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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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In this video at about the 7:45 mark Paul Ghosthorse says that his father Buck Ghosthorse grew up on Rosebud and had a Rosebud ID number, also that he didn't have a birth certificate because all the birth certificates at that location were lost in a fire.

Paul also says he himself also has a "Mongolian side".

Why is he doing this?

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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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I can pull up all rosebud information on so that is not true and i can pull up the
enrolled member and there is no Paul Ghosthorse
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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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Good afternoon everybody

About Buck Ghosthorse: I just found this website of Diane Russell, an artist.

The portrait on the opening page is said to be of Vicky and Buck Ghosthorse.
Ms. Russell explains that to paint the portraits she also uses photos... so would it be useful to find out iif she got also Vicky and Buck Ghosthorse photo, and where? Just to find out where they are actually from, etc...

Just an idea ...

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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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Buck Ghosthorse, the founder of this Ghosthorse scam, was born Leonard Albert Mattern Jr. in Pennsylvania. His ancestors look to be most if not all from Pennsylvania, back a century or so. No NDN.

He changed his name legally to Buck Ghosthorse  (or Ghost Horse) in the 90s in Washington state. Mattern had already been presenting himself as NDN in Florida and elsewhere. Several of his followers, including Paul Sahayda, also changed their surname to Ghosthorse.

The followers who legally changed their surname to Ghosthorse were all adults when they did so. The claim that they were adopted as children by Mattern is false. The claim that Mattern is born and raised Lakota is false.

I hope folks read through this entire thread, especially earth7w's info, and elsewhere on this forum. The Buck Ghosthorse supposed lineage, including Paul Ghosthorse, is all fraudulent.

(Anyone interested can get a subscription to and pull together records, there are several people researching Leonard Albert "Buck Ghosthorse" Mattern Jr. already, some research is set as private, but with enough work his genealogy can be done.)


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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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So Paul Ghosthorse says he is the son of Lakota elder Buck Ghosthorse and following the "traditional teachings of his family". But Paul Ghosthorse changed his name as an adult from Paul Peter Sahayda. Buck Ghosthorse originally was Leonard Albert Mattern, he also changed his name legally as an adult. As did several others of his followers.

Mattern is gone but Paul and others carry on the fraud. Here are some quotes from Paul:

Everyone who leads a Sweat Lodge has someone they are responsible to so that no one is on their own to do as they please. There are many who pretend to know these ways and exploit people. There are some who mean well but may hurt people through their own inexperience.

The Sweat Lodge: the house of the stone people: Lakota lineage holder Paul GhostHorse gives us insight into the purifying ritual.

Q: What are your concerns about this renewed interest when it comes to actual practice for people?

A: There are two things that Native people fear most about non-Native people learning these ceremonies: The first is that they will sell them, and the second is that they will change them. These ceremonies have been repeated in a certain way for thousands of years because they continue to work. And if something works, we don't change it. As two-leggeds we try to figure it out and we try to understand, and when we get close to understanding how it works, then we realize that we are still far from that understanding. I have to keep looking, and maybe I will never understand it in a physical world, how it all works. There is a great fear that non-Native people will try to change the ceremonies or pick and choose what they want and dilute the power of the ceremony. And some say, "Well, if it's not part of my personal belief system then it won't hurt anybody." You have to have the right key to unlock the door.

Learning from lineage: New Life Journal's continued interview with Lakota spiritual teacher Paul Ghost Horse.

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Re: Paul Ghosthorse
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Anyone know the people listed as their board?

Joyce Ann McPherson, president
Jonathan Tong, treasurer
TBD, secretary
Betsy Gudz, member
Katherine K. Hoesel, member
Walter Hoesel, member
Amirra Malak, member
Charles Randalls, member
Jennessa Ann Richert, member

Ceremonies and classes.

Amirra Malak is Chad Mayo Ghosthorse's wife. (Chad changed his name legally in 1996 from Chad Everett Mayo to Chad Mayo Ghosthorse.)

Amirra and Chad are both artists. In this video Chad says he was adopted as an infant, that he doesn't know his heritage, and that later he was adopted spiritually by Lakota Indian Buck Ghosthorse.

