Sufi Way there is nothing left but God.


 The Prophet said that the truth proclaimed:
"I have not concealed any fact that high or that low,
Neither earth nor in heaven, nor in his throne.
Indeed, so beloved of:
I hid me in the devotee's heart.
If you're looking for me - look at these hearts. "

The dervishes lived in the community-led "Turi. At times they wrapped the cornerstone, which warned them of gluttony. If they passed, then the stone begins to put pressure on the abdomen, recalling the sin of gluttony. They can stock up on food for one day only. Was considered a sin to worry about tomorrow. A live only for today. Kalandar had no home, family, they made a vow of celibacy, spending their lives in wandering, spreading a message of Sufism. The dervishes lived in special buildings - honaka (Sufi monastery), it was a kind of monastery where dervishes could not only get a shelter, but also met with Sheikh-Sufi. In honaka were disputes, joint zeal and dhikr.

How far you went!

Originally you were clay. After passing the stage of the mineral, you became a plant.
From plant you became animal, the animal - man. All this time
people did not know where to go, although he was dragged into this long journey. And
a hundred different worlds you have to go through.

Jalaluddin Rumi

"... The Sufi dance
daily morning celebration at an ashram. angered If a person takes part in the Sufi dance, his dance is anger. You can watch people and see that each dance is different from the others. In someone else's dance - rage , anger seeping through his dance, through his gestures. In someone's dancing - beauty, love flows, a certain elegance. Even in someone's dance - compassion in someone else's - ecstasy; someone dance tasteless and stupid, it only makes simple gestures, for they do not - they is mechanical. Watch. Why this difference? It is because they carry different levels of suppression. When you dance, your anger, if he will attend, too, will dance. Where he go? The more you dance, the more he will be dancing and. If you are full of love, when you start to dance, your love begins to flow out - she will dance around you, fill all the space around them. Your dance is your dance , it will contain everything that is in you. If you are sexually repressed, your dance will seethe sex. You must go through a catharsis, you can not go straight to the goal. Only when all the poisons and will take away the fog, you will be able to find inspiration, bliss or in methods similar to Sufi dance ... "

Orange Book "Osho

I know very little about Sufism but I have noticed that many different cultic THB networks appropriate Sufi dance for their own nefarious objectives, usually as a way of recruitment.  They are especially keen on promoting the dances of Gurdjieff (a mystic who many claim was a fraud and appropriator) and participation in these dances, for reasons I don't understand, seems to be a very effective method of grooming and recruitment.

In the late Tim Guest's heartbreaking memoir "My Life in Orange: Growing Up with the Guru", in which he describes his childhood in the Rajneeshi (Osho) cult, he describes how his mother and her feminist friends decided to attend a Rajneeshi dance session (Gurdjieff inspired) with a view to disrupting it as they thought it was sexist and anti-feminist.   They decided to join in covertly before making their protest but things didn't go to plan.  Later that night Tim's mother returned home in a euphoric state and stayed up all night dyeing her clothes orange.  She had been recruited into a life of enslavement simply by attending a dance class.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 26, 2011, 10:41:38 am
Just a little more about Ms Julia Varra

there is a youtube channel here

That includes videos that show Julia Varra alongside the Ashram Shambala alternative guru who goes by various names including but not limited to:
Guru Alid Pfaski aka  Shri Guru Sotidananda Alid Pfaski Natva aka Shri Guru Alid Faski Natva aka
Avtandil A. Lomsadze aka Avtandil Lomsadze

It is completely clear to me that Yulia Varra is a recruiter for the Russian Network.

She has also been involved with a guru in the US  a certain Swami Virato, (I think real name Joe Banks) affectionately known as "Slimy Tomato" due to his predatory sexual habits.

Julia Varra is also running a tantra school in the Czech Republic.  *sighs*

The Russian network seem to have a way in to Marie Claire magazine as there have been endorsements of their various "Goddess schools" in South American Marie Claire issues.  

Link to an article in Marie Claire advocating Julia Varra's Geisha School.

Link to one of the Russian network's blogs referring to a story about Chekes Rada in the Mexican issue of Marie Claire magazine.

text translated from the original Spanish via google translate - emphasis mine

Tantra Teacher, yoga, has a degree in Psychology, healer and priestess initiated into the secrets of eastern women.
For years dedicated exclusively to the study and practice of various traditions of knowledge for human development: started Studies in Anthropology and Psychology was formed in Brazil. He studied for 15 years of knowledge of different lines Taoist tai chi chuan, qi qong, tui na and acupuncture, with two great masters. The esoteric tradition, the circle dances, meditation, natural food and different bodywork techniques are also part of its accumulated knowledge. Solitude is an international speaker, consultant and teacher in knowledge female. Spread complex knowledge in a practical and dynamic tailored to the needs of those living in large cities, revealing clues to a change in the lives of those who attend workshops or seek individual attention. Over the past six years, he has taught courses successfully several European countries (Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Norway and Switzerland), Asia (Tibet, Russia) and America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico). He has lectured in business and has shared his knowledge with youth, women, educators and children. No need for translators fluent in four languages. they say about her: "It was nice, a meditation on the importance of building from the unit, followed by a dance in which the dance for each other. This created a harmonious environment, positive and very happy that, in all objectivity, rarely touched me look at my long career as an assistant to various group therapies. ... um was telling fact: I felt great. Somehow the work God had deeply connected with my being female and that made ??me feel in harmony ...." Marie Claire de Mexico, Pineda Sanchez Maricruz. Article published on the experience of participating in a seminar Goddess Art of Soledad. In March 2008.

link: (scroll down)
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 28, 2011, 11:08:06 pm
deleted, pending further research

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 31, 2011, 09:01:58 am
deleted pending further research
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on October 31, 2011, 09:33:08 am
Just a few more thoughts

The Russian network, via the meetup and other networking websites, has infiltrated the swinging / polyamory scenes in various territories.  Recruiters have started various swinging / orgy events in multiple territories.

Dodgy pseudo-tantric people have also created websites promising "tantric sugar daddies" can meet up with "tantric sugar babies".  These can be found via google.   I have not had time to research these sites properly and probably will not have time to do so in the future.   I doubt that the people at Ashram Shambala and other cultic OC networks would fail to make use of the opportunities that such websites provide. 

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: educatedindian on October 31, 2011, 02:44:46 pm
Nemesis, these last two posts are all allegations or speculation from you. We have to insist you provide some proof they are tied to BM and his cult.

There was an earlier allegation you claimed against a similar site. We heard from that site's owner and she showed us she had nothing to do with them. So we deleted that section of a post of yours with the false allegations.If you can't prove these two are tied to BM we'll have to delete these two posts as well.

They may be pseudo tantra sites, but I don't see how they are tied to that cult. Perhaps you'd be better off starting a thread on pseudo tantra groups under Research Needed and posting these over there.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on November 01, 2011, 08:31:56 am
Nemesis, these last two posts are all allegations or speculation from you. We have to insist you provide some proof they are tied to BM and his cult.

Please accept my apologies, you are of course right to pull me up about this.
This thread should not be about me wondering whether certain obviously dodgy pseudo-tantric websites / businesses are connected to BM or MISA.  I spent 2 hours last night checking out the Danish woman in the above post and she does bear a striking resemblance to one of BM's associates, but I am not 100% sure that it is the same person and I will delete the relevant post.

As for the infiltration of swinging / polyamory groups by BM, that it well established in various sources.  For example, most if not all of the people involved organisationally in the "Goddess Temples" in Arizona are involved in the swinging / polyamorous scene as are most of not all of the people involved in neo-tantra / pseudo-tantra. 

There was an earlier allegation you claimed against a similar site. We heard from that site's owner and she showed us she had nothing to do with them. So we deleted that section of a post of yours with the false allegations.If you can't prove these two are tied to BM we'll have to delete these two posts as well.

I am not sure which post you mean or which organisation / website you mean.  I may have made a mistake, in which case I sincerely apologise.  I do not post a lot of information I have collected for various reasons, including to protect victims and also because I do not want to let the bad people know how much I have on them.  As I don't know which post you are referring to I cannot really respond to this properly.

They may be pseudo tantra sites, but I don't see how they are tied to that cult. Perhaps you'd be better off starting a thread on pseudo tantra groups under Research Needed and posting these over there.

The fact is that there are lots and lots of extremely dubious websites and individuals who are involved in pseudo-tantra and also in various pseudo-spiritual trainings that effectively train women in how to be sex workers whilst claiming that this is an ancient spiritual tradition. 

I think that your suggestion of putting my concerns about such groups into the Research Needed forum is of course very sensible and I will do that from now on. 

I also think that it it probably a good idea to post up a list of indicators of criminality re pseudo-tantric groups and sexual training courses so that people can do their own research about any individual or organisation that they choose.

I am spending far too much time on this anyway and my real life responsibilities are piling up as I have neglected them. 

I do find researching these disgusting people very stressful and disturbing and I think I probably need to take a break for a while to attend to real life things and recharge my batteries and to them approach this anew once I am in a less stressed state of mind.

Sorry again if I caused you any problems, that is the last thing I want to do.

I will delete, or at least edit the above posts with this in mind.

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on December 14, 2011, 06:23:23 pm
I just noticed that one of the Russian network's meetup groups is scheduled to close in 8 days as the organiser has stepped down.

Once it closes all the text and photos will disappear

the current link is here

so for the record, here are some C&Ps of the text FYI

Introduction reads:
Intimate relationships are one of the greatest and most profound sources of personal and spiritual growth, however many of us have forgotten the real meaning of relationships. In ancient days men and women came together to honor the divine within themselves and within each other. Relationships weren’t based in dependency, obligation, sacrifice or selfishness, but were rather a means for personal and spiritual development. They were a means of connecting to the scared feminine and masculine within ourselves and then growing and honoring this energy with a partner or partners.

There are many secrets that have been hidden from our society, but were highly developed and used in the ancient civilizations in India, Japan and the Middle East. Through transmitting ancient knowledge into practical advice and practices, this meet-up will guide every man and woman in how to develop your sacred feminine and masculine energy in order to maintain harmony within yourself and maintain healthy, passionate and lasting relationships with a partner.

Whether single or in a relationship, we will guide every person in how to connect to the ideal within yourself in order to find your ideal partner; how to keep passion and love, and prevent conflicts, infidelity and divorces; how to connect to the deepest principles for building a lasting relationship; how to elevate and strengthen pleasure in relationships using techniques of massage, special dances, special breathing techniques and bandhas. We will guide every man and woman in how to have complete control over your sexuality as an independent being and in your relationship.

In order to fully integrate mind, body and spirit, all meet-up groups will be a combination of knowledge transmission, breathing exercise, dynamic meditation, dance and energetic practices. These practical techniques have helped thousands of people choose compatible partners, create harmonious and productive families, and bring back the passion and love, and to avoid conflict and divorce.

The teachings and practices come from the ancient traditions of Raja Yoga, Tantra and Aharata. Raja Yoga, known as the ‘Yoga of Kings’, is the path of self knowledge and development. In our study of Tantra we will specifically focus on awakening the divine feminine, Shakti, and how this can be opened and developed as a way to connect every woman with her inner goddess. Aharata is a 5000 year old Egyptian tradition of psychological, emotional and energetic empowerment and protection. Based in martial arts and known as the ‘The Way of the Warrior,’ it is one of the most effective ways of developing the divine masculine for both men and women.

examples of past meetups include:

March 20, 2011 10:00 AM - 3 attended
The Art of Healing one day seminar with Master Stella
ASHA (map)
“For ASHA's Grand Opening we've invited Master Stella to share this very special knowledge”

Academy of Spiritual Healing Arts


Special Event:

 “the art of healing”

Sunday March 20th


214 Lisbon Street, SF




Healers, come learn how to…

~Use your own healing techniques in a deeper way

~Help others find their way to resolution, to joy and rapid aliveness

~Maintain your energy level, and protect yourself from being drained of energy

 Spiritual healing is when energy is transmitted to the person in need. The treatment works in the body, mind and spirit, which are seen as a unity that must be in harmony for good health. Spiritual Healing has its own laws, which must be used properly and with discipline. Spiritual Healing is an essentially practical activity not limited to theoretical study. The Healer must be continually in training, developing and growing. The most important thing is your personal evolution.

Program Includes:
Learn the laws of the universe to increase your healing power

Practices that allow you to increase your energy

Techniques to protect your energy for healing

You deserve to become an even more powerful

and positively effective healer than you already are.

Enrol NOW and start TODAY to unlock the secrets of your own energy system to brighten YOUR spirit

Aimed at those who are healers and those who want to start their journey of healing.

Prepay by Wednesday or bring friends to receive a discount

Individual consultations with Master Stella available afterwards.

for discount info, online payment,  and questions contact Angel

[masked] ~ [masked]

 About Master Stella

After graduating the Faculty of Law, she worked many years in law industry and was very successful lawyer. In her activities she observed that many people do not have harmony in their intimate and business relationships, and that many financial and hereditary problems do not permit a person to be happy. All these problems lead to divorces, killing each other, stealing and many other results.

She started to search for the roots of human sufferings and what could help to solve people’s problems. Her search lead her to sacred places in Tibet, Egypt, Siberia and more… where she was revealed the secrets of natural and cosmic laws, which are far above social laws and which govern all process on Earth.

Using the knowledge of these laws, Stella has already helped hundred thousands of people in different countries and continents to find harmony in relationships, to liberate loneliness, to recover their beauty and youthfulness, to become happy and to achieve financial independence.

She is a ?aster of psycho-energetic protection techniques, masters sacred knowledge of the liberation of feminine essence, which returns women their youthfulness, beauty, health and magic power, helping to realize themselves totally as women.


note: the address of ASHA is 214 Lisbon Street, San Francisco, CA

Sunday 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

$75 Day of/$60 if Paid Saturday

What is Spiritual Aikido? Who can it benefit in modern times?

Spiritual Aikido is a very ancient form of ‘martial art’, known since antiquity under various denominations and guarded in Egypt, Japan… where, throughout the centuries, great spiritual masters protected and enriched it further relying on the powerful insights of its guardians of the past.

In a nutshell, Spiritual Aikido teaches how to properly manage energy: how to collect it, increase it, preserve and use it for breaking all the obstacles that make someone weak, unable to lead a healthy life, subdued to habits and attachments as well as to addictions, all expressed in a mechanical behaviour dictated by the programming received by all meaningful adults since childhood: parents, teachers, peer group, partners, etc.

Spiritual Aikido includes a vast array of martial art exercises, meditative practices and mantras that, gradually, help the student to develop the finest qualities needed to become more secure, stable, confident, determined, strong and impermeable to any external or internal negative influence. In addition, it is a powerful tool in the hands of all those who walk on the path of self-cultivation and self-development, as it helps developing and strengthening all the qualities of the spiritual warrior: bravery, stability, will, clarity, perseverance, personal magnetism and the strong desire of helping others to better their life in all its aspects.

Besides being a strong ally in someone’s personal development and transformation, Spiritual Aikido provides also tools for self protection from all sorts of external or internal attacks and even from astrological ‘negative’ aspects that could stop or hinder one’s health, business, work, relationships and progress.

In practical terms, Spiritual Aikido teaches that any energetic (astral) attack must be wedged not by fuelling it with negative emotions - as for instance anger and hatred - but, on the contrary, by calling upon the positive powers that comes from one’s determination and the strong will to do good, to help to further life, to help other people, to move along the path of enlightenment.

These powers can only be nurtured by a profound sense of a higher form of love.
In this sense, whereas any Spiritual Aikido attack can be directed both against personal and external obstacles, ultimately it always leads to a point of union with the whole universe as well as to a deep sense of harmony and peace with the whole world and all creatures.

For all these reasons, the acquisition of multiple knowledge and experiences that the practice of Spiritual Aikido offers, is a very powerful way to reach the goals that the inner being of everyone is waiting for.
In this seminar you will be able to learn techniques & knowledge to help you to really know yourself. You will be able to attract and then get to know your partner better. In the practice of Tantra the most important is to know yourself well (Who am I) so that you can find the ideal partner. With the practice of spiritual Aikido, you can develop abilities of sensibility, intuition and other super abilities which will help you to gain harmony, balance and understanding with your partner.

My experience with Spiritual Aikido

Throughout my teenage years I have been asking me many times how a person can be more conscious of himself and his surroundings. This means understand how the events and opportunities that life offers you are not only made by chance, but the predisposition of everyone is fundamental.

Following this idea it was a great satisfaction to discover a complete system of development focused on achieving more easily the goals that everyone has. That is, through Spiritual Aikido I have learned to perceive and to take advantage of the energy that nature offers to us; this is the way to be healthy, active and ready to face any difficulty.

For example, through the practice of “kata of fury” you can awake a lot of energy in your interior and with the realization of the “complex of Shiva” qualities like concentration and inner strength can be developed.
In summary, my experience with the practical exercises and also with the theory that can be received practicing Spiritual Aikido constitute a very powerful tools for anyone that wants to enlarge the limits of his spiritual baggage.

The organiser of the group call herself Venus and appears on many of their meetup events

Title: Ashram Shambala
Post by: alexander on January 17, 2012, 05:43:00 pm
To avoid too many bad surprises (most of the names can simply be check using Google image, or with regular Google and adding « aharata » or “goddess” to aka, or one of those Ashram Shambala few favorite expression).

-Soledad Altay = Soledad = Chekes Rada = (Rada Surya, barely used) = Chekes = Soledad Chekes = Master Chekes = Maestra Chekes = Venus = Soledad Domec = Premshakti = Maria Soledad  = Maria = Maria Soledad M. Domec Espinoza= Maria Soledad Monserrat Domec Espinoza

-Perun = Konstantin Leonidovich Shudnev

-Oyun = Yarovit = Aharata Queretaro = Dharma = Maestro Yarovit

-Ohin Hara = Hohin Hara = Lada = Maestra Lada = Sumelu = Lada Latyszewa = Mestra Ohin Hara = Tatjana Kochetkova = Tatjana Meira = Tatjana Meira-Kochetkova

-Master Stella = Tizhi Ayu = Stella Medvedeva

-Biven Mamonta = Biven Mamonte = Kargan Ganesh = Kargan Kenesh = Kargan Kanesh = Ganesha = Sri Ganesh = Gavneshoy = Ganapat = Bes Beloyar = Pavel Handozhko = Paul V. Handozhko
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 19, 2012, 11:47:23 am
Someone involved with this network in the US

Meryl Vandana aka Meryl Vandana Brinin

Meetup profile

text re the group "Beautiful Inside and Out" (coincidentally? a term used in the recruitment adverts for "Goddesses" at the PGT)

Greetings Beautiful Sisters,

Every woman has her own unique Goddess living inside her and every woman needs to connect and open up to her higher and wiser self. We are all truly unique spirits living in bodies who are here to honor & accept all aspects of ourselves in a circle of love and light with our beautiful sisters!

This Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom has existed for more than 8 thousand years in Ancient India, Egypt and other Civilizations.

For many years it was a Secret Art until now. In this special time of rapid transformation and evolution, we need to practice this tradition more than ever to stay in our power and heal all the parts of ourselves we have been denying for too long.

Each month we will be sharing many important topics, exercises, sacred movement, and techniques for empowerment, self-awareness, self-esteem building, energy balancing, & creative expression to help you all remember just how special you really are. We all need that reminder now and then, don't we?

I look forward to presenting awe-inspiring speakers, sound healers,educators, & beautiful women who are here to share their knowledge, wisdom, and blessings with us. They will provide the tools for us to make us feel good about who we are & why we are here!

Namaste & Magical Blessings,

Meryl Vandana Brinin


as you can see the above text has many characteristics of the Russian network's recruitment groups but without any of the keywords such as Aharata.

A google search for Meryl Vandana + Master Perun turns up various hits for workshops she organised around Perun's "shamanism", for example this event

Astute readers will notice that Ms Brinin sports the ancient Egyptian style hair favoured by many female cult members.

She seems to be someone who organises workshops and events featuring "shamans" from various territories and it could be that Perun is just one of many dodgy shamans that she has worked with.  

I am wondering if she should have her own thread?

The exchange between her and a person with some Ashram Shambala friends on this page is certainly intriguing

edited to add

I can't get the above link to work but the conversation is below photo no 55 on her wall photos

I will C&P it for readers here , as follows

Meryl Vandana Brinin
Grandmother's Wisdom Readings with Sand Painted Mandalas Created Just For You With Each Customized Reading. Email me for your phone reading! Blessings!!!!
Share · July 10, 2010
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Zamir Shaikh Lensman WISDOM CAN'T BE READ... IT CAN BE ÖNLY BUILT WITH FAITH ! COURAGE ! PATIENCE AND PAIN ! Hows my sweet sister?? My love and blessings to cr :- )
July 11, 2010 at 7:44am

Meryl Vandana Brinin I'm perfect just as God created me. Thank you for asking. I want to connect with you by phone. Is that possible. My curiosity has gotten the best of me:) How do you feel about speaking at some point soon? Matakuye Oyasin!
July 11, 2010 at 4:15pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman ?"O" the seeker of the truthful souls, what is it that had shaken your soul.. Ye can call me any time ,ye want my sweet sister.. ye can mail me at my e-mail too..its all there on my Info.. Tk cr.. Love and blessings.. Yours..zamir :- )
July 12, 2010 at 5:37am

Meryl Vandana Brinin Do I need a calling card or maybe we can talk on Skype? Do you have a Skype account?
July 12, 2010 at 5:05pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman I don't have skype.. meryl if we got to meet, we will definetly meet..this world is real small..and this life is very short.. keep me in your prayers, and i will too.. Yours. ZAMIR *
July 12, 2010 at 5:17pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Of course my dear brother! You are definitely in my prayers even though we haven't met yet!
July 12, 2010 at 6:00pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman That's like my sweet little sister :- ) tk cr of your self in this beautiful world..and be far from those who's gone astray..and those, of illsive minds :- )
July 12, 2010 at 6:16pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Yes Zamir I will. When is a good time to speak? You can call me @ (917) 301-6560 if you are guided to:) Love & Blessings!
July 12, 2010 at 6:19pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman Time slips my little sister.. I'll save your number.. i'll call ye someday.. INSHAALLAH . I will not promise ye. Nor will betraye ye.. yours zamir !
July 12, 2010 at 6:38pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Someday when you are guided to connect-only if it feels like you really desire to do so:) Bless your heart & feel my love! I trust!
July 12, 2010 at 6:40pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman I am guided by the truthful and the pures and the merciful.. Desire is the greatest sin, my little sister.. But my heart says to me, "we will meet" and patience is the key to here and hereafter..keep patience my little sister, and one day ye will find peace, glory, love..and these will come to your feet..that one day :- )
July 12, 2010 at 7:16pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Thank you I feel a strong emotion rising inside of me reading your beautiful and kind words. you are right about patience & I pray we can speak soon before we meet. Love & My deepest respect for you!
Meryl Vandana
July 13, 2010 at 1:11am

Zamir Shaikh Lensman I read about this wise soul, will spencer.. Tell him the only thing which will give him peace in this world is Patience.. Ask him to do some good i said ye earlier, feed the poor, help the poor as if they are like a caged bird, feed the poor animals..cause, if they pray for ye, ye become enlightened. Trust me GOD ABOVE, KNOWS IT ALL.THE INNER AND THE OUTER, HE IS THE ALL HEARER AND ALL KNOWER.. And yea, we should startup a school in india, rajasthan.. And ye be the teacher of the fruitful souls, and i the principle :- ) A TROUBLED SOUL, IS A WEAK SOUL !! My love to ye my lil sister.. Yours. ZAMIR.
July 13, 2010 at 7:29am


Mt spidey senses tell me that the above discussion is actually Ms Brinin getting played as part of a long con.

