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Quetza Sha - Aztec/Mayan Shaman
« on: June 08, 2006, 06:23:37 am »
I read an interview article in 'Tribes' about this guy and then a few days ago, I received an email from a friend in Spain who was attending a workshop facilitated by a woman named Quetza Sha (with more or less the same outrageous bio as her male counterpart). ? Both strike me as flakes but I can't find any solid info. ? Does anybody know about either of them?

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Re: Quetza Sha - Aztec/Mayan Shaman
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2006, 04:02:54 pm »
We don't have any members in Spain, though we could use contacts there. This is the first I've heard of him or her.
To call him a flake would be to insult flakes. He makes mistakes an average Mexican schoolkid would know not to make.

Mayans and Aztecs are very different peoples and cultures. He's using a kind of  Aztec word, quetzal, which was a sacred feather. Neither called their healers or elders "shamans". There are also about two dozen very different Mayan groups and they tend to ID as Quiche Mayan, etc, not simply Mayan.

"For Centuries, the spiritual wisdom of the ancient Maya has remained a mystery--They disappeared without any apparent reason hundreds of years ago"

Excuse me? There are still MILLIONS of Mayan around. And we're pretty sure of what happened to cause the decline of Mayan cuty states, war.

"this primitive culture which had not yet even mastered the use of the wheel"

"Primitive", how racist. And they did have the wheel, they just didn't have horses.

"On September of this year the New Earth News Team covered the Prophet's Conference in Merida, Mexico (Yucatan). The conference featured well-known luminaries including Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Robert Ghost Wolf, Joan Ocean, and former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell."

Men and Ghostwolf are well known frauds. Mitchell is something of a flake.

"Quetza-Sha, a Mayan-Aztec Shaman, was born in Mexico City on December 2nd, 1964."

At 41, he's too young to be an elder.

"When he was nine years old, he was initiated by a group of Elders in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico."


"He represents the twenty-seven elders of the different ethnic groups in the Americas."

Only 27?

"Quetza-Sha has spent the last 10 years deciphering more than seven hundred and seventy seven (777) old manuscripts from the Mayan, Aztec, Tarahumara, Chichimeca, Inca, Rapanui and Egyptian cultures."

Interesting, since the Tarahumara didn't have a written language, and the Chichimeca are not a culture but an EPITHET Aztecs used about all northern tribes. Means "dog flesh eater". Rapanui are the Ester Islanders, and they didn't have a written language either.

"QUETZA-SHA: The term Shaman is a spiritual level of transformation in human beings which is attained through discipline and contact with the essence of nature."

See above.

"QUETZA-SHA: I have traveled the planet visiting all of sacred temples of the world's different cultures. I have also had contact with Ascended Masters"

That's pure Nuage.

"Through these initiations I began to decipher the universal knowledge from the world's sacred Temples such as the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Tikal in Guatemala and Machu Piccu in Peru."

Machu Pichu is not a temple, it's a city.

"From my contact with these sacred temples I learned to decipher the language of spirit or what is called the "energy of Kulkulkan". Through this energy, etheric information is materialized in a language, which becomes mantrams in the "physical" world."

Etheric information? That's from Christian Spiritualism of the 19th century. And mantram is obviously a knockoff of mantra, from EAST Indian Hinduism.

"It is important in this new time the activation of the 108 Mayan dimensions for the continuation of the new solar race."

108 Mayan dimensions, ACTIVATE!
Solar race is pure Nuage too.

"QUETZA-SHA: The Mayans disappeared from the earth"

Just how ignorant can you be?

"and they left behind the sacred temples of knowledge in order for human beings to prepare for the new race of the future."

How convenient, and how racist. They didn't die off from European warring, they did it all for some spirchul purpose. NDNs are of the past and whites the "race of the future."

"The Mayans come from Pluto and Neptune and Uranus"

Well that'd explain why they chose to live in such a hot climate.

"They came from the stars to leave their sacred knowledge and through the sacred language of the spirit of Kulkulkan. They created "galactic" geometry"

He's ripping off Van Daniken here.

"and created new solar systems."


"now in this new millenium is the activation of the mathematic and geometric language of the spirit."

NO idea what he said, and I doubt he knows either.

"This language is not indigenous, it is the Mayan "galactic" language. There are 2 kinds of Mayans, the indigenous and the galactic."

How convenient, for his cultural theft. Redefining NDNs as not indigenous.

"This information will take us to the sacred centers for the creation of the new race."

Well since race is unscientific, his science is pretty awful.

"JILL: How would you define mathematics and geometric language of spirit?
QUETZA-SHA: The process is micro and macro cellular process from the etheric, auric and astral minds."

Once again, pure gibberish.

"human beings have the capacity to transform themselves into gods who can create in other dimensional when their hearts are open."

Pure Nuage.

"QUETZA: The Mayan Calendar is the astral and auric brain that creates new thoughts in other dimensions."

Silly me. I thought a calendar was used for things like planting crops and keeping tracks of holidays.