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Denton has a blog Christian Faith Under Fire (seriously) where he gives his account of what happened, working on his very poorly written book for eight years now. I'm going to include the portion where he quotes his ex wife's harrowing account of an incredibly abusive relationship and marriage.

I'll also briefly quote where he repeatedly admits beating her and other abuse, but claims to be the real victim. He lived off her for years while pursuing his Rainbow/Nuage activities, then became a fundamentalist Christian missionary in part because it justified him "keeping his wife in line."

TRIGGER WARNING. Wife beating, emotional abuse, and his own vile claims it was necessary.

Bolding is mine.

Ex wife's account first.
“This statement I make on this day, Friday 23rd May , 2008 to detective Constable Jon Wedger from the Metropolitan Polices Child Abuse Unit relates to my youngest daughter [Redacted. Denton does not hesitate to name and try and intimidate and shame his own daughter.] and an allegation of sexual abuse she made against her father Mr. Paul Robin Denton.

I am 32 years old and a Polish national. I am from a village in Poland called wojewodzwo Podkarpackie which is in the South East of the country. I was raised a Roman Catholic ;to my knowledge the majority of Polish people are Roman Catholic. My family in Poland consisted of my mother and father , two sisters and a brother. I am the second oldest of the children. My maiden name was [Redacted. Denton does not hesitate to repeatedly name her to intimidate and shame her.] I had a very good upbringing and I enjoyed my life at home. My father was an electrician and my mother worked in a shop. Our house was in the countryside and our life was better that that of the people who lived in a city. It was even better than the life some people have in this country. My parents gave their children a good upbringing teaching us good family values and morals.

I left school at the age of 19 years. When I left school, I think it was 1995 there were no jobs available in Poland .I had got involved in a new age following called rainbow. Rainbow was a type of hippy style following. It is to preach peace and national healing. I was introduced to Rainbow when I was about 17 years old by my friend Anna. At the age of 17 I was searching for answers to many questions I was asking myself such as – who am I ? I wanted to find the truth and get to know myself. The Rainbow movement at the time seemed to have the answers I wanted. Rainbow met once a year in a selected venue in Europe. The location would change each year. The first time I went to a Rainbow gathering was when I was 18 years old. We had hitch hiked to the area. There was about two thousand people there. It was a very organized event. Rainbow originated from a hippy movement in the USA which eventually moved to Europe. It had links to the Hindu movement. It had beliefs in freedom and mother Earth. From my arrival there I was made very welcome. I was at that time very naive . I stayed for about one month before hitchhiking back home with my friends.

At 18 years old I left home and moved to a nearby village about 15 kilometers from parents house. I was staying with my sister Ursula , we lived in a house which was also owned by my parents. In 1996 I once again traveled to another Rainbow Gathering which was held in Portugal. This lasted about one month. After this gathering had finished we traveled to the Pyranees region of France as we had followed the Rainbow Gathering there. By this time I was 19 years old. Whilst at the French gathering I met my future husband Mr. Paul Robin Denton, but I will refer to him as “ ROBIN”. Robin was at that time and to my knowledge still is a member of the rainbow. I remember first meeting Robin at this French gathering as he was organizing a sweat lodge workshop. He was trying to organise people to help him make a type of basic sauna using natural materials. I was interested in this so I took part.

I decided to go with him. I was excited and thought it would be a good adventure and that nothing could go wrong . I took Robin to my parents house ( in Jacmierz- around 15km away) as I needed to collect some belongings. I introduced Robin to my parents. I described him as someone who was going to help me and told them he was an honest man. My mother asked me if I was scared . I said that I was but I could always come back if things went bad.

We left my parents after being there a short time and traveled to Robins friends house which is also in Poland. His friend is a Polish guy who we call Peter. Peter lived in a town near Warsaw. We stayed there for about 2 weeks. After this stay we left for England en route Robins car broke down and we had to travel the rest of the way by bus.

On arrival in the UK we spent a few weeks traveling around visiting his friends and family . After visiting a friend of his in Scotland we returned to London. Once in London Robin told me that he was to travel to Israel the next day. I became scared as I would have been left alone in a foreign country. Robin was prepared to go and leave me alone. He eventually managed to book a flight for me to travel with him to Israel.

We travelled around Israel and I managed to find a job in a Pizza restaurant in Jerusalem. I stayed in Israel for about 3 months. By this time Robin and I became partners. I started sleeping with [b]Robin and he was my first boyfriend, and the first person I had had sex with. I was a virgin before I met Robin. From the start of our relationship we began to argue. I had found a job and was happy to be earning money and working. Robin never kept a job long and always wanted to be moving.

I would explain that if we stayed and worked we could afford good things and then move on. All Robins friends at this stage seemed to be involved in the new age belief but Robin as well as being involved in the new age stuff was also a Christian. These beliefs conflict with each other; this caused me a lot of confusion about Robins beliefs. If I ever get settled with a job he would make us move on. He seemed to never want me to become settled.

From the age of 19 to 21 my life with Robin involved moving from one place to another, and from one country to another. We continued to argue constantly. I began to see an angry side to Robin. He would become very aggressive. I was attracted to Robin because he would talk about doing missionary work; I thought that a man capable of doing such good things couldn't be evil. When I was 21 years old we were in Greece attending a Rainbow gathering. After this we took part in locla voluntary work in a Greek village . I began to feel unwell at this time and was pregnant with my first child Jeremias.

Whilst in the Greek village I had a petty argument with Robin. I walked away form him whilst he was shouting at me. I do not really swear- but on this occasion I said to him : “ Fuck you!”...I walked away form him as I said this.

Robin grabbed my hair . He pulled me towards him. With one of his fists he punched me hard to my face hitting my nose. My nose began to bleed – it was very painful. He pulled me to the floor , he was kicking me to my body and legs. I curled up to protect myself. At one stage I tried to get up but he pulled me back to the floor and continued to kick me. I was shocked and I was panicking. I tried to run away but Robin caught me. I was crying hard – he tried to comfort me and told me to wash my face. He was whispering in my ear , telling me not to say anything about it to anyone. He was apologizing and telling me he loved me.

We went back to the camp .What happened is that whilst Robin was hitting me a local woman had witnessed the attack. This woman went to the Rainbow camp and complained to the people there. A few hours after returning to the camp a woman and a man from the rainbow gathering approached us and explained that a local woman had witnessed the assault . They told us that this behavior was unacceptable.

The woman took me to one side. She told me that when a man beats a woman he will never stop, she advised me to finish the relationship. Began to cry and told her I was scared to leave Robin as I thought I was pregnant with his child. I wanted to return to Poland and was hoping that I wasnt pregnant. I told Robin that I was leaving him, I told him that I would not put up with violence. I told him this in the presence of others as this made me feel safe. That night I slept away from Robin. The next day two women from the rainbow took me by bus to town ( by the seaside) They also bought me a pregnancy test and a ferry ticket to Italy.

The test was positive. I got to Italy and hitchhiked to Poland. Robin went and lived in a Greek Orthodox Monastery. By letter I informed him that I was pregnant. I was still in love with Robin. After 3 months Robin came to Poland to visit me. I wanted my child to have a father so I got back with Robin. I informed my parents that I was pregnant and that I was going to marry him. Robin suggested that he would go to South Africa to work, earn enough money for me to join him, and then we could set up home together.

My parents funded my airfare to South Africa. I lived with Robin in South Africa for about one year. Our relationship during this period was okay. During this year Robin insisted that we kept moving home. Jeremias was born during our stay in South Africa on the 9th of June 1998 ( in Krugersdorp- Dr. Yusef Dadoo Hospital).

After one year in South Africa , I returned with Jeremias to Poland , where I stayed for 6 months. Robin joined me in Poland. Whilst in Poland I fell pregnant with Anastasia.

In 1999 Robin, Jeremias and myself left Poland and moved to Oxford in England. We were given accommodation in a bed and breakfast place . We both found work during this time. We began to argue and Robins violence towards me began.

Whilst staying in temporary accommodation Oxford in 1999 whilst pregnant with Anastasia we were having an argument in our room. The argument got worse and robin pulled at my hair. He pulled so hard that the hair was pulled out. He then punched me hard to my nose. It was a hard punch. This caused bruising to my face. During his violent attacks he would quote verses and texts from the bible. I remember that he would say : “ submit to me as unto the Lord”...He would also insist that I called him Lord. He later changed his name to Lord Denton. After this assault he was laughing about it and told me to wear dark glasses. The violence after this became worse and more frequent.

In 1998 whilst living in South Africa , Robin insisted that I visited various Christian missions with him and my son Jeremias. Robin by this time became more and more interested in the Christian religion. The mission -claimed to spiritually heal people from all forms of physical and mental problems also deliverance from demonic spirits. It was situated in Durban , South Africa. I was young and curious and went along with Robins decision. We went there for “ healing and deliverance.”

The mission consisted of a church , accommodation block and a lot of open space and gardens. The mission was run by an Afrikaans man called “ Danny” - and his wife. There were volunteers who assisted in the running of the mission. We were given free accommodation and food. The mission staff were warm and humble people. I felt safe and welcomed there.

Prior to my attendance at the Jivanadi Mission I had been involved with the Rainbow Gathering – this I have previously mentioned . I visited the church a lot , and it was during my stay at the Jivanadi that I realized the truth about the Rainbow Gathering. I realized that the rainbow gathering was an excuse to do whatever you want, it was a deceptive movement and a negative thing. There was a lot of free sex , and I recall at one rainbow gathering in 1996 in Portugal there was an elderly man about 70 years old. He was Asian in appearance ; long grey dreadlocks; he was either partially dressed or naked.

I recall him being extremely ugly ; he claimed to be a spiritual guru . He was always surrounded by numerous young girls...on occasions these girls were naked . Many girls told me that they have had had sex with this man. All these girls were young – late teens and early twenties... the girls all said that they felt overpowered by this man prior to him having sex with them. On occasions this old man had approached me put his arm around me and tried to walk me off into a tent...I manged to pull away from this man – but I recall feeling weak in his presence.

It was whilst at Jivanadi that I realized how morally bad the whole rainbow gathering scene was. I mentioned my feelings to Robin believing that he would be pleased – but the opposite occurred. He still claimed that the rainbow as a good thing. For as long as I was with Robin, he remained very much involved with the rainbow gathering. As Robin claimed to be Christian , I could not understand why he would be involved with the Rainbow gathering. His argument was that as a Christian it was his job to attend these meetings to evangelize to them and spread the Word of God . For me it was clear that the Rainbow Gatherings were a bad place full of witchcraft and no place for a Christian.

After two weeks we moved on , but the Jivanadi Mission was a turning point in my life. As time went on , Robin became more and more obsessive with the bible , and quite fanatical about it. Robin would say that I was a gift to Him from God . He said that prior to meeting me he had made a list to God of what he wanted as a future wife. The most important thing to him was that his wife must be a virgin- which I was. I recall many occasions when he was talking to others that he would boast about my virginity before we met and that he deserved to have a virgin.

He had told me of many sexual partners that he had prior to our meeting . He would tell me that I would be a “ mother of many” He initially wanted to call “ Jeremias” - “ Emmanuel” which means “ God is with us”- he would draw plans of a Christian mission situated somewhere in Africa specifically to help “streetchildren”

He was always drawing pictures of various missionary projects he was planning. In addition he would write love poems which he would make me read. These poems however were not for me; but for a Swedish girl called “ Matilda”. Matilda was an ex- girlfriend of Robins'. He would carry with him in his wallet a naked picture of Matilda. He told me that they separated because she had an abortion, and also she could not keep up with his sexual demands.

After moving back to the UK,as I have mentioned , and being pregnant with Anastasia , I gave birth at a hospital in Northampton. I was in labour with Anastasia for about 6 hours. I had a water birth with Anastasia. This took place in a large tub. Robin insisted in video recording the birth. I found the whole situation annoying and irritating as I was in a lot of pain and Robin insisted that I smiled for the camera. He would later show the video to friends without my permission. He would also take the videotape containing the footage out of the house...this would make me feel extremely humiliated. When Anastasia was born he held her up and claimed that her life was a miracle of his own making.

As mentioned during this time we were living in temporary accommodation in Holcot, Northamptonshire. We moved to this new address form Oxford. After Anastasia's birth, Robin continued to be violent towards me. On one occasion I recall Anastasia would not settle in the evening and began to cry. Robin came home from work and began to drink wine. He blamed me for the babys crying . I tried to quieten her but this did not please Robin. He became verbally aggressive towards me , swearing at me. He then with his hand grabbed at my hair .

I cant remember what side it was ( behind my hair) – at the time my hair was long . He pulled me so hard that the hair came away from my head causing a bald patch. After this Robin made me sit up all night and listen to him talking and drinking wine. I was afraid to disobey in case I got hurt again.

Even though we had a place to stay , Robin insisted that we travelled – despite the fact that we had infant children. Robin insisted that when we travelled , we stayed in a tent. I was not given disposable nappies , and had to use travelling ones – which on many occasions I would have to wash in cold water. Robin rarely helped me with the basic parenting duties . When we travelled we would go to various Christian groups – some of which were very extreme ; such as Taize.

Taize is a Catholic community run by a Brother Roger. This is based in Southern France ;- again this movement provides free food and accommodation . It was during this trip that I fell pregnant with Nicole. The trip was very tiring for me as the children would be crying a lot , and I would be blamed for this.

Robin was constantly wanting sex with me. He had an extremely high sex drive. I was not allowed to refuse him. I was not allowed to refuse him. The only time he would not have sex with me was whilst I was on my period. He refused to allow me to take contraception and himself would never use any. He would tell me that he did not want me to experience the pleasure of sex despite the fact that he would get the pleasure from it. He would say that he was frightened that I would discover how pleasurable sex could be. He would also make comments about other women in my presence. If he saw a girl he liked he would say aloud sexist comments about her and her body. This he did on many occasions in my presence.

My third child Nicole was born on the 9th of June, 2001 in the same hospital as Anastasia. Again I had a water delivery although this time Robin didn't video the birth,but he photographed it. Also on this occasion he insisted I smiled despite the pain of childbirth. Just before Nicole's birth we moved to 48 Hood Rd. , Daventry- ( actually 42 Hood rd- Northamptonshire). This was a permanent placement and owned by a housing association. When Nicole was a baby , and before she was one year old – robin decided that we should all drive to a Christian mission in Romania to help poor children. Robin had found out about this mission via the internet. This mission was run by a couple – Stefan & Helga . Stefan was Romanian , and Helga was Dutch. The mission was funded by a church in Romania.

Robin had bought a 7 seater car and the journey took about ten days. The mission was located in a village in Romania. The mission was a large wooden house occupied by Stefan, Helga and their 5 children. The mission was a daycare or school set up so that local families could bring their children whilst they went to work. The children brought there were young – about 4-5 years old. Stefan let us stay in an out building , but we ate in their house . Stefan and Helga were very warm, likeable people. Robin took us there to help- but once there he didn't help. Robin continued to treat me bad with verbal and physical abuse. This was noticed by Stefan. Robin would argue with Stefan. The situation became so bad that they wanted Robin to leave; but told me that I was free to stay.

