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I know this man....he married marlan kane from my Mohawk community and before he got married I met him at William commandas home.....we said around talking it was in winter and he had an ignorant, sarcastic demeaner towards woman, when I questioned him he basically waved me off with his arm and disregarded my question, William and Frank were not impressed with him, I got really bad vibes off him.....later about 2years later then I heard he married Marlan......if she was quoted as saying "if you have Indian blood, you have more than sequoyah ". She was right because later what we found out about him being a fraud , he wife in not so many words confirms it.........then it was brought to our attention their troubled marriage ...... Of him using her for his own benefit.......mainly money......and at the time I write this , they moved to her community where no one knows him so he could continue scamming the people......