There seems to be something not quite right about Zamir Shaikh Lensman IMO.

His linkedin profile is here

it says
Zamir Shaikh
Owner, MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Mumbai Area, India Photography
Owner at MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Owner at MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Owners at Photographers
St Andrews
24 connections
Zamir Shaikh's Summary

I have been into the stream of Photography for almost 10 years.

Photography has been into my veins and due wo which i had a zeal to attain a milestone:-

I have the following Opeartional clients:-

Elle fashion
FNL fashion
Magna publications
Motor jeans
Elite modelling agency

Photography Unlimited - 24X7

Zamir Shaikh's Experience

MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Currently holds this position

MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
January 1997 – May 2009 (12 years 5 months)

Photography Has been a passion for me and its in my nerves

I have been into this stream for decades and have been doing quite well however i lack insanity hence srtiving to obtain it

Aim is to reach the sky, atleast will get to conquer the stars ....
1990 – 2009 (19 years)

Zamir Shaikh's Education

St Andrews
B'Com, Finance and Accounting Major
1990 – 1995

Now if he is a distinguished fashion photographer with an impressive portfolio of clients, why does he have no website, online gallery or web presence?  Why are the only photos on his FB page poor quality? Why does he not have thousands of celebrity friends?

I just feel a chill going down my spine reading the conversation above as it has a newage 419 feel about it.  

Now there is a link here to someone called Will Spencer (mentioned in the final message above)


which is here

This is a page "liked" by Ashram Shambala people and it fits in with their sinister interests in "indigo children"

further edited to add....

here is the meetup for the "star Kids" group and, boy, does it look worrying

Although the organiser is now someone called Rose it is clear that Meryl Vandana was the organiser at one point as the blurb re the group is signed "Meryl Vandana & Chris George".  The blurb also contains a testimony from Will Spencer.  Not really sure what it all means but obviously with Meryl's name associated with it, the aharata link to this group is consolidated. 

Have to go and get some work done, just sharing some thoughts
edited to add, more aharata links to Meryl Vandana Brinin



301 W 55TH ST-SUITE # 4
2ND Flr-Between 86h & 9th Ave-NYC




March 3, 2010 7:00 PM - 5 attended
TRS Professional Suites (map)
Meet with A Modern Master Of Ancient Wisdom

We are very pleased to welcome Stella, a Master teacher, healer and 9th generation shaman, to New York.

After achieving many successes in the business world as a lawyer, Master Stella observed that many people did not have happiness and harmony in their business relationships: that there were hereditary (karmic) problems that people were unable to overcome. These problems led to divorces, stealing, rape, murder and more. Social laws were not solving the problems.

She began to look at the deeper issues underlying problems of both her clients, and humanity, and started to look for true solutions to the suffering she witnessed. Her search led her to the sacred places of Altai, where the secrets of natural and cosmic laws were revealed to her - laws above social and judicial laws. She learned of the laws that govern all processes on earth.

Using this knowledge, Stella has helped hundreds of thousands of people, from many different countries, to find harmony in their relationships, to be free of loneliness, to recover their beauty and vitality, to become more youthful both physically and in spirit, and to achieve financial independence.

She is a master of “Aharata” (school of energetic martial arts and psychological protection), Shamanism, Tantra, & The Art of Goddess (liberating the feminine essence – Shakti – and restoring youth, beauty, health and empowerment to fully realize the potential of the feminine self).

A direct student of her enlightened Teacher, Alid Faske Natva, she has received the highest direct initiation in healing and is working with the deepest health, emotional and psychological issues and is achieving remediation and cure of many “incurable” diseases.

Master Stella will be offering diagnostics and consultations which offer insight into your past issues (past lives and how they effect this current life) how karma is effecting your choices, behaviors and thoughts & what are your gifts to be manifested in this time and how to manifest them. She will also be available to
offer private Healing sessions by appointment.

Come and invite your friends to meet with a channel of Divine Power and receive powerful knowledge and energy.

We look forward to seeing you at the presentation!

With love from the Golden Mountains of Altai,


Meryl Vandana Brinin

so it is clear that this woman has been involved with different aharata VIPs for some time - this makes me wonder whether any of the other "shamans" she promotes / has promoted might be linked to the network?

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on January 22, 2012, 10:19:48 am
another website belonging to this network

The World Yoga Association  ::)
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on March 11, 2012, 10:50:18 am
found some footage of recruiter Yulia Varra on on old BBC newsnight item, may be useful as Channel 4 have removed the videos featuring her from their website and from youtube

The clip shows Varra training young women to catch rich husbands by learning pole dancing and sexual skills

her FB page is here.  Some of her photos are interesting

for example here she is making friends with some Aboriginal people in Australia at a psychotherapy conference

She will have told them that she is a psychiatrist (a claim that she often makes - I used to not believe it but it may in fact be true that she is a sex trafficking recruiter and a psychiatrist - she wouldn't be the only one)
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on March 13, 2012, 05:13:07 pm
There is a very informative wikipedia page in Russian language, on Ashram Shambala here

it is very well referenced and contains links to some news stories not linked to on this thread

Here's a C&P, translation via google

WARNING -   includes extremely disturbing material

Ashram Shambala
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ashram Shambala (other names: "Belovodye" [1] [2] , in a way "Belovodye" , International Academy "The Way to Happiness" , International "Academy of Happiness" , "Esoteric Ashram Shambala" , "Russian school of Tantric" , Sotidanandana Yoga Center , "School of geisha" , "Olirna" , etc.) - an occult religious sect [3] [4] , established in 1989 in Novosibirsk Konstantin Rudnev [5] .
From 1990 to 2010 branches of the sect operate in 18 regions of the Russian Federation (including Moscow and St. Petersburg), [6], [3], [7] as well as in other countries of the former Soviet Union [6] [8] . Total number of members according to various estimates ranged from 15 [9] to 20 thousand people. [10] Age adherents ranged from 17 to 30 years. [11]
Law enforcement agencies determine the Ashram Shambala as one of the most odious of operating in Russia, totalitarian sects , [4], [12] on the course of action has similarity with the Aum Shinrikyo . [13] Number of employees in 1999 was 10,000 members. [13]
The founder and leader of Ashram Shambala is a graduate of the engineering college Rudnev D. Constantin [4] [6], [12] [14] [10] , (born 4 August 1967 , at Novosibirske ), also known under the pseudonyms "Bolt", "Sotilian Sikorisky "," Sri Jnana Avatar Muni, "" Altai Kagan divinely wise " [6], [15] . Back in 1986 while serving in the army tried to convince the roll command of the military unit to convert part of the monastery on the model of Shaolin , which would have been a strict rejection of bad habits, and the officers would have been mentors and taught martial arts to soldiers. At the same time Rudnev was sent for treatment at a psychiatric clinic of Samara, where he stayed until 1989. After this he returned to Novosibirsk and with the help of Elena Zakharova, who later became the second man in the sect, founded a wellness company, "Caravan" conducted the paid seminars on non-traditional methods of treatment in the eastern wrapper, which taught " Yoga , "" teaching of Shambhala, "" healing Reiki , "" Astral Karate "and" removal of damage . " Later the company changed names several times and signs. [10] Rudnev also declared himself a " second Messiah , "" prophet "and" embryo , got to the ground by a UFO , "and" a stranger to Sirius ' [16] [17] [18 ], [19]
1 Fundamentals of Faith
2 management of the organization
3 The inner life of the organization
4 Affiliated organizations and activities
5 Business organization
6 Prosecution
6.1 Litigation 2011
7 Other facts
8 Notes
9 Links
[ edit ] Fundamentals of Faith

The doctrine of Rudnev very syncretic , and is a blend of New Age , " Living Ethics " Roerich , the teachings of Carlos Castaneda , Reiki , Astral Karate and kontakterstva [6], [20] In the teaching of Ashram Shambala there are elements of esoteric , oriental cults and religions, pagan cults , shamanism , and yoga . [4], [21] [11]
The ideological basis of the teachings of an autobiographical book by KD Rudnev, " The way a fool , "he wrote under the pseudonyms" Bolt "and" Sotilian Sikorisky. " As described in the book of the teachings in the form of scandalously obscene subjected to ridicule the idea of a family , birth and parenting, education and work, praised the subordination of the adepts ("sadhaks"), the leader of the group. Promoted promiscuity and regular "sexual practice" that should deal exclusively with young and beautiful girls. [6], [10] [17] [19] [22]
Shambhala is characterized as antisocial new religious movement , and the cult that uses the techniques and methods aimed at developing members of psychological dependence on the group and the leader [19] [23] [24] [25] .
AL Dworkin defines Rudnev, as odious " pseudo tantric guru "and his organization as" an occult totalitarian sect "and emphasizes that" On the same sect, Rudnev can rightfully be described as a perfect totalitarian sect. " [6 ]
According to law enforcement agencies,
For a complete suppression of the will of the sect used the mental and psychological abuse in the form of special methods of aggressive external effects on the psyche, which has the purpose to put the will of the involved persons under the control of the head of the sect, as well as the use of a group of drugs , rape . As a result, few adherents developed severe mental illness . [22]
[ edit ] Organization Management

Konstantin Rudnev ("Bolt", "Sotilian Sikorisky", "Sri Jnana Avatar Muni," "Altai Kagan divinely wise") - the leader of the sect [6], [10] [11]
Elena Zakharova ("Selena", "Sri Lakshmi Devi Subhi") - "high priestess" and the right hand Roll [6], [10]
Paul Handozhko ("Sri Ganesh") - "chief mentor", a former surgeon in the Pskov region, engaged in the sect provodeniem seminars on " tantra "(" to engage in Tantra "- in the jargon of the sect means" sex "). In 2004 was wanted on suspicion of being HIV-infected dozens of people across Russia. [6], [10]
Faith Brilina - Head of the cells in Arkhangelsk. [26]
Mykola Kornienko - former head of the Voronezh cells. [2]
[ edit ] The inner life of the organization

For an introduction to the cult of the neophyte was required to pay a fee in the amount of 4-5 thousand rubles, and also pay the full self learning. Then newfound adept in a roundabout way brought to one of the "ashrams", which are the usual city apartment or country house. All ordinary members of the "Ashram Shambala" placed on the 16-20 people in small rooms (in one case 3 to 5 square meters ), where they were supposed to live and work there. Though the younger "teachers" lived in a room for 2-3 people, and the senior "mentor" had a separate room. [27]
In sect used a very tight schedule. At 6:00 am (some at 6:50 am) - with the overall rise time "warm up" to the music. Warm-up included a monotonic push-ups , sit-ups , abdominal exercises , alternating with exhausting dance (so-called. "dynamic meditation"). During the day, such a "workout" was repeated every hour, including at night. [27], [2]
From followers needed to make and sign the envelope, write poetry and songs, books reprinted texts, transcribed on paper lecture Rudnev and his inner circle, copy music and videos, as well as to produce a variety of "magic" items for sale to the outside world. Failure to meet a strict set of rules entailed punishment: the famine of 1 to several days, with the continuation of work performed between 200 and 500 push-ups, the same number of sit-ups in addition to workouts, cleaning toilets , the boycott and isolation . In case of refusal to perform the adept leadership of the sect of punishment resorted to accept collective responsibility , forcing all the other rank and file members do push-ups in the presence of stubborn until then, until he have mercy on the suffering companions agreed to comply. [28] [25]
Food intake was carried out only 2 times a day in the morning and evening, during the hours set by the leadership of the sect. Adherents eat food from a common pot representing a soup of vegetable peelings, grass, leaves, barley or millet grains . Among the members of the sect leaders are often satisfied with the competition: food from the hands of the common pot, eating at the time, together with the unfolding of the food bowls, transplanted during the reception food, feeding each other's neighbors on the table. According to eyewitnesses, Rudnev adherents from chronic malnutrition , and lack of sleep fell into a state of an animal , becoming hungry, and any food prepared away from a neighbor an extra piece. When the followers of the depletion started falling out hair and teeth , then the leaders of the sect told them that:
"You are reborn in the sixth race of man , which the teeth are not needed, because it feeds the divine energy. "
At the same time the leadership of the sect ate rice, mushrooms and various salads . [28] [25] According to other reports in the daily rate of the ordinary worshiper was 1 cup of cereal and 2 tablespoons of butter, half a cup of wheat germ. Sometimes, instead of the last piece of bread was issued. [29] Also, the leaders of the sect adherents were fed scraps from the table. [30]
Taps began at 3-4 o'clock in the morning (in some cells at 0 hours) and the dream was given to only a few hours. Slept members of the "Ashram Shambala", with the windows open all year round, who is on what is necessary, including the bare floor. For submission of adherents, the leadership of the sect climbs to suit the night rehearsals rapid rebound, after which all the team to bed in seconds. [25] [31], [2]
Sometimes ("once a week or two") in the early times of the day, late at night or dark of night dwellers "Ashram Shambala" was allowed to make group trips. Go outside the adepts were divided into subgroups and under the direction of "mentor" came to their destination. In the same way back again. [32]
Rudnev and his associates, men are constantly in the sect organized group orgies with young girls. If you then have a girl child was born, he handed over to the shelter. [25]
Above adepts committed abuses - dipping his head in the toilet with the bowel movements , skin burned with cigarettes , notched body . Especially guilty were tortured in the form of sexual humiliation gang rape, acts . Also, followers were forced to mate with animals such as dogs. All this is known as "tantric rituals for the initiated," and was recorded on video. [33]
[ edit ] Affiliated organizations and activities

