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Re: Tecumseh Brown Eagle, aka Abdul Abdulla Mohammed, & James Oliver Johnson 111,
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This is a review of Van Sertima that totatlly disproves the concept that all these "original black indigenous" people are based on, the "moundbuilders", washitaw, nuwaubians, moors, black indians.

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Re: Tecumseh Brown Eagle, aka Abdul Abdulla Mohammed, & James Oliver Johnson 111,
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More on the infamous Tecumseh Brown Eagle. He is representing himsel as a "Native American" at an interfaith conference in Erie, PA. In the photo he appears to be wearing a clerical collar, does that mean that he's now  genuine "Native" spritual leader?

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Re: Tecumseh Brown Eagle, aka Abdul Abdulla Mohammed, & James Oliver Johnson 111,
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More on the infamous Tecumseh Brown Eagle. He is representing himsel as a "Native American" at an interfaith conference in Erie, PA. In the photo he appears to be wearing a clerical collar, does that mean that he's now  genuine "Native" spritual leader?

  Hey Don, Do you know anyone from the PYM who went to this? I talked to the Indian Committee and Peace and Outreach and nobody has heard of him...yet. I've been advising the Indian Committee lately. They now call me when approached by questionable people, but I think since he's now involved in interfaith activities the whole PYM should be warned. 

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Re: Tecumseh Brown Eagle, aka Abdul Abdulla Mohammed, & James Oliver Johnson 111,
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Link that states there were no Erie left after 1680. The Erie Nation is extinct!

Four Directions Institute...

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This is from Maoliworld on the Erie Moundbuilders and Tecumseh Brown Eagle...

Happy New Year

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Excellent video by Jaime Andres disproving all the black Indian precolumbian presence mythology.

Tecumseh Brown Eagle is a Washitaw/Muur claiming to be of Indian blood as this thread has proven, that is a lie. Has made claims of being not only Indian but also descended from the "royal houses of Europe", Knights Templar, Cathars and even extra terrestrials. Now this fraud is trying to get a gaming license as a legitimate Indian tribe. This other insane non Indian in Ohio, Renz is pissed off because he's a white man trying to get the same thing, with his stolen biography and family history. Just how far will these people go...

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I have found a series of videos on the Washitaw myths and will post them later today.

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Here is the youtube site...

There is a good video on the Cherokee Blackfoot Cultural Center

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This is from the Binay site from the Washitaw "messiah" Dwight York, now in federal prison for 135 years.
York and his disciples claim that he was born on Planet Rizq and has been reincarnated many times. He also claims to be a direct descendant of York Clarks slave(Lewis an Clark) and a Indian woman. Tecumseh Brown Eagle and many of the Binay are followers of York and the Washitaw/Nuwaubian mythology.

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DATED:11-10- 2004
Daybreakers- Blood Riot:
click link below com/watch? v=B6M4L7J- HoU
The above link is from the 2009 movie 'Daybreaker' .
Movie Description:
In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind.
Eat your heart out, Dracula - scientists turn blood into biscuits and chocolate

By Karyn Miller, Chris Stephen and Michael Mainville
(Filed: 01/08/2004)

It has always been the staple and highly nutritious food of vampires even if a diet consisting entirely of blood could hardly be considered balanced. But now scientists have found a way of turning it into biscuits, yoghurts and drinks.

The scientists, from the Voronezh State Technological Academy in Russia, say that mass production could begin in six months. They also say that their blood-based foods taste as good as the real thing.

Dr Ludmila Antipova, the head of the academy's Department of Meat and Meat Products, said: 'When we were first working on the project we had 16 students involved, and the main problem was that they would keep eating the experiments.

'People should not be apprehensive. When you eat meat, there is
blood in that.'

Dr Antipova and her team decided to find a way to use blood 12 years ago after learning that a local meat plant discarded up to seven tons of it daily.

This week, The Telegraph visited their laboratories. There, staff
presented a snack - 'chocolate'- filled biscuits and a vanilla-
flavoured 'yoghurt' drink.

The 'chocolate' filling was made from cow blood cells, sugar and
chocolate flavouring. The 'yoghurt' drink contained no dairy
products, but was plasma extracted from cow blood and treated with bacteria to give a creamy appearance, with sugar, preservatives and flavourings.

