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Carol Williams. Hmm very carefully worded this one
« on: April 29, 2005, 10:47:16 am »
This is just one result that came up after typing in Sweat lodges into Google UK's search engine.
Carol Williams came up as Walking With Medicine (does that mean strolling with a bottle of asprins in her pocket?) but you will see-

Carol has been walking this path for many years, she has trained in Native American teachings, Native American philosophy, SUNDOOR fire instruction, breath and energy work and is currently working with her teacher Stephen Mulhearn on the Spirit of Shamanism course.

She may have trained, but it doesn't say where or from who she recieved that teaching, or what book either!
I am working on a theory as to why claiming Native American teaching/heritage/anything is so popular here as well as overseas. More to follow on that.

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Re: Carol Williams. Hmm very carefully worded this
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2005, 04:05:04 pm »
Guess how Mulhearn got his start, and how he keeps company with?
"Yes Group Scotland, May 3rd , Heriot Watt University....Our first speaker of the evening, Stephen Mulhearn, talked about when he was going through tough times and how after attending many self-help seminars, he came across a lady called Peggy Dylan.  Peggy trained Firewalk instructors, and one of her pupils had been Tony Robbins."

Mulhearn and Williams' Leindrick Lodge site is a hodgepodge, firewalking, qi jong, "fire earth air water" which is out of European pagan mythologies, "Celtic gathering" couples, massage, yoga, and spiritual tourism to Peru.

The kinds of things Mulhearn practices are even more of a mishmash.
"Elements of Transformation
Saturday 16th July, 2005 (7 days)
Stephen Mulhearn and David Fulford
This workshop brings you the power and beauty of sacred element rituals from many diverse indigenous cultures...the healing essence of breath, breathwork, wind in your soul...the ancient dance of fire,  the Cherokee Sundance...the Celtic sweatlodge and the Peruvian earth honouring ceremony, Despacho...Native American ritual of water purificationand energising for cleansing and healing."

That was sponsored by the Findhorn Foundation. There's a huge gap between their rhetoric of respect and sponsoring exploiters like Mulhearn.

He also peddles these ideas to kids.
"Initiations of indigenous cultures creating bliss and evolvement...Communicating with their Guardian Spirits...touching their higher self."

Insert bad Michael Jackson joke here. Where's Mibby when we need him?

He also franchises other frauds, for the low low pirce of 495 pounds (445 more for "advanced commitment).

Vision quests are combined with chakras and done by Peggy Dylan, who was trained by "Bear Heart".

Sweats are done by Maria Treviso who claims to be Tarascan and Tigua. Since the Tiguas are in El Paso TX and the Tarascans are in Central Mexico, I doubt that. Cost: 995 Euros.
And for some silly reason, they show photos of Incan ruins in Cuzco.

The Peru trip is proof yet again that some people can't tell a mestizo from an NDN.

Adriel Garay Dales is listed on some sites as just a tour guide, on others as an "Incan priest." Gee, the Incas don't exist anymore, and they never were a tribe, just an empire.

Couldn't find anything else on Pío Vucetich Núñez del Prado.

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Re: Carol Williams. Hmm very carefully worded this
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2005, 06:03:26 pm »
Quote from: educatedindian
That was sponsored by the Findhorn Foundation. There's a huge gap between their rhetoric of respect and sponsoring exploiters like Mulhearn.

ahhhh ? Findhorn. ? I heard something about that in one of those old "Newsreel" shows they have on the old tmovie channel in between the movies. ? The Newsreel I saw showed the original founders of Findhorn who acording to the program, "worked with the local land spirits and fairies to produce huge gardens with large vegetables." ?  etc.. ?  ?

Of course my curIosity was piqued as I also love to work with all of these things. ? I went online to find out more about Findhorn and my oh my ? I was a bit dissapointed at the commercilization and the blending I saw.

There had been something more mysterious and magical to the old black and white Newsreel program that was lost in the present day translation. ?

I guess I went looking for Findhorn online with the preconcieved notion that I would find a place untouched by the problems of today as it seemed from the newsreel that the founders were looking for a way to work more with the land in harmony. ?

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