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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Nemesis, these last two posts are all allegations or speculation from you. We have to insist you provide some proof they are tied to BM and his cult.

Please accept my apologies, you are of course right to pull me up about this.
This thread should not be about me wondering whether certain obviously dodgy pseudo-tantric websites / businesses are connected to BM or MISA.  I spent 2 hours last night checking out the Danish woman in the above post and she does bear a striking resemblance to one of BM's associates, but I am not 100% sure that it is the same person and I will delete the relevant post.

As for the infiltration of swinging / polyamory groups by BM, that it well established in various sources.  For example, most if not all of the people involved organisationally in the "Goddess Temples" in Arizona are involved in the swinging / polyamorous scene as are most of not all of the people involved in neo-tantra / pseudo-tantra. 

There was an earlier allegation you claimed against a similar site. We heard from that site's owner and she showed us she had nothing to do with them. So we deleted that section of a post of yours with the false allegations.If you can't prove these two are tied to BM we'll have to delete these two posts as well.

I am not sure which post you mean or which organisation / website you mean.  I may have made a mistake, in which case I sincerely apologise.  I do not post a lot of information I have collected for various reasons, including to protect victims and also because I do not want to let the bad people know how much I have on them.  As I don't know which post you are referring to I cannot really respond to this properly.

They may be pseudo tantra sites, but I don't see how they are tied to that cult. Perhaps you'd be better off starting a thread on pseudo tantra groups under Research Needed and posting these over there.

The fact is that there are lots and lots of extremely dubious websites and individuals who are involved in pseudo-tantra and also in various pseudo-spiritual trainings that effectively train women in how to be sex workers whilst claiming that this is an ancient spiritual tradition. 

I think that your suggestion of putting my concerns about such groups into the Research Needed forum is of course very sensible and I will do that from now on. 

I also think that it it probably a good idea to post up a list of indicators of criminality re pseudo-tantric groups and sexual training courses so that people can do their own research about any individual or organisation that they choose.

I am spending far too much time on this anyway and my real life responsibilities are piling up as I have neglected them. 

I do find researching these disgusting people very stressful and disturbing and I think I probably need to take a break for a while to attend to real life things and recharge my batteries and to them approach this anew once I am in a less stressed state of mind.

Sorry again if I caused you any problems, that is the last thing I want to do.

I will delete, or at least edit the above posts with this in mind.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I just noticed that one of the Russian network's meetup groups is scheduled to close in 8 days as the organiser has stepped down.

Once it closes all the text and photos will disappear

the current link is here

so for the record, here are some C&Ps of the text FYI

Introduction reads:
Intimate relationships are one of the greatest and most profound sources of personal and spiritual growth, however many of us have forgotten the real meaning of relationships. In ancient days men and women came together to honor the divine within themselves and within each other. Relationships weren’t based in dependency, obligation, sacrifice or selfishness, but were rather a means for personal and spiritual development. They were a means of connecting to the scared feminine and masculine within ourselves and then growing and honoring this energy with a partner or partners.

There are many secrets that have been hidden from our society, but were highly developed and used in the ancient civilizations in India, Japan and the Middle East. Through transmitting ancient knowledge into practical advice and practices, this meet-up will guide every man and woman in how to develop your sacred feminine and masculine energy in order to maintain harmony within yourself and maintain healthy, passionate and lasting relationships with a partner.

Whether single or in a relationship, we will guide every person in how to connect to the ideal within yourself in order to find your ideal partner; how to keep passion and love, and prevent conflicts, infidelity and divorces; how to connect to the deepest principles for building a lasting relationship; how to elevate and strengthen pleasure in relationships using techniques of massage, special dances, special breathing techniques and bandhas. We will guide every man and woman in how to have complete control over your sexuality as an independent being and in your relationship.

In order to fully integrate mind, body and spirit, all meet-up groups will be a combination of knowledge transmission, breathing exercise, dynamic meditation, dance and energetic practices. These practical techniques have helped thousands of people choose compatible partners, create harmonious and productive families, and bring back the passion and love, and to avoid conflict and divorce.

The teachings and practices come from the ancient traditions of Raja Yoga, Tantra and Aharata. Raja Yoga, known as the ‘Yoga of Kings’, is the path of self knowledge and development. In our study of Tantra we will specifically focus on awakening the divine feminine, Shakti, and how this can be opened and developed as a way to connect every woman with her inner goddess. Aharata is a 5000 year old Egyptian tradition of psychological, emotional and energetic empowerment and protection. Based in martial arts and known as the ‘The Way of the Warrior,’ it is one of the most effective ways of developing the divine masculine for both men and women.

examples of past meetups include:

March 20, 2011 10:00 AM - 3 attended
The Art of Healing one day seminar with Master Stella
ASHA (map)
“For ASHA's Grand Opening we've invited Master Stella to share this very special knowledge”

Academy of Spiritual Healing Arts


Special Event:

 “the art of healing”

Sunday March 20th


214 Lisbon Street, SF




Healers, come learn how to…

~Use your own healing techniques in a deeper way

~Help others find their way to resolution, to joy and rapid aliveness

~Maintain your energy level, and protect yourself from being drained of energy

 Spiritual healing is when energy is transmitted to the person in need. The treatment works in the body, mind and spirit, which are seen as a unity that must be in harmony for good health. Spiritual Healing has its own laws, which must be used properly and with discipline. Spiritual Healing is an essentially practical activity not limited to theoretical study. The Healer must be continually in training, developing and growing. The most important thing is your personal evolution.

Program Includes:
Learn the laws of the universe to increase your healing power

Practices that allow you to increase your energy

Techniques to protect your energy for healing

You deserve to become an even more powerful

and positively effective healer than you already are.

Enrol NOW and start TODAY to unlock the secrets of your own energy system to brighten YOUR spirit

Aimed at those who are healers and those who want to start their journey of healing.

Prepay by Wednesday or bring friends to receive a discount

Individual consultations with Master Stella available afterwards.

for discount info, online payment,  and questions contact Angel

[masked] ~ [masked]

 About Master Stella

After graduating the Faculty of Law, she worked many years in law industry and was very successful lawyer. In her activities she observed that many people do not have harmony in their intimate and business relationships, and that many financial and hereditary problems do not permit a person to be happy. All these problems lead to divorces, killing each other, stealing and many other results.

She started to search for the roots of human sufferings and what could help to solve people’s problems. Her search lead her to sacred places in Tibet, Egypt, Siberia and more… where she was revealed the secrets of natural and cosmic laws, which are far above social laws and which govern all process on Earth.

Using the knowledge of these laws, Stella has already helped hundred thousands of people in different countries and continents to find harmony in relationships, to liberate loneliness, to recover their beauty and youthfulness, to become happy and to achieve financial independence.

She is a ?aster of psycho-energetic protection techniques, masters sacred knowledge of the liberation of feminine essence, which returns women their youthfulness, beauty, health and magic power, helping to realize themselves totally as women.


note: the address of ASHA is 214 Lisbon Street, San Francisco, CA

Sunday 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

$75 Day of/$60 if Paid Saturday

What is Spiritual Aikido? Who can it benefit in modern times?

Spiritual Aikido is a very ancient form of ‘martial art’, known since antiquity under various denominations and guarded in Egypt, Japan… where, throughout the centuries, great spiritual masters protected and enriched it further relying on the powerful insights of its guardians of the past.

In a nutshell, Spiritual Aikido teaches how to properly manage energy: how to collect it, increase it, preserve and use it for breaking all the obstacles that make someone weak, unable to lead a healthy life, subdued to habits and attachments as well as to addictions, all expressed in a mechanical behaviour dictated by the programming received by all meaningful adults since childhood: parents, teachers, peer group, partners, etc.

Spiritual Aikido includes a vast array of martial art exercises, meditative practices and mantras that, gradually, help the student to develop the finest qualities needed to become more secure, stable, confident, determined, strong and impermeable to any external or internal negative influence. In addition, it is a powerful tool in the hands of all those who walk on the path of self-cultivation and self-development, as it helps developing and strengthening all the qualities of the spiritual warrior: bravery, stability, will, clarity, perseverance, personal magnetism and the strong desire of helping others to better their life in all its aspects.

Besides being a strong ally in someone’s personal development and transformation, Spiritual Aikido provides also tools for self protection from all sorts of external or internal attacks and even from astrological ‘negative’ aspects that could stop or hinder one’s health, business, work, relationships and progress.

In practical terms, Spiritual Aikido teaches that any energetic (astral) attack must be wedged not by fuelling it with negative emotions - as for instance anger and hatred - but, on the contrary, by calling upon the positive powers that comes from one’s determination and the strong will to do good, to help to further life, to help other people, to move along the path of enlightenment.

These powers can only be nurtured by a profound sense of a higher form of love.
In this sense, whereas any Spiritual Aikido attack can be directed both against personal and external obstacles, ultimately it always leads to a point of union with the whole universe as well as to a deep sense of harmony and peace with the whole world and all creatures.

For all these reasons, the acquisition of multiple knowledge and experiences that the practice of Spiritual Aikido offers, is a very powerful way to reach the goals that the inner being of everyone is waiting for.
In this seminar you will be able to learn techniques & knowledge to help you to really know yourself. You will be able to attract and then get to know your partner better. In the practice of Tantra the most important is to know yourself well (Who am I) so that you can find the ideal partner. With the practice of spiritual Aikido, you can develop abilities of sensibility, intuition and other super abilities which will help you to gain harmony, balance and understanding with your partner.

My experience with Spiritual Aikido

Throughout my teenage years I have been asking me many times how a person can be more conscious of himself and his surroundings. This means understand how the events and opportunities that life offers you are not only made by chance, but the predisposition of everyone is fundamental.

Following this idea it was a great satisfaction to discover a complete system of development focused on achieving more easily the goals that everyone has. That is, through Spiritual Aikido I have learned to perceive and to take advantage of the energy that nature offers to us; this is the way to be healthy, active and ready to face any difficulty.

For example, through the practice of “kata of fury” you can awake a lot of energy in your interior and with the realization of the “complex of Shiva” qualities like concentration and inner strength can be developed.
In summary, my experience with the practical exercises and also with the theory that can be received practicing Spiritual Aikido constitute a very powerful tools for anyone that wants to enlarge the limits of his spiritual baggage.

