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Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« on: July 20, 2010, 07:13:40 pm »
Got a request about him. Seems to be mostly delusional rather than out for profit, but spreads a lot of minsinformation. Here was my response, what I found in a brief search:

Cohen mostly shows up online at a number of spirituality sites trying to convince others of his claims. Except at, where he showed up in 2005 and was mocked quite a bit.
His profile at says he is in the higher education field in Chicago.
His profile at beliefnet says:
"I am a man, now in his sixties...

My background provides me with two different points of view, two different worldviews from which to see and understand the Universe: one from my upbringing and education in mainstream America; and the other from my training and experiences as an adopted member (according to their traditions) of an ancient indigenous people....

I have been sharing these matters with others as a brother (on the Internet, in local talks, and in a university project)...

I hold a B.A. and M.A. at a major university, where my studies have included native peoples, psychology, philosophy, and a broad spectrum of sciences."
I think he's essentially a retired Jewish teacher from Chicago who became fixated on the Hopi to try and find a sense of purpose in his life. He's not out to make money off of prophecies, but he does want attention and spreads lots of false information.
In the thread at Indianz he claims his adopted father died in 1999 at age 102. That fits with the false claims all over the internet by Roy Steevenzs, a Dutch-Indonesian man who calls himself "Roy Littlesun" who was expelled from the Hopi Nation for disruption, making false claims about a Hopi elder, and fundraising for a phony charity. My guess is he found the claims by Steevensz and is repeating them.
I will start a research thread and see if we can find out anything more.

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2010, 02:38:47 pm »
Seems he's gotten much worse, peddling his ideas with many frauds like Calleman.

This site is selling seminars for the 2012 hoax. The listing for Cohen shows a small photo of him, a balding grey bearded white man.

Clicking the link marked "adopted tribe member" pulls up this nonsense.

Joel Cohen
Mother Earth
Earth Cycles
As a young man in the 1960's, Joel met his first spiritual mentor, unbeknown to most a wise and spiritually gifted elder quietly serving our world. From their discussions and the remarkable experiences that occurred in the holy company of his mentor, Joel perceived a larger reality to life and Nature than known in his earlier experiences. During the ensuing years he met his native father, a holy man of an ancient indigenous people who adopted him as his son and member of the tribe. Joel was initiated in the ancient knowledge they had preserved, pertaining to our living Mother Earth, and the cycle within nature that progresses life within sun systems, sometimes called “The Sacred Path or Pattern of Migration.”

Joel shared this knowledge together with his adoptive father until his father’s death past age 100. Joel has continued sharing this information in talks, on the Internet, in a university project, and in a book for more than ten years now.

Joel holds a B.A., and M.A. from the University of Illinois, is a certified hypnotherapist, and, earlier in his life was qualified by Naval Reactors, a division of the Atomic Energy Commission, as an operator of S1C and S5W nuclear engineering plants. About a year and a half of his life was spent under the oceans of the world operating a Polaris submarine nuclear plant.

About This Knowledge

According to the knowledge kept by his adoptive people, and others, we have reentered an ancient cycle, a period which has been known by different names down the ages: the Q’ero Incan people call it “Pachacuti,” some Mayan elders call it “The Shift of The Ages,” The Hopi refer to it as “Purification Time”; it is also known as “The Time of Tribulation,” “The Earth’s Birth Pains,” and “Judgement Day,”....

“I will be presenting this information as best as I can as it was taught to me by my mentors, especially my adoptive native father. It is a giveaway, which means that it is not for sale, but belongs to everyone and is being restored as such. I take no pay for doing this, and any profits due me from the sale of DVDs of this conference have been referred to a Native American charitable organization I have no connection to. This knowledge relates to the Mayan & Hopi information that other speakers will be presenting...."


And yet, the supposed charity is unnamed. The supposed elder/adoptive father is unnamed. Likely Cohen is making false claims, because it sounds strikingly what Roy Steevensz said about a Hopi elder.

Other frauds at the seminar:
Carl Calleman, Swedish toxicologist who claims to be an expert on Mayan prophecy, behind much of the 2012 hoaxing
John Kimmey, who has spread enormous falsehoods about the Hopi, and even claims to be a Huna and Buddhist teacher

Strange this is, the seminar is being peddled by an institute that studies economic cycles. I wonder what they see in this. Do they think the panic in some circles around the 2012 hoax will affect the economy?

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2010, 06:00:44 pm »
The institute is considered by many economists to be "fringe".  I used to edit various papers for two economic journals. (Federal Reserve Board's "International Finance Discussion Papers" was one.) Yes, economists do study business cycles but they do not include "the theory of everything" to explain various cycles. 

This Institute wants to see what solar flares have on economic activity, etc.  This institute has been around for years, and does generate some interest but not by mainline economists.  So it would stand to reason that they would be interested in what will happen in 2012.  This event is different from Y2K which was studied since that event required businesses to spend money to update their systems, and did have the potential to disrupt commerce.  What effect that the 2012 event would have on business in general is beyond me.  (Other than a cottage industry which sprang up selling books and things.)

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2010, 10:01:07 pm »
... thank you for the updates.  John Cohen/AKA A Brother, Upaava has been peddling his message on for just over a year.  I read his e-book, as a give-a-way (as he states), and it's mumbled with every other religious text known to man.  I have yet to find Hopi Prophecy on the world-wide-web which, suggests, I will not find true Hopi Prophecies but rather a mix bag of broken goods.  I have also come across other blogs where John Cohen is peddling his message of doom'n'gloom and others too have questioned Mr Cohen and I have yet to read his answers to any direct question pertaining to his knowledge. 