Stefan would also assist older children , and ran a project to take teenage children to a computer course in a nearby town. Robin insisted that he took the children in our seven seater van . The offer would of greatly assisted Stefan and the youths; but for some reason – and I never knew why; Stefan refused to let Robin drive the children. Robin wanted to be alone whilst transporting the children. Helga stated that Robins behavior wasn't right – and she offered me shelter , and a place to stay. I had to leave with Robin. Almost every place or mission we stayed in; we had to leave because of Robins behavior.


From the same link, Denton's own account, his numerous admissions of repeatedly beating her, his paranoid conspiracy theories, belief in literal demons, and frankly quite a few obvious threats:

"I grabbed her hair and slapped her in the face..not punched...slapped this is what caused the bleeding – plus it was a hot day and I believe she could also have started bleeding because of the heat. She continued refusing to apologize for swearing at me. It normally takes a lot to set me off- but on this particular day [redacted] wanted to humiliate and disrespect me... why? Because she wanted to provoke in me a response... I think this was related to her pregnancy. This incident lasted no more than one or two minutes

When I saw her nose bleeding I immediately felt sorry for what I had done and apologised...I must stress here that she was the one who started the argument ; and she was the one who screamed very loudly to draw attention to herself ....The truth is Ewelina wanted a confrontation as she is a confrontational person...I definitely did not kick or punch her. That is a lie. And I did not break her nose...

My wife was equally an aggressor..equally if not more violent and therefore not entirely innocent. She had a small bruise on her face where she was slapped – thats all.

....Were there occasions in our marriage we used physical force on each other whilst practicing the art of deliverance? Yes...there was! But not to the extent of being abusive... !
....If there ever was bullying ,you could be sure that Ewelina dished out her fair share of it....

The truth is there is no reason I would get violent with my wife unless there was extraordinary circumstances... my ex wife liked to scream at the children to get them to comply- or if she lost her patience... sometimes she would beat them to provoke me.
As crazy as it sounds...sometimes it worked!

....What resulted was a “circle of domestic violence”- at first I tried to pray for and ask God to “ deliver” her – Ewelina from her demons. Later as the child abuse got worse...the domestic violence also increased...! It was a closed spiritual circle.

I hope she truly repents of her blasphemy because going to hell is a long long time of punishment.... sometimes our arguments got violent.... but be was very much a two way thing. There was a circle of provocation and violence but in this ...we were both assured of this....she projects experiences form her own childhood onto our marriage and calls it reality... she mixes me up with her father...

What came next I can only describe as demented and demonically inspired evil. The rants of a scorned woman – a true rejected ... cunt-She definitively was no angel...but as I was to discover... a devil in disguise!

...Ive lived through her domestic abuse for 12 years... she turned out to be a cheap coward – liar- ungrateful and a paranoid psychotic with bipolar...For this God will surely make her pay dearly...She will pay for this as surely as the sun rises and sets.

The evil spirit controlling and being channeled through her comes directly from hell..this I know 1000%. By this time she had already sold her soul directly to Satan himself in some kind of Faustine deal....

After I uncovered the plot of Helga and Stefan to split up our family, I decided it was time to leave....

It is also NOT true to make a statement that every place we left because of my behavior. My personality as an individual often comes head to head with the people in authority. I know and realise that I too have authority issues....

Perhaps too this is why God chose me to do work that many cannot or would not do. I have a special anointing for all the nations of the world. Also I am a natural born leader , and I don't feel sorry or guilty about it.

In this instance I can categorically say that what I did was done in the Name of Christ..and there most certainly was NO ulterior motive or any thoughts of grooming young girls for sex- which is where this slur is going... I wanted to be useful – thats all!

[Redacted} knows what she is saying is perjury – but is obviously being led by “ Sapphire “ ( sexual crimes liaison office)-or some other organ of the state and the “ investigating” officer DC Wedger . I am amazed that a man who claims to be a professional cannot spot the numerous inconsistencies...unless he was part of the conspiracy to pervert the course of justice!!!

....if she could have murdered me... legally... she would have done so... but this was the next best thing... her love for me had turned into an intense hatred.

