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Judith Monroy de Ramirez AKA "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
« on: March 26, 2013, 11:55:37 pm »
Hey Now Y'all,
I would appreciate any information on this individual who identifies herself as a "Coastal California Native elder".

Perhaps the most interesting, see episode synopsis 6, 7 & 8:

Thanks in advance,

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Re: ISO info on "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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Hopefully we can find the name she uses in public records.

Hello, My name is ChoQosh Auh'ho'oh.  I am a coastal indian elder and am responsible for bringing "the HOPI TEN" from 5 elders in the village of Oraibi Hopi Nation in April of 1993.
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Re: ISO info on "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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I sorry i did think that why do people claim to be from tribes so far from each other
with different cultures why would a Cail native be talking about hopi it just dont make sense
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Re: ISO info on "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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On the morning of the final day she was dismayed to find herself seated next to the only other Native American at the conference. This woman had made it plain that she disapproved of Choqosh, a "new" Indian, and had refused to speak or even sit next to her throughout the conference.

A quote from Cho about the woman who disapproved of her:

She had prepared a paper on the forced sterilization of Indian women in the United States. This was something I hadn't even known about, so I let her speak.

Cho then says that talk about the history of forced sterilization is "hate", "screaming", and a "harangue".

More in this book , not all of it available for free. In a preview bit she does say she was born with an Anglo name.
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Re: ISO info on "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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Yoga Journal July-Aug 1999 article info: At a Y2K conference in Oakland CA Cho "related prophecies made years ago by an Iroquois elder named Uncle John".


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Re: ISO info on "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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She was born Judith Monroy De Ramirez, 1942. In her step mother's obit she is named Judith Choquosh Monroy. Father Nestor (Lutie) Julian De Ramirez.

In this case a phone number made the difference, Choquosh listed a phone number in a forum post, search on that linked to a Judith Monroy.

In her father's obit: Judith “Choqoosh” De Ramirez
Hopi and Pseudo Hopi Prophecies

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Re: ISO info on "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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She could have the heritage she is claiming. Don't know if she is recognized as an Elder by anyone other than herself and Nuage. Her false claim that she carries Hopi prophecies is the problem, as Earth has already identified.

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Re: Judith Monroy de Ramirez AKA "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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On some links she just calls herself a descendant. But the claims made by her or on her behalf kept growing, from CA Coastal Indian elder to Chumash elder to elder for both the Chumash and Seneca to carrier of Hopi prophecy.

"Uncle John of the Iroquois" just shows up online in quotes by de Ramirez.

ChoQosh Native American elder who gave us the Hopi Ten.

ChoQosh Auh’Ho’Oh was named by the Seneca and Chumash elders. She is herself an elder of Coastal Native Indian descent. She is a giver of spiritual tools, divine and practical, and a messenger of ancient prophecies and sacred stories. ChoQosh taught for the Cross Cultural Communications program at University California Berkeley for 19 years, and classes in the great teepee at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, California. ChoQosh was host for KAZU-FM’s award winning radio program Songs For The Earth/ Mending The Sacred Hoop (1985-1990).

I couldn't find any mention of her at the UC Berkeley site. If she were a professor, she'd know that there's probably no worser way to spread your message than going around to one Nuage flake site and radio program after another.

If the Hopi wanted someone to spread their message, they'd send a Hopi. And they'd go to speak to govts and activists, not the least believable and respected types.

Perhaps de Ramirez is much like Kymberlee Ruff, someone who heard or imagined she heard something from an elderly Hopi man and then believed herself to be a would be prophet.

Here's the only site I found that named anything but anonymous Hopi elders. Notice it's originally one man, later growing to be 5 elders. But there's no mention of Kickmovi anywhere except de Ramirez's claims.

And it gets stranger, with de Ramirez teaching the fraudulent Tsalagi dance of life that she learned from imposter Dyani Yawahoo. That plus being a "kitchen witch."


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Re: Judith Monroy de Ramirez AKA "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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In 1990, at the invitation of the Maori King In 1990, at the invitation of the Maori King Hukapa Mateau of Aotearoa/ New Zealand she was asked to come to share her knowledge and sacred stories. It was there she received the name “Te Wahini O Nga Ho O E Wah- Woman Of The Four Directions Who Call The People To Action”.

Anyone know of a Hukapa Mateau?

Sky Eagle, the Chumash elder, caller her one of the great teachers of these times.

Victor Sky Eagle Lopez is an actual Chumash elder, he has passed on.


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Re: Judith Monroy de Ramirez AKA "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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Her paternal great grandparents: two born Germany, one California, one Arizona.

The California ancestor's parents were born in Arizona.

Her mother's surname Monroy Gonzalez, don't know anything else on that side of family.