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #4 on: November 24, 2011, 05:55:22 pm »
Educator, native-seed pioneer, Hopi-prophecy interpreter and former Santa Fe resident John Kimmey died from cancer last month in Crestone, Colo. He was 71.

Cremation has taken place but a memorial reception is planned for 1 p.m. May 15 at the New Buffalo Compound in Arroyo Hondo north of Taos.

Kimmey was born on March 29, 1940, in Portland, Ore., to Hazel and James Kimmey, who later moved to the Bay Area of California.

In high school, John Kimmey was active in theater and music, later performing as a drummer with jazz musicians. He served in the Navy in Japan and the Philippines.

In 1965, he moved to New Mexico and obtained teaching certification from the College of Santa Fe in 1967. The next year, Kimmey, wife Marie, Charlie Bentley and Ed Nagel founded the Santa Fe Community School.

In an interview in The New Mexican in 1994, the late Matthew Schwartzman recalled how a fundraiser for Kimmey's school in the 1960s was broken up by the police at the behest of then-Municipal Judge R.E. "Cuate" Chavez, who feared "there was going to be this big hippie be-in and the girls would get naked."

In 1972, Kimmey helped start Taos Learning Centers. In the early 1980s, he taught at the Hopi Nation's Hotvilla-Bacavi Community School on the Third Mesa in Arizona, where he developed an interest in Hopi prophecies through his mentor, David Montongye. Kimmey traveled to New Zealand, Mexico and Canada to talk about the prophecies and wrote two books about them, Light on the Return Path: A Spiritual Survival Manual and The Jack Hopper Trilogy: The Story of a Coyote's Success.

In 2000, the Hopi Nation asked Kimmey to stop telling non-Indians about their prophecies because they are sacred, secret information that should be controlled by the Hopis. Kimmey responded that Montongye and other elders who had given him permission to deliver the prophecies to whites were all dead, so, "I've got a bunch of ghosts to support me, and that's about all."

During the 1980s, while at the Southwest Learning Centers, Kimmey and Seth Roffman founded the Talavaya Center near Española to conserve native agricultural crops by propagating seeds grown for centuries in New Mexico. They developed a seed bank of more than 600 heirloom varieties. In 1985, the United Nations honored him for his efforts in preserving traditional agriculture.

Kimmey returned to Taos in 1987 to found the Sustainable Native Agriculture Center. He traveled to the Northwest to continue his work with native crops, as well as continuing to talk about Hopi prophecies.

In 2004, he moved to Hawaii, where he learned about Huna ceremonial and Buddhist healing practices. After returning to Santa Fe for several years, he moved to Crestone two years ago.

Kimmey is survived by his companion, Marion Harris; his sister, Joan Crowder; three children, Sean Kimmey, Heather Anderson and Erin Kimmey; seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #5 on: November 30, 2011, 09:09:23 pm »
When someone, even those with dubious claims and the outright harmful, passes on, we generally move the thread to Archives and mark it No Longer a Matter of Concern.

The exception to that is when there are those continuing to misuse the false information. So we have threads on Castaneda, Robt Franzone, etc.

Cohen is a strange case. No effort made to profit off of falsehoods, but a huge amount of falsehoods spread. A quick search turns up many links to his name. (Not all his, some are for similar words in Hinduism.)

The links he put up are still out there and, not being commercial paid sites, probably will stay there indefinitely. Should we move this thread to Archives or keep it here?

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2011, 09:11:51 am »
My thoughts, for what it's worth....

I know nothing about this person apart from what I have read here and I am not in a position to provide an informed opinion about him personally, however some things stood out for me when I read the thread, which are as follows:

... thank you for the updates.  John Cohen/AKA A Brother, Upaava has been peddling his message on for just over a year.  I read his e-book, as a give-a-way (as he states), and it's mumbled with every other religious text known to man.  I have yet to find Hopi Prophecy on the world-wide-web which, suggests, I will not find true Hopi Prophecies but rather a mix bag of broken goods.  I have also come across other blogs where John Cohen is peddling his message of doom'n'gloom and others too have questioned Mr Cohen and I have yet to read his answers to any direct question pertaining to his knowledge. 


Cohen is a strange case. No effort made to profit off of falsehoods, but a huge amount of falsehoods spread. A quick search turns up many links to his name. (Not all his, some are for similar words in Hinduism.)

The links he put up are still out there and, not being commercial paid sites, probably will stay there indefinitely.
Should we move this thread to Archives or keep it here?

I have concerns about free ebooks and other "freebies" offered by newage frauds, simply because such things can be used by criminals to infect the computers of the unwary with spyware for various criminal motives.

I have no idea if this is the case with the "freebies" of Joel Cohen AKA Upaava, but if the many links still on the www relating to his work are links offering downloadable "freebies" then this is definitely cause for concern.

Even if Joel Cohen / Upaava did not make infected downloadable items available, there is the very real possibility that other newage criminals (of which there are many as we all know) will use the popularity and wide availability of his "work" as an opportunity to infect the computers of the unwary.

I appreciate that this is tangential to the issue of Joel Cohen / Upaava and what category he should be placed in.  I do not consider myself sufficiently informed about him to be able to give an opinion in that respect, but I thought that it might be worth sharing my concerns about all the links and downloads regarding him that are still around.

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #7 on: August 27, 2012, 06:09:01 pm »
Nothing new to report. Just wishing the best for all involved and I am gratefully thankful for this website and the value of important, truthful, insights provided throughout.

