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lone ranger and tonto
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    I don't know if you heard about this.
when the lone ranger and Tontowere galloping along on their horses in the desert going on a trail ride
after a while the lone ranger shouted out -STOP, I have to go pee,
 The lone ranger got of his horse and walked over to a mesquite bush to pee,while he was peeing a rattle snake struck at and bit the lone ranger right on the end of his you know what!!
the lone ranger staggered over to Tonto and started explaining to Tonto that when a rattle snake bites you,you can put your mouth and over the bite and suck out the poison and then you will not die.
the lone ranger stood there facing Tonto with his you know what in his hand and said to Tonto,
WELL TONTO, "wadya think???

Tonto replied back very quickly..

  after this joke,I don't know if this is appropriate or not,but after reading some of the comments about johnny depp playing tonto in disney's the lone ranger and tonto movie,it seemed fitting to sometimes refer to our local self appointed fraudulent medicine men and women as johnny depps,some of these self appointed people even believe that they're reincarnated shaman,
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