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Agustin Orrea AKA Iztcoatl Papalotzin
« on: April 13, 2009, 07:51:00 am »
Got a request about him. He's currently in Germany and Austria. He's an obvious fraud for a number of reasons.

Itzcoatl Papalotzin, known as Agustín in Europe, presents his polished personal vision of shamanic philosophy....

“This book opens the door for all those who are curious about having a first encounter with the joy of Agustín’s shamanic world."
Víctor Sánchez, author of The Teachings of Don Carlos and A Toltec Path of Recapitulation

Itzcoatl Papalotzin (Agustín) is a shaman, seer and healer. In his 25 years as apprentice, and 15 as teacher, he has worked with groups in Mexico, North America, Europe and New Zealand. He has collaborated with American shamans (Huichol, Maya, Lakota, Apache, etc.), indigenous groups from the Amazon, Maoris of New Zealand and Tibetan monks from the Shartse monastery in India. He has trained in disciplines such as NLP, social anthropology and anti-anthropology. He bases his teachings on the tradition of the new Toltecs...."


Start with the name, which would make many Spanish speakers laugh. Papalote is a child's kite, or a butterfly. -tzin on the end of a word is sometimes used in Mexico to mean "little". Technically it could also mean "lord" in Nahua, the Aztec language, but in Mexican slang that's often said mockingly. So his last name means either "little kite" or "big pompous kite." Itzcoatl is a black stone serpent from Aztec/Nahua lore.

Orrea is not Aztec/Nahua. He is Mexican (not Mexica like our member Koyoteh) but claims to be Toltec. The Toltecs have been gone for 800 years.

The big tipoff of him being fraud is he's endorsed and worked for decades with two other frauds, Victor Sanchez and the infamous Casteneda.

"I have known Edgar (or Agustín as he is known in Europe) for almost 30 years. We shared our path of growth when we were just boys with fantastic dreams in our heads and a disposition for adventure and daring in our hearts.
While very young we founded 'The Other Sorcery' and its later manifestation, 'The Art of Living Purposefully'. In this organisation we offered activities and gave workshops in which the joy we found in nature blended with our love for indigenous knowledge and our passion for human development.
Whilst I liked magic but was passionate about research, Edgar liked research but was passionate about magic. From 1983 to 1993, within the dream called The Art of Living Purposefully, we walked the path together, exploring, learning, teaching and enjoying ourselves in river, jungle, forest, desert, sea and mountain. Together we led many people on this new path towards personal and spiritual growth. Then we separated. We each had to continue alone, developing the specific aspects of our dream.
My passion for research led me to become a writer, researcher, speaker and developer of methods of personal growth. Edgar's passion for magic led him to become a modern day shaman, within the western world.
Ten years later I met Edgar again, incarnating the dream that has motivated him ever since he was a boy: I found him a shaman with apprentices from all over the world....
Víctor Sánchez"

"I was lucky enough to meet my first teacher when I was 14...That first teacher was Mariví, who was a pupil of Carlos Castaneda, and she became my energetic mother. Later I met other shamans, including José, my benefactor, Víctor Sánchez, who wrote the foreword to the book, and Carlos Castaneda himself.-Agustin"


Teaches the cult practice of "recapitulation". That's basically getting someone to remember everyone they ever met and say goodbye to them. A very powerful way to get someone cut off from their friends and family, much more vulnerable. Orrea goes one step further and has the women, at least, take their clothes off. He also teaches "sacred sex" courses. So like Castaneda, this is using lies about ceremonies to get sex.

"I was attending a one week intensive course, someone was to be buried each night, and I was the first. We were all seated in a circle, drumming and chanting and when the time was right Itzcoatl Papalotzin (Agustín to us) told me to leave the circle, go off into the night, remove my clothes and say goodbye to everyone I loved. Very conscious of the melodrama, I left the fire lit area, took off my clothes and looked around me. Feeling ridiculous I thought of my family back at our home in Cádiz. “Goodbye Chris, goodbye Merry, goodbye Daisy,” I mumbled. I felt both sentimental and stupid. “Goodbye mum and dad, friends, dogs and cats …” In my mind’s eye I conjured up a queue of people and a list of things I would miss."


He also sells "oracle cards" that he claims are Toltec. No, these are obviously deisgned to appeal to people who like tarot cards. And the esoteric bit, that's purely Euro, though sometimes they claim it's from Egypt, Sumeria, or India.

"The toolkit consists of a book (153 pages) written by Joanna Crowson and Silja Winther and 53 full-colour oracle cards, painted by Katrina Vrebalovich, packaged in an attractive box. "The Key to the Universe is a contemporary women's expression of ancient esoteric principles, retold artistically through oracle cards and a luminous text that informs and guides the seeker with ideas and suggestions that make sense. A work of love," says Vicki Noble, one of the authors of the well-known Motherpeace Tarot."

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Re: Agustin Orrea AKA Iztcoatl Papalotzin
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2009, 11:41:49 pm »
Edgar Orea (Agustin - Itzkoatl Papalotzin) work currently in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Here in addition to the entry of educatedindian some Links in German language.

Edgar Orea (Agustin - Itzkoatl Papalotzin) arbeitet in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz.
Hier ergänzend zum Eintrag von educatedindian, Links in deutscher Sprache.

Student in shamanism philosophy and medicine with Itozcoatl Papalotzin „Agustin “and Jaime Delgado Orea from Mexico:
Schülerin in der Schamanischen Philosophie und Heilkunde bei Itozcoatl Papalotzin „Agustin“ und Jaime Delgado Orea aus Mexiko:

Since 2005 I am student of the Aztec shaman Agustin (Itzcoatl Papalotzin) after the theory of the Tolteken in the blue line:
Seit 2005 bin ich Schülerin des aztekischen Schamanen Agustin (Itzcoatl Papalotzin) nach der Lehre der Tolteken in der blauen Linie:

Lecture and discussion of „Schamanism philosophy“ with Agustin, Itzkoatl Papalotzin:
Vortrag mit Diskussion „Schamanische Philosophie“ mit Agustin, Itzkoatl Papalotzin:

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Re: Agustin Orrea AKA Iztcoatl Papalotzin
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2009, 09:07:56 pm »

Orea is active in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, although there is not much to find online. Especially price tags are carefully avoided, except for fees for public lectures.

One of his student gives this as a link to Orea's website:

Thursday, Nov 2, 2006, 8 p.m.
Lecture: Shamanic philosophy
Euro 4.00
Mexican Edgar Agustin Delgado Orea will give a lecture on shamanic wisdom and an introduction into the method he developed on creatively supporting the growth of our consciousness and improve our every-day life. „To be a shaman means to know perfection. To be happy although life is not always easy. To acknowledge as a gift what seems unpleasant to us. To live in the service of people and in unconditional love.“

At the weekend of November 04/05, a Shamanic Workshop will take place.
Agustin Orea will also offer shamanic diagnoses (aura readings) in individual sessions while in the town of Dresden.

According to German law, Orea providing diagnoses for clients is not legal.
If his name is given correctly as above, Edgar Agustin Delgado Orea, then he is Senor Delgado rather than Senor Orea.

This is one event with Orea:

date: Thursday, August 19, 2004
Title: „To fall in love with life“
Place: […]
Organizer: „NOG Nord-Ost Grundbesitzverwaltungs KG“ - a real estate managers' outfit!

„To fall in love with life“ - Introduction into shamanic philosophy – Lecture with Mexican-Indian Shaman AGUSTIN OREA (Moderator: Tino Eisbrenner)

Introduction into shamanic philosophy and how to apply it creatively for personal growth in every-day life. Agustin will bring his book „Memories robbed from dead stars“.

And here I found a quote from the afore mentioned book:

The Origin

The planet Earth is inhabited by two races, both make up the human race.
One part is born on the planet and the others are travelers of the universe.
The consciousness of one group, those born on the planet, came into being on this world.
That of the others comes from far-away worlds. One group is called the young souls, and the others, old souls.
There is no visible difference, the may come from the same race, or from the same family, they may be siblings, of the same blood, the only difference is the origin of their consiousness.
Before the old souls are born as human beings, they wander through the realm of fairies and elfs until they are prepared to incarnate as human beings.
They know and fear they will lose almost all their cosmic memory, their beginnings, and they fear this enormous weight of the vessel for their soul, the body.
The old souls always feel out of place, they always think there was another father somewhere on earth, they always have the wish to find their people, without knowing what this means.
An infinite longing fills their breast shimmering in an icy blue, a sublime homesickness and a deadly sadness. The female side of the old soul sometimes wants children in order not to die. There are old souls who remember, and old souls who do not. Some are wise and have got energy, and the others may exist in the chaos of forgetfulness.
The old souls know that the world is a dream. And they lead their life accordingly.
The most important thing is energy, then follows consciousness.“

From: „Memories robbed from dead stars“, Itzcoatl Papalotzin

This stuff clearly is rhubarb and hasn't got anything to do with Aztec spirituality.

This site seems to belong to a German student of Orea's, a musician:

INFO and NEWS – Indian School. The prophecy of Mexican shaman beomes true. Three years ago, Agustin Orea foretold that Tino Eisbrenner will soon give Indian oriented seminars... In spring 2007, the singer will open the mobile Indian School Coyotl which of course will have its basis at the Four Winds Farm [translator's note: also owned by Eisbrenner]. More info shortly available here and at: . Harbingers of this are four seminars at one week each about the issue Indians, held at the Eldorado in Templin (one of these seminars already took place, three more will follow in January and February) and the Sundays at Four Winds Farm „Take a seat at our fire“ (cf concerts).

At Four Winds Farm, Eisbrenner also organized an annual festival up until 2007:


Indian ceremony for a festival

For its first year, the peace festival at Tino Eisbrenner's Four Winds Farm in Plath in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.
Nobody knew beforehand that the party planned would become a small festival due to the unexpected high number of visitors (photos here).
In its second year, the festival of World Music was to receive its own name. And so Tino Eisbrenner once again invited American Natives for a dedication ceremony and name giving ceremony to Plath.
Mexican shaman Agustin gave a giant tipi (Indian tent) to Four Winds Farm and named the festival „HEYOKA One World Beat Festival“.
The term „Heyoka“ comes from Lakota language and is a term for all shamans who oppose conventions in a special way. They wash with sand and dry themselves with water. They sit on their horses backwards or drive along highways in reverse gear. They say „Hello“ when meaning „Good bye“ and vie versa. The view on every-day things resulting from this „crazyness“ creates a shamanic power which is important to the Indians and is even sacred for understanding life.
„We can also do with such views from time to time“, says musician and lyric-writer Eisbrenner who walks in strange worlds with his music and left his birth town of Berlin three years ago to open a culture farm in the little village of Plath.

Orea apparently applies a generic ndn culture and mixes spirituality and cultures of several ndn nations. It should be more than obvious even to uninformed Germans that tipis do not belong to Aztec culture.

This is another student of Orea from Switzerland:

At her page, she explains the name of Tate Topa in this way:

Once, white persons came to aboriginals and asked them: „What can we do to save the Earth?“ A shaman answered them: „Tate Topa!“ Tate Topa is Lakota Language and in German language means: Walk the Indian path.

This is hilarious! The words Tate Topa are in fact taken from Lakota language – but they mean: Four Winds. It is to be noted that the farm run by Orea's student Eisenbrenner (cf above) goes by the very same name.

Here is some more of Ms Four Winds nuage garb:

Even when I was a child, I loved to be in nature. I grew up with animals and cannot imagine a life without animals. As I time and again cured sick animals, I became a Reiki master in order to help them.
The most decisive moment was the meeting with Aztec Xokonoshtletl in 1995. Since then, I have been working for him in a honorary capacity and with this learn about culture, tradition and the healing knowledge of the Aztecs and Mayas. He showed me his home country Mexico with which I fell in love at once. With these visits, my knowledge about these peoples grew through meetings.

In 1997, I came into contact with the Personal Totem Pole Process (therapy with power animals). In 1999, I met Stephen Gallegos, the founder of this therapy. In the same year, I also started to learn about Tibetan Buddhism. I did many seminars and workshops of various Indians. In 2003, I started the two-year's course for a diploma as an animal therapeut AS (animal spirit). Since 2005, I am a student of Aztec shaman Agustin (Itzcoatl Papalotzin) according to the lore of the Toltecs of the Blue Line. I am above all fascinated by the tradition, their ancient ritual dances, the drumming, their wisdom and their healing methods.
Up to this point in time, I had just learned for me, now it is time to pass on this knowledge. In order to do this, I founded Tate Topa. I pass on what I learned in courses, but also plan to write books. An important part of Tate Topa are shamanic journeys and working with power animals.
Tate Topa intends to help preserve this ancient knowledge.

We have already got a thread on the above mentioned Xokonoshtletl; he happens to be one of the finest in the way of frauds we got over here in Europe. From the info in that thread I remember he poses as an Aztec, tours Europe with a group of Mexican dancers who are overworked and underpaid, and there was also a report of X. sexually harassing female members of the Euro tourist groups he takes over to Mexico.

Her courses are:

course 1: The personal power animal
course 2: Energy of the power animal
course 3: Medicine wheel of solution
course 4: Dream walker
course 5: Shamanic shields
prerequisite: experience in shamanic journeys