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Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 18:54:52 -0000
Subject: [nafps] Re: Anyone hear of Waynonaha

This is the first I've head of her. Seems to be part of the
altmedicine and pseudo-feminist circles and a Twyla Nitsch disciple,
or wants to give that impression by claiming to be taught by
the "Bear Clan at the Cattaragaus Reservation" (the Seneca rez).
What's interesting to me is that she avoids saying which tribe and
uses "Native American" generically over and over. Mix of what she
claims are Cherokee prophecies, Hopi teachings, Pawnee stories, and
Lakota phrases and stories.

Wambli Ho refers to her as a Lakota elder in a statement where she
*denounces* exploiters of all types. I suppose it's possible there
could be two different people using the same name.

Trish, she's headed your way. The page is still under construction.

She's also all over a bunch of reiki and herbal sites, plus my personal favorite, a "hairy woman site".
Mibby, Mike, or Craig, have you ever heard of her?

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> "Waynonaha Two Worlds"?:

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Re: Waynonaha
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Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 20:31:33 -0000
Subject: [nafps] Re: Anyone hear of Waynonaha

Those are the two most common claimed: The former for the Hollywood
glamor, and the latter for the inherent difficulty verifying (or
falsifying) the claim. Sherman Alexie had a hilarious quote about why
no one claims to be Spokane.

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> One of the things I read claimed she was "Of Lakota and Cherokee"
> heritage. HMmmm. GGGrandma was a princess and GGGrandpa was a
> Prince???? I picked up a nuage paper and the name just seemed so  
> so   so, uh, twinkish.

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Re: Waynonaha
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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 08:26:54 -0000
Subject: [nafps] Re: Anyone hear of Waynonaha

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> Trish, care to translate?

"Born a human being and of the Lakota Nation, Bear clan my Father, from my Mother
of the Southern Cherokee band, she gave me the owl for my protector. Bear and Owl are my clans. "

Well, she says that her father was bear clan from the Lakota. Though, she doesn't say
which group of Lakota - seems kinda odd, eh?

She says her mother was from the Southern Cherokee Band - I don't think thats likely
to be perfectly honest. To begin with, while there are *several* "Southern Cherokee"
Bands - none of them were really around when this woman was born 61 years ago.
And secondly, having an Owl for a protector (odd for a Cherokee) wouldn't make it
your clan, there never was an Owl clan.

I think shes full of it.

As to what her name could possibly mean - I haven't the foggiest. It'd take someone
fluent in whatever language shes speaking to translate it. But I'm sure that whatever it
is, it's quite impressive.

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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 10:38:02 -0400
Subject: RE: [nafps] Re: Anyone hear of Waynonaha

There's no "bear clan" of any Lakota band.  We didn't use clan systems.  There's no "Bear" tiospaye, either...somebody's full of shit.


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Re: Waynonaha
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Alicia, read the rules before you post in sections that are clearly marked Archives. Also, throwing a fit because someone pointed out your precious leader is a very poor liar just makes you look very childish. And spamming the thread twice just makes you look like a troll.

For the record, the people who stated what they know DO have first hand knowledge of their cultures, having lived them for their entire lives. MTH stated there's no such thing as "Lakota clans" and TJ stated there's no use of the owl by Cherokee as a sacred animal. ? She's a very poor pretender who knows little about the cultures she claims.

Since you've been presented proof, the need to disprove now moves on YOU. Explain to us how you account for her very clumsy lying, and why you fell for it, as well as who YOU are to be such a rude jerk.

For the second and final time, take this up in a thread not clearly marked as Archive. Learn to read, or perhaps you should get a dictionary so you know what archive means.
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