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Re: Yamassee Nation of Florida/Yamasee Muscogee Nation
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My reply

Lakotiya TamakewasteWin iyuha cante wasteya nape ciyuzapelo!

My name is Tamaka waste Win I shake you hand from my heart

we do not pay to be enrolled, we pay to get a copy of our photo ID,
it is an option to have a photo ID but we can pick up our tribal enrollment
papers free. That is the difference in case you did not understand.
My people have story of different people we encountered as we traveled from
South America. I spent time with the Seminole and know from their history they
are Creek descendants. They keep the same culture as the Creek along with
the ceremonies.
When you live in Native Country you know that is the culture we have the right to
ask people who are u? What is your relatives names what band and clan do u come from?
Everyone in the old days would have witness to say I am come from this family and this
is who can tell you that.
Today we have people that dont understand native culture and get offend when we ask question of people.
We still live our culture and yes we still speak our langauge and live our culture.
I am not condeming anyone just asking question because the post was so strange to me.
Everyone we know is Native and that lives on our reservation.
We keep our family histories so i know who everyone is.
I dont have family who is not on our rolls as a tribal nation.
I have nothing aganist Black people this about people who make up history and make up cultures.

R-I-P Mrs. BraveBull

i miss her posts

anyways........indian country is small and if you grew up native you should know that NO ONE is exempt from the ol' ndn interrogation if they meet other natives

i proudly proclaim my family

i dont need to go way back in the woodpile to find someone who is indian or may be indian according to family lore, i actually talked to my native ancestors every day my mom my aunts my uncles my grandparents and great grandparents

and i grew up in an indian community who knew them all

i could never understand the appeal of taking an ancestor you never met generations back and making up this character of them and twisting stories up to make it all fit into some image you built up of yourself as a natives

its just insanity to me

sorry.......this doesnt have much to do with this old post or help very much but i was just commenting out of boredom