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Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« on: June 16, 2008, 02:06:27 pm »
The nerve of some of these groups. Now they're suing because their scam stealing tens of millions was exposed.

Jun. 12, 2008  Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal

Tribe seeks $1.7 trillion in damages

A purported Indian tribe from North Dakota is seeking $1.7 trillion in damages related to a lawsuit filed in Las Vegas by the Securities and Exchange Commission, but SEC lawyers on Wednesday are suggesting the judge strike the defendants' papers from the record.

The matter remains pending before U.S. District Judge Kent Dawson.

Las Vegas-based Gold-Quest International, an alleged enterprise of the Little Shell Indian nation, claimed to operate a highly profitable currency trading system. But the SEC last month filed a lawsuit that accused Gold-Quest of running a Ponzi scheme. In a Ponzi scheme, early investors are paid with money from new investors.

The SEC said Gold-Quest cheated 2,100 U.S. and Canadian citizens out of $27.9 million.

U.S. District Judge Lloyd George froze the assets of Gold-Quest and appointed a receiver, but the case was transferred later to Dawson.

In a hearing, Michael Howard Reed identified himself as the attorney general of the Little Shell Nation and said that the defendants in the lawsuit were members of the nation and therefore immune from federal civil cases.

The SEC said the nation was not recognized by the U.S. or Canadian governments and that Reed was not authorized to practice law in federal court in Nevada.

Reed, however, on June 3 filed documents on behalf of the tribe. He said the Little Shell Nation, "whereas never ceded any right, title or interest to the Northwest Territories, United States ... Bureau of Indian Affairs, king and queen of England, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, against the plaintiffs, acting on behalf of the defendant commercial interest."

Two days later, a second defense document was filed and made a "right of claim for $1.7 trillion dollars."

Contact reporter John G. Edwards at or 702-383-0420.

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2008, 02:33:08 pm »
And apparently their "attorney general" Michael Howard Reed filing the suit was kicked out because of "your efforts to destroy and take over the Pembina Nation and assign tribal resources to yourself and Donald Kiefer."

Notice on Kiefer's stealing funds.

Laszlo Horvath kicked out for "panhandling" members and lying online and "false tribal registration numbers".

Since they're not a tribe but a militia group carrying out scams that's a nice bit of irony.

Mary Lou Gentry kicked out for "furthernance of...takeover scheme."

Audie Watson kicked out for same plus "solicitation of foreigners to be registered as members."

And a long disclaimer by the militia group.

It seems they also kicked out a "tribal judge and minister of transportation" for "breach of office" for plea bargaining with "the opposition." I'd guess he means a real judge or prosecutor.

And an elaborate claim they knew nothing about the scam involving tribal IDs, and by the way, all "tribal members" now need to buy a new tribal ID for 75 bucks.

The really crazy part is when they provide a google map to their ex members homes. Could that be considered a threat?

And Reed and company's website where they claim to be the true Pembinas.

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2008, 04:50:01 pm »
A warning put out on the Little Shell Pembinas by, of all people, other secessionists.

This group claims to be a sovereign Native American "treaty tribe", but has been working closely with various anti-government "sovereign citizen" groups. (Not to be confused with the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana, which is officially recognized by the State of Montana and is presently seeking Federal recognition.)

An article on the group by the ADL can be read here, as well as a privately posted weblog report, a news article, and a newsgroup posting.

Related websites:
"Word In Action Ministry"
"Manatanka American Indian Council"
LSPBNA "License Plates"
The official website for the LSPBNA was last updated on 23 March 2007. It reads simply: "This is no longer an active web site."

There is a group calling itself "Universal Service Dedicated to God" offering membership in the "Little Shell Nation". It is not known if this is the same group listed above, but they do mention the following on their website, concerning filling out an application for their I.D. Cards:
"Also include a money order of $150. for the processing fee. You must be at least 18 years old to join. Each person will eventually have to pay $1500 total to be under our protection and guidance."
According a WHOIS search via Network Solutions, the ownership of the domain,, is held in proxy by Perfect Privacy LLC of Atlanta, Georgia. That is, the true ownership of the domain is hidden from the general public.

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2008, 04:59:53 pm »
Things just get more and more tangled with this bunch. Here's the new group, USDG. PO box in Florida, website in Atlanta, and alleged homeland in Montana.

Their application asks for information which could be used for identity theft, and also seems to be soliciting for immigrants who might be taken into believing they could become US citizens with this.

Universal Service Dedicated to God

Individual Membership over 18 years old       $1,500.
Member spouse    $750.
Total   $2,250.
Membership with U.S.D.G consists of the following.                                   
Lifetime membership.
Para legal services limited to US Government forms for S.S. employment, banking.
Spiritual and Psychological counseling by Rev. Dr. Audie Watson.
Sponsoring your adoption to the Little Shell Nation ,a Treaty Nation with many rights such as your right to live anywhere in North America without prejudice.
LSN permit to drive a non commercial vehicle if you qualify.
Title ,registration and license plates from LSN.
Passport from LSN honored by  most countries of the United Nation.
Up dates on our website as changes are made over time.
Advise for college age children.

For the last 3 years USDG and Dr. Watson have been proud to sponsor people to become adopted in the Little Shell Nation. Unfortunately everyone that has represented themselves as legally joined to the Nation, had permission to do so, and were operating in fraud. This has caused many people to lose faith in the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band. The council for the Little Shell Nation has taken legal action to expose those people that were scamming people, with the help of the Home Land Security. Now that the Council changed their legal name to Little Shell Nation, they are receiving the recognition they deserve from the United States Government.

  If you qualify, you will be classified as an adopted member of the Little Shell Nation family, also called Native Little Shell , with rights afforded by treaties given to LSN and other non-reservation Nations. (see Rights of Indians at the left of this page).

  If you are a prospective new member that has never been issued an I.D. by the LSN, you must download an application from this website and fill it out, then send it to U.S.D.G. at P.O. Box 26353 Tamarac, FL 33320. With that application send a copy of your birth certificate and a copy of your driver’s license, if you have one. Also send a money order for $150. for the processing fee to USDG. You must be at least 18 yrs. old to join. Each person will eventually have to pay the balance of $1500. to be under our protection and guidance. A member spouse will only pay $750. Once you have filled out all the applications and a research has been taken, your final approval will be given and a secured I.D. will be given.

  The U.S. Government has promised that LSN will be able to live and be legal in the 50 States as well as the United Nations has recognized us as one of the many Nations of the World. You will learn of the many rights that you have available by going to the top of this page and clicking on Membership fees. If you have more questions you can email us at .

Mailing address: P.O.Box 26353 Tamarac, FL 33320

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #4 on: July 06, 2008, 05:11:20 pm »
And now it gets really weird. The USDG group links to this East Indian alleged guru. There seem to be three alleged factions doing scams and blaming each other.

Audiji, a Bonified Bhakti-Jnana Yogi Guru

Learn to communicate with the Creator Father GOD, as Audiji  learned from his Jnana Yogi Guru over 10 years ago and has used the technique every since.

How many times have you wondered what GOD would say about any given situation or happening? How many times have you thought, “Why does GOD allow that to happen???? Or is GOD aware of me and what does HE think of me? Or “Will HE let me go to heaven even though I have sinned???? There are so many things to ask and get answers for. Have these things crossed your mind?

Audiji says, “I personally wanted many things answered in my life. I started my spiritual journey over 40 years ago and I never felt comfortable with the answer I was getting from asking others or reading books. I was reading books but they were not giving me a feeling of confidence. Since I opened my mind to seek answers I realized the only way to get them was to put my faith in GOD, so one night feeling good about my request that GOD would answer, I talked to HIM just like HE was right there with me. After that I was a magnet to knowledge, for it came to me as fast as I could handle it. In my desire to be an instrument of GOD and serve mankind HE has blessed me with the ability to communicate directly to HIM whenever I need to make an important decision. The more faith and confidence I have in the answers HE gives me the better I prosper as his instrument".

“The ability to communicate with GOD to me is priceless. The experience of helping beings to understand what life is really about makes my spirit complete. Love, Truth, Peace, Non-Violence and Right Action is what brings mankind closer to GOD. I’m not asking you to join a religion or to change your way of worship, as long as they teach the above five basic teaching of the Creator Father GOD. These are also the same teaching of the spiritual being that GOD sent to us in the past and that we find ourselves worshiping today???.

“I try to live life without burning desires, but if I had one, it would be that all politicians and clergy would learn to communicate with GOD as I have. In the mean time while you are learning to use the communication technique that I will teach you, you can ask GOD a question through me and I will pass along the answer to you, that HE gives me, or that I know from experience He will answer???.

“There is so much more that I can teach you if you have the desire to know. I will give you the information on how to learn more and I will send you the information you will need to communicate with GOD".

 Just send  you name and email address to . The name of the organization is: Universal Service Dedicated to GOD. We are a non-profit, non-denominational organization.

U.S.D.G. @ P.O. Box 26353

Tamarac, Florida 33320


THis is a pretty strange message coming from a militia group.
Universal Service Dedicated To God, Inc

Love, Peace, Truth, Non-Violence and Right Action.

Welcome to the service arm  of the most high, that is the creator Father God  and to all those divine being that were  sent to us over the ages ,of which we are worshiping today.

As a non-profit, non-denominational org. we have taken on many service projects to help our fellow man, over the years, though we have not always been appreciated for our efforts, we continue to do so because it's what Got wants us to do. Yes we are talking about the living God that walks on our planet now. God has picked this time to bring us the living Christ as he did almost 2,000 years ago. The great prophets have predicted it and it has happened. As was prophesied "He will come like a thief in the night, be ready to receive HIM". This time His power is not limited by anything  for HE has complete control of the universe. You may have many questions about  this if you have any curiosity at all. All of your questions will be answered in time, but you must earn that right.

Only after you have received the knowledge that can be acquired through His devotee Audiji at will you be able to go further in your search for the answers you seek.

Ask and you shall receive open your mind and all things will unfold to you.
GOD bless you for the faith you will show

A Florida man said he sold about 2,000 memberships to the North Dakota-based Pembina Nation Little Shell tribe through a Web site. Each cost $150.

Audie Watson, president of the Tamarac, Fla.-based religious nonprofit Universal Service Dedicated to God, said his tribe has a waiting list of prospective members. But he admitted about 500 people have asked for refunds because of "adverse publicity."

The Little Shell tribe asked for federal recognition in North Dakota in the 1970s, but tribal representatives never completed the application process, according to the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

In 2006, the Florida attorney general's office heard complaints about the tribe. But a spokeswoman for the attorney general said authorities were unable to find victims or substantiate the allegations.

Watson said no legal authority has told him that selling memberships is illegal. As for those who say it's a scam, he said: "If they want to pass judgment, I can't help that."

Citizenship For Sale -- Part 2

POSTED: 4:04 pm EST November 3, 2006
UPDATED: 7:53 am EST November 6, 2006

Airdate: Nov. 3, 2006
By Jeff Burnside and Scott Zamost
NBC 6 Investigative Team

NBC 6 reveals the man behind a multi-million-dollar scheme to help thousands of illegal aliens into the United States.

In our four-month investigation, NBC 6's Jeff Burnside uncovers what's behind the scheme and goes directly to a Native American tribe at the center of the controversy of "Citizenship For Sale."

"They may have a tendency to not believe that this is legitimate," Audie Watson said on a videotape.

Who is the man selling the impossible?

"Will this allow us to work? Legally? In this country?" NBC 6 asked when it went undercover to Watson's operation in Tamarac.

Our undercover investigation captures his staff offering $1,500 memberships to an obscure Indian tribe called the Pembinas.

Day after day, desperate immigrants from South Florida and throughout America travel to a Tamarac storefront, believing they can live and work in the U.S. with free health care and pay no taxes at all.

"This is where it starts," Watson told NBC 6 on a tour of his office.

Watson says it came to him in a vision.

"If living, working and traveling in the United States is the American Dream, then that's what we're trying to offer to them," Watson told NBC 6.

Watson, who's white, joined the tribe. He claims old treaties give Pembina Indians enormous rights, including free passage into the U.S. So selling memberships transfers those rights to anyone.

Does the U.S. government agree?

"I don't know. I haven't talked to them," Watson said.

"You haven't talked to the federal government about what you're doing?" Burnside asked.

"No," Watson said.

Watson has talked to a judge, though. He's on probation for a felony grand theft charge in an unrelated pyramid scheme.

Our investigation found Watson's new moneymaker is attracting thousands of people. He says he sells 45 memberships each week at $1,500 each.

If true, his non-profit one-man company "Universal Service Dedicated to God" earns $3.5 million a year.

