Author Topic: The Castaneda/Harley Reagan Connection  (Read 16854 times)

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The Castaneda/Harley Reagan Connection
« on: April 15, 2005, 09:40:20 pm »
`The Kevin Bacon Syndrome With Regards to Toltec-related Shamanism' (At a Price!!)

ie. a circle of supposed Native American Medicine People, or those who have `allegedly' been passed on `Toltec' wisdoms or otherwise shaman-related people associated with expensive workshops, publications and one leading to the other in `mysterious' ways - hardly drops of genuine Native blood between them. Including... Florinda, Taisha, Merilynn Tunneshende, Ken Eaglefeather, Harley `Swiftdeer' Regan' (related to Bill Clinton!*), Nyei, Kylie, Reni, Victor Sanchez, Hymeyohsts Storm, Lynn Andrews, David Carson, Tom `Two Bears', Sun Bear, Thuen Mares, Dr Susan Gregg, Don Miguel Ruiz, The Deertribe Metis Society...

Other `minor' characters I came across along the way...via
The, relating to Shamanka, relating to CAIR, to Shamanic Hoop Magazine, etc...International Centres for Various Shamanic Studies...

Leo Rutherford, Arwyn Dreamwalker, the Keyserlings, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Michael Harner... okay there's lots more but my brain is aching...

Ha! Just caught up with your most recent post on TTII NEW while writing this... Jeez, I know exactly how you feel - and there's so many more even that could go on the list!! Help!!!

I can't but think: as many of these have been proved to be lying in one way or another, how can ya trust the others to be that `spiritually endowed' if they can't suss the falsies out?!!

Cultural and spiritual rape and pillage! Here's a coupla links that aren't directly related to these pseudo-shaman, but I think are pretty special:
The Hopi Prophesies. For REAL native widom!

This is a letter regards Leonard Peltier, the Native American Activist who has been imprisoned for nearly 20 years as a Political Prisoner on trumped-up charges for fighting to keep Native American land and practice their own traditions.(seems it's okay for Western idiots to though). Clinton (Harley's relative!) didn't give him clemency despite massive petitioning:

"I was filled with such sadness this past week because of Leonard not getting his freedom. As I sat and thought about what has happened, it occurred to me that Leonard is a bridge to bring all of us together. It is through him
we are becoming acquainted with one another, sharing what we have, and helping each other through hard times. Leonard is a nice person and we miss him very much. All what Clinton did to us people of Oglala was bad. I guess
we will have to forgive him. Us elderlies don't have much time left and we had hoped to be able to see him free. We are not giving up, but we want to ask the young people to work hard and make sure he comes home.
Mitakuye Oyasin (All my relations)"
A better use of our time and energy, I think!
Luv, Xi xxx