From Washington state court records:
Mayo, Chad Everett
Old Name                                               E. Klickitat Distric    CN-96-006    09-11-1996

Ghost Horse, Chad Mayo
New Name                                       E. Klickitat Distric    CN-96-006    09-11-1996
Chad was about 26 years old at the time. Leonard Albert Mattern (Buck Ghosthorse) and Paul Peter Sahadya (Paul Ghosthorse) had changed their own names as adults in 1992.

Both Chad and Paul are "successor trustees" (along with Sungleska Oyate, Inc.) in the "Buck Ghosthorse and Vicki Ghosthorse, Trust of June 2006". Buck and Vicki the initial trustees.

Current Sungleska Oyate info
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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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Some threads on the Ghosthorse family

The Goldendale WA property that is held by the revocable Buck Ghosthorse and Vicki Ghosthorse Trust of June 2006, the Sungleska Non-Profit Tax Parcel #05151900000200, is close to 50 acres, assessed at $217,680, zoned general rural. If this land was purchased with the ill gotten gains of fraud, I believe it should be donated or sold to benefit the actual Lakota people.
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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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Sahayda claims that he is possessed by a spirit, called "Red Man" by this author, when he does pseudo Lakota ceremonies.

I scanned the 200 or so people sitting, standing, dancing in a sway, under the arbor. They were reduced to a silhouette, cut out of the brilliant, hot sun, on the scorched dance ground. Half the people wore bear robes, the bears’ faces covering their own, so it looked as though a hundred bears were sitting among a hundred people.

I caught a shifting of one bearskin and saw Paul’s profile, thickly crusted and coated in brick-red clay; this was Red Man, emerging. Red Man is the spirit who possesses him, and in exchange for being in this world, Red Man brings his powers of healing. He was Paul and not-Paul, hunched over, shuffling with a hitched gait. He looked around, squinting, quizzically sizing up where he was, then he set about to work.

The Helpers led the first four people who sought healing to the tree, Annalee among them. I was led to a gated entrance to the dance ground. A line of those to be doctored grew behind me. The four at the tree were swallowed in bearskins. Red Man’s long fingers moved rapidly and deftly and not at all gently across their bodies, pushing, pulling, tugging on fur. Paul, who was not-Paul, but Red Man, yanked a bearskin off one woman’s shoulder, attacking the air above her with a rattle.

Red Man circled behind me, tugged the pelt off my shoulders, and sniffed around. Paul later said that Red Man can’t see very well, so he has to sniff his way around. He circles behind people, so all he sees is the bear robe. He thinks he’s doctoring bears.

Putting his lips on my shoulder, right at the neck, he sucked hard, straightened, and spit whatever spirit or malady or hurt out, over his right shoulder, towards the eastern gate. He’d found the place the rabid bat had landed on me, the place it had bit me, the poisoned place that the doctors had tried to heal. But the toxins in the medicine began to destroy the sensory and motor nerves in my feet and legs.

Red Man pulled the bearskin back over me. I stood hunched from the weight of the robe, facing the tree. The sacred colors of a thousand prayer ties were wrapped around its trunk, prayer robes hung in its branches. And surrounded by the shrill scree! of eaglebone whistles, distant coyote whoops, drumbeats, and the wail of singers, I felt equally safe and exposed to the unknown and unseen. In time, a Helper handed me a paper cup with a tea-brown liquid. I asked what it was. “Medicine,” he said. “Drink it.”

After being attended by Red Man, people were escorted away, new people appeared, and bear robes were placed over them. A Helper brought me another cup of “medicine.” Soon, Red Man was behind me again, lifting the robe from my back, sniffing along my shoulder and the back of my neck. Dipping his rattle in a bowl of red-brown clay, he tapped a line across my shoulder, down each leg, then down my arms–each tap felt deliberate, aimed. Later, Paul told me that Red Man saw little lights along the nerves inside me, like fireflies, and he was swatting them. When Red Man moved on, two Helpers, one at each elbow, escorted me away from the tree, and back to my chair.

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Re: Paul Peter Sahayda AKA Paul Ghosthorse
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Sahayda aka Paul Ghosthorse, along with the fake Ghosthorse Family of Goldendale WA /NC/ OR and elsewhere, seems to be still active.

I think there are conscious efforts to keep their activities more private, plus maybe many of them have "aged out". Though they did do an event this summer 2017.

Leonard Albert Mattern Jr / Buck Ghosthorse was not Lakota, and not his father

Paul Sahayda/Ghosthorse is not Lakota.