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Is this person for real?
GaWaNi Pony Boy is mixed blood Tsa-la-gi, full blood human. After attending college in Boston, MA, he spent three years traveling the United States with a Native American drum group. It was during these on-the-road years that he was able to seek the advice and council of Tribal Elders from many different Nations and backgrounds to learn about the beliefs and methods used by this Nation’s first great horsemen. By weaving the “old ways??? with his own already successful training methods, Pony has developed Relationship Training™.

GaWaNi Pony Boy is an accomplished horseman and trainer. He is recognized throughout the country as the authority on Native American Horsemanship™ and is considered an innovative educator in the field of Native American history.

He and his equine partner, Kola, travel to schools, universities, and equine and other events in an attempt to enlighten those who have an interest in the history of the great horsemen of the Plains.

When not writing, Pony can be found presenting clinics to help people get more understanding and enjoyment from the companionship of their horses. GaWaNi Pony Boy is the author of the highly acclaimed Horse, Follow Closely, Out of the Saddle, Time Well Spent, Of Women and Horses and Horse, Follow Closely: Relationship Training, the Foundation: GaWaNi Pony Boy Video Package. Pony divides his time between Pennsylvania and Arizona.

A Cherokee claiming to teach Lakota ways...and I don't know about that regalia he's wearing. Plus the warrior cut for his hair in some photos. I'll leave it to the Cherokee here to say what they think about those.

I'm not a horse trainer so I have no idea about the value of what he teaches. But some of the discussions I found of trainers who met him say they were pleasantly suprised he was nothing like the cornball romanticized image his promoters use. It may just be that his agent or publicity people figure the romanticized stuff sells better.

Did anyone else find his last name unintentionally funny? Did you think he got it from The Outsiders? Because I doubt he intended the other meaning. (A ponyboy or ponygirl in S & M slang is a submissive type.)

I am a reasonably educated horse person, but I haven't seen this fella's presentations.

The web site is pretty good, though, and I can agree with most of what he says.

The  presentation -- face paint, particular hair arrangement, etc. -- sets off my BS-o-Meter though.

And I do wonder about the "pony boy" -- it is also a designation in the furry, fuzzy and play worlds ( for folks who are sexually stimulated by wearing suits, playing with folks in suits, and in general pretending to be an equine).

Pony boy hu!!!I am full blooded lakota the only real horsemen i know from my tribe is young man afraid of his horses..His blood line were the best for horse training and they will go to there grave before they share it with any one.3 years traveling with singers i would like to know with what singers there isnt many i dont know personally.Oh well just another white fraud..

  He's Italian, and the training methods he uses were developed in England ( Linda Tellington Jones or some crap). The bridle he sells was invented by a man named Leon Manchester.
  I use the original Manchester bridle and people ask me all the time if it came from "Pony Boy". I tell them no, it came from my dressage instructor.
  He also named his horse "Kola" which can only be used for people not pets because of it's sacredness.


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