The organiser of the group call herself Venus and appears on many of their meetup events

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Ashram Shambala
« Reply #122 on: January 17, 2012, 05:43:00 pm »
To avoid too many bad surprises (most of the names can simply be check using Google image, or with regular Google and adding « aharata » or “goddess” to aka, or one of those Ashram Shambala few favorite expression).

-Soledad Altay = Soledad = Chekes Rada = (Rada Surya, barely used) = Chekes = Soledad Chekes = Master Chekes = Maestra Chekes = Venus = Soledad Domec = Premshakti = Maria Soledad  = Maria = Maria Soledad M. Domec Espinoza= Maria Soledad Monserrat Domec Espinoza

-Perun = Konstantin Leonidovich Shudnev

-Oyun = Yarovit = Aharata Queretaro = Dharma = Maestro Yarovit

-Ohin Hara = Hohin Hara = Lada = Maestra Lada = Sumelu = Lada Latyszewa = Mestra Ohin Hara = Tatjana Kochetkova = Tatjana Meira = Tatjana Meira-Kochetkova

-Master Stella = Tizhi Ayu = Stella Medvedeva

-Biven Mamonta = Biven Mamonte = Kargan Ganesh = Kargan Kenesh = Kargan Kanesh = Ganesha = Sri Ganesh = Gavneshoy = Ganapat = Bes Beloyar = Pavel Handozhko = Paul V. Handozhko

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Someone involved with this network in the US

Meryl Vandana aka Meryl Vandana Brinin

Meetup profile

text re the group "Beautiful Inside and Out" (coincidentally? a term used in the recruitment adverts for "Goddesses" at the PGT)

Greetings Beautiful Sisters,

Every woman has her own unique Goddess living inside her and every woman needs to connect and open up to her higher and wiser self. We are all truly unique spirits living in bodies who are here to honor & accept all aspects of ourselves in a circle of love and light with our beautiful sisters!

This Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom has existed for more than 8 thousand years in Ancient India, Egypt and other Civilizations.

For many years it was a Secret Art until now. In this special time of rapid transformation and evolution, we need to practice this tradition more than ever to stay in our power and heal all the parts of ourselves we have been denying for too long.

Each month we will be sharing many important topics, exercises, sacred movement, and techniques for empowerment, self-awareness, self-esteem building, energy balancing, & creative expression to help you all remember just how special you really are. We all need that reminder now and then, don't we?

I look forward to presenting awe-inspiring speakers, sound healers,educators, & beautiful women who are here to share their knowledge, wisdom, and blessings with us. They will provide the tools for us to make us feel good about who we are & why we are here!

Namaste & Magical Blessings,

Meryl Vandana Brinin


as you can see the above text has many characteristics of the Russian network's recruitment groups but without any of the keywords such as Aharata.

A google search for Meryl Vandana + Master Perun turns up various hits for workshops she organised around Perun's "shamanism", for example this event

Astute readers will notice that Ms Brinin sports the ancient Egyptian style hair favoured by many female cult members.

She seems to be someone who organises workshops and events featuring "shamans" from various territories and it could be that Perun is just one of many dodgy shamans that she has worked with.  

I am wondering if she should have her own thread?

The exchange between her and a person with some Ashram Shambala friends on this page is certainly intriguing

edited to add

I can't get the above link to work but the conversation is below photo no 55 on her wall photos

I will C&P it for readers here , as follows

Meryl Vandana Brinin
Grandmother's Wisdom Readings with Sand Painted Mandalas Created Just For You With Each Customized Reading. Email me for your phone reading! Blessings!!!!
Share · July 10, 2010
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Zamir Shaikh Lensman WISDOM CAN'T BE READ... IT CAN BE ÖNLY BUILT WITH FAITH ! COURAGE ! PATIENCE AND PAIN ! Hows my sweet sister?? My love and blessings to cr :- )
July 11, 2010 at 7:44am

Meryl Vandana Brinin I'm perfect just as God created me. Thank you for asking. I want to connect with you by phone. Is that possible. My curiosity has gotten the best of me:) How do you feel about speaking at some point soon? Matakuye Oyasin!
July 11, 2010 at 4:15pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman ?"O" the seeker of the truthful souls, what is it that had shaken your soul.. Ye can call me any time ,ye want my sweet sister.. ye can mail me at my e-mail too..its all there on my Info.. Tk cr.. Love and blessings.. Yours..zamir :- )
July 12, 2010 at 5:37am

Meryl Vandana Brinin Do I need a calling card or maybe we can talk on Skype? Do you have a Skype account?
July 12, 2010 at 5:05pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman I don't have skype.. meryl if we got to meet, we will definetly meet..this world is real small..and this life is very short.. keep me in your prayers, and i will too.. Yours. ZAMIR *
July 12, 2010 at 5:17pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Of course my dear brother! You are definitely in my prayers even though we haven't met yet!
July 12, 2010 at 6:00pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman That's like my sweet little sister :- ) tk cr of your self in this beautiful world..and be far from those who's gone astray..and those, of illsive minds :- )
July 12, 2010 at 6:16pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Yes Zamir I will. When is a good time to speak? You can call me @ (917) 301-6560 if you are guided to:) Love & Blessings!
July 12, 2010 at 6:19pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman Time slips my little sister.. I'll save your number.. i'll call ye someday.. INSHAALLAH . I will not promise ye. Nor will betraye ye.. yours zamir !
July 12, 2010 at 6:38pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Someday when you are guided to connect-only if it feels like you really desire to do so:) Bless your heart & feel my love! I trust!
July 12, 2010 at 6:40pm

Zamir Shaikh Lensman I am guided by the truthful and the pures and the merciful.. Desire is the greatest sin, my little sister.. But my heart says to me, "we will meet" and patience is the key to here and hereafter..keep patience my little sister, and one day ye will find peace, glory, love..and these will come to your feet..that one day :- )
July 12, 2010 at 7:16pm

Meryl Vandana Brinin Thank you I feel a strong emotion rising inside of me reading your beautiful and kind words. you are right about patience & I pray we can speak soon before we meet. Love & My deepest respect for you!
Meryl Vandana
July 13, 2010 at 1:11am

Zamir Shaikh Lensman I read about this wise soul, will spencer.. Tell him the only thing which will give him peace in this world is Patience.. Ask him to do some good i said ye earlier, feed the poor, help the poor as if they are like a caged bird, feed the poor animals..cause, if they pray for ye, ye become enlightened. Trust me GOD ABOVE, KNOWS IT ALL.THE INNER AND THE OUTER, HE IS THE ALL HEARER AND ALL KNOWER.. And yea, we should startup a school in india, rajasthan.. And ye be the teacher of the fruitful souls, and i the principle :- ) A TROUBLED SOUL, IS A WEAK SOUL !! My love to ye my lil sister.. Yours. ZAMIR.
July 13, 2010 at 7:29am


Mt spidey senses tell me that the above discussion is actually Ms Brinin getting played as part of a long con.

There seems to be something not quite right about Zamir Shaikh Lensman IMO.

His linkedin profile is here

it says
Zamir Shaikh
Owner, MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Mumbai Area, India Photography
Owner at MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Owner at MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Owners at Photographers
St Andrews
24 connections
Zamir Shaikh's Summary

I have been into the stream of Photography for almost 10 years.

Photography has been into my veins and due wo which i had a zeal to attain a milestone:-

I have the following Opeartional clients:-

Elle fashion
FNL fashion
Magna publications
Motor jeans
Elite modelling agency

Photography Unlimited - 24X7

Zamir Shaikh's Experience

MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
Currently holds this position

MCMZX-Photography InfiniT
January 1997 – May 2009 (12 years 5 months)

Photography Has been a passion for me and its in my nerves

I have been into this stream for decades and have been doing quite well however i lack insanity hence srtiving to obtain it

Aim is to reach the sky, atleast will get to conquer the stars ....
1990 – 2009 (19 years)

Zamir Shaikh's Education

St Andrews
B'Com, Finance and Accounting Major
1990 – 1995

Now if he is a distinguished fashion photographer with an impressive portfolio of clients, why does he have no website, online gallery or web presence?  Why are the only photos on his FB page poor quality? Why does he not have thousands of celebrity friends?

I just feel a chill going down my spine reading the conversation above as it has a newage 419 feel about it.  

Now there is a link here to someone called Will Spencer (mentioned in the final message above)


which is here

This is a page "liked" by Ashram Shambala people and it fits in with their sinister interests in "indigo children"

further edited to add....

here is the meetup for the "star Kids" group and, boy, does it look worrying

Although the organiser is now someone called Rose it is clear that Meryl Vandana was the organiser at one point as the blurb re the group is signed "Meryl Vandana & Chris George".  The blurb also contains a testimony from Will Spencer.  Not really sure what it all means but obviously with Meryl's name associated with it, the aharata link to this group is consolidated. 

Have to go and get some work done, just sharing some thoughts
edited to add, more aharata links to Meryl Vandana Brinin



301 W 55TH ST-SUITE # 4
2ND Flr-Between 86h & 9th Ave-NYC




March 3, 2010 7:00 PM - 5 attended
TRS Professional Suites (map)
Meet with A Modern Master Of Ancient Wisdom

We are very pleased to welcome Stella, a Master teacher, healer and 9th generation shaman, to New York.

After achieving many successes in the business world as a lawyer, Master Stella observed that many people did not have happiness and harmony in their business relationships: that there were hereditary (karmic) problems that people were unable to overcome. These problems led to divorces, stealing, rape, murder and more. Social laws were not solving the problems.

She began to look at the deeper issues underlying problems of both her clients, and humanity, and started to look for true solutions to the suffering she witnessed. Her search led her to the sacred places of Altai, where the secrets of natural and cosmic laws were revealed to her - laws above social and judicial laws. She learned of the laws that govern all processes on earth.

Using this knowledge, Stella has helped hundreds of thousands of people, from many different countries, to find harmony in their relationships, to be free of loneliness, to recover their beauty and vitality, to become more youthful both physically and in spirit, and to achieve financial independence.