"Why am I getting this third-degree about money?" Watson asked.

"You're taking..." Burnside said.

"We're not supplying the terrorists with any money."

"And where does it go?"

"I just told you. It goes to a lot of different places."

"For example?"

"Pembina Nation, for one."

So we traveled to the hills of North Dakota -- Pembina Indian ancestral territory -- where we found a different story. Audie Watson does not speak the complete truth.

"What he's doing is not right for the people out there," said Chief Lawrence Henry.

Sitting Golden Eagle -- Chief Lawrence Henry -- oversees the Pembina Nation Little Shell Band of North America.

The Pembinas believe they still own millions of acres in North Dakota and Canada. They're not recognized by the U.S. government and so have no reservation.

The chief says Audie Watson was kicked out of the tribe.

"He's taking advantage of poor people, bottom line," Chief Henry told NBC 6. "That's totally against our grain. Even the way we think, we don't think like that."

Pembina officials say former Chief Ron Delorme gave Watson the OK to sell memberships, and was getting a cut of Watson's money as chief until he, too, was kicked out over the scheme.

Still, Watson, continues to sell memberships to those with non-Indian blood.

"Blood has nothing to do with it," Watson said.

"Blood has nothing to do with it?" Burnside asked.


Other Indian leaders vehemently disagree.

"That's criminal," said Stuart LaFountain, a leader of the Chippewa Tribe. "You're not a part of our tribe if you're not a direct descendant."

"Aren't you in fact using this as a ruse to take money from people who are vulnerable?" Burnside asked Watson.

"Absolutely not."

NBC 6 has confirmed that state and federal authorities are now investigating Audie Watson's operation.

Ron Delorme referred us to a tribal leader, who says Watson was never authorized to sell memberships, and the tribe has never received money from him.

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #5 on: December 09, 2009, 05:25:50 pm »
I wasn't sure where to put this, since there were so many postings on this group. A couple of articles about Audie Watson conviction, he's head of the splinter group pembina nation.

Man sentenced for selling fake tribal memberships
Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Florida man was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for selling fake tribal memberships.

Audie Watson, 76, was convicted several mail fraud and money laundering charges. He sold membership in the Pembina Nation, Little Shell Band of North America, for $1,500 per person or $2,000 per couple.

Watson told immigrants that tribal membership cards could help them win U.S. citizenship.

The Pembina Nation is not federally recognized and is not affiliated with the Little Shell Tribe of Montana.

Tamarac man convicted of selling tribal memberships sentenced

By Joel Marino, Sun Sentinel

A Tamarac man convicted of selling tribal memberships to illegal immigrants was sentenced Tuesday to 14 years in prison followed by three years of supervised released.

A federal judge also ordered Audie Watson, 76, to forfeit assets and pay $11,250 in restitution.

As owner and president of Universal Service Dedicated to God Inc., Audie was charged with selling the tribal memberships for $1,500 per person or $2,000 per couple so buyers could claim American Indian lineage and avoid deportation, according to the U.S. Justice Department.

The tribe was called the Pembina Nation Little Shell, a North Dakota group not formally recognized by the U.S. government.

Watson was convicted Sept. 22 on several mail fraud and money laundering charges.

Copyright © 2009, South Florida Sun-Sentinel




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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #6 on: January 01, 2010, 11:59:22 pm »

« Last Edit: January 13, 2010, 05:24:04 am by justice »

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #7 on: January 13, 2010, 05:21:14 am »

I hope I am putting this in the right place, have done a search on Allen Aslan Heart aka Allen Henry Becker aka Whiteaglesoaring, only to be surprised
that he has another conduct in Australia via a website:
This is what is on that website: debt elimination - links to website pages containing information ...
2007, allen aslan heart / white eagle soaring of the little shell pembina band, a treaty tribe of the ojibwe nation:

Also checked A.A. Hearts website and he is also now selling books on:

A.A. Heart has no respect for any law, he is still as  brazen as ever selling his debt elimination scams, as always one can only hope that people that are desperate to get real help, are alert enough to realize, what he and his associates are about. He is still very brazen in continuing to state that the Norfed Liberty Dollar is real money, knowing it is illegal  tender [ he was told and warned about it in writing 2006], he would be very much aware ,that there were some arrest made some month ago.It seems that he can only get away with this in the USA, he is more of an enemy than a a citizen of the USA, he is trying to antagonize people with his hatred for the Jewish people, and is rewriting history according to him.
He is nothing but a burden on the American taxpayer and the system that he abuses, as he has not worked since the age of 47.