Academy "The Way to Happiness" [14]
Academy of occult sciences [6], [14] [10]
Altai Ashram Shambala [6], [14]
Center "Belovodye" [6], [14] [10]
"Ladies Business School" [34]
"Women's University," Living Sun "," [34]
"Women's business magic" [34]
"Zlato the Young" [14]
"Society" Olirna '" [6], [14] [10]
"Way to Belovodye" [14]
"The Russian school of Tantric" [6], [14]
"Siberian Association of Yoga" [6], [14] [10]
"Sotidanandana yoga center" [6], [14] [10]
"Toltekklub - something" [14]
School "Avicenna" [6], [14] [10]
"The School of Spiritual Healing Academy Sotidanandany Guru" [6], [14]
"Esoteric foundations of business" workshop [6], [14] [10]
"Esoteric Ashram Shambala," [14]
"Geisha school" [14]
"School of Goddesses" [14]
"School Kleoparty" [34]
[ edit ] Business Organization

The composition of the sect "Ashram Shambala," included several correspondence schools - school "UFO" ("contact" with extraterrestrial civilizations), the school "Atlantis" ("connection" to the knowledge of the ancient civilization of people), the school, "Business - magic" ("the acquisition of flair "in the business), the school" Shamanism "(" training "shamanism), the school" Spiritual Healing "(" acquisition " occult powers), the school "Spiritual Aikido" ("training" Management of internal energy), the school "Toltec magic" (" capture "the magic of the Toltecs ), School of "Pharaoh" ("training" of divination, teleportation , "awakening" of Kundalini ), the school, "Shambala" ("learning" due to the universe, with egregor ) School "Nagual" ("learning" self-medication) the school, "Zorba the Buddha" ("learning" the "establishment" of objects, "training" hesychasm ) - conducted seminars, and offering a variety of literature from the "necessary" (the cost (in 2001) from 60 to 150 rubles) to the "recommended" ( cost (in 2001) from 50 to 800 rubles), as well as "magical" objects (the cost (in 2001) from 50 to 1,500 rubles) [17] [35]
Established Rudnev, "divinely wise Altai Kagan," International Academy "The Way to Happiness" organized seminars - School "Family Happiness," School "Russian heathenism," School "Siberian shamanism," School "Spiritual Healing" School "Business Magic. Path material well-being, "School" Tantric Raja Yoga, "School" Astroplanetarnogo karate. The methods of psycho-energetic defense, "School" Orphics. The magic of art. The development of his personality. ". In comparison with the "Ashram Shambala," "payment" for "training" and is charged for the materials in the form of "donations" and the Euro  - from 15.8 to 25 cu It is also proposed various cloaked under the Altaic shamanism "magic" items - homuz (from the usual $ 150 for up to Homuza divinely wise Altai Kagan for 1000 USD), shamanic costume (for the usual $ 1000 to the divinely wise shaman costume Altai Kagan worth 10,000 USD), the shaman hat (from $ 150 for a standard to 1500 USD per shaman hat divinely wise Altai Kagan), shaman drum and kyamla (from the usual $ 400 for up to divinely wise Altai Kagan for 10,000 USD), shaman boots (regular - $ 150, and divinely wise Altai Kagan - 1200 USD). In total, in order to collect all the 'gear' Roll had to pay about 26,000 cu . Also offered separately on the audio cassettes and compact discs  - a series of "Magical Music of Shamballa" (price range of 2.3 to 2.8 USD per share) and a series of "Music of wish fulfillment." (Price from 35 USD to 45 USD) [17] [36]
[ edit ] Prosecution

In 1999 the Novosibirsk Region Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case against Rudnev of Art. 239 of the Criminal Code ("The United encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens") . During the investigation it was found that the sect took place extortion , corruption of minors , sexual with animals ), and abuse, including the manufacture and sale of pornographic videos abroad. We also learned that the top of the sect owns a dozen apartments in landscaped areas, Novosibirsk, copied to the Roll of its adherents. However, the main person involved had disappeared for 5 years and the investigation was suspended. In 2000 the case was reopened, but only on the fact of tax evasion and illegal business activities [1] [2], [9] [29] [37]
In April 2004 the law enforcement agencies asked the man from the Bryansk searching for his daughter, caught in a cult Rudnev. In September, Rudnev was arrested at his dacha in the company of eight minor girls. Since he had taken a written undertaking to appear for questioning by the prosecutor. [2], [29] According to on the sale of the property adepts of occult and pornographic video content, lectures and seminars Roll earned about $ 10 million. [10] [36]
8 November 2005 in Voronezh was suppressed the activity of local cells of the sect. During the operational activities of the FSB in the basement of one of the cottages have been found 6 people with symptoms of mental disorder in the state of narcotic intoxication , most adherents was underage, and from various regions of Russia. After talking with law enforcement agencies, except for the head of the cell, the other five men were released. [1] [2], [29]
In late October 2008 members of OCD in the Novosibirsk region were searched in the two country houses in the village and the village of New Plotnikova owned by Konstantin Rudnev. During the search, were detained six people are in the criminal investigation, and seized marijuana , various psychotropic medications, mushrooms, herbs fees, 23 laptop with videos of pornographic content, documents and literature of the sect, and many items for perverted sex - dildos , whips -, ritual objects and identification of missing people in an address during the search. it was found that members of the sect held group practices had clearly sexual overtones. Cost of seminars was 3500-5000 rubles per person (700-1000 rubles. Per day). Venues for practice were several centers of the family, the club prepare pregnant women for childbirth, a municipal institution of supplementary education for children and young people and the home of sport. Also in the yard next to the cottage in the car were found Plotnikova Hammer and Land Cruise 2000  - both produced in 2008. [21] [29] [38]
In September 2011 the Centre for Anti-Extremism Office of the Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Ryazan region were found and returned home two previously missing 18-year old boy who fell under the influence of the "Ashram Shambala." In the course of operational activities is established that the missing may be in Novosibirsk . At the present time with rehabilitation activities are carried out [39] . According to the law enforcement agencies, the sect has been actively recruiting followers in the Ryazan region [40]
[ edit ] The trial of 2011

This article describes the current events .
Information may change rapidly as events unfold.
You are viewing an article in the version of 12 March 2012 17:16 ( UTC ). ( update ) Do not forget to add a message on the current event in the portal "Current events" .
In early October 2010 the staff of the Investigative Committee of the Russian prosecutor's office , regional offices of the FSB and the Interior Ministry of Russia for Novosibirsk Region arrest K. D. Rudnev. As part of the criminal case Rudnev and most active members of the group charged with creating a religious association, encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens ( Part 1 of Art. 239 of the Criminal Code ), rape ( Part 1 of Art. 131 of the Criminal Code ), forced sexual acts character ( Part 1 of Art. 132 of the Criminal Code ), illegal possession and sale of narcotics ( Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code ) [3], [20] [22] [41] [42] . Victims found 15 former members of the organization, filed lawsuits against Rudnev totaling 18 million rubles [3], [11] [41] [43] [44] [45]
24 June 2011 the investigating authorities handed over the criminal case of KD Rudnev to the court. [16] [18] [46] [47], Novosibirsk Central District Court granted the application of the prosecutor for an extension until July 8 the detention Rudnev. [41 ]
18 July 2011 at the Novosibirsk district court held its first hearing on the case Rudnev, in which the indictment was read out part of it. Rudnev, the charges against him, charges have not been recognized, but his lawyers plan to seek full justification. [17] According to the prosecutor Vera Vasilkova, if found guilty Rudnev, he faces a prison sentence of more than 10 years. [19] [48] In the first meeting, the prosecutor read out the beginning part of the prosecution. [49]
20 July 2011 held its second hearing in which the prosecutor went on to disclose the conviction. The prosecutor told reporters that the case study materials and question witnesses will be later. The lawyer said that this year it is unlikely to be considered in full, because it consists of 44 volumes, in addition, many witnesses living in other cities. [49]
4 August 2011 , the third trial (the first two of the indictment was read by the prosecutor and the defendant was given the floor Rudnev), during which, by reason of absence of any one of 15 due to the witnesses, the court proceeded to the disclosure of the case (it was read three volumes of 44 .) Lawyer Alexander Rudnev Nezhinskii filed a motion for a number of non-evidence, in particular, the search protocol, as the thought that they were obtained in violation of the law, but the court has not authorized the request and scheduled the next meeting on 8 August 2011 . [50]
8 August 2011 the Novosibirsk district court first questioned the victim, who has come to a meeting in another city and on the testimony of which are largely based arguments the prosecution. [33] [51]
9 November 2011 the victim of the sect Ashram Shambala, for unknown reasons did not come to a meeting in Novosibirsk district court because of what the next meeting is scheduled for 29 November 2011 [11]
30 November 2011 at the regular meeting of the Novosibirsk regional court against the leader of the sect testified main witness, explain the circumstances of rape and reiterated his earlier testimony. [52]
[ edit ] Other facts

As a young man fond of K.Rudnev yoga and Eastern philosophy. In addition, a group popular books K.Kastanedy , V.Averyanova. [6]
In addition to books, "The way a fool," the leaders of used video and audio material, sets of "magical" items. In sect sold a large number of "magic items" - "Bells of happiness", "error-free writing pen," "pen recorders Shambala," "inconvertible coin", "magic comb", "Pencil Beauty", "pendulums for hunters." The price of "unchangeable penny" in the late 90s was 500 rubles per share. [6], [14]
The group is welcoming shouts of "Gyych Om!" And "Namaste". [14]
During sexual intercourse were adept in both the deep pleasure to make sounds, "A-A-A ',' O-O-O", "M-M-M ', which supposedly was supposed to mean an abbreviation similar to Aum ( ohms ). [14]
After being detained in 2004 Rudnev was sent to a medical examination , found mentally insane and sent for treatment in a psychiatric hospital , the Novosibirsk, where soon escaped. [10] [14]
On the employees retired FSB video materials Rudnev went completely naked on the floor and told his follower to hit his feet on various parts of the body, and to rub salt into an open wound back. [29]

Women in the sect, lured by promises to "liberate their latent sexual energy" and learn how to "seduce a partner." After payment of a sum of money, "Lakshmi" (as in the sect called "geisha") held a short course of lectures "about good and evil," and the "power of femininity" and the "emancipation of the chakras  . " As a final "test" the "school" women are invited to group sex  and intercourse with animals  , in the jargon of the sect called " tantra yoga  . " Those who best mastered " Tantra Yoga  "awaited trip to the Altai and the high-level meeting with the" priestess of the ashram, "Amrita and the eternal search for" fenugreek ". [16]
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on March 26, 2012, 08:35:59 am
Just a little update about the Romanian OC network involved in THB, MISA Yoga School.