She is a master of “Aharata” (school of energetic martial arts and psychological protection), Shamanism, Tantra, & The Art of Goddess (liberating the feminine essence – Shakti – and restoring youth, beauty, health and empowerment to fully realize the potential of the feminine self).

A direct student of her enlightened Teacher, Alid Faske Natva, she has received the highest direct initiation in healing and is working with the deepest health, emotional and psychological issues and is achieving remediation and cure of many “incurable” diseases.

Master Stella will be offering diagnostics and consultations which offer insight into your past issues (past lives and how they effect this current life) how karma is effecting your choices, behaviors and thoughts & what are your gifts to be manifested in this time and how to manifest them. She will also be available to
offer private Healing sessions by appointment.

Come and invite your friends to meet with a channel of Divine Power and receive powerful knowledge and energy.

We look forward to seeing you at the presentation!

With love from the Golden Mountains of Altai,


Meryl Vandana Brinin

so it is clear that this woman has been involved with different aharata VIPs for some time - this makes me wonder whether any of the other "shamans" she promotes / has promoted might be linked to the network?

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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another website belonging to this network

The World Yoga Association  ::)

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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found some footage of recruiter Yulia Varra on on old BBC newsnight item, may be useful as Channel 4 have removed the videos featuring her from their website and from youtube

The clip shows Varra training young women to catch rich husbands by learning pole dancing and sexual skills

her FB page is here.  Some of her photos are interesting

for example here she is making friends with some Aboriginal people in Australia at a psychotherapy conference

She will have told them that she is a psychiatrist (a claim that she often makes - I used to not believe it but it may in fact be true that she is a sex trafficking recruiter and a psychiatrist - she wouldn't be the only one)
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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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There is a very informative wikipedia page in Russian language, on Ashram Shambala here

it is very well referenced and contains links to some news stories not linked to on this thread

Here's a C&P, translation via google

WARNING -   includes extremely disturbing material

Ashram Shambala
- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ashram Shambala (other names: "Belovodye" [1] [2] , in a way "Belovodye" , International Academy "The Way to Happiness" , International "Academy of Happiness" , "Esoteric Ashram Shambala" , "Russian school of Tantric" , Sotidanandana Yoga Center , "School of geisha" , "Olirna" , etc.) - an occult religious sect [3] [4] , established in 1989 in Novosibirsk Konstantin Rudnev [5] .
From 1990 to 2010 branches of the sect operate in 18 regions of the Russian Federation (including Moscow and St. Petersburg), [6], [3], [7] as well as in other countries of the former Soviet Union [6] [8] . Total number of members according to various estimates ranged from 15 [9] to 20 thousand people. [10] Age adherents ranged from 17 to 30 years. [11]
Law enforcement agencies determine the Ashram Shambala as one of the most odious of operating in Russia, totalitarian sects , [4], [12] on the course of action has similarity with the Aum Shinrikyo . [13] Number of employees in 1999 was 10,000 members. [13]
The founder and leader of Ashram Shambala is a graduate of the engineering college Rudnev D. Constantin [4] [6], [12] [14] [10] , (born 4 August 1967 , at Novosibirske ), also known under the pseudonyms "Bolt", "Sotilian Sikorisky "," Sri Jnana Avatar Muni, "" Altai Kagan divinely wise " [6], [15] . Back in 1986 while serving in the army tried to convince the roll command of the military unit to convert part of the monastery on the model of Shaolin , which would have been a strict rejection of bad habits, and the officers would have been mentors and taught martial arts to soldiers. At the same time Rudnev was sent for treatment at a psychiatric clinic of Samara, where he stayed until 1989. After this he returned to Novosibirsk and with the help of Elena Zakharova, who later became the second man in the sect, founded a wellness company, "Caravan" conducted the paid seminars on non-traditional methods of treatment in the eastern wrapper, which taught " Yoga , "" teaching of Shambhala, "" healing Reiki , "" Astral Karate "and" removal of damage . " Later the company changed names several times and signs. [10] Rudnev also declared himself a " second Messiah , "" prophet "and" embryo , got to the ground by a UFO , "and" a stranger to Sirius ' [16] [17] [18 ], [19]
1 Fundamentals of Faith
2 management of the organization
3 The inner life of the organization
4 Affiliated organizations and activities
5 Business organization
6 Prosecution
6.1 Litigation 2011
7 Other facts
8 Notes
9 Links
[ edit ] Fundamentals of Faith

The doctrine of Rudnev very syncretic , and is a blend of New Age , " Living Ethics " Roerich , the teachings of Carlos Castaneda , Reiki , Astral Karate and kontakterstva [6], [20] In the teaching of Ashram Shambala there are elements of esoteric , oriental cults and religions, pagan cults , shamanism , and yoga . [4], [21] [11]
The ideological basis of the teachings of an autobiographical book by KD Rudnev, " The way a fool , "he wrote under the pseudonyms" Bolt "and" Sotilian Sikorisky. " As described in the book of the teachings in the form of scandalously obscene subjected to ridicule the idea of a family , birth and parenting, education and work, praised the subordination of the adepts ("sadhaks"), the leader of the group. Promoted promiscuity and regular "sexual practice" that should deal exclusively with young and beautiful girls. [6], [10] [17] [19] [22]
Shambhala is characterized as antisocial new religious movement , and the cult that uses the techniques and methods aimed at developing members of psychological dependence on the group and the leader [19] [23] [24] [25] .
AL Dworkin defines Rudnev, as odious " pseudo tantric guru "and his organization as" an occult totalitarian sect "and emphasizes that" On the same sect, Rudnev can rightfully be described as a perfect totalitarian sect. " [6 ]
According to law enforcement agencies,
For a complete suppression of the will of the sect used the mental and psychological abuse in the form of special methods of aggressive external effects on the psyche, which has the purpose to put the will of the involved persons under the control of the head of the sect, as well as the use of a group of drugs , rape . As a result, few adherents developed severe mental illness . [22]
[ edit ] Organization Management

Konstantin Rudnev ("Bolt", "Sotilian Sikorisky", "Sri Jnana Avatar Muni," "Altai Kagan divinely wise") - the leader of the sect [6], [10] [11]
Elena Zakharova ("Selena", "Sri Lakshmi Devi Subhi") - "high priestess" and the right hand Roll [6], [10]
Paul Handozhko ("Sri Ganesh") - "chief mentor", a former surgeon in the Pskov region, engaged in the sect provodeniem seminars on " tantra "(" to engage in Tantra "- in the jargon of the sect means" sex "). In 2004 was wanted on suspicion of being HIV-infected dozens of people across Russia. [6], [10]
Faith Brilina - Head of the cells in Arkhangelsk. [26]
Mykola Kornienko - former head of the Voronezh cells. [2]
[ edit ] The inner life of the organization

For an introduction to the cult of the neophyte was required to pay a fee in the amount of 4-5 thousand rubles, and also pay the full self learning. Then newfound adept in a roundabout way brought to one of the "ashrams", which are the usual city apartment or country house. All ordinary members of the "Ashram Shambala" placed on the 16-20 people in small rooms (in one case 3 to 5 square meters ), where they were supposed to live and work there. Though the younger "teachers" lived in a room for 2-3 people, and the senior "mentor" had a separate room. [27]
In sect used a very tight schedule. At 6:00 am (some at 6:50 am) - with the overall rise time "warm up" to the music. Warm-up included a monotonic push-ups , sit-ups , abdominal exercises , alternating with exhausting dance (so-called. "dynamic meditation"). During the day, such a "workout" was repeated every hour, including at night. [27], [2]
From followers needed to make and sign the envelope, write poetry and songs, books reprinted texts, transcribed on paper lecture Rudnev and his inner circle, copy music and videos, as well as to produce a variety of "magic" items for sale to the outside world. Failure to meet a strict set of rules entailed punishment: the famine of 1 to several days, with the continuation of work performed between 200 and 500 push-ups, the same number of sit-ups in addition to workouts, cleaning toilets , the boycott and isolation . In case of refusal to perform the adept leadership of the sect of punishment resorted to accept collective responsibility , forcing all the other rank and file members do push-ups in the presence of stubborn until then, until he have mercy on the suffering companions agreed to comply. [28] [25]
Food intake was carried out only 2 times a day in the morning and evening, during the hours set by the leadership of the sect. Adherents eat food from a common pot representing a soup of vegetable peelings, grass, leaves, barley or millet grains . Among the members of the sect leaders are often satisfied with the competition: food from the hands of the common pot, eating at the time, together with the unfolding of the food bowls, transplanted during the reception food, feeding each other's neighbors on the table. According to eyewitnesses, Rudnev adherents from chronic malnutrition , and lack of sleep fell into a state of an animal , becoming hungry, and any food prepared away from a neighbor an extra piece. When the followers of the depletion started falling out hair and teeth , then the leaders of the sect told them that:
"You are reborn in the sixth race of man , which the teeth are not needed, because it feeds the divine energy. "
At the same time the leadership of the sect ate rice, mushrooms and various salads . [28] [25] According to other reports in the daily rate of the ordinary worshiper was 1 cup of cereal and 2 tablespoons of butter, half a cup of wheat germ. Sometimes, instead of the last piece of bread was issued. [29] Also, the leaders of the sect adherents were fed scraps from the table. [30]
Taps began at 3-4 o'clock in the morning (in some cells at 0 hours) and the dream was given to only a few hours. Slept members of the "Ashram Shambala", with the windows open all year round, who is on what is necessary, including the bare floor. For submission of adherents, the leadership of the sect climbs to suit the night rehearsals rapid rebound, after which all the team to bed in seconds. [25] [31], [2]
Sometimes ("once a week or two") in the early times of the day, late at night or dark of night dwellers "Ashram Shambala" was allowed to make group trips. Go outside the adepts were divided into subgroups and under the direction of "mentor" came to their destination. In the same way back again. [32]
Rudnev and his associates, men are constantly in the sect organized group orgies with young girls. If you then have a girl child was born, he handed over to the shelter. [25]
Above adepts committed abuses - dipping his head in the toilet with the bowel movements , skin burned with cigarettes , notched body . Especially guilty were tortured in the form of sexual humiliation gang rape, acts . Also, followers were forced to mate with animals such as dogs. All this is known as "tantric rituals for the initiated," and was recorded on video. [33]
[ edit ] Affiliated organizations and activities

