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Greetings to all, I'm still around.

I've been trying to help a friend research this woman.  She is trying to discredit Arvol Looking Horse as the true Keeper of the Pipe.  I've not found too much, but here's what I have...

Her bio

She seems to somehow be affiliated or supported by this manataka indian council, which I have seen exposed on Trish's frauds site:

And, here's a press release

Thanks for any other info you can share...


What strikes me right away is the way she's making these claims, and her purpose. Why would an alleged keeper of the pipe go so public, try to be so divisive, and spread her message on the internet among many sites that are not exactly traditional? By that, obviously, I mean Manataka, whose main purpose is to discredit elders like Looking Horse who speak out against exploiters like them.

Her homepage. Notice how her writing doesn't sound like any elder I've ever read the words of. It's more like tabloid writing. "the awful truth."

Some of her claims don't add up at all.
"Suzanne remained in Seattle for the next 17 years. She worked for three years with the Seattle Indian Health Board and later became a hair dresser for an upscale salon called Tomahawk Style Shop. By 1975 Suzanne was well versed in Lakota stories and she attended many private and public ceremonies at Pine Ridge, Rose Bud and Cheyenne River reservations. Because she lived a long way from the reservation life in Seattle, a large modern city, learning about Lakota/Mnicoujou ways was not easy, but she persisted in her quest for spiritual knowledge. During one trip to a Sun Dance with a fellow stylist from England, Arthur Trebel, Suzanne became aware of another side of Lakota/Oglala life. Arthur Treble is a three time World Champion hairdresser Suzanne apprenticed with for nine years. Treble was present when at the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Ceremony in 1975 when she received her first Pipe from her uncle, Chauncey Dupris, a noted Lakota Heyoka medicine man and Sun Dance leader and her adult Lakota name from Ceremonial Chief & Holy Man, Frank Fools Crow."

In other words, she's asking us to believe she got a sacred pipe and that Fools Crow gave a ceremonial name to...a hairdresser who hadn't lived
on the rez for close to 20 years?

The site quotes from Thomas Mails, an exploiter whose notorious for not being either accurate or truthful.

Some of these accusations are about as slanderous and sensationalistic as can be, claiming traditionals looted her father's grave looking to take the pipe.

And here we come to wyhat looks to be the real purpose of these claims, an attack on the attempt to protect ceremonies from vultures, disguised as feminism.

Every other site I found her claims being pushed on has Manataka's fingerprints. They should really be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they will be.

Here's a discussion by some pretty big names, pointing out all the ways she has her facts wrong, and how offensive and disrespectful her site is, discussing things never to be discussed in public, posting photos of the sacred pipe.
"From: Glenn Welker
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Posted by: Paula Antoine

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I don't think AIM was at Green Grass until after Wounded Knee in 1973, they probably went there in about 1976, enit? This woman's all mixed up. CC

paulah <> wrote: Now that I have read most of this to Arvol, it is plain that the Pipe is Fools Crow's, of course all are called "sacred pipe". That is the Sundance Pipe, period. Her father must have interpreted this as "the sacred pipe". So
this is what she learned, passed to her and now she is mis-interpreting even the lineage, as you have documentation Vivian, as incorrect. A woman raised somewhere else, only visiting occasionally is holding the C'anupa, HOLAY!

The sadness of this, as this discussion on Indigenous_Peoples_literature, actually speculating her authenticity of humiliating a whole Nation and the many people that have come here to receive help and know that this is bundle
is real.

She believes her father's words and misinterpretation.

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From: Vivian High Elk []
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Subject: RE: look for your name floyd.

Paula, I was just looking and reading over some of this woman's account. It scared me to see pictures of a ceremony, you/we know as well not to record,
take pictures of ceremonies, etc. Even to be discussing them. etc. This to me is like bragging. My father use to say: makis he wo'inapeke ki, tuwe
heni hena hel ici page sni, nais ihan' han s'e iwogla ke sni . Cannupa ki he lila wakan, tuwe heni ikceya wayang ye sni,cante ojula wica yala kte heca. These are not to be discussed like this, this is something really fearsome, nobody talks about this type of (cannupa) sacredness like a common
conversation, you cannot just go to see the pipe out of curiosity, your heart has to be in it, believe in it. The cannupa is a spirit and alive here in Pejito Wakpa.

Maybe, she is played by all of this, as my father use to say, beware, if you don't believe in it, don't go near it, if you play with it, it will play on you too. Maybe she needs to be educated on what we hold sacred, and these are, not bragging tools! Le miye ye. Vivian

>From: "paulah"
>To: "Floyd Hand"
>CC: "Alfred Bone Shirt" ,"Dana Dupris"
>,"Alex White Plume"
>High Elk"
>Subject: look for your name floyd.
>Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 13:22:59 -0700
>Floyd, This is a woman claiming to have the original pipe, given >through Fools Crow with extensive history, most inaccurate. ON the home
>page click on link, "how the pipe came", it has your name on there, >seemingly verifying the original pipe was being used with a picture of
>it, do you recall this or Fools Crow giving this information to this >woman? Arvol has not seen this yet, I will show him when he returns.
>We are at a sad state, our sacred sites, our ceremonies, our c'anupa is >being assaulted. I asked Arvol when our men were going to stand and >approach these people with much claims as Akicita (another was'ic'u >woman just arose with Charles Chips claiming great guidance with Pte
>San win, promoted and supported in Pine Ridge). Arvol has been dealing >with this and the men should be."

And this you have to see to believe, a claim on the Emissary of Light website that she is a teacher of a white woman calling herself "Moves Far Woman".
"My name is Sheila Simpson from Northern Ireland originally. I was born on the 31st July 1951. I am fifty two. I trained as a nurse in Belfast witnessed much violence there since 1969 when the war broke out. In 1972 I fled to New York City for respite....
Met Lakota medicine man and > started to follow the red medicine road. In 1991 met> and married second husband in Tofino. Ran a bed and> breakfast Tir n a 'og the bears came into my yard> and I ended up going into the forest. I saw the> destruction and stood for three years against the> court. Endured harrassment organized a two day walk> from Tofino to Ucluelet to talk to the logging> community.
> Invited the loggers wives to my home. (Also was
> arrested at the Nanoose Base on International
> Women's day 1988) > After three years of protest I was sentenced to six> months in jail in 1993. My name went on the> injection that arrested 932 people. Met Dukabor > Elders in jail and was invited by the elders into> their community.
> My husband was head injured in car accident. My life > has revolved around him., and my spiritual walk on> the red road
> In August I completed my forth year of Sundance in> Courtenay. There were eleven women dancers,
> including an Anisabee native who eagle danced to the> tree for four days. The dance held a very strong > feminine power.....
> In May 2000 on the 4th, during a grand planetary
> alignment in the sky first time in 26,0000 years
> earth was lined up with nine planets .I entered into > a twenty four hour vision. I saw a six pointed star> and places and people on the planet. For the last> three years I have been following this star , called> the Star of David, it is much older.mother mary spoke from the south, the robin sits in the north and the eagle and condor are sitting est west.
> It goes back to Sanskrit and to Africa to a Zulu
> Senose who says their are two parallel dimension on> earth male and female. Working with beads to make my> medallion for Sundance in 2002 I received the > following information.
> The kundaline snake of feminine principal is rising
> in response to the earth's magnetic core. The voice> of all that is feminine energy is rising. The two> triangles that make up the star are male and female> , corresponding to humanity.
> When the white buffalo calf pipe woman came to the> Sioux nation to give them the teachings to save> themselves she said she would return, there have> been ten white buffalo born all over the united> states.

>>>>A special very ordinary woman has appeared> and she is carrying two very special medicine. Chief> Franks Fools Crow gave her her medicine name that name is translates into Looking Back Woman. All the> elders know of her and she is about to speak.  She is in Duncan she was born in South Dakota. I am going to meet her. She has a message for the women of the world and she is I believe my teacher.<<<<
> Everything arrives in its own time. Knowing and
> security have to be in place first. All this ties
> into the blue star teachings for the earth.....
> The Hopi have prophecies about the blue star. A
> native New Zealander lady who came to Sundance in> Courtenay said her people are seeking the answers to> the blue star. It all ties in together but like a> jigsaw puzzle it comes together.
> I have connections with Maori and with Hadia with> Ireland with Africa and with Deneh and Hopi and with> Mother Mary
> It would take a long time to tell you the whole
> story of my path on earth. I am a visionary but I am> also very humble.
> If you have seen "Fury for the sound " I am the
> woman who speaks about the ring about the circle> growing bigger.....
> Sheila Simpson My medicine name given to me by
> Chief White Cloud is Moves Far Woman.
> Now how do we get this ball of healing
> rolling...........Are you up for it ?"

Whatever Suzanne Dupree's agenda is, the one thing she is guilty of is exploiting her people's traditions. To stand and pose for photographs with a pipe shows she has no belief in the sacredness of it. And to top it off she is holding a small drum. That is not a Lakota tradition.
After reading the story it is more likely that the pipe she has is her father's sundance pipe. That is a far cry from the original. There are pipes that are used for specific things.
I believe the issue will become more of not whether the pipe is the original buffalo calf maiden pipe, but that of what Ms. Dupree is doing. This is not a case of changing with the times, it is about tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation, and what she is doing goes against this whole belief.
I would not want to be in her position, not only because of the responsibilty that comes with the pipe, but that what she is doing, she is opening a door for things that will not be in her favor.
The pipe is not meant for all to see, once again this is someone that has enough knowledge to make them dangerous.
The door that Ms. Dupree has opened is not a positive door for the Lakota people, what she is attempting to do is to bring shame on her people.This is pouring salt on a wound. With all the suffering the people have gone through, the one thing they have that can not be taken away is their belief in that pipe, and what she is doing here is an example of another one out there trying to strip away their faith and beliefs.


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