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #8 on: October 22, 2016, 03:32:43 pm »
Hello :)

As a brief introduction I'm caucasian (Irish ancestry), female,"Australian".

To make short my history of activism alongside Indigenous friends; I can best explain that I've (hopefully) learnt to 'shut up' and listen, while still offering any help asked for; and to remember that I experience privilege that can blind me to important and sensitive issues and cause me to still be part of the problem/s.

NB: You can let me know when I stuff up. I will listen. I offer to be an ally. I will try not to make mistakes from my privilege. If I do, feel free to tell me.

Okay... why am I posting here?

2 days ago I encountered online the brother of the person this NAFPS thread is about, posing as a Hopi and I (partially) confronted him.

(I'm a member of a forum based on discussing channelled information -(yes I know this is seen as "woo" :) ).

(Please know I understand (and respect) that there's a strong and valid distrust for "woo" here at NAFPS - and after my own 30 years of search/research in spiritual/metaphysical topics I have a pretty strong BS detector for the plethora of waffle and fraud in 'new-age spirituality' and additionally - make every effort to challenge cultural appropriation wherever I find it.*)

(*I've been active in helping debunk Keisha Crowther/Miriam Delicado - as 2 examples -  and also basically was (eventually) shunned by nearly all the new age 'practitioners' in the Spiritualist community of a small city I once lived in (I do Tarot and Usui Reiki) for expressing that what so many (all white people) were doing ('dream catchers'/'shamanism'/'native drumming' etc, etc) was cultural theft and fraud.
I lost many supposed friends and had lots of stress - and it was worth it.)

This is the link to further info about the 'woo' I'm currently reading (and quite like actually) :o :

But please understand it is not these people (via this link) that are (imo) frauds or cultural transgressors; but a new forum member I encountered 2 days ago on their forum.

From the outset, I was suspicious of this person as after reading in the NAFPS forums, research elsewhere, and after a few years of watching/reading Miriam Delicado's facebook page and then confronting her -  to no avail; I suspected this new member alleging to be a Hopi - as a fraud.

I wrote a reply post citing red flags and transgression/appropriation, and then spent several hours looking into this "Hohongwitutiwa" (who alleges that despite being "euro american" he is 'Hopi'.)

I came here (first port of call!) (of course :) )

then found:

I also did lots of name searches for this "Daniel" aka "Upaava – your brother Hohongwitutiwa"

So - I'm here to alert this website - and maybe get some help to tackle this fool.

By way of a disclaimer: there are a lot of people involved with the "Bring 4th" forums who piss me off by their inability to see their casual sexism/homophobia/racism... and I often lock horns with members there. But I do find the channelled information by the 3 original researchers very interesting: (2 have now passed - 1 is still alive) -  they made no effort to proselytise, never made much money; they gave free pdf's and had to hold down 9-5 jobs to pay their bills... they were/are in my opinion very genuine spiritual re/searchers.
  Additionally, "The Ra Material" is not a religion, nor does it ask to be 'believed' at all.

It presents itself for consideration.
I'm still reading all the transcripts of the 'channellings'. I'm still 'considering it'.

Sorry for this lengthy detour  - I only mention this because I wish to contextualise the place where I have come across this fraudster.

ok - Here's a copy of the entries onto/into the forums of this "Hohongwitutiwa" who is positioning himself there to be a messenger for Hopi and already (!) has swayed several members towards believing his authenticity/veracity.

" Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
19-10-16, 07:43 PM,
Joined: Oct 2016
Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Ngungu'Taota (greetings, we are relatives), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are One),

For those who do not know me, my Hopi name is Hohongwitutiwa. I am a EuroAmerican man who was adopted by a Hopi of the higher religious order, a One Horned Priest, or Mongwi, keeper of the ancient knowledge preserved by the Hopi people. When adopted, according to Hopi tradition, I was made a member of the tribe and given my Hopi name. I am not an official Hopi representative, and not all Hopi agree with sharing this knowledge, but we were told to share it at this time by Masau long ago, and nothing being given can do anything but good.

What I am sharing is sent with an open hand, to accept, or not, as you choose.

As my father's kiikelt, or “young hawk” learner, I spent two years with my father, helping him share the Hopi knowledge we were instructed to share with the world at this time. Since his death in 1999 at the age of 102, I have continued sharing this knowledge wherever I can as a giveaway. In this regard, you will find my posts and comments scattered throughout the Internet over the past decades, as well as a book entitled “Earth Mother Our Womb of Life,” which can be downloaded as a free ebook. As a giveaway, I have given permission to copy and share the book as long as nothing is changed. I have been sharing this information on David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos website in the General Discussion forums, as well as many other places over the years. I come to you with humility and respect, and will do my best to answer any questions you have to the best of my ability.

The purpose of my coming here, is to relate the L/L Research Law of One, to the Hopi knowledge of our Law of Life. I am aware of the channelled writings of L/L Research, and even corresponded with Carla Rueckert in the late 80's early 90's.

The heart of what I am sharing with you, is an appreciation of the Earth to our futures; how we have been evolving according to a design in Nature-- in Creation Itself-- upon the Earth, and will soon culminate our evolution if we live loving and unselfish lives, remaining immovable from the Earth through all the trials to come.

The Ra material has mentioned that each density has its own quality, a spectrum of densities akin to the spectrum of colors we know. The Hopi relate these density qualities to our Solar system, within a process we know as The Sacred Path of Migration. This process describes how the Earth has migrated from the outermost orbit of our system, to our present orbit we know as the Fourth World. The Hopi Sunflower sandpainting-- showing 8 concentric circles with petals around the outer circle-- represents our Sun System: innermost circle is Pluto with the petalled outer circle being the sun (pictured in the Earth Mother book).