Academy "The Way to Happiness" [14]
Academy of occult sciences [6], [14] [10]
Altai Ashram Shambala [6], [14]
Center "Belovodye" [6], [14] [10]
"Ladies Business School" [34]
"Women's University," Living Sun "," [34]
"Women's business magic" [34]
"Zlato the Young" [14]
"Society" Olirna '" [6], [14] [10]
"Way to Belovodye" [14]
"The Russian school of Tantric" [6], [14]
"Siberian Association of Yoga" [6], [14] [10]
"Sotidanandana yoga center" [6], [14] [10]
"Toltekklub - something" [14]
School "Avicenna" [6], [14] [10]
"The School of Spiritual Healing Academy Sotidanandany Guru" [6], [14]
"Esoteric foundations of business" workshop [6], [14] [10]
"Esoteric Ashram Shambala," [14]
"Geisha school" [14]
"School of Goddesses" [14]
"School Kleoparty" [34]
[ edit ] Business Organization

The composition of the sect "Ashram Shambala," included several correspondence schools - school "UFO" ("contact" with extraterrestrial civilizations), the school "Atlantis" ("connection" to the knowledge of the ancient civilization of people), the school, "Business - magic" ("the acquisition of flair "in the business), the school" Shamanism "(" training "shamanism), the school" Spiritual Healing "(" acquisition " occult powers), the school "Spiritual Aikido" ("training" Management of internal energy), the school "Toltec magic" (" capture "the magic of the Toltecs ), School of "Pharaoh" ("training" of divination, teleportation , "awakening" of Kundalini ), the school, "Shambala" ("learning" due to the universe, with egregor ) School "Nagual" ("learning" self-medication) the school, "Zorba the Buddha" ("learning" the "establishment" of objects, "training" hesychasm ) - conducted seminars, and offering a variety of literature from the "necessary" (the cost (in 2001) from 60 to 150 rubles) to the "recommended" ( cost (in 2001) from 50 to 800 rubles), as well as "magical" objects (the cost (in 2001) from 50 to 1,500 rubles) [17] [35]
Established Rudnev, "divinely wise Altai Kagan," International Academy "The Way to Happiness" organized seminars - School "Family Happiness," School "Russian heathenism," School "Siberian shamanism," School "Spiritual Healing" School "Business Magic. Path material well-being, "School" Tantric Raja Yoga, "School" Astroplanetarnogo karate. The methods of psycho-energetic defense, "School" Orphics. The magic of art. The development of his personality. ". In comparison with the "Ashram Shambala," "payment" for "training" and is charged for the materials in the form of "donations" and the Euro  - from 15.8 to 25 cu It is also proposed various cloaked under the Altaic shamanism "magic" items - homuz (from the usual $ 150 for up to Homuza divinely wise Altai Kagan for 1000 USD), shamanic costume (for the usual $ 1000 to the divinely wise shaman costume Altai Kagan worth 10,000 USD), the shaman hat (from $ 150 for a standard to 1500 USD per shaman hat divinely wise Altai Kagan), shaman drum and kyamla (from the usual $ 400 for up to divinely wise Altai Kagan for 10,000 USD), shaman boots (regular - $ 150, and divinely wise Altai Kagan - 1200 USD). In total, in order to collect all the 'gear' Roll had to pay about 26,000 cu . Also offered separately on the audio cassettes and compact discs  - a series of "Magical Music of Shamballa" (price range of 2.3 to 2.8 USD per share) and a series of "Music of wish fulfillment." (Price from 35 USD to 45 USD) [17] [36]
[ edit ] Prosecution

In 1999 the Novosibirsk Region Prosecutor's Office opened a criminal case against Rudnev of Art. 239 of the Criminal Code ("The United encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens") . During the investigation it was found that the sect took place extortion , corruption of minors , sexual with animals ), and abuse, including the manufacture and sale of pornographic videos abroad. We also learned that the top of the sect owns a dozen apartments in landscaped areas, Novosibirsk, copied to the Roll of its adherents. However, the main person involved had disappeared for 5 years and the investigation was suspended. In 2000 the case was reopened, but only on the fact of tax evasion and illegal business activities [1] [2], [9] [29] [37]
In April 2004 the law enforcement agencies asked the man from the Bryansk searching for his daughter, caught in a cult Rudnev. In September, Rudnev was arrested at his dacha in the company of eight minor girls. Since he had taken a written undertaking to appear for questioning by the prosecutor. [2], [29] According to on the sale of the property adepts of occult and pornographic video content, lectures and seminars Roll earned about $ 10 million. [10] [36]
8 November 2005 in Voronezh was suppressed the activity of local cells of the sect. During the operational activities of the FSB in the basement of one of the cottages have been found 6 people with symptoms of mental disorder in the state of narcotic intoxication , most adherents was underage, and from various regions of Russia. After talking with law enforcement agencies, except for the head of the cell, the other five men were released. [1] [2], [29]
In late October 2008 members of OCD in the Novosibirsk region were searched in the two country houses in the village and the village of New Plotnikova owned by Konstantin Rudnev. During the search, were detained six people are in the criminal investigation, and seized marijuana , various psychotropic medications, mushrooms, herbs fees, 23 laptop with videos of pornographic content, documents and literature of the sect, and many items for perverted sex - dildos , whips -, ritual objects and identification of missing people in an address during the search. it was found that members of the sect held group practices had clearly sexual overtones. Cost of seminars was 3500-5000 rubles per person (700-1000 rubles. Per day). Venues for practice were several centers of the family, the club prepare pregnant women for childbirth, a municipal institution of supplementary education for children and young people and the home of sport. Also in the yard next to the cottage in the car were found Plotnikova Hammer and Land Cruise 2000  - both produced in 2008. [21] [29] [38]
In September 2011 the Centre for Anti-Extremism Office of the Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Ryazan region were found and returned home two previously missing 18-year old boy who fell under the influence of the "Ashram Shambala." In the course of operational activities is established that the missing may be in Novosibirsk . At the present time with rehabilitation activities are carried out [39] . According to the law enforcement agencies, the sect has been actively recruiting followers in the Ryazan region [40]
[ edit ] The trial of 2011

This article describes the current events .
Information may change rapidly as events unfold.
You are viewing an article in the version of 12 March 2012 17:16 ( UTC ). ( update ) Do not forget to add a message on the current event in the portal "Current events" .
In early October 2010 the staff of the Investigative Committee of the Russian prosecutor's office , regional offices of the FSB and the Interior Ministry of Russia for Novosibirsk Region arrest K. D. Rudnev. As part of the criminal case Rudnev and most active members of the group charged with creating a religious association, encroaching on the person and the rights of citizens ( Part 1 of Art. 239 of the Criminal Code ), rape ( Part 1 of Art. 131 of the Criminal Code ), forced sexual acts character ( Part 1 of Art. 132 of the Criminal Code ), illegal possession and sale of narcotics ( Art. 228.1 of the Criminal Code ) [3], [20] [22] [41] [42] . Victims found 15 former members of the organization, filed lawsuits against Rudnev totaling 18 million rubles [3], [11] [41] [43] [44] [45]
24 June 2011 the investigating authorities handed over the criminal case of KD Rudnev to the court. [16] [18] [46] [47], Novosibirsk Central District Court granted the application of the prosecutor for an extension until July 8 the detention Rudnev. [41 ]
18 July 2011 at the Novosibirsk district court held its first hearing on the case Rudnev, in which the indictment was read out part of it. Rudnev, the charges against him, charges have not been recognized, but his lawyers plan to seek full justification. [17] According to the prosecutor Vera Vasilkova, if found guilty Rudnev, he faces a prison sentence of more than 10 years. [19] [48] In the first meeting, the prosecutor read out the beginning part of the prosecution. [49]
20 July 2011 held its second hearing in which the prosecutor went on to disclose the conviction. The prosecutor told reporters that the case study materials and question witnesses will be later. The lawyer said that this year it is unlikely to be considered in full, because it consists of 44 volumes, in addition, many witnesses living in other cities. [49]
4 August 2011 , the third trial (the first two of the indictment was read by the prosecutor and the defendant was given the floor Rudnev), during which, by reason of absence of any one of 15 due to the witnesses, the court proceeded to the disclosure of the case (it was read three volumes of 44 .) Lawyer Alexander Rudnev Nezhinskii filed a motion for a number of non-evidence, in particular, the search protocol, as the thought that they were obtained in violation of the law, but the court has not authorized the request and scheduled the next meeting on 8 August 2011 . [50]
8 August 2011 the Novosibirsk district court first questioned the victim, who has come to a meeting in another city and on the testimony of which are largely based arguments the prosecution. [33] [51]
9 November 2011 the victim of the sect Ashram Shambala, for unknown reasons did not come to a meeting in Novosibirsk district court because of what the next meeting is scheduled for 29 November 2011 [11]
30 November 2011 at the regular meeting of the Novosibirsk regional court against the leader of the sect testified main witness, explain the circumstances of rape and reiterated his earlier testimony. [52]
[ edit ] Other facts

As a young man fond of K.Rudnev yoga and Eastern philosophy. In addition, a group popular books K.Kastanedy , V.Averyanova. [6]
In addition to books, "The way a fool," the leaders of used video and audio material, sets of "magical" items. In sect sold a large number of "magic items" - "Bells of happiness", "error-free writing pen," "pen recorders Shambala," "inconvertible coin", "magic comb", "Pencil Beauty", "pendulums for hunters." The price of "unchangeable penny" in the late 90s was 500 rubles per share. [6], [14]
The group is welcoming shouts of "Gyych Om!" And "Namaste". [14]
During sexual intercourse were adept in both the deep pleasure to make sounds, "A-A-A ',' O-O-O", "M-M-M ', which supposedly was supposed to mean an abbreviation similar to Aum ( ohms ). [14]
After being detained in 2004 Rudnev was sent to a medical examination , found mentally insane and sent for treatment in a psychiatric hospital , the Novosibirsk, where soon escaped. [10] [14]
On the employees retired FSB video materials Rudnev went completely naked on the floor and told his follower to hit his feet on various parts of the body, and to rub salt into an open wound back. [29]

Women in the sect, lured by promises to "liberate their latent sexual energy" and learn how to "seduce a partner." After payment of a sum of money, "Lakshmi" (as in the sect called "geisha") held a short course of lectures "about good and evil," and the "power of femininity" and the "emancipation of the chakras  . " As a final "test" the "school" women are invited to group sex  and intercourse with animals  , in the jargon of the sect called " tantra yoga  . " Those who best mastered " Tantra Yoga  "awaited trip to the Altai and the high-level meeting with the" priestess of the ashram, "Amrita and the eternal search for" fenugreek ". [16]
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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just a little update about the Romanian OC network involved in THB, MISA Yoga School.