It is also plain for anyone to see that the investigating officer had more than a professional interest in fitting me up as well... it was most definitely ...personal!- “GET DENTON-! all costs... no matter what it takes-get him banged up! Do it

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Denton seems to have changed his name to Aslan la Vega, moved to the country of Georgia, and started up with others unaware of his past as a serial rapist. They are mostly other Rainbow cult members, but also cryptocurrency types and indigenous people he keeps using as props for his white savior fantasies.

At there are photos him on the Gallery, numbers 33, 36, 95, 114, 124, 191, 225, 245.

His bio.

Still promoting the Rainbow cult even in the middle of a pandemic.

He admits his name change and central role in the Rainbow cult here.
Biography on the founders: Paul Denton is a South African who studied drama for 3 years with world renowned Argentinian teacher Sergio Amigo, (who is also the owner of the Theater Bookshop in London). As a boy growing up in Cape Town.....

Mr. Denton has written 3 plays ( The Importance of Being Perfect, I am Man, I am Messiah and Sun City) – he is currently working on a new play entitled “ Vuka Arik”. Mr. Denton is a poet,writer and peacemaker who was active in the South African Apartheid struggle and has done much over the last 30 years to fight for international human rights and justice. [False. He had a tiny fringe party.] He studied law, international relations and financial management and has wide experience in the region having organized the first Rainbow gatherings in Jordan and Egypt....His role in the Rainbow theater is as producer , marketer and organizer.

Their forum is mostly focused on more cult gatherings. Almost every other topic has few views or replies.

Plenty of photos in Georgia, FB group Tbilisi Nomads

Is that him waving a Georgian national flag and a Hitler mustache?
"Aslan La Vega
5 months ago
ABSOLUTE CRIMINAL SCAM . I worked with them for 6 months. The people behind it are fraudsters and deviants on the run. ask got respect store I cakifirnia . garberville. they don't pay their dues. every word on heir site is a lie. no honour"

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His latest:

You have to read this sh*t to really appreciate how illiterate and full of guff the man is.

Aside from being a rapist, he is a bore. He is convinced of his own worth but really he is just looking for followers to take advantage of. As long as he has somewhere free to stay and doesn't have to earn a living, he is fine. Ultimately, Paul (sorry Robin - er I mean Aslan) uses people. That is his modus operandi. And because he abuses his hospitality and is always involved in nefarious activities, he very quickly arouses suspicion and has to move on.

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The good news is that Denton/Vega is much less active, far more people realizing what he is. He does have profiles on Linkedin and Instagram which can be flagged or reported. Claims to be living in Tanzania.

His blog is far less active, likely because of less interest. It's pretty amusing he accuses me of being a member of ISIS.  ::)
Less amusing his long and libelous attack on Arvol Looking Horse. Then he's foolish enough to quote the late white supremacist David Yeagley. James Swan is also smeared, but it seems as useless as his attempts to attack me. Seems Denton tried to invade Lakota land with his Rainbow cult and Swan shut that down.

A 2016 post has Denton's support for, no surprise, Donald Trump. Also Brexit conspiracy nonsense.

His 2022 post admits he faced charges of raping his 7 year old daughter, and goes on to claim a vast conspiracy by judges, his own defense attorney, his psychiatrist, his own minister, and of course a vast conspiracy of feminists. There also seem some to be some pretty obvious violent threats and plenty of evidence of dangerous mental instability.

I didn't change any spelling. How did this guy even finish high school? I left out his defamation of numerous people. I did bold his admission that she won a lawsuit against him for his crimes and many threats.

