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John Kimmey AKA Eesawu
« on: November 21, 2009, 03:34:50 pm »
Got a request about him. The request says he is an elderly white man who claims to have spent 30 years studying with the Hopi and states and that they have passed on their prophecies to him.  He has a website called Dancing Awake the Fifth World which has links to "Hopi Prophecy" and "Hopi Elders Statement" (  On the website, he offers a free e-book called: Earth Mother which outlines the arrival of aliens and offers advice.

He is listed as a "white Native American"—adopted member of the Hopi and Taos Pueblo tribes—who brings the prophecy and message to the rest of the world (

The claims he makes are obviously fraudulent, so much so that we can bypass the usual placing in Research Needed. But that certainly doesn't mean we don't need additional research.

For our requester and the general public, Kimmey is an obvious fraud because:

1. Tribes don't adopt people. Individuals or families do.

2. Adoptions does NOT give outsiders the "right" to do ceremony, nor speak on behalf of a people, nor make them supposed prophets.

3. The Hopi have had plenty of eloquent spokespeople, most notably Thomas Banyaca. It is arrogant and racist for a white to presume to speak for them.

4.  The Hopi have often been flooded with false claims by Nuagers, even suing those who make false claims and having to ban them from their homeland. And I believe that includes lawsuits against claims made on supposed behalf of the very person Kimmey claims trained him and authorized him, David Monongye.

Going to his own website bio, you can see all kinds of ridiculous lies:

"John resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is a practitioner and teacher of Hanmi Esoteric Buddhism."

If he were a supposed Hopi prophet, why live hundreds of miles away? And his Buddhist beliefs preclude any claim to be a traditional Hopi.

"Kimmey arrived in the Southwest in 1965 in Santa Fe. John and a group founded the American Church of God, a chapter of the Native American Church of North America."

It's a knockoff of the NAC, origins described here.

As you can see by the passage, Kimmey didn't found it, though elsewhere I've seen accounts he was an early member.

"While still living in Santa Fe in the seventies John became acquainted with the elders of the Hopi village of Hotevilla, Arizona. he became a student and traveling companion of the late Hopi Prophet and village leader, David Monongye. At the elders' request John came to live in Hotevilla to assist them in a communication effort which reached out to the United Nations and many other world leaders."

Again, many false claims made on the supposed behalf of Monongye are all over the web, by one dubious character after another.

If Kimmey was supposed to reach out to the UN or world leaders, he didn't do a very good job. I can't find any evidence that even a single national leader ever heard of him.

"John traveled extensively in the Northwest for several years, including southern British Columbia, Canada where he delivered to native bands numerous strains of native foodcrops of the Southwest. At that time he also delievered the wisdom of the Hopi Prophecies and conducted workshops."

He seriously expects us to believe the Hopi sent him rather than going themselves? 

"In 1999 John was called to deliver the Hopi Prophecies in New Zealand. He traveled for three months, being initiated into 20 Maraes, or Maori tribal centers, where he was welcomed by the wisdom keepers."

Initiation is not the big deal he'd have you believe. Basically he'd have to go through the formal process for meeting elders when going to a village. Tourists do the same.

"In 2004 Kimmey moved to Hawaii where he learned Huna ceremonial practice and Buddhist healing practice."

Huna is itself a fraudulent knockoff of Hawaiian tradition.

There is also one passage on his site which disturbs me. He seems to basically be trolling online looking for sex from his potential followers:

"I believe sexual repression is right up there as unnecessary baggage in a global peace zone. Have you noticed how every religion achieves, among it adherents some degree of sexual repression and therefore guilt? It's woven into the entire fabric of our lives. If you care to demonstrate to yourself just how deep it goes, go ahead and exercise your sexual fantasy and observe the devastating consequences....We have some attitude about the opposite sex that limits our ability to achieve relationship. We have created personal character traits that discourage others from finding us attractive....
What if we eliminate the need for fantasy completely? What kind of a world would we have created? Certainly one with a lot less videos! We have become second-hand fantasy addicts. Most of us would rather watch someone have sex in two dimensions than to do it in three....
I believe by elimination of the above three most prevalent tendencies in our present way of life; fear, jealousy and repression we will achieve a state of being which could easily be described as peaceful. And a world without fear, jealousy, and repression could begin to come close to a true state of aloha. It sounds like fun to me."

You bet, that sure sounds like "Hopi tradition" to me....For the sake of safety, I'd caution any females taking his courses to keep their guard up.

Kimmey also appeared alongside frauds like Arguelles and the UFO crowd at this conference.

Selling workshops in Hawaii.

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Re: John Kimmey AKA Eesawu
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2009, 04:19:11 pm »
The Hopi nation formally asked him to stop pretending to speak for them and quit making money off their traditions.

Apparently he even agreed to their request. But obviously he lied and has gone back on his promise.

Hopis mum on prophecies

TAOS, N.M. (AP) — The Hopi Nation has asked a Taos man to stop telling non-Indians about sacred Hopi prophecies, saying the teachings are secret and should be controlled only by Hopis.

John Kimmey had been scheduled to talk about the oral history at a meeting Sunday night but decided instead to lead a discussion about white people practicing Indian spirituality.

In a letter Friday, Hopi cultural-preservation officers asked Kimmey, who is white, to stop billing himself as a "carrier of Hopi prophecy."

"The Hopi people have suffered immensely due to the insensitive nature by which so-called experts exploit our knowledge," the letter said.

Kimmey, a member of the Native American Church, contends Hopi prophecies, which date back about 3,500 years, are meant to be shared with the public. He said Hopi elder David Monongye gave the prophecies to him in the 1970s and 1980s, telling him he could pass on the information to whites and others. Monongye has since died, he said.

Kimmey said other Hopis have supported him, but he said the tribe is often divided over such questions. And he said that conflict keeps elders from officially recognizing him.

The Hopi prophecy is an oral tradition of stories that Hopis say predicted the coming of the white man to America, both world wars and the creation of nuclear weapons.

And it predicts that time, as humans know it, will end when humanity emerges into the "fifth world."

The Mayan calendar predicts a similar end in 2012; some Hopis have said their prophecy roughly coincides with that time.

The tradition says the years after 2012 could be a golden age with humans at peace and in harmony with nature. It also says the world will go through a time of trial, suffering and purification before a time of "one-heartedness."

Kimmey has said the Hopi prophecies contain a mandate that from 1946 onward, these secrets should be told to everyone and no longer kept secret.

"It's their oral history, and within that history are events they wanted the world to know in advance and instructions to go with that knowledge," Kimmey claimed. "Homogenized Americans don't have a story like that. We don't have a context for interpreting world events. The Hopi prophecy is a vehicle that allows us to do that."

Kimmey said he has been teaching about Hopi prophecy for about 20 years without complaints from the Hopi tribe.

However, Lee Wayne of the Hopi cultural preservation office in Arizona said the tribe does object and also doesn't like Kimmey making money off the prophecy.

"He comes out here and gets the information and goes back and makes money that's not good," Wayne said. "We have not endorsed anyone to be the carrier of Hopi prophecy."

A flier posted for Sunday's event suggested a donation of $10 to $15.

Wayne denied that Hopi prophecy mandates revealing the prophecy after 1946.

"I think it's not time for people to know about Hopi prophecy yet," Wayne said. "It shouldn't be out there in the public."

But, Kimmey said, "The prophecy has always been a vehicle for bringing hearts together, and now it's going to divide people. I've always tried to be respectful of people at Hopi, and this man has asked me not to do it."

So for now, he said, "I won't."

Re: John Kimmey AKA Eesawu
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2009, 05:27:22 pm »
I have always found it interesting that the main items any one person proclaims to be fighting, are usually the main drives within their own person.  For example, Mr. Kimmey states fear and jealousy and repression as being the main tendencies of our lives. 

Does he fear the outcome of our world and lives?  Needs to find - even make up (not proclaiming he is but potential is there) - some sort of something that will ease his fear?  Is he jealous that the Hopi have a map (so to speak) that the "Homogenized Americans don't have" ?  That he needs to steal it from them?  And Repression?  Well, I don't know what he's repressing, perhaps the truth of his own place within this proclamation of his..  I don't know, not really wanting to know.. perhaps..  he is repressing his own fears and jealousies.. 

People continue to surprise me for their lack of faith.  If Hopi or any other indigenous peoples have prophecy regarding the fate of Mankind and Earth..  then it is safe to assume that those prophecy were given to THEM to hold for a REASON.. 

Once again, I come away from reading here, with an admiration for the character of the indigenous peoples .. to hold and carry what has been given to them by creator..  and to keep it .. through all these years and temptations. 

I have faith that Creator, God, Spirit, gave these things to the RIGHT peoples.. and if or when any such time comes.. it will be there in safe keeping, as was meant to be.  I trust that the right people hold the right knowledge.  As should be.

People without faith become very obsessed with the need for knowledge, or enlightenment, of 'needing' to feel appeased that the world will be safe and that the cosmic structure of mystery and knowledge is there for them.. And so we have missionaries who are bent on making everyone believe as they..  we have aliens coming to save us.. and ..  we have indigenous prophecy that is meant for all to save us.

A little bit of faith tells a person that there is no need to expose and exploit what another has been given..  there is no need to try and convince all others that that way is "the way"...  with a little bit of faith.. One simply lives knowing..  all is as it is for that is how it is.. and walks one step at a time on their own walk through this world..  knowing..  that whatever paths they cross will be done so..  There is no need for hurry and impatience and forcibly trying to push to get to where a mind may 'think' it's to be..  the Mind is almost always wrong ..  about these things. 

It's interesting to me that Mr. Kimmey seems to be involved in Buddhism.  I've not studied that source, but it doesn't seem to me that what he is doing in reference to the Hopi is near to a Buddhist approach. 

Well.. Mr. Kimmey, what lies ahead, lies ahead..  have faith that without you, the world and its prophecies will still be as it is meant to be. 

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Re: John Kimmey AKA Eesawu
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2013, 07:02:03 pm »
John “Eesawu” Kimmey  March 29, 1940 – April 24, 2011
John “Eesawu” Kimmey committed his final transcendence beyond this physical realm on
April 24, 2011 at 11:11 PM MDT at his home in Moffat, CO USA surrounded by many loved ones.

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Re: John Kimmey AKA Eesawu
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2020, 03:57:20 am »
There is another thread about John Kimmey:
[last carrier of the Hopi Prophecy - John Kimmey]

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Re: John Kimmey AKA Eesawu
« Reply #5 on: May 02, 2020, 04:14:42 am »
Educator, native-seed pioneer, Hopi-prophecy interpreter and former Santa Fe resident John Kimmey died from cancer last month in Crestone, Colo. He was 71.

The URL of that obituary is now:

The quote is from a thread named "Joel Cohen AKA Upaava". Is he the same person as John Kimmey?