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Identity crisis
« on: March 30, 2006, 12:43:38 am »
It seems to me a lot of the problem is people have identity crisis. People need to feel the are a part of something ancient. I notice some europeans suddenly become vikings or celts upon realising the native american community is not for them, but that too is perhaps a little exagerated.
Perhaps if we really met the old vikings or celts they would shock us with horror.
Perhaps some of us modern people have to accept what we really are - the product of a modern world with little connection to the ancient rites and rural lifestyles of the past. Who knows in 1000 years perhaps a bunch of wannabees will be trying to emulate us in some distorted way. Maybe people will see hip hop as a traditional dance .
The other day i saw an old friend, she had drunk half a bottle of liquid acid and was trying to convince me of how spiritual she was, as she tottered drunkedly around the room she performed crazy half assed yoga positions and preached to me about hindu philosophy and non attachment whilst demanding more alcahol and marijuana.
It seemed to me kinda sad she needed to use another culture in such a twisted way, almost insulting - yet she did not realise it and I was just gonna come across self righteous to point it out.
  Europeans do have roots and our ancestors did write stuff down, but to be come a born again druid seems pretentious too.