One of the MISA websites, blog reported to be owned by MISA recruiter / groomer Aida Calin (according to her linkedin page it is owned by a woman called Mihaela Vasile) shows that MISA's MO is evolving to include many aspects that have worked successfully for Ashram Shambala.

This interests me as, while I think it most likely that the similarities regarding the MO of the networks are an example of convergent evolution, now that they are aware of each others activities we should expect that they will learn from each other and also, by studying this board, learn from other criminals.

So here is the website owned by Mihaela Vasile or by Aida Calin (obviously use a proxy to check it out)

So new items on the MISA THB recruitment menu include courses and workshops include:
(note translations from Romanian in English via google)

Munay Ki
Bucharest, March 23 to 25, 2012
This year marks two years since organizing this course. From our experiences on this course, you could say it is an experience that helps us to find more space in our souls, our lives daily, and allows us to offer much more easily around our gift of ourselves. And because they are precious things in our lives, we invite you to share again, blessing these rituals. Munay Ki rites (the word is Love and Power or "Be as you are!") are initiations that they received, since old, shamans in South America, known as Laika, the Keepers of the Earth.  It is a process in 9 steps to heal past wounds of childhood, the ancestral wounds, the genetic inheritance and karma that we were born into this life .

These initiations were brought into the modern world by Alberto Villoldo, a psychologist and anthropologist who has studied for over 25 years of shamanic healing practices of Amazonian and Incas and was released widely in this extremely important period for the Earth. These rituals are transmitted energy and can help us heal and see who we become in the future, over thousands of years. We help you make the quantum leap from Homo sapiens to Homo luminous, to be free of all wounds and stories of our lives and we can step fully into our destiny. course benefits to such training are difficult to assess the mental level. But we want to remember some of the things that can help us in this course:

Flashing light body, to heal us, to age, to live and die in a different way
Learning the four levels of shamanic perception: the perception of physical (represented by the serpent), the mind and emotional perception (represented by the jaguar), the soul and sacred perception (represented by humming bird), the spiritual perception (represented by the eagle)
Getting out of personal stories, emotional wounds from identification with the ego, living in mind and the perpetuation of lack of power triangle aggressor-victim-savior of their life
Finding mission to
The new rituals that you will receive are: ritual healer, ritual power bands, ritual harmony, clairvoyant ritual, ritual keepers day ritual wisdom keepers, earth keepers ritual, ritual and ritual keepers Star Creator. After passing through these initiations, they are yours and you can send them to others, in the form that you (individually or as classes). Date: March 23 to 25, 2012 Schedule: Friday: 17 to 21, Saturday: 9.30 - 19, Sunday: 9.30 - 18 Location: Bucharest-Filaret Carol Park area (exact location will be announced to those enrolled) Price: 400 RON You will receive: course material, diploma, DVD explaining the rituals performed by Alberto Villoldo and his stone Pi for initiation. course content will be as follows: From the wisdom and teachings Laika shamans Munay Ki Rites: what is, as transmitted, the effects have all 9 Explanation of rituals and effective transfer their energy level trip to the Lower and Upper World Journey to retrieve forgotten aspects of ourselves course also includes other shamanic journey that helps us connect with deep energy and transforming our lives rites will be provided by Dan Marinas and Mihaela Vasile, founder of personal development sites and spiritual evolution: and manager Registration and details: This e-mail address is Being protected from spambots. You Need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0721465852 During the course, working on energy level. Therefore, please leave your mind and come home in your hearts ready to receive a special experience!

Sessions of shamanic energy medicine healing

For those of us who have forgotten that the world is a safe place, that the universe is on our side so we could walk in beauty every day of our lives, we invite you to shamanic healing sessions, at Aimee . ro. To remind us.

Healing during these sessions is instantaneous energy body, but effects require some time to settle in the mental body, emotional and physical body.

Because it is a journey beyond our rational mind, healing may take forms different from those to which the customer expects. Clearly, each client receives exactly what needs to receive at the time of his life.

At the end of the meeting will discuss working together on some issues that the customer will get to create new neurological pathways to step into a new personal travel map.

and Family Constellations
Roots and wings: family constellations workshop

Bucharest, March 17, 2012. and We invite you to experience the soul: family constellations workshop "Roots and wings" on 17 March.
Sometimes, life becomes much more complicated than we want. And however much we like, we feel powerless in our desire to change something. We feel without roots and do not dare to believe that we have wings. It is important to know, even though we are often captured suffering, that our soul knows no other way.

Family constellations method empowers us to get out of stories and perceptions that we create our lives and have access to true soul.

With force group, the language of the soul, the energy field that forms the inner movements and can step into a "vision cured" of life, our soul and the soul of the family we belong to, understanding that everything is as it should be and that healing comes from a place higher than we, that we have uninterrupted access. Thus, we have access to our roots and we can begin to feel as we grow wings with which to explore life.


Whether it's about relationship problems with others or with yourself, couple relations, organizational issues, recurring themes in our lives, illnesses or diseases or other things that bothers us, these problems are heightened by "tangles "Our family system, which stop the flow of the river of love to free, over generations.

Love that flows through a family system is in equilibrium as long as all members belonging to this system have an equal right to belong, beyond good, bad, right or wrong. But when one of the following events occurs (early death of parents or grandparents, miscarriages, abortions, child deaths, murders, tragic deaths and injuries, spontaneous loss of a partner, adoption, broken engagement or divorce, experiences of war, victims and aggressors, family secrets, individuals were excluded from family) many times, family members are silenced, are forgotten or are practically excluded from the family system, because of excessive pain or love turned into hatred and resentment. The family will never forget but one and often, younger members of the system imbalances will manifest in their lives occurred in previous generations.


Most of our problems come from our involvement in the affairs of others and the destiny of others. When we look at a family, we often see people who are tied to the destiny of other people in the system, whose burden it carries through life, with great loyalty and love them as personal burdens.


With family constellations, reach a place of deep soul, from which we can see that everything is a manifestation of love and that honoring, accepting and including, become free. The ancestral healing work that happens in family constellations, move beyond individuality and went into a healing process that can achieve many generations past, present and future.


The workshop will be held by Mihaela Vasile, founder of the site for personal development and spiritual growth: and manager.

Date: March 17, 2012 Schedule: Saturday: 10-18,  Location: Bucharest-Filaret Carol Park area (exact location will be announced to those enrolled) Price: 150 RON

To my knowledge Ashram Shambala does not use Munay Ki, however they are big on "shamanism" and also, like many pseudo-tantric cults, many of their agents and recruiters use Family Constellations.

My understanding of Family Constellations (FC) is that it is a form of group and individual therapy in which people are invited to create a dynamic map of their familial and ancestral history and dynamics in order to explore the unconscious effect that family systems have on the individual, thus ultimately liberating individuals from unconscious "scripts" and dysfunctional behaviour.

I understand that history does repeat itself and that many people are influenced by unconscious ancestral and familial dynamics. I do not think that it is necessarily a bad thing to explore these dynamics.  

However the use of FC by cults and criminals seems to be widespread and it seems to me that the idea of liberating yourself from unwanted, dysfunctional, unconscious influences can very easily be used as a way of separating people from their families and from their families influences.  I  suspect that it is just another way in which something that may be helpful in some situations, providing that the practitioner is a decent, honest, caring person, who has the best interests of the client in mind, can be used to brainwash and influence people in a destructive way if the practitioner has a hidden agenda.

One way in which the criminals and newage cults give themselves away in this respect is their emphasis on selfishness.  Typically recruiters will ask women to think about when they last took time and money for themselves.  They will invite women to think that they are their own worst enemy for spending so much time caring for their families when what they really want to do is to have lots of sex with different people and learn how to be an erotic dancer.  The cults propose that women who work hard and spend lots of time with their children are just boring, tired, washed up women who need to "open up" to their "authentic selves".  This "authentic self" is actually - at least by the time the cults have finished brainwashing them) - a hyper-sexualised, manic, selfish, deluded woman who will abandon her children and family at the drop of a hat.

The scary thing is that so many women buy into it.  


r the ownership of the site it may be Aida Calin or it may be Mihaela Vasilescu (the latter being listed as the director in her linkedin profile)

Aida Calin

Mihaela Vasilescu

If you check Calin's FB page they are friends and have many mutual MISA friends
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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just sharing a few thoughts re organised criminal cultic networks (OCCNs) involved in THB, specifically some thoughts re grooming and recruitment of victims.

You are likely to discover recruiters in any situation or environment in which people's usual defences are lowered and when are more open to social and physical contact than in most social situations.

Examples that have come to my attention recently are as follows:

cuddle parties - promoted via the meetup social networking website and facebook.  While these events claim to offer (and undoubtedly do offer) an opportunity for people to get lots of hugs, they also provide THB recruiters with all kinds of opportunities to test the boundaries of potential victims and also to access people whose boundaries may be a bit shaky for whatever reason.   IME most people running cuddle workshops are part of the polyamory scene or the "tantric" scene or both.

speed dating events - again organised via the meetup social networking site and of course facebook.  

Large Group Awareness Traning (LGAT) events and workshops in which a high level of physical / sensual touch is encouraged - there are a number of different businesses operating in various territories internationally that run these kind of events.  The one that first came to my attention is the Human Awareness Institute (HAI) but there are others and this issue needs its own thread.    Thread on HAI at the Rick Ross forum here,57543,101388,page=6  .  There is a significant category of people involved in HAI and similar groups who are also involved in OCCNs whose business is THB.