One of the MISA websites, blog reported to be owned by MISA recruiter / groomer Aida Calin (according to her linkedin page it is owned by a woman called Mihaela Vasile) shows that MISA's MO is evolving to include many aspects that have worked successfully for Ashram Shambala.

This interests me as, while I think it most likely that the similarities regarding the MO of the networks are an example of convergent evolution, now that they are aware of each others activities we should expect that they will learn from each other and also, by studying this board, learn from other criminals.

So here is the website owned by Mihaela Vasile or by Aida Calin (obviously use a proxy to check it out)

So new items on the MISA THB recruitment menu include courses and workshops include:
(note translations from Romanian in English via google)

Munay Ki
Bucharest, March 23 to 25, 2012
This year marks two years since organizing this course. From our experiences on this course, you could say it is an experience that helps us to find more space in our souls, our lives daily, and allows us to offer much more easily around our gift of ourselves. And because they are precious things in our lives, we invite you to share again, blessing these rituals. Munay Ki rites (the word is Love and Power or "Be as you are!") are initiations that they received, since old, shamans in South America, known as Laika, the Keepers of the Earth.  It is a process in 9 steps to heal past wounds of childhood, the ancestral wounds, the genetic inheritance and karma that we were born into this life .

These initiations were brought into the modern world by Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and anthropologist who has studied for over 25 years of shamanic healing practices of Amazonian and Incas and was released widely in this extremely important period for the Earth. These rituals are transmitted energy and can help us heal and see who we become in the future, over thousands of years. We help you make the quantum leap from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous, to be free of all wounds and stories of our lives and we can step fully into our destiny. course benefits to such training are difficult to assess the mental level. But we want to remember some of the things that can help us in this course:

Flashing light body, to heal us, to age, to live and die in a different way
Learning the four levels of shamanic perception: the perception of physical (represented by the serpent), the mind and emotional perception (represented by the jaguar), the soul and sacred perception (represented by humming bird), the spiritual perception (represented by the eagle)
Getting out of personal stories, emotional wounds from identification with the ego, living in mind and the perpetuation of lack of power triangle aggressor-victim-savior of their life
Finding mission to
The new rituals that you will receive are: ritual healer, ritual power bands, ritual harmony, clairvoyant ritual, ritual keepers day ritual wisdom keepers, earth keepers ritual, ritual and ritual keepers Star Creator. After passing through these initiations, they are yours and you can send them to others, in the form that you (individually or as classes). Date: March 23 to 25, 2012 Schedule: Friday: 17 to 21, Saturday: 9.30 - 19, Sunday: 9.30 - 18 Location: Bucharest-Filaret Carol Park area (exact location will be announced to those enrolled) Price: 400 RON You will receive: course material, diploma, DVD explaining the rituals performed by Alberto Villoldo and his stone Pi for initiation. course content will be as follows: From the wisdom and teachings Laika shamans Munay Ki Rites: what is, as transmitted, the effects have all 9 Explanation of rituals and effective transfer their energy level trip to the Lower and Upper World Journey to retrieve forgotten aspects of ourselves course also includes other shamanic journey that helps us connect with deep energy and transforming our lives rites will be provided by Dan Marinas and Mihaela Vasile, founder of personal development sites and spiritual evolution: and manager Registration and details: This e-mail address is Being protected from spambots. You Need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0721465852 During the course, working on energy level. Therefore, please leave your mind and come home in your hearts ready to receive a special experience!

Sessions of shamanic energy medicine healing

For those of us who have forgotten that the world is a safe place, that the universe is on our side so we could walk in beauty every day of our lives, we invite you to shamanic healing sessions, at Aimee . ro. To remind us.

Healing during these sessions is instantaneous energy body, but effects require some time to settle in the mental body, emotional and physical body.

Because it is a journey beyond our rational mind, healing may take forms different from those to which the customer expects. Clearly, each client receives exactly what needs to receive at the time of his life.

At the end of the meeting will discuss working together on some issues that the customer will get to create new neurological pathways to step into a new personal travel map.

and Family Constellations
Roots and wings: family constellations workshop

Bucharest, March 17, 2012. and We invite you to experience the soul: family constellations workshop "Roots and wings" on 17 March.
Sometimes, life becomes much more complicated than we want. And however much we like, we feel powerless in our desire to change something. We feel without roots and do not dare to believe that we have wings. It is important to know, even though we are often captured suffering, that our soul knows no other way.

Family constellations method empowers us to get out of stories and perceptions that we create our lives and have access to true soul.

With force group, the language of the soul, the energy field that forms the inner movements and can step into a "vision cured" of life, our soul and the soul of the family we belong to, understanding that everything is as it should be and that healing comes from a place higher than we, that we have uninterrupted access. Thus, we have access to our roots and we can begin to feel as we grow wings with which to explore life.


Whether it's about relationship problems with others or with yourself, couple relations, organizational issues, recurring themes in our lives, illnesses or diseases or other things that bothers us, these problems are heightened by "tangles "Our family system, which stop the flow of the river of love to free, over generations.

Love that flows through a family system is in equilibrium as long as all members belonging to this system have an equal right to belong, beyond good, bad, right or wrong. But when one of the following events occurs (early death of parents or grandparents, miscarriages, abortions, child deaths, murders, tragic deaths and injuries, spontaneous loss of a partner, adoption, broken engagement or divorce, experiences of war, victims and aggressors, family secrets, individuals were excluded from family) many times, family members are silenced, are forgotten or are practically excluded from the family system, because of excessive pain or love turned into hatred and resentment. The family will never forget but one and often, younger members of the system imbalances will manifest in their lives occurred in previous generations.


Most of our problems come from our involvement in the affairs of others and the destiny of others. When we look at a family, we often see people who are tied to the destiny of other people in the system, whose burden it carries through life, with great loyalty and love them as personal burdens.


With family constellations, reach a place of deep soul, from which we can see that everything is a manifestation of love and that honoring, accepting and including, become free. The ancestral healing work that happens in family constellations, move beyond individuality and went into a healing process that can achieve many generations past, present and future.


The workshop will be held by Mihaela Vasile, founder of the site for personal development and spiritual growth: and manager.

Date: March 17, 2012 Schedule: Saturday: 10-18,  Location: Bucharest-Filaret Carol Park area (exact location will be announced to those enrolled) Price: 150 RON

To my knowledge Ashram Shambala does not use Munay Ki, however they are big on "shamanism" and also, like many pseudo-tantric cults, many of their agents and recruiters use Family Constellations.

My understanding of Family Constellations (FC) is that it is a form of group and individual therapy in which people are invited to create a dynamic map of their familial and ancestral history and dynamics in order to explore the unconscious effect that family systems have on the individual, thus ultimately liberating individuals from unconscious "scripts" and dysfunctional behaviour.

I understand that history does repeat itself and that many people are influenced by unconscious ancestral and familial dynamics. I do not think that it is necessarily a bad thing to explore these dynamics.  

However the use of FC by cults and criminals seems to be widespread and it seems to me that the idea of liberating yourself from unwanted, dysfunctional, unconscious influences can very easily be used as a way of separating people from their families and from their families influences.  I  suspect that it is just another way in which something that may be helpful in some situations, providing that the practitioner is a decent, honest, caring person, who has the best interests of the client in mind, can be used to brainwash and influence people in a destructive way if the practitioner has a hidden agenda.

One way in which the criminals and newage cults give themselves away in this respect is their emphasis on selfishness.  Typically recruiters will ask women to think about when they last took time and money for themselves.  They will invite women to think that they are their own worst enemy for spending so much time caring for their families when what they really want to do is to have lots of sex with different people and learn how to be an erotic dancer.  The cults propose that women who work hard and spend lots of time with their children are just boring, tired, washed up women who need to "open up" to their "authentic selves".  This "authentic self" is actually - at least by the time the cults have finished brainwashing them) - a hyper-sexualised, manic, selfish, deluded woman who will abandon her children and family at the drop of a hat.

The scary thing is that so many women buy into it.  


r the ownership of the site it may be Aida Calin or it may be Mihaela Vasilescu (the latter being listed as the director in her linkedin profile)

Aida Calin

Mihaela Vasilescu

If you check Calin's FB page they are friends and have many mutual MISA friends
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on March 27, 2012, 10:47:50 am
Just sharing a few thoughts re organised criminal cultic networks (OCCNs) involved in THB, specifically some thoughts re grooming and recruitment of victims.

You are likely to discover recruiters in any situation or environment in which people's usual defences are lowered and when are more open to social and physical contact than in most social situations.

Examples that have come to my attention recently are as follows:

cuddle parties - promoted via the meetup social networking website and facebook.  While these events claim to offer (and undoubtedly do offer) an opportunity for people to get lots of hugs, they also provide THB recruiters with all kinds of opportunities to test the boundaries of potential victims and also to access people whose boundaries may be a bit shaky for whatever reason.   IME most people running cuddle workshops are part of the polyamory scene or the "tantric" scene or both.

speed dating events - again organised via the meetup social networking site and of course facebook.  

Large Group Awareness Traning (LGAT) events and workshops in which a high level of physical / sensual touch is encouraged - there are a number of different businesses operating in various territories internationally that run these kind of events.  The one that first came to my attention is the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) but there are others and this issue needs its own thread.    Thread on HAI at the Rick Ross forum here,57543,101388,page=6  .  There is a significant category of people involved in HAI and similar groups who are also involved in OCCNs whose business is THB.

Free hugs events - Free hugs events have been used by MISA and by the notorious Children of God (aka The Family aka The Family International) as ways of recruiting new members.

Learn to massage events and massage swaps - widely used by THB recruiters

Contact improvisation events - just check out youtube videos for contact improvisation to see why THB recruiters would want a piece of this.  

"ecstatic" dance - One of the most widely used methods of grooming and recruitment.  These events encourage people to express themselves through improvised dance.  I have been to a couple of these events and I found that there was a high tolerance of predatory, invasive males, (possibly due to a shared belief in "live and let live", but to a ridiculous degree?).  Males who I moved away from seemed sulky and moody, one was persistent to the point of being stalkerish but nobody from the organisers intervened.  I know other females who have been assaulted and groped at these events.  Perhaps the most widespread event of this kind is 5Rhythms founded by Gabrielle Roth.  I am not certain about the connection between Roth and THB networks but her FB friends list is full of people involved in OCCNs and THB, including "Baba" Dez Nichols, Amara Charles, Charles Muir, Crystal Dawn Morris, Deborah Anapol, Jade Lotus Tantra US, Jaiya Ma, Kamala Devi, Moses Ma, Mukee Okanand many others.  It may simply be that Roth is not involved herself but that the THB networks like 5Rhythms and "friend" her on FB.  Other models of contact improvisation and "ecstatic" dance that THB networks use include Biodanza (a favourite of Osho followers), Danza Synergia (developed by Ashram Shambala) and Nia Technique aka Nia dance dance.  An amusing and (IMO) fairly accurate depiction of one of these events can be viewed in this clip from the comedy series Peep Show:

edited to add - naturist (nude) yoga.  No big surprises here but MISA is running nude yoga classes in some territories and individual "sacred sexual healers" whose allegiances are not yet clear to me are also running such events.

Just for clarification - I am NOT saying that all of the events on the above categories are run by THB recruiters.  What is true IME is that some of the above events are run by recruiters and many of them, regardless of who is running them, attract recruiters.  A thorough analysis of data from social networking websites will demonstrate the connections.