On the 4th of February I was arrested for the alleged anal rape of my own 7 year old daughter(sic)....Erin Pizzey stated recently that militant feminism not only is ruining families, but has also taken over the refuges themselves. Women who are vulnerable and angry are brainwashed to make up stoires to get rid of their spouses.Check out ...heres what she says about domestic violence If we have any hope of tackling the tragic effects of domestic violence we have to face the facts that women can and are also guilty of violence against their partners. To concentrate only of women as victims is to deny the fact that children are also abused by their mothers. We can no longer afford to cover up the huge scandal that has existed for the last forty years where only men have been held up as perpetrators of all violence. Erin Pizzey....
why- because she bewitched the detective investigating... to pervert the course of justice and bring a malicious prosecution to court. It was a literally a stone cold hate campign. The officer even gave a photo of me joking about in the garden digging up a tree root with mates to try to give the wrong impression of "a monster on the loose"...some papers ran headlines like " the beast is caged!"- what rubbish!....
I have worked with kids and vulnerable people all over the world. Indeed , at the time I was supposed to have raped my wife...I was securing a shelter for 80 war and AIDS orphans in Uganda. As a result all that good work went to waste and those kids ended up on the street....
I of course had just spent one year preparing for 2007 and did not have any time or facilites to refute these new false allegations.
....As for the Innocent Project like the CCRC- a waste of time. Your only recourse is the European Court of Human Rights- but again 90% of the applicants dont get to first base. Its still has more moral authority than Britsh courts. The way that Human rights abuses by the British governemnt were minimised was by the implementation of a very long winded process that takes years and years. In other European countries it is easier to get to the ECHR. By doing this Lord Wolfe and co were able to lower the applications and show Britain wasnt that bad on human rights abuses. Also charities like Amnesty ,Human Rights Watch and Liberty do not want to "crap in their own backyard" by exposing the daily abuses of power in Britsh parastatal organisations. (another story)
....I am in the process of consulting with several solicitors about this because it is tantamount to hate speech- anything that incites violence. (wikipedia : hate speech in the UK-definition)-I was raped by the system...! Rape is more than a physical act of is a violation of ones integrity....
Her winnings in this case amounted to around £50 000 
....Having come from a legal backround- I studied law in South Africa, I was appalled at the incredibly poor state and quality of the solicitors and barristers practising. For me it went from bad to worse.... I spent one entire year every day studying Archibold, Blackwells and Taylors in the prison library- educating myself on British law. I had been tied up in a Gordian knot by the maleficants of injustice...but, for the sake of my children- I was determined to find a way to untie that knot. And I did. The trial was a farce; like a Faustian macabre theatre show. A rodeo of clowns.The prosecutor must have gone to drama school because the entire case was all about pschology not evidence and how to shock your audience into reducing your credibility... it was really like the inquisition. It had nothing to do with fact or truth or justice. And the judge was a complete incompetent booby.
....My horror story was surreal because one week before the trial I was poisoned!- I spent 3 days in quarantine....on top of this I was exhausted by the numerous drug addicts getting off heroin and alcoholics I had been doubled up with...not to mention the mentally challenged... I knew this was a ploy by the prison to wear me down and " prep" me for court... I was on edge and stressed out and refused any sleeping tablets. By the time I got to trial I found it difficult to control my thoughts and emotions. My medical records can all verify this... again evidence which my legal team failed to bring....
I got burned at the stake... Then on top of it all when I was convicted; all my family photos were taken off me, I was humiliated daily by some arrogant prison officers , bullied, shouted at...on suicide watch after I slashed my wrists, and could not even have a photo of my own child or write to her... I managed to get 3 cards in 4 years of my hell! I alleviated my pain by writing a Christmas Carol to my children every year that I was wrongfully imprisoned.( We performed them in the chapel)....
It was a chronic miscarriage of just went from one horror to another. I made an official complaint of sexism to the ombudsman. It was like pissing in the wind...because the entire panel were female...!!! I dont want to mention what the media did to me because that in itself is another story. The sick thing about all of this is: I still after having cleared my name- I still havent seen my children and my accuser is still walking free after pocketing thousands on my misery from the taxpayer...its supposed to be a recession...but not for the public sector...its PAYDAY-EVERY DAY!- this is all there are around 20-25% innocent people in prison with sex related offenses. The rot is so deep it will need a revolution to change it. Its no wonder kids rioted in London...
Is this justice? -I think not. There are not many organisations out there who help people falsely accused ...but there should be. It destroyed my life. I lost everything I owned and loved. It was a tsunami....I will try to forgive but I will never forget how the British Criminal Justice system "raped" me. I am a victim of a miscarriage of justice but I must somehow rebuild my reputation. What the public dont know is how serious it is. Being accused of a sex offense is worse than murder...its a life sentence...AND IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANYONE.... Its with you forever.You have to clear your name. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE...ITS LIKE GETTING A DEATH SENTECNCE - ONLY WORSE...! YOU DIE SLOWLY. You are tortured every day until you are able to prove you are innocent. It is worse than murder. Even when you come out the other side still breathing; you are scarred for life by the experience. It has cost me evrything that I had built up over the years. But it has taught me who your real friends and family are...I dont waste a single minute with time wasters anymore. I've cut them off. 
....I have earned half of a degree whilst in prison through Open University, wrote an autobiography entitled " Stitched Up!", a poetry anthology called " Poetry shall Prevail", learned drama, learned about graphic design, read many books( -I found Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and " Steal this book - by Abbie Hoffman who shows how to make homemade bombs... all that in the prison library) -along with law books.....,I won the governors art prize in HMP Wandsworth in 2010 and met some interesting Julian Assange, Ken Clarke and the Doorstep stalker- as well as many others who've been in the press. (Some of whom should probably be in prison -and some who should not!) - There are more innocent people in prison than we think or know about. Also human rights do not apply in many cases because thats how its always been. Many people turn " prison gay" because there is no access to women.
 I used prison and my anger as my muse to write good poetry. I wrote 3 plays - something I would never have done had I been a free man living a normal life.( "The Importance of Being Perfect!",I am Man...I am Messiah!( a parody of the crown court trial)and " Sun City" ( how to gain super powers in prison-about turning prisons from places of darkness into light).
.... I was accused of a rape that took place in October 2007 , was convicted of a rape that took place in oct 2007... sentenced AND PUNISHED for a rape that took place in Oct 2007. 
....THE FUTURE IS OURS! It belongs to the starchildren...the ones that shine even in hopeless darkness.Those that live in fear shall die in it.
....Requiem for a Victim When will the hunted become the hunter? When will the victim become the victor? ....…Until … suffering screams sympathy to the burning ground- Until oppressions orphans arise in London town… Until raindrops reap rainbows across the desert sky… Until the enemies of apathy resound the battlecry… And now comes the hour of my release… Is this another ruse of the Holocaust Police? Will vindication burst upon this dungeon of the deceased? Or will the dance of death be my only lasting peace? Does not the deep beckon unto the deep? ....Medication- medication-medication…

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His blog is far less active, likely because of less interest. It's pretty amusing he accuses me of being a member of ISIS.  ::)
Less amusing his long and libelous attack on Arvol Looking Horse. Then he's foolish enough to quote the late white supremacist David Yeagley. James Swan is also smeared, but it seems as useless as his attempts to attack me. Seems Denton tried to invade Lakota land with his Rainbow cult and Swan shut that down.

In addition to his blog "CHRISTIANS UNDER FIRE", he also runs a blog he calls "LEGACY LIFE !":   >

 — There are only three posts, from March, 2022:

They contain much of the same stuff as mentioned in the quote above. I also found this:

I also later visited the Hopi elders ( Kevin Lomotska) to talk about their prophecies and ours -and the mysterious sacred tablet that speaks about the lost white brother. All of these encounters are recorded.

Here is that recording (25 minutes; audio only):

In a visit to Hopiland we did this interview with Elder Kevin Lomotska , keeper of the sacred tablet. Here for the very first time we share the sacred wisdom of this amazing tribe about what is to come.

Google finds nothing about Kevin Lomotska, except what goes back to Mr. Denton.