Name:    Judith Monroy Deramirez
Event Type:    Birth
Event Date:    1942
Event Place:    Los Angeles, California, United States
Mother's Name:    Monroygonzalez

California Birth Index

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Re: Judith Monroy de Ramirez AKA "ChoQosh Auh'Ho'Oh"
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Nine years later. A friend of her's sent this defense of her and more information. My response is after.

My name is Zak Alvarez. I am an enrolled member of the Chippewa-Cree tribe of Rocky Boy Montana. My BIA enrollment number is [redacted]. My family founded the Red Road Powwow of Santa Cruz, California which began in 1983, and continued until 2004. My family was presnt at Alcatraz. My family was on the Longest Walk in 1978.

I have a dear Native American elder friend named  Choqosh Auh'Ho Oh (Judith de Ramirez) whom I have known in Santa Cruz, since 1984, who was being disrespected, indignified, and impuned on your website. It greatly hurts her feelings and I too am offended by this unjustified treatment of her name and reputation. She has never hurt or damaged any other Native American at all. To this I can personally state. Quite to the contrary, she has lifted people up and served others to the utmost of her ability, all of her years of dedicated professional life, and spiritually-inclined endeavors and activities in addition to the fact that she was a mother of children and a wife. 

She is a friend of a Chumash leader Patrick Orozco who was an early leader of the San Jose Area, and Monterey Bay Area Ohlone tribal people in their identity re-emergeance. Choqosh was the long-time radio host at KAZU, of an award-winning hour-long radio program which celebrated Native American culture and music, and politically defended Native American causes for almost a decade. She was a friend and cohort of Mae Brussels, also, an award winning news journalist at that same radio station. Choqosh was a cohort of the late John "Abalone" Walsh, an award-winning Voetnam Era journalist and a strong advocate of Native America, and who was present at the Wounded Knee Occupation by AIM. He was a very crucial character in that historic the event and the beginning of the American Indian Movement. Choqosh and Abalone were important political activists in the SF Bay Area Indian Alliance for years. She occasionally would sit in for him amd host his radio show which was broadcast out of the University of California at Santa Cruz, right across the bay, called "Indians Discovered America."

In 1987 Choqosh was one of the very first native people in California to speak out against the canonization of Father Junipero Serra, her speech at the Mission Days Festival in 1987 was an integral turning point in the opposition of Serra's sainthood. She really is responsible for the long delay of that process which took decades for the Catholic Church to rectify.

Looking back to the 60's, Choqosh was present in the budding Native American community of Los Angeles before AIM had even appeared. She also was with a group of activists who in Topanga, who had obtained to only uncaptured copy of the Pentagon Papers, which they surreptitiously copied and distributed, risking danger and risking their own safety, welfare, and freedom.
I can tell you endless stories of the things she has accomplished.

She was raised in San Bernardino County and in Los Angeles County, as the "brown indio girl who would never come inside the house, but instead, played in nature all summer, and was regarded in her family as the child who would surely carry on the family pride in its guarded indigenous identity and hidden roots.

It would please me if you could personally communicate this message to the individuals who were and are, accusing her of being an imposter. If you knew the other kinds of sacrifices she has made for Indian people all her life, you would feel as I do.

Additionally to inform you, in adult life, as a mother and college instructor, sometimes, she would be called away to respond to requests to travel to Hopiland, for pronouncements made to her by Hopi elders in her role as a spiritually imspired emmissary, by driving all the way out to Hopiland in her station wagon, often without enough money for food or gas, orotel, and she would sleep on her car days, waiting for the elders to speak. She was also a friend of Thomas Banyacya, a Hopi elder at those times.

I invite you to call me and also to give my number to other interested parties who want to know about her character and her inherent right to call herself a California indigenous woman and elder.

What is your response? In the interest of truth, I respectfully ask that you remove the disparaging remarks on your website that pertain to Ms. Choqosh Auh'Ho-Oh,  Honorable Native Californian Elder.

She has not hurt anyone. Could you please leave her alone in the future?
Thank you sir
[phone number redacted]


She’s under Research Needed, has been for 9 years now. We got a request from the public about her and did research. That’s it. If we had information that she’s a fraud, we would have moved her to Frauds.

She is different from most of the people we are asked about. No sign of claims made for profit, build a cult, or abuse people. Those are the biggest reasons she stays under Research Needed.

We always welcome more information that could clear these things up. I can post your first IM to me at NAFPS if you want. Or you could join and do it yourself, make a statement or ask questions of others.

The biggest problems are three. She changes her claims of what she is, from a descendant to claiming to be an elder, to “Coastal elder.”
And she keeps claiming to be speaking for the Hopi, Iroquois, or Seneca. She’s not any of those.

She also keeps going to New Age people. Prophecy Keepers radio is run by one of the worst frauds out there. A white Mormon named William Anderson claiming to be Cherokee elder “Blue Otter” and holds “Mormon Sundances.” Why does she keep preaching to New Age frauds?