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Lawrence Henry
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I noticed he was mentioned in several areas here including the mentor of David Granados from Racine, Wisconsin who was accused of 3rd degree sexual assault of a woman in his sweat lodge, and Chief of the Pembina Nation. Which are both very questionable associations.

Here's some things I found on the net:

Boozhoo, Indinewmaganiduk, (Greetings, my Relatives),

Sitting Eagle is what I am called, and I am of the Golden Eagle Clan. In English I am called Lawrence Henry.

I bring greetings from all of my relatives; Welcome to the Pembina Nation website.

I take very seriously my responsibilities as Chief of this Nation and I believe there is much to be accomplished as we work together for peace and justice on this land.

I have met a few of you in person and have been encouraged by the willingness to help and to share your knowledge and understanding with each other and with the Nation.

Sometimes it may seem that progress is slow in the development of this Nation. To this I say remember what we are trying to do. Nations are not built in a day, so have patience and participate where you can.

We will strive to maintain this website and to provide up-to-date, credible and true information to our tribal members.

I can not be all things to all people and rely very much on the experience and expertise of those appointed to positions of leadership and responsibility in the Pembina Nation.

As Chief, I will humbly and respectfully offer guidance and what little knowledge I have to set direction for the tribe.

I thank you for your support and say “Aungaumasen”, a farewell greeting which means “In your travels, pursue with great enthusiasm your endeavors, but in the process of that be careful because we love you.”

Lawrence Henry, Sitting Eagle
Chief of the Pembina Nation

On the positive side, but seems kind of a conflict to belong to both tribal nations:

He is also listed as a member and former council person for the Roseau River Anishinabe Nation

The Chief and Council form the political arm for Roseau River Anishinabe Nation. One Chief and four Councillors are elected every two years. Chief and Council deal with governance and policy issues in the community. They negotiate with the federal government and work to increase federal funding and bring new money and programs into the community. Chief and Council are working towards the privatization of non-INAC funded programs.

Chief and Council for 2005 - 2007

Chief Terrance Nelson
Councillor Lawrence Henry
Councillor Gary Roberts
Councillor Keith Henry
Councillor June Laroque

Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation Election for Chief and Council 2009 Results

Terrance Nelson 162*
Lawrence Henry 69

But seems to be legitimate because:

Also served as a sun dance chief for the Pipestone AIM sun dance from 2002-2006.