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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
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I only just saw this news video

It is fairly clear that, at the time it was made, the Sedona LEOs and prosecutor were feeling confident that they had discovered a brothel masquerading as a church and that this is a big case and an important expose of criminality camouflaged as spirituality.

Right at the end someone asks if the cops are looking for Baba Dez Nichols and the cops replies that they are not currently seeking him.  It is obvious that they have no idea about Baba Dez and his many organised criminal contacts.

A little thought popped into my mind as to what this situation is like........

If they were not cops but anglers, they would be congratulating themselves on the huge fish they managed to catch, so excited by their triumph that they do not notice that the water in the lake behind them is black.  It is black because it contains a fish so massive that it takes up the entire lake.  It is a formidable predator, a terrifying creature.  It was there right next to them all along and they didn't even notice. 

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
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What struck me lately, is that all the supporters who claim not to be associated with the temple have that same glassy-eyed look. I've been watching a lot of interviews and looking closely at the eyes of the people sticking up for the temple and their eyes all have that indoctrinated look. 

You are an astute person Rose.

It has come to my attention that one of the supporters of Tracey Elise who has posted a video on youtube calling for community support for the "Goddess Temple" is in fact a vulnerable, mentally challenged young woman, an American citizen who is under the control of an extremely dangerous Russian THB network.

This young woman was almost certainly recruited by "Master Chekes" (probably at the Sedona Temple) and has been highly active organising recruitment workshops for the Russians for several months at least. 

Unfortunately this young woman now poses a danger to other US citizens, even though she herself is probably well intentioned, naive and exploited.

The Russian network I am talking about has many names including Aharata, Universynergy Arts, Ashram Shambala, The Russian Academy of Happiness (and a whole load of other names).  This network is established in Russia, the Ukraine, the US, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the UK and various other territories. 

I know of this young woman as she posted a testimony video on one of the Universynergy Arts channels - where she was dressed in a very sexually provocative way - and where she stated that the Aharata training had changed her life to the extent that she no longer had to take her mood stabilising meds. 

This woman's treatment at the hands of the OC network is fairly typical, they recruit vulnerable adults, persuade them to stop taking their meds (they tell them they are not really mentally ill but are in fact shamans and super-human people who should devote themselves to a guru in order to develop spiritually) and exploit them in all kinds of ways.  This woman has been very busy organising recruitment workshops for the network and thus, unfortunately, poses a danger to other US citizens.

The "testimonial" video was removed recently and the channel hosting it has closed, however I have a copy saved and it is definitely the same young woman. 

I am not going to post the videos here or ID the woman's real name as she is a vulnerable adult who is the victim of crime. 

I am curious as to who her parents are.  Cultic THB networks love to recruit the children of senior cops, politicians and other influential people.  They then use their new recruit to control their parents via blackmail and threats of what they will do to their son or daughter.

This is a horrible situation.

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
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I just wanted to share this satirical blog entry by a blogger called "nightwind" as I think it is relevant to this thread.

After well over 9 years since the invasion of Afghanistan, the United States has finally proclaimed victory over the Taleban. Shocked, the nay-sayers were left staring in disbelief as the high command of the United States forces in Afghanistan released a thorough declaration, which we took the liberty of quoting:

“I know that we left the impression that the United States Army was a brutal and lawless bunch, but this was all part of the plan to fool the enemy. We know that the secret of victory is winning the hearts and minds of the people. As such, we realized this is not a war of weapons but of culture, therefore we knew the real purpose is to replace the Taleban-instated customs with the ancient Afghan customs, truly liberating the people!”

As the world awed at the truly surprising US strategy, the story is confirmed independently by New York Times, The Guardian, Frontline as well as the recently leaked cables from Wikileaks. The final blow to the Taleban was reinstating the ancient custom of bacha bazi, which consists in having young boy lovers in addition to a decent number of wives.

The Afghan Interior Minister, mr Atmar, had this to say: We are extremely grateful to former United States President mr George W Bush as well as the United States Army and DynCorps for bringing us the freedom to return to our ancient ways. Too long have the Taleban prevented us from having sex with your boys! This repression of our customs is the pinnacle of our struggle for freedom. Allah bless America! Today America brought us this freedom, we hope that soon people all over the world can enjoy the right to have sex with young boys!

As expected, NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) saluted the position of the United States government and DynCorps: we knew this days was bound to come. After all, what’s wrong with loving underage boys? Love is such a beautiful thing! Our honorary president and former US president George W Bush will be thrilled! This is real democracy, where everyone is free to love in their own way!

This news has not been well received by the Taleban press, which proceeded to accuse the United States of double standards: American pigs are such hypocrites! They allow the Afghan to indulge in such disgraceful orgies while their own people are not!

Fearing armed retribution which the pacifist United States Army could not handle, The Guardian tried to downplay the move, saying that in the new bacha bazi the young boys are merely performing ancient tribal dances, not having sex. The next morning however, the United States was left without strip clubs as each and every strip club in the country closed down. Coincidentally, the very same day a number of tribal clubs were opened where naked young women were performing ancient tribal fertility dances in the laps of their customers.

Dan Gussman, former own of strip club “Puss in Boots”, had this to say: Owning a strip club was becoming quite a bad business. The police always raided us, the fines were driving our profit into the ground and we could no longer afford to hire nice strippers. However, having a tribal dance club is so much better. Now we actually hired several new strip… ummm … I mean tribal dancers. We usually charge a modic fee for the type of tribal dance performed: the cheapest being a regular tribal dance around the customer, while the most expesive is a full-blown fertility test.

Romanian Guru Gregorian Bivolaru proceeded to sue not only each tribal dance club but also American security contractor DynCorps, claiming he owns the intellectual rights over masquerading underage sex as a religious activity. I can no longer stand by and watch people profit from my intellectual property. Intellectual property is a fundamental democratic value and as such, I want my due share. I have fought hard and suffered in order to obtain the rights to sell my religious video tutorials about integrating into the absolute with the help of several underage girls. My theory is the one that clearly states that the religious experience becomes better as your partner’s age decreases. Bacha bazi is clearly inspired from my idea!

Although mr Bivolaru’s claim seems shaky given that bacha bazi refers to boys (not girls) and is several hundred years older than his theory, the sovereign state of Sweden decided to offer him sanctuary and support both for protecting his theories and against any sexual offense charges layed against him by the Romanian government. Prime Minister Reinfeldt of Sweden made an exclusive declaration: We feel that mr Bivolaru’s theory about spiritual integration via sex with underage girls is a fresh and modern approach to spirituality and we feel this treasure must be protected. Following this spirit, we strongly support our American allies in promoting bacha bazi, the spiritual equivalent with respect to sex with underage boys, not only in Afghanistan but in the whole world! In an unrelated topic however, we are strongly disgusted by mr Julian Assange’s practice of having unprotected consensual sex with mature women!

The other NAMBLA (North American Marlon Brando Look-alikes Association) promptly detached itself from the dispute.

Apart from the obvious stuff about the hypocrisy of the US (and I am ashamed to say the UK) nation states allying themselves with a network of paedophile child traffickers in Afghanistan, I thought that the descriptions of strip clubs being replaced by tribal dance clubs might ring a few bells with people.

Criminals have been playing this game for decades and getting away with it.

In the age of the internet criminals are using social networking websites and new technology to groom and recruit victims and their criminal businesses have flourished and grown strong.  

The only good thing about this is that the OC networks' use of online social media means that they leave an electronic trail which will hopefully help LEOs to stop them.  

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
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and for those who are interested to learn more about the THB cultic OC network Aharata / Universynergy Arts / Ashram Shambala there is a good piece here, although please note that, like the Russian news coverage, the focus is on cultic activities and not THB.  This piece is also very out of date but it contains a lot of relevant info in the one piece so I thought it worth including here.

The original piece is in Russian, translation via google

Shambhala School (Sotidanandana Yoga Center)

Other names: Everest headquarters, School of Yoga, Rajneesh Center, Avicenna.

Description: a dangerous criminal organization, whose leaders passionate about oriental and occult practices. Puts followers in terms of slave life. Uses elements of violence.

    Currently there are about 7 Novosibirsk apartments for living together adepts - ashrams, the total number of "devotees" - apparently a few dozen people.

    The leaders of the cult - Konstantin Rudnev (the name of the sect - Sri Jnana Avatar Muni), 29, calls himself an enlightened teacher, a god; Shudnev Konstantin Leonidovich (name of the sect - Shiva Acharya), 21, is busy the organizational issues that may Fraud in real estate, as well as several other young people.

    Nestle lectures on the study of yoga, "eternal truths", which made the selection of prospective followers, ie, people with heightened suggestibility, supple psyche. Seminars, participation fee - about 6 million rubles. Going about 60-70 people. Classes - spontaneous impromptu lecture manager or his students. Are held in rented houses of culture, sometimes in the ashrams. Rudnev likes to interpret the various parables, Bles-nut erudition, but in "my circle" recognizes that this is only for external, that it is not so, as he said so publicly. In addition to lectures - collective meditation, dance and yoga exercises. Mentors are often over-enced with the so-called adeptkami tantra-yoga, ie, sexual magical practices.

    The most "loyal" settled in an ashram, where supposedly there are "special" conditions for "spiritual growth". For ordinary members of the ashram dream - 3 hours, meager vegetarian food, continuous operation, frequent physical abuse, sometimes sadistic forms for women - "Tantra practices." At this time, "mentors" carefully watching the adept-E, without losing the slightest infraction, read impromptu lecture (for "spiritual development"). Practices of collective meditation - a curse on the enemy, for example, to annoy the neighbors, but especially - for those who left the sect. Several people stand in a circle, imagining that the center is the enemy, and throws him his anger, swearing, cursing at him, imagining that they beat him.

    In a more narrow range of Rudnev teaches the need to get rid of parental authority, which are suitable only for a second to take money from them and bring in the sect. External to the sect of people called "mice", in relation to them is permissible theft, deception and violence. At one meeting there was much talk about Hitler, about the need Unicov-tozhit all old and weak.