At each purification time, which is occurring again now, the core of each world is born-ejected through the sipapuni or birth canal of each planet. For the Earth, the core will emerge in Antarctica in the area of the Weddell Sea. The ejected cores will become moons, the true origin of moons. The blistering molten cores, when encountering the coldness of space, collapse into most of the craters we see on the moons, as well as forming the molten seas, or mares, that are seen.

At the time of each migration, due to the excitation present during these periods, life is evolved to new species adapted to live in the environs of the new orbit and density, as shown in the fossil record. Evolution begins in the outermost orbit from raw material, to a completed, heavenly form and consciousness in the orbit of the Morning Star. Earth has gone through 6 past purification cycles/orbits to reach where we are now as Homo sapiens (6 Days of Creation in Book of Genesis), each orbit having its own density and quality-- early outer impressions; early feelings; emotions; early thought; focus on intellect; culminating with the at-onement of spirit, mind and body in the Morning Star orbit, the Kingdom Christ spoke about that is “not of this world.”

The Earth is now having her birthpains, the true case of the increasing number and severity of storms, earthquakes, and other geo-disturbances, the so-called global warming, observed by our space probes on the other planets of our system.

The Earth is a living Being who does not want to lose the children She has nurtured for so long and so far. She wants Her children to awaken to Her. The Earth is our nearest expression of the Godhead that ensouls all of Creation. Rather than looking to other worlds for our salvation, we are being called to look down to the Earth as our true hope. According to Hopi knowledge, only those who remain immovable from the Earth through all the trials and temptations to come, will inherit their crowning life.

Naawakna nihqe kyaptsita – with love and respect,
Upaava – your brother Hohongwitutiwa - Daniel"

The following 12 users Like Hohongwitutiwa's post:
anagogy, BlatzAdict, Bring4th_Jade, Dekalb_Blues, Diana, facettes, Infinite Unity, Kaaron, Minyatur, Night Owl, Sabou, sunnysideup

and here (my user name is "SMC") is my reply:

"20-10-16, 12:22 AM,

RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One

With respect:

    "I am not an official Hopi representative, and not all Hopi agree with sharing this knowledge"

S.M.C has 25 years of cultural/political interaction with Indigenous of Australia; 7 years with Indigenous of USA/Canada;
and has been very clearly and firmly taught:
- to never share what is not unanimously agreed to be shared.
With sacred knowledge, one objection is sufficient - for silence.
Permission is necessary. Protocol keeps culture safe, uncontaminated.

- too much has been taken/stolen from Indigenous already.

Not having personal connection with Hopi but with knowledge of cultural issues/politics/white appropriation of Hopi learned from Indigenous activist friends connected to Hopi; S.M.C understands the rifts in Hopi world enough to see that these rifts 'allow' some Hopi to approve your adopted identity and sharing of Hopi sacred information - but this doesn't allay concern at your posting here (and elsewhere).

Put it to you that you come here for self promotion.
Have been taught to take a stand on this.
Indigenous Lore/Law requires respect and PERMISSION.
This response is 'gatekeeper' but is not intended to be hostile to (or a whole picture of) you.

If this seems stern or harsh - please know it is very kindly phrased compared to the sometimes justifiable anger and warnings/advice that originally taught S.M.C to respect and not appropriate (no matter how innocently) what is not allowed to be taken.

Perhaps your journey and interactions are different, though this is very rare, if this is the case."

there are then many further replies on this thread which can be found at:

several of which mightly pissed me off as they argued for "Hohongwitutiwa" being free to share whatever he wanted to (!)

"Hohongwitutiwa" 's reply to me is:

"RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Ngungu'taota SMC, and those reading here, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

SMC, I understand and respect your passion to respect the rights of indigenous people to keep their cultural knowledge within their circles, but, respectfully, you have ignored two important points I shared in my post: the Hopi have clear instructions from the holy personage who originally provided them the Hopi Way (Masau) to share certain knowledge with the world during this time; and I am a Hopi according to Hopi tradition.

Hopi who do not follow this instruction are betraying their highest spiritual duty. To not follow this instruction is analogous to receiving an instruction from Jesus and deciding to ignore it. Also, I am only sharing certain knowledge, not everything I know, only the information the Earth's children are meant to receive at this important time in the world; this knowledge belongs to everyone and is needed to help people make wise choices when unexpected events arise that will be presented deceptively.

The name “Hopi” is often translated as “peaceful” and “honest” but Sun Clan Kikmongwi (Village leader) Dan Katchongva gave the name a deeper meaning:

“...Hopi means not only to be peaceful, but to obey and have faith in the instructions of the Great Spirit, God knows who is in the right and not to distort any of his teachings for influence or power, or in any way corrupt the Hopi Way of life. Otherwise the name will be taken away...”

My Hopi father and myself have striven to follow the above definition, although other Hopi have not, leading to a prophesied division within the Hopi, including the adoption of a governing council that was NOT approved by the Hopi people, which is under the influence of the U.S. Government, and that has done things contrary to the Hopi Way. As Dan Katchongva asserted:

“...We Hopi knew all this would come about (forces seeking to change the Hopi Way)…If we were to accept those offers from his government, that would be the doom of the Hopi Nation…We know that when the time comes, the Hopi will be reduced to maybe one person, two persons, three persons (following the Hopi Way)...”

I can assure you that not only have I not made any money from writing the book, which has been given away as free ebooks, but it has cost me money to have it privately published, not to mention the stress from dealing with people who have made lies and thrown insults at me.

I am not explaining this to defend myself, nor to enter into a long debate, but to provide an honest explanation to help assuage any anger so this information can be provided in a friendly atmosphere, as it should be given. My hope is that I have done so.

The free will of everyone should always be respected, which is why I made clear that this knowledge is given with an open hand to take or leave as one chooses.

I reiterate that the knowledge I am sharing will greatly help you see through the deceptions the Hopi know are coming, so you can walk a straight road to your highest life.

Someone has written me a private message about something I might help them with (I will answer shortly). Please feel free to send me any questions with which I may be able to assist you.

Umumi pam taaviningwu – may the sun always shine upon you,
Your brother Hohongwitutiwa"

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then he continues posting:

"RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Ngungu'taota (greetings, we are relations), Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are One),

Someone has privately asked me where to download a copy of the free ebook, “Earth Mother Our Womb of Life.” There is a woman named Vanessa who has been researching the science behind the Hopi knowledge in her blog. Anyone can download the ebook by clicking on the picture of the book at the below link:

With love and respect,
Upaava Hohongwitutiwa "


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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #9 on: October 22, 2016, 03:35:28 pm »
(ie: previous post continued)

then in reply to other posts:

"RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Ngungu'taota, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

My thanks for the friendly greeting that several of you have sent me. I appreciate your friendship and will do my best to repay you in kind.

In answer to Diana's question, I am not aware of any Hopi communication with animals, although some may have done so. My Hopi father had the ability to become one with an animal and direct it, but I don't believe that is what you are asking.

For the record, I would like to clarify my earlier statement that I did not make any money on the book. The publisher does not work for free, and provided me a range of prices for the hard copy of the book; I took the lowest price offered. Although I have provided a free ebook version for everyone, and given permission to copy the book and pass it to others, some people have chosen to order a hard copy of the book from the publisher. Altogether, over nine years, I have received about $70.00 in royalties. It cost me over thirty times that amount to publish the book. In other words, I have not made money on the book, but have taken a large monetary loss in publishing it. That has not mattered to me, because I did not write the book to make money, but to help disseminate this information to as many people as possible, which I am continuing to do here.

Umumi pam taaviningwu – may the sun always shine upon you,
Upaava Hohongwitutiwa"


"RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Ngungu'taota, Tutskwa I'qatsi (Land and Life are One),

The following will be new to most of you. As adults, it is difficult for many to set aside their past beliefs and accept new and different knowledge. I recommend, as best as you can, receiving it with an open mind, as a child does.

The highest Hopi pootskwani, or spirit law, is Tutskwa I'qatsi. This means that the Earth is our Land and our Life. It means that everything we possess, including the spirit of life itself, is given to us by our Mother Earth upon whom we are evolved toward life eternal. One of the greatest truths lost to our modern age, is an understanding of all the Earth IS and means to us. We are deeply rooted within the life of the Earth, and have been evolving upon Her, from world orbit-to-world-orbit (and density), and lifetime-to-lifetime. Each lifetime allows us the opportunity to grow in unselfishness and love (inner purification), while new and more perfect species are evolved at the end of each purification time, when the Earth (and the sister planets of our system) move up an orbit nearer the sun. Scientists have made a theory called Punctuated Equilibrium to explain the fossil record, that agrees with the Hopi knowledge.

Within the Creator's plan of evolving life, death is as natural as breathing. Hopi knowledge asserts that when we die we are held within the great life of the Earth (the Hopi know as Maski, or Spirit Home) to be reborn again later to continue our evolution-- our personal journeys of inner, spiritual purification AND Nature's part in evolving life during purification times. One of the things that the Earth provides us is TIME. Time allows us to live, die, and progress forward toward our perfected life in the orbit of the Morning Star. The core of the Earth creates a protective magnetic field, and helps generate gravity and Time. As one travels outside the influence of the Earth's gravity, evolutionary Time ceases to exist, according to our understanding.

As mentioned, the orbit of the Morning Star (Hopi call Taalawsohu) is the crowning place of ours and other systems, where life attains an angelic, imperishable form. This place is so sacred to the Hopi that when someone dies a line of sacred corn is laid from the bed of the deceased to where Venus will arise. Hopi know that when Jesus spoke of His kingdom, he was speaking of the Morning Star (the Star of David, sacred to Jewish people, is a symbol of the Morning Star):

“...I, Jesus, have sent My angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the bright Morning Star." (Rev. 22:16)

We are the root and offspring of the Earth, next in line to ascend to the crowning place of ours (and other) systems, following in the footsteps of our Elder Brother and all our ancestors who preceded us to Taalawsohu during the last purification. To earn our places there we must live being the best people we can be, always holding fast to the Earth.

Hopi know that something deceptive is coming soon that will use lures and fear to drive us from the Earth to another place where we cannot complete our evolution. As explained, ONLY with the Earth can we reach our perfected life. I will speak more about this in future posts.

May the sun always shine upon you,
Upaava - your brother - Hohongwitutiwa "


"RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Ngungu'taota, earth spirit and friends, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

May peace be with you.

I understand the feelings and beliefs people have, as I was brought up within the same predominant ideas of our age; I know how difficult it is to let go of old ideas and accept what is new and different. A holy person once said: “you hold on so tightly to what you have, that it is difficult for me to give you what you need.” Whether you realize it, or not, I am trying to provide what you need to safely progress through the days ahead when important choices will arise, choices that will profoundly affect your futures. I am going to talk about those choices, so when they arrive you will be more prepared to choose wisely. Nonetheless, the choices will be yours to make.

