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Francisco Jimenez AKA Maestro Tlakaelel
« on: May 18, 2012, 02:54:32 am »
This is an upcoming event in San Francisco.
From (partly reads):

"Don't miss this amazing event--witness the weaving of ancestral knowledge.  Tlakaelel (Toltec Elder) has spent over 50 years teaching and researching the great ancestral cultures of the Americas.  He is heir and guardian of the oral tradition, an author and spiritual guide.  Tlakaelel lives in Teotihuacan, Mexico.
Woableza is a Lakota Wisdom Keeper.  He says, "We, as indigenous receptors of spirit have been given instructions from leneages from the star relations to the generations fo today.  Please come listen to the stories of our 'Dance of Life', the ultimate ceremony of life on mother earth.  Participate in co-creating our children's future."
Tata Erick Gonzalez is a member of the Great Confederation of the Councils of the Pricnicpal Mayan Ajq'ijab' of Guatemala.  In 1978 he was adopted by the Mexiko Teotllkalli Kalpulli Koakalko and the teacher Tlakaelel and given the name Omeakaehekatl.  Erick is a member and representative of various councils of indigenous elders, youth and spiritual guides.
Suggested Loving Donation Sliding Scale $20-30
If you cannot attend, your donations to Circle of Ancestors are gratefully passed on to the elders.  (Please note the donation is for elders with your payment.)"

Personally, I believe Woableza means no harm and truly wants to share his culture with others in a good way. That's how I see it.

The person Tlakaelel... I don't know what to make of him, but the idea that he is "the spiritual leader of the descendants of the Toltec" is a bit absurd (as described by Fisher; Living Religions). The Aztecs shared the Nahuatl language with the Tolteca and considered themselves to be descendants of the Toltec; and yet we know the Aztecs/Mexica migrated from the North (both the Toltec and the Purepecha were enemies of the Aztecs). The Aztecs just loved the Toltec culture so much they wanted it all (and took it), but who are the modern day Toltecas?

The person that Erick Gonzalez is troubling in that he seems he is willing to do great harm to others for fame and fortune.

More insight on Tlakaelel -; It's said that his name means "Counselor of the Councils." Can anyone confirm that? Teotihuacan is a World Heritage Site, the center of a pre-Columbian city and preserved archaeological area located about 30 miles from Mexico City. Nobody actually lives there. But there is a town right next to it called San Juan Teotihuacán.

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Francisco Jimenez AKA Maestro Tlakaelel
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2012, 03:52:00 pm »
I have known Tlakaelel for many years and know several people who have worked with him for many years and he is a well respected elder. He does know the Toltec oral tradition and history. He is now I believe 93 years old and has researched many pre-columbian sites in both Mexico and the US and is very knowledgeable about their architecture, how they relate to the movement of the sun and moon etc. He also knows the Azteca and Mayan calendars and the various cycles. He has a  kapulli near Teotihuacan and has conducted ceremonies there, includng a Sundance at that location since 1998. In the early 80s I think he went to Crow Dogs Paradise with about 4 of his students who had lived and traveled with him since they were young and Leonard told them they could dance but after 4 years Tlakaelel should take the Sundance to Mexico.   

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Re: Francisco Jimenez AKA Maestro Tlakaelel
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2012, 12:42:32 pm »
I have really strong doubts about Tlakaelel, real name Francisco Jimenez, ever since I first saw a flyer of his where he promised to teach Latino students about the "real Aztec tradition of Atlantis."

A Toltec elder? They've been gone for 800 years. And his claiming to be an expert at Aztec and Mayan traditions while doing ceremony at Teotihuacan...those are four very separate and different civilizations, including the long gone Toltecs.

The way he looks and dressed should be a tip off. He has a beard like Gandalf, so he's obviously mixedblood. In the US he'd still be thought of as NDN, but not in Mexico, where they make a distinction between Indians and mestizos. He typically wears a long Roman-like toga, which is obviously nothing like the Aztecs wore. And he runs a calpulli, which is often misportrayed as a temple. The actual Aztec calpullis were local councils, either village or neighborhood organizations set up to run local govt and fairly mundane things like trash collection and aid to the poor.

He also buys into the Castaneda nonsense.

Found this link that I think describes him best. He is not a spiritual leader in Mexico. Most Nahuas are Catholics. What he is instead is a spiritual leader of a pan Indian mix of claimed Aztec, Mayan, Lakota, and other beliefs for a small political movement of Mexicans in the US.

Tlakaelel is important in the Mexica movement, an indigenist religious revival movement which began in Mexico City in the 1960s. It is organized, if that is the word, into highly independent local groups called kalpullis. Partly traditional, but tending towards syncretism, this movement tapped into Chicano identity issues in the American southwest, where the kalpullis have adopted a lot of US Native American religious ceremonies and beliefs. Over the years Tlakaelel, whose real name is Francisco Jimenez, has evolved a sort of pan-Indian ideology which has a Nahuatl mythological core, but a lot of ceremonial practices gotten from North American Indians.  

A few years before her death, my wife Kay Sutherland, an anthropologist whose specialties included Native American rock art and meso-American religions, had concluded that a lot of elements of southwest rock art represented a fusion of Meso-American and native pre-Puebloan concepts. Through a complex series of events, this led some kalpulli members in El Paso to seek out her assistance in getting the Texas parks system to give their kalpulli the same status to conduct religious ceremonies at Hueco Tanks State Park as some US Native American groups had.

So she spent some time interviewing Tlakaelel, who is revered as an elder by most US kalpulli groups, and she took him to important rock art sites like Hueco Tanks. She came to feel that the kalpulli understanding of these sites was certainly as valid as that of the official Native American groups. Now, the parks department wanted only groups with historical cultural continuity with Hueco Tanks. Their concept of cultural continuity was simplistic, but hey, these people are highly politicized bureaucrats, and simplistic is all they know. Kay gave it a shot, but their basic prejudice (literally) was that these people are Mexicans reinventing themselves as Indians, a viewpoint completely at odds with Kay's anthropological training, not to mention her Jungian personal views of religion.

Anyway, Kay was sympathetic to the kalpulli, and presented a perhaps overly sophisticated argument to the parks people that all religions reinvent themselves all the time, and moreover that there was in fact a greater continuity of myth between the religious symbols found at Hueco Tanks and the contemporary belief system of the kalpulli than with the contemporary belief systems of some of the allowed groups. But no dice. The kalpulli lost.

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Re: Francisco Jimenez AKA Maestro Tlakaelel
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2012, 05:51:24 am »
Anyone who says they're a Toltec or say they follow Toltec ways is an obvious fake or someone lied to them.

Plus Nahuatl name is named after Tlacaelel.
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