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Karl Jaspers forum
« on: February 04, 2008, 02:52:35 pm »
After joining NAFPS forum I am even more convinced that this man's legacy is one of more meaningful and valid to pursue for any serious "seeker" from the "West".   

This forum  ( ) is non-fraud and legit for anyone that is drawn to questions of existance but fails to find them in our mainstream "western" culture and feels deceived by light new-age fake "wisdom".

You will find much of the subjects of importance for "seekers" addressed in a very strict way.  I return to my "culture" I guess.
I still feel that more traditional societies have some answers and techniques that address such psychological / philosphical needs directly, but most of us don't have a legit contact with them and some systems are so fragile that our intervention causes damage.

I am not totally dismissing the use of entheogens, but I will leave that for other times and more personal and intimate discussion in real life not in the internet community.