The Hopi knowledge harkens back to an earlier time, when there was a closer connection to the Earth and the truths of life that have since been lost to our times. In sharing the Hopi knowledge, with a respect for each person's right to find their own way, I have to detach myself as much as possible; yet my heart goes out to everyone in hopes that the truth will be found and followed, because there is very much at stake. Regardless of what some believe, eternal life is not a free gift, it must be earned. There are challenges and tests to pass in order to progress up the evolutionary ladder to the higher levels of existence you have been studying. We earn our higher places by virtue of honoring the commandments and covenants given to us by our Creator, which involve living good lives and clinging tightly to the Earth.

The Earth is in process of ascending to the crowning place of our sun system, the place of the Morning Star. There are now “wars and rumors of wars, and earthquakes in diverse places, the beginnings of birthpains” prophesied for the end of this age. The birthpains are not symbolic or metaphorical: the Earth is literally having labor pains to birth Her core-egg, followed by migrating to the orbit of the Morning Star (the Earth has migrated nearer the sun six times before to reach our present orbit and density). As with a human birth, the Earth's birthpangs will escalate as Her birth time draws nearer. As the storms and other geo-disturbances increase, fear will naturally arise which will be exploited by those who will present themselves on Earth as our friends, but who will have their own interests, not ours, in mind. They will use fear and lures to entice us to desert the Earth; that is the choice I have spoken about: to remain immovable from the Earth, or abandon Her. The Hopi knowledge I am sharing is to help you see through the deceptions, so you will not make horrible choices you cannot take back.

I will share more about these maters to help insure your understanding is clear. I do not know every detail about these subjects, but will answer any questions people have to the best of my ability.

With love and respect,
Your brother Hohongwitutiwa - Daniel "


"RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Ngngu'taota, Diana, hounsic and friends, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

Diana-- Your question is a very good one. I will explain in a forthcoming post. I am trying to go slowly as I know this information is new to most people.

hounsic-- Your thoughts are mine, too. Thank you for your warm greeting!

I offer the following to lighten the mood and nourish everyones souls.

There is a great Circle of Life that has evolved upon the Earth as depicted in the Book of Genesis, and explained by the Hopi in my earlier posts. Humankind is the leading edge of the Earth's evolutionary life. But we-- Homo sapiens-- are not the final stage of that development. That perfected stage awaits Earth's loyal children at the end of this purification time.

Sam Robson does all 64 parts in his rendition of Elton John's The Circle of Life, from Disney's The Lion King

Pete Seeger was a musician and peace activist who spent his life uniting the people of the world in song. At age 92 in one of his last appearances, his singing voice gone, he joined a group of children singing Bob Dylan's Forever Young, a foretelling of our life in the Earth to come.

With love and respect,
Your brother Hohongwitutiwa - Daniel"


"RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Nakwa Kaaron, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

It is not generally known, but the Hopi have had meetings with Hawaiian and Tibetan elders. I am skeptical of commercial films about islanders, such as Whale Rider, but found the connection of the Maori to Nature depicted in the film to be in harmony with the Hopi Way.

Hopi knowledge agrees with your information that migrations to America, as well as from other locations, derive from South Pacific Islands: our history goes far back to islands some call Mu or Lemuria.

The diaspora scattered Jewish people around the world, so your Mormon contact could be right.

This is a special time, and it is wise to set aside our beliefs so we can receive what we need without prejudice. I think you would agree that we are not capable of knowing for certain how our Creator has, or has not, chosen to set up contact with His earthly children: Moses and Aaron could have been His choice, and this arrangement may again be done if, and when, the Jewish Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem and the Ark is found and restored to its place in the Temple. That may be happening now.

For the Hopi, the way to our highest life is found by living in harmony with the Earth, respecting Her as our creator with gratitude and devotion for all She provides us, which includes being the mother world upon whom our evolution continues to its completion (4D and beyond).

Please understand that I am here to share the Hopi knowledge and would prefer not to discuss other subjects until all that information has been given.

My the sun always shine upon you,
Upaava Hohongwitutiwa - Daniel "


ooookay :) if anyone wants to see the argument I got into with some forum members who defended this fraud  >:( - they can go to the link to view the whole thread.

From what I can gather - it seems this "Daniel" aka "Upaava – Hohongwitutiwa" is the brother of the John of this NAFPS thread (it's verified in the first few links I searched) and that (since the death of John?) he's either behaving as if he 'is the son of a Hopi father' (taking over the fraudulent identity John had) - or saying that he also was made a Hopi !)

(NB: this "Hopi father" died at 102 in 1999 just like educatedindian posted in this NAFPS thread July 20, 2010:

"In the thread at Indianz he claims his adopted father died in 1999 at age 102. That fits with the false claims all over the internet by Roy Steevenzs, a Dutch-Indonesian man who calls himself "Roy Littlesun" who was expelled from the Hopi Nation for disruption, making false claims about a Hopi elder, and fundraising for a phony charity. My guess is he found the claims by Steevensz and is repeating them."

So he's a fraud Hopi - and maybe a double fraud in also taking on his deceased brothers identity (- though he does say he's 'Daniel'.. )

I haven't had to time to look into more of his postings online, but he seems to be claiming authorship of the book “Earth Mother Our Womb of Life” - which maybe his brother John wrote?

