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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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And since what year this information on Mr. Gandosko you have? I have shown the information of your forum to my friend and he has told that such photos in Russian TV have started to show about 12-15 years ago and like this every year. So funny trick!
Really there anything new haven't found?
As far as I know the doctors say that who is sick by AIDS doesn't live more than 10 years, especially without treatment. Do you understand about what this speech?

Actually people with HIV can live for many years providing they have appropriate drug therapy.  The drugs are pretty toxic and can have unpleasant side effects and of course they do not always work for everyone all of the time.  Of course the life expectancy of people with HIV who do not have access to a healthy diet and combination drug therapy is not as long as for people who do.

So your point about Mr Handozhko not having HIV is wrong.  He may or may not have HIV, the only things we know are that he is wanted by the police in Russia for infecting dozens of people with HIV and that he has avoided being tested in Russia and now in the US.

I’m also wondering, the information how many was burned and hung up shamans in Russia and in the USSR didn't come across to you?
Look for it please!
Though, most likely it is difficult to you to understand Russian and you wont find established facts about this tragedy – mass media all this in a secret holds.
Well, here a link in Russian

well the thing is Simon, that there are real Siberian shamans who post here and according to them, the people you so admire are just a bunch of cheap fakes.  Not real shamans at all.  Check out the start of the thread.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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I just want to make a couple points.

  by the strictest definition all religions are cults, however the word "cult" has an accepted popular meaning.
 The popular definition of cult is any religious group that differs significantly from other similar religious groups. for instance, there are many different christian denominations, with differing beliefs. However they all share certain core beliefs, and any religious group that professes to be christian but does not adhere to those core beliefs is considered a cult. the same goes for all religions.

  cults as defined by the popular accepted definition all share the same traits.
   1. members are cut off from family and friends, and any communication but that approved by the cult leader/leaders with the outside world.

   2. brainwashing by well known and established methods, many of which have already been mentioned.

   3. extreme punishment of members who disagree with any teaching or activity of the cult, including starvation, physical/mental/emotional/sexual abuses

   4. in most cases but not all members are required to surrender all personal property and finances to the cult.

    thus this rather large group is a cult as defined by various religious and secular authorities the world over.

 by the way i have a number of russian friends (as in they live in russia, many near or in moscow, male and female, young and older. most of them speak very good english) that the next time i have time i may ask them about this group and see what they have to say. perhaps even give them a link to this and ask them what they think, as i am sure they would be able to give better translations, and  a better sense of what the people in russia actually think of this person and group than we can get just from web sites.
feel free to share any post I make as long as you give me credit. I want everyone to know who to send the hate mail to.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Here in the UK people commonly use the world cult to describe a religious or spiritual group with abusive aspects usually along the lines you describe.

My understanding is that some academics see things differently and for some of them even using the word "cult" immediately identifies you as some kind of anti-cult activist.  Then they all point and laugh at you.  Because being an anti-cult activist is bad.  Or something.

Perhaps the best way I can illustrate this point is to link to a very disturbing documentary made by HBO about the notorious cult the Children of God aka The Family aka The Family International.

This is a VERY disturbing documentary definitely not for sensitive people or children you can see it is small sections via youtube starting here

Then, if you can bear it, you can watch a documentary by a group of academics who think that the word "cult" is pejorative and indicative of membership of the anti-cult movement when used to discuss groups like the CoG / The Family / the Family International  - in fact this is a PR video made by the  CoG / The Family / the Family International with the help of various academics

If you can bear to watch the full HBO documentary and then watch the PR video it will provide an insight into cults, the anti-cult movement and the anti-anti-cult movement

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Posted by: critter - a white non-ndn person 
Insert Quote
what? so.. do i understand that the violence of rudnev's group is a nicer violence so
should be accepted as a better violence and be ok with it?

it's terrible if the info given is true, 90% of the women suffering at the hands of
such violence, but the solution is not found in a 'nicer' violence.. instead, it is
sickening if what you say is true, that these women have to choose the lesser
of two evils.. literally.  neither are acceptable.. however, i can now see how these
russian human traffickers get away with it and are so easily able to create and
maintain their business.  Sick is what it is. Sick.

here one link’ve been published, and below comments in russian, but I see the author 'nemesis' didn’t translate all the comments through Google. But the most interesting in news to read exactly comments, isn’t it?
There such words: «on January, 12th 2011. About rudnev that say everywhere are lies. During 2003-2007 I was engaged there. I will tell truly that anybody there force to stay and no violence at all. If they use violence, unless 38 women would live there? And when the police took them away with force from the house these women were asking to return them back to this house. Don’t you think it’s  strange?» ?

Having read all this long-term dirt about rudnev's group at me there arisen some questions to you:
•   are you not tired of searching stench in the ditches of mass media?
•   did you study by yourself in group of rudnev in russia?
•    do you have your real facts from a private experience what people there engaged?
Most likely not, so everything that you write here for discussion of people of a forum it is "gossip", but now as I see is already a gossip on a global map.
By the way, below I post my memoirs how I have got to this ‘school’ which police, russian TV and newspapers name ‘sect’ for more than 20 years. ?
But strangely enough, from this "sect" nobody ran away and don't escape!  But in opposite, those from hundred-thousand people (and also me), who aspire to real development, ask to be accepted in this school for training from year to year. Here so! ?

After all if people really receive knowledge how to be healthy, how not afraid of economical cries, how to be happy, WHY THEY CAN NOT be trained at seminars of school of rudnev in russia, europe, latin america, us and australia?
And again nobody runs from seminars of purification, from classes of yoga and "goddesses" with bad words – it means that there is no violence. It means that the knowledge which has constructed by this group works and helps people. That’s all!

But run in thousand-millions numbers from a social society where the violence has no end. For example, in February 2011 emigrants from Tunis attack Italy.

Its a real humanitarian catastrophic crash, also from other countries of Asia, Africa people run to Europe – population shift is simply huge. But having arrived legally or illegally to developed countries, unless these refugees became happy, healthy, rich, their children have found meaning of life??.....
Let's reflect.
In me only causes a smile when from social system people run into so-called «rudnev's sect» in russia. But for 20 years of its existence russian police couldn't find even 10 witnesses to whom there was bad. ?
What for this conversation? That means, people search for that place and find this place, where is better for them. Is it truth?
So, where is a problem?
Yes, in rudnev's group or ‘Temple” to me, for example was not just simply better – only there I really became alive, and in my social life I degraded and already died as a person, as a woman and as individuality.

Below my testimonial.
I will notice, it first-hand :) - without gossips!



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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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1st Part

I express my heartfelt thanks all those people who helped me to discover myself and who continue helping women to transform positively our lives and to be joyful; who gave me the possibility for transformation, filled out live with new meaning, which were patient with my weaknesses and were happy to see me making progress!
And, I also thank you, dear beautiful women for being real Goddesses!!!
Know thyself and you will find your happiness!
I thank God for all lessons he gave me and for a chance to become happy!

Madam and young ladies, with the hope that these words can help you believe in yourself!
Uncover a secret of man’s heart, and become the real Goddesses!
How it happened to me…

Marinn Van

How I became a Goddess!

He beat her and she loved him

What I describe in this book may seem to you shocking just for the simple reason this story of my life is written and you can read it. To see it from outside is more awful. Actually, every of us have similar stories what we just had been accustomed to. They live inside of us and we don’t notice how they affect our “happiness” every day.

I was born in an ordinary family of workers, my mother is cook. We lived a normal life, by this we meant the following – my father was a drinker and, sometimes he beat my mother. But anyway, she loved him and always felt bitter when he walked away. In such moments my mother became listless, she could stay in a depressed state without moving for hours, I always felt pity for her and always tried to take her mind off her troubles, dancing in front of her, telling her ridiculous stories that could make her smile, singing and dressing in funny a clothes. Those were my ways to distract my mother.  And, I felt happy when she could evoke a smile… My father walked away when he wanted to meet his friends and to get drunk. He was leaving the house for a week or more when he wanted to meet his friends, alcoholics like him. That time my mother started to find him, taking me by the hand. We were visiting musty places full of rubbish with a smell of shit. We knocked at the doors hoping we could save him, but he really didn’t need out help. From time to time, they opened the doors and, sometimes the door was opened by drunk, dirty woman any tooth.  She started expressing like a bad actress and was pretending to be surprised saying there wasn’t any man to be fount at that place. My mother always comes down on them saying they count for little in comparison with her. There wasn’t ever any thought in her head that he is just one of them and she lives with the man like they.
Once, after another visit to that house where they say us that my father wasn’t there, we were returning home. We crossed the road with a lot of cars. Then, my mother saw him! He was going by the other side of the street in the direction of the house we just visited. My mother grasped my arm and we run after him. The cars on the road didn’t let us to catch up him. Didn’t let to catch my drunken father!
There didn’t exist anything in that moment for my mother, neither the road nor the cars. Our lives, her and mine which we could loose weren’t so important, but her love object or my drunken father! I was scared, but implanted importance of love was on a first place. I was 6 years old. So was a life I saw.
 There was another case which I remembered very well. Once, when my parents were fighting I was setting them apart.  I was only seven, they didn’t see me, and I was in danger between their kicks feeling importance to stop that and at the same time desiring to put an end to it. And I shouted very loud, and then a phrase escaped of my mouth, possibly from the deepest side of me - “I will never live like this!” Now, when I am writing this book, my wish came true. Before that, I suffered from depression like my mother, jealousy, besides I had never felt myself like a true woman. For a long time I had a very low esteem for myself as a woman. I was married a man like my father, it was thank to the example of my parents.

I met him…

Like every girl I hoped to meet a man of my dream. And, of course, it happened. I saw him at the Club. Tall and handsome, well build man was watching me all night long, and I was watching him. The memories of that night should have been pleasant, if it weren’t for one episode. The club was pretty crowded- people of all kinds attended.  Surely, among them there were impudent and unpleasant fellows. First they didn’t trouble me but then three of them started touching me while I was dancing. It felt unpleasant. One grasp my hand tightly, another pulled my skirt and the third one teared down my daypack (it was a fashionable accessory at that time) I told them to left me alone and tried to escape. In response they laughed `at me at pulled to a side.
In the end I did get away and managed to escape... To my genuine surprise my “prince” didn’t even try to rescue me .I had acquaintances in that club whom I told what happened... I was not the first victim of their” game”. Apparently the administrator of the club saw how they tried to solicit other girls, so she asked them to leave. I was feeling safer, but frustrated a bit because, I really wanted for my perfect dream guy to save from the bawdy guys. I thought that he could use the situation as an opportunity to get closer... “The prince should surely be a knight”- my mum used to say.

It totally blew my head off when I saw him again... Seeing him looking at me triggered my imagination. Maybe he is the man I was looking for? The party was nearly over, I was almost leaving. I collected my jacket from the cloakroom and was on my way towards the exit. I was disappointed that he didn’t make the first move. It wasn’t in my nature to come and talk to the guy first, so I’ve been taught by my mother. Of course, I felt sad that he even didn’t come up to me. My mother had been always saying me that I should not be first to make the acquaintance of guys. I went out and was going slowly, because I still hope he would like to meet me. Suddenly, I heard paths besides me. My heart started beating as fast as it wanted to make all heart beats for all my future life. Hurrah! It was him!

“Can I meet you, lady?” I heard.
I turned with a shining smile forward my future happiness and said, “Yes.”
“My name is Andrei.”
“I am Marinn.”
“Maybe you will give me your phone number, I’ll call you and we’ll take a walk.”

We gave our phone numbers to each other.

“What do you do for a living, Marinn?”
“I am a dancer, and you?”
“I am a sportsman, I play a court tennis.” He said very proudly.

It was the way we met each other. He was so nice to me, he seemed to be a  highbred and smart guy. ”I am so lucky!” I thought. Well, my father was an alcoholic. Andrei and he were the poles apart. Unfortunatelly, I didn’t know that a male has not to be just a good-mannered. I didn’t know that sometimes a uneducated man could be more educated, intellectual and more sincere and near to God.

The day after tomorrow came and we met each other. He came to my subway station and we went to my place. Thus, we started to live together. Speaking about sex, we had it on the same day or on the next day, it was not so succesful. I don’t even want to mention pleasure or any pleasant sensations. Strange to say, that don’t get my attention. Soon, Andrei started saying I had to leave my job at the club, because he could maintain us.  But he didn’t  ask me to marry him.

One famous actor, who was kind with me, offered me to be his lover. I could not accept that, because I had different approaches to life. And now, I have Andrei who is young, single guy, staying besides me day by day. All this agrees with my concept of happy life. Anyway, our sex was awful. ”We have to learn” I was saying to myself. I quit my job at the club and brake with all my acquaitances. They called me few times in the presence of my new-made lover, and I said goodbye to all of them. He was so proud of me or of himself, nobody knows that, so that feeling cheered him up and he looked like a million dollars. I even was learning how to cook just for Andrei. Actually, I cooked very well, my mother was a cook, so I knew all her recipes.

But Andrei didn’t like my cooking and I was upset. Sex as always was like an uncorrect Rubik's Cube. My prince had friends and a lady friend Katia. She was very well-educated girl, they could talk on for hours. I felt jealous when we quarreled, and since it was happening more often he leaved home and went to her place. When it started to happen more often, I cried and can not move, at the worse, I got drunk and didn’t care about anything. Soon, I started to prepare for exams at Academy of Theatre Arts, so I was busy studing at the library and learning dances I had in my head. Once he came into the room where I was dancing. Usually, he and Katia often were talking in the kitchen when I was practicing my dances. With a gracious smile on his face he said, ¨Don´t torture yourself and go the the Institute of Culture. We can afford two hundred dollars per semester.¨

I realized they didn’t believe in me, but anyway I knew what I was able to. I answered, ¨First, I’ll try to get accepted into the Academy, and then into the Institute of Culture.¨ Still I could not to talk to him so easily like his friend Katia did, she even flirted with him and expressed her point of view. I was tense and was saying to myself, “I am so lucky to have such a man!” Nevertheless, I got annoyed when he forced me to wear the same clothes and colors his friend Katia used to wear. We quarreled about this, and little by little I started to believe that I am not very nice and attractive. Andrei changed his opinion about me, so I felt that he started to respect me. In that moment Katia, being a little drunk, asked me,
”Where have you been accepted to?”
”State Institute of Teatre Arts”
”It is funny, I thought that to the Institute of Culture.”

His respect for me didn’t last for too long. I had less time to do my housework when I started my studies, although I tried to find time for cooking. It was the end of his patience; he needed housewife instead of the wife who is student. He said, “You have to choose either me or your Academy!”

Such often quarrels made me to think seriously about leaving my studies and not about he was the right man for me. Still there was something inside me that could not and didn’t want to stand it. I loved very much what I was doing, I liked inventing new dances. So, I tried to please him, but probably I was trying badly. Now we quarreled also about money. It was difficult to ask him for money to buy clothes, and he didn’t give me some. We stopped to understand each other; he often said I was materialist. Those words made magical effect on me, and I tried to ask for less money. I needed a lot of time for my studies, because producer and choreographer job always requires training, create ideas, music, and invent choreography. After that, I had to rehearse and so endlessly. In addition to this, I got the job. It was hard time for me; I was working and studying at the same time, but there wasn’t happiness on the horizon. Something else happened what ruined my emotional, psychic health and my beauty. It was pregnancy. 

I called Andrei to tell him the news,
”I am pregnant and I don’t know what to do.”
I wanted to have an abortion because I dreamt of my carrier. I was putting up shows and didn’t have time to take care of the future baby. And, I thought that my sweetheart would say me the same. But, it wasn’t so,
”You have to give birth to this child. You’ll take study leave, and in a year could continue studying.”

And, I decided to have this baby. I tried to feel myself happy, but I could not. Maybe it was not my wish, althouh all women have children sooner or later. And, I started to calm myself saying that „I’ll suffer while young, and then I’ll be free.” As a matter of fact, I never desired something like this, my wishes were different. So, I was scared. Every person has his own wishes and appetites, because we all are different. People can’t have the same wishes, and we understand it, but anyway women seem to be hypnotized saying over and over – “All women have to give birth.”  And no one can discuss it, because this idea is stronger than all my wishes, especially if it’s my lover’s idea. It was surprising why I thought that way; we either had good sex, nor money and nothing to talk about.

In addition to my studies, work and housework I began to feel sick, it was some new state for me. I hardly passed my exams, dancing was hardly possible for me. I always was in a bad mood; all my true feelings were shown on my face. My lover changed also, he became nervous and rude. I realized that I gained weight and there weren’t any cloth I could wear, so we went shopping to buy me jeans. Andrei always was annoyed saying I always needed something. He remembered me that my belly had to grow and I needed clothes with bigger size. I felt a weak protest inside of me, because I hated shapeless dresses. It was disgusting time, and I couldn’t recognize my partner, he didn’t even show any respect to me. I felt hurt.

My prince  was coming home more rarely. I was distressed, nervous, torturing myself thinking that all I was doing was wrong. Every time he was coming home we always argued. Everything was starting with words I have heard from my mother - ”Where have you been?”
Then began the holidays after exams, but this long-expected time became a hell for me.
”I was at my friend’s house, but you as always are so angry and displeased?”
I answered with indignation, because his behaviour was inexplicable for me. After all I am expecting a baby; we should have a happy family. My husband has to be besides me, but, it was quite on contrary. Nevertheless, I never asked myself why my life was different to what I had in my imagination. And never there appeared a sensation that maybe it is not true, maybe it is an empty image in my mind that I live with. All my notions didn’t connect with the reality; anyway I tried to be happy although without any idea how to do it. So, I continued saying about what I had in my mind.

”I am tired to see that I mean nothing to you. How long will you be torturing me? I want normal relationship.”
I cried bitterly and I looked like a sick person, without any make-up, wearing a green pyjamas with a cartoon pictures of eyes on it and flabby pants. It was his mother’s present. Oh, my God, how could I wear something like that and think that was the woman he had to love.
“You are an animal.” He continued telling me, “Look at you, a normal person doesn’t behave like this.”
Those words had a “magical” effect on me and I became to cry louder, “Andriusha, I feel bad and nauseous all the time; I can’t stand any smells anymore. You are never at home. I feel so lonely and left out, thinking why you are so cold with me, you are often away from home.”
“You are like your insane girlfriend who just spazzes out without any reason. I don’t believe in all these changes during your pregnancy, you think them up.”

Andrei went to the room and turned on the TV. I calmed down and my next step in this drama was forgiveness. As a dog with tail between legs and a begging look I entered the room and once again started asking for his forgiveness.

“Andriusha, I am so sorry, I will never behave like this.”
“I’ve already heard this.”
“I know, I am bad, but I’ll try to be better. I love you. I don’t know what is up to me.”

Actually, that hysteric attack was a result of two-day waiting for my sweetheart.” Jealousy and offence, anger and fixation. Belief in something what doesn’t exist.

“Well, we will see.” My prince told me. And I lied down beside him, feeling so happy that I was forgiven.”
“Pat my back.” My treasure said. And I carefully started to pat him till he fell asleep.

Next day I was so good and easy, but Andrei started a quarrel from nothing and went away. It was our real family life. That time he was away for a few days and his phone was disconnected. I didn’t sleep at nights, crying. Attacks of nausea bothered me so much, I hated myself and I really didn’t know what to do. So, one morning after a sleepless nights I’ve called my aunt Ira and told her about our relationship.
“My dear, he doesn’t want this baby.”
“It can’t be he told me himself that we will have this baby.”
“He just doesn’t want to seem a bad person, he’s afraid not to behave like a real man. But his behaviour shows his fear. Have an abortion while there is time yet.”

 “I can’t, it’s almost two months already, and I may never have babies.”

 “You might. Don’t spoil your life, you have to finish your studies, you like to dance, so don’t ruin your carrier. The time will come when you will have a baby that will be welcomed and loved not just by you. You transmit your stress to your child and it will be born sick.

Ira had been talking for a long time; she even told that maybe would be better to break up with Andrei. I believed everything, except the idea of separating. After that conversation I felt energy again. Now I had to find my coward real man, because I needed money to have an abortion. After some phone calls to his friends I have found him. Our conversation was short,

 “Andrei, find the money for an abortion as soon as possible. I made a decision. Don’t take it too long, I’m waiting.”
Actually, I didn’t wait for too long, he came in two hours. He took a sit next to me and said affectedly,
“Maybe you’ll think once more, maybe everything will be all right?”
Thank to my aunt Ira for the first time I heard the lie and in ten minutes I went for an abortion.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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2nd Part

”Woman’s pleasures”

At the private hospital there was no free space: only four rooms and two doctor’s offices. One operating room, one patients room and a corridor. In the corridor there were future mothers with big bellies and the girls like me who wanted to correct their mistake. The mistake called ”I’ll give a birth and will be happy”. Anyway, all had the same facial expression  – tired and without smiles. On every face was shown sufferings, but the brain didn’t want to understand that. In the corridor I could see what would happen to me later. One woman in the wheel chair was taken to the operation room and after a while they were taking her out on the same chair, sedated and happy, finally without thoughts and stress. They invited me to patients room to change my cloth, there were five or seven beds. There were women on two of them. On another there was sitting a woman. I asket her,

”You are also waiting to have an abortion?”
”No, I’ll have another surgery. They will make me an excision of ingrown contraceptive spiral.”
”Do they told you it could happen?”

 “No way, nobody said anything; in the contrary the doctors advised this kind of contraception. I thought that I won’t need to lie under the knife, but I could not avoid it. What is this life, you can’t believe anyone.
Soon, they brought a wheel chair and they took me like a disabled person to the operation room. I was kind of disabled thought, just not physically, but mentally. Because, I was fulfilling dream, that didn’t belong to me. I think that if in the society there would be a promoting programme of eating dog’s shit for being happy, then I also would reach for that dream, despite of the fact that shit stinks. Lying on the operating table I heard doctors saying about how young I was that the abortion was dangerous for my health.
“How caring they are!” I thought. But, they made me an indecent offer to put me intrauterine device just after the operation.
“You won’t suffer.” They said.
I remembered that woman in the patient’s room, and for a minute I imagined that they weren’t doctors, but sharks looking for a profit in everything.

After the operation my girlfriend came to pick me up, because my sweetheart was busy and he could not come. While walking my girlfriend was telling me that he wasn’t a match for me and if he really loved me he had to be with me at that moment for sure. I felt both physical and psychical pain. The idea of happiness was being destroyed so painfully. Unfortunately, there is only one screenplay of a happy life and it is fixed in our heads, for this reason all of us are saying the same thing. Education means only studying at the university, family – husband and child. Festive days are those of public holidays and birthday parties. All people live like this and I also must live as everybody does. We even can’t imagine another screenplay, being so unhappy we think that it is true life, and because of this our happiness is so mean and just when everybody has to celebrate our common public parties…

When I returned home I was in a better mood. Firstly, I didn’t have nausea anymore and it seemed to me that I waked up from a nightmare. Secondly, I dreamt of my prince returning to me again, that he would sleep at home like he did before. Those were my sweet dreams, nice pictures where he is holding me telling that he loves me. Lunch time came, and I anxiously was expecting for his to come, but he didn’t. In the evening I heard click of the door lock and my heart started beating faster. I hoped he would come to me and would hold me. Unfortunately, nothing like this happened. My lover looked into the room, coldly said “hi” and went to other room to change his clothes. I was so sad and disturbed, thinking just what to do for not letting him go. I rose from my bed very fast and came to him.

 “Are you leaving?” I asked him, watching him putting his best dress. “Yes.” He answered coldly, without any emotion. And he fast went to the door. I was standing like a dead one with the only though in my mind – “How he can do this to me?” When I heard the click of the door lock I began to cry. My eyes were accustomed to do that for last two months. But, a weight sat heavy on my heart. I started to rush around the room as if it could help me.

Imagine this scene when the blind, like a zombie creature with uncombed hair, puffy from crying eyes, in children’s pajamas rushes around the room and crying. It was a life like in a madhouse, but it was not enough for me. I continued destroying myself more and more. This time it was an idea to get drunk and to forget about everything. I dressed very fast and went to the grocery store. While I was waiting in the line nobody paid any attention to me. There were alcoholics waiting in the line. My appearance didn’t differ much from theirs, so I felt no embarrassment.  I bought a bottle of white wine. I came home, opened the bottle and filled the wineglass .One sane thought passed through my mind – “Maybe I shouldn’t: I have just made an abortion, I am taking antibiotics; I can feel even worse.” But, I remembered my sweetheart dressed nicely, that he surely wouldn’t come home that night and I drunk the wine. I started to cry again, and with the wish of having someone whom I could tell about all I feel I called my friend. We knew each other for long time, our parents also did. He promised to come. Andrei didn’t approve our friendship or Tolik visiting us. So in the end Tolik was coming less. When Tolik arrived, we had some wine and I realized that he was high and he didn’t want to talk much. My wish to complain was not done. Tolik and I sat to watch TV. Gradually I fell asleep, Tolik did too. An hour or so passed when we woke up from the knock at the door. I asked my friend to open the door; it was my love that came.

Andrei entered the flat with the furious eyes. Dear readers, the show is starting!
He came to the table, took the bottle, had a look at it carefully and then badly looked at me. After that, he asked Tolik if he had to go home. My friend understood all that happened and I took him till the door. Meanwhile, Andrei run to see if we used the condoms that were in the bedside table. By the way, he used them rarely, that exactly why all that happened to me.
After revising the content of bedside table, Andrei said me that one condom was missing. I thought that maybe it would be better for me to leave the house with Tolik.

 “I don’t know. What do you mean?”I asked.
“What were you doing here?”
“Nothing, are you crazy? How could you think like that? I just had an abortion, have you forgotten that?”

But he didn’t hear me.

 “Why didn’t you take the key out of the door? Why didn’t you open the door at once?”
“Because I even didn’t think about keys, and you woke us up, for this reason we didn’t open the door at once.”
“You were sleeping? Where this idiot was sleeping?”
“He slept on the chair.”
“Don’t lie to me, he slept with you, whore. One condom is missing, this is a proof, where is it?” - Andrei was shouting.

I called Tolik explaining the situation, Andrei’s suspicions and asked him to talk to Andrei. But Andrei didn’t want to talk to him.
I really didn’t know how to prove my innocence. I felt hurt, I suffered so many humiliations from him lately and they couldn’t stop anyway. I went to other room and automatically started to pack my things. At that moment I wanted nothing from him. I was so tired and I just wanted to leave him and forget about everything. Andrei felt that something wrong was happening and entered the room.

“Well, where are you going now?”

“Andrei, I don’t know where is that damned condom, I am so tired from all this, I can’t stand it any longer, so I decided to leave.”
I went to the bathroom to pick other things, Andrei went after me. And, he changed his behavior so quickly that I couldn’t recognize him. He run to me, held me and said, “Don’t leave me!”
Of course I was crying, “I can’t continue living like this. When I thought about leaving you I felt myself better and it seems to me that it will be the best decision for both of us.”
“No, take pity on me, maybe I am getting crazy. Yes, you will go and I will go crazy. Don’t leave me alone.”
I felt sorry for him.

He began to kiss and hug me, and I who just decided to leave him and was suffering from such a life, suddenly started to melt. And, once more the program was initiated. It was as I dreamt before – his kisses, hugs. I began to caress his head; he raised me and took me to the room, put me on the sofa and started to kiss me. There were a lot of thoughts at that moment in my head – “No, how can he I just have had a surgery and there is a flow of blood.” But he was so persistent in his intention. He didn’t care about not only that I have a river of blood, but what I felt. He just wanted to do it. During the sex I didn’t feel anything; I felt his penis felt into a deep, I didn’t even feel my vagina.

My thought moved with the velocity of light – “What will happen to me, I must not do it.” My soul was aching. In the morning my breast was swelled, the heart was stabbing, all my body was burning. I woke up Andrei, told him about it, but he answered, “It’s your imagination” I couldn’t sleep anymore, there was something happening to me. Then, when he went to work I called to the hospital where I had the operation and said them about how I felt. They told me to come immediately. I called taxi and went to the hospital. I had a repeated surgery. The doctors were so surprised when they saw all that clotted blood inside me. After the operation I had pain in all that parts. Once more I made a decision to leave Andrei. Possibly, after reading this story you’ll know who the real zombies are: they are creatures who don’t hear, don’t see, aren’t conscious of what they are doing. They just fully follow beliefs that they have in their minds. Thanks to these zombies who, of course, wish you the best, we know about what a happy family should be. In fact we know nothing how to make harmonic relation, what the sex is, we don’t know anything about the real love, happiness. But, I was searching for it, anxious to learn it…

New life in Temple

It always seemed to me that there was something significant hidden and unknown behind the body movements or dance, something I didn’t know yet.  I started to learn different styles of dance trying to distract myself from that difficult relationship. I learned about Gurdzhiev’s Sufi dances and became fan of them. The interesting and deep world opened to me. In my childhood I saw those dances, but I didn’t understand their meaning. While living in Uzbekistan in Karshi town, my father met people who were taught sacred movements which I saw much later. Those were Gurdzhiev’s dances.

I think God guided me and once, someone gave me a book about yoga, so I started to practice it. All that saved me from disagreeable relation with Andrei. It was an amazing world that let me meet many interesting people, who were practicing yoga, spiritual dance, who wanted to know themselves and the methods of self-perfection. One of those people helped me to go to Russian Art Temple. There I received deeper knowledge that helped me to understand myself as a woman, my wishes, to find the answer what the movement of dance means, to use dance as a prayer to Divine Power.. That answer opened me the gift of healing dance and I started to help people by this! And i do it now and will do it forever.


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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #81 on: February 18, 2011, 03:29:33 am »
Letter from my pupile

Dear MarinVan,
I am so glad to hear from you :) I have been doing some of the exercises every morning: waking up like a princess with 'Tender awake', drinking the water, washing my face with cold water and then circulating the pelvis, hands, breathing 7 pulses of universe, black dot, etc.. They all feel very good and I want to do it. I try to keep a good diet with some fruit or salad to start every meal and eating the different foods separately, not very easy with my present working life duties with dinners etc. but I try my best, my stomach feels very good and toilet is also regular and ok because of Shank Prakshalana and liver cleansing at your seminar. I am on a good mood :)
Something seems to be different in my life and I want to support the change with the exercises as much as possible, but I also need your regular support.
Anyhow I feel that so far last days I have been able
to handle some difficult situations with a calm mind and clear thinking thanks to the exercises and experience I had with you the previous month, thank you :)

PS: I have noticed that all of a sudden men are looking at me, so the Goddess School has started to work... :)

Elena, lawyer 48 years old, never married 

If group of rudnev helps many people not only in russia, but in many countries of the world and you put it in your forum' section as "most dangerous", it seems to me that the purpose of your forum is to destroy health of the nations of the Earth. Why do you frighten people and take them away from a healthy style of life?

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #82 on: February 18, 2011, 09:19:10 am »
Why is it that both simon and now MarinVan post pages and pages of long winded boring posts when all they need to do, at least in the first instance, is to convince Paul / Pavel Handozhko aka Ganesha / Biven Momonta / Biven Mamonta / Biven Mamonte / Bes Beloyar / Kargan Kanesh / Kargan Kenesh to come forward to have an HIV test as requested in my earlier post.

Are they sock puppet accounts or is this annoying and tedious posting style a feature of followers of this sect?

Trying to engage with people who post this kind of things is pretty futile.  Any relevant points are lost in a sea of meaningless words.

I am very much reminded of the conversation in this video clip

edited to add

I would like to address one point from MarinVan, that of why women remain loyal to Rudnev and also why they return to an abusive group. 

There are 2 answers to this

Firstly - Stockholm Syndrome.

All the anti-THB professionals I have ever worked with or spoken to, including law enforcement officers working directly with victims, have reported that one of the most challenging aspects of their work is dealing with victims who are affected by Stockholm Syndrome.

Women and girls who have been imprisoned, raped, tortured and abused will usually refuse to give evidence against their oppressors, but will also, very often return to them.

This is a well recognised phenomena and the fact that Rudnev's and Handozhko's victims return to them for more abuse is not remarkable in any way and does not indicate anything other than the Stockholm Syndrome.

The second reason that victims, male and female, return to the sect for further abuse is that this network uses addictive compounds to ensnare victims.  Victims are routinely fed various magical tonics and elixirs that are in fact highly addictive, so that if and when people do escape they are so tormented by withdrawals that they return to their oppressors.
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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #83 on: February 18, 2011, 10:46:08 am »
On the issue of honey trap agents

I recently discovered a very disturbing interview with a very brave former member of the Children of God / The Family cult who was sexually abused by adult members of the cult from the age of 3 years old.

The aspect of this interview that I find most interesting in comparison with the THB networks Ashram Shambala and MISA Yoga School is the use of female honey trap agents to seduce powerful men within the military.  The survivor describes a scenario in which the cult infiltrated the Filipino military to a very high level.

WARNING: this is an interview with no explicit footage but it does include extremely disturbing survivor testimony of child sexual abuse 

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #84 on: February 20, 2011, 12:16:35 am »
This video suggests that Mr Handozhko has abandoned the US for a while, which is good news for Americans, however he appears to be planning travels in Mexico between February and March 2011, which is bad news for people there.

The website advertised on the flyer is here

It appears that Mr Handozhko, using the alias of Kargan Kenesh, aims to teach the people of Mexico how to educate and care for their children, especially children with learning disabilities, mental illnesses and behavioural problems.

text via google translate.........................


Are now coming to life many children with wonderful capabilities, these capabilities come to be confused with hyperactivity or mental illness, but in reality are talents that have no positive way to manifest due to external influences that imprison the development of children.

Understand that the formation of the soul of a baby depends mostly on the feelings of parents, their sincerity, their openness to God, they know what their place in this world and internal development have. When development is high then the soul will inhabit the body will be more outspoken.

Many internal features of the new being dependent on the emotional states that had the mother during her pregnancy. If you have experienced stress and conflict, this will alter the creature giving poor health, so many children from an early age suffer from depression, nervousness, phobias and even psychosis, primarily the result of maternal behavior during pregnancy.

Of education children receive depends on discovering their talents, many are born with exceptional gifts granted by God, for example envisage situations, see the soul of animals or identify diseases, but the routine and traditional canons block these gifts, preventing the child has contact with his divine destiny.

Many parents are overprotective of ignorance and educate their children, which results in the future are weak, they are almost impossible to have success, because children there are programs that last throughout their existence, can be programmed to succeed and succeed or to be unsuccessful and unhappy.

We must pay close attention to education, to avoid these errors, deliver comprehensive tools to become happy and fulfilling people who meet the mission will have in this life, which is why we have specific teachings and practices for growing special children."

I find this extremely alarming. 

The dates that Mr Handozhko is in Mexico (or at least those advertised) are 18th - 19th February, 19th - 20th March

Of course he may remain in Mexico between 19th February and 19th March as his network is highly active in Mexico and he will no doubt have many tasks relating to his THB business to attend to.   However I also notice that the network is running the following workshop in Australia

Shamanic Tantra in Melbourne, Australia @ Universynergy Arts Academy

When    23.02.2011 - 27.02.2011    
Course Name   Shamanic Tantra in Melbourne, Australia
Where    Universynergy Arts Academy - Melbourne, Australia
Subject   Seminars in the city


They are being very cagey and reserved about who exactly his running the workshop, but it is not beyond the realms of possibility that Handozhko could be the "shaman" running it as he certainly travels around a lot.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #85 on: February 22, 2011, 12:42:06 am »
I was checking out the Russian videos again and decided to check, again a travel company URL listed in a video promoting horse riding tours in the Altai mountains.

The video is here

Typically the holiday is not just about having a nice time riding horses, the video narration is highly sexualised and the narrator claims that "the horse is the sexual energy of the woman, and if you can control it you can rule your feminine woman who can bridle this (carthorse?) can control any man".

I suppose that, given the Russian press reports about this network's production of pornography featuring sex with animals, I am just wondering whether these horse riding sessions presented in such a sexualised way might represent the initial stages of grooming females for this kind of sexual exploitation?

at 2.56 in there is a tour company advertised, Enjoy Tours.  I checked it out before and the site was down, now it is up again.   Website here

This is definitely a travel company used by this network to arrange esoteric tours, featuring pseudo-tantra, meditation, yoga, pseudo-shamanism, all their usual stuff in various locations around the world.  I can definitely confirm that this is the same network from the text used, branding, etc. also the photos in the photo gallery.  

At the time of writing they are stating the following locations as destinations:

However they also have a menu where you can let them know where you want to go and the locations stated are

Amazon Tours

This travel agency / tour agency is important as it is fairly standard for large THB networks to own their own travel agencies and tour companies.

This site is linked as a partner site and it interests me greatly as the Romanian yoga school / THB network owns similar sites.

To the casual observer this look like nothing more or less than a women's glossy magazine but online, however if you are familiar with how these networks operate it is so much more and the alarm bells are a-ringing.

If this is anything like the MISA sites, and it looks extremely similar, then all the clothing, accessories, jewellery and trinkets for sale on the site are manufactured by enslaved yoga students living in "ashrams".

Under the "leisure" section of the magazine they offer "ideas for the weekend"
for example:
Organised by the magazine «PANORAMA» jointly with Women's Club Lady Charm

For your convenience, we offer three programs of the tour:

Program number 1 : Relax-Tour: «SPA in nature" - 6 900p. (Thursday)

Program number 2: Relax-round on weekends - 5 900p. (Saturday)

Programme ? 3: Relax-tour: «OCEAN OF LIFE» - Sept. 900p. (Saturday-Sunday)

Relax-tour designed especially for those women who are tired of too rapid pace of life who want to put in order thoughts and feelings, or just humanly rest! Dear Women, we know what kind of load you are experiencing EVERY DAY! That's why we invite unload your fragile shoulders, restore vitality and mental harmony, energize through communion with nature!

In an atmosphere of harmony, we will talk on topics of vital energy, women's health and, of course, men.

We are also waiting for a rich program of holiday: special women's practices, massages, sauna, horseback riding. AND NO PHONE - JUST YOU, THE NATURE AND RECREATION!


1. Transfer.

2. Where to stay in the room.

3. Breakfast. Introducing the group.

4. Talk on the theme "What is the life energy? The nature of feminine energy: health, relationships, business. "

5. Talk on the theme "The relationship between man and woman: the ability to choose, feel and control."

6. Riding on horseback.

7. Lunch. Discussion, questions, walk through the forest, free time.

8. Sauna, exclusive practice, ladies yoga, massage techniques.

9. Transfer. Suggestions for future tours.

Book by phone:




You'd better weekend!

IMPORTANT: Please note that they state "no phone" during this weekend.  This may sound innocent enough, as though they want the women to experience peace and quiet, but it in fact means that women are completely isolated from the outside world while on this weekend retreat.

Also in the leisure section they provide a number of "personality tests".  MISA does this also on its women's fashion and lifestyle websites.  These tests are nothing more than a sophisticated façade for harvesting deeply personal and private information about potential victims and for encouraging them to register with the site, thus providing more data and unwittingly making themselves even more vulnerable to coercion and manipulation by the THB networks.  These tests will help the traffickers to identify the females who fit into their ideal demographic for victims.  If you take a look at the quizzes on their site, each quiz help the traffickers to ID for example, women of low intelligence or who struggle with logical / rational thinking, narcissistic women who like to think of themselves as seductive sirens, etc.

tests and quizzes here

and of course, as one would expect, under the health and beauty section we have
Lessons from women's wisdom
Here you will learn about the art of feminine charm, magnetism and sexuality!

How often do we hear about that woman, and beautiful, and clever, but no luck with men. Lessons from women's wisdom can magically fix these situations. The natural attractiveness and sexuality, coupled with a female coaching a truly great power. Lessons relationships help to achieve success in school and work. Training of family relations can achieve warmth and comfort in his own family, to build trusting relationships with loved ones. Thanks to the workouts relationship, you will be able to skillfully use their attractiveness, so that any questions are always resolved in his favor. No need to carry out special statistical studies to understand what is sexually attractive people are happy and successful. However, not all by nature tend to be lucky and sexy.

Followed by lots of articles about how to seduce men, how to do "Cleopatra massage", all the kind of stuff you would expect from this network

and of course at the bottom of every page there is a coupon that if you click on it takes you to a page here

where they ask for your full name and email address.  If you send it you then get a discount from, and there is a link under the coupon, the "school of Cleopatra" - yes it's the same old same old, prostitute / stripper / honey trap sex school thing at

edited to add a similar MISA website just for comparison

The website is in Romanian language and appears to be a "Cosmopolitan" style women's lifestyle magazine.  In fact, just like the Russian network's lifestyle magazine it is a front for recruitment into slavery.

The psychologist and doctor listed on the home page, who readers can consult online, Smaranda Grosu and Dr. Cristina Bogdan, are MISA members / recruiters.  

The health section promotes an alternative health practitioner who is a MISA recruiter
Family Medicine Specialist,
competence apifitoterapie

surprise, surprise, they list a workshop on "Love and Sexuality"
We invite you to join our debate, and if you wish, to share our experience of life in this area. Some of the topics that we try to achieve:

Love - Sexuality: relationship of inclusion or exclusion?

How do we realize and refine our sexual energy?

Sexuality and spiritual evolution - go together or disagree?

Aspects of love and sexuality issues

Male and female sexuality in

Energy aspects of love / sexuality

What are the reasons that prevent us from fully manifesting our sexuality?

How to identify and free ourselves from energy blockages that affect our emotional life?

Harmony through sexual intimacy in a relationship: utopia or reality?

Location: Bucharest, Carol Park area, Filaret

Date: April 15, 2010

Time: 18.30-21.30

and also the "Mind, Body and Spirit Festival" (in Romania a MISA event)

Also please note the astrology section where readers enter their DOB.  Readers entering their email for newsletters will receive all kinds of MISA promotional material.  

Just including this info for comparison purposes

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #86 on: February 24, 2011, 07:50:22 pm »
…Why is it that both simon and now MarinVan post pages and pages of long winded boring posts…

Yeaa... When I've read the whole 5 pages of your shit about Mr.Rudnev already have sweated, but as a Russian very much I wanted to understand the sense of that you named «dangerous Russian sect».

And now why don’t you want to read opinions of other people of the Earth??? I don't understand where a problem nemesis?? This is a forum, instead of your personal site. Why you making people against yourselves? Huh

First, why you think nemesis, that all people wom you meet in life should be agree with only your opinion? Its delusion with itself. Secondly, it is trite enough and stupid to search for fleas in heads of those people who not pleasant to you. Am as observer come to a sad conclusion: if in a forum someone writes only a dirt and platitude about someone it will be pleasant to you. And if someone doesn't agree with you, then he/she becomes the enemy of a forum and the whole world. Come on!!!!
Most likely nemesis [Five childish personal attacks in a row].

[Long irrelvant rant about yogis]
[Long section on an American progressive writer]
[Series of conspiracy theories]
[Series of articles about politics in Russia]

[Moderator's note: Stay on topic. Irrelevant nonsense deleted. Also avoid childishness and personal attacks.]

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #87 on: February 24, 2011, 08:23:04 pm »
Just to get back on track....

a few quotes from a 2008 news item about Rudnev and his nasty criminal network (emphasis mine)

On Thursday, Oct. 23 , at 7:00  in the village of Kirov District Soviet police department staff has been discovered, "the headquarters of the sect" Ashram Shambala, one of the most dangerous totalitarian sectarian organizations in the world, originated in 1991, the year in Akademgorodok. On the same day investigators stormed the villa in the village Plotnikovo Novosibirsk region, which was discovered and the leader of the sect - 41-year-old Konstantin Rudnev , known sektanstkih circles under the name of Sri Jnana Avatar Muni.

As a result of operational activities in the two cottages belonging to the sect were found eight girls who were on the federal wanted list as a missing persons (including under-age resident in Belarus - a schoolgirl from Minsk). In addition, investigators seized 23 laptops, a large number of occult literature, video and audio. Both cottages have been discovered objects of sexual entertainment and video products, and distortions of pornographic content.

It is known that the sect "Ashram Shambala" is based on the renunciation of conventional morality and deviant sexual behavior: free sexual relationships, orgies involving animals, the moral, physical and sexual violence, etc.

According to the results of the international scientific-practical conference "Totalitarian Sects - the threat of the twenty-first century", held in Nizhny Novgorod, April 23-25, 2001, sect Rudnev is listed as "most famous and dangerous modern destructive cults." By debilitating hunger, constant and indiscriminate sex, violence, persuasion using the techniques of hypnosis and NLP Rudnev and his followers were people tied to the sect. Adherents of the sect, as a rule, they became totally dependent on it, donated his property sect, and themselves moved to live in a dormitory of the sect. According to the website, by 2004 the leader of the sect's adherents to the sale of the property, video occult and pornographic content, lectures and seminars to earn about $ 10 million.

Then Rudnev was sent to a psychiatric hospital in Samara. In 1989 he returned to Novosibirsk and with the help  of Elena Zakharova established wellness company "Caravan", which promoted alternative medicine with the eastern slope. After the company was transformed into "Siberian Association of Yoga" (the officially registered name), also known as the "Academy of occult sciences," it also "Ashram Shambala," it also "Belovodye. There also were Company Olirna "," Sotitanandana Yoga Center, School of Esoteric core business "and" School of Avicenna. Around Novosibirsk in houses of culture, cinema and even a children's summer camps cultists have begun paid seminars, which teach "yoga", "the teachings of Shambhala", "Reiki healing," "astral karate and remove damage. One of the most popular among girls has become a "geisha school," where advocated complete sexual freedom, emancipation, etc. It is known that one of the leaders of the sect, Paul Handozhko , a surgeon from the Pskov region, regularly conducts workshops on "Tantra" ("do tantra" - in the language of the sect stands for "sex"), in 2004, was wanted on suspicion of spreading AIDS (there is every reason to believe that he is HIV-infected and caused the illness of several dozen people all over Russia).

According to operative data, by 2000 the number of adherents of the sect had grown to 20,000 throughout Russia.

Law enforcement agencies are hoping that Konstantin Rudnev could be mobilized for the articles "corruption of minors" and "possession of narcotic substances."

So, much as I hate to repeat myself, I have to ask, where is Mr Handozhko?  Why does he not have the courage of his convictions to come here and to answer my questions about the specialist sex training schools that are available for anyone to see on the network's various websites?

Why does he not simply go to the AIM clinic and take and HIV test if all the news stories about him recklessly infecting dozens of people are untrue?

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
« Reply #88 on: February 27, 2011, 10:24:25 am »
This is extremely concerning

This organisation,
Gables Optimal Health
195 Giralda Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Has very recently been running workshops with Kargan Kenesh and Master Stella who they bizarrely claim are visiting from Greece
“Psycho energetic Protection”                                                                                                 
Led by Kargan Kenesh 
 January 30 12:30PM - 5 PM                                                                                                             
 (Visiting us from Greece)
OPEN TALK w/ Kargan Kenesh
will be held between 12:30- 1:30 PM
Which are the influences we need to protect ourselves from?
How can we protect ourselves in order to start to grow in all levels?
(Learning these techniques can especially help healers, practitioners, business men or
women, also people who contact many people, and they could experience positive shifts
in many areas of their life when they learn self-protection.)
WORKSHOP w/ Kargan Kenesh
2- 5 PM
Cost: $65
In the workshop we will learn and practice effective methods for self-protection and
for developing useful abilities to help us succeed in many areas of life.
*Some benefits include:
-Perseverance in the face of obstacles, steadiness in the face of chaos
-Leadership and structural organization
-Charisma, becoming naturally active and outgoing
-The sense of 'I Can', motivation, and self-confidence
-Emotional resiliency, unaffected by stress
-Self-control and will-power
-Powerful and focused psychological and emotional energy, and undistributed concentration.

•        Birthing From Within                                                                                                                         
  February 3 and 4, 7 PM & February 5 and 6, 9 AM

•             MASTER STELLA (from Greece)
February 12 and 13
February 12
Increasing Female Energy
February 13

If you click the images on this FB page

You can see that the Master Stella workshop is another "discover your inner prostitute" type event marketed as "The Art of Being a Woman"

Also a Tantra workshop lead by Kargan Kenesh that includes a module on finding a suitable romantic partner (just as an aside, from researching this network I understand that this module claims to be able to ID a partner via astrological and numerological compatibilities - in order to so this they need all kinds of compromising personal data from participants).   

In between the adverts for the tantra and "The Art of Being a Woman" workshops are adverts for ongoing workshops called "Pulse" (possibly / probably unconnected) for teens aged 14 - 17 years.

IME, based on researching other organisations holding workshops by this and other similar networks, one or more of the staff of this organisation have probably been recruited to the network or at the very least "befriended" by Kenesh, Stella or another senior member.

This event with Kargan Kenesh
was created by   
Gables Optimal Health, Lissa Horenstein Nirenberg

Lissa's FB page

Lissa's practitioner page on the Gable's page

Lissa's website here

shows that she is a TCM practitioner (interesting to me as the network has recruited other TCM practitioners in other territories).

The really interesting thing about Lissa is that you would not suspect her of being connected to this network just by checking out her profile or website.

She does not have any senior member of the network as friends on her FB page (at least none that I recognise) and I almost missed the connection, however on her FB wall here

She is promoting the network's videos of Kargan Kenesh via an American senior network member Dian Saiz
Of course she may be (probably is) completely unaware of the criminality that her friends are involved in. 

A brief perusal of the practitioners list shows that they are involved in a diverse range of interesting things, from the "Surrendered woman" movement, to the Landmark Education and many other movements and organisations classified by some as "cults".

Mostly I am concerned about the proximity of events for teens to the events run by  the Russian criminal network.

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Re: Biven Momonta: "Ancient Russian Wisdom"
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Just reporting another enthusiastic recruiter to this network.  This woman is probably entirely innocent about the criminal activities of the network.

Lyn Marie Hicks AKA Lyn Stankavage Hicks (not sure which is the real name)

Her FB wall shows that she is promoting the network's workshops and attending their events

also her meetup organiser profiles here

Aharata meetup

and here
Sacred femininity / School of Cleopatra (prostitute school)

The events she promotes are held at Harmony Hill Gardens, an organic flower supplier, a business that she appears to own

Lyn is promoting Aharata workshops here on her blog

where she enthuses about her teacher Joshua Duncan (probably also en entirely innocent recruit - his mother has also been recruited to the network).

Just wanted to add that Joshua Duncan and his mother own a health food shop.  IME tantric cults target owners of health food / organic food and produce shops and suppliers for recruitment.

This goes back to the days of Bhagwan Rajneesh / Osho, who also targeted owners of vegetarian cafes and restaurants.  I am not entirely sure why, but I think it is probably because their target demographic is affluent people with open minds and a social conscience who are interested in alternative medicine and spirituality and both owners and customers of veggie / organic shops and restaurants fit this demographic.  FWIW if anyone is interested in collecting printed flyers from these criminal networks advertising their events, organic and health food shops are a great place to find them.  

IME these networks often also set up their own businesses as fronts for money laundering, typically health food, alternative cures and medicines, raw food supplies, organic food supplies, etc.  
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