Free hugs events - Free hugs events have been used by MISA and by the notorious Children of God (aka The Family aka The Family International) as ways of recruiting new members.

Learn to massage events and massage swaps - widely used by THB recruiters

Contact improvisation events - just check out youtube videos for contact improvisation to see why THB recruiters would want a piece of this.  

"ecstatic" dance - One of the most widely used methods of grooming and recruitment.  These events encourage people to express themselves through improvised dance.  I have been to a couple of these events and I found that there was a high tolerance of predatory, invasive males, (possibly due to a shared belief in "live and let live", but to a ridiculous degree?).  Males who I moved away from seemed sulky and moody, one was persistent to the point of being stalkerish but nobody from the organisers intervened.  I know other females who have been assaulted and groped at these events.  Perhaps the most widespread event of this kind is 5Rhythms founded by Gabrielle Roth.  I am not certain about the connection between Roth and THB networks but her FB friends list is full of people involved in OCCNs and THB, including "Baba" Dez Nichols, Amara Charles, Charles Muir, Crystal Dawn Morris, Deborah Anapol, Jade Lotus Tantra US, Jaiya Ma, Kamala Devi, Moses Ma, Mukee Okanand many others.  It may simply be that Roth is not involved herself but that the THB networks like 5Rhythms and "friend" her on FB.  Other models of contact improvisation and "ecstatic" dance that THB networks use include Biodanza (a favourite of Osho followers), Danza Synergia (developed by Ashram Shambala) and Nia Technique aka Nia dance dance.  An amusing and (IMO) fairly accurate depiction of one of these events can be viewed in this clip from the comedy series Peep Show:

edited to add - naturist (nude) yoga.  No big surprises here but MISA is running nude yoga classes in some territories and individual "sacred sexual healers" whose allegiances are not yet clear to me are also running such events.

Just for clarification - I am NOT saying that all of the events on the above categories are run by THB recruiters.  What is true IME is that some of the above events are run by recruiters and many of them, regardless of who is running them, attract recruiters.  A thorough analysis of data from social networking websites will demonstrate the connections.

I have not posted link here because I do not want to advertise the relevant events but I can provide supporting links to the mods.  

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I have mentioned many times here that various OCCNs involved in THB and other serious OC are prioritising the recruitment of mental health professionals and I just wanted to share an example of this.

I was checking out the website of Reena Desai, a recruiter for Ashram Shambala, and in the "testimonials" page was this comment:

I have been studying with Reena and her teachers. As a psychotherapist and coach, I have found the processes powerful and transformational accelerating shifts both in myself and in my clients. In particular, I recommend studying Aharaj Yoga, which I have found to create shifts on a cellular level, accompanied by results in one’s outer life. Whether it is cultivating the power to create such shifts or opening up to the divine feminine within, check out a workshop with Reena – a refreshing approach to be found here!
Greta Hassel, MFT

source: (scroll down)

So basically this psychotherapist and coach Greta Hassel is endorsing not only Reena Desai but her "teachers" at "Aharaj Yoga" (an Ashram Shambala "front").

I thought that I recognised the name from somewhere and I checked out her website and her about me page includes the following text:

 "Greta Hassel, MFT, has over 20 years of professional therapy experience, and is committed to empowering you to overcome difficult challenges.  She approaches her work by listening to the images of the soul whereby symptoms, previously deemed problems, become transformed into messengers. These messengers reveal the inner world within, and then when polished, can at last reveal the buried jewels within.
      Her theoretical orientation combines object relations -- the foundation for the development, stability and flexibility of the self -- with transpersonal psychology, which looks to saints, artists and great heroes and heroines for models of the growth-aligned nature of the human psyche. In this way, she seeks the development of the whole person -- the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, body-mind, social, sexual and creative aspect of each individual. 
        She is President of Essence, Inc. which explores the role of the personality as a translucent window to the Divine Life within. Training includes the Enneagram, (Russ Hudson), Rumi and Hafiz’s poetry, Kabbalah,  Joseph Campbell, Wisdom traditions in East and West, and Sacred sexuality.
        Greta sees clients in her private practice in Santa Monica.


  Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA.

       M. A. School of Psychology, June 1988.

       M. Div. School of Theology, September 1989.

  Salem College, Winston-Salem, N.C.

       B.A. Religion.  1980.


       State of California, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFC28466, 1991.


  Passages Addiction Cure Center, Malibu, CA.       

       MFT Therapist treating relational and biological aspect of dependency.  2005-2009.

       MFT Aftercare Therapist for Passages Addiction Cure Center.  2009 to present.

  The La Vie Counseling Center, Pasadena, California:

        Director of Clinical Training.   1993-2005.

  Professional Advancement Success Systems, L.A.

        State-Wide Trainer.  Small Group Intensive Training Seminars and Workshops for MFT Oral Exam.  1991-2004.


   California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

   Rotary Club of Pasadena

   Chamber of Commerce, Pasadena


   Theories of study include contemporary psychotherapy (Object relations, Althea Horner), Inter-subjectivity and self-psychology (Bob Stolorow, Daphne Stolorow, Mark Baker), Infant research, which include attachment styles effect on adult development (Connie Lillas), and Interpersonal Neurobiology (Allan Schore, Dan Siegal, BonnieBadenoch, Candace  Pert).  This developmental orientation lays the foundation for the stability and resulting flexibility of the self combined with transpersonal or psycho-spiritual approaches to transformation.

   First For Women, Marriage SOS, Magazine, August, 2010
   PASS, "Object Relations Therapy for the MFT Exam", 1993.
   Perspective Magazine, "The Beauty and the Beast", 1998.


   "Heart Centered Communication:  From Breakdown to Breakthrough"
   "Sacred Rites of Passage:  From Wound to Wonder"  the story of how the one grain of sand becomes the white pearl of transformation.
   "The Golden Compass:  Chart Your Course to the Hidden Treasure That Wants to be Found"   
   "The Essence of Love:  A Map of the Journey from Attraction to Ecstasy"

This interests me as it demonstrates that Ms Hassel's psychotherapy practise is a combination of orthodox methods and newage methods, which is fairly typical for therapists who are involved with THB networks IME).

Greta Hassel's FB page is here

Her friend list is set to private, however I was familiar with her name popping up on the FB friends lists of various criminals, pimps and predators involved in the sex industry and in THB, so I checked out some names and surely enough Greta Hassel is FB friends with

Anastasia Tantrika - Owner and Founder at London Tantric Temple (newage brothel)
Charles Muir - pioneer of creepy pseudo-tanric cults that exploit women. Apparently he invented "sacred spot" massage. 
Crystal Dawn Morris - teacher at the Phoenix Goddess Temple (newage brothel)
Jaiya Ma - "sacred sexual healer" and producer of pseudo-tantric pornography
Joseph Kramer - pioneer of "sexological bodywork" (sexual massage to recover repressed memories and heal trauma)
Moses Ma - owner of various pseudo-tantric online business with close connections to the Phoenix Goddess and Sedona "temples"

I have only listed a few of the "friends" but there are load of other people involved in the sex industry who are Ms Hassel's friends.

I just wanted to share my concerns about the seriousness of the situation.  Greta Hassel is one of many psychotherapists whose enthusiasm for cultic criminal networks will inevitably endanger vulnerable people.

I have to be honest and say that, having monitored the spread of these groups over time, IMO the situation is fairly out of control.  The rate of spread of these networks is now happening at such a fast rate that the outlook is extremely bleak unless something is done very soon.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Interesting development in the Czech Republic

This weekend the Organised Criminal Cultic Network (OCCN) MISA Yoga School held a "tantra festival" at Hotel Atlantis
Rozdrojovice 177, 664 34, Brno-Country

This is an interesting development as their guest presenters include

Denise and Richard Pale?ková Vojík (Tantraworld)
Since 2003, courses in personal development and comprehensive training of tantra massage. Certification in sexological bodywork IASHS (Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality) in the U.S.. It also operates Tantra Spa Prague - space for holistic massage, energy work, individual learning and personal development. Besides the Czech Republic led courses in England, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and other countries. More:

IMO a dodgy couple with links to various Osho based "tantra" groups, "tantric temples" (brothels) and to the DTMMS via John Hawken

Gabriela ?ímská (SkyDancing Tantra)
Tantra is dedicated studying intensively over 8 years and is the closest collaborator and assistant John Hawken in Bohemia. Tantra sees as a very strong way of transformation and personal growth: a way to recognize and dissolve all the anti-life formula, which entails (fear, shame, pain, repressed emotions) and grow to love, power, pleasure, towards inner happiness and fulfillment. More:

John Hawken's partner.  Hawken's training is influenced by Margot Anand (Osho background) and the DTMMS

Paul Hlavinka (Poetrie)
He studied philosophy, psychology and political science at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University. He lectures on humanistic psychology, introduction to oriental doctrines of Arts Medicine, Ethics and European political thought. It deals with alternative New Age spirituality, yoga, astrology and Tarot. Since 1998, student of Jaroslav Dobes. More:

Poetrie is the "tantra school" run by  Jaroslav Dobeš who the Czech Police are seeking to prosecute on charges relating to human trafficking - thread here

Manguri and Henriette (Tantra Institute)

Manguri since 1998 engaged in practice tantra, experience gained in the Osho Commune in Poona, Sky Dancing Institute in Munich, at the Institute for Gestalt therapy and as an assistant and a student of John Hawken during his education in the country. Henrieta also completed a training Sky Dancing Tantra Tantra Tantra and other courses at John Hawken. He is teaching tantric massage with Mangurim. More:

so more people with Matrgot Anand (Osho) and John Hawken connections

Zita Žurková – Ma Prem Jwala (Mohendžodáro)

Despite four years of intensive study deals with Osho meditations and tantrajógy led by Monica Si?ová, Igor himself, John Hawken and Alan Lowen. As a certified trainer led courses tantric yoga - Mohendžodáro. He loves women and their transformations, as well as meet in groups of women. More:

A long time ago I took a look at the business run by Monica Si?ová and "Igor" and there were indications that some of their activities (shaman's tea style "magickal elixirs", Castaneda influenced ritual exercises that appeared identical Aharata exercises to and a few other things) that suggested that some *cough* Russian connections.  However it simply could be a case of convergent evolution of MOs of just appropriation of already appropriated and perverted practices.  Whatever their connections these people are clearly involved in abusive and dangerous practices. 

