Author Topic: Whoring the Goddess – Ayahuasca takes her revenge.  (Read 3716 times)

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Whoring the Goddess – Ayahuasca takes her revenge.
« on: March 26, 2017, 05:31:13 pm »
Great blog post here:

Another one is dead. Hundreds are in trouble and they do not understand. Thousands have been lured into black magic!

There is war in the spiritual worlds, we are losing the trust of the Great Goddess.

Help us! We have no voice!

… this, from one of the leading healers using the powerful, psychotropic San Pedro cactus in all Ecuador. And the third such message to find me in three decades.

For the second time in all the years I have been working with traditional healers in the plant medicine world, I am stepping into this story to beg for caution and respect among those of you using sacred plant medicines for any reason.

On behalf of jungle healers and curranderos, I send this as a warning to the ‘ayahuasca community’, and all those seeking ‘ceremony’. The covenants are breached, the chemistry gone bad – the dark omens around the sacred plants of South America are well in force so beware the cup your drink from!
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Re: Whoring the Goddess – Ayahuasca takes her revenge.
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2017, 12:16:37 am »
Great blog post here:

My links are to earlier articles about the dangers of Ayahuasca, but also about one particular Peruvian shaman/healer, or curandero, that the writer throws glowing praise at. The treatment or cure that she went through sounds outrageous to me, but she insists it's "the real thing", or something like that. (BTW, the comments to these three articles are also interesting reads.)

That hero and savior of hers maintains this website (in English, German, and Spanish):

This is his father and teacher (in the menu to the left, on top of "Our Teachers" lists is Joseph Rael, who has been named as a fraud in this forum):

There is a book about Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez:

There is also a ten year old thread in the forum: