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I am an active musician, done 9 years of classical music, I play all kinds, but I kept black metal away for all these years because I just wasn’t ready for it.

Content warning for quote below:

There is a lot of mysteries and untold stories about the natives, and my project speaks about that. I try not to unleash the truth about the culture, but in exposing the dark side of it (wild hunt, torture cults, fire dancing, scalp collecting, to mention a few). I would say I do not speak for the natives. I am a lone wolf. But Ifernach is definitely a native Miq’maw inspired black metal band.

Claims to be "Micmac" or Metis.

His father's Facebook is public. He is alive so I don't feel comfortable naming him or his wife, especially since I see no sign of him supporting his son's current b.s.

My quest can be duplicated by searching Facebook for Fitzpatrick in Chandler, Quebec. Look for the page with moose hunt antlers. There is a 2019 photo of his family.

Dawn Fitzpatrick's father can also be found in articles concerning snowmobiling.

No discussion of involvement in Métis or First Nation community. Clicking around on his father's FB friends doesn't turn up any either.

My father gave me the Irish family name and lineage, but we have been born in America since the 1700s.

I am a North American, and a Gaspesian

I still have parts of my family that have no clue about indigenous traditionalism and the importance of the revival.

My blood boils with native and European ancestry. And I fight every day to go back to my Gaspesian belonging, in sometimes ugly and questionable ways.

If I go back to a time when sheltering, hunting or fighting for existence was the only truth, it was crucial for men to be men and women to be women

And here we have 2021 in Minutes of the regular meeting of the municipal council of the City of Chandler

Demande de dérogation mineure – Monsieur Dawn Fitzpatrick

Request for minor exemption – Mr. Dawn Fitzpatrick
2016 Interview with Dawn Fitzpatrick about hardcore rock in Chandler Quebec.

Any French speakers, might be helpful to watch video and listen to interview with him. I'm curious also about any symbols, tats, etc that are seen.
Typo earlier in thread. Surname is Fitzpatrick.
In the original French it is still Dawn Fitzpatrick.

I'm thinking we keep the Fitzpatrick, not sure on first name yet. Especially since he uses many many names.
He used Dawn Fitzpatrick in 2014 with Radio Canada and 2016 as part of a celebration of Chandler, Quebec. Oh! I'm looking at translations into English from French. What would Dawn be?
I think we found him. Dawn Fitzpatrick. He is said to be one of the performers in this Chandler history musical video. Keep watch for the guy with the left inner forearm tat that looks like a moth.

The credits include a guitarist named Dawn Fitzpatrick. Usually I wouldn't have followed up on that name, glad I did.
Dawn Fitzgerald 2014 Gaspésia: these young people who sing Chandler

Photo matches one of the members in this band Northern.

He talks about the local paper mill factory as he does currently also.

The Gaspésia, the former pulp and paper mill, left scars still visible to Chandler. At a time when the decontamination of the ground is not yet complete and is stalling, the Chandlers wish to see this page of their history turn. Especially young people between the ages of 20 and 30

Among these young people, sons of former workers from Gaspésia, whose closure in 1999 caused the loss of 500 jobs. They are part of the punk-hardcore group Northern. They chose music to make their voices heard.

"I think hardcore: that's saying something is that we're not the same as the society we live in. We're on the fringes. If you have negative ideas, come and evacuate it in our show," the musician invites.

Northern's musicians saw their father or grandfather experience the closure and hope of recovery. "We can say that we were in the middle of that. "My grandfather was working there, and my father too," said Dawn Fitzpatrick. It's been a big shock to everyone. It's important not to forget how it changed our lives and how we're going to get by too.

But I no longer like to get too hopeful as I approach 40.
(So birth-date maybe around 1985)

"The concept of this album of course reflects my mixed race side where sometimes I am lost between European heritage and the crying need to revere my indigenous heritage."

Dec 2023 interview,

He mentions in passing that some concert locations do not allow anyone wearing a Burzum patch. Background info on that here:

Looking back, this album is an album of meditation, individual combat and survival. It also includes the heritage of the name Sweeney (Suibhne), a very common name here.

We can add Sweeney to our list of possible surnames. :)
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