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Philip Glover AKA Carlos
« on: July 05, 2005, 03:10:36 pm »
English, based in Totnes, Devon, England. Has previously been a student  of Joseph Rael AKA 'Beautiful Painted Arrow' and of the Ehama Institute, headed by, um, Rainbowhawk and Windeagle:

There used to be a website for European Ehama dupes at

but it looks like they fogot to pay Tiscali. Perhaps there wasn't much left in the kitty after forking out for those expensive courses. Curiously, the Ehama Institute's site

also seems to be blank at the moment.

Despite having attended one of Al's talks and taken away a fistful of leaflets on which two of his teachers are named as frauds, Phil doesn't get it: he's currently advertising places on a 'vision quest'. He's done this before.

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Re: Philip Glover AKA Carlos
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This guy has a website now that isn't listed in the OP

Also there are strong links, in terms of the same people involved, between the website (now at yhe new address of ) and the website here

Listed in this thread
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