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #8 on: January 13, 2010, 09:12:11 pm »
These are group of right winger militia nuts.

I have seen some of their names in Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Watch List. They are a violent and dangerous group...

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #9 on: January 14, 2010, 03:41:12 am »
this is an excerpt from the contact " Whiteaglesoaring" has to this person's A. Cristian  and his website, it shows he has no problems to take his scams and hatred to any country, as long as he finds people of the same persuasion and believes like he has.It appears that this person he has contact with and advertises his corrupt and hate website's on,is made of the same or similar cloth.

from the

There is and has always been a divine influence that has meddled in the minds of the bank staff, the solicitors and the judiciary, leading to our court case and now the 2nd Eureka Stockade. The opportunity has been presented to us and we should grab it while we have got it and use it to force our story into main-stream.
 This coming together of all victims in the spirit of love-for-life is a healing and a stand for love-for-life.Alan Heart, a native American is compiling Australian victims of banks into a website and this is being listed in our website shortly.

To add impetus and credibility to our court case, the coming together of victims (banks-law-political-crime syndicate), including the stories of those who have suicided along the way, will help to convince Australians of the real truth to our court case. To speed things up Alan seeks the urgent support of other web-developers to upload the many stories on to the internet this week.
 You can contact Alan at whiteaglesoaring at and cc your details to me as well with phone numbers so I can help coordinate and speed things up. For all victims, please forward your story or website links ASAP today.

We also require the urgent assistance in the making of very large banners detailing in very large print the website address

2nd Eureka Stockade

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #10 on: June 17, 2010, 09:43:58 pm »
The latest charges they face. They filed false charges against a judge (and want a million dollars from him) for "copyright violations" for writing his name without their permission.
Published June 15 2010

By: Archie Ingersoll, Grand Forks Herald

Two men who claim to be leaders of the Little Shell Nation, a breakaway group of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, appeared in Grand Forks’ federal court Tuesday on charges of filing false documents that claim U.S. Judge Daniel Hovland of the North Dakota District and Lynn Jordheim, the state’s acting U.S. attorney, have not paid certain debts.

Michael Howard Reed, 47, and Gregory Allen Davis, 43, each face two counts of filing false liens and a charge of conspiracy. An indictment says they filed the liens Sept. 24, 2009, “on account of the performance of the official duties by Judge Hovland and Mr. Jordheim.”

Reed is also charged with two counts of trying to influence or obstruct justice. Court documents say Reed, between May and July 2009, left a phone message with U.S. District Judge Ralph Erickson, threatening him if he did not dismiss charges against two American Indians from the Turtle Mountain Reservation who were charged in a large-scale drug-conspiracy case. A similar message was left for an FBI agent in Minot, documents show.

In addition to the criminal case, federal attorneys have brought a civil suit against Reed and Davis seeking to prevent them from filing more fictitious legal documents and debt instruments that name federal employees and court officers.

“The purported filings are apparently done on Reed’s behalf, since the basis for the alleged ‘indebtedness’ appear to be legal actions (i.e., warrant and criminal case numbers) against Reed,” the civil complaint reads.

On Jan. 10, a federal jury in North Dakota convicted Reed of being a fugitive in possession of a firearm. He’s currently serving an 18-month sentence.

On Jan. 6, a lien, identifying Hovland and Jordheim as the debtors, was filed with a government office in Washington, D.C. The lien was for $2.4 million for Reed’s court case and $1 million for copyright violations of Reed’s name, the complaint states.

The complaint says Davis made other filings naming federal officials in June and September 2009. It goes on to say his filings lack legal basis and “are designed to harass federal personnel in their personal lives for the performance of their official duties.”

The complaint says the Little Shell Nation is headquartered in Rolette, N.D. The group wants to be recognized as a tribe, but federal officials believe the group is “part of an anti-government ‘sovereign citizen’ movement,” the complaint states.

During Tuesday’s hearing, both men declared their sovereignty and argued that they were not subject to the court’s jurisdiction.

“You can’t ask me nothing because you have no jurisdiction. You’re void,” Reed told U.S. Magistrate Judge Alice Senechal.