Also - the book is available via: "Manataka' which is a NAFPS identified fraud site.

I next notified one of the website admin/mods for Bring 4th and this is their current reply:

"This is an odd situation. We surprisingly have not had to deal with it in the past. In fact, the web you've portrayed is quite complex and confusing. I've talked it over with the mods.

Feel free, of your own prerogative, to post whatever information you have found regarding his false identity. He uses this cultural identity to back up his claims so it's fair to discuss that identity. A personal note, expect that not everyone will be very receptive to you raising such questions and may get miffed at the very attempt for one reason or another. You could likely couch the information in language and expressions that increase receptivity of other forum members.

Whether to contact NAFPS is completely up to you.

This brings up unexplored territory of identity theft for us, so I can't say exactly how we'll proceed if you conclusively prove that he is not who he says he is.

Thanks for letting us know."

I've replied letting them know that I would be contacting NAFPS - and here I am!

I'd rather not try to deal with this fraud by myself on B4th forums as I already have a reputation as a bit of a firebrand amongst some younger members... some of who don't have much respect for me... so basically, if I make a post to challenge 'Daniel' directly I will not necessarily get much support, and given my irritation at some people there - it's tempting to leave this BS unaddressed as a (future) lesson for some of the naive-but overconfident of their spiritual wisdom- types - in learning discernment.

Why I'm making the effort to take this further and write here - is that the issue is bigger than the duping of a few forum members on a rather eclectic low key website... and I'm saying - I don't know how effective I'll be in trying to expose this charlatan by myself.... can I get some help possibly?

wow! what a long post!! 

Best wishes to all :)

In Solidarity

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2016, 10:46:35 am »
Hi, an update on this:

I've found 12 pages of "Upaava" postings at
from early 2013 until September 24th this year (2016), and within this long thread there are many links this "Upaava" provides for information/reference/direct contact etc.

As members (on Bring 4th) are responding with questions and his posts are becoming longer, weirder and more misrepresentative of Hopi (from what I can tell) - ie: there's lots of stuff about Jerusalem/Jesus and aliens - (ie:"who choose extended life and technology over evolution become outcasts, finally needing to prey on others to sustain their lives. They know that when they die in Space-Time they will not receive newer and better bodies, as on Earth, but will devolve to a beastly form that cannot tolerate light. That is their reason for luring us there to replace those who defect: to sustain their lives by using us to replace their stale blood and withered organs. This accounts for many of the mysterious animal mutilations recorded. With this in mind, who would choose Space-Time over their Earth Mother and Her Time? My Hopi father explains:..."
 - I felt I needed to write a 2nd post to him so a few hours ago I posted this: -

RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One

Hi Daniel,

Are you the original/only author of the book 'Earth Mother Our Womb Of Life' ?

Can you clarify your relationship to "Joel Cohen" aka "Jim Kimmey" aka "Upaava"?

Can you please provide the name of your 'adopted' Hopi father?

Can you also please confirm if you are associated/connected with ?


to which I got this reply:

RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One

Greetings, SMC, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

My brother, it is clear that your questions are part of a campaign to attack me because of your beliefs about cultural theft (hopefully you're not a troll). But what really matters is whether what I am sharing, about myself and Hopi knowledge, is true as I have presented it, and that I am following what all Hopi are instructed to share at this time.

You may believe you are doing something good, but what you are doing is interfering with knowledge that is meant to be given out at this time, without concern for whether those reading here would like to receive it and decide for themselves what to do with it, if anything.

I have always planned to leave here after I finished providing the information to the satisfaction of those studying it. If the moderators of this site and the visitors reading here wish me to leave, I will respect their wishes.

I will answer one of your questions: I am the original and sole author of the Earth Mother book.

As your comments are not helpful and only interfere with the topic being discussed, I will continue sharing as long as people wish me to, without reply to you. Of course, if you wish to engage in real discussion of this material, I will be happy to join you.

May the sun always shine upon you,
Your brother Hohongwitutiwa - Daniel

to which I replied:

RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One

Hi Daniel,

There is no wish "to attack"; but definite concern with regard to possible cultural misrepresentation/appropriation; which is why these questions are valid, and necessary -

1) to determine the authenticity that what you're telling us are actual Hopi beliefs;


2) to show if you truly do have the authority to speak on behalf of Hopi.

If you are secure in your authority and authenticity, why won't you provide answers to these questions?

Spiritual and Cultural lineage of Indigenous people involves recognition and respect. This is fundamental to traditional cultures.

It's remiss of you to not provide the precise details of your being granted permission to speak on behalf of Hopi; so to now sidestep a query asking you to provide details is problematic.

A crucial aspect of the Ra Material is that purity of intent and exacting protocols were put in place to protect the authenticity and accuracy of the transmitted information.
So it's natural for a forum member to ask for this information from you.

Instead you reply that a valid attempt to establish your bona-fides is "part of a campaign to attack"

"without concern for" forum members
and not engaging in "real discussion of this material".

This seems evasive.

If you would answer these simple and relevant questions, dialogue can begin.


then follows very soon after my post a "new member" (joined the website straight after my posting and has only made one post)

RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One

Thank you for the information you provided in your book and in your posts.

If I understand you correctly, you state that one of the methods of deception will be to invite people into the space-ships, and another to teach them how to manipulate space-time, in order to escape destruction during (before?) the next step in planetary migration. And your warning is not to obey this luring, and stay loyal to the Earth. Is it correct?

I find this advice simple and genuine. Thank you

to which he replies:

RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One

Nakwa Bumblebee, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

Ta'a, yes, that is substantially correct. There are already doorways set up for travelling in time using time as direction (Hopi know this has been going on for many centuries), AND when the Earth's birthpains worsen so people are afraid, they will land in ships seeking to use our fear to ensnare as many of us as they can, as well as using lures to have us go with them. They know the Earth is about to migrate and this will be their last chance.

Yes, feel in your hearts all the Earth means to us, then remain immovable from Her to the end. If a world government is set up, where you will be chipped, do not participate in it. Live apart on the land with others who appreciate and respect the Earth.

With love and respect,
Your brother


RE: Hopi Law of Life AND L/L Law of One
Nakwa SMC, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

I will make reply this one time, so people can decide if what you say are the only reasons for not disclosing more information.

First, I have already explained that I am not an official Hopi spokesperson, and that not all Hopi agree with sharing this information. I was forthright about that in my first post-- that means that I am not authorized to speak for the Hopi. That is your sole complaint and I have admitted it from the outset.

What you fail to address, because of your zeal on behalf of indigenous cultures (to your credit) is that there are circumstances in which the right thing to do is to follow the highest duty of your people, even when it goes against the “official” stance. This is true not only of indigenous people, but of all people in every situation and walk of life. I have explained, but you have ignored, why I am not following those Hopi who are not speaking out as I am (some Hopi are doing the same as me, because they know this is what they are instructed to do by our highest religious authority- Masau).

You are apparently unaware of Hopi history. The present Hopi Tribal Council was not fairly elected. It is a false council working with the American government to assist business interests, which have desecrated sacred Hopi land and betrayed the Hopi Way religion. If you do some research you will find what I've just said is true. As Dan Katchongva asserted, these people can no longer call themselves Hopi. If you really want to do right for the Hopi, become an activist on behalf of the true, traditional Hopi who continue to follow the Hopi Way, as I am.

As to the authenticity of what I am sharing, readers will have to use their free will to decide about me and the information they are receiving based upon their discernment. In the end, as always, sacred truth must be found within the mind, heart, and soul of each of us.

There is another thing you have failed to consider: there are strong religious and political feelings surrounding these matters, and harm can come to people by speaking out; harm has come to people for speaking out, even murders. That's a reason that people sometimes use aliases-- to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.

My future posts will continue to share the Hopi knowledge until it has been fully given. As I said before, I will respect the wishes of the readers and moderators if they ever wish me to leave.

With love and respect,
Your brother Hogongwitutiwa - Daniel

At this point I don't want to engage in an ongoing back and forth with this person as I don't feel I have cultural authority (myself) to address this any further; nor to make any representations on behalf of NAFPS.

Best wishes from 'Australia'  :)

In Solidarity

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #11 on: October 26, 2016, 04:00:08 am »
Hi again ...

'Upaava' is continuing to be adamant that he has Hopi spiritual authority and is now mentioning Hopi elders by name as being his and Johns father/s.

I've replied challenging him and yet am receiving no support from B4 forum members (they're being apologist for him) and replying to him is becoming stressful as I don't have the authority to confront him as a directly affected person.

I did say I would leave this be, and haven't... but will try to now. (!)

I'm looking forward to reading what NAFPS members have to say regarding this.

Wishing you all the very best.

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #12 on: October 26, 2016, 12:12:35 pm »
Hi all,

I've re-read the info for newcomers...(ie: that being an ally is doing part of 'the heavy lifting') and realised I've been expecting

NAFPS to reply and 'back me up', and this is presumptuous of me.

I'm sorry.

I'll pm educatedindian to ask if it'd be allowed/useful to post the info from the 'Introduction' on your main page:

and "the Ten Signs That They Are New Age/Shaman Frauds and NOT Real Native Medicine People." post of April 18, 2005

on the thread:

in a post to the forum on Bring 4th - as it's people there are replying defending 'Hohongwitutiwa' and denying there's an issue.

After that I would leave the thread, and probably the website.

Their ignorance is deplorable.

In Solidarity

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #13 on: April 17, 2020, 12:07:56 am »
Seems he's gotten much worse, peddling his ideas with many frauds like Calleman.
Carl Calleman, Swedish toxicologist who claims to be an expert on Mayan prophecy, behind much of the 2012 hoaxing

There is thread about Calleman: [Carl Johan Calleman, 9th Wave]

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Re: Joel Cohen AKA Upaava
« Reply #14 on: April 17, 2020, 12:43:02 am »
This is a quote from another thread, which belongs here in the present thread (my bolding):

I've closed my account at the website where I've been challenging the person claiming to be an adopted Hopi.
I still have access to read all the forums, and could easily re-activate my account if needed.
Before I left I created a separate thread with a pdf link to:
"Wanting To Be Indian: When Spiritual Searching Turns into Cultural Theft" ( - Myke Johnson)
and did a copy/paste of the first section of it to encourage members to read it.

Replies continued in the same manner as the fake-Hopi thread, with near complete inability to understand the issue and defensive repeats of 'we can access whatever knowledge we want' (effectively).

I left the site, as it was impossible to reason with anyone and exhausting me.
I made detailed representations to Mods/admin about the issues; but they seem to wish to use the situation as 'catalyst' for these members to learn 'discernment' - rather than removing the fake Hopi member.
I expressed this was not okay and that the issue deserved their advocacy... they agreed theft/appropriation is a violation - but (at least for the moment) disagreed with removal of 'Hohongwituwita'.

I'll collate further postings on the Joel Cohen aka 'Upaava' thread - and update that thread as appropriate.