The products looked and tasted like chocolate biscuits and vanilla milkshake, it was impossible to tell that either contained blood. They were delicious.

Blood has long been used to make black pudding, but for this new range of foods it is separated into its components: red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma.

The plasma is used to make yoghurt and fermented drinks. The recipe for dairy yoghurt is followed: plasma is substituted for the milk and heated. Bacterial cultures are added to it, and a yoghurt-type substance forms.

To make chocolate, a paste of red blood cells is exposed to oxygen to turn it brown. It is then substituted for the cocoa butter or vegetable fats with which chocolate is usually made. Coffee drinks are made using a similar method.

The processed food industry has been identified as a potential
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The products contain virtually no fat, and red blood cells are a rich source of iron. Yoghurt made with plasma contains up to twice as much protein as dairy yoghurt.

It is not yet clear whether the food products will go on sale in
A spokesman for the Food Standards Agency said: 'It is quite
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She said that the foods would be tested and assessed before they were allowed to go on sale in Britain.

Eric Dickinson, a professor of food colloids at the University of
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Representatives from the British food and drink industry expressed doubts about the popularity of food made from blood, however.

Maurice Walton, the executive director of the Society of Dairy
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Dr Antipova accepted that consumer reaction could pose a
challenge: 'You don't have to say that it is a blood product - you
can say that the product contains blood materials.'

Austen Davies, a black pudding producer from Cumbria, was bemused by all the fuss. 'I wouldn't be put off in the slightest,' he said.

'Blood is a life force - of course it's good for you. 'No part of an
animal's body is a less valid source of nutrition than another.'

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Johnson/TBE is now passing himself off as a lecturer on Native cultures.

I'm writing to the staff of this educational society, listed below, and encourage others to do the same. I'm pretty sure they don't want the humiliation of a Black supremacist imposter and conspiracy theorist passing as NDN, who also has ties to organized crime, associated with their organization.

Ferki Ferati, M.A. Vice President and Executive Director
Sara L. Breese, M.A. JES Program Director
Arin Donelson, M.P.A  Associate Director of Public Communications

Johnson apparently was fired from his job for the county for "being lost in his fantasies." Naturally he's claiming persecution and wants money.
Published: December 25, 2012 12:01 AM EST
 Updated: December 24, 2012 8:17 PM EST
Ex-caseworker sues Erie County, claims bias   
By LISA THOMPSON, Erie Times-News

A former Erie County caseworker is suing the county on claims he was fired from his job because of his race, religion and gender.
Tecumseh Brown-Eagle filed the civil rights complaint in U.S. District Court in Erie.
The termination caused him suffering and mental anguish, he said in the lawsuit filed by lawyer Timothy McNair.
Brown-Eagle is seeking damages.
The county has not yet responded to the claims in court.
Erie County Director of Administration Gerry Mifsud said Monday that Brown-Eagle failed to successfully complete probation for his post at the Office of Children and Youth.
"He was in his probation period with OCY and he did not make probation. He was terminated," Mifsud said.
Brown-Eagle said in his complaint that shortly after he was hired as an OCY caseworker II in November 2010, another co-worker made several false statements about him, charging that he "engaged in fantasy."
Brown-Eagle said that the false accusations were not properly investigated and that he was not given a chance to respond to them.
The county concluded he could not be a credible witness in OCY court proceedings, he said. He was fired in January 2012, he said, "based on the pretext that his credibility could be questioned in court though it had never been questioned."
Brown-Eagle said his education, work experience and strong civil service examination score qualified him for his job, which paid $32,858 a year.
He said he is active in the community and known for community service. None of the allegations made by a co-worker would affect his credibility in court because the allegations were false, he said.
He said the county only used claims about his credibility as a pretext to fire him.
The county terminated Brown-Eagle, instead, he said, because the county "did not want males serving in the caseworker II position, and because the defendant did not want people perceived as African American serving in that position," and because it did not want "those who had Native American religious belief serving in that position," he said.
Brown-Eagle was originally named James Oliver Johnson III, the Times-News reported in 2003. In 1987, he changed his name to an Arabic name that translated to "Servant of the Inspirational Guidelight and Servant of the Lifegiver Worthy of Praise." He then sought the legal name switch to Tecumseh Brown-Eagle in 2003.
He told the newspaper in 2003 that he made the change to the Brown-Eagle name after learning that he had Native American heritage on both sides of his family.
He also noted that a name similar to his Arabic name had been placed on an FBI watch list amid stepped-up security after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

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Johnson hasn't been involved in much these past few years. Fired from his job for claiming to see UFOs and have a brother in the White House, he lost his case claiming discrimination. Basically they threw out the claim based on extreme incompetence. He represented himself and didn't do even the most basic research. Claimed religious discrimination but then said he had no particular faith. Claimed racial discrimination but then admitted other nonwhites weren't discriminated against by his boss.

TBE/Johnson tried to start up a security company training people in anti terrorism.

His resume lists his current work as customer service in marketing, with recent licensing in insurance.

He's now a "Knight" in the Temple of Solomon, a lodge or order.

Old EMB site is still up but abandoned, no sign of anyone else in the group active.

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Re: Tecumseh Brown Eagle, aka Abdul Abdulla Mohammed, & James Oliver Johnson 111,
« Reply #373 on: September 21, 2023, 07:25:28 pm »
After seven years of failure and inactivity, Johnson is trying to bring his phony would be tribe back. So far it seems to be all of five people, some of them castoffs from other Black supremacist groups.

Not much true on his bio besides some of his jobs.

"Clan Mother" is basically an otherwise nice elderly social worker who got talked into wasting time on this, Gisele Spencer.

"Royal Falcon" (seriously?) is a guy on the other side of the country heading his own made up tribe.
Chief Nasiir Abdul Muhammad, “The Royal Falcon” is the current Tribal Chief of The Official
Tribe of Shabazz. Chief Nasiir restored the ancient name of The Tribe Shabazz July 4, 2021, to
have it recognized as a legitimate Independent, Original, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Autochthonous
Tribal Nation located in North America (Turtle Island) and all over the planet earth. The
headquarters is located in Houston Texas. Chief Nasiir will also serve as the Chief Marshal over
the Indigenous Tribal Marshals and the Indigenous Tribal Investigators that will operate under
the authority of The Official Tribe of Shabazz. The Marshals and Investigators will have
jurisdiction all over North America...
Chief Nasiir will serve as the Commander for the military arm of The Official Tribe of Shabazz...
Chief Nasir will serve as the Chairman for the Tribal Corporation....
In 1987 that study group received its charter and became an official Mosque of The Nation of Islam and Nasiir became a new chartered member of Muhammad’s Mosque #45.
Shortly after that he was selected to serve as a squad leader in the military arm of The Nation of Islam. The men who belong to the military in The Nation of Islam are called “THE FRUIT OF ISLAM”, F.O.I for short. He was appointed a Lieutenant and given Northwest Houston as his territory....

"medicine man"
J.R. Perry III .... At the age of 9 years old he wrote his first song. It seemed that J.R. was destined for success in the entertainment industry.
As time went on J.R. continued his musical aspirations in many forms. J.R. was the innovator of many musical
groups throughout the 1970's and 1980's....
In addition to singing, and television, J.R. started a record production company adding entrepreneur to his resume.
With a love for music, J.R. started his own record label, Pro-Per Records. In addition to owning and operating the
label J.R. is also involved in performing and songwriting. J.R. has released a hit single entitled "Valentine Lover"
which was played on various radio stations in the United States , and widely accepted in Europe . Pro-Per
Productions the parent company established for further diversification.
Always looking for new challenges- 1983....The J.R. Perry Show was a sit-down host-guest
format, incorporating interviews with renowned musical guests as well as community leaders. The show also
highlighted sizzling musical videos and live performances excerpts....
Currently J.R. is working on various projects for Pro- Per Productions. These projects include songwriting, musical
arrangement, and television development. Also J.R. is performing voice overs for radio and television, he has
written and produced plays and sitcoms ready for the stage or television. J.R. has also written and produced
various genders of music ready to be released in the marketplace.

Yeah, a music producer is their healer. Also two other fake tribes that seem to have leaders but no followers. Wash Erie Moor is just Theodore Scott Mitchell their "noble patriarch" and Carmella Mitchell. MAAT's chief is Kare Mut Nepthys. Don't know his legal name.

It seems mostly like Nation of Islam castoffs playing chief fantasies and hoping people give them money.