There are other presenters also. More here (use a proxy)

Further guests on the next page include

Galia Linkovová

Galia is an instructor of yoga and tantra courses Resonance Association. He is paired Latino dance and coordinator of "Shakti group" aimed at awakening femininity. He is also co-founder of Tantric massage parlor Lakshmi, who for five years contributes to the spread of authentic tantra tantric massage by men, women and couples. More:

Basically the above blurb properly translated means that Galia Linkovová is a MISA agent involved in grooming and recruitment of young women for the purposes of sex trafficking.  Please note that the link to her website is to a "tantric massage parlour" where the masseuses "spread the message of authentic tantra"  - in other works a newage brothel where brainwashed THB victims sell sex and recruit new victims.

So, in conclusion, a "yoga school" at the centre of a huge human trafficking trial in Romania is organising a conference in the Czech Republic alongside several of John Hawkin's associates and also a representative from Poetrie - a Czech "tantric school" that, according to Czech cops, is involved in human trafficking- and even possibly some associates of the Russians (if not them some other people with an eerily similar MO).

I just think it's interesting how the different large networks, smaller OC groups and individual entrepreneurs get together for these type of events.  It would be very interesting to know what kinds of alliances are being made, who is taking over whose business etc. 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just a few more thoughts about the kinds of workshops and events where THB recruiters are likely to turn up.

For some time now I have been noticing that many "sacred sexual healers" use "sound healing" as part of their repertoire of "therapeutic techniques".

One that frequently pops up is called Para-Tan Sound Healing, run by a man called Shri Param Eswaran who is definitely worthy of further investigation by law enforcement IMO.  Apart from his various workshops and trainings in "sound healing" that are openly advertised for sex workers, he runs a "living Goddess Project" in which little girls aged between 3 - 6 years who have (according to him) been neglected in orphanages are instead taken to his project to live for the next 10 years, where they are training in the ancient traditions of "living goddesses".

C&P from his website here
Tantric Goddess Network

Send your donation today to help our Little Goddess

IFC-Mahavidya English Medium School

Father of Para-Tan and Master the Living Goddess Tradition, and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India

Shri Param Eswaran's primary purpose for incarnating at this time of the Kali Yuga is to educated young girls and women in the Ancient Wisdom Teachings and practice of the Goddess, nurturing and supporting them to develop their inner divinity and reclaim the Living Goddess Tradition. It is written in ancient text that this time in the Kali Yuga, when the world is in desperate need of the Divine Mother’s Love, Grace, and Compassion, a new generation of Mothers will be born, bringing with them the divine attributes of woman’s true power: Love, Compassion, Grace, Nurturing, Softness, Creativity, and Steadfastness.  Shri Param Eswaran has been given the honorable task by the Divine Mother Herself to create a safe, loving environment for the next generation of Mothers to gain the tools and confidence to bless their communities with the Grace and Love of the Divine Mother, as living Goddesses. For when a Mother is divine the home is heaven. When she is not, all hell breaks loose!

For scores of centuries Tamil Nadu in Southern India has maintained and preserved the rich heritage of the planet’s very oldest, continually practiced Goddess Tradition. In this dark age of the Kali Yuga, the cultural and spiritual traditions are disappearing to be replaced with morally debased movies and television programs, violent and sexually explicit imagery in the media and loud, abrasive, lyrics in disquieting music. Where once Tamil Nadu was proud to have nurtured an environment where spirituality and the love of the Universal Mother were evident especially in their film tradition, it is not so today. The long, poisonous arm of progress and consumer driven westernization is making its destructive mark even in Tamil Nadu.

With changing priorities and the increasing speed of life, the rich heritage of India’s Ancient Traditions are not the only things being discarded and left by the wayside. Our children have been forgotten and in India, where poor families prefer boys, hundreds of thousands of girls, the Mothers of the next generation are being disposed of in orphanages across India. The conditions of these government run institutions are shockingly poor and the spirit of these little mothers is broken before they even have a chance. They are orphans and treated as one, not being exposed to all the rich culture that Tamil Nadu has to offer. They are considered and treated as sub-human; therefore they do not get chances.

In the name of the Divine Mother and with the blessing of Her Grace, Shri Param is offering them a chance. He is currently adding to his center on the outskirts of Killankulum, a small village in rural Tamil Nadu, to make room for ten little orphan girls. It is his mission to preserved the rich spiritual and cultural tradition of India and provide a nurturing, loving, encouraging environment where these orphan girls receive the benefit of learning the Ancient Fine Arts of Sangeethum, Bharatanatyam and being raised with the wisdom of Ayurveda and Ahimsa. As a new generation of divine mothers raised within the living goddess tradition, they will become role models for women in India and around the world.

Sangeethum or Sugama Sangeetha is alternately called light music, and is a semi-classical form of India music. It is the finest of the fine arts and helps to develop the voice for more effective vocalization and resonance in the pronunciation of mantras. Recitation of mantras helps one increase tone quality of inner subtle vibrations along the nadi system. Sangeetha was mystically gifted to humanity by Lord Shiva himself as an art form to tune one’s inner sounds with the sounds of the universe, thus balancing the body’s vibrations.

Bharatanatyam is a sacred dance form described as “sheer poetry in motion”. This 2000 years classical Indian dance traces it’s origins to the document called the Natyasastra, considered to be the fifth of the Vedas, recorded by the saint Bharatha Bharatanatyam is characterized by the unhindered flow of bhava (emotion), raga (melody), and tala (rhythm). The rigorous discipline needed to develop in this fine art form is ideal in building character and personal codes of conduct that will take the girls far in life.

Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word for non-violence. Although it is rarely spoken about today, it is a part of India’s heritage, made known to the world by Gandhi’s famous effort in the 1940’s. The Para-Tan lifestyle is steeped in the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, which harmoniously align one’s internal cycles with the natural rhythms of life. Ayurveda is India’s oldest form of healing and medicine, yet it too is disappearing to be replaced with the destructive forces of western Allopathic medicine which cause chaos in the mind, body and spirit. Ayurvedic knowledge guides us to live in balance with nature and nurture our mind body and spirit. Thus these girls will grow up with a non-violent, life affirming healing tradition that is their birth right.

In addition to being regularly exposed to the benefits of their rich traditional heritage, these girls apart from learning Tamil, will also learn English and Hindi. Most schools in Tamil Nadu first and foremost teach Tamil. Due to the ignorance of the government and their political interest in gaining leverage for themselves and their elite communities, the unfortunate result is that children in Tamil Nadu are not given the opportunity to learn Hindi, the National language. Although they have written and spoken English classes in all government schools, most teachers do not even speak the language. These are referred to as Tamil Medium Schools. The title of English Medium School indicates that English is the main language used and taught. Although Tamil is a classical language rich in its expression, without speaking the national language or English, these orphan girls and hundreds of thousands of children must resign themselves to live and work within Tami Nadu, and not enjoy the full benefit of being an India. The orphan girls at IFC’s Mahavidya English Medium School will learn English and also Hindi, apart from Tamil, so they will have the choice to gain employment outside of Tamil Nadu in India, or abroad. This is a privilege generally available only to middle class children.

Shri Param and  Sri Devanayagi’s goal is to accept Little Goddesses between the age of three and six to live at the center every year for the next ten years. At this young age it will be easiest for them to adapt to changes in their environment and accept new opportunities. With donated funds and the fees he receives from his students when conducting Para-Tan –Healing-Circles and workshops abroad and at the IFC center in India, Shri Param will expand the property by adding one more classroom each year. As of July 2007 we have room for the 10 children, and a class room due to a generous donation of Aernout Kruijswijk from The Netherlands. When I return to India in October my donations will furnish the classroom.. This will establish a full English Medium School. Once this is in place the second phase will begin.

After the English Medium School is established our intention is to further expand it into a Teacher Training College for Indian students. This provides more opportunity and benefit for the young generations. Once the youngest girls have been educated and grown through the years of the expansion of the English Medium School, they will be ready to be trained as teachers, to teach and nurture the next younger generation of orphan girls aka Goddesses in training. At the very least this will provide precious opportunity for the young goddesses to be trained as teachers and qualified for highly sought after well-paying positions for which speaking Hindi and English are pre-requisites. Furthermore, in today’s world computer skills are mandatory for one to advance in education and in the work force. Thus computer skills will also be taught. Should any of the young women wish to teach at the Teacher Training College, further education will be available to them due to their early training and education with us.

When Shri Param first settled on the outskirts of Killankulum in 2003, he did so with the intention of helping empower the youngsters of the next generation by educating them to grow and better themselves and therefore be better equipped to make a difference in their communities and someday pass on their education-born privileges to their own children. However, after four years of spending countless hours, rupees, and resources educating, clothing, feeding, and exposing local village children to the many options available, he noticed a re-occurring pattern preventing them from truly receiving the benefit of all that he and his divine wife Devanayagi provide and share with them. The local children have families in the nearby village and inevitably feel their true home is with their families in the village. The un-hygienic practices and collective thinking of village life prevent the children at IFC from making changes necessary to make themselves eligible for opportunities outside of the limited options available to people of their tribe and caste. Shri Param’s conclusion is: In order for the children to receive the most benefit at IFC, they must make IFC their true home and sever old ways of thinking and behaving. This gives space for them to develop and embrace new, empowering behavior and thinking, really receive the support available and make strides ahead in intellectual and spiritual growth.

When Shri Param’s divine wife Devanayagi gave birth to their little goddess Yogeswari, they were inspired to further expand their family by adopting orphan girls. Both Shri Param and Devanayagi (nursing sister) are accustomed to western standards of hygiene and education. The orphan girls will not only provide big sister playmates for Yogeswari, but they are assured to receive high quality care set by the standard Shri Param and Devanayagi hold for their baby goddess. As Shri Param’s Para-Tan Teachings are truly about Women as living goddesses, and divine Mothers, between him, Devanayagi, Yogeswari, his Para-Tan students and the extended village family, the orphan girls are guaranteed a loving family environment.

