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I have surfed this site for a few years. I never dreamed I would find a fraud in my own backyard.
So I decided to register and post this links.
 He teaches courses in Shamanism and sacred pipe making. As well as selling his pipes on the Internet. Surely this is illegal?

 A little searching finds this guy who also calls himself "Snow Bear Dreaming" is a big time member of the Deer Tribe cult.
 He is a leader of the Ontario Canada
 His bio there reads:
  Lou Brunato "Snow Bear Dreaming" is an assistant with the Brotherhood, co-leader of the Fire Clan, and is a teaching assistant with the ICSS Red Lodge Longhouse Program. Lou has been studying the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path for 4 years, and is a 4th gateway apprentice.  He is a pipemaker and artist who works at home in order to be a stay-at-home father to his children,  and he holds a green belt in Kung Fu.

 Am I wrong here or is this guy just a complete fraud?

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Welcome to the forum! I don't know whether he's doing anything illegal but yes, anyone associated with the "Deer Tribe" is a fake. Brunato is already in this section: