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You have found the training program for Medicine Men and Medicine Women, Traditional Spiritual Leaders, Shahaptian Guides, Shahaptian Carriers (Healers), Shahaptian Shirts, and Native American Practitioners of the

Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization (Oklevueha Native American Church of Sanpete).


Note:  The Band was formerly named "Numi'Pu Tsu'Peli Chopunish", but out of respect for the Nez Perce Tribe (who objected to our use of these names), we have changed it to the above.  The Oklevueh Native American Church Of Utah (Chief Fool Bull Blessing and Chief Richard 'He Who Has The Foundation' Swallow Blessing - Rosebud NAC) recognized the Nemenhah as the Oklevueha Native American Church of Sanpete.



Warning to internet surfers:  There are hundreds of Native American Religious Traditions.  We respect and honor them all and that is why we do not publish the ceremonies of other traditions in our educational modules.  All sacred healing and ceremony in any of our modules comes from tradition that is purely Nemenhah and is derived from no other tradition.  If the Native American Tradition to which you ascribe requires you to keep all that is sacred to you secret, this website might be offensive to you.  Please stop reading now and go somewhere else!  We respect your opinion and wish no offense, but that is just as plain as we can get.  This site has to do with the training of Medicine Men and Women of the Nemenhah Band and no one else.  If you are offended that we wish to train our Spiritual Leaders in a manner that is different than yours, we would hope that you will have the courtesy of allowing us our way of thinking.


Additionally, we believe that it is appropriate to support our religion with Thank Offerings, in fact, we require our members to do so prayerfully.  We use whatever medium of offering our members see fit and appropriate.  We do not charge for services or ceremony, but we do gratefully accept the generous offerings of our members.  If that is offensive to you, you should seek some other path.


The Nemenhah Program NAC, Inc. is a Seminary of the Nemenhah Church. Any use of the term "Pay" or "Payment" is in reference to DONATIONS and OFFERINGS and should not be confused with any type of commerce.


Plainly put, the Nemenhah follow a tradition that believes in teaching Sacred Healing Ceremony to all people of good intent.  It is an ancient tradition derived from ancient records of our people which we hold to be of great value to us and the basis for our organization.  We do not derive our teachings from any other Tribe or Band and, if the teachings of other Tribes or Bands ever find their way on this site, it will only be because such inclusion has received the approval of those Tribes and Bands.


Warning to Dogmatists:  If you are of that set of people who believe that Spiritual Enlightenment and Progress can only be achieved through your own way of doing things, if you believe that there is but one true religion and that religion is yours, then this site may be offensive to you.  Native American Religion has been called many things by many people.  One thing that it is not is Dogmatic.  It is a highly personal thing and relies upon personal revelation from Heavenly Beings.  If you feel you must rely upon some man or woman, or set of people, to determine for you what spirituality is, then this site is not for you. 


Fundamental to Native American Religion is the concept of Emergence.  To emerge is to progress.  Therefore, emergence from a condition of illness into a condition of wellness is just as much part of the religion as emergence from a condition of sin into a condition of righteousness.  All Native American Ceremony has for its purpose this principle of Emergence.  Our Ministers are anxiously engaged in the teaching of this principle.  If you cannot find a place for Emergence in your belief system, then go somewhere else.



If you can declare in your heart and to the world that natural healing is part of your spiritual orientation and faith, this program is for you!

This program is provided only to the duly adopted members of the Nemenhah Band and Traditional Organization and is OFFERING BASED.  The application for Spiritual Adoption may be downloaded or you may enter you data on this site.  The application asks for a Suggested offering is $145 for the first year,each additional year is a $55 suggested offering.

.  All Donations are non-refundable.


Band Elders

            The Elders are Members of the Band, by the Ancient Tradition of Adoption in the case of those whose lineage is uncertain, or by recognition of the Band in the case of those whose lineage is certain, who have been appointed to positions within the governing structure of the Band, or whom the EPMC has recognized by permanent honorarium.  Such Elders currently include Phillip (Cloudpiler) Landis, Hon. Benjamin Zvenia, Jasmine Hisha, Ray (White Bear) Mendenhall, James F.E. Mooney, Chief Gary Tom, Kari (Bunched Lightning) Scott, Chief Robert Sunhawk, Semisi (Fears No Wind) Tukuafu, His Excellency Charles McWilliams, Hon. John Campbell, Hon. Norbert Johnson, Hon. Benjamin Anguiera, Hon. Dr. Pinto, and the Lodge Council of the Maka Oyate Sundance Lodge of the Nemenhah.

In any organization that seeks to utilize the protection of legislation that requires recognition of other tribes or bands, Holy Men and Holy Women, and Native American Traditional Organizations, it is mindful and appropriate to obtain for the band members the association and recognition of Elders from such agencies.  It is also good to list them in a foundational document.  Such recognition at the very constitution of the band gives due honor to those important individuals that allow the band to satisfy the dictates of the law.

landis cloudpiler...

Mooney is the one trying to say he's a tribal member.. and has the right to use Peyote.

Seems like they've done a little homework.  It's still a pay for pray scam though.  The one way to test it would be to join them and never pay.  See how much "training" happens then. 

So you must be "adopted" to receive training and the training is "offering based".  Not to mention the repeated use of the words "Native American religion" as a selling point.

All red flags.

This is pretty funny. They're not the only Nuagers calling themselves Nemenhah Band.

I can only hope these two sets of imposters begin accusing each other of being frauds, and hopefully even take each other to court.

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His bio:

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Mooney's claims get more ludicrous and offensive. The actual NAC says he's not NAC, but he still uses that as part of their "colllege's" title. He and Cloudpiler are not healers or spiritual leaders.

And despite the grandiose claims, their online forum shows a grand total of 50 members, including the usual suspects and the curious.

Look at what else they're peddling.


There are certain Sacred Products that the Nemenhah Band considers to be part of the Sacraments of the Sacred Shahaptian Healing Way.  Some of these Sacred Products are available in various forms from companies that have commited to provide them for use by Medicine Men and Medicine Women. 
Copal (Essentials Oils) 
Native Enzymes 
Native Flora 
pH Rescue 
Rice Plus 
For further reading about these ingredients, we suggest the following books, “ Black Cumin, The Magical Egyptian Herb for Allergies, Asthma, and Immune Disorders ,??? by Peter Schleicher, M.D., and Mohamed Saleh, M.D., “ Allicin, The Heart of Garlic ,??? by Peter Josling, and “ Real Answers to Real Question ,??? by Phillip Landis, N.D., Med. Shirt.

Dr. Linus Pauling said, “You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment ultimately to a mineral deficiency???. 


Pauling was a brilliant nuclear physicist (worked on the Manhattan Project) who became a crackpot in later years, claiming everyone needed huge amounts of vitamins.

The articles and sales pitches for their products are written by Bevonne Birch, who is all over the net proclaiming herself a "Native American Medicine Woman", no tribe ever named that I could find, unless you count that "band".

Here's Bevonne, by the photo obviously not a fullblood, more likely a PODIA if she's Native at all.


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