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Ben Oofana
« on: December 23, 2007, 10:59:31 pm »
White guy claiming to be taught by "last traditional medicine man of the Kiowa" who also mixes lots of Hinduism in. The Binay "Tribe" are advertising his seminars and pay to pray ceremonies in their online club.

The flowered shirt and the I-don't-know-where-it's-from headgear don't inspire confidence. The guy also looks all of 22.
"From a very early age, Ben was drawn to indigenous cultures and their spiritual practices. He was particularly fascinated by the paranormal. As a people, many indigenous cultures lived with a foot in two worlds. Indigenous peoples throughout the world relied on the assistance of supernatural forces to assist them in their everyday lives.

By the age of 12 Ben was reading everything he could find about tribal cultures. Around the age of 14 Ben began to learn of the traditional medical, psychological and spiritual practices of a number of different tribes of North America. It was then that Ben decided that if he ever found the opportunity, he would train under a traditional American Indian doctor.

While still in high-school, at the age of 17, Ben decided to live among the people he loved and admired and moved to a community of predominantly Kiowa and Kiowa-Apache Indians. During this time, Ben immersed himself completely in the culture and participated in the tribal dances and spiritual and healing ceremonies. It was there that Ben met his mentor, Horace Daukei, the last surviving traditional Kiowa doctor (Medicine Man). He immediately recognized Ben’s capacity to become a healer. Ben felt very fortunate because very few apprentices are chosen during a doctor’s lifetime.

Ben formally began his apprenticeship under Horace at the age of 20 and continued for the next three years. As his assistant, Ben was able to see firsthand the phenomenal results of these traditional medical practices. Additionally, Ben furthered his education by going on vision quests, fasting for four days and nights without food and water. During these vision quests, Ben would receive gifts of healing and develop the essential skills to further his healing practice.

Since the time of the initial apprenticeship, Ben furthers his work by continuing with vision quests and extensive study of medicine and psychology."

But on this link he disparages his alleged teacher as a self destructive drunk who was rejected by actual Kiowa elders.

What he claims to heal.
physical injuries
back pain, including spinal injuries and disc disorder
circulatory disorders which may include poor circulation to the extremities
respiratory ailments such as asthma
digestive disorders, such as ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome
cardiovascular disorders such as strokes and hypertension
neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease
brain damage
chronic fatigue
ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors
These healing practices are also effective in alleviating symptoms of emotional and psychological suffering associated with the following conditions:
grief and loss
phobias and anxiety disorders
bipolar disorders such as manic depression
transitional phases of life such as divorce
post-traumatic stress disorder; survivors of childhood abuse and trauma related to physical or sexual violence and combat exposure characterological disorders such as schizoid, schizoid affective, symbiotic, narcissistic, histrionic, and borderline personality disorders, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia"

Also claims to be a Vedic healer, from Hindu traditions.

Edited to add: turns out Daukei was a Peyote singer. He recorded a number of songs. His son was NAC as well. Pretty deceptive of Oofana to call him a traditionalists when strictly speaking he was closer to thinking of himself as Christian.

But then that wouldn't impress the Nuagers in New York where he's based.

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Re: Ben Oofana
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2007, 05:12:59 am »

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Re: Ben Oofana
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All links in previous posts have expired. Ben Oofana is still active in several Internet venues. His self-representation (bio) has not changed much from what educatedindian quoted in 2007.

New Internet site: —

He published a book in 2010:
About the book see also: