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Monika Leigh aka Monika Healing Coyote
« on: April 02, 2020, 04:45:22 pm »
Monika Leigh aka Healing Coyote. Website is:

According to her site, she uses Shaman as a job title. A pretty lucrative job at that, considering she charges almost $200 a session (but offers military discounts and reduced pricing for the covid-19 epidemic, how thoughtful).  A quick look at the “ceremonies” section reveals the typical new age hokum one would expect of a charlatan, to wit: she waves around a bunch of crystals. 

There is, ironically enough, a section where she discusses the ethics of her trade and the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural exchange (the latter of which is a link that, when clicked, leads one to a page from a star trek site. I am not kidding.) Check it out here:

At no point does she mention the moral implications of being a white person bastardizing/monetizing the sacred ceremonies of a people her ancestors subjugated, but whatevs. Don’t feel bad, though! She likes ripping off other cultures, too: 

“She has extensive spiritual training, including her Master/Teacher Level certification in Usui Reiki, Tibetan/Nepalese Depossession, and Soul Retrieval.” 

I saw on her facebook that she and a bunch of friends took a trip to Japan not too long ago, so maybe she’s looking at stealing Shinto too? Not surprisingly she’s a fan of Sandra Ingerman, even recommending one of her books.

What really rankles me is one of her blog posts where she talks about one of her clients, a schizophrenic woman dying from pancreatic cancer. She goes on to state that while she promised the woman she’d be by her side when she passed she tragically failed to do so, but it’s ok! Coyote visited her in a vision and...they time traveled to the moment of death so she could fulfill her promise?

“Again, I was so disappointed in myself, but I also was thankful that I was making up for it now. Coyote reminded me that space & time are really wonky, and I realized that even though it took me over a week to get it together, I was with her at her moment of death, and I was fulfilling my promise to her right now!”

It’s really distressing to think of how this monster was manipulating a mentally ill person, and how other people reading her exploits may actually believe she can help them, too.
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Re: Monika Leigh aka Monika Healing Coyote
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Her statement on ethics is solely to avoid sexual abuse or cult leaders. Most of the claims about Druids, or to be a modern day Druid, are romanticized nonsense based on misreadings in the 19th century.

Basically she includes a lot of Nuage nonsense and claims to know Tibetan and Nepalese healing. Moved to Frauds.