The nature of Para-Tan is to awaken and activate the Divine Feminine within, whose primary qualities are: LOVE, GRACE, and COMPASSION. The nature of love is expansive, giving, and sharing, therefore the more love we give, the more we benefit. As a living embodiment of the Mother’s Divine Love, Shri Param teaches that each of us are like artists. We use others as canvases to express the art of our love, not waiting around to be thanked or appreciated. With so much love to share, these orphan girls will benefit from receiving and learning the true arts of love. The Teachings of Para Tan reveal that it is spiritually enriching and advantageous to embrace the opportunity of sharing love with others, especially children who need to be loved and nurtured.

Creating an environment where future generations of Mothers may be loved, nurtured and supported in the growth process of embodying their true power as women, Divine Mothers, is a tremendous honor. It is places like this that must take root around the world to bring the planet’s energy back into alignment with the Love, Nurturing and Compassion of the Divine Feminine.

Please consider making a contribution to this effort and add your shoulder to the wheel that will turn the tide of the future from bleak to hopeful. Donating to a charity such as this is much more than just a tax-write-off! By adding your valuable dollars or Euros you make hope available to these little mothers and to the future of Earth. This is a unique opportunity for individuals or businesses to make contributions and share in the blessing of making this vision a reality.

Currently the primary financing for all IFC-Mahavidya project comes directly from Shri Param, who uses funds raised by his Teaching of Para-Tan. The benefit of those who attend Healing Circles, workshops, and/or undergo Tantric Teacher Training goes not only to them as individuals, but places opportunity directly into the lives of those who would otherwise receive less than nothing.

With the blessings and Divine Grace of the Mother, and our hard work and persistence, IFC-Mahavidya Girls Orphanage and English Medium School will become an example of the rich Tamil culture and heritage. It will be a desperately needed model where the generosity of others provides the opportunity for underprivileged girls, and a place sacred to the Goddess, where a new generation of Mothers are created. The girls will possess all the fine arts and Grace a Mother needs to nurture her children. The Divine Mother blessed the human race with all the tools to live in harmony and balance with ourselves, each other, and the environment. It is up to each of us to use them!

Our vision at IFC is to use these tools to empower little girls so they may bud and bloom into beautiful lotuses and powerful women as embodiments of the Divine Love, Grace, and Compassion. Girls are the most unwanted children in India. In a world losing touch with true feminine power, we are calling upon the grace and goodness in each of you to make this utopia a living reality. Let us turn the tide together and create a nurturing environment to create the next generation of Mothers. We are providing the tools. It’s up to you to help us apply them. We are all born from the womb of the Goddess and it is in Her arms we are cradled upon our deathbed and into her (Mother Earth’s) womb we return upon our final transition in this body. Please review the options below and contact us today to help us gain momentum in changing the tides of despair to a new age of true feminine empowerment.

• Learn your true life purpose and be guided to reclaim your inner divinity by Shri Param. Come to IFC-Mahavidya in Tamil Nadu for a six month Teacher Training, change your life and give orphan girls a chance.

• Be a bright light in your own community! Organize Para-Tan-Sound-Healing workshops in your area. Host Shri Param so he may conduct Para-Tan-Sound-Healing-Circles where profoundly deep healing is available to all participants.

• Make a monthly donation for expanding IFC-Mahavidya facilities to make room for and provide the chance of many lifetimes for more orphan girls.

• Be a guardian angel for one special girl of your choice and assure her development by making regular monthly or annual donations.

• Collect and gather toys, clothes, books etc., which you think will assist the girls in expanding horizons and supporting their growth.

• Volunteer your time and join us in India for a spell, to work with the girls yourself.

• Use your network of friends and relatives and spread the word about IFC-Mahavidya Girls Orphanage and English Medium School. Share the options to support this endeavor with them.

We look forward to working with you!

Tantra Goddess and The Living Goddess Tradition

"Worshiping the Living Goddess, which is a unique interaction between the worshiper and the worshiped - as was practiced before this Kali Age - is brought to you by the Father of Para-Tan and Master of the Living Goddess tradition; and founder of the Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu, South India: Shri Param Eswaran – In India and Malaysia."

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today


I find this extremely concerning. 

Shri Param Eswaran has many "tantric" sex workers as friends, many of them praise him on their websites, and I do not like this connection between the pseudo-spiritual sex industry and "living goddess training" for little girls one bit. 

Anyway, enough of him, someone else shall have to deal with that, it is too much for me.

It has come to my attention that many sound healers and music therapists are involved with pseudo-tantric cults.  Anything to do with voice healing, gong baths and drumming and percussion workshops seems to be especially connected.

I think it very likely that part of the connection is hyperventilating and breathwork.  Playing drums for hours on end, chanting for extended periods and any kind of demanding exercise will change breathing patterns and affect the oxygen supply to the brain.   Many of these voice-work and sound healing workshops combine exercise, chanting and demanding exercise combined with rhythmic drumming or chanting and I suspect that this is what leaves people feeling "open" and vulnerable to manipulation. 

I don't think that sound healing is necessarily a bad thing, it might be a wonderful things for some people.  I think it is probably one of those situations in which the open and expansive feeling that people get from these exercises could be used for self development or for abuse and manipulation, depending on the agenda of the teacher.

The gong baths thing interests me.  I am not really sure what is happening there except that some of the people running gong baths and healing gong workshops are involved in 3Ho and its various subsidiary organisations.  3Ho has an inglorious history of senior members being involved in large scale drug trafficking, investment frauds and attempting to by rocket launchers and sub-machine guns from federal agents.  I do not know of any such activities happening currently but I have noticed that some 3Ho people, some apparently very senior, some no so much, are involved in the sex industry and even working as recruiters for THB networks. 

Anyway, not sure what it all means I just wanted to share a few thoughts.   

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Hi there Nemesis, thought I'd drop in and differentiate for you (and anyone who is reading about sound healing) between sound healing, and music therapy.
I'm a registered music therapist here in Australia.  :)

Music therapy is an international allied health practise. We apply music interventions in clinical settings, according to evidence based research.
We often work with occupational therapists, physiotherapists and speech pathologists, as part of an interdisciplinary team.

In recent years, there has been a great deal of interest and collaboration between music therapists and neuropsychologists. This work relates to music's role in areas such as improving patients speech following an acquired brain injury and reducing agitation in elderly clients with dementia.

Examples of typical music therapy interventions would be: providing sensory stimulation for students with autism; working with pediatricians to find ways to reduce pain for hospitalised children, or holding a sing along in a nursing home to enhance reminiscence for aged residents.

In Australia, the USA and the UK, all music therapists are required to have completed a university degree (in Australia a Masters degree is now required). We are required to take part in ongoing professional development. Music therapists are as answerable to the ethics boards of their own countries as any other allied health practioner. Because we are a relatively small profession, it would not be easy to fly under the radar with inappropriate practises.

Psychodynamic music therapy, in Australia at least, requires an additional four years of training at university level.

It is true that any musical activity will take a person into a state of 'musical entrainment' with others listening, playing or moving to the same music. Look at footage of any big music concert and you'll see hundreds/thousands of people entering this state.

As a leading Australian music therapist recently wrote, "Music isnt 'magic'". It cant cure you. It cant hypnotise you. It cant make you do things you would never do. I suspect that in the instances you have highlighted, music is being used as one of a series of strategies to manipulate. that aint music therapy
Music can enhance your life- as we all know! There are exciting ways it can be used to optimise your health and wellbeing, and reduce agitation, anxiety and pain, which is why in Australia most major hospitals, special education schools and nursing homes now employ a music therapy team. There is also a direct correlation between academic prowess and music education in primary schools (more schools should have great music programs!)

I cant comment on the use of gongs and chanting in sound healing, because it's far removed from music therapy!
If anyone comes across a gong ringing sound healer who is calling themselves a 'music therapist', ask them who they're registered with.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Thank you for your considered and important post MsWilma

You are quite right to point out the difference between "sound healers" and "music therapists" and this difference is massively important.

Here in the UK there are a number of professions that have protected titles, in relation to the arts they are;
• Art psychotherapist
• Art therapist
• Dramatherapist
• Music therapist

In relation to psychology they are:
Practitioner psychologist
• Registered psychologist
• Clinical psychologist
• Counselling psychologist
• Educational psychologist
• Forensic psychologist
• Health psychologist
• Occupational psychologist
• Sport and exercise psychologist

C&Pd from the HPC website here

After reading your post I took a lot of time to think about this and to check out the situation re sound healers and it seems that the main difference between music therapists and sound / voice healers is that sound / voice healers have either no qualifications or dubious qualifications in terms of the psychotherapeutic element of their work whereas music therapists are properly trained and qualified.  

Of course some sound healers may be great people, they may have natural, instinctive skills, but they are not the same thing as music therapists as you correctly point out.  Also, should a client wish to complain about a a therapist or psychologist they can complain to the HPC who will deal with the complaint - which is not the case with sound healers who have no official regulating body.

I included the term "music therapist" in my post because many of the practitioners claiming to be able to heal by sound / voice who are involved with OC networks whose business is THB advocate the therapeutic effects of music, but this is not the same as being a music therapist.   In fact I discovered many sound / voice healers who are involved with dodgy / criminal networks but not one of them called themselves a music therapist and I should not have included that term in my post - so please accept my apologies for that.

I have discovered that there are hardly any* HPC registered professionals who are involved with dodgy cults involved in the sex industry and THB, whereas there are very many psychotherapists - some UKCP accredited and some completely uncredited - who are.  

It is also very apparent that many of the high profile psychotherapists involved in campaigning against proposals that psychotherapists should be registered with the HPC are involved with pseudo-shamanism, pseudo-tantric cults and dodgy neo-Reichain "bodywork".

The whole issue is I think incredibly important and suggests, to me at least, that there is an urgent need for greater public protection, probably via the statutory registration of psychotherapists.  

* I so far have found 2 arts therapists, which, compared to UKCP accredited therapists is definitely "hardly any"

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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A bizarre Franklin Mint style video from the people who put the "harm" into "harmonious development" here

I would very much appreciate an approximate translation from any Spanish speakers.  


also some further "front" names

"Space of Love"
"Love Space"
"Raja World Yoga Association"

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