Reed did not answer any of Senechal’s questions and covered his ears with his hands as she read the charges and his rights. At one point during the hearing, he tried to turn away from Senechal as she spoke, but a U.S. marshal physically forced him to face the judge.

Davis answered Senechal’s questions and said he understood the charges but argued that she had no right to order him detained.

“How can you detain me for something that I have the blood in my veins to do,” Davis said, slapping the inside of his forearm for emphasis. “I have a whole tribe behind me. You will see.”

Prosecutor Thomas Wright of South Dakota said that during an interview with investigators, Davis did not deny filing the liens, is proud of the filings and plans to do more.

Wright said that for the first time, Judge Hovland had trouble getting a credit card after the lien was filed against him. But Wright could not say for sure that the two events were connected.

“These men who are doing their job should not have liens filed against them just because they are doing their job,” Wright said.

Wright sought to have Davis held in custody until a trial. The judge took the matter under advisement.

Reed and Davis appeared Tuesday without lawyers and told Senechal they did not want court-appointed attorneys. Senechal advised them against representing themselves and told them that standby attorneys had been appointed for them.

Reed, who is not a lawyer, has said he is the attorney general for the Little Shell Nation, according to the civil complaint against the men.

Messages left for the pair Tuesday at the Grand Forks County jail were not returned.

The U.S. attorney’s office in North Dakota was recused from the case, so federal prosecutors from South Dakota are handling the matter.

Ingersoll reports on crime and courts. Reach him at (701) 780-1269; (800) 477-6572, ext. 269; or send e-mail to

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #11 on: June 21, 2010, 11:48:36 pm »
It appears none of those self serving con artist have any respect for any kind of law and order, other than the laws they create themselves.
To conspiring to file liens against a judge  and assistant U.S. attorney , just shows they stop at nothing.
It sounds so much of what Allen Aslan Heart aka Allen Henry Becker aka Whiteaglesoaring is all about.

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #12 on: January 14, 2011, 09:28:51 pm »
After deliberations lasting about two hours - including lunch - Reed and Davis were convicted on all counts on October 14, 2010.  They were remanded pending sentence on February 14, 2011.  In the interim, Judge Kornmann sent all parties (including Reed and Davis, who are pro se) this memo.  It's not a good sign when the judge who is about to sentence you writes that he is considering (1) imposing consecutive sentences on the offenses of conviction, (2) departing upwards "based on the conduct of defendants before trial, during trial and after trial", and (3) ruling that your criminal history category does not adequately reflect your likelihood of continuing the same nonsense that landed you in jail in the first place.  (For those not familiar with federal sentencing, (2) and (3) are considerations under the Sentencing Guidelines.)

For examples of the type of "conduct" to which the judge refers, see here and here.  Those "documents" are sovereign gibberish of the type I'm sure these idiots also inflicted on the court in person.

"Sovereign" ramblings have their roots in white supremacist organizations.  One will frequently see self-references to "sovereign white inhabitant-on-the-land, non-14th Amendment" and similar nonsense.  I always find a special type of irony implicit in ethnic minorities adopting "arguments" which begin with how they are second-class citizens.

This is a very interesting board.  Folks here provide encyclopedic treatment of pseudo-Native scams, carefully researched and documented.  I learned about it when educatedindian posted to Quatloos in relation to a scam we had run across, United Nations of Turtle Island.  That particular thread is a little choppy, since the Turtlehead we had attracted to post came back and deleted all of her posts after being sliced and diced.  Still, you can get the idea from the quotes in replies.

I have little additional time to spend online.  Still, if I run across something like these guys in which you might be interested, I'll post it.

Regards to all.

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Re: Little Shell Pembina Splinter Group
« Reply #13 on: March 08, 2011, 11:19:04 pm »
Here is another new scam that Allen Aslan Heart aka Allen Henry Becker aka Whiteaglesoaring member of the  Little Shell Pembina Band is promoting Internationally, hoping to find some gullible Victim, a Snakes belly is higher than he is.

This is the email he is sending out:
Hi ......... ... ...........,

I just wanted to let you know about some new developments in my life.  As you probably know, I’m always keeping attuned to what is going on in the world so that I can be prepared for what is on the way. Everything changes and even change is changing. Being alert to changes and the patterns of changes is a survival skill. So like you, I’ve been noticing the rising price of fuel at the pump and tracking it from my childhood till today, I’ve noticed that 25 cents doesn’t buy a gallon of gas anymore…not for a long time. Expecting things to remain static is rather silly.

Only last year the price of gas was less than $3. Now it is pushing $4. Insiders have warned that fuel prices will be $5 before summer arrives, $6 by the end of summer, and pushing $7 at year’s end. The effect this will have will be an economic tsunami that will devastate the economy of the United States and the world. Higher gas prices push shipping costs higher and food will cost more. You’ve probably noticed the increased cost of food, too. We need to be ready for this by providing solutions and alternatives.

I’ve recently learned about a fascinating solution from a friend who had recently discovered a miraculous fuel additive developed by a local scientist we call, “Dr. Bob.” And she got the rights to sell his amazing product to the world. I like to have friends like that, don’t you?

With Green Power Generation’s CarbonClenz, you can save up to 38% on fuel consumption, extend the life of your engine, and decrease emissions by 98%. Green Power Generation’s CarbonClenz is a new Fuel Additive that functions as a Fuel Catalyst to:

Increase Fuel Mileage 18 to 38%

Reduce Emissions by 70 - 98%

Clean Fuel Injectors and Spark Plugs

Clean Carburetors

Extend the Life of Spark Plugs

Eliminate Smoke in Exhaust

Keep Oxygen Sensors Clean

Increase Horsepower 12% -15%

Increase Octane of Regular Unleaded Gas to 105

 Restore Catalytic Converters to 98% Efficiency

Keep Stored Fuel Fresh As Long As 3 Years

Remove Algae and Moisture from Tank

Keep Fuel Filter Cleaner

Extend the Life of Your Engine

Help Your Engine Run Quieter

Help Your Engine Start Easier

Lower Diesel Fuel Freezing Temperature to Minus 40 Degrees


Exceeds EPA Standards—Reduces Harmful Emissions

All Green Power Generation fuel additives are EPA-tested and registered and have been proven safe. Testing shows Green Power Generation fuel additives will reduce harmful smoke up to 95% by reducing hydrocarbon particles in the exhaust up to 98%, while reducing carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide that contribute to smog. Boise State University recently issued results of one of the Green Power Generation fuel additives that showed when used in fuel it reduced harmful emissions overall 48% and reduced 100% of all emissions that are 10 microns or larger.

California Environmental Engineering Laboratory is a major emissions laboratory whose clients include major domestic and foreign automotive manufacturers, suppliers, oil companies, and government agencies:

Having tested Green Power Generation’s fuel catalyst, CEE reported:

 “In nearly two decades of testing fuel treatments claiming to reduce emissions and/or increase fuel economy, we have not seen results from any product that was able to reduce NOx and Hydro Carbon emissions while at the same time improving fuel economy.  We are also not aware of any other fuel product available today, that can produce these results.”

“The amount of reduction in these emission levels represents a significant and valuable improvement when compared to baseline fuel.” 

Green Power Generation will make a difference in air quality and save on gas and the life of your engine!

Try it for yourself! If you don’t save money by using CarbonClenz, we will give you your money back

Be a mobile air quality ambassador. CarbonClenz Fuel Additive can clean the atmosphere as you drive.  Help eliminate smog with every tank of gas as you save money in fuel costs and maintenance. No need for expensive retrofits, mechanical scrubbers, or deviations from designed systems. Simply add GPG CarbonClenz to your bulk fuel or fuel tanks. All of our products are splash blended, meaning that no mixing is required. GPG products are safe and easy to use, EPA-tested and EPA-registered, and protected by US & International patents. We designed our products to support all hydrocarbon fuels. GPG is currently headquartered in Oregon with manufacturing all over the world.

We’re now taking orders and looking for people who can help distribute this timely product. Fuel prices are rising steadily and are expected to reach $5/ gallon in a short time and by the end of this year will likely reach $6 and $7/gallon in the USA. We can be prepared for this economic tsunami by getting this amazing product to the world markets ASAP. Buy a quart or gallon and try it in your car, motorcycle, truck, tractor, boat, chainsaw, snow blower….Do it now. But we’ll sell it by the 55-gallon drum or the tanker, too. Send me an email at

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On February 16, 2011, Reed was sentenced to 108 months and Davis to 41.