Author Topic: Gerald Auger and his connection to the Allatra movement  (Read 2128 times)

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Gerald Auger and his connection to the Allatra movement
« on: July 02, 2021, 03:54:40 pm »
About Gerald Auger:

I'm posting this because i saw him as a speaker of the Allatra Movement, a religious group, or a sect, however. This group is trying aggressively to get new members and claiming attention in many parts of the world.
Gerald Auger at Allatra TV:

Here is more information about the movement itself:

The Allatra Movement is (In my opinion) a monotheistic sect mainly providing Islamist, Russian Orthodox and partly Christian ideas mixed with belief in extraterrestrial life forms and Gnosticism. They are also talking about Hinduism and Buddhist topics, but not really honest, they just using them to catch new members. They are also using facts about ancient cultures around the globe to distort their history and making it compatible with Allatra belief system.
Same goes for all alien related topics, they seem only to be integrated to catch what they call "atheists" who in their view are people who only need time to realize that god is real and has a connection with aliens.
They are deeply monotheistic and cataclysmic, focused on creating people to fear today's world, which they believe is the end of days and the only way to reach eternal life is following their advice.
They say that a human should not rule over another human, so a state of god seems to be their favored political system.
Animals have no souls, so they cannot become angels, even some alien races have no souls like the reptilians who enslaved humanity for human meat production in the paleolithic era.
Human beings are made from 3 elements: The consciousness, the personality and the soul, which enters the body 8 days after birth. The goal of human life is to follow the prophets rules(Bible, Quran, Allatra) and be a good person, if you don't do this, the soul will be tied from the personality and consciousness at death and you become so called “Sub Personality” in a hell world, until the end of days. This day soon will be here and the hell beings will be dead forever after cataclysm.
I personally feel very reminded on Carlos Castaneda's metaphysics and the lifelong goal to reach the energy body to be not eaten by the eagle at death.
Ancestor worship is an evil and useless practice in the eyes of Allatra, because you are just worshiping and torturing the hungry Sub Personalities in their hell world and causing them to suffer from wishing to have a soul again, which never will come true. Your ancestors can try to use you as a vehicle for their hunger for life and they are only bad for you, will stop you from reaching eternal life and becoming an angel, a goal they never reached, because they where selfish and egoist people.

The alien part is represented by leaders Igor Mikhailovich and so called Zhanna who both present them selves as aliens(Annunaki) in some of the Allatra propaganda movies:

Allatras members are working with cheap tricks, like in this video: (21:00) (23:00)

Allatra is also attractive for people who do not believe in climate change created by human actions. They are convinced that god is doing this disasters to remind the humanity on the end of days that will soon be here.

Who is financing Allatra is not known, their leader is claiming the money is coming from god. In Ukraine there where rumors that it is part of Russian fake news and propaganda against the west. There are some little hints about this, like connecting Facebook gender options to pedophilia and “confusion of children” in an Allatra video by a speaker, but it could also only be that they are claiming to be supported by powerful politicians to gain more acceptance.
Allatra supports the belief in a satanic world organization who is torturing and killing children:

The question is if Gerald Auger knows what Allatra is doing and willing to reach, or is he just blinded by their image of a “creative society” they are claiming to be?
I mean they are presenting as a group who wants to give different people a platform to discuss spiritual topics,  in fact they just let them speak but have already a complete belief system and doctrine, which makes any sort of “creativity” useless.

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Re: Gerald Auger and his connection to the Allatra movement
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2021, 10:11:10 pm »
His name is on other Allatra videos and websites, dozens of them. It's unclear from that one video if he's directly endorsing it or discussing Native prophecy and they take it out of context. But if he does not support them or is not a member, why doesn't he say so? Why not at least make a public statement, if not take legal action?

Also his version of Native prophecy is a bit pan NDN and Nuage. "Rainbow warriors" and mixing up Crazy Horse with the seven generations of the Haudenosaunee.

If he were as traditional as he claims, nothing in Allatra fits with it. It's anti elders, anti viewing animals as brothers, anti viewing yourself as a part of the natural world. Plus lots of alien conspiracy nonsense on top of pieces of other religions.

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Re: Gerald Auger and his connection to the Allatra movement
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2021, 12:08:59 am »
Gerald Auger seems to be fully endorsing Allatra . Is he engaged only to build his own branding? Does he know that Allatra looks and acts shady?



Some background on Auger:

The film maker was stunned when the Anglican church in Wabasca, his hometown 365 km north of Edmonton, refused to let his family conduct a Cree burial ceremony at his father’s gravesite.

Auger was so devastated by the incident that he made a documentary about it, entitled Honour Thy Father. It will be televised nationally on CBC Sunday, National Aboriginal Day, at 11 a.m. as part of Second Stories, a series of National Film board documentaries.

Jack Auger, a respected elder in the Bigstone Cree First Nation, died in 2006. Even though he rejected Christianity after spending a few years of his childhood in the local Anglican-run residential school, his widow, a devout Catholic, had him buried in the Anglican cemetery.

Gerald, who adopted his father’s traditional Cree spirituality, felt that his family should also honour Jack with an aboriginal ceremony.

But, as he says in the documentary, “the local priest forbade me to bring a drum and smudge (burning sweetgrass) onto church property, claiming to do so was against Anglican Church policy.”