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Nicholas Spence/Noble Wolf & Jade Grigori/Waho
« on: November 02, 2004, 09:04:24 pm »
educatedndn" <>  
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 22:03:40 -0000
Subject: [newagefraudsplastichshamans] Nicholas Spence AKA "Noble Wolf" & Jade Grigori AKA "Jade Wahoo" (Trish)

Trish, please post everything below on our site as a warning entitled:New Age Fraud Alert: Jade Grigori AKA "Jade Wahoo" and Nicholas
Spence AKA "Nicholas Noble Wolf"

Some of you might remember Nicholas Spence AKA "Noble Wolf" who was kicked out of the earliest version of NAFPS for selling ceremonies
and lying.
His "teacher" or actually the fraud he franchised from, Jade Wahoo sells ceremonies for $3000 in the twinkie capital of Quero.
Incidentally, does anyone else find it comical and offensive he chose his fake NDN name from the racist mascot for the Cleveland Indians?
Nicholas Spence claims on his website that "Jade Wahoo" was a San Juan Pueblo elder. Actually, Grigori AKA "Wahoo" claims to be "Mongolian heritage". Physically, he looks every bit as Eastern
European as his Russian last name indicates. This doesn't stop him from "playing Indian" by dressing up as one, though.
Grigori sells sweatlodges in the other twinkie capital of Sedona, though Spence has lied and claims this would be morally wrong for anyone to do.

Grigori also caters to Men's Movement nonsense with "empowerment workshops." How does white men abusing and exploiting Native ceremonies help them become better men?

And this part is truly comical, European Astrology presented as a San Juan Pueblo belief retitled "Shamanic Astrology"!
And just to throw in the Kitchen Sink, Grigori sold a Nuage music CD entitled the Twelve Tribes. Apparently he thought, "Let's exploit Judaism while we're at it."

Grigori also will let you be your own Fraud Franchise for the low, low price of only $2,222. That's PER YEAR though, with no mention of
how long this would take.

And just when it looks like Grigori could not get any lower, he also takes advantage of people who've suffered abuse as children or suicide attempts by performing "Extraction Sucking."

What is Grigori's (and presumably Spence's) attitude towards charging for ceremonies? They insist you "give until it hurts!" and then lay the blame on the late alleged elder Juan Pena.
(Take note of the way Pena calls whites "Americans", something most commonly done by elderly MEXICAN people.)
"Grandson," he told me "you gotta make the people suffer so they can get something good. Those American people, they hurt in their
wallet!" Think about it. He was right, you know....  

...Money equates with Life Force. The person who has been compensated then spends the cash, transferring that portion of his/her Life Force to another who is providing the product or service that is being purchased....
Jade Wah'oo Grigori
(Funny how he keeps mov-ing the apostrophe for his fake "Indian" name.)

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Nicholas Spence/Noble Wolf, Jade Grigori/Wahoo 2
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2004, 09:05:37 pm »
Ceremonies In General
$100 minimum.

Weddings, Naming Ceremony, etc.

House Blessings and Spirit Removal
For a single office or small place, that is pretty clean, $100-200
seems at least reasonable. I don't know about others doing this
work, but I would estimate a reasonable range to be between $200-
500, if there are any spirits or dense energy involved, or it was a
place with many rooms, or a piece of land. If there is LOT of bad
energy or negative spirits, expect to offer more.

Demonic de-possession or houses where black magic has been
practiced...$500-$1,000 or more for really heavy all
travel expenses....

At the end of YOUR quest, it is appropriate to make another
offering, bigger than your offering to request ceremony....$400-

Did those numbers for quest scare you? ....What would you expect to
pay if it were advertised in a New Age Trade Magazine?"

As for the alleged San Juan Pueblo elder they studied under, take a
look. A Plains warbonnet?

If he actually was from San Juan, they took terrible advantage of an
elderly and easily confused man.

And listen to the sterotyped racist nonsense coming out of Grigori
AKA "Wahoo."

"In 1974 I was living the life of a nomadic Hunter-Gatherer in the
Rocky Mountains of Colorado. As late Autumn approached we, my
Companion and her daughter, and a few other a-horseback fellow
travelers, began looking for a place to establish our Winter Camp."

And apparently Pena was not of San Juan PUEBLO, but just living in a
place called San Juan BOSQUE. San Juan Pueblo is more than 200 miles
from the closest part of the Southern Ute reservation.

"We had the fortune of meeting a woman, Lu Ann, with whom we had an
aquaintance in common. Lu Ann's land just happened to sit in the
midst of the Southern Ute Reservation...I also investigate the San
Juan River bosque' to the South of, and over a ridge from, our Camp."

Since this site was in the middle of the Ute reservation, that would
actually make it about 400 miles from San Juan Pueblo. Why would an
alleged San Juan Pueblo elder not be living among his community?
Even if Pena was actually a member of San Juan, he was likely not a
spiritual elder, he was simply OLD.

So was Pena a San Juan Puebloan, or Ute, another tribe, or just an
elderly Mexican they took advantage of?

Likely the last one, and there is very little resemblance in
ANYTHING either Grigori or Spence falsely portray as being San Juan
Pueblo beliefs.

We, the member of New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans or NAFPS urge

1) Have nothing to do with Jade Grigori AKA "Jade W'ahoo" AKA "Jade
Wah'oo" and Nicholas Spence AKA "Noble Wolf".

2) Do not buy the phony ceremonies they sell or attend
their "medicine camps" or workshops.

3) Any alleged "healing" they do is potentially dangerous, given
their lack of ethics and lack of truthfulness and fabricated lineage.
Do not recommend them to others.

4) Pass along the information you've read here to others.

5) Contact Native activist groups such as NAFPS or AIM (American
Indian Movement) and keep them informed about Grigori's and Spence's

6) If you are yourself a victim of Grigori or Spence, we strongly
urge you to sue them in court and to file criminal charges for
consumer FRAUD.