I have not posted link here because I do not want to advertise the relevant events but I can provide supporting links to the mods.  

Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on April 01, 2012, 12:51:57 pm
I have mentioned many times here that various OCCNs involved in THB and other serious OC are prioritising the recruitment of mental health professionals and I just wanted to share an example of this.

I was checking out the website of Reena Desai, a recruiter for Ashram Shambala, and in the "testimonials" page was this comment:

I have been studying with Reena and her teachers. As a psychotherapist and coach, I have found the processes powerful and transformational accelerating shifts both in myself and in my clients. In particular, I recommend studying Aharaj Yoga, which I have found to create shifts on a cellular level, accompanied by results in one’s outer life. Whether it is cultivating the power to create such shifts or opening up to the divine feminine within, check out a workshop with Reena – a refreshing approach to be found here!
Greta Hassel, MFT

source: (scroll down)

So basically this psychotherapist and coach Greta Hassel is endorsing not only Reena Desai but her "teachers" at "Aharaj Yoga" (an Ashram Shambala "front").

I thought that I recognised the name from somewhere and I checked out her website and her about me page includes the following text:

 "Greta Hassel, MFT, has over 20 years of professional therapy experience, and is committed to empowering you to overcome difficult challenges.  She approaches her work by listening to the images of the soul whereby symptoms, previously deemed problems, become transformed into messengers. These messengers reveal the inner world within, and then when polished, can at last reveal the buried jewels within.
      Her theoretical orientation combines object relations -- the foundation for the development, stability and flexibility of the self -- with transpersonal psychology, which looks to saints, artists and great heroes and heroines for models of the growth-aligned nature of the human psyche. In this way, she seeks the development of the whole person -- the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, body-mind, social, sexual and creative aspect of each individual. 
        She is President of Essence, Inc. which explores the role of the personality as a translucent window to the Divine Life within. Training includes the Enneagram, (Russ Hudson), Rumi and Hafiz’s poetry, Kabbalah,  Joseph Campbell, Wisdom traditions in East and West, and Sacred sexuality.
        Greta sees clients in her private practice in Santa Monica.


  Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA.

       M. A. School of Psychology, June 1988.

       M. Div. School of Theology, September 1989.

  Salem College, Winston-Salem, N.C.

       B.A. Religion.  1980.


       State of California, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC28466, 1991.


  Passages Addiction Cure Center, Malibu, CA.       

       MFT Therapist treating relational and biological aspect of dependency.  2005-2009.

       MFT Aftercare Therapist for Passages Addiction Cure Center.  2009 to present.

  The La Vie Counseling Center, Pasadena, California:

        Director of Clinical Training.   1993-2005.

  Professional Advancement Success Systems, L.A.

        State-Wide Trainer.  Small Group Intensive Training Seminars and Workshops for MFT Oral Exam.  1991-2004.


   California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

   Rotary Club of Pasadena

   Chamber of Commerce, Pasadena


   Theories of study include contemporary psychotherapy (Object relations, Althea Horner), Inter-subjectivity and self-psychology (Bob Stolorow, Daphne Stolorow, Mark Baker), Infant research, which include attachment styles effect on adult development (Connie Lillas), and Interpersonal Neurobiology (Allan Schore, Dan Siegal, BonnieBadenoch, Candace  Pert).  This developmental orientation lays the foundation for the stability and resulting flexibility of the self combined with transpersonal or psycho-spiritual approaches to transformation.

   First For Women, Marriage SOS, Magazine, August, 2010
   PASS, "Object Relations Therapy for the MFT Exam", 1993.
   Perspective Magazine, "The Beauty and the Beast", 1998.


   "Heart Centered Communication:  From Breakdown to Breakthrough"
   "Sacred Rites of Passage:  From Wound to Wonder"  the story of how the one grain of sand becomes the white pearl of transformation.
   "The Golden Compass:  Chart Your Course to the Hidden Treasure That Wants to be Found"   
   "The Essence of Love:  A Map of the Journey from Attraction to Ecstasy"

This interests me as it demonstrates that Ms Hassel's psychotherapy practise is a combination of orthodox methods and newage methods, which is fairly typical for therapists who are involved with THB networks IME).

Greta Hassel's FB page is here

Her friend list is set to private, however I was familiar with her name popping up on the FB friends lists of various criminals, pimps and predators involved in the sex industry and in THB, so I checked out some names and surely enough Greta Hassel is FB friends with

Anastasia Tantrika - Owner and Founder at London Tantric Temple (newage brothel)
Charles Muir - pioneer of creepy pseudo-tanric cults that exploit women. Apparently he invented "sacred spot" massage. 
Crystal Dawn Morris - teacher at the Phoenix Goddess Temple (newage brothel)
Jaiya Ma - "sacred sexual healer" and producer of pseudo-tantric pornography
Joseph Kramer - pioneer of "sexological bodywork" (sexual massage to recover repressed memories and heal trauma)
Moses Ma - owner of various pseudo-tantric online business with close connections to the Phoenix Goddess and Sedona "temples"

I have only listed a few of the "friends" but there are load of other people involved in the sex industry who are Ms Hassel's friends.

I just wanted to share my concerns about the seriousness of the situation.  Greta Hassel is one of many psychotherapists whose enthusiasm for cultic criminal networks will inevitably endanger vulnerable people.

I have to be honest and say that, having monitored the spread of these groups over time, IMO the situation is fairly out of control.  The rate of spread of these networks is now happening at such a fast rate that the outlook is extremely bleak unless something is done very soon.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on April 22, 2012, 07:36:54 pm
Interesting development in the Czech Republic

This weekend the Organised Criminal Cultic Network (OCCN) MISA Yoga School held a "tantra festival" at Hotel Atlantis
Rozdrojovice 177, 664 34, Brno-Country

This is an interesting development as their guest presenters include

Denise and Richard Pale?ková Vojík (Tantraworld)
Since 2003, courses in personal development and comprehensive training of tantra massage. Certification in sexological bodywork IASHS (Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) in the U.S.. It also operates Tantra Spa Prague - space for holistic massage, energy work, individual learning and personal development. Besides the Czech Republic led courses in England, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and other countries. More:

IMO a dodgy couple with links to various Osho based "tantra" groups, "tantric temples" (brothels) and to the DTMMS via John Hawken

Gabriela ?ímská (SkyDancing Tantra)
Tantra is dedicated studying intensively over 8 years and is the closest collaborator and assistant John Hawken in Bohemia. Tantra sees as a very strong way of transformation and personal growth: a way to recognize and dissolve all the anti-life formula, which entails (fear, shame, pain, repressed emotions) and grow to love, power, pleasure, towards inner happiness and fulfillment. More:

John Hawken's partner.  Hawken's training is influenced by Margot Anand (Osho background) and the DTMMS

Paul Hlavinka (Poetrie)
He studied philosophy, psychology and political science at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University. He lectures on humanistic psychology, introduction to oriental doctrines of Arts Medicine, Ethics and European political thought. It deals with alternative New Age spirituality, yoga, astrology and Tarot. Since 1998, student of Jaroslav Dobes. More:

Poetrie is the "tantra school" run by  Jaroslav Dobeš who the Czech Police are seeking to prosecute on charges relating to human trafficking - thread here

Manguri and Henriette (Tantra Institute)

Manguri since 1998 engaged in practice tantra, experience gained in the Osho Commune in Poona, Sky Dancing Institute in Munich, at the Institute for Gestalt therapy and as an assistant and a student of John Hawken during his education in the country. Henrieta also completed a training Sky Dancing Tantra Tantra Tantra and other courses at John Hawken. He is teaching tantric massage with Mangurim. More:

so more people with Matrgot Anand (Osho) and John Hawken connections

Zita Žurková – Ma Prem Jwala (Mohendžodáro)

Despite four years of intensive study deals with Osho meditations and tantrajógy led by Monica Si?ová, Igor himself, John Hawken and Alan Lowen. As a certified trainer led courses tantric yoga - Mohendžodáro. He loves women and their transformations, as well as meet in groups of women. More:

A long time ago I took a look at the business run by Monica Si?ová and "Igor" and there were indications that some of their activities (shaman's tea style "magickal elixirs", Castaneda influenced ritual exercises that appeared identical Aharata exercises to and a few other things) that suggested that some *cough* Russian connections.  However it simply could be a case of convergent evolution of MOs of just appropriation of already appropriated and perverted practices.  Whatever their connections these people are clearly involved in abusive and dangerous practices. 

There are other presenters also. More here (use a proxy)

Further guests on the next page include

Galia Linkovová

Galia is an instructor of yoga and tantra courses Resonance Association. He is paired Latino dance and coordinator of "Shakti group" aimed at awakening femininity. He is also co-founder of Tantric massage parlor Lakshmi, who for five years contributes to the spread of authentic tantra tantric massage by men, women and couples. More:

Basically the above blurb properly translated means that Galia Linkovová is a MISA agent involved in grooming and recruitment of young women for the purposes of sex trafficking.  Please note that the link to her website is to a "tantric massage parlour" where the masseuses "spread the message of authentic tantra"  - in other works a newage brothel where brainwashed THB victims sell sex and recruit new victims.

So, in conclusion, a "yoga school" at the centre of a huge human trafficking trial in Romania is organising a conference in the Czech Republic alongside several of John Hawkin's associates and also a representative from Poetrie - a Czech "tantric school" that, according to Czech cops, is involved in human trafficking- and even possibly some associates of the Russians (if not them some other people with an eerily similar MO).

I just think it's interesting how the different large networks, smaller OC groups and individual entrepreneurs get together for these type of events.  It would be very interesting to know what kinds of alliances are being made, who is taking over whose business etc. 
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on April 26, 2012, 09:24:16 am
Just a few more thoughts about the kinds of workshops and events where THB recruiters are likely to turn up.

For some time now I have been noticing that many "sacred sexual healers" use "sound healing" as part of their repertoire of "therapeutic techniques".

One that frequently pops up is called Para-Tan Sound Healing, run by a man called Shri Param Eswaran who is definitely worthy of further investigation by law enforcement IMO.  Apart from his various workshops and trainings in "sound healing" that are openly advertised for sex workers, he runs a "living Goddess Project" in which little girls aged between 3 - 6 years who have (according to him) been neglected in orphanages are instead taken to his project to live for the next 10 years, where they are training in the ancient traditions of "living goddesses".

C&P from his website here
Tantric Goddess Network

Send your donation today to help our Little Goddess

IFC-Mahavidya English Medium School

Father of Para-Tan and Master the Living Goddess Tradition, and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India

Shri Param Eswaran's primary purpose for incarnating at this time of the Kali Yuga is to educated young girls and women in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and practice of the Goddess, nurturing and supporting them to develop their inner divinity and reclaim the Living Goddess Tradition. It is written in ancient text that this time in the Kali Yuga, when the world is in desperate need of the Divine Mother’s Love, Grace, and Compassion, a new generation of Mothers will be born, bringing with them the divine attributes of woman’s true power: Love, Compassion, Grace, Nurturing, Softness, Creativity, and Steadfastness.  Shri Param Eswaran has been given the honorable task by the Divine Mother Herself to create a safe, loving environment for the next generation of Mothers to gain the tools and confidence to bless their communities with the Grace and Love of the Divine Mother, as living Goddesses. For when a Mother is divine the home is heaven. When she is not, all hell breaks loose!

For scores of centuries Tamil Nadu in Southern India has maintained and preserved the rich heritage of the planet’s very oldest, continually practiced Goddess Tradition. In this dark age of the Kali Yuga, the cultural and spiritual traditions are disappearing to be replaced with morally debased movies and television programs, violent and sexually explicit imagery in the media and loud, abrasive, lyrics in disquieting music. Where once Tamil Nadu was proud to have nurtured an environment where spirituality and the love of the Universal Mother were evident especially in their film tradition, it is not so today. The long, poisonous arm of progress and consumer driven westernization is making its destructive mark even in Tamil Nadu.

With changing priorities and the increasing speed of life, the rich heritage of India’s Ancient Traditions are not the only things being discarded and left by the wayside. Our children have been forgotten and in India, where poor families prefer boys, hundreds of thousands of girls, the Mothers of the next generation are being disposed of in orphanages across India. The conditions of these government run institutions are shockingly poor and the spirit of these little mothers is broken before they even have a chance. They are orphans and treated as one, not being exposed to all the rich culture that Tamil Nadu has to offer. They are considered and treated as sub-human; therefore they do not get chances.

In the name of the Divine Mother and with the blessing of Her Grace, Shri Param is offering them a chance. He is currently adding to his center on the outskirts of Killankulum, a small village in rural Tamil Nadu, to make room for ten little orphan girls. It is his mission to preserved the rich spiritual and cultural tradition of India and provide a nurturing, loving, encouraging environment where these orphan girls receive the benefit of learning the Ancient Fine Arts of Sangeethum, Bharatanatyam and being raised with the wisdom of Ayurveda and Ahimsa. As a new generation of divine mothers raised within the living goddess tradition, they will become role models for women in India and around the world.

Sangeethum or Sugama Sangeetha is alternately called light music, and is a semi-classical form of India music. It is the finest of the fine arts and helps to develop the voice for more effective vocalization and resonance in the pronunciation of mantras. Recitation of mantras helps one increase tone quality of inner subtle vibrations along the nadi system. Sangeetha was mystically gifted to humanity by Lord Shiva himself as an art form to tune one’s inner sounds with the sounds of the universe, thus balancing the body’s vibrations.

Bharatanatyam is a sacred dance form described as “sheer poetry in motion”. This 2000 years classical Indian dance traces it’s origins to the document called the Natyasastra, considered to be the fifth of the Vedas, recorded by the saint Bharatha Bharatanatyam is characterized by the unhindered flow of bhava (emotion), raga (melody), and tala (rhythm). The rigorous discipline needed to develop in this fine art form is ideal in building character and personal codes of conduct that will take the girls far in life.

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word for non-violence. Although it is rarely spoken about today, it is a part of India’s heritage, made known to the world by Gandhi’s famous effort in the 1940’s. The Para-Tan lifestyle is steeped in the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, which harmoniously align one’s internal cycles with the natural rhythms of life. Ayurveda is India’s oldest form of healing and medicine, yet it too is disappearing to be replaced with the destructive forces of western Allopathic medicine which cause chaos in the mind, body and spirit. Ayurvedic knowledge guides us to live in balance with nature and nurture our mind body and spirit. Thus these girls will grow up with a non-violent, life affirming healing tradition that is their birth right.

In addition to being regularly exposed to the benefits of their rich traditional heritage, these girls apart from learning Tamil, will also learn English and Hindi. Most schools in Tamil Nadu first and foremost teach Tamil. Due to the ignorance of the government and their political interest in gaining leverage for themselves and their elite communities, the unfortunate result is that children in Tamil Nadu are not given the opportunity to learn Hindi, the National language. Although they have written and spoken English classes in all government schools, most teachers do not even speak the language. These are referred to as Tamil Medium Schools. The title of English Medium School indicates that English is the main language used and taught. Although Tamil is a classical language rich in its expression, without speaking the national language or English, these orphan girls and hundreds of thousands of children must resign themselves to live and work within Tami Nadu, and not enjoy the full benefit of being an India. The orphan girls at IFC’s Mahavidya English Medium School will learn English and also Hindi, apart from Tamil, so they will have the choice to gain employment outside of Tamil Nadu in India, or abroad. This is a privilege generally available only to middle class children.

Shri Param and  Sri Devanayagi’s goal is to accept Little Goddesses between the age of three and six to live at the center every year for the next ten years. At this young age it will be easiest for them to adapt to changes in their environment and accept new opportunities. With donated funds and the fees he receives from his students when conducting Para-Tan –Healing-Circles and workshops abroad and at the IFC center in India, Shri Param will expand the property by adding one more classroom each year. As of July 2007 we have room for the 10 children, and a class room due to a generous donation of Aernout Kruijswijk from The Netherlands. When I return to India in October my donations will furnish the classroom.. This will establish a full English Medium School. Once this is in place the second phase will begin.

After the English Medium School is established our intention is to further expand it into a Teacher Training College for Indian students. This provides more opportunity and benefit for the young generations. Once the youngest girls have been educated and grown through the years of the expansion of the English Medium School, they will be ready to be trained as teachers, to teach and nurture the next younger generation of orphan girls aka Goddesses in training. At the very least this will provide precious opportunity for the young goddesses to be trained as teachers and qualified for highly sought after well-paying positions for which speaking Hindi and English are pre-requisites. Furthermore, in today’s world computer skills are mandatory for one to advance in education and in the work force. Thus computer skills will also be taught. Should any of the young women wish to teach at the Teacher Training College, further education will be available to them due to their early training and education with us.

When Shri Param first settled on the outskirts of Killankulum in 2003, he did so with the intention of helping empower the youngsters of the next generation by educating them to grow and better themselves and therefore be better equipped to make a difference in their communities and someday pass on their education-born privileges to their own children. However, after four years of spending countless hours, rupees, and resources educating, clothing, feeding, and exposing local village children to the many options available, he noticed a re-occurring pattern preventing them from truly receiving the benefit of all that he and his divine wife Devanayagi provide and share with them. The local children have families in the nearby village and inevitably feel their true home is with their families in the village. The un-hygienic practices and collective thinking of village life prevent the children at IFC from making changes necessary to make themselves eligible for opportunities outside of the limited options available to people of their tribe and caste. Shri Param’s conclusion is: In order for the children to receive the most benefit at IFC, they must make IFC their true home and sever old ways of thinking and behaving. This gives space for them to develop and embrace new, empowering behavior and thinking, really receive the support available and make strides ahead in intellectual and spiritual growth.

When Shri Param’s divine wife Devanayagi gave birth to their little goddess Yogeswari, they were inspired to further expand their family by adopting orphan girls. Both Shri Param and Devanayagi (nursing sister) are accustomed to western standards of hygiene and education. The orphan girls will not only provide big sister playmates for Yogeswari, but they are assured to receive high quality care set by the standard Shri Param and Devanayagi hold for their baby goddess. As Shri Param’s Para-Tan Teachings are truly about Women as living goddesses, and divine Mothers, between him, Devanayagi, Yogeswari, his Para-Tan students and the extended village family, the orphan girls are guaranteed a loving family environment.

The nature of Para-Tan is to awaken and activate the Divine Feminine within, whose primary qualities are: LOVE, GRACE, and COMPASSION. The nature of love is expansive, giving, and sharing, therefore the more love we give, the more we benefit. As a living embodiment of the Mother’s Divine Love, Shri Param teaches that each of us are like artists. We use others as canvases to express the art of our love, not waiting around to be thanked or appreciated. With so much love to share, these orphan girls will benefit from receiving and learning the true arts of love. The Teachings of Para Tan reveal that it is spiritually enriching and advantageous to embrace the opportunity of sharing love with others, especially children who need to be loved and nurtured.

Creating an environment where future generations of Mothers may be loved, nurtured and supported in the growth process of embodying their true power as women, Divine Mothers, is a tremendous honor. It is places like this that must take root around the world to bring the planet’s energy back into alignment with the Love, Nurturing and Compassion of the Divine Feminine.

Please consider making a contribution to this effort and add your shoulder to the wheel that will turn the tide of the future from bleak to hopeful. Donating to a charity such as this is much more than just a tax-write-off! By adding your valuable dollars or Euros you make hope available to these little mothers and to the future of Earth. This is a unique opportunity for individuals or businesses to make contributions and share in the blessing of making this vision a reality.

Currently the primary financing for all IFC-Mahavidya project comes directly from Shri Param, who uses funds raised by his Teaching of Para-Tan. The benefit of those who attend Healing Circles, workshops, and/or undergo Tantric Teacher Training goes not only to them as individuals, but places opportunity directly into the lives of those who would otherwise receive less than nothing.

With the blessings and Divine Grace of the Mother, and our hard work and persistence, IFC-Mahavidya Girls Orphanage and English Medium School will become an example of the rich Tamil culture and heritage. It will be a desperately needed model where the generosity of others provides the opportunity for underprivileged girls, and a place sacred to the Goddess, where a new generation of Mothers are created. The girls will possess all the fine arts and Grace a Mother needs to nurture her children. The Divine Mother blessed the human race with all the tools to live in harmony and balance with ourselves, each other, and the environment. It is up to each of us to use them!

Our vision at IFC is to use these tools to empower little girls so they may bud and bloom into beautiful lotuses and powerful women as embodiments of the Divine Love, Grace, and Compassion. Girls are the most unwanted children in India. In a world losing touch with true feminine power, we are calling upon the grace and goodness in each of you to make this utopia a living reality. Let us turn the tide together and create a nurturing environment to create the next generation of Mothers. We are providing the tools. It’s up to you to help us apply them. We are all born from the womb of the Goddess and it is in Her arms we are cradled upon our deathbed and into her (Mother Earth’s) womb we return upon our final transition in this body. Please review the options below and contact us today to help us gain momentum in changing the tides of despair to a new age of true feminine empowerment.

• Learn your true life purpose and be guided to reclaim your inner divinity by Shri Param. Come to IFC-Mahavidya in Tamil Nadu for a six month Teacher Training, change your life and give orphan girls a chance.

• Be a bright light in your own community! Organize Para-Tan-Sound-Healing workshops in your area. Host Shri Param so he may conduct Para-Tan-Sound-Healing-Circles where profoundly deep healing is available to all participants.

• Make a monthly donation for expanding IFC-Mahavidya facilities to make room for and provide the chance of many lifetimes for more orphan girls.

• Be a guardian angel for one special girl of your choice and assure her development by making regular monthly or annual donations.

• Collect and gather toys, clothes, books etc., which you think will assist the girls in expanding horizons and supporting their growth.

• Volunteer your time and join us in India for a spell, to work with the girls yourself.

• Use your network of friends and relatives and spread the word about IFC-Mahavidya Girls Orphanage and English Medium School. Share the options to support this endeavor with them.

We look forward to working with you!

Tantra Goddess and The Living Goddess Tradition

"Worshiping the Living Goddess, which is a unique interaction between the worshiper and the worshiped - as was practiced before this Kali Age - is brought to you by the Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess tradition; and founder of the Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India: Shri Param Eswaran – In India and Malaysia."

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today


I find this extremely concerning. 

Shri Param Eswaran has many "tantric" sex workers as friends, many of them praise him on their websites, and I do not like this connection between the pseudo-spiritual sex industry and "living goddess training" for little girls one bit. 

Anyway, enough of him, someone else shall have to deal with that, it is too much for me.

It has come to my attention that many sound healers and music therapists are involved with pseudo-tantric cults.  Anything to do with voice healing, gong baths and drumming and percussion workshops seems to be especially connected.

I think it very likely that part of the connection is hyperventilating and breathwork.  Playing drums for hours on end, chanting for extended periods and any kind of demanding exercise will change breathing patterns and affect the oxygen supply to the brain.   Many of these voice-work and sound healing workshops combine exercise, chanting and demanding exercise combined with rhythmic drumming or chanting and I suspect that this is what leaves people feeling "open" and vulnerable to manipulation. 

I don't think that sound healing is necessarily a bad thing, it might be a wonderful things for some people.  I think it is probably one of those situations in which the open and expansive feeling that people get from these exercises could be used for self development or for abuse and manipulation, depending on the agenda of the teacher.

The gong baths thing interests me.  I am not really sure what is happening there except that some of the people running gong baths and healing gong workshops are involved in 3Ho and its various subsidiary organisations.  3Ho has an inglorious history of senior members being involved in large scale drug trafficking, investment frauds and attempting to by rocket launchers and sub-machine guns from federal agents.  I do not know of any such activities happening currently but I have noticed that some 3Ho people, some apparently very senior, some no so much, are involved in the sex industry and even working as recruiters for THB networks. 

Anyway, not sure what it all means I just wanted to share a few thoughts.   
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: MsWilma on April 26, 2012, 10:31:04 am
Hi there Nemesis, thought I'd drop in and differentiate for you (and anyone who is reading about sound healing) between sound healing, and music therapy.
I'm a registered music therapist here in Australia.  :)

Music therapy is an international allied health practise. We apply music interventions in clinical settings, according to evidence based research.
We often work with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists, as part of an interdisciplinary team.

In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest and collaboration between music therapists and neuropsychologists. This work relates to music's role in areas such as improving patients speech following an acquired brain injury and reducing agitation in elderly clients with dementia.

Examples of typical music therapy interventions would be: providing sensory stimulation for students with autism; working with pediatricians to find ways to reduce pain for hospitalised children, or holding a sing along in a nursing home to enhance reminiscence for aged residents.

In Australia, the USA and the UK, all music therapists are required to have completed a university degree (in Australia a Masters degree is now required). We are required to take part in ongoing professional development. Music therapists are as answerable to the ethics boards of their own countries as any other allied health practioner. Because we are a relatively small profession, it would not be easy to fly under the radar with inappropriate practises.

Psychodynamic music therapy, in Australia at least, requires an additional four years of training at university level.

It is true that any musical activity will take a person into a state of 'musical entrainment' with others listening, playing or moving to the same music. Look at footage of any big music concert and you'll see hundreds/thousands of people entering this state.

As a leading Australian music therapist recently wrote, "Music isnt 'magic'". It cant cure you. It cant hypnotise you. It cant make you do things you would never do. I suspect that in the instances you have highlighted, music is being used as one of a series of strategies to manipulate. that aint music therapy
Music can enhance your life- as we all know! There are exciting ways it can be used to optimise your health and wellbeing, and reduce agitation, anxiety and pain, which is why in Australia most major hospitals, special education schools and nursing homes now employ a music therapy team. There is also a direct correlation between academic prowess and music education in primary schools (more schools should have great music programs!)

I cant comment on the use of gongs and chanting in sound healing, because it's far removed from music therapy!
If anyone comes across a gong ringing sound healer who is calling themselves a 'music therapist', ask them who they're registered with.
Title: Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
Post by: nemesis on May 23, 2012, 10:51:47 am
Thank you for your considered and important post MsWilma

You are quite right to point out the difference between "sound healers" and "music therapists" and this difference is massively important.

Here in the UK there are a number of professions that have protected titles, in relation to the arts they are;
• Art psychotherapist
• Art therapist
• Dramatherapist
• Music therapist

In relation to psychology they are:
Practitioner psychologist
• Registered psychologist
• Clinical psychologist
• Counselling psychologist
• Educational psychologist
• Forensic psychologist
• Health psychologist
• Occupational psychologist
• Sport and exercise psychologist

C&Pd from the HPC website here

After reading your post I took a lot of time to think about this and to check out the situation re sound healers and it seems that the main difference between music therapists and sound / voice healers is that sound / voice healers have either no qualifications or dubious qualifications in terms of the psychotherapeutic element of their work whereas music therapists are properly trained and qualified.  

Of course some sound healers may be great people, they may have natural, instinctive skills, but they are not the same thing as music therapists as you correctly point out.  Also, should a client wish to complain about a a therapist or psychologist they can complain to the HPC who will deal with the complaint - which is not the case with sound healers who have no official regulating body.

I included the term "music therapist" in my post because many of the practitioners claiming to be able to heal by sound / voice who are involved with OC networks whose business is THB advocate the therapeutic effects of music, but this is not the same as being a music therapist.   In fact I discovered many sound / voice healers who are involved with dodgy / criminal networks but not one of them called themselves a music therapist and I should not have included that term in my post - so please accept my apologies for that.

I have discovered that there are hardly any* HPC registered professionals who are involved with dodgy cults involved in the sex industry and THB, whereas there are very many psychotherapists - some UKCP accredited and some completely uncredited - who are.  

It is also very apparent that many of the high profile psychotherapists involved in campaigning against proposals that psychotherapists should be registered with the HPC are involved with pseudo-shamanism, pseudo-tantric cults and dodgy neo-Reichain "bodywork".

The whole issue is I think incredibly important and suggests, to me at least, that there is an urgent need for greater public protection, probably via the statutory registration of psychotherapists.  

* I so far have found 2 arts therapists, which, compared to UKCP accredited therapists is definitely "hardly any"
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Post by: nemesis on May 31, 2012, 01:50:08 pm
A bizarre Franklin Mint style video from the people who put the "harm" into "harmonious development" here

I would very much appreciate an approximate translation from any Spanish speakers.  


also some further "front" names

"Space of Love"
"Love Space"
"Raja World Yoga Association"

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Post by: MsWilma on June 01, 2012, 02:52:55 pm
Hi Nemesis, this topic is related to this thread, but could deserve a thread of its own. It would be useful for people new to this board to be able to have a picture of how genuine practitioners in therapy related fields are trained and registered by the appropriate boards in their respective countries. It would also be useful for people to know that this means that clients of these practitioners are protected by ethics standards and grievance procedures.

Here in the UK there are a number of professions that have protected titles, in relation to the arts they are;
• Art psychotherapist
• Art therapist
• Dramatherapist
• Music therapist

In relation to psychology they are:
Practitioner psychologist
• Registered psychologist
• Clinical psychologist
• Counselling psychologist
• Educational psychologist
• Forensic psychologist
• Health psychologist
• Occupational psychologist
• Sport and exercise psychologist

C&Pd from the HPC website here

After reading your post I took a lot of time to think about this and to check out the situation re sound healers and it seems that the main difference between music therapists and sound / voice healers is that sound / voice healers have either no qualifications or dubious qualifications in terms of the psychotherapeutic element of their work whereas music therapists are properly trained and qualified. 

I have discovered that there are hardly any* HPC registered professionals who are involved with dodgy cults involved in the sex industry and THB, whereas there are very many psychotherapists - some UKCP accredited and some completely uncredited - who are. 

The whole issue is I think incredibly important and suggests, to me at least, that there is an urgent need for greater public protection, probably via the statutory registration of psychotherapists. 

You write that ' the main difference between music therapists and sound healers have either no qualifications or dubious qualifications in terms of the psychotherapeutic element of their work...'
I would say that one of main differences between the two is the way in which they represent music to prospective clients.
Most of the blurbs I've read for sound healing sessions present the 'healers' work in quasi spiritual terms and seem to imply that the sound healer is able to impart a spiritual/energetic healing through their music powers. (maybe they can...there's some amazing stuff out there...)

Music therapists dont present their work in this fashion. We've worked for some decades to be recognized as an evidence based allied health practice. It's a completely different role. It's less personality based, and calls for a more pragmatic and scientific relationship to music. Its also more focused on the clients relationship to music and what that process might be.

As I mentioned, this may be pulling this thread off topic. It might be sensible to open a thread somewhere, say in etcetera where your HPC website and other links from other countries could be listed? Just an idea...

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Post by: nemesis on June 03, 2012, 08:07:28 am
PM sent :)
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Post by: Miguel on June 10, 2012, 02:01:24 am
Hi all,

I unfortunately met in person two of the people of Ashram Shambala or Altai or Aharata in Spain (Southeurope), just one seminar and I realized soon that something went really bad with that people. The worst part is that some of my female friends took several seminars with them. At the beggining they were very excited about learning "femenine energies" or "the ways of the godesses", that kind of crap they use to capture their female victims. Fortunately, all of them are aware about who this people truly are now and they are completely out of touch with them.

The female recruiter acting in several cities of Spain during 2011 (I don´t know about her now) was called Laxshmi Natyam (actually, her real name is Laura Peralta Beltrán), a mexican girl about 28 years old forced to abandon her family in Mexico by the sect (as she herself told to my friends). She contacted my friends by her website (only in spanish). Here, you find that she changed her name and now she is known as “Lalita Devda”. She acted as a dancer (she as a dancer teacher in Mexico here)

and “teached” femenine magic ways in her "seminars". This is her website operting in Spain:

And here is her facebook site as her new name, and her contacts:

It seems that another woman has join her as a recruiter in Madrid, as Ana Olivares appears now as a contact in Spain (in Laxshmi website) whereas Laura Peralta seems to have returned to Mexico.

They were trying to start one of their "schools" in Spain in 2011, but they were soon known as a sect by several pleople so I truly hope that they cannot be able to start one “school” here.

This is another website working in Spain and connected with these people:

The other person my friends met with was called Oyun, and I read in previous posts here that he has another names (Oyun = Yarovit = Aharata Queretaro = Dharma = Maestro Yarovit ). This man was acting as a false shaman, teaching an impossible mix of Qi gong, martial arts, russian yoga and what he called russian or Siberian shamanism.

About his man, the last news were that he is now acting in Chile, Southamerica. He appeared in this publication (sectarian publication). Now the link appears to be broken:

Here is Twitter for this publication!/revista_somos

Unfortunately, there already is an “school” of this sect in Chile
Escuela Internacional Golden Altai
vitacura 4454, Chile Santiago 8320000, Santiago
t: 098647980

I am willing to have as much information as I can about this dangerous group. I also wish to warn people about them, but I actually don´t know how to do this because I do not want to expose my friends or myself, as these people are really dangerous. Several times, I thought about going to the national spanish cops, but I don´t know if this is a good idea. Any advices??

Thank you a lot for your advise and help here. You do a very important work here, it is really important that people get concerned about all of these groups of fakers and criminals.

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Post by: KrazyKraut on February 08, 2013, 11:26:44 am
Title: "Arteum Oyun Iva (Sampo)" seen in Germany often
Post by: gaston2 on April 25, 2013, 07:12:13 am
Website is: (

See also my little forum: (

Introduction seminar is interesting an feels good, but quickly you are sold very expensive "treatments" only he "the master" can give.
Title: "Arteum Oyun Iva (Sampo)" recently in Germany
Post by: gaston2 on May 17, 2013, 11:24:28 am
He calls himself now "Shaman of Joy", and in Hungary "Szaman Radosci", so the full list (to my knowledge) is:
Oyun =  Arteum Oyun Iva (Sampo) =  Yarovit = Aharata Queretaro = Dharma = Maestro Yarovit = Shaman of Joy = Shaman Bringing Joy = Artyom Oyun Kaichi Iva = Öröm Shaman =  Szaman Radosci
Only problem: he is a self-declared Shaman, and pupil of Konstantin Rudnev (Ashram Shambala).
There was a tour across Germany: (
Die Seminare des Sibirischen Schamanen finden vom 13.02. – 18.03.2013 in Schelklingen (bei Ulm), Buchbach (bei München), Halle (Saale) und Rinteln (bei Minden
                Anziehung des Glücks für die Familie/ Harmonie in der Familie, Schutz vor negativen Einflüssen, Spirituelles/ geistiges Heilen, Schamanisches Heilgebet
                10 Tiere-Helfer eines Schamanen, Reise in die Welt der Erfüllung der Wünsche, Arbeit mit den Geistern, Geheimnisse für die Beherrschung der Geister, Praxis der Schamanischen Reinigung und Ritualen für die Anziehung des Erfolgs und der Prosperität im Leben
The seminars will take place from the Siberian shamans 13.02. - 18.03.2013 in Schelkingen (near Ulm), Buchbach (near Munich), Halle (Saale) and Rinteln (near Minden)
* Attraction of happiness for the family / harmony in the family, * protection against negative influences, * Spiritual Healing, * Shamanic Healing Prayer, * 10 Animals helper of a shaman, * journey into the world of fulfillment of desires, * working with the spirits, * secrets of mastering the ghost, * the shamanic practice of cleaning and rituals for attracting success and prosperity in life