    In general, "the school" gives the impression of a criminal group, whose leaders passionate about yogic and occult practices.

    Doctrine: has a pronounced impression of dilettantism. Published several pamphlets for the domestic user-Bani, outlining the views of leaders, consisting mainly of excerpts of popular books containing most of doubtful elements of oriental studies. The style of the author's own views rather vulgar, gives you, their lack of any serious knowledge of Eastern religions. Rites group - teatralizo-bathing action, designed to produce an effect on the uninitiated, his "elevation", actually contains some simple elements of primitive occult practices. Popular with the leaders of the book Averyanova, Carlos Castaneda, "Astral Karate", "Karma Yoga" etc.

    Criminal cases: Cases sale adepts of his property, apartments to transfer all the money mentors.

    We have the physical abuse of the adepts of the teachers, or at their direction.       

source: (in original Russian language)

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Re: "Goddess" temples busted in prostitution sting - many arrests & charges
« Reply #34 on: September 24, 2011, 07:07:41 pm »
Thanks for the cult info. It’s very enlightening.

Re: liberals

I’m talking about real 3 dimensional people, walking around Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson that claim to be ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’ that I have actually spoken to.  I can’t even count the number of white liberals who have lectured me on this subject and pontificated about their superior, enlightened ‘liberal’ values. Most of them just can’t understand why I’m so ungrateful when they’ve been so kind to help educate such an ignorant savage.

I stumbled upon this on twitter. Jackie Lynn of the Aboriginal Women's Action Network articulates the real issues here much better that I could. It's all about naming and power.
More facts are coming out about Mooney and his connections all over Arizona. It looks like his camp in Phoenix are also loosely connected to the Destini cult (check out all the YouTube exposes on it) and are behind an organized movement by middle/upper class whites to EXPLOIT women in order to turn an easy profit. Anyone who thinks this is about “consensual sex” is either extremely ignorant and misinformed about the issues. The Phoenix “goddesses” were 99% poor white women who were already trapped in prostitution and just wanted a little bit nicer cage.

There are no real principles at stake here – just the same old justifications for not working for a living and exploiting the resources/labor of less powerful people. SSDD.
Prostitution is antithetical to all traditional indigenous values. The real problem here is that White liberals cannot understand that there is a huge gap between their values and ours. They continue to use language of liberation to obscure the real issues at stake here. Traditional native people are nearly 100% united in their strong opposition to prostitution.  It’s better to listen, than to regurgitate empty white liberal rhetoric. There’s no point wasting your life thinking that white liberal “free market” values are in any way complimentary to traditional indigenous values. In most cases involving women and children, they are polar opposites.  Mooney exploited the language of the 60s counterculture and the language of liberation to trap those women into working for his front group.

Abolition of Prostitution (Aboriginal Women's Action Network & Vancouver Rape Relief)

On YouTube, Mooney is so bold, he even admits on this video that he intends to violate his agreement with the feds and to ignore the 1994 amendment to the AIRFA.

Couple agree to end peyote use if feds drop drug charges

PUBLIC LAW 103-344 - OCT. 6, 1994
108 STAT. 3125 -- 103d Congress
Passed House 8/8/94 -- Passed Senate 9/26/94

You can see Mooney’s audacity here in making statements he has to know are not true:

James Mooney Oklevueha Native American Church ONAC

He's knowingly lying to the public to hawk those fake NAC cards, making them think they now have First Amendment protection to use peyote that they do not have.

Flaming Eagle Mooney ONAC discussion Phoenix Mother Medicine Wheel

In this one, he has the audacity to pretend to be an expert on sweat lodges and comment on the James Arthur Ray trial.

To me, Mooney looks like Ted Knight, the guy who played the judge in Caddyshack. He’s tanner than John Boner and spouting twice as much nonsense. There are comments all over the internet from the Utah NAC stating that he charges $12,000 for his ceremonies, but he waits until his victims are high on peyote to hit them up for money.

He has an agreement with the US attorney, so he has to know that everything he said in this video, one month ago, was false.  He is still selling fake NAC membership cards in Southern Arizona and is connected to several twinkie retreats here in Tucson. He has an even bigger following among white wannabes than he did before the temple was busted. They all think they're supporting Native Americans by supporting Mooney.

Mooney, like all cult leaders, is counting on white seekers believing what he says because THEY WANT TO believe it and not even bothering to check out if what he says has any truth to it at all.  Mooney counts on them only "looking into their hearts" and not checking out what the law really says.  I see tremendous parallels between the actions of Kamala Devi and the Rainbow family a couple of years ago regarding the Fonty Fox riots. (Anybody using the term "LEO" is suspect) They have flooded the comments section of every news story and YouTube with their propaganda which is not in any way based in fact. They are both expert propagandists. They are highly organized and they know to get their spin on the story out early and to reinforce it every chance they get. They use liberation jargon to demonize anyone as “unenlightened” who calls them on their many false statements.  It’s like they all have the same PR manual to consult. Both